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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  December 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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department and he said that they are preparing for a mass casualty event. that is something we do not want to hear, but what he can confirm is that there are nine deceased. we'll be following that story all day. that's all for us. hello, everybody. this is a fox news alert. we are expegting another update from officials in oakland, california, who now dozen of people may have died after a massive fire at a warehouse last night. the sheriff's department saying they are now preparing for what they're calling a mass casualty event. welcome to a new hour, inside america's headquarters. here's what we know so far this hour. nine people are confirmed dead and many more are unaccounted for. right now, firefighters are trying to make the building safe and putting out additional hot spots. you're looking at live pictures from the scene right now.
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from our affiliate, kpix. claudia cowen is live on the scene as well. with the latest on this very tragic situation. >> well, dozens of oakland firefighters are preparing for a heartbreaking job ahead as they prepare to go inside this two story warehouse and recover more victims from the this morning's tragic fire. we know nine people have died, but just moments ago, oakland police officials and county sheriff's officials said they are in fact preparing for a mass casualty event with several dozen fatalities. take a look at the pictures. these flames were just roaring through this building and we are told that up to 100 people may have attended a party last night in this artist's warehouse in an industrial section of oakland. the building being described as a work live type of space. fire broke out around 11:30, causing the roof to collapse last night and trapping those partygoer inside.
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there was only one makeshift staircase. some who were able to escape have been given information to investigators who are working to identify the dead an those still unaccounted for. >> what we're doing now is going through those names and making sure that none of them are duplicates and that they are 25 names, we don't know if that 25 includes the nine. that have been identified as victims already. so, there's still a lot of the building that needs to be searched. and as we continue to search the building, i pray that our fatality count does not go up. >> fire officials are prepare ing now to comb wreckage to make sure it's safe for them to go inside the billing. they're also bringing in drones with thermal sensors to check for hot spots an put those out and in about an hour, they say they hope to begin the recovery of those bodies.
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it is expected they will find a lot of young people from the this community. the bodies will be then transported to the coroner's office for identification and that will be a heartbreaking way for dozen of families who will likely have to wait many hours to hear about the fate of their loved ones. people who were here last night and are safe are being truongly encouraged to reach out, tell their friends and families, that they are safe. meantime, a special task force is being assigned to this case to investigate not only what caused the fire, but also why so many people were trapped inside and couldn't get ou. there are questions today about smoke alarms, about working sprinkler systems. this is not a crime scene yet, but that could change. >> such a heartbreaking situation as you pointed out. i understand social media is having an impact with this investigation as they try to identify the bodies of those who were unaccounted for at this moment. and police are saying it's helpful from loved ones who are sending in pictures on facebook
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and twitter accounts. >> well, they are looking for certainly identifier, suf as tattoos or piercings as they try to identify some of these victims as they arrive at the co ner's office. you're right. social media, police and fire official, enkourning people to reach out on social media, to give any information they can. if they were here last night, if they can't find their friend. or if in fact they are safe and they got home safely, to let people know. back to you. >> thank you so much. i know you're keeping close watch on the developings there and we appreciate you joining us. thank you again. now to politics. there's lots of fallout from krcritics and china over a phon call from taiwan's president to
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president-elect donald trump. the reason, the united states and the diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979. though taiwan is an independent nation with a democratically elected government, china considers that island nation as a renegade province and has now filed a formal complaint with the white house. china is urging the u.s. to abide by the one china policy, that yesterday, the obama white house reaffirmed that policy. let's get the latest on this and ore news from team trump with brian. brian, what is china saying about this phone call to taiwan in terms of details? >> well, a sort of complicated relationship just got rattled with last night's phone call and this morning, china responding to its foreign ministry, woorng the u.s. to essentially back off when it comes to taiwan and chinese relations. they especially said you know, they say they asked the u.s. to act with caution and care to
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avoid unnecessarily interfering and the statement reads already made solemn representations ab it to the relevant u.s. side. it must be pointed out there's only one china in the world. taiwan is an inalienable part of the territory. the taiwanese leader called to offer her congratulations and it was simply that. they spoke about close economic, political and security ties, but we don't know details according to the trump transition team, but taiwan is playing this phone call up as a potential major signal that the u.s. may boost its support of a free and sovereign taiwan. taiwan's central news agency referring to the call as quote, an historic conversation. they say the two spoke for roughly ten minutes about establishing a closer tie, closer relationship and the news agency even pointed out that the trump transition team referred to the leader as president. mr. trump has down played this phone call and tweet, the
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president of taiwan called me today to wish me con grach congratulations. thank you. swresing how the u.s. sells them billions in equipment, but i should not accept a congratulatory equal. kellyanne conway said trump knew what he was doing when he took the call and the ramifications when he took this call. others on trump's team like richard wrenn na was planned in advance and say it was a simple congratulatory call on their part. >> so, what are critics saying here at home? >> well, the white house did respond immediately to reassure china that they are following the one china policy. but critics including the democratic national committee releasing a statement in which they said that it was a foolish phone call. that threatens national security and they even opined out loud whether or not this was something in this trump was
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going to get personal favor to open up hotels in taiwan, something the trump team has denied. so, critics wondering whether or not this was the right first step. weave heard a lot of the rhetoric from trump in regards to p pushing china hard when it comes to tariffs and trade and some now wondering whether this was either, this was a smart move to start a you have relations. >> thank you very much. live from new york city. at trump tower. appreciate it very much. let's bring in former arkansas governor and presidential candidate, mike huckabee for more about this. welcome, governor. good to see you. >> thank you. and you know, hearing is remarkable. i remember under carter in 1979 when we humiliated taiwan by watching them have to leave the nations in disgrace as we broke diplomatic tie wg a free country, in order to placate communists. i don't understand what it is
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that we somehow think that we ought to deny people freedom. we're a freedom loving country. and somehow, kowtow to communism. i think that's absurd. >> so, china is making this an issue because it's always been able to keep the heat on the u.s. this white house and previous administrations, that if don't adhere to the one china concept, it will not be cooperative and trade deals, et cetera. we often see the u.s. giving into china. they say the president called him to simply offer congratulations. do you think china is using this situation to test the incoming trump team and is it an overreaction? >> oh, i think it's absolutely an overreaction on the part of china and the democrats. but you've got to remember, that this white house and the democratic party thought the greatest thing we could do is go down and open diplomatic relationships with cuba. despite the fact that they had murdered a lot of people and imprisoned tens of thousands.
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i don't understand this. we ought to be sell brcelebrati freedom. uniting with people who elect their own leader, punish those who do wrong. who operate with free enterprise and give people freedom of speech. i've been to taiwan many times, to china. try to logon to the internet while in quhin and see how many things you can't access because they restrict any type of free engagement and trarnz parnsy. that's not true in taiwan. if china is going to dictate what america does, this is absurd. i'm proud to see donald trump have that conversation and i think it bodes well for him taking a stand that says we'll talk to whoever we wish to talk to. >> yeah, he certainly is not going to be playing by the rules that other administrations have played by. we can expect that for sure. you know, mr. trump put out this tweet that ryan mentioned saying it's interesting how the u.s.
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sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i should accept a congratulatory call? doesn't he make the good point about the irony of all this? >> oh, he absolutely does. we have many products that come to the u.s. from taiwan. many american products go to taiwan from the u.s. we've had an incredible relationship with taiwan. that since the revolution of china. when you know, there was the group that fled and created a separate republican of china. the people's republic. i don't know what the big fuss u is about other than it's a real test of donald trump is going to lead the american people or whether he's going to do what a lot of administrations have done and that's let the chinese dictate to an american president what we will and won't do. i think it is increde whether i
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bly refreshing to see a u.s. president say america will do what it dog own wants to and deal with it. >> very interesting. i want to move on to the transition. we are hoping to hear who president-elect trump will be choosing as secretary of state by next week. i know that you and others are not really thrilled that mitt romney is still in the running. why do you think donald trump is giving him serious consideration even though he is one of the leaders of the never trump movement? >> well, i think donald trump is looking at this from a standpoint of who can best serve is country and if he thinks mitt can do that, he has every right. it's that millions of trump voters are not going to be able to get past the fact that romney called those voters a bunch of suckers. and i just don't think that people are going to say, hey, that's great. i'm glad that swup is quoing to work for donald trump who thinks that the people who elected donald trump are a bunch ofnd s
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the con man. so, without romney dealing specifically and addressing that, i just think there's a real credible ity issue. >> in a few seconds i have left, are you making any predictions? >> i till think it will be rudy. rudy has been a loyal, faithful supporter. he's also a person who has international clout and i think he would be really a great choice. and i hope it's rudy. >> all right, governor, good to see you as always. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> you bet. thanks. well, this the president-elect settled on his choice for the most powerful office at the pentagon, mr. trump plans to nominate james mattis for secretary of defense. mr. trump making the surprise announcement during his vickry tour in ohio. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about
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time. it's about time. let bring in tony toep schaffer, senior fellow at the london center for policy research, who has some idea about some of the players right now and knows general mattis. first off, i think a lot of folks want to know why he got that nickname, mad dog. >> well, i think it is a term of affection as much anything because the fakts is, he really does demand excellence in everything he does. there's a number of quotes out there, one is that he doesn't even know how to spell defeat and i think this is characterized in everything he does, so, i think as much as anything,al known as the warrior monk because of his thoughtfulness regarding the fact that he looks at the whole science of military strategy, tactics and capabilities as something that we must approach very, very seriously.
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so, i think everything i know about him and i think his reputation is well deseved fwi fact he seeks excellence and will demand it out of those who works with him. >> stand by. alert. we're going to listen to vice president-elect mike pence making remarks at a rally in new orleans. campaigning with louisiana senate candidate, john kennedy, who's engaged in a fierce run election are foster campbell. let's listen in. >> inspiring to see the resilience of the people of louisiana. the determination, generosity of people in every community come alongside our neighbors an friends. those neighborhoods ab b to see the way our first responders and law enforcement community worked in many ways their own families were impacted be i the floods
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around the clock. louisiana, you inspired the nation. and i promise you, our president-elect and i are going b to be with you all the way through your recovery. i stand here today deeply grateful and deeply humbled by the opportunity you've given to my little family and the opportunity the people of louisiana have given the american people and i want to tell you, i'll tell you firsthand. our president-elect is working around the clock to build a team and advance an agenda that will make america great again. we're going to be ready on day one. as senator cassidy and these great members of congress know, we've been working in members of the house and senate leadership
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to lay out that agenda that you've made possible from that strong, strong vote here in louisiana. and let me tell you, what we're able to do. because of your support, because of your support, from the outset of this new congress, and once we elect john kennedy to that republican majority, we're going to repeal obama care lock, stock and barrel. we'll have a president after january 20th who will sign the repeal of obama care and we'll set the congress and the nation on the course of free market reforms to give the american people not more choices in health care and not more government. we're also going work with this kopg to put the safety and security of the american people first in the very week we saw one more terrorist inspired
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attack, president-elect donald trump when he takes office, will rebuild our military. we will suspend immigration from nations compromised by terrorism and destroy isis and its -- to get this economy moving again, i hope you can tell we have elected in our president-elect, a map of action. picked up phone and called a company that announced back in february that they were leaving my home state of indiana. they didn't even want to talk about the possibility of staying. but i was there in the office, it wasn't even a week after the election. when president-elect picked up the phone, called the parent company of carrier and said look, we're going to cut taxes, we're going to roll back regulations, we're going to have smarter and tougher trade deals and make no mistake about it, carrier decided to stay in
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america because of donald trump, the next president of the united states. and i promise you working with both of your senators and a newly elected senator in john kennedy, we're going to cut taxes across the board. for working families, small businesses and family cars. we're going to lower the business taxes in america. so the american companies here in louisiana can compete in economies around the world. and president-elect donald trump is going to repeal every single unconstitutional executive order that barack obama has signed. and i promise you that we're going to work with this congress as well. when you send john kennedy to washington, d.c. to work with bill cassidy and these great leader, we're going to put the interests of the citizens of america first.
11:20 am
we're going to up hold the laws of this nation for the citizens of this nation, we're going to build a wall, enforce -- there's so much more i could mention, but as i stand here today asking you to support this good man, perhaps there's nothing more important, nothing more long-term impact than the fact that our next president will serve for a four-year term. right before he serves for another four-year term. and our next president will have the opportunity not just to fill a vacancy on the supreme court, but maybe two, maybe three, setting the course and destiny of the supreme court of the united states for a generation.
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that's what you brought, louisiana. we need partners in the united states senate to support the president-elect's nominee to the highest court in the land. we will nominate people who will uphold our constitution, stand for the sanctity of life, and all of our god given rights. and that's john kennedy. i'm here to say thank you. but i'm also here to ask you for your help. one more time for one more week. make sure that we have a part in the united states and giving us what we need to -- the president-elect's agenda to make america great again. and so, i stand before you, louisiana, simply to say that we need john kennedy in the united states senate. we truly do. by electing john kennedy as your
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next senator, you're going to put an exclamation point at the end of a great american victory in 2016. so let's make it happen, louisiana. like president-elect donald trump, john kennedy's community repealing obama care, reducing taxes, rolling back the kind of regulatio regulations that are stifling american energy here in the gull. john kennedy's going to work with the president, donald trump, to drive us toward american energy independence. and like our president-elect, a senator john kennedy is going to arrive in washington, d.c., he's going to change the course and direction of our nation's capitol. he's going to make sure that once again, we have government as good as our people and john kennedy and bill cassidy is going to help donald trump drain the swamp in washington, d.c.
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and as i mentioned before, working with our president-elect, i'm absolutely confidence that as a is that right, john kennedy will support nominees of the supreme court that will hold our institution in the tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. so, louisiana, i'm really here to say thanks. but we have one more race to win this year. and it's right here in your great state. i'm here to say thank you. thank you for all you've done. all you've done so far. we need one more. seven days that remain between now and when polls close one week from today in louisiana, we need you to do a few things. first and foremost, vote. vote to send john kennedy to the
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united states senate. you can vote today. i checked. i got off the plane, we actually landed at another airport. because the runways here were a little too short for the plane they got me on. and i know a little something about landing on short runways. want you to vote, but i checked before i got off the plane and found out early voting ends today. here in louisiana. and just case you didn't, orleans residents can vote at lakeview community sister, 6500 spanish floor boulevard, new orleans, louisiana, opened day, 8:30 to 6:00 p.m. go vote. go vote.
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you can listen to the game on the radio. is that all right? just go vote. remember, friends don't let friends vote alone. grab a friend and go vote to make john kennedy is next senator from the great state of louisiana. someone i forgot to mention -- >> all right, that's vice president-elect mike pence there, speaking to a very enthusiastic crowd in new orleans. he is in louisiana to support republican senate candidate, john kennedy, who is in a fierce battle for the u.s. senate, it's a run off election. and he is there to lend that support and also, speak to everyone there about the goals of trump administration and to thank them for their support in the last election. so, we are going to go back now to tony schaffer, who is standing by.
11:26 am
with more about general mattis. we've been talking about that and i know that this appointment that mr. trump has made is something that people who have worked with him and you have worked with him, regard him as an intellectual, very thorough, has high standards of excellence. there were some quotes he refers to which i thought was interesting. gives us a sense of his personality. where he says that marines never fail. they do the job basically and he said also they don't know how to spell the word defeat. and he said be polite, professional, but have a a plan to kill everybody you meet. that was in iraq. he has a tight relationship with the troops on the ground there. >> he does. i think that's part of the point. he brings an amazing sense of
11:27 am
leadership with him. and let me be clear on what that means for the pentagon. look, the job being nominated for is the god of war. that's what the pentagon does. the pentagon's job bluntly is to do those things necessary to win wars. that's the spirit he gives and bryns with him. he's not the kind of guy that would enter into war willy-nilly. that's the other thing, too. anybody who has seen war understands the horror of it, so at the same time, while i think he would fight to win an bring that to the table, he's not going to be one of those pushing for constant military action because he understands the severity of those actions. he's military force, but when he does use it, he will use it in such a way to be effective and win. so i think it's a necessary personality change for the pentagon. ash carter has been more concerned about social, making the pentagon a social petri dish. >> good to see you.
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we have to break way because we have breaking news. appreciate it. we are awaiting an update from local officials in oakland, california. that's the breaking news that we have add the top of the hour with death toll now climbing and it could get even higher. investigators are sifting through the debris of a massive fire there. they are try iing to figure out who was in the warehouse when the fast moouing place roared through during a crowded party last night. we're going to brick you the latest on that situation, plus, mayors across the country are saying they will fight tooth and nail to preserve their sanctuary cities against threats from new congress and the white house. next, i will be speaking to one of those mayors live, santa fe's javier gonzalez. we always were told we were german.
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we're back with a fx nows alert. officials in oakland say -- after a devastating fire at a warehouse last night. crews are preparing for what they're calling a mass casualty event. nine are con if i wered dead so far, but many more are missing. the blaze breaking out during a party at building which contained artists studio. firefighters now on the scene
11:34 am
looking to out hot spots and make the building safe. there's no evidence that smoke detectors went off. we have much more on this developing story a little later in this show. a long list of mayors around the country are pledging to take on congress and the trump white house over sanctuazhang cities threats -- unless ta obey the deportation requests. it was the signature issue for mr. trump ton campaign trial, but maes say they will not back down. like mayor gonzalez in santa fe who joins us now. good to see you. >> thanks for allowing me to be on the show. just want to say that the people of santa fe's pra prayers are with the folks in oakland. >> that's wonderful.
11:35 am
absolutely, we have to do that for sure. let's talk about what's at play right now. i know despite mr. trump's threat, you and other mayors are standing firm and are vowing to protect undocumented immigrants. santa fe could stand to lose $6 million if mr. trump is serious about cutting fund to your city for example. why you taking this stand? >>. >> well, first, it's a question of values. santa fe has also stood by for more than 400 years, recognizes that we're stronger by celebrating diversity and cultures that are here and we know that when people are here feeling safe, they contribute to our sfi. we are a stronger city and are able to be more productive and unified. when these policies come out of an election, you have to be concerned and stake out the things that you're not willing
11:36 am
to kole rate from your federal government and basically pursuing policy. >> what about the sanctuary cities are simply safe havens for illegal immigrants who commit these crimes. the fact this is a place where they can just hide and not be held accountable for -- >> well, they're misinformed. there have been study after study on the presence of immigrants across the country and we know that the fact is that there has been an increase in crime. in fact, we all know our country was build on the backs of immigrants, that with we are who we are today because we are a country of immigrants and so people who point to those, that issue, are wrong in their asumgts and i can tell you here, we thrived since 199t since
11:37 am
we've been sanctuary city. we're stronger because we have been a welcoming city. >> in your city that may be the case, but there are situations where there have been undocumented workers who have committed crimes. and were supposed to be deported and they remained in sanctuary cities. can you understand how the people family, who have been affected by this, people who were the targets of violence, by these individuals, how they're feeling if these folks are not held accountable and deported? >> those are horrific crimes and those individuals should absolutely be held accountable to the fullest extent law and i share with the families hair frustration. i'm frustrated that we haven't broken federal immigration system. that is not doing enough to protect our country from the bad people or doing enough to make sure those who want to be here
11:38 am
peacefully and contribute to our community have path ways to be a part of our country. my hope that now that we have a federal congress, a republican congress and republican president, they're words to action, that they come forward, bipartisan immigration reform, let aes fix this issue and get moving on to bigger issues affecting our country. >> do you think mr. trump is serious about with holding fund frs the sanctuary cities? can you city afford for example to lose $6 million? >> $6 million is a lot to the people of santa fe. especially those that rely on it to provide a warm meal daily or to be able to by their first home. by hope is that the president-elect will tone down his rhetoric. that he recognizes he's about to lead our country. he's about to move into a governance mode. he's supposed to be the
11:39 am
president for all of us. i hope he tones down and reaches out to mayors across the country to learn why protecting this status as being a welcoming city is important. not om because it's a human rights issue, but because our economies depend on skilled labor to allow our businesses to thrive, so my hope is that he'll reach out mayors across this country, that he is truly committed to comprehensive immigration reform. and that we're able to move our country forward together. >> mayor, thank you very much pr your insights, really appreciate it and i have to say, you do have a beautiful city. it's a wonderful place. i've been there several times and it's quite enchanting. thank you for joining us. >> i would love for you to come back and see us. >> absolutely. thanks. we have new information about the man who shot an killed former nfl player, joe mcknight and this isn't the only time this suspect has been involved in an incident of road rage. plus, 1,000 jobs are staying in
11:40 am
the u.s. after president-elect trump strikes a deal with carrier. we're going to talk to a long time employee about what happened this week and the impact. >> carrier chose to stay in indiana because america chose to make donald trump the next president of the united states. seafood celebration. so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends. remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. at bass pro shops' santa's wonderland. where kids can get a free picture with santa. and you can save big on great gifts. like sherpa-lined buffalo flannel shirts for under $20.
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. i will tell you that united tengs an carrier stepped it up and now, the number is over 100 people, which is so great. >> that's president-elect trump. we're going to break away for moment now to oakland, california, where a news conference is going to be held. >> for the alameda county sheriff's bureau. sheriff's office. as well. what we want to start off with thank you for helping us push
11:45 am
out the message that we need to push out to our community. we know that there are many families who are wondering if their loved one is inside this building. so we're asking that media, please come to where we are right now, which is international and fruitvale and not to where the families are gathering. right now, the sheriff's office is trying to obtain information so we can help identify someone's loved one was or was not inside the building, so we're asking media to please come here. that is very sensitive time for our community. very sensitive time for the families and we would like to assist them in verifying whether their loved one was or was not inside the building. a lot of social media messaging. we're asking those folks who have information and are sharing it on social media, to please contact the alameda county
11:46 am
sheriff's bureau. they have a list. we want to compare information on the list. maybe distinguishing mashes such as tattoos, such as piercings. identifying marks that would help for es to help and bring families closure or also be able to whether o person was or was not their loved one inside the building. i'm going to turn it over to sergeant kelly. >> so, we're beginning the recovery and identification process inside the building. the building is very tricky to work. we have water that's still coming down on top of our people. there's beams. there's all sort of wreckage and debris that we have to ma mover through, so we're be work wg fire to help us do that. this is not an easy task by any means. we're asking people if you have
11:47 am
no business at the family assistance center, please don't go there. we're also asking the media to respect the privacy of those families for now. like officer watson said, we'll be doing the wreefings here. the city of oakland in conjunction with the sheriff's office will be releasing a statement as we move forward, you will be hearing from city officials in regard to this. at this point, we're in a recovery and identification process and as we move forward, we'll be able to answer those question, but there's a lot unanswered questions now, but. >> elise: just be patient with us. the most important thing is assisting these families and keeping your first responders inside the building safe. >> are the must remembers still saying nine? >> we have nine confirmed victims. we believe there are more victims. but we're not going to get into the numbers game at this point. we have numerous reports of missing persons unaccounted for.
11:48 am
persons by family members. some of these folks are not from within the united states. they're visitors. a lot of the people that were victims here young people, people in their 20s to 30s. and so, they have families outside the area that we're talking to and dealing with. and so we're doing and orchestrating and coordinating all of that through our family stance center. it's just a task to get through the front door with the debris and reckage there. we're slowly making our way in and we have to go systemically because any misstep on the part of our people could mean they get injured.
11:49 am
>> aren't you guys -- [ inaudible ] >> those were visual identifications by fire. and by first responders that were in the scene. they were able to identify nine deceased people. >> can you walk us through the process now from here on out, now that you're in the building and also, what agencies are involved many the task force? >> there will arson investigation. there will be an arson task force that will look into this. that will be a group of specialists and individuals who are from our local state and federal agencies. i would imagine every resource available to the city of oakland will be available to them. i'm talking high level crime lab assistance crime scene reconstruction. so that will all take place in the coming day, we will be at this crime scene for days to come. as we move forward trying to make out and make sense of what
11:50 am
happened here. >> so, is arson something suspect snd. >> no. no, but there's no reason yet to suspect arson. however, you have to work these investigations at the worst casn downgrade from there. you bring in all your arson experts, and then you narrow it down, was it some kind of pyrotechnic that lit a fire, or was there fires burns in there? something as simple as a cigarette being thrown down could have caused this fire. >> hold on one second. go ahead, sir. >> go ahead. >> does the debris that you were mentioning and the difficulty of entry that you had, could that have contributed to the high death toll here? >> we're not experts in that. what the investigation will hopefully reveal those details. but any time you have a collapse of a structure, you have fire,
11:51 am
you have smoke, that can be deadly to people inside a building. we know when there's smoke and a lot of fire, they lose direction inside a structure. so we're not going to guess about how each victim may have died. but this is just a tragedy and there's no easy answers right now. >> is there something about the building's history, is there any information about the habitability history? >> right now the oakland police department is focused on exactly your question. there are a lot of questions that are being asked and a lot of answers we are looking to find. what is the history of the building, what is the occupancy
11:52 am
of the building, are there any codes or violations, all that we'll be looking into. we're not going to find all those answers out right now. we're very much focused on identifying those who are still missing, locating those who have suffered a loss inside who are deceased. currently we are looking at bringing closure to the families and all of those questions about permits, about calls to location, all of those, we have already started the investigation and we're looking into it. but right now we're going to be very focused on the recovery. working all of our agencies together. working on a city team, a city approach to finance evers. and they may not come today or within the next couple of hours, but we'll certainly find answers. >> have you been able to talk to any of the party goers about what the situation was like and
11:53 am
how they were able to escape. >> we have talked with folks who have come out, individuals who were at the location, any that left prior to the fire and were able to get out, and that's a joint investigation we're all going to be looking into from the alameda sheriff's department, the local police department, the atf, we'll look into all that information together. this is an investigation. and at this time, i want to share with you, it is not deemed a crime scene. i want to make that perfectly clear. sergeant kelly stated it earlier, we're all working with your expert teams in case it takes a different turn, we have our crime scene investigators
11:54 am
working side by side with our fire investigators. we will have a city press conference, including the mayor, the city administrator, the fire chief, other leaders of the city, we'll make that announcement, but right now we would like to return to the scene to see if there's any additional information that we can share with you. that will conclude this particular update. >> the police department is getting a lot of phone calls, there were not a lot of people getting phone calls, it appears that they either made it out or they didn't make it out. i would direct all those call, not to the hospitals, but too the family assistance number we have put out that's
11:55 am
510-382-3000. we have personnel answering those calls and we would ask that you not tie up the phone lines at the hospital in case we need them for other events going on. >> so let me also share this, everything we just discussed here and at the previous briefing, if you were not here, we're about to send that information out. i will step over to the side and so will sergeant kelly, if you're not on our press contact list, please provide us with your information, we will forward the information to you, we want everybody to be informed, we want everybody to have this information so we can collectively send this information to everyone who may not be here in the state. >> that will be it, we'll see you in about an hour. >> that's a wrap there with the
11:56 am
local officials there in oakland who are giving reporters an update on what's happening at this hour. they are calling this a recovery operation at this point, they are trying to secure the building, they are inside the building, but they say it's very difficult to maneuver inside that building because there's so much debris. and they're also trying to keep their first responders safe, as you can imagine. they're in the identification process, they're working diligently to try to get information from the families. that's going to do it for me.
11:57 am
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