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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  December 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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price. >> if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us on we hope to hear from you next week. the fox news alert, at least nine people are dead and potentially dozens more unaccounted for after a fast moving fire tore through a warehouse party in oakland, california. >> and i'm kelly wright. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night. it's estimated about 50 people were inside at the time. authorities say the building was not equipped with sprinklers, we're looking at pictures right now coming in now. claudia cohen is live on that scene in oakland. and claudia, have crew es been able to get inside that
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building? >> reporter: yes, they have, but we haven't heard that they have been able to find any more victims. the fire just tore through this warehouse and trapped people who were here for a party. it took fire crews nine hours to put out the flames and all of this morning to make sure the building was safe to enter. >> the building is really tricky to work -- we have water that's still coming down on top of our people. it's not an easy task, by any means, it's just a task to get through the front door with all the debris and wreckage that's there. we're slowly making our way through because any missed step on the part of our people could mean they get injured. >> reporter: now begins the grim task of going through and trying
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to find victims. friends and family who may have been here from throughout the area and are asking anyone who is obtaining information for instance on social media to contact the sheriff's department here. and they're also asking anyone night and got out safe and may have slept through the news this morning, should reach out and let their family and family to let them know they're okay. the two story warehouse was described as an artist type of warehouse and was also filled with mannequins and lamps, and things of that nature that fueled the fire. at an earlier press briefing this morning, there were possible code violations, prior complaints against the landlord, the police could only say that
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right now they are focused on recovery at this point and trying to get some answers to scores of frantic friends and families. that's where we are now and we're getting more updates every hour from these law enforcement officials. by the way, kelly, i should add that this is not a crime scene, but that could change. >> all right, very important information. thanks for updating us, claudia cowan, and if there are any new developments please bring them to us. thank you. a fox news alert now, live pictures from the boston suburb of cambridge, massachusetts, where firefighters battling another fire, this one a nine alarm fire. right now in a residential district, close to both harvard and mit, cambridge, massachusetts, by the way is a very centralized area, a lot of buildings, picture it a very tight little city with several little small buildings and colleges and a lot of college students, very densely populated area, these pictures from
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several blocks away, showing all that smoke billowing in the area. no word on how this fire started. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. now to the donald trump transition, where a conversation between the president-elect and the president of taiwan is ruffling some feathers with the government in beijing. china now issuing stern complaints to the u.s. over a phone call between mr. trump and taiwan's leader. now the diplomatic break is the first of its kind since the u.s. broke off its ties with tie won back in 1979. so what is going on? brian is live in new york city. >> reporter: forget trade, when it comes to china-u.s. relations, the most sensitive topic is taiwan. china believes that taiwan is part of their country and taiwan
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believes they're a sovereign nation. so as you can imagine, the first phone call between a president-elect and a taiwan leader since 1979. china issuing a formal complaint today in part saying we urge the relative parties to the u.s. to abide to the commitment to the one china policy and to handle taiwan issues with caution and care to avoid unnecessarily interfering with the overall situation of china-u.n. relations. taiwanese leader called to offer her congratulations and the issue here is that taiwan is playing up this phone call as a potential major signal that the u.s. may kboboost the support o free and sovereign taiwan. they said the two spoke for roughly 10 minutes, about
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establishing a closer cooperative relationship. and the news agency said that trump referred to the taiwan president. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i should not accept a con congratulatory call. donald trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway said that the -- praising trump for reaffirming our commitment to the only democracy on chinese soil. but critics like the democratic national committee sounding off with a statement, quote, donald trump is either too incompetent to understand that his foolish phone call threatens our national security or he's doing it deliberately because he reportedly wants to build hotels in taiwan to pad his own pockets. the trump transition team has vehemently denied that
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accusation, but of course that is making reference to the concerns of a conflict of interest given trump's business ventures. let's talk about this, for more on this let's bring in fred fleiss. let's get right to it. was this a misstep on behalf of president-elect donald trump? >> no, of course not. and it's really funny to hear the main stream media and foreign policy experts and the democrats faulting mr. trump for accepting a phone call from the president of a leading democracy that's a close friend of the united states because china for bids this? i'm sorry, but china does not make our foreign policy and china does not tell our leader who is they may or may not speak with. >> and on that point, the democrats blasting president-elect trump on this
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issue. yet they didn't blast president barack obama on his steps to get a better relationship with cuba. >> you know, i think that's exactly right, they're trying to portray this as some kind of a sign that mr. trump's foreign policy will be incomp tent. the real issue here is that we're looking at a new president who will be strong and decisive in principle and will not follow in the steps of barack obama. >> what do you make of the fact that china issued a stern rebuke if you will of in phone call between these two leaders, although china does not recognize taiwan has having a leader, it calls it one china and this is the first break with diplomacy since 1979. >> this is the way china deals with this relationship. we need a good relationship with china, and i think we will have one with a principled and strong
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new president and a principled and strong secretary of state whom by the way i hope is john bolton, my former boss. but china knows this is a big issue because they want to keep the situation with taiwan the way it is and the u.s. may be reconsidering. >> kelleyann conway said that this was a planned known call and many people are basically criticizing mr. trump because of this planned phone call knowing the ramifications it may have? >> i think it's a sign of leadership, and it's a sign that we're not going to be get caught up on this issue, we're going to focus on other major security issues that there deal with china on that foreign policy issue. >> china sees taiwan has being part of china and we have a
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acknowledged that one china should be in place since 1979. do you think the president-elect will try to broker a relationship with taiwan and be able to move it forward and what would that say to china on the diplomatic front? >> we have a relationship with taiwan now, we sell it billions of dollars of military hardware. i think we have an official relationship. we need to maker it clear to beijing, that that doesn't mean we're going toati shun or insul china. >> in what way would we upgrade that relationship with taiwan? >> there are different degrees of diplomatic relationships between countries and i think that's something that international lawyers are going to have to evaluate. >> isn't that exactly what we did with china? i'm sorry, not with china, but
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with cube bacuba? >> it was done unilaterally and it was done without the as provl of congress. i think we're going to have a dialogue with china on what our policy should be and we're going to have to have a policy on the asian pacific to deal with rising tensions in the south china sea. >> i think there's going to be dialogue in the trump administration. president obama urging americans to sign up for his signature health care law. despite republican's stated intentions to repeal or at least improve the law under the donald trump administration. >> reporter: the president knows the closer we get to inauguration, the closer we are to seeing the dismantling of his top legacy items, repealing and
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replacing the affordable care act is at the top of the to do list between donald trump sand president obama. in a facebook video posted friday, he urged americans to sign up for health care under the aca and to mobilize against republican efforts to overturn the law. >> repealing the aca would take away the protections that millions of americans rely on, it would also raise premiums and stop our progress toward top quality care. >> the administration is also touting the 20 million americans who have received health insurance under the law and warning they could be impacted by any changes. a big part of that concern is congressman tom price, who's president-elect trump's nominee for secretary of health and human services. his nomination is a clear sign that this campaign's promise is
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a priority for the next administration. >> no one's going to immediately lose their health insurance based on your repeal and replacement plan, that's been pretty clearly outlined not only by congressman price but on our leaders on the republican side. >> there's a lot of support for keeping parts of the aca, such as coverage for those with preexisting conditions and children staying on their parents plan until they're 26. it's been more than a week since a woman was found a live on the side of a california highway. and as the gruesome details of her 22-day capture emerges, the mystery of what happened grows increasingly unclear. here's the latest on this story. it's a shocking story to many. >> yeah, absolutely, kelly, and the sheriff says this investigation is open and far
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from over. there haven't been many specific details that have been made public. we do know that sherry disappeared back in early november. she wasn't seen for three weeks. she disappeared when she was on her morning jog in redding, california. then on thanksgiving morning, she showed up 150 miles away. authorities say that she had been beaten, her hair had been chopped off, she had lost 15% of her body weight and that she had been branded. take a listen to her husband describe how she says her captors treated her. >> she was bound, she had a chain around her waist, she had a bag over her head, that is correct. her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. >> she related that both of the subjects spoke spanish the majority of her time in captivity. further the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her.
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>> the sheriff is described her captors as two hispanic women, their motive is unknown, we also don't know if this is random or a targeted kidnapping but he does say there's no reason to doubt sherry's story. there is the question of money, there was a ransom that turned into a six figure reward that was donated by anonymous party. it's unclear exactly what happened to that money now that sherry has returned home. her husband tells abc news that the rumors that this was a hoax for her family to make money is both exhausting and disgusting to think about. fox news alert, we are waiting for more information at a fire in an oakland warehouse that killed nine people with dozens still unaccounted for.
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stick with fox news throughout the day for the very latest. plus the frantic search for survivors of a buildi ining collapses in minnesota. >> why immigration could be one of mr. trump's biggest challenges. president-elect donald trump when he takes over will rebuild our military, we will destroy isis at its source.
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. we are looking at people without-you can see the smoke i attributed to stoking the fire, it is a multiple alarm fire, the fire is taking place at berkshire street, we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more news as it becomes available, obviously we're saying the firefighters are doing all they can to put this fire out. looks like it is fully engulfed there. we'll continue to follow this and hopefully find out what is going on on the ground, what may have caused it.
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again, 800 people without power in cambridge, massachusetts due to this fire. president-elect donald trump could be in for a long fight in sanctuary cities. trump has vowed to cut federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities. this comes as greg abbott is calling for a complete ban on the safe havens in his state. joining me now texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. thank you very much for talking to us. first and foremost, you know, republican controlled congress has a lot on its plate, one of it is to obviously control our borders, keep our borders safe, keep our borders closed, keep more illegals from coming in, but to set about the task to
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deport all illegal aliens simm possible. >> let me make very clear that as long as you have a sanctuary and you advertise it as people like de blasio and ram emanuel and san francisco mayor ed lee and about 700 city managers do, then they attract people to come. they feel like they have a sanctuary if they can get there. so part of the process of securing the border is ending this idea that you can come to america and live in some safe haven illegally. secondly, it's one thing for criminals to ignore the law, but for federal officials, like the mayors and city officials ignore the law leads to anarchy. what these mayors should be doing is protecting their citizens, like kate steinly who was killed by an illegal immigrant in san francisco and that mayor, ed lee, continues to say i'm going to take care of
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the illegal immigrants. how about taking care of the citizens, mayor how about having the backs of the new york city police department. this is why the democrat party lost handily in this past election, they lost the united states. if you look at the map, it's basically all red except in some of the areas that are blue because of sanctuary cities. >> you are talking about criminal acts that are conducted by illegal immigrants. a lot of elected official also say one illegal act should be treated the same as by a -- if you're in this country illegally and you're committing crimes and you should be at the top of the list. we should empty out pour prisoning rather than going to homes where they have mothers
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and fathers and children. >> calm down. >> i'm not excited, trust me. >> the president-elect has talked about from day one getting rid of the criminalings out of this country, it's the media and the left that keeps spinning it opposite to this. in terms of getting the illegals out of the prisons, i don't want to let them out of prison until we secure the borders. >> i'm saying get them out of our prisons and put them in mexico's prisons. why are taxpayers paying for illegal immigrants in our prison system. >> you didn't hear what i just said. very few escape from our prisons, they escape from prisons in mexico. i don't want to release the illegals out of our prisons to go back to where they came from only to come back here illegally. hardens criminals, we send back to another country, they get
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back here two and three and four times, number one secure the border, end these safe havens and tell these mayors of these cities that you have to follow federal law and the president-elect is going to withhold funding from those cities that's tied into criminal justice. >> let's just talk legally how this might be a problem, because challenging the legality of sanctuary cities has never been tried before, okay, let's be clear. so it is really, and you have to agree, it's a 50/50 shot on how the courts would read the introspekting and sometimes contradict try laws about state rights and immigration. >> i would say no one has really tried in washington at least for the last eight years on this issue. it's very clear, what we're talking about in sanctuary cities is primarily working with i.c.e. when they ask to put a hold on someone who is an illegal
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immigra immigrant, these cities are saying we're not going to hold them. the american public wants criminals that are here illegally, when i.c.e. says put them on hold so we can pick them up and deport them, they want them held and these cities are releasing them and they're committing more crimes. every citizen who is a victim of crime by an illegal immigrant who is here, who has been let out by that city's mayor, i think city's mayor in part is responsible for that crime. you can't sit back like de blasio and emanuel, the mayor of chicago has a lot of gal for saying he doesn't have to protect the citizens, when the mayor of a citizen says i'm going to let this person out, even though the federal government has asked us to hold them and that person commits a crime, i hold that mayor
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responsible. >> i would hold all the criminals responsible for not only crossing the borders illegally, but for committing crimes on our soil. but it's not our job to impress all the criminals in this world. the american taxpayer, why should they have to imprison hold these people behind bars. >> first they shouldn't be here to begin with, and when they commit a crime, another country should have to take them and they should imprison them and they should not be back here. but i live in the real world. in the real world people are getting out of prison -- >> you can't kick all these illegals out of this country, do you agree in the real world that's impossible? >> i say the criminals should be first out. i'm saying taking the 20 million illegal immigrants that donald trump has said he wants to ship
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out is impossible. >> donald trump has put focus on the fact that he's getting rid of the illegal criminals. i also believe the president-elect and i and others believe that we have to secure the border as part of that so they don't flow back into this country to commit more crime. i believe the president-elect could be the president to actually pass legal immigration reform into this country and that will help secure the border and the sanctuary cities. people should not have to die to come to america. people should not have to die to come to america. they come here in dignity, don't live in the shadows and then we'll address the people who are here in america. but the criminals, we have to keep them in jail until we secure the borders. we're coming up with more, such as who saved the jobs at the carrier plant india indiana. president-elect donald trump is calling this a major political
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fox news alert, we are looking live at what's going on in oakland, california, officials there saying dozens of people may be dead after a devastating fire at a warehouse last night. a sheriff's spokesman says crews are preparing for a mass casualty event. nine people are confirmed dead so far, but many more are unaccounted for. the three-alarm fire breaking out during a party at the building which contained artists studios. firefighters now on the scene working to put out hot spots and try to make the building safe. they're not sure what started the fire and say there's no evidence that smoke detectors went off. much more to come on this developing story which is now a recovery effort.
1:34 pm
a democratic reboot hitting a road block, the anti-defamation leave slamming keith ellison. christian fisher reporting live from washington with the rest of the story. >> reporter: representative ellison is facing strong resistance for two reasons, first, he's a sitting congressman, so if he wins the race for chairman of the dnc, then he would have to split his time between these two roles, he's now being accused of being anti-semitic in an audio recording that surfaced in 2010. in it he said that israel is controlling foreign policy in the middle east. >> the united states foreign policy in the middle east is
1:35 pm
governing by what is good or bad through a country of seven mill won people. >> congressman ellison is the first muslim to be elected to congress. now there was a fourth contender, former dnc chair howard dean. but he dropped out yesterday for two reasons, he said it's time to turn the party's leadership over to the next generation, he also says he doesn't have time for the job, and ellison won't either as long as he's a sitting congressman. dean then made the case for party unity despite the deep divisions laid bare during the primaries. >> we cannot allow this to be a proxy fight when bernie sanders people and hillary clinton's people. this party needs to start again and we need to be together. >> so the vote for dnc chair
1:36 pm
doesn't take place until february which leafs plenty of time for plenty of candidates to jump in. so a very uncertain time for the future of the dnc. let's continue to talk about this, for more on this, let's bring in chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner, susan, thanks for joining us, i always like to pronounce your name right. i hope i did it right. >> you did a great job, no that was great. >> so let me get back to the point here, democrats are--you can arguably say, have a capital t around them meaning trouble. what lies ahead for them in trying to find some leadership and some direction. >> whenever you have a big election loss, like we experienced for the democrats in november, there always comes these ideological battles for either party. they were the big losers on november 8, now they have to
1:37 pm
look inside and say how did this happen and how do we move forward? in dench they're talking about the future of the party and who next should lead it. it was interesting what howard dean was saying, he was telling the democrats, let's not turn this into a fight between the sanders wing and the clinton wing, and they're really grappling with who should lead the party based on their political ideology. you have congressman ellison, who kristen was just talking about, is facing controversy over his ties to the -- ray buckley, i think might be a more attractive choice because he talks about sort of bifurcating the leadership, where you wouldn't just have one person doing it which has not necessarily worked well for the democrats, debbie wasserman schultz was the last person that led the party full-time.
1:38 pm
and now you have this proposal, maybe buckley would run it and be the messenger and maybe somebody else would do the day to day work, as well as jamie harrison who is another good candidate from south carolina, runs the democratic party there. i think it may be boiled down to those two. there's also tom perez. that's a new name. he's being pushed by the president as someone who's less of an ideal -- >> find a place called unity. now how do they get to unify and around what willnify because clearly their message was far off base and it happened quite expensively because they thought they had this election in the bag and it turns out they were woefully wrong. >> i think they're going to look
1:39 pm
to what attracted new voters and what excited the voters. the clinton faction is at a bit of a disadvantage in this fight because they didn't win. whereas the people who were attracted to donald trump were from the same region that went for bernie sanders in the primary. so i think they're going to look at what happened during the primary. >> but looking at that, where do they go forward? what do they find that's out there that they have to unify around. because they point to a lot of white americans who are angry and frustrated, they failed to even reach out to african-americans in a way that they did during president barack obama's campaign and his presidency. they've got a lot of work to do. >> they do have a lot of work to do and they do have an internal struggle because the base doesn't want to go in the direction of economic pop him.
1:40 pm
she came out talking about wanting to reach out to the working class voter on the one hand, on the other hand, wanting to establish the firm democratic party in firm opposition to donald trump. they've got their foot in each camp and they're trying to pick a direction. >> a divided house. fox news alert and we take you back to cambridge, massachusetts, where moments ago we reported this was a nine alarm fire now escalating to 10 alarm fire. which means obviously this thing is huge and it is blowing massively out of control. that means ten different fire companies, an alarm has to be rung 10 different times in order to get basically every fire department in that area. it's a very populated, densely populated area, cambridge is where you have harvard college,
1:41 pm
m.i.t. university. these are very full areas, you have several college campuses, you have apartment buildings, shoppi shopping areas as well. we're going to continue to watch as we watch the smoke and the flames billowing in the air there in cambridge, massachusetts. th one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free
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. . . . test test i will tell you that united technologies and carrier stepped it up and now they're keeping over 1,100 people. which is so great. >> president-elect trump there praising a decision by carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs in indiana rather than moving them to mexico. the company received a package of incentives including $7 million in tax breaks.
1:46 pm
but some critics are slamming the deal saying it could set a bad precedent. a former congressional candidate and former strategist. thank you both for talking to us. jessica, let me ask you, not even in office yet, you got to commend trump he's already trying to get involved in helping broker deals to save u.s. jobs from going to mexico. in realty, i want to ask you, once he's in white house, how possible will it be to duplicate this kind of deal and does it set a dangerous press departmce. >> we're talking about one location in indiana where there's a carrier plant and there're other carrier plants that are moving their jobs to mexico too. 50 states here, it's very difficult to do, and i think it's part of not having that
1:47 pm
cohesive plan going forward. i'm hopeful since he's got both the senate and the house, propose legislation that would be an across the board tax break for companies that choose to keep their jobs here in the united states, i think that benefits everyone, that's a very positive thing. he should be able to do things like that, but is he prepared to do that, or is this a one off gesture that yes, it's fantastic, but it needs to happen on a larger scale. >> we got to give it to trump, he has campaigned before he got elected, on jobs, more jobs, bringing the unemployment rate down and discourage jobs from going to mexico. they're doing it because there's a tax break that they get. now the government needs to basically give tax incentives to companies like carrier in the future in order to protect -- there are 12.3 million manufacturing jobs in this country that need to be
1:48 pm
protected. so he just protected about 1,000. but it definitely does give you a positive look into the future of more jobs that potentially will stay here because the government will reward these businesses, from not shipping them overseas. >> you're absolutely right, it is the job of government to work with the private sector for job retention. we want to make sure that our jobs stay here, and it's a balancing test between what's needed in the public sector and the private sector. it's also a trickle down. if we lose jobs to mexico, the local tax base is affected. we're talking about hotels and hospitals and school districts. when he's president, this is a priority, it's a priority for his economic teem. it's a priority of the department of congress, to make sure that they're keeping jobs here in america. it's a mix of state and local
1:49 pm
and federal government to be involved in that. government has an interest in doing it. >> and certainly the president has an interest in keeping jobs here in this country. one other thing i know that trump will be tackling in his first couple of months in office will be the corporate tax break and that's a tax incentive that must be given to business owners because the united states has the largest biggest tax break in the world. no wonder why we're trying to save pennies here and there and shipping these jobs over to mexico. go you see that as part of the reason why the government might want to get involved? >> i think there's different tax breaks that can be used to insent vise corporations, they actually have so many loopholes that they use to get around. i can't even think of one corporation that's a major multinational corporation that actually pays the tax you think they do because of the loopholes, if they pay any taxes at all.
1:50 pm
if there is any way you can insent vise them to keep their jobs here, they have a responsibility usually to shareholders and it's not just keeping the jobs here, but wehe. but we've seen entire economic regions like in the southeast that were dominated by a very vibrant textile industry. we've completely lost our textile industry. and we see that a just as consumers. our clothes don't last as long. it all all used to be made in places like north george and it's entirely localized. >> that is the ultimate job that the president wants to get to right from day one. he wants to add jobs and you got to hope that he can follow through. brad, jessica, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks. we're moments from a briefing in oakland following a devastating warehouse fire there. at least nine people have died and officials there say the
1:51 pm
death toll will likely rise. more on this breaking news right after this. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer.
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and that is fox news alert. look at that. those are flames actually coming from buildings in cambridge,
1:55 pm
massachusetts. it's happening now. we also understand that 1700 people are now without power as a result of this fire. and as julie alluded to earlier is that this is where so will universities are. mit. harvard. a very popular area. a very trendy area for shopping. a lot of people assemble there. and we are looking at this fire as it fully is engulfed. that building is really probably going to be at a loss. >> it is actually four structures they had reportered. >> four in all. >> four in all but bun at completely collapsed. we don't know the cause of the fire. we do know it is a fast-spreading. ten alarms is a serious fire.
1:56 pm
that means they have basically called every fire department in the area, from all over to get people to come in from walden and newton and wakefield. and to get to cambridge, let me tell you, the traffic coming from boston. this is one of the boroughs, of boston. very tight traffic. these most likely are apartment buildings. so let's pray the fire got out before it got out of controls. because at this point firefighters cannot enter the buildings. >> and the in oakland. a warehouse fire there. continuing coverage here.
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we'll begin with a traffic devastating fire in oakland, california. at that warehouse we're told at least nine dead. that number expected to rise dramatically. we're expecting an update on this tragedy this hour from libby shaft, and as she takes the microphone on the podium on the left that you see there. we'll of course bring that to you. the latest mass type of death incident in this country we've had dealing with a fire. >> i'm arthel neville. the flames


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