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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  December 3, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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we'll begin with a traffic devastating fire in oakland, california. at that warehouse we're told at least nine dead. that number expected to rise dramatically. we're expecting an update on this tragedy this hour from libby shaft, and as she takes the microphone on the podium on the left that you see there. we'll of course bring that to you. the latest mass type of death incident in this country we've had dealing with a fire. >> i'm arthel neville. the flames spreading at the
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party in the building last night. as crews get ready to enter the warehouse to search for victims. >> make the scene safe. let's make it secure. let us do our jobs. the rooch has collapsed down onto the second floor. so we have to literally go in there piece by piece and move wood and timbers and debris to even get an assessment. so there is a lot to be done still. >> live now in oakland. claudia? >> the recovery effort continues behind me. you see over my left shoulder the fire crews retrieving more victims. with this site that has been the site of a dance party last
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night. the cause has not been disclosed to us. no official cause has been released. we do know it started right antd 11:15 and at first the flames were so intense crews couldn't get inside. and the roof caved in and officials say there was no clear exit. the only way from the second to the first was a makeshift stairwell out of wooden pallets. now begins the investigation with a special task force. >> there is no reason yet to suspect arson but you have to work these at the worst case scenario and then downgrade from there. so you bring in all the experts and then narrow it down to was this an electrical issue or some
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other pyrotechnic or something in there. >> reporter: some have said it was like a labyrinth inside. but to sprinkler system. and there have been reports that a family may have been living here and that the father is unaccounted for. police have refused to answer questions about reports of alleged code violations and prior complaints about the landlord. their focus right now is on finding and identifying all of the victims of this tragtd and they say that could take several days and of course one minute is too long for the families and friends waiting for word of their loved ones. arthel police say this is not a crime scene yet but that could change. back to you. >> claudia, thank you very much. and right now we want to show you live pictures from boston suburbs of cambridge, where firefighters are battling a 10-alarm fire, this is happen
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right now in a residential district which is close to both harvard and m.i.t. nearly 800 people without power. this is a ten alarm fire in cambridge, massachusetts we're going to stay on top of this and bring the late eas we get it. >> join the congratulatory and pretty -- phone call. a conversation that. beijing issuing a complaint to the white house reminding the u.s. government of its view that beijing, not the independent democratic nation of taiwan, is the only government of can
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giant. first beijing's reaction. what are they saying about this pretty historic phone call? >> good evening. well if you want to get china mad and you are the united states, put in a phone call to taiwan or cozy up to taiwan and that is exactly what critics and others are looking at here with the phone call from trump. not since 1979 has the president or president elect made a call or had any contact with the leader of taiwan. china believes taiwan is a territory of theirs. taiwan believes they are a sovereign nation. today china's government filed a formal complaint saying we urge the u.s. to abide to the commitment of the one china policy and to handle issues with caution and care to avoid unnecessarily interfering with a overall situation of china-u.s. relations. the trump transition team said
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tsai innicalled. but this phone call is being played up in taiwan that the u.s. may boost its support of a free and sovereign taiwan. they said the two spoke roughly ten minutes about establishing a closer cooperative relationship. mr. trump tweeted last night the president of taiwan called me yesterday to congratulate me on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how taiwan sells billions of the dollars in military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory phone call. another republican senator tom cotton says that he actually stands with trump and appreciates the reaffirming of our commitment to the only democracy on chinese soil. >> as you note some say it is a strong message to beijing. but brian what are critics
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saying. >> reporter: right now we have a sitting president of the united states and these phone calls could mean more than just a congratulations. people are a little worried to what the ramifications will be with foreign policy given that mr. trump has had two other phone calls this week that are just as controversial. he spoke with the philippines president. that president has criticized the u.s. calling americans stupid. and he's tu tart has been criticized for his were on drugs and trump reportedly saying he would love to visit pakistan soon also. president obama hasn't visited paxz in the eight years of his presidency. >> some of the diplomatic community are a bit ruffled. we'll be talking to ambassador ross in about five minutes from how to to get his take on this.
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thank you so much. a democratic reboot is hitting a roadblock. the anti-defamation league slamming congressman keith ellison arguing his past statements on israel disqualify him from being the next chairperson of the dnc. >> after the election in which democrats lost the house, senate and the white house there is now a leadership vacuum within the party and nowhere is that more apparent than in the on going fight for the next chairman of the dnc. yesterday howard dean drops out. former chair said he's stepping aside to make room for a fresh face. and that leaves jamie harrison, ray buckley and keith ellison from minnesota. now ellison is the front runner but hooels also a sitting congressman, which would mean he couldn't run full time.
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for dean that's a disqualifier. >> i do not believe at all that you can do this job and do another job in congress at the same time. so no i don't support keith. maybe i will later but i don't know. >> ellison said he would consider giving up his seat in congress if he were elected to the chair of the dnc. but an audio recording from him just surfaced where he essentially says that israel is controlling u.s. policy. >> the united states foreign policy in the middle east is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. a region of 350 million all turns on a country of seven million. does that make sense? >> now, the anti-defamation league says those remarks are both deeply disturbing and disqualifying. raising a specter of age-old
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stereotypes about jewish control of our government. >> thank you very much. as you know president elect donald trump has vowed to replace and repeal obamacare. but the current oval office resident urging americans to vote to help save his healthcare law. this can be overhauled as soon as the trump organization takes office. more details from washington. >> reporter: the president knows the closer we get to inauguration, the closer we are to seeing the dismantling of his top legacy item. repealing and replacing the afford arable care act is at the top of the to-do list come january. until then president obama is doing everything he can to make that goal as politically difficult as possible. in a facebook video posted friday he urged americans to
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sign up and mobilize against republican efforts to overturn the law. >> repealing would take away the protections that millions of americans rely on and also raise our premiums and stop our progress towards better quality care. don't let our congress take us back to the days where you could be denied insurance for having a preexisting condition. >> warning they could be impacted by any changes. a big part of the concern is congressman tom price, who is president trump's nominee for secretary of health and human services. his nomination is a clear sign that this promise is a priority for the next administration. >> no one is going to immediately lose they're health insurance based on our plan and that's pretty clearly outlined by our leadership on the republican side. >> they have been pushing back
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as well for saying this is a lot of support for keeping parts of the aca. such as preexisting conditions and children staying on their parent's insurance until they are 26. >> thank you so much. >> let everybody know we're awaiting a press conference interest the mayor of oakland, as we show you live pictures as we wait for new information about the deadly fire there overnight. we'll bring you that press conference when it happens. and a lot more on the diplomatic dust up, the phone call between the president elect and the president of taiwan that broke decades of the u.s. tradition and diplomatic protocol. how serious is it? what does it mean for relations with us and china? ambassador dennis ross who's here, a veteran diplomat can tell us exactly what that phone call and ramifications will mean. >> just in time for the holidays. a new study on the potential effects of white wine.
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officials arresting a male student at the university of southern california after they say he stabbed his mentor to death on campus. a second man has been arrested for a new orleans shooting that killed one person and injured nine others. police saying the two suspects who were in new orleans from out of town were arguing when shots ran out on bourbon street last weekend. meanwhile a bus crash in texas killing one adult and sending
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seven high school cheerleaders to the hospital last night. police saying the bus was returning home from a football game. the crash is under investigation. the president elect certainly making some waves on the foreign policy front by talk okay the telephone with taiwan's president. that conversation between mr. trump and dwan's leader breaking decades of the american diplomatics practice and testing the one china policy. when jimmy carter broke relations with taipei and recognized mainland china. but that trump phone call causing critics now to question trump's foreign policy bona fides. the senate foreign relations committee yesterday tweeting it is probably time we get a secretary of state nominee on board, preferably with experience, like really really soon. our next guest is the author of
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"doomed to succeed." ambassador dennis ross. middle east coordinator and foreign affairs analyst. taiwan is a democratic nation. sovereign. seems to share our democratic values. we sell like $2 billion in arms. we have strong unofficial ties and some would say today, you know, so what. so it ticks off beijing, mr. trump. but this call sent a message. are you concerned? >> what concerns me is whether it was calculate order nd or no calculated. if it was calculated to send a message, to send a signal, in effect that the policy of the trump administration is going to be different towards china. it is going to be tougher towards china. then you could see this might be the reason to do it. i would have to say if you send that signal i would have preferred it on a different
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issue. taiwan is so fundamental to the chinese. a whole notion of the one china at a time when they think increasingly about nationalism as a source of their legitimacy. do you want to challenge something like that because it may trigger responses we don't want to see. >> what type of responses? >> one could be they could do more in the south china sea as a way of saying okay you do that. we have areas we can respond. or they could decide ironically, and perhaps most dangerously, that they will do, they will apply even less pressure on north korea, which i think is a huge issue for us. and likely to be one of the issues that challenges president trump earliest in his administration. so we should be thinking through, if you are going to take this step. if you are going to do this signal, think through the second and third order consequences of maybe the result. if it wasn't calculated, well then that just suggests there needs to be a more organized systematic approach to how they are going to do these phone
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calls. >> we've heard reports how he's not been completely debriefed by the press department. -- and i'm sorry, i have to interrupt the mayor in oakland. libby schaaf about the horrendous fire. here is libby schaaf, the mayor of oakland. >> -- complicated and devastating scene. i want to thank all of our first responders. who were on the scene, and have been working so hard. and we are so thankful for the cooperation particularly from alameda county as well as our federal partners in not just responding to this scene but joining us in what is going to be a very thorough and methodical investigation, so that we can the discern what in fact happened. now, we're going to ask the public's patience as we do that.
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this is a devastating scene. this is complicated. and it is going to take us time to do the methodical, thorough and professional investigation that these families deserve. to find out what in fact happened. as well as to focus humanely and compassionately on addressing the victims and working to identify them and get that information first to their families. i know you are going to have a lot of questions. we are here with some initial information. but we ask for you to respect that we will have additional information each day. and that we are going to be very respectful offensive line the families that deserve to know first. so we expect to continue to be
2:23 pm
in touch with you over the next few days about what the investigation unfolds and to continue to answer the questions that you bring to us. i do also want people to know that if they are interested in making contributions to support the victims families, our own oakland a's have set up a site and are matching up to $20,000 of donations at "you fire victims." with that i'm going to introduce our fire chief, chief theresa deloesh reese. >> good afternoon. december 2nd a third alarm was called at approximately 11:30
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for the warehouse. at this time we have identified nine fire fatalities. we are in the process of recovering and identifying those victims. we're also in the process of assessing to see if there are any other victims associated with this fire. right now i would like to turn it over to the incident commander. deputy chief mark hoffman to give you more information in regards to the accident and the recovery efforts. >> as mentioned we last night found nine fatalities in the structure. oakland fire department is currently working with the sheriffs department, the police deputy, alcohol, to bacco and fire agents and the red cross to continue recovery efforts and conduct the investigation into
2:25 pm
the cause of the deadly fire. at this time we are shoring up the building to make sure it is safe to enter and continue the recovery effort. as previously reported the roof of the building collapsed onto the second floor which also in many areas collapsed onto the first floor, further complicating the recovery effort. we'll bring information to you through the opd/pio office as we have it. >> thank you deputy chief. i'd like to turn it over at this time to sergeant ray kelly who's with the alameda county sheriff's department coroner's bureau. he can update where they are right now regarding the search and recovery. >> we've begun the search. we had to actually stop to shore up the building. because when we went in there we began to see some of the walls and some of the structure moved. so we had to pull our people out.
2:26 pm
at this time we've only been able to cover but decedent from that scene. we're anticipating being out here for a minimum of the next 48 hours. the scene will remain active until it is entirely certainlied and gone through. in additi -- entirely searched and gone through. we're getting to talk with the families and get the information to them they need. the mayor has spent a lot of time with those families. and we're doing everything we can. this is a very difficult situation. not only for the community but for our first responders. >> before we open it up for questions, our ask to the media is to please push our message out as far as you can. we have a lot of social media platforms exchanging and sharing
2:27 pm
information. which we always encourage, but we'd like to direct that information to the alameda county coroner's bureau. because they have a master list they are working with. and we want to take that information to share it with them to ensure and notify families whether that are loved one was or was not here. looking everyone from distinguishing mark, photos. tattoos. not all families are from this area. they are out of state. internationally as said earlier and local as well. so please help us as we find answers and as we heal as a community and help the families heal. at this time we'll open for questions. you sir, go ahead. >> how many exits -- [inaudible]. >>ly certain >> i will certainly refer to the
2:28 pm
dire department. but let me a lot of preface to preface that we'll not be able to share the information. because the roof fell through and it collapsed in the -- so that could be very difficult. i don't know if we're prepared for that answer yet. hold on. let me see if i can answer his questions about how many exits there were. do you want -- would you -- two exits, sir. located at the building. >> can we confirm that the building was under investigation for -- >> the oakland police department is working with the city and also working with the fire department about future investigations. how many calls have been to this location whether it's been police or fire, and all of those will come into the city. right now we want to focus on
2:29 pm
the recovery and identifying any of the victims and we want to work with the families. that is our main focus. but we will work towards those questions such as was this building under investigation, was this building ever fined, what is the condition as far as permits, housing. all of those questions will be answered in due time. but right now we want to stay focused on the recovery and working with the families. >> two questions. first for sergeant kelly. you say one body has been recovered. do we know if that necessarily is one of the nine people you are aware of or could that have been a tenth --? >> this is one of many bodies that we will be recovering. we had to stop operations because the building is so unsafe and that makes our job, very, very hard. but it is about decency and respect if our victims and doing this right and doing it right for the families. doing it right for our staff so
2:30 pm
they are safe in there. that is what our priority is. and we don't care how long it takes. we'll be here as long as it takes to get that job done. >> have you resumed the operation? >> -- my second question, i want to know i know you want us to focus on everything right now a what happened. at the same time it is very simple to basically tell us whether this building was under investigation. that is a very simple thing. >> i think it is very important that we share the information that we have for you. i think darren needs to come up and address that question. >> okay. thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you. >> good afternoon. darren ranaletti. at this time we know the last designated use of the property was as a warehouse. we had received recent complaints about light and unpermitted construction on goik at the property.
2:31 pm
and as we learn more we'll release that information. >> -- >> there was an inspection of the property. and we were able to confirm blight at the property. and we're still investigating the unpermitted construction. >> that opened on november 13th. >> [ inaudible ]. >> again, the last permitted legal use was a warehouse. we have reports that people were living, but again we're still trying to investigate and confirm whether there were actually four people living in there. >> would you please explain to people what blight means? >> there was a complaint that there was blight in the adjacent, vacant lot, which is owned by the same property
2:32 pm
owner. debris, garbage and trash. we were able to confirm those allegations were accurate. and those regarding construction that was for inside the building itself. >> if we could hold on one. let's take one question at a time. >> -- are people allowed to live in it. >> permits would be needed for people to live in this building and those permits had not been issued. >> have you had a chance to get inside the building yet? as part of your investigation? >> no we had an inspector attempt to enter the billing and at that time was not able to secure access to the building so that investigation was not concluded and still under way. >> what date was that. >> that was on november 17th. >> and one more clarification? you talked about if people were not allowed to live there, would the -- would those have been
2:33 pm
allowed to be there under the current -- [inaudible] >> at this time we've got reports that there was a party at the premises last night and such a party would have required a special permit from the city. and such a permit had not been issued. >> -- with the owner [inaudible]. >> anyone? >> i personally have not. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i just want to remind you that this is the weekend. we are going off our actual records. and so we don't have all of the staff available to give you detailed answers to your questions. we are trying to be as transparent as possible with you to confirm what we can, authentically confirm at this moment in time such a short amount of time after this incredible tragedy. but we again remind you that our
2:34 pm
efforts right now are focused on the humane and compassionate addressing of the victims. as well as securing the site, as well as caring for those families. and so that is what we are focused on right now. we have additional answers to these type of questions in the coming days. we expect to have opportunities to brief you again. >> go ahead. >> -- there is apparently nine bodies that were there. [ inaudible ] did you meet with more than nine families? how many other people are missing at this point that we haven't lined up if they are here or not? >> i met with a room full of people who had loved ones that are missing. and it is painful to tell them that it will be a considerable amount of time before we can give them the information and the closure that they deserve.
2:35 pm
>> we're working very hard to comfort those families and give them the type of support and information access they deserve. but because of the devastating nature of this incident, we have been extremely limited in our ability to get access in the structure, as well as to perform the very careful work that must be done for us to absolutely be certain of an identification of a lost one. and that is what we are focused on doing. that is what i had the horrible, tough job as the mayor to do this morning to explain to those families to those friends to those loved ones. >> how many people remain unaccountable? >> --s a master list. >> i think that's -- >> it's very uncertain but there are a couple dozen more people that we still have to identify
2:36 pm
to find out what -- i know that everybody wants a number. and we don't know. we expect the number of deceased to go up. how far? i don't know. but we're expecting the worst. maybe a couple dozen victims here. we've met with a room full of people. and, you know, they are holding on hope until they hear. families hold out for hope until they hear that final word that maybe their loved one is gone. so this is a very very sensitive time. i think the mayor said it best. there are two parts to this case. there is what's going on here now. the family, the sensitivity that we have to have towards the families and then moving forward and later on dealing with all the questions you are asking now about this dwelling. >> do you know how many people were in the building? >> there were a lot of people in the building. and i don't have an answer as to how many victims there are at this point. we can only confirm nine base on what we've seen and limited access we can get to the
2:37 pm
building. >> [ inaudible ]. >> can you speak up a little i bit louder. >> sure. what kind of recovery are we looking at? -- [inaudible] and how are we stabilizing the building to make sure they stay safe. >> whereas the building, the structural engineer from the building has determined the walls are secure. the internal floor space for the mezzanine is very unsecure. so we've basically had to come in is it and shore with cribbing and shores, which is long poles and 4 x 4s. so it is tedious. we're in there with the structural engineer. we're in there with the technical rescue team and we're making it secure. and that is why we pulled out as we said after the one recovery.
2:38 pm
it was too lively. so we backed out. we're making it secure and going back in momentarily. >> do you know if spring lers? >> i saw no evidence of sprinkle sprinklers. >> we still have to notify a lot of people that we need to reach out to. that is going to be timely. identification of people.
2:39 pm
>> it could take us days to identify people based on the level of remains we have. >> they want to know what was on the ground floor? is it too difficult to describe that or is that? >> no. this was an artist collective. so the whole building is divided up into small areas that were basically work areas for artists. so it ranged from people doing wood working to people doing sculpting to people doing kinetic art. it was just a labyrinth of little areas. and i can't speak to the second floor. that was where the party was taking place. but the evidence is it had a lot of fire load up there too. i don't know how it was configured. but the ground floor, we went in about twenty yards with hand lines. we knew people were in there and
2:40 pm
we were trying to get them out. and it was a labyrinth. >> [ inaudible ]. >> not heard that at all. >> on the code situation. i know it was permitted at the warehouse only. it was not permit as residences. would any sort of artist work be allowed in there. >> it depends on the extent of the work of the building. that's what we're trying to ascertain so far. >> as far as you know there were no permits taken for any of the interior construction that you know of. >> that's correct. >> okay. >> excuse me, sir. excuse me for one moment. i'd like to bring this back and focus on the fire, focus on recovery, and focus on information for the victims. i'm going to take two more questions that are related to
2:41 pm
that. we'll prepare an additional press conference with more information at a later time to discuss more about permitting. building structure, etc. so we'll take two more questions. you sir. >> -- stairwell to get to the second floor -- [inaudible]. >> there was a single staircase accessing the mezzanine. it was apparently constructed out of wood and was on fire when the crews entered. and burned away to the fact that it was not pliable to obtain the second floor. >> -- of what is viable -- [inaudible]. >> we've got a wide range of numbers.
2:42 pm
the count has been across the board. so i don't have a hard number of how many people were in the event. >> hundred? more than a hundred? >> have no guesstimate. the only numbers we were given is how many they knew were there. so that was a much smaller number of maybe unnumbered guests maybe people didn't know who they were. >> -- survivors? >> there are survivors. i'm aware of about a dozen. but there were other whose got out and just ran away. and there were ores who showed up at a hospital and sought treatment. >> any closing remarks before we, mayor? >> again w, we have to bring th to a close right now. we have critical work to do. the people standing behind me need to be working with the crews supervising the incredibly difficult work that is in front of us right now. we will continue to keep you updated. you can continue to submit your questions ahead of time so that we can come back at our next
2:43 pm
conference prepared to answer your questions. but we have got to get back to securing this structure, to compassionately addressing the remains of victims that still are in the building and also bringing comfort and information to the families. so we thank you and we will be back with you again. >> -- >> will certainly send the information out when the -- we've been watching the mayor and officials of oakland. a heartbreaking tragedy unfold. nine confirmed dead. dozens believed to be dead in this warehouse. it was a rave dance party by an electronic artist. a artist collective. crammed with art material. trash and many young people perhaps have perished in this fire. you can understand the heartbreak in. >> absolutely. and shoring up the building and
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we want to show you live pictures on your screen from the boston suburb of cambridge. this is where firefighters are battling a ten-alarm fire. right now, happening in a residential district there. it is close to both harvard and m.i.t. so far we know that nearly 800 people are without power. again, this is a ten alarm fire in cambridge, massachusetts. an eye witness says that the fire started in a house that was under construction. and the flames shot up, quote, in a heart beat. so it is now engulfing nine buildings. this is a developing story and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. and back now on that phone call between president elect trump and taiwan's president that's broken diplomatic
2:49 pm
protocol and really ticked off beijing. ambassador ross is back with us. thank you for staying with us. the consequences. the east china sea t south china sea. china building the military base on those man-made islands and not to mention trade. what should we look for first if this has ram fictions? >> it could be -- it could also be on north korea. they know for the new administration this is a big issue. i suspect also it may be one of the first issues that challenges the incoming administration. so this could be one where they regard, they understand this is important to us and they will decide they will be less cooperative in that regard. >> what would that mean? they don't want refugees floodi flooding over the border. and pentagon has said a north korea nuclear missile potentially could hit the united states by 2020.
2:50 pm
>> one key issue for us is how do we approach that issue with the chinese? if in fact there was a calculated choice to send a signal being tougher to the chinese, i would have preferred it to be on this issue. i would like to see the incomin administration say to the chinese we cannot live with an outcome where north korea is able to put a nuclear weapon on an icbm that can hit the united states. it could be before 2020. and the message to the chinese would be if you don't exert more leverage which you have since half their food and fuel comes from you, then you will leave us no choice but to take whatever steps we deem to be appropriate. that's the kind of message that i think would be quite sharp to the chinese. there's an area where in fact, the new administration could establish a difference from this administration on policy with china. >> quickly, 20 seconds, what is the formal complaint? how really serious is it? they issued this formal complaint about this to the
2:51 pm
white house. >> it's delivered to the state department to express their opposition, outrage, to something. it's a formal document, a way of putting on record your opposition. this is a first step they would take. there could be others. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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a new study that could put a damper on your drink order. researchers at brown university linking white wine to an increased risk for melanoma. let's bring in senior attending physician of emergency immediate situation at st. barnabus hospital and professor of medicine at city university of new york medical school. good to see you. we will get right to it. how does drinking white wine increase your risk for getting melanoma? >> this new study discovered at least what they think that white wine has an increased risk of people developing melanoma. it has to do with components of the white wine. they were theirizing antioxidants would counterbalance that. that's why drinking red wine is a little better than the white. i wouldn't stop drinking white wine with this one study. >> so you're just saying in moderation, i guess? >> yeah. the common theme with all of these things is we really need to enjoy a good healthy diet and
2:56 pm
that includes some wine, i'm sure, but in moderation. >> what about sun exposure? does that factor into this? >> we know sun exposure does cause increased risk of melanoma, especially in people with fair and light skin. if this is a true connection and they haven't actually figured that out, that would be something to definitely explore. >> they are still trying to figure this out if there's a real direct link from drinking white wine to getting melanoma? >> right. they used the word association. there's an association. >> okay. drink red wine, i guess. that's what you just said. >> yes, i did. i did say that. definitely go with red wine. white wine is still okay. one glass a day. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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3:00 pm
that unfolding tragic fire in oakland, at least nine people are confirmed dead and the death toll would climb to dozens more. the fire erupting in the warehouse known as the oakland ghost ship. as young people were attending a rave dance party last night, officials say the party had no permit to operate and also say the building had no sprinklers. this is a new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm arthel neville. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night. it is estimated between 50 and 100 people were inside the warehouse at that time. it's not clear how many were able to escape. authorities are asking for patience as they try to get answers to those who need them
3:01 pm
most. >> it's more important for us to notify families, to have them know all this information before we then go public with it. so the respect and decency we have to have for people and loved ones. we know we have victims here who have families outside of the bay area, outside of the state and possibly outside of our country. we have a lot of people that we need to reach out to. that is going to be timely. identification of people is going to be very very difficult. people will not have identification and answers for up to 48 hours. it could take us days to identify people based on the revel level of remains we have. >> we have more on this heartbreaking scene in oakland, california. >> reporter: we are awaiting a news conference set to start in just a couple of minutes with the mayor of oakland. city officials are coming here to express their condolences at the location of this tragic fire overnight. there are going to be a lot of questions for city officials now
3:02 pm
about the safety of this building and whether there were any code violations because there has been a history of complaints, we are understanding now, towards this building. the fire broke out just after 11:00 last night during a dance party here at the oakland ghost ship. that's what this warehouse is called. it took crews nine hours to put the fire out. many partygoers were trapped inside because there was no clear exit route. the only way from the second floor to the first was a narrow makeshift stairway made of wooden palettes. one survivor explained how he broke his ankle trying to escape the burning building. >> i was pulling him out, a larger gentleman. there was a lot of stuff in the way. the flames were -- there was too much smoke and i had to let him go. >> reporter: that's one of many heartbreaking accounts we have been hearing today. some have described the inside
3:03 pm
of the ghost ship like a maze with artists' studios packed with mannequins, lamps and antique furniture. the neighbors across the street worried the warehouse could be a fire hazard. in 2008 the city received complaints about trash and debris and in 2014, some kind of structure had been built at the property and posed a safety concern. city records indicate those problems were abated but one city councilman who lives a block away is quoted as saying this building has been an issue for years and today, fire officials spent hours making sure it was safe before they went inside for this recovery effort. again, officials saying there's no evidence there was any kind of working sprinkler system or smoke alarm system, which would have certainly saved a lot of lives here last night. police say this is not a crime scene, but that could change and now the coroner's office is preparing for what it is calling a catastrophic fatality event. a mass catastrophe here with possibly dozens of fatalities, many of them likely to be young people from this community.
3:04 pm
back to you. >> so senseless. i'm reminded if you have young people, if you have children or grandchildren or young people, they go to these dances whether the happyland fire in new york that killed 89 people in 1991, one entrance out in a makeshift place, or the fire in the station nightclub in rhode island, killed 100 people. they have got to be careful. you have to be careful when you go to these type of events especially as you reported, there may not have been permits, especially sprinklers, and only one potential makeshift egress. so important to tell your loved ones to think twice when you go to some of these. thank you. i know we will get back to you with more developments as they warrant. thank you. another fire on the other side of the country, this in cambridge, massachusetts just across the river from boston. firefighters battling there a ten-alarm fire right now. as you can see, it's close to harvard and m.i.t. they say it may have started with building construction in a
3:05 pm
residential area. fire officials just wrapped up an update and thankfully there, although it looks dramatic, there have only been minor injuries. it is a developing story so we will of course bring you the latest. thankfully only minor injuries in cambridge, massachusetts tonight. now we go to the trump transition, where fallout continues over the president-elect's phone conversation with the president of taiwan. the phone call stirring up tension and concern for china. beijing today issuing a stern response but still expressing hope that relations between the u.s. and china would not be damaged by the diplomatic dust-up. we are live at trump tower in new york city with more. >> reporter: good evening. look, president-elect donald trump is defending this phone call as congratulatory while suggesting and downplaying the notion this is somehow controversial by suggesting that it was the polite thing to do. noting that we sell some $45 billion worth of arms to taiwan since 1990. in a tweet last night, trump
3:06 pm
tweeting the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. the trump transition team says the taiwanese leader called to offer her congratulations. the call was planned. they spoke about the close economic, political and security ties that exist between taiwan and the united states. but in taiwan this is playing bigger. it's being seen as perhaps a potential major signal the u.s. may boost its support of a free and sovereign taiwan. taiwan's central news agency referred to the call between both leaders as quote, historic. they said the two spoke for roughly ten minutes about establishing a closer cooperative relationship. this is a huge sticking point with china which is hypersensitive to this issue regarding taiwan. china does not recognize taiwan as a sovereign nation. they believe it is still their territory. china filed a formal complaint with the u.s. saturday saying in
3:07 pm
part quote, we urge the relevant parties in the u.s. to abide by the commitments to the one china policy and to handle taiwan-related issues with caution and care to avoid unnecessarily interfering with the overall situation of china-u.s. relations. the democratic national committee also weighing in, criticizing donald trump. donald trump is either too incompetent to understand that his foolish phone call threatens our national security, they said in a statement, or he's doing it deliberately because he reportedly wants to build hotels in taiwan to pad his own pockets. this is a notion that is categorically denied by the trump transition team. >> we hear how the democrats or at least some of them sproare responding. let's go to the other side. we know republican senator tom cotton from arkansas is praising donald trump for taking the call. how else is this playing out inside the gop? >> reporter: that's right. we are seeing overall, the republicans are responding pretty positively to this.
3:08 pm
you saw the senator from arkansas, tom cotton said that quote, that this phone call reaffirms our commitment to the only democracy on chinese soil. interestingly enough, others like former george w. bush press secretary ari fleischer put the phone call in perspective by tweeting quote, uh-oh i wasn't even allowed to refer to the government of taiwan. i could say government on taiwan. china will go nuts. he went on to say he doesn't mind this more aggressive stance as long as president-elect donald trump realizes that he was getting himself into and this was all part of a more aggressive strategy when he did this. arthel? >> thanks, brian. help still wanted. democrats searching for the next chair of the democratic national committee. the front-runner, minnesota congressman keith ellison is now facing harsh criticism over some of his past comments about israel as well as some other issues. some asked the question whether congressman ellison can handle
3:09 pm
two jobs at once, being a representative for his constituents and being the head of a national party at the same time. kristen fisher is live with more. let's start with some of the comments congressman ellison made in the past that causes concern today. >> reporter: well, it's something he said back in 2010 but an audio recording of it surfaced just yesterday. in it, congressman ellison essentially said u.s. foreign policy in the middle east is dictated by israel. well, now jewish organizations like the antidefamation league are accusing him of being anti-israel and anti-semitic. they released a statement reading in part representative ellison's remarks are both deeply disturbing and disqualifying. his words raise the specter of a age old stereo types about jewish control of our government. ellison responded by saying the audio released was selectively of context. my record proves my deep and long-standing support for israel he was the first muslim to serve
3:10 pm
in congress and was just elected to serve a sixth term but former dnc chair howard dean says you can't do both jobs at once. listen. >> i know this job better than anybody else in this room and it requires 80 hours a week. you will fly 250,000 miles a year and have to raise $50 million or $60 million a year. this is a full-time job. >> reporter: that's one reason why dean says he decided to drop out of the race. he also says it's time for the dnc to have a fresh face at the top. as the party begins to rebuild after that devastating election. >> also, some other candidates in the running. who else may want that job? >> reporter: right now there's only two others. south carolina democratic party chairman jamie harrison and the new hampshire chairman, ray buckley. keep in mind, the vote for dnc chair doesn't happen until february which leaves plenty of time for other candidates to jump in. they likely will. >> all right. job open. even though you got to travel a lot. >> a lot.
3:11 pm
yes. president obama meanwhile urging americans to sign up for his signature health care law in order to help save it. this as republicans say they intend to overhaul obamacare under the incoming trump administration. garrett tenney is in washington with the details. >> reporter: the president knows the closer we get to inauguration the closer we are to seeing the dismantling of his legacy item, repealing and replacing the affordable care act is at the top of the to do list for republicans and president-elect donald trump come january. until then, president obama is doing everything he can to make that goal as politically difficult as possible, urging americans to sign up for health coverage under the aca and to mobilize against republican efforts to overturn the law. >> repealing the aca would take away the protections that millions of americans rely on. it would also raise premiums and stop our progress towards better quality care. so don't let republicans in
3:12 pm
congress take us back to the days when you could be denied insurance for having a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: the administration is also touting the 20 million americans who have received health insurance under the law and warning they could be impacted by any changes. a big part of that concern is congressman tom price, who is president-elect trump's nominee for secretary of health and human services. price is a long-time outspoken critic of obamacare and his nomination is a clear sign that this campaign promise is a priority for the next administration. >> no one's going to immediately lose their health insurance based on our repeal and replacement plan. that's been pretty clearly outlined by not only congressman price but our leadership on the republican side. >> reporter: congressional republicans have been pushing back on other concerns as well, saying there's a lot of support for keeping key parts of the aca such as coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and children staying on their parents' insurance until they're 26. arthel? >> thanks, garrett.
3:13 pm
president-elect donald trump has sparked controversy and really ticked off beijing with that phone call with the president of taiwan. will that signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy toward beijing under president trump and what could beijing do in response? also, russia is saying it's ready to work with the u.s. to hopefully end the syrian civil war. more on the joint effort now proposed by moscow. ♪ mapping the oceans.
3:14 pm
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a quick check of the headlines. people protesting the pipeline in north dakota are gearing up for the winter, literally, rather than retreat from the harsh conditions. demonstrators have begun to use
3:18 pm
insulated teepees, heaters and metal cleats to continue fighting against that pipeline. focus in gatlinburg, tennessee getting their first look at the damage after the horrible wild fires tore through that busy tourist town. nearly 1,000 buildings are destroyed and tragically, 13 people were killed. air bnb settling a lawsuit with new york city. the company claimed a new york state law would hurt its business but it is dropping the lawsuit after officials agree to only fine new york city renters, not the company itself. president-elect trump's campaign promise to shake up u.s. foreign policy showing itself this week following mr. trump's phone call with taiwan's president. it marks the first time a u.s. president or president-elect has directly spoken with taiwan's leadership since the u.s. ended diplomatic ties with taiwan back in 1979. joining me now to talk more
3:19 pm
about this is vince colinase from the daily caller. is this a political faux pas with consequences or just a break in protocol, end of story? >> well, it's definitely a break in protocol. president-elect trump has really made no secret of how he views china. he spent the last decade really going after china for a variety of things including what he says is currency manipulation and saying china always gets one over on the united states. constantly reflecting on deals and how china is quote, laughing at us. we heard that so many times. now as president-elect trump, given the opportunity to deal with something that china feels is inappropriate, he took the call and if he's going to be consistent on china which i think he is by doing that, this is a sign i think of how president-elect trump is going to view china, which is hey, maybe we shouldn't be co-equals at the table. maybe the united states should be considered the world leader here. >> as you well know, vince, that
3:20 pm
mr. trump campaigned on listen, you don't lay out all your cards on the table. there's the element of surprise. might this set china on its heels, or could there be backlash from china and if so, what sort of backlash might we see from china? >> well, it's clear that it's toxic so it could result in negative impacts. china definitely can be less helpful, for instance, with north korea which is something the united states and especially the obama administration has been very keen on getting china to assist us with. so you know, on the flipside, it may actually get some concessions out of china, worried that the united states, you know, is not going to be playing ball with them. it's unclear. that's all we know. but when it comes to president-elect trump, he really needs china to be a partner on the international table, but i think he's just again reminding them as you said, he's leveraging the uncertainty of that relationship. he's oftentimes said that creating an uncertain environment one way your
3:21 pm
adversaries or friends don't know what you're going to do often gives you leveraging power in international disputes. >> meanwhile, they will be talking about this in the political world. we are already hearing from republican senator tom cotton from arkansas praising donald trump for taking this call, saying that he is engaging with quote, the only democracy on china's soil. of course, china does not see taiwan as a sovereign nation. how else do you think others will feel about this call, not just within the gop but also on the democratic side? >> well, there's a strong tendency i think, especially among the left, many -- among many of trump's critics to overestimate the impact of anything that they see as a negative behavior by president-elect trump. so therefore, a phone call that even china, according to, if you listen to jon huntsman talking about hey, people are overstating how crazy it is that donald trump took this call, because you know, there are people who want to overstate that trump is out of his league,
3:22 pm
that doesn't know what he's doing. they are kind of constantly naysaying the guy. i think the reactions to president-elect trump are going to be similar throughout. it's not just going to be every decision he makes that doesn't follow completely in line with say the obama administration is going to be second-guessed for its supposed incompetence. we just don't know if that's the case yet. >> lastly, do you think there were any hidden motives on the part of taiwan's president for making the call under the guise of i'm just congratulating donald trump on now being the president-elect of the united states? >> well, i think there's a certain amount of pride that probably goes into it and absolutely, the president of taiwan is not unaware of what it means to call the president-elect of the united states given the fact that the united states has not had diplomatic relations with taiwan officially for four decades. but the reality is, donald trump has i think acquitted himself somewhat nicely by saying look, we have had $50 billion in arms sales to taiwan since 1990.
3:23 pm
how can we pretend we don't have any relationship. he's saying i took a phone call, a congratulatory one and by the way, china is knocking taiwan's president for making that phone call, not so much president-elect trump just yet. >> all right. we leave it there. we will talk about this subject for weeks and months to come, i'm sure. >> for sure. >> thank you. first it was carrier, now president-elect trump is targeting another company. another company that plans to ship jobs from the heartland of indiana down to mexico. some ask if mr. trump is assisting a bad precedent by singling out individual businesses. also, the latest update on that tragic fire in oakland, california that ripped through a warehouse during a dance party last night, friday night. how authorities are describing the devastation at the scene. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try?
3:24 pm
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approaching the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. officials in oakland, california saying the death toll in the warehouse fire could rise as high as 40. at least nine deaths have been confirmed so far. the warehouse was converted into artists' studios. the building did not appear to have sprinklers and the fire broke out during a dance party last night. meanwhile, in cambridge, massachusetts, firefighters there are battling a ten-alarm fire right now. at least seven residential buildings are burning and several cars were damaged by the fire. there had been some injuries reported but none of them serious. back to negotiating the highly touted deal with carrier to keep roughly 1,000 factory jobs from leaving indiana and moving to mexico. president-elect trump called out another hoosier state manufacturer that is also in
3:29 pm
indianapolis right near carrier. mr. trump tweeted rexnord of indiana is moving to mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers. this is happening all over our country. no more. will it be no more? mickey cargill joins us now. rexnord makes ball bearings. it's a solid american manufacturer. how realistic is it to stop them from fleeing over the border with those jobs and maybe hundreds of other u.s. manufacturers who are contemplating the same thing? >> well, it is difficult because of the difference in the wage gap. u.s. workers cost us about $20 per hour. workers in mexico are about $3 an hour. the reason for that is just the difference in the currency between the countries. until we fix that, these problems of manufacturers moving jobs overseas is just a symptom of the bigger problem which is currency exchange.
3:30 pm
>> beyond the currency exchange, these companies, they have pressures on wall street, they have to deal with the stock in some cases and you have many giant american corporations in these industrial parks, especially monterrey, new mexico and elsewhere, whirlpool, halliburton, boeing, ge, talking about the cream of the crop of american manufacturers as well as smaller companies like rexnord. is it realistic that trade or currency policies cannot only stop more jobs from going but maybe try to get some of those jobs that fled back? >> it's going to take new thinking and you know, when we look at the way carrier saved the jobs, actually we gave them $7 million of tax credit to save about 1100 jobs. we can't afford to pay $1 million per employee to save jobs here. they are going to have to do something else. i'm happy that president-elect trump is actually doing
3:31 pm
something, but i think this is just a band-aid until he gets in office and hopefully they can rework some of the trade agreements where it's not as difficult as this one is. you and i are subsidizing carrier and that's not something i really want to do. >> you talk about that and there's criticism from the left and the right on this. is it a corporate shakedown, really? look what sarah palin tweeted and bernie sanders. palin and sanders agree, basically. here's what governor palin tweeted about this. when government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent unfair illogical precedent and special interests creep in and manipulate markets. republicans oppose this, remember? instead we support competition and a level playing field, remember, because we know special interests, crony capitalism is one big fail. mr. sanders or senator sanders saying trump's carrier deal shows corporations they can threaten to outsource jobs, actually outsource jobs, still
3:32 pm
get a tax cut. trump has told every corporation they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for tax cuts. it's a lose/lose for working people. what do you see going forward? this weekend, if a ceo is at his country club after a round of golf with everybody at the 19th hole, the bar, don't you think they are talking about this, thinking how they can maybe shake down the state or local municipality development corporation to get as many tax breaks as they can, if they threaten to move but more importantly, will they realistically stop exporting jobs to mexico? >> you know, no doubt that's the risk and i agree completely with what the people are saying. the biggest issue is to look at how we actually can balance that gap in wages and really, the only way to do it is through a wage-based tariff that actually equalizes wages. now, that's difficult to do, it's protectionism, but it's
3:33 pm
really the only effective thing that can happen to help us. now, another idea that they could use is to simply give preference to all federal, local and state government spending to u.s. manufacturers and that could help as well. that way, we're not actually paying to save these jobs. they also need to look at using disenincentives for moving jobs as opposed to incentives for losing jobs. applying that globally will equalize this. if i were a competitor of carrier's i would be very upset that they are getting $7 million. >> maybe the best disincentive is if american people wouldn't buy the stuff. we will see how this follows up through the trump administration. they certainly made it a priority on this, and keeping jobs here in our country. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, eric. meanwhile, the u.s. national debt is quickly approaching $20
3:34 pm
trillion so how did we get here and whether president-elect trump can find ways to reduce it. rich edson is in washington with that story. >> reporter: nothing in current law is going to stop the national debt from reaching $20 trillion. the congressional budget office says nothing in law will stop 25 and $30 trillion. at the turn of the century, the federal government owed about $5.5 trillion. now it owes nearly $20 trillion. >> the debt is on an unsustainable path. it's the highest it's been for any president entering office other than president truman and is expected to grow faster than the economy every year forever. >> reporter: in september the 2016 fiscal year ended chl. the federal government added $950 billion to the debt. the government spent $3.9 trillion. how did the government spend that money? more than half went to government health care and social security. health care costs more than $1.1
3:35 pm
trillion. more than $1 trillion of that is just medicare and medicaid. the government spent more than $900 billion on social security and disability insurance. defense costs about $580 billion. about $1 trillion on everything else the deposit does like programs for low income americans, benefits for retired workers, transportation, research, education, international affairs and housing. and interest on the existing national debt costs nearly $250 billion last year alone. budget experts say 2016 campaign promises would drive the debt much higher. >> the chatter you hear is tax cuts, infrastructure spending, military spending, don't touch social security or medicare. that doesn't add up. mr. trump inherited a very big budget problem from president obama. >> reporter: the consequences according to the congressional budget office, higher interest payments to those lending the government money. lower productivity and income in the u.s. economy. less flexibility for the government to react to a severe
3:36 pm
recession and a high risk of a fiscal crisis. the most significant budget challenge, health care. even just slowing the growth of health care costs would have a substantial effect on the debt. while entitlement programs are the country's largest liabilities, making them more sustainable also means asking americans to pay more for them or take less from the government. rich edson, fox news. overseas, rebel fighters are fleeing the continuing bombardment in aleppo as russian-backed syrian forces are pushing into the eastern part of that city. it turns out the government of vladimir putin, he wants us to join them. plus, president-elect trump is not in office yet but it seems russia may already be communicating with mr. trump's team about some global hot spots. what could be under discussion. we will talk about that next.
3:37 pm
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war planes have been pounding parts of eastern aleppo today as government forces gain ground in rebel held areas. russia and assad's air force continuing to bombard that city and kill countless innocent people, especially children, in the continuing human catastrophe that shows no signs of ending. now russia wants to sit down with u.s. officials about all this next week. we have more from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: syrian government forces continue to press through rebel lines in eastern aleppo, retaking key districts there. the fall of aleppo at this point appears inevitable. syrian president bashar al assad's regime now controls an estimated 60% of eastern aleppo for the first time in four years since opposition forces took control there, and it's been a vicious, bloody fight with several hundred civilians being killed since the government launched its offensive last month. more than 30,000 people have
3:42 pm
fled eastern aleppo in the past week alone. u.n. and red cross officials say their priority now is setting up winter shelters for all the civilians, many escaping eastern aleppo with only the clothing on their back, and half of the 30,000 are said to be children, according to humanitarian aid groups. that said, u.n. officials have warned that eastern aleppo is becoming a quote unquote, giant graveyard for the quarter million people estimated to still be living there, or more so trapped there because many areas have been cut off from humanitarian aid as syria's military continues to attack rebel positions with heavy artillery fire and russian-backed air strikes. today, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said russian diplomats including himself are ready to meet with u.s. officials next week in geneva to discuss the situation on the ground in eastern aleppo, in particular the withdrawal of those rebel fighters. the flow of humanitarian aid into those hard-hit areas and
3:43 pm
according to lavrov, the return to normal life. >> thanks so much. arthel? meanwhile, russia may be looking past the current administration for help in syria. moscow's deputy foreign minister telling a russian news agency the country has been in contact with the president-elect's team. the official not naming any names, but he does say they discussed ongoing violence in syria. this as the top diplomats for the u.s. and russia continue to meet officially in an effort to resolve their differences over the crisis. joining me is retired army lieutenant colonel mitch utterback, former special forces officer. hi, colonel. let's start here. i understand you said it's not unusual for transition team talks but does it matter who on trump's team that the russian operatives are talking to? president-elect trump is still putting together his cabinet. >> yes. what we hope is happening is his
3:44 pm
appointed -- newly appointed folks are talking to their counterparts. even if it's not the exact counterpart, somebody within that same organization within russia. this is exactly what happens with the military. before we deploy overseas we do predeployment trip to meet with our foreign counterparts, for example, in iraq or afghanistan. literally sit down, drink tea with them and get to know them. then when we return with the rest of our troops, we have a better idea how to deal with them and how to accomplish our mission. i'm actually quite pleased to see that the incoming administration is doing what we call a predeployment site survey. >> after that survey, that site survey, would the president-elect's team at all confer with president obama's team? >> i don't think so. because what we have going on right now with russia, they will continue to engage diplomatically with john kerry and the rest of the international community while at the same time supporting assad
3:45 pm
militarily. it's going to be status quo until after the incoming administration, then we may see some changes. right now, russia is supporting assad along with syria, syria's help and when we have got going on is military momentum going in assad's direction. i don't think we will see any changes immediately. much less talk between the administrations. >> so if there is momentum going in assad's direction, as you well know, president obama, secretary of state john kerry, that whole team are saying assad must go. he's still there, still there in a major way and causing lots of harm to his own people. vladimir putin saying he's fine with assad being in power. what happens when donald trump becomes president trump? how does that play out? >> well, i don't think and other analysts don't predict there will be significant changes to russia's 60-year alliance with
3:46 pm
syria. really, for 60 years, they have been partners. we are going to have to wait and see what happens. i don't think we will ever involve ourselves to the point where we will take a greater role than russia is right now. i think we just have to wait it out but i don't believe we are going to see any major changes in the of a trump administration with regard to what russia and iran are already doing to support syria. >> since mr. trump got into the race, there has been so much talk about russia. there is even talk about a trump/putin bromance. is this a case of dangerous liaisons, or could it be that trump's tough talk will make putin sort of recognize? >> that's an interesting point. what the incoming administration and what donald trump has been expressing is a type of strength and moxie and tough talk that
3:47 pm
really res nats in the middle east at large. sometimes the projection of threats really gets through to your adversaries and they really do sit up and pay attention. likely closer attention than they paid to us in the past. >> meanwhile, final answer, what happens to those poor people who are dying every day in syria? >> sadly, arthel, more will probably die. as i said, russia has the momentum. syria is being supported by their bombing campaigns. there's no reason for assad to stop now. 60% of aleppo is back in government control. i think we will see more of this tragedy continue to unfold as the military momentum now goes in the direction of the assad regime. >> colonel, thank you so much for your analysis. always nice to have you with us. it is a continuing tragedy. just shameful. president-elect donald trump continues as you know to break the mold as he fills out his
3:48 pm
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3:52 pm
the fatal stabbing of a california professor was the result of a personal dispute. the student stabbed his mentor to death on campus. a second man was arrested for the new orleans shooting that kill would one person and injured nine others. the two suspects were arguing when shots rang out on bourbon street. a bus crash that sent high school cheerleaders to the hospital. the crash is under investigation. >> and president-elect donald trump showed american and the world he does it his way. a controversial and unconventional campaign. james rosen looks. it is a first with the
3:53 pm
president-elect. and there was a boisterous public ralliyy and departure of practice and a surprise for the staff. >> my people over there are probably saying you weren't supposed to do that. >> this is the way donald trump communicates with people. >> even though bar ark obama, the 24th president discharged with deverance to white house tradition. and historians call it wearing the suit. >> an individual takes on the mantel of high office and changes the demeanor and approach and style. and that does happen in most cases. but if there were an exception, it is going to be donald trump. >> from the highly choreographed
3:54 pm
visits from cabinet member and release of a video and outlining his first hundred days. direct intervention in a manufacturing plant. and he wants some to do some things differently. >> they say it is not presidential to call up massive leader was president. i think it is presidential. if it is not, it issac. >> can the republic survive a president that is not presidential. >> is it presidential to dance on ellen upon or arsenio hall. just what is presidential? >> reporter: donald trump's behavior is present and how he may flout convention and as to whether he wears a coat and tie
3:55 pm
and dialling up foreign leaders that the u.s. doesn't talk to it will be a blend of the calculated and improvised. james rosen, fox news. and we are waiting for more information on the deadly fire in oakland, california. we'll look at the pictures straight ahead. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. chlorred until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.ddddddd do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms...
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>> i have to learn that. i just can't get. that forget about the tropical paradise. parts of hawaii looking like a winter wonderland and issuing a storm for the winter island and high peaks could get up to 30 inches of snow. and this story, an oregon jail burn making this. and violating a release order on a misdemeanor. and he brought along the parrot and left the birdie outside of the tree. they will not let him out and he was worried about the little guy and the deputies brought the bird back inside and he posed
4:00 pm
with his owner with a mug shot. officers found someone to care for the parrot while craig is in the slammer. hopefully they will be reunited. julie banderas is up next. >> an enormous fire and a warehouse party killing nine people, crews are still searching the scene for more victims tonight. good evening, this is the fox report. fire crews first called to the scene before midnight last night to find an electronic music party filled with heavy to smoke and flames and they are investigating whether people were living in the building illegally. that investigation is ongoing as the party was going on. weeks before the tragedy they were concerned about t


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