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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> we are waiting for a news conference in oakland, california, to begin, where authorities are ♪ give us an update on the warehouse fire that now is confirmed to have killed at least 30 people. >> welcome to brand new hour inside america's headquarters i am arthel neville. >> hello, everyone, i am eric shawn. crews have only uncovered a fraction of the building uncovering mountains of debris search for more victims. this has new questions emerge on why the building had no smoke detectors, in sprinklers and not shut down after a sitting investigation of code violations
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started last month. we have been report on the story from oakland. a last information coming out today. what is the latest as of this hour before this latest update? >> the news conference will start soon. the recovery efforts began last flight and continue through the day. at first they only get through 20% of the building but they have made significant headway the rest of the day. the death toll now is at 30. only a few families have been notified. that is because of the d.n.a. process which is obviously difficult process and time consuming. behind me you can see the ongoing activity putting up red cross shelters and a document of other tents and moved in trucks but above the burned out second floor, the government ship which is what it was called which was a death trap. firefighters will tell you it is
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a mangled mess. from the air you can see the obligate thing left is the outer edge of the building. the interior collapsed upon itself. there is still a lot damage inside. there is a lot to go through. they are sifting through it inch by inch looking for the weres of those snowed. sergeant kelly from the alameda county sheriff talked how devastating this has been to everyone involved. >> it is a huge number, we are still not done. you can hear behind me they are working and pulling this building apart and we are really starting to get deeper into the building and as we do that we continue to find more inches. >> they are so others about the structure, from the camera you can see this is something we have fought seen until now, inspectors from the fire department on top of the building. they put a portable light up
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there as it is getting close to dark. that gives them obviously a a perspective into the wreckage. there is concern of the stability. on the d.n.a. situation, the sheriff had asked the coroner, also, asking loved one of the missing to preserve sources of d.n.a. to help with identification process such as hairbrushes, temperatures, toothbrushes, they have been told to put it in secure plastic and give it to authorities. a difficult time for so many people here. a difficult time for those who have last a already one or someone who is a friend but those who are happy to do the process of going through the building. they do believe they will be finished with end few hose inside by tomorrow. obviously, this investigation will continue for and time. >> last in, a couple of weeks ago the city started an investigation of possible code violations and people asking, why want the building closed? they had residents saying the
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artists collective lived there, and the building was a mess and did not have the proper egress, code violations, sprinklers, where didn't the city do something? do we know in to prevent this? >> that is the question a lot of people are asking. first of all there have been a number of complaints about this in the area on the location. a couple of weeks ago, obviously, prior to the fire the city said an investigation was opened, why did they not shut it downst they were not granted access to get snowed and that is floating an empty obviously, a lot it, the information in the investigation is coming out now. remember, oakland is a city dealing with significant budget issues down a last police officers and we do not know if that comes into play and we have the bay area situation with so machine high-tech companies here, artists communities which have been part of the bay area a lot of the places do not exist or exist like this because they cannot afford larger or more
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appropriate apartments. i am not saying that may this allowable but that is what people are saying. >> so tragic. potential preventable. i know you will stand by. we will get to the news conference when the folks step town the microphones. perhaps they will be asked about the pressing issues. >> while we wait for the press conference to start we will lack at other news, the president-elect taking a swipe at china over the way it does business in the united states. this after mr. trump issued warnings to american companies looking to outsource jobs. >> what did the president-elect have to say about china? >> keep in mind the tweets from president-elect donald trump on china come a difficult after china filed a formal complaint
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with the united states over the phone call president-elect donald trump had with taiwan's leader on friday. remember, the taiwan leader called president-elect donald trump to congratulate him on the victory and china filed the complaint because of hyper sensitive relationship they have with taiwan and tonight action few moments ago, president-elect donald trump tweeted in kind say saying did china ask us if it was okay to devalue currently and tax our products going into their country, the united states doesn't tax them, or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so. again, this phone call that happened was because the taiwan lead called president-elect donald trump and the fess time a leader from the president-elect of the united states spoke to a taiwan leader since 1979 and taiwan called it a historic conversation with controversy over it and, then, earlier
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today. kellyanne conway, the season your advisor to donald trump downplayed the call on fox news sunday. >> just a again call signaling he accepted a congratulations call. president-elect donald trump is not out there making policy or announcing policy prescriptions around the world. he is taking phone calls and high will i am sure re-engage with company the leaders when he takes the oath of office. >> some people were wondering in the phone call with taiwan would signal a more aggressive approach with china and this signals perhaps it does. >> president-elect donald trump tweeting imposing tariffs on various companies. tell us about that. >> that is right. a now days ago he obviously struck the deal with carrier united saving a thousand jobs from going from indiana to mexico. in exchange for $7348 worth of tax breaks and some clueing
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vermont senator bernie sanders criticized the deal as being too lenient and setting a dangerous press distant that companies all they haded to do was to threaten to leave the country and they get a nice tax break and he tweeted today that companies that send jobs across the border to mexico will receive a 35% tariff on their products when they re-enter the united states and that given tax breaks and cutting regulations, once in office, the united states will be open for business. this will be a more business-friendly united states. that was the message he was sending on twitter. arthel? >> thank you. >> the recount by green party candidate jill stein taking the campaign to pennsylvania to a whole new level. dr. stein said shell file a federal lawsuit tomorrow calling for a recount on constitutional grounds which is not correct video but i will take you to the
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oakland police department with the news conference underway now on the horrible fire that has taken so man lives in oakland at the wear husband. >> -- the warehouse. >> we have media updates but, first afternoon were i will start with sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff the coroner's bureau. sergeant? >> at this point the last number we gave out of deceased folks was 30 and now it is 33 victims we work inside the building and if you would lick a emergency i would say we are 35 to 40% through the building. that work continues. i am sure fire can comment more. >> i would like to introduce, we have a lot of media from out of
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the country and from outside of the state of california and i introduce mayor schaaf. >> at this time, we have delivered the unacceptable and horrific news of losing a loved one to seven of our families. we will be releasing the nails of those decedents with the, exception of juveniles to you promptly. it is with so much grief and compassion that we as your city family share with you this horrific news. as this tragedy continues to unfold i want to reassure you of what our priorities are as a city of oakland. our first priority is the humane
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and compassionate removal of the victims of this tragedy. i want to assure you we are continuing to operate a 24/recovery separation to effectuate that removal. second, we are focusing on supporting the families and loved ones. some are coming from very far away. we, working as fast as i can and i commend the coroner's office that has put extraordinary resources to speed up our ability to positively identify the victims of this fire. now our final focus is doing everything we can to preserve, evidence, and conduct the recovery operation in a manner allowing us to fully and
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professionally investigate this incident so we can get to bottom of how this happened. today, our district attorney nancy o'malley instituted a criminal investigation and is on site working with our other law enforcement partners. finally, i offer my extreme gratitude to a group of individuals who give the term "public servant," a new meaning, the teamwork we have seen as these protests under the hardest of circumstances have hand by hand, bucket by bucket, removed debris, preserved it, as well as humanely and compassionatesly addressed the victims that have been found 33 victims found.
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the professionalism they have exhibited end these unbelievable circumstances have been something that has been an honor to work alongside. with that i am sure you will have plenty of questions and you will continue to have questions we will continue to be available and answer them as this horrific tragedy continues to unfold. i turf it over to john to manage questions. i call up the captain who is up here earlier, it is imperative we bring information that may affect the investigation in the future. captain, if you could reiterate what you shared with the media a couple hours ago. >> thank you. again, the coroner's office does ask any family members or
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friends of the victim if you can preserve any d.n.a.-type of equipment, combs, brushes, secure them in a brown paper bag, hold on to them physical you are asked of them from the coroner's borough. thank -- bureau. thank you. if we come across victim questions identify we have to resort to d.n.a. >> i will ask for patience on the side of media. we have a lot of media here, our local stations, national stations and international. we understand you have a lot of questions. we have time to answer those questions. there are a lot of questions we will not be able to answer so be patient with us. the 18s will come. it will be a matter of time. they may it be there now or
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tomorrow but they will come that is what everyone in the city of oakland is working toward. let's be patient with each other. allow us to call on you, identify would you are and which agency you republic. we have a last national and international media. we are not fall with you as we would like to be. please, allow us that moment. i will start on the left. [ inaudible ] i will turn that over to sergeant kelly. this tragedy has hit close to hole for our agency. one of our deputies we work with lost his son in this fire.
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we are still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. this has affected us as first responders. we were not prepared to talk about that right new but we are dealing with that and our family, our department is hurting from that. that is true. >> do you know how many people were --. [ inaudible ] all we can say we have activate ed the criminal investigation team. it is a precaution. it means that certain individuals are present on-site from the district attorney and working in concert with other law enforcement agencies. [ inaudible ]
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we will make sure everyone gets questions answers. okay? go ahead, sir. [ inaudible ] >> everyone is understandably very emotional because of this incident. i am sure that many things are going to be said. many assumptions, many things are going to be said out of emotion. what our job is, to focus on our priorities and to assemble a comprehensive record of what we as a government knew about this
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property. we are in the process of doing that. we want to assure it is complete that it is professional. that it is comp hence before we drew concludes from the public record. [ inaudible ] can you ask your question again? [ inaudible ] >> the identification took place through fingerprints and identification that get us close and a lot of folks have i.d.s on them, whether it is a wallet,
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purse or natural sack so there are identifications it there. it helps. we have to verify things with finger friends. that is how we are able to get the seven identities at this time. >> ma'am? [ inaudible ] >> they are not all in one area. we thought beginning interest there they would be in when area but we are finding people throughout the entire square footage of the structure. we have broken the warehouse interest four quadrants and found victims in every quadrant. a box of for pieces and each section has had victims. [ inaudible ] >> they are and they are not. there is in answer to that
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question. it is so ran democrat. they -- so random. we are finding victims where we least spent them. [ inaudible ] >> can you speak up? [ inaudible ] >> i an deputy chief daren white and i believe the question is how fast did the oakland fire -- get to the indent? we arrived in three americans -- minutes. [ inaudible ] >> at this time all i know is we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building.
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i do not know the reason. i am not going to speculate. what i am doing is getting a time of city employees to gather every piece of evidence. this is the weekend. we are in the process of gearing that information. sergio? [ inaudible ] >> we doing the identification as fast as we can. the sooner we can get the identifications done the sooner we can meet with the families for counseling and begin to manufacture forward from that. we want to get everyone identified as quickly as possible. however, it is a very cumbersome
3:22 pm
process. [ inaudible ] >> we have considerable amount at the assistance center and the marry has been there through the last two days with the families spending time with them as has the sheriff, the five department and the numerous volunteers. most of the families are aware and they know their loved one is likely a victim in the structure. >> of the 33 bodies this have been recovered are there signs... [ inaudible ] >> we have new started to refer and identify victims who are minors. we do have children in the ages
3:23 pm
of 17 years old, possibly younger. not sure. we were asked this question yesterday. we had no idea. we believed a last or victims were in their 20s to 30s and it is very unfortunate we have to we to you we have 17-year-old victims. in small children but teenage children. who are still children in our eyes. there are teenageers and young adults and people into the age of 30-plus. [ inaudible ]
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>> again i confirm we have activated the criminal investigation team. that means we are engaging in protocol that allow as criminal investigation to be conducted. i believe it is a bit premature and i am not authorized to make that announcement. only the district attorney is allowed to make the announcement with regard to criminal charges and the direction of the criminal investigation direction. i can confirm the district attorney has activated the criminal investigation team and a representative from the d.a. is here on site, engaged in our recovery effort to ensure we are treating this and have the ability to conduct the level of investigation that with be requireed. [ inaudible ]
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>> we do have victims from other countries. we are not releaseing those countries yet. we are in the process of contacting those embassies, those consulates, we are working with our state department to do that. there is a protocol that needs to be followed for notification of foreign governments and we are following that and using the assistance of the united states state department. >> how many? >> countries in europe and in asia. [ inaudible ] >> i just responded to that question. i want to clarify i am not authorized to say a criminal investigation has been launched. only that district attorney can state that. what i have confirmed the crime fall investigation team of the
3:26 pm
district attorney has been activated. a district attorney representative is on site and is working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies. who are ensuring the investigation and the recoveriation is conducted in a manner preserving evidence. is conducted in a man that -- manner that allows to us get to bottom of what caused there and leaves those options open. it is far too early for us to have any suspicion about what caused this fire. that is something we will be sharing with you in the coming days. if it is a crime fall investigation that will limit our ability to share full information with you. >> excuse me, sir, can we have an opportunity for someone else to ask a question and i will swing back?
3:27 pm
[ inaudible ] >> when we started this investigation if you told us we with have 33 victims, we would not have believed you. i don't know how many more people are left. we have no idea. we have in idea. no idea how many emwere in thatting or how many people get out of the building. i would be speculateing. we are specificking the worst and hoping for the best as to how many more victims. [ inaudible ] >> b relatives know if their family member has not responded. so how many --. >> a lot of people are on the list. >> i want to make something clear because we are getting into a little bit of repetitive sickle and i want to make sure we accommodate all of your
3:28 pm
questions. as long as they are not in the repetitive mode. we want to have a broad brush on answering as many questions. there are a lot of then we cannot discuss and we want to stay away from specific numbers. that can be very dangerous as far as numbers go. we want did bring you facts much the facts, 33 victims have been located and have been recovered. 33 families are grieving. 33 families have lost loved ones. we want to be sensitive to that. sir? [ inaudible ] >> we have to refer this to the direct tone. it will be a different conversation that we will -- than what we will have right now. sergio? go ahead.
3:29 pm
[ inaudible ] >> criminal investigations are handled by the district attorney. we actually do have our criminal investigation team here on site that team has also been activated and is friend -- present. there are many interviews being conducted. you have to understand the sketch of this tragedy is tremendous. we have many, many witnesses to interview. we are in the process of doing that. we have been able to bring in extra detectives so we can, again, put as many resources on this, get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible, but we also are trying to stay focused on
3:30 pm
what our first task is and that is to attend to the victims and their families. that is our moral obligation to put the bulk of our resources on that most important task. [ inaudible ] >> i assure you are from the oakland police department this investigation as far as what is happening, who is involved, from victims, to witnesses, we started that from the moment everyone got the call. i can assure you we have all the proper documentation and we will be following up as this investigation moves on. again, i want to bring it back to the 33 victims, to the families, and if we have any other questions question move on. i know you have a question, ma'am.
3:31 pm
[ inaudible ] >> i want to stay focused on our priorities right new. you may know since i became the mayor of oakland i have been passionat. about lifting up the incredible creative community that makes it the incredible city that it and is the issue of creating safe, vibrant spaces for oakland's artists community is a priority
3:32 pm
not just for me as pair -- as mayor but of the community. this is work that has been beginning on for a long time we will stay focused on accomplish that in a way that makes sent both for oakland and also for the different stakeholders involved. we do have plans and ironically we scheduled this last week before the tragedy happened. we are beginning to be going forward with an announcement on tuesday around efforts to preserve and protect artist space force living and working here in oakland, the incredible asset and beauty office our city that we cherish that has been so badly damaged by this tragedy. >> we certainly are, i am going to keep sergeant kelly and ask
3:33 pm
everyone else to go back to the command post. there is a lot of work that needs to be done and we will answer your questions with sergeant kelly if you will give us a moment. >> as we break away from the news conference in oakland, here is what we learned. the number of officially dead is 33 people perished in the fire, the warehouse fire, ages 17 to 30-plus they reported, some from other countries and authorities now say 35 to 40 pass through the building divided into four sections say they found victims in all four quadrants of the willing. oakland mayor schaaf saying they have delivered the unacceptable and horrific news of losing a loved one to seven families. their focus now is on humane and compassionate removal of the remains of those would perished
3:34 pm
in the fire and also telling us that the district attorney office has act spray add crime fall investigation and they are asking families to provide d.n.a. which could be needed to identify the bodies of the people who did not make it out of that warehouse. lastly, they are telling us the tragedy hit close to home as a sheriff deputy lost a certain in the fire. >> it is so tragic and sad that this is happened especially some asking it about being prevented. november then the city starts an investigation of potential code violations at that building, of material inside, and where artists were illegally live, not zoned for residential living but as a wear husband with no sprinklers, no smoke detectors, and a major issue the mayor said that the building department was not allowed inside the building when they started the investigation so as you said, arthel, certainly a potential
3:35 pm
crime fall investigation with the teams now on the ground and it remains to be seen in in the district attorney will review this as the city tries to get their records together on potentially why these buildings are occupied and have the conditions that are not appropriate for safe and sound living anded isly we have seen this before with the happy land fire in new york that killed 89 people in 1990 on the second floor and one place of egress, one staircase, so if you have young loved ones tell them to be careful and be safe when you go to these events. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
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3:40 pm
and now authorities say that the gunman ronald gasser shot him three times from inside his car. >> i did talk to one of the witnesses that was here at the scene just moms ago who actually shot video of one of my officers administering cpr to mr. mc knight and she claims that there were no racial slurs. >> that was the sheriff and we will bring in the legal panel to break down this case. we have a defense attorney and former prosecutor, and mercedes fox news legal analyst. so, more said why has gasser not been charged? >> obviously, the police in the preliminary search saying we believe the shots were fired from the car.
3:41 pm
the stand your ground is so --. >> stand your ground? >> a it is about the investigation. relatively they say the cases are inside he has been cooperative, it is a preliminary investigation, a last law enforcement are say we are not done. the charges could be coming but the investigation is continuing. >> so, 10 years ago at the same spot, ronald gasser pursued another motorist and punched him during a near identical road rage incident. gasser had three other traffic violations won't that have been grounds to arrest him after he shot and killed joe mcknight in a road rage incident? >> i would say, yes and that is why i am not an advocate for stand your ground because we have history people of shooting whoever they want by getting away it say okay, this person posed a let to me and tried to kill me first. >> you keep bring up stand your ground. here is why.
3:42 pm
they saying, the sheriff, saying that ronald gasser fired three times from inside the vehicle. how can he use stand the ground law as defense or reason for local authorities that tout arrest him? is it stand your ground, to my understanding, shouldn't your life be in danger? >> a it is subjective. the shooter is going to say, wait, i sat with my car and saw mcknight facing me who was not armed coming to my car i honestly reasonably believed my life was in jeopardy. >> but that is subjective. that is the key, orionable." you have to go by what a reasonable person who believe and in there is no proof of him having a weapon how can he justify killing. >> it is so subjective and that is the problem. what is going into gasser's mind at the very moment, it is a
3:43 pm
split second that is why the cases result in non-conviction. >> but a rest record of the same type of road rage. >> 10 years ago, and the courts will not allow that in. the jury will never hear it. >> unfortunately. that is why i don't support the "stand your ground" wallet is used for the wrong reasons. >> we have to step in and do something. we are dealing with the laws. >> the jefferson parish sheriff said ronald gasser appears to have fired three shots in inside the vehicle. reports from witnesses saying that gasser shot and killed mcknight while mr. mcknight was on the ground so should the family try to secure a private medical examiner and in they want to do that how do they do that? >> undoubtedly. luke up -- look up for an
3:44 pm
expert. we did that when my sister was married. all the families of the victim get the independent expert. >> they will look at as the investigation goes on, they are look at eyewitnesses, interviewing more of them, and video from cell phone and surveillance video and how can this end up? >> this point it is preliminary. it could end up in charges, and it could end up being charged and going to trial because he will say i will not lead guilty to murder i did this in self defense. i did it upon "stand your ground" law. it could go the distance >> what is outraging so many people he killed someone and he was able to walk free and he is not chargeed. there is going to have to be action in this case because you cannot just say stand your ground and that is justified. >> the leaders have to step in and change the law. we have to dole with where we are and where the law stands
3:45 pm
now. >> eric? thank you. the remains of fidel castro were laid to rest but the leg air force the hard-line dictator is far from over and not laid to rest the controversy of the cop kills and terrorists and over criminals city president-elect by cuba but the obama administration did not make part of restoring diplomatic relations. our next guest knows all too well about that pain, his father was frank connor, 33, in 1975 when he was killed by a terrorist bombing for having lunch at a tan eastern from a prick crow drift group and joe has been calling for the extradition from cuba of the terrorist and" for years. joe, my sympathies of your law. this h cause. do you think the criminals who fled american justice for cuba, they are still there, still
3:46 pm
protected, like the faln bombmaker who lost his hands, do you think the trump administration has of as of january say we want them back, extradict them back, they are criminals would fled united states justice or we will cut or reduce diplomatic ties? >> trump talks about being the deal maker and we made a deal we are getting inning in return. now it is time for mr. trump to stand up, january 20, my birthday, and announce we are bringing moral. s back and we are going to not for a darn thinged with cuba until we get minimally the run of the fugitives. >> why didn't the obama administration make this part of deal? the state department said there were discussions but...nothing has happened. >> i don't think the administration wanted them back. i don't think they viewed them as anything important and the obama administration can pitch lated to cuba the same way they capitulated to iran. they call it a "deal," but it is
3:47 pm
a capitulation and now that castro is gone, we have a new administration coming to town, it is time to do something and change that. we want our terrorists back. >> now, willie mora l. s, a bombmaker that lost his hands. >> hebrew up himself on what would have been my dad's 37th birthday, he lost nine fingers. he got in a shotout and end up in election and then the united states sent him to cuba where he is a guest. not a welcome back. morales has mooned about the pair diets he wanted to be slave the risk can people and now he can come back county we know the bans are not pleased with him, and if we are getting a terrorist back that are there now willie morales is the top
3:48 pm
give. >> and a man convicted of kill ing a new jersey state trooper fled and right now is on the f.b.i. most wanted list and is down there under their protection? >> and mora almost es has $100,000 bounty and she has $2 million bound difficult and is getting protection from cuba so i will ask donald trump right now, do something, do not allow these people to remain, i will not say free in cuba because it is not free but bring them back. they have been convicted and he has been sentenced to 99 years in prison, and she has been sentenced to life. bring them back. that is what we have to do. if we are fighting a war on terrorists we have to bring back the terrorisms we know of. >> there is the plea, the call, for joe connor on behalf of his father and the other families and victims who have been victimized by the people who sought sanctuary and been protected by fidel castro and
3:49 pm
his brother, may change on january 20. >> we will push it and we not give it up. i guarantee. >> we will stay on this and get back to you. >> i know you will, i appreciate it. >> and a dramatic scene unfolding in italy, where the prime minister is resigning after suffering a major loss in an historic referendum. we will have the detail on the breaking story next. ♪ (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. test test test test... a different approach.
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and this is a fox news alert, prime minister renzi of italy is resigning. after conceding a defeat in a referendum, voters there rejecting reforms in the country's constitution with some seeing the results as the growing power of populist sentiment in europe. amy kellogg is live in milan, italy, with the latest. >> reporter: hi, arthel. the prime minister gave those remarks a very short while ago in rome. he conceded defeat, and he said he would hand in his resignation tomorrow e. said that he has no regrets. but that his experience with this government is over. he thanked the people who voted
3:54 pm
on his side. but now he will be going and it is not clear what sort of a caretaker government is going to be put together to bridge this gap now until there are fresh elections. the reform was really being called the latest crest of a worldwide populous wave. though it is a bit confusing in italy because he was trying to make a change for the better. he was trying to slimline the system, a system at times which is crippled with its own bureaucracy and voting against a leader two and a half years into his term has failed to impress enough people. it was a resounding defeat. exit polls showed it right away and he just conceded that defeat. how this affects the global economy in the near future does remain to be seen but much of the anger channeled into the inability to pull out of the economic slump with debt 135% of
3:55 pm
gdp, youth unemployment at 40% and the economy is roughly the same size it was a decade ago. the rejection of the referendum may haurt the economy even -- hurt the economy even more but one prominent journalist we spoke to a few days ago said he doesn't buy into the gloom and doom forecast in event of no. >> amy, thank you very much for that report there in milan, italy. >> it is important to note it wasn't a move to leave the e.u., like brexit but deal with internal politics. and it is looking like campus, not in the city of brotherly love. but that is not snow you see there falling on the street.
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runners on your mark! ♪music get set! ♪you're rolled out at the dawning of the day♪ (sfx:starter pistol shot) ♪heart racin' as you made your little get away ♪but there's always scars, when you fall back far♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪
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♪one day, you're gonna shine again,♪ ♪you may be knocked down but not out forever♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪and one day.... it is a scene right out of a snow globe in philadelphia. but take a look. that is not snow. it is a foam. a blanket covered a entire city block and it was used as a flame retard about a retardant and came from a possible explosion at a substation and people did lose power from the blast. and firefighters were able to get rid of it by washing it down the sewer system. and the same thing happened last month. that is the san jose airport where the same foam was accidentally released from an
4:00 pm
airport hanger. the foam filled up the street there too and they were finally able to clean it up. >> i'm arthel neville and he's eric shawn and harris faulkner is up next with "the fox report." have a great evening. >> have a great day. fox urgent, firefighter and the mayor are updating us now pretty much on the hour and criminal investigators are on the property of a massive fire in oakland, california. we are now learning more about how many people were trapped when that warehouse began to burn. we now know 33 people have been confirmed dead. but they've only searched about 30% of that building. so that number -- that death toll, is expected to rise. a memorial began growing for the victims. officials are asking family members of those missing to save anything that has dna on it to help identify the remains of their loved ones. senior correspondent adam housley is live with the news in oakland. adam? >>


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