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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  December 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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airport hanger. the foam filled up the street there too and they were finally able to clean it up. >> i'm arthel neville and he's eric shawn and harris faulkner is up next with "the fox report." have a great evening. >> have a great day. fox urgent, firefighter and the mayor are updating us now pretty much on the hour and criminal investigators are on the property of a massive fire in oakland, california. we are now learning more about how many people were trapped when that warehouse began to burn. we now know 33 people have been confirmed dead. but they've only searched about 30% of that building. so that number -- that death toll, is expected to rise. a memorial began growing for the victims. officials are asking family members of those missing to save anything that has dna on it to help identify the remains of their loved ones. senior correspondent adam housley is live with the news in oakland. adam? >> reporter: harris, a tough
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situation here in oakland, the last 36 hours as the recovery effort is on going since then. behind me, you could see the press conference that ended a short time ago. but we could tell you what is going on, we have an idea of what they are doing inside as the lights turn on here as the sun begins to go down. periodically you will see the firefighter jackets hit that light and the reflective part of that really lights up in a very dark and dingy and difficult situation. they've broke unup the build into four quadrants and going through each quadrant bucket by bucket to find what they can, not only evidence but those who perished inside. 33 now. they do believe the number will rise. they have no idea how high it will rise. at one point is he said possibly 40 but now maybe more. there were a couple of campers that have been found inside that were parked in the back and being used as places for someone to stay. they don't know if anybody is inside there. they haven't been able to reach those. but it is a very difficult situation here for everybody
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involved. not only the firefighters but the first responders who were here. also the sheriff's department who has been a part of this process from the beginning and now they've found out that they have lost one of their own. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. and so we're still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. >> reporter: harris, one of the firefighters who walked out here this morning happened to be a chaplain and obviously was broken up with what he had seen inside for about four hours and he said there are kids inside, and the time we didn't understand but by that we know he meant there were teenagers inside of the building, underage boys and girls that were unfortunately inside when this fire happened and died because of this fire, harris. >> you know, adam, that really does jive with what we've been learning for a few hours now and
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in that there may have been many people in the building that were not supposed to be there, that were not expected to be. there and i'm curious to know and you could comment on that, too, but mainly 30% of the building has been searched. what parts of it have not been searched? was there necessarily a concentration of where people have been that they haven't gotten to yet? >> reporter: we're told about 40% have been searched but you might get to an area where you go through faster than others but i was told there were one area in a number of victims as if though found each other in the smoke and fire and couldn't find a way out but they found victims in the entire facility. if you look at the aerials that you see the floors collapsed on top of all of the stuff inside. you could find basically wreckage in larger quantities in certain parts of the building and you could see it from the air, there are motor home and
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camper type situations that very haven't been able to get to because there is stuff on top of it. it is tedious because you don't want to miss any evidence and you have to be respectful when it comes to remains and as the same time as a firefighter you have to be careful with yourself. you don't want to be injured because the build is in no shape. they've had to shore it up to be able to get inside. they can't access it through the front door. they cut a hole in the side to get inside. so as you could tell, it is a very difficult process, physically and mentally and that is what they are going through right now. and because of the fact that you have large, basically, piles of debris in certain areas of the building, that is the part they haven't been able to get to. they don't know what is in there or how many they will find. if you talk to hem off camera, they will say still around 40, but at the same time, you've been to these and oakland and the bay area is known for these type of artist kind of like places. they've been here for 40, 50, 60
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years. that was one of these places. so there are people that you might not have known they were there and the families don't know they are missing and that is why we don't have an exact number. >> philly has them and chicago and kansas city. adam, thank you very much. and now this fox release, a huge development tonight affecting thousands of people working to stop an oil pipeline in north dakota. the army corps of engineers now has hit the pause button on the dakota access pipeline. it has been in the headlines for some time and heating up with protesters clashing with authorities and today thousands of veterans joining the cause to stop the pipeline route. that hour, a victory for them for now. the army corps said it will deny a permit to continue the route of that pipeline. a statement came a short time ago as well from the u.s. interior secretary supporting this decision. it is unclear if this is a temporary move but officials say this ensures that there will be
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an in depth evaluation of other possible routes, an alternative to the one you see on your screen. demonstrators have been protesting at standing rock, that tribal ground for months now, and building the pipeline calls for running under a lake and they say this would threaten their water source and burial ground. more on this story as we larn more. to politics now. and a warning shot to corporate america from president-elect donald trump. the man who campaigned on the promise to defend the american worker said any company that off shores american jobs and takes them out of the country will pay a price. he said cuts in taxes and regulations will spur economic growth, jobs and profits but he warns any companies which outsource those jobs and try to bing back products to sell inside of the united states will get hit with a massive tariff. the threat is not sitting well with many in washington, including some republicans.
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nebraska senator hit social media and tweeted this. president-elect trump means well but won't his 35% tariff idea raise prices on american families. how would not it not be a new 35% tax on families, he asked. we are live outside of trump tower in new york and a bustling area and people on the sidewalks talking politics and economics tonight, brian. >> reporter: good evening, harris. timing here matters when it comes to what you were talking about with trump's tweets given it was just a couple of days ago he could successfully keep a thousand jobs from being shipped to mexico for the carrier deal. and that was a big deal considering he was able to say he was living up to a campaign promise before even being inaugurated. now the thing with that is though that this deal with carrier was bent on getting a $7 million tax break for the company and some wondered if this deal meant mr. trump wasn't
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serious about imposing harsh penalties and whether this is more of the same back-room dealing and this morning he reiterated he would impose a 35% tear of on companies that out source to mexico and tweeting this tax will make leaving financially difficult but the companies are able to move between all 50 states with no tax or tariff being charged. please be forewarned, prior to making a very expensive mistake, the united states is open for business and earlier today on fox and friends, reince priebus, the white house chief of staff, said, look, companies can expect more personal calls from mr. trump. harris. >> interesting. so i understand that mr. trump also called out the rex nor corporation and i did some digging and a little looking at them, they are a multi-platform industrial company and employee a lot of people and what are the people who work there saying? >> reporter: exactly right. well the corporation is based out of milwaukee and they made plans in october that they announced they were going to send some 300 jobs from
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indianapolis to mexico. well trump called them out on twitter on friday and an employ today on fox and friends who had been there for ten years said that the company expected him to train his counterpart who is a mexican. listen. >> there is a provision in there apparently that for us to get our severance package or retirement package or any kind of money, that, yes, the requirement would be that we'll have to train our counterparts to do the exact job we are doing right now. >> how does that make you feel? >> sick to my stomach. >> mr. beeman, when asked if he believed that trump would save his job, he said yes. harris. >> this was a huge issue for then candidate donald trump. and so delivering on this, you see, and that one corporation, people are waiting to see what that delivery system will look like. so let's move from the economy to foreign policy because there is some other news cooking on that. the president-elect sent a
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message to china today, tell us about that, brian. >> reporter: well, of course, this comes after taiwan and the president-elect, they spoke on friday when the taiwan leader called the president-elect in a congratulations call. while china wasn't too pleased about that call and filed a formal complaint on saturday warning the united states to act with care and caution. of course china, when it comes to taiwan, is very hypersensitive tropic and they believe taiwan is a territory of theirs. taiwan believes they are a sovereign nation. so given that context, and given the fact that he's talking about the economy, some wondered if mr. trump and this call meant that he was going to be more aggressive toward china. in a tweet tonight, he said that did china ask us if it was okay to devalue currency and making hard to compete and heavily tax our products an the u.s. doesn't tax them or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea, i don't think so.
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mr. trump, at least implying that one, he's going to be more aggressive, and two, he doesn't need to ask china for permission to do anything. harris. >> that is what he said he would do. we'll continue to cover the news as it happens. good to see you. thank you, outside of trump tower. a judge in michigan is expected to rule on when the recount in that state will begin. interesting timing as the head of the green party candidate jill stein has just changed her tactic in pennsylvania. she has now dropped the case to force a recount there, in state court, and decided to take it to a federal court instead. president-elect donald trump reacted with a tweet. the green party just dropped its recount lawsuit in pennsylvania and is losing votes in it wisconsin recount. just a stein scam to raise money. that is his tweet. jill stein is responding to claims about where millions of dollars raised for the recount are actually going. watch. >> let's be very clear. this money is going strictly into a segregated account which can only be spent on the recount. so this money is entirely will
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be completely used and will be lucky if we can cover the cost -- >> and elizabeth fran has more from washington. so what is jill stein's response to the tweet from donald trump and other critics? >> well from what we hear today and we did see her on twitter. she energized and pushing forward and said there would be no difference if her -- in her efforts if hillary clinton won the presidency. she said there is no coincidence she's urging recounts in michigan and wisconsin, two states with very tight margins. her argument is she's protecting the civil and voting rights of all americans. >> this is about responding to the american voters who are standing up and saying, we deserve an election system that we can trust. and that is accurate and that is secure against hacking and against human error, against machine error, and that in which the votes are being counted. because right now it is not clear that all of the votes are being counted. we deserve that so we could go
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forward with an election system that we can trust. >> and we'll certainly learn more about his efforts at the federal level tomorrow at her planned press conference in front of trump towers. harris. >> i'm sure people have asked her what the end game is. i'm curious to know now. we're talking about pennsylvania, what is the latest with the other states. >> we haven't talked to them in the past 24 hours. in michigan, opposition from the state attorney general and that review could begin this week. right now we are waiting on a federal judge in detroit. he will decide if the recount can begin right away or if election officials have to wait two business days to get started. the ballots must be hand counts and there are more than 4.5 million ballots. election officials in wisconsin have begun recounting and they are facing legal challenges from trump backers so there is a battle on all fronts, but at this point we're hearing the trump team say let's just move on. >> i would say to her, give it
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up. as it seems like you're doing in pennsylvania for a very simple reason. even your friends in the clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will not change any result. the question for jill stein and hillary clinton and those who are still in the grief and anger and denial stages, will you move over to acceptance and let this president-elect and vice president elect get on with the business of government and have a peaceful transfer of power. >> and with all of this, there is a deadline. one law said recounts must be completed within 35 days after an election and that is december 13th. >> it is already the 4th. >> it is going to quickly. >> it is. and later in though hour, thank you, we'll get into with our fox report interview with our guest into really the end game for dr. stein and also what any of this really matters in the big picture. right now, president-elect donald trump is facing a tough decision. who will he choose as secretary of state? we're breaking down some new choices for top diplomat and what they bring to the world
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stage. plus the pentagon set to review its islamic state savages strategy with mr. trump. and he is a harsh critic. and now the chairman of the joint chiefs is responding. this is "the fox report." i'm harris faulkner. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. i have a big meeting when we land, but i'm so stuffed up, i can't rest. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka-seltzer plus night liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms. plus, unstuffs your nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now. who does the president-elect want for the job of secretary of state? well that search is apparently expanding beyond the pool of what was reported to be a final four candidates. here are the four that we've been telling you about. new york city mayor rudy giuliani and governor mitt romney and bob corker and former cia director retired general david petraeus. and there are other names and the decision could come soon. christen fisher has more. >> harris, it is the race for secretary of state is centered around two people, mitt romney and rudy giuliani. but today one of the president-elect's senior advisers kelly anne conway confirmed that mr. trump is expecting a short list for one of the most powerful and
4:19 pm
prominent cabinet positions. >> and it is difficult for any president to fill and i think you've seen the list of four that already existed and we have additional entries and other candidates. >> one possible short list is jon huntsman, the former republican governor of utah who ran for president back in 2012 and the former ambassador to china. a country which is already lodged a formal complaint with the united states over trump's controversial phone call with the president of taiwan. another possibility, david petraeus who is still on probation after pleading guilt to a misdemeanor of mishandling classified information. it is his biggest weakness and he addressed the critics head on this morning. >> and when i've said to them is what i've acknowledged, that five years ago i made a serious mistake and i acknowledged it and i paid a heavy price for it and i've learned from it. >> and other appointments are
4:20 pm
expected to be announced this week including james mattis for secretary of defense or made official since he spilled the beans on the first top of the thank you tour last week and the next stop is north carolina on tuesday. harris. >> he said, well, probably not happy i'm doing this but he could do what he wants. christen, thank you. a private funeral is held for fidel castro, ending nine days of national mourning in cuba. now there are new questions about who will lead the island nation in the coming years. and a man once considered a threat to the united states is set to be released from guantanamo bay. and where he is going. plus the review board and what they are saying about this man. stay with us. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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responsible for employeeing 80% of all cuban workers. fidel castro dead at 90, nine days ago, is a divisive figure even after his death.
4:25 pm
praised by some on the island and internationally as the man who brought literacy and health care to all parts of the island of cuba and been condemned as a one-man dictator who imprisoned or killed any political opponents and also as someone who inspired the cuban missile crisis in 1962. bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. he leaves behind his brother in power, raul castro, 85 years old. raul much more pragmatic than his older brother but also said he will stay in power for two more years and so we could see a shift in the cuban leadership in the near future. and a big question mark, what is the relations going forward with the united states. we've seen a real thaw under the obama administration, the u.s. embassy shuttered for the past 50 years has reopened under the obama administration but already signs of a very different tone from president-elect trump. he took to twitter to write that
4:26 pm
he would, quote, terminate the deal with cuba unless he could make a better deal for the cuban people and for the united states. in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. the chairman of the joint steves of staff said the military will review the strategy for defeating the islamic state. the gem said the military has never been come place ept in the fight against the fight and has made significant progress but there could be flexibility under the new administration. the highest ranking military officer said he met with the trump transition team last week to begin the process. woe not elaborate on any recommendations you might make. we'll tell you what comes of this. a man arrested with other suspected al qaeda military in pakistan, suspects, i should say, is about to go free from guantanamo bay. the review board has determined he no longer poses a significant
4:27 pm
threat to national security so so he will be traps ferred to the africa island of cape verde for what they call resettlement. president obama campaigned on the promise to close gitmo, he has not done that. the latest transfer comes as the administration works to shut down the facility by the end of the president's term. there are 59 detainees still there. the way people are reacting, you would think it was a major foreign policy blunder. a phone call between the president-elect and the president of taiwan. why all of the backlash. and the president-elect making waves on the job front. we've been talking about it this hour. he's threatened to punish any company that outsources american jobs. how he can actually get that done, as we take a closer look inside of the fox report. nothing says "treat yourself" like red lobster's holiday seafood celebration. so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail.
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or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. president-elect donald trump has been speaking with many world leaders since winning the election. but one call in particular is sparking controversy here and half way around the globe. it began with a call from taiwan's president congratulating mr. trump on his win. the call only lasted a few minutes. the backlash though from china was swift. and it is ongoing. china considered taiwan part of its territory. even inside of washington some are saying any public support of taiwan, which is i stable democracy, is a bad idea. that drew this reaction from former state department on v.a. christian whiten.
4:32 pm
quote, if a little courtesy to a democratic friend could threaten peace in the pacific, then we need to re-evaluate our defense and come um with somebody better and he joins us now in a fox report interview. good to see you. thanks for being here. so you feel strongly about this. and can i ask you, christian, why is there a big deal about a phone call. mr. trump is going to take a lot of calls? >> right. no, the problem is that a lot of the china policy is predicated on a complete lie. this lie that taiwan is a part of china, that the president of taiwan sent isn't the -- isn't the president and that trade will improve the behavior of china when we know the opposite. in the last decade china has gotten worse toward the only people and has jobbed us blind and stealing jobs and intellectual property left and right from the united states. >> so this woman, who is a president, i want to point out, just because we can, she was
4:33 pm
elected, right? >> that is right. >> so she is the sitting leader of another country. >> right. exactly. and the first woman elected in asia that is not related or marries or daughter of a previous president. a water shed for taiwan. also the third time taiwan has had a change in parties in peaceful democrat. >> elections and proof that ethnic chinese are qualified for democracy so this is kind of a big deal. >> can i -- i always still want to ask this and maybe it is not on par, but it did pop into my head as i was reading what you wrote. and i look back before the iran deal that president obama did that still has side qualities to it that we don't know really what it says but we are starting to learn, before the deal didn't he and the leaders of iran exchange letters back and forth that the american people did not know about. is that commensurate in any way with just taking calls before your exactly in office?
4:34 pm
>> well, that is exactly right. the president has negotiated directly with very significant thugs in his top aides have reached out to norcans to cubans to, to venezuela and he gave a handshake to hugo chavez, so that is okay but taking a courtesy call that emerged from this democratically elected ally caused conniptions through our establishment. >> and you work inside of the state department and as mr. trump looks at what might not be a for-candidate situation and the list for secretary of state could even be bigger and we're putting the pictures up on the screen now, christian. how important is it as we lead into january 20th inauguration day that he name somebody and even though that person may not make it through the whole process, we don't know, does it give better direction when he takes these sort of calls from other leaders? >> i think so. because even though it is mostly pleasantries in the meeting and
4:35 pm
they are not deep discussions of policies, it really frames up what the situation is, what the personalities are. it was a different phone call between the president of tion and the president of china, when you look forward of how you will relate to the world and that in turn informs who you want to be secretary of state and what kind of relationship you want with that person. >> so as you look at the situation, what would you tell the american people because they are hearing from critics that mr. trump has done something wrong by taking this phone call. i don't think that you want to be necessarily in the position not to take the call. >> right. now what he's done is absolutely the right thing to do. it is consistent with american morals and smart negotiating to signal the china from the beginning that we're not going to kowtow any more. the one china policy which he did not reverse but the people who were saying it is threatened. that is something that dates from 40-plus years ago when it made sense, to peel china away from the soviet union and give the soviets something to worry about. fast forward 40 or 50 years and that is no longer the case.
4:36 pm
so when it comes to the choice for secretary of state, it is a very important four to eight years ahead, the next secretary will probably be more consequential than any since under ike in the 50s and it is port that mr. trump have time to get comfortable for that and we'll hear who the nominee is probably within a week or so. >> and last question. and china was talked about a lot on the campaign trail and where do we stand with them right now and what -- can they do if we decide to take a phone call from taiwan? >> right. this is the other fable of china policy that they are in a position to do us immense harm immediately. china needs the united states a whole lot more than we need them. that doesn't mean we should cause problems unnecessarily, but if we cease to import goods from china it would cause pain for u.s. consumers and elevated prices and decimate the china economy if they could not export goods here. and they do hold a lot of u.s. debt, a twillon or two and that
4:37 pm
is just 20% and to dump it they would shoot themselves in the foot and elevate borrowing costs for us a little bit. so i think what donald trump has done is begun to recognize we are in a much stronger position than we realize and it is great that he is not listening to the collection of palace unices in the foreign policy establishment. >> i gave your quote earlier and real quickly, do we risk anything by this. >> there is risk involved in anything but this is risk we're talking about things are not going well as it is with china. they continue to get more belligerent toward their own people and toward their neighbors and toward us. they want to push us out of the western pacific. so things are not going well and it is time to reevaluate. and anything involves risk. but these are smart, calculated moves that he's taking and been very deliberate with this process as he has with the cabinet selection so very impressed with what is going on. >> you've been part of the leadership in the past in the state department. we appreciate your expertise in the fox report interview tonight and also having me ask you about
4:38 pm
your quote today on the subject. thank you. good to see you. president-elect donald trump campaigned on a plan he said would make america for competitive, great economically, but his promise comes with a warning for any company that dares to replace american workers with cheap labor overseas. coming up, ed rollins, he used to be with the ronald reagan administration during the great jobs recovery of the 1980s. and the talk of terrorists back then. we'll get his take on what is happening with donald trump right now. stay close. >> i just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things for business. there is no reason for them to leave any more.
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4:43 pm
a new factory and plants in another country and thinks they will sell the product back in the united states without retribution or consequence is wrong, exclamation point, theresy tax on our -- there is a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35%. how does that happen? it turns out he needs congressional approval to target a specific company. but the president does have the authority to impose tariffs on specific categories of goods. like steel or cars. economic critics of the idea say taxes like this would lead to higher prices for the people who buy the products. joining me now is a man with unique insight into all of this. ed rollins is is the former campaign manager for president ronald reagan in 1984 and the chief strategist for the great american pac, a protrump superpac and no doubt you have talked money with him and i'm curious on your take on the tariffs. >> i think the important part of the premise of bringing back jobs to america, he will create a tax environment here and a
4:44 pm
lower business tax that will help the businesses and we need jobs here. we don't need jobs overseas. we need jobs here. and i think a lot of the companies in the past decade or two have moved abroad, not to get better products but for cheaper labor or to get around environmental things and he should get them to stay here. >> and do you see any backlash. >> and there is always, if do you that to us, we could do that to you. >> what could they do? >> raise prices or a variety of things. at the end of the day if you want to create jobs for americans, that is what this election was about, this is why people are unhappy and concerned, they just can't find the work they need and the kind of jobs that they want. my sense is he has to have a comprehensive package, he said he will do this. i think the great thing about this thing last week, the carrier, is this was a deal that was on the table. indiana put the same deal on the table for the last year and he went to the chairman -- of -- and basically said you do other
4:45 pm
business here way beyond the carrier, you want a friend in the white house, a friend in the defense partner, you -- don't do that. >> and so is donald trump in a unique position? i'm sure any other president could have called the chairman. but he kind of knows these people? am i wrong about that. >> he knows a lot of them. and job -- an the history of this country is a effective tool. you go back to truman and the past and if you want a real agent of change, which is what he is going to be, then you have to step up to the plate. >> so i have to think that someone on his team is also looking at history. under the george w. bush administration, 2002, we saw a situation where the steel industry had tariffs put on it and their response was, this is costing us, we're going to, a., cut jobs and, b., raise prices and that caused a critical point in this country. and how do you avoid that from happening again. >> you have to have some planning and think what are you going to raise the tariffs on.
4:46 pm
obviously it will take some congressional work. i don't think he will do it by himself. >> what do you think -- i've heard him talk about cars. and when he talked about the inner cities, in michigan in particular, i'm going to bring back jobs, people perked up. there were people of color who he said would vote for him and he was right about that and in some areas of this country where they want jobs, green over the color -- >> they need jobs. a perfect example was the san francisco bay bridge and the carquinez bridge, two -- i grew up near oakland where they imported the bridges themselves from china. paid for by the state of california by taxpayers and obviously jobs could -- in china that could have been built here. and so i think you have to think out of the box and how do we get people back to work here and i think to a certain extent that is what he is about. he'll have some businessmen and his administration and some very smart people and i think we have -- pleased and surprised at some of the people he's picked but they are very capable people. >> so i listen carefully. so you have to choose carefully
4:47 pm
the categories which he would go after. >> you need a strategy. and i don't think -- he has the strategy totally defined. >> what would you put on the list. >> i think, again, as he said, if someone is deliberately moving to operate in mexico or what have you, carrier and others have to basically save labor costs and turn around and drive it back across the line to sell at the normal price, then you just don't let that happen. you warn them in advance, they want to do that, then they are going to pay a price for it. >> he would need congressional approval but he's gone bicammeral party alignment with republicans ahead of the senate and the house and so does that help him. >> sure. if he could make his case to the congress, i think they would be willing to give him what he needed. >> some republicans not liking this, though. >> some don't because some believe there is -- total free market. i think free market is what we all want to achieve long-term, but at the end of the day, right now you need to create jobs. he will be measured of if he can get jobs back going here and the
4:48 pm
big manufacturing companies that moved to europe and mexico and other parts of the world are not automatically going to move back here so he has to use the whip wherever he can to get jobs created. >> fox report interview, ed rollins, good to have you here. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> some of president obama as action in office could soon be on the chopping block. legacy under pressure. stay close. my name is pam. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. let's just get a sandwich or something.
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this breaking news now, a big shake-up in europe. the italian premiere has resigned after italy voted down constitutional reforms. he backed the reforms and arguing they would cut bureaucracy and make it more competitive and opponents tapped into a populist sentiment gaining steam in the united states as we saw with our nation
4:52 pm
voting for an outsider politically and in europe like the british exit for the european union or brexit, so-called. the premier told reporters, good luck to us all, end quote. president obama has joined the kennedy center honors one final time. the annual awards given out to performers who influenced american culture throughout the arts and among the hon yooreesa pachino and the rock and roll band the eagles. >> and done henley, the song writer with an unmistakable voice and timothy schmidt, the base player and top line of of those harmonys and joe walsh, who is as rowdy with a guitar as island told he once was in a hotel room. twice. [ laughter ] this is the white house, though.
4:53 pm
>> and michelle and i are about to leave. as i've said before, we want to get our security deposit back. that was just from a short time ago. >> and mean while president obama is working on his legacy, macing a last -- making a last push to lock done several regulations before leaving office. here is james rosen. >> president-elect trump said the biggest surprise in his experience as a politician thus far is his discovery that business leaders are more apt to cite regulation rather than taxes as the biggest drag on growth. >> since about six years ago, 260 new federal regulations have passed, 53 of which affect this -- 53 new regulations, massively expensive and probably none of them amount to anything in terms of safety or the things that you would have regulations for. >> in fact, the executive branch is on pace to enact more than
4:54 pm
3700 rules and regulations this year, a new record with the federal registrar on page to exceed 87,000 pages. also a record. the white house said president obama's directive to review red tape issued in 2011 has purged more than 70 notable regulatory provisions and saved americans $37 billion. >> the regulatory work that is being done in this administration is not going to be characterized by a last-minute rush on the way out the door. i think what it will be characterized by is a continuous and persistent effort to complete the work that has already been started. >> items currently in the pipeline range from community college debt forgiveness to the number of engineers required on freight trains. mr. trump has vowed to carry a war of attrition to the regulatory beast. >> i will formulate a rule which says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. so important. >> but the white house voiced
4:55 pm
skeptici skepticism, that is the kind of thing that sounds pretty good on the campaign trail but may be more complicated when you implement it. >> and on inauguration day, congress could reject rules and regulations enacted since mid-june, but many obama regulations from before then could be nullified through executive action, nonenforcement and other means. >> you know the representations will be rolled back that are coming back from obama care and that will be the case with financial regulation, trump is definitely going after epa regulations and other rules that have come out over the past year from energy departments, all of that stuff could be frozen. >> a study released this week by the american action forum which also favors deregulation found that recent epa rules on heavy trucks pushed the total regulatory price tag over the next ten years over the $1 trillion mark and an accounting that will require every man and woman and child in our regulation nation to cough up $3,080 a piece to satisfy it. in washington, james rosen, fox news. when we come back, a mighty
4:56 pm
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a word now of enormous gratitude from meond on behalf my entire family. as you know i have been absent from fox news for a while. i headed home to dallas texas an fox report two weeks ago and my mom passed away hours after our plane landed. that's me in her arms. that is her passport picture from 1970s. she took me with her everywhere, including that picture. it had only been seven weeks since doctors told us she had a year to leave from four stage lung cancer just a few weeks ago. the lord had another plan, not based on what doctors thought they could do but maybe what she can do in heaven. like love us and watch over us with her incredible giving spirit. it is going to be great to have somebody on our side up there. thank you to our fox news viewers and to my friends and colleagues here at fox. my mom loved watching fox report
5:00 pm
on sunday nights. and she loved week days watching" out numbered. i'll see you there for that tomorrow at noon eastern. objectified hosted by harvey levin is next. who they are. this is "objectified: donald trump." this is gonna be great. i'm harvey levin. you're about to see donald trump like you've never seen him before--in his home, talking about his life, the high points and the low. told through treasured objects he's chosen to keep. i sat down with trump a month and a half ago in his penthouse high above fifth avenue in trump tower. [crowd chanting "usa, usa"] we want you to see the next president of the united states-- the father, the aspiring movie producer, the sports fanatic, the man who still grieves over his brother's death, and the future politician. oprah winfrey: this sounds like political presidential talk. levin: who was secretly egged on


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