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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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everybody. have a great day. president-elect donald trump kicking off the week with another cabinet pick announcing formal rival dr. ben carson as his choice for secretary of housing and urban development. here is a look at mr. trump's cabinet so far. the president-elect now expanded the search for the next secretary of state. expanded it. we're also awaiting appointments for secretaries of homeland security. labor, agriculture, interior just to name a few. peter, any big surprises on mr. trump's agenda today? there is always a big surprise on his agenda. >> there was a big surprise when al gore went into the lobby. we were told initially he would go talk to ivanka trump, the
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president-elect's daughter about climate issues, but we found out when he was on his way up that he did see the president-elect. he said he has an extremely interesting conversation that would be continued and he wanted to leave it at that. there was another politician here that we did not expect to see which is senator rob portman who recently won reelection in ohio by campaigning independent of his party's nominee, donald trump, who is here not to talk about a job but just meet with the transition staff. another pair of congressmen are here, that is kevin kramer, and nick novani. and tomorrow the ceo of exxon mobile will be here. his name surfaced as kellyanne conway say there are new people being added to the list to be the nation's top diplomat.
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a lot of people are saying i have a lucrative job, but i would do the job if the president-elect asked me. >> now everyone wants on board, i love it. how much money is new york city mayor bill deblasio trying to get from the feds for all of the extra security around trump tower. >> mayor deblasio thinks he needs half a million dollars a day from election day to the inauguration to cover extra nypd manpower and equipment. also all of the high profile visitors. the secret service does all of the planning for the president-elect. but the nypd had a very visible present here as well. mayor deblasio is sending a letter to barack obama asking him for reimbursement. but to word on whether or not
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they will write a check. >> that is surprising, deblasio wanting more money. back to the selection of secretary of state. high profile names on the list, growing candidates including rudy giuliani, david petraeus, and mitt romney. joining us for more on this is our former white house secretary under george w. bush. you know you were spotted going through the goden doors today as well. they probably have a different entrance if you don't want spotted, what were you doing there? i went to meet with jason miller and reince priebus, and give them thoughts and ideas. i want them to be successful. >> how to set up the office of the press secretary. what relations with the media is like. >> you mentioned a big one.
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relations with the media. he is taking a whole new approach to that. what did you say about that specifically. >> most importantly that the staff reflects the boss. and there is a way you can do both. so i talked to jason and his team about that. >> i mean, if his approach to the media -- it seems like it is a little -- you know go to hell, i don't know if i can say that in the middle of the afternoon, how do you soften that? >> the press's job is to cover the president, not to get along with the president. and the president's job is not to get along with the country. these things happen, they figure it out. we're in a new age, too. there's all kinds of social media, dotcoms and others out there. they can contribute to the good and fair coverage of the president. >> absolutely. let me get you back to secretary of state. what's your impression of the process so far.
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it feels big and broad and now they're adding names. >> i'm very interested in the secretary of state position. it saying something about how the president makes decisions. s he is crisp and sharp. and he doesn't hurry if he is not satisfied with who the nominees are. i think that is a good decision making habit. if he has the right list, act. if he doesn't, find right person before you act. >> for this administration, it will be critical, very important. general petraeus is on with george stephanopoulos. >> i don't vote, nor did i support him or oppose him. i truly tried to be a-political, nonpolitical. >> to me that makes sense if you're a military leader, but if you're secretary of state, the
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fact in a you didn't engage in the process ever, you didn't care? >> i don't they is a p prequalifi prequalifier. >> look, romney has done worse things to trump than say he didn't vote. i think what you're finding now is the balance sheets haves lot of different pros and cons. >> any job they can talk you into? >> no no no, i spent 21 years in washington and when it's time to be done it's time to be done. >> let me ask you about rex before you go. exxon mobile, they're in so many countries around the world. you to go negotiate deals. on the other size, you're a business leader and that is an
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interesting crossover that trump is really interested in. >> i like the mix. i like the mix of people established and have been in government and outsiders too. and that is what donald trump won on. changing washington, doing things differently. i hope he doesn't fall for too much of the old, he is a establishment republican, i want a nice new mix of people that will serve him well. president obama offering condolences to the people in oakland today after a deadly fire. a deadly warehouse fire killed nearly 40 people. they expect the death toll to grow. i don't know how many more people are left in there. we have no idea. we have no idea how many were in that building that night, we don't even now how many got out.
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i would be speculating. we're expecting the worst and hoping for the best. adam is joining us live from the scene of the fire in oakland. adam, we learned that recovery efforts have been halted, when will they resume? >> they say about noon local time. we see lights and people inside. we don't know if officially they started yet. they'll likely tell us at a press conference coming up sh s shortly. giving you a look from above, one of the reasons they stopped, this happened before the press conference, they broke the building up in into quadrants. the area where it burned the hottest, where they saw basically a lot more damage, i mean the whole place is
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destroyed, but you see how the fire burns the hottest there. that's why they slowed up brought in teams to get evidence there. it is still a very dangerous situation for firefighters. >> firefighters working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing exterior wall is extremely dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point and we will not put the alameda county sheriff in that precarious situation with us. >> they bring the teams in, but they had to snauf that it was completely secure for firefighters to continue to take that debris out. >> show this place allowed to exist? >> a couple things to keep in mind, this is an area i know very well. around the area, a lot of
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generations here, it's not odd to see it, but it's not odd that the city knew about it and the dangerous situation and did not shut it down. that's the question that remains. why didn't the city -- they had an ongoing information, why didn't they just shut it down and work from there. we learned about it as it moved forward, and they said everybody including the buildings owner will look at it very facarefull. they need to be held responsible. it is very heartbreaking. but they want to make sure they do it right. >> speaker of the house paul ryan. with president-elect, revealing
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some of the top priorities in the up coming administration and how they plan to accomplish them. and the federal government halted construction on the dakota pipeline. it is a big victory, but the pipeline is nearly finished. so what happens now? >>. >> this is the best news i have heard forever. watt sere so precious, for all of the people.
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know who their governor is. path mccrory conceded today to rory cooper. it is the first time a north carolina sitting governor lost a reelection bid. wow. speaker of the house paul ryan opening up on "60 minutes" about what is on the agenda in the new administration. this grab shows wages have been flat since 2011. speaker ryan says the key to turning that around is less regulation. >> smarter regulation can help us grow jobs in this country. we want good stewardship and conservation of the environment and real economic growth. we are learning along. wages are flat, jobs are not being created nearly to the extend they can and should be.
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so we think it is very, very important and that is something we will work on from day one. >> the fox news digital politics editor and editor of "the halftime report" which i read religiously. when paul ryan was talking about that, that is where these two people really connect and click. you had president obama and hillary clinton saying things are great, look at what we have done, turning things around since the great recession that was left to you by the bad guys on wall street and the rest of the country saying it duntt feel to great out here, and that message is where paul ryan and donald trump connect, right? >> you're zeroing in on the fact that it is real wage growth that matters. stock market up, stock market down, who cares. it doesn't matter -- now the unemployment rate, given how
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many people left the workforce, math matters little. and the kwle be whether or not their wages go up, whether or not they increase, and whether or not they have money left over for things like christmas presents and vacation. they are in an agreement basically on that and how they do it they might have slight differences, but on the regulatory front, ryan gets a free shot. >> he talked about regulation, and he talked about a tax code that online has three bracts. getting the wheels of it going. donald trump was able to capture the hearts of americans in middle america as he said who feel like no one has been listening to them for so long, when they say things are not so good. in many ways, it seems like maybe they could finally get
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some things done, do you anticipate real action? >> absolutely, but you to prioriti prioritize. ronald reagan came with three bullets, he got two of them done. you only have so many things, there are only so many things you can absorb. so you have to chook carefullse. obama care they say is number one. that includes a massive increase in border security that he owes his supporters. he owes them aggressive attention on border security. >> absolutely and you're right, that is one to watch. scott pelley kept pushing him, you said so many harsh things together, how can you work
11:19 am
together again, the crazy tweets, the bizarre things, how can you -- >> did we improve people's lives, did we solve the problems the american people need solved? did we address the concerns of people who are tired of being tired. who cares what he tweeted on a thursday night if we can fix the country's big problems. >> who cares what he tweeted on thursday night if we actually fix the american people's problems. >> one of the great things about moving beyond a campaign, it is about winning an election. a million thing it's a go into one goal, being president is about hundreds of objectives we're trying to achieve. the nice thing for us as a country and journalist, it is moving out of "is it working" to
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kwtt is it achieving the desirable outcomes." it is good to get back to reality and back into objective space. >> you're the man, thank you. a new twist in the push for election recounts. greene party nominee jill stein says she will not stop fighting to make sure americans know the presidential race was compromised. and there is this. [ drumming ] a victory for pipeline protestors, at least for now. the decision that is affecting construction of the dakota access pipeline.
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the army corps of engineers handing a huge victory to the standing souix tribe and protestors. they denied a permit for construction. live in north dakota, are people there celebrating? >> they are, it doesn't look like it, but about 8,000 people have headed north on this road right here. more people are continuing to come. they're continuing to come because temporarily, at least, they have won. the decision to postpone or to
11:25 am
basically reroute that pipeline, is a victory for them. it has been almost nine months in the making. you go back to the summer when they started protesting this to where we are today, and the fact that it is being rerouted by the corps of engineers and now they will have a fuel review of the permit they already approved is a big victory. so they're going to a bridge that goes over the river. on the other side is where the police are and beyond that is the pipeline itself. >> the pipeline is not actually on their land, right? >> right, so, i'm not even on indian land, i'm on federal land, that is a flood plane for the river that you can't see but it is just beyond this campsight. so it separates the souix
11:26 am
reservation and the private line where the pipeline is built. the souix say they never gave this land to the federal government in 1951. the sioux were told that it was their land, they never took money for it, and they're saying it is private land, but it is part of the private reservation. the fear is that the pipeline goes to the missouri river and it will pollute their water supply. so you have not just the standing river sioux, you have environmental activists, professional activists, gathered here to protest this. right now they're celebrating but that could be short lived when the president comes into office and he says she for the
11:27 am
pipeline. >> it sounds like you're freezing, get back inside, we love you and appreciate your report, thank you. what a guy. all right. providing security for the next president of the united states. it isn't easy and it certainly isn't cheap, just how much new york city says it's costing. plus the plekt taking heat for a phone call with the president of taiwan. why is it such a big deal and was it in the works for awhile? president-elect trump is well aware of the one elect country policy. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx,
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a massive global hot spot awaits donald trump and his administration. the u.s. must also deal with russian meddling in europe and syria. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. let's start with russia. what are the latest moves that moscow is making? >> fox news learned that in the past few weeks russia has deployed missiles to western crimea. it follows another provocative
11:32 am
development of short-range missiles being delivered. during a visit last week, fox news spoke to the captain of the aircraft carrier about the looming threats they face as they deploy to the middle east. >> it's vital we understand that russia's capability as been reinvigorated, and they have certain interests that are divergent from us. we need to understand their capable and understand strategically what they intend to do. >> in an apparent ftit for tat last weekt, they approved sale of ground missiles to of polish military. also we learned that president-elect's phone call
11:33 am
with the president of taiwan, caused china to take an unprecedented step. >> it occurred on november 26th, on november 26th, china sent a pair of h 6 nuclear capable bombers to circle taiwan for the first time. fox news also learned that japan scrambled eight fighter jets to intercept the chinese bombers and two surveillance plans. it was the first time china has attempted to fly around taiwan with bombers. speaking of relations with china, lodging a formal complaint after president-elect spoke to the president of taiwan. china considers them a break away profess.
11:34 am
in 1996, china held a series of war games firing missiles near taiwan to try and influence the election that. that caused president clinton to send two carrier battle groups through the taiwan strait. for three years beginning in 2010, chinese spied hacked into computers at the fdic. joining me now linda tran, a former communications director for tim kaine. mercedes, i will start with you. what do you make of the back and forth? >> first of all i have to say i think the foreign policy
11:35 am
establishment needs to calm down. i think we have to understand this is a congratulatory call. i think they're sending a message that we're not being bullied by the chinese. we're in a different world order right now and i think donald trump is definitely asserting his strength. knowing that what we have seen under president obama has been a sense of weakness. >> it was more than a random call. after he won the election, he completed a list of foreign leaders they want today arrange calls with. the taiwanese president was on that list. the countries have not spoken since 1979. listen to what kellyanne said.
11:36 am
>> he received the phone call. he do president obama did billions of dollars of business with them, and he just took a phone call. that was the 48th or 50th call or meeting that he has received from a world leader. >> if there was a list, i don't know, it's not just a call, maybe he is saying there is a new sheriff in town. >> i think it is not about the call. it's about what the call may or may not signal about the u.s. approach to how they deal with beijing and taiwan. the reason there has been 37 years of protocol against doing what he did is because there is a very delicate balance in china. they have interest in mainland china and also a fellow
11:37 am
democracy in taiwan. and the thing that china, taiwan, and the united states are concerned about is not escalating to a situation where there could be war there. one of the big conflicts has been about if taiwan was to declare their independence, china would consider that to be an act of war. >> trump is saying we're supposed to be tiptoeing around the idea of a delicate balance, on the other side, china is out there building a huge military complex right out there in the wa water that is not necessarily theirs. >> most of the people in taiwan believe their being bullied by china. now that we have a new president coming into office to reexamine the relationship between the u.s. and taiwan. obviously the u.s. did not support china one's policy.
11:38 am
saying that taiwan is part of china. they don't actively support it, but they acknowledge the presence of that policy being in place. i think that trump is trying to send a signal to china saying i know you want to exert your power and influence and dominance in asia, but we have to be in discussion and talking and not only just back away from not being able to just reach out to the taiwanese government. >> how did he respond to "guess what, there is a new sheriff in town, friends?" i think stability and predictability are the name of the game. you want your allies to know where you stand if. >> we know where he stands on stability and predict ability. jill stein is taking her
11:39 am
push for a recount in pennsylvania to a federal court in is in an effort to retally votes. signs said voters need to know whether or not the election was compromise. rick, tell us the rest of the story. >> melissa, this morning the news conference was also billed as a rally. authorities have scheduled a recount in michigan starting at moon today. and in wisconsin, the recount began with little change reported and results so far. dr. stein collected less than 1% of the vote nationwide, but says
11:40 am
the recount is not about her. >> we're here to assure trump there is nothing to be afraid of if you believe in democracy, if you believe in the credibility of your victory put down your arms and your bureaucratic obstruction, and your intimidation. >> dr. stein says the outcome may not change -- >> the green party filed a lawsuit in federal court this morning after abandoning efforts when a judge in state court ordered the party to pose a $1 million bond. they said they could not afford it even though they have nearly $7 million for the recount. so they filed saying the touch screen machines were hacked and
11:41 am
it was easier to manipulate than an iphone. >> when you take a flash drive from one computer and put it in another, you can spread a virus. >> the republican party says the claims are without merritt, and donald trump said it was scam to raise money. jury deliberations back under way in the trial of a former south carolina police officer that was accused of shooting and killing a fleeing suspect. an on the nose landing is usually a good thing, but this one had passengers shaken up. >> the aircraft has come to can complete top. you will hear the command remain
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>> i'm shepherd smith. i have more on president-elect and his surprise meeting with al gore. we'll also talk with him about why he says the president-elect needs to toughen up when it comes to using twitter. that's at the top of the hour, shepherd smith reporting. we'll see you then. federal judges allowing the man accused in the charleston church shooting to hire back his lawyers. he requested to represent himself, but then he asked for her mission to bring them back. she charged with the shooting death of nine black parishioners. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty if he is
11:46 am
convicted. jury deliberations right now back under way. a former south carolina patrolman accused with the shooting death of walter scott. the jury appeared to be deadlocked and on the verge of a mistrial but decided to keep on talking. a fox news legal analyst, what is going on right now? >> as of this morning, they said we're not going to hear back from the jury until as early as 2:00 this afternoon. we have not heard from the jury by 2:00 now. >> what he said on friday was really striking to me. so the foreman wrote a note saying it was just one jury. then they said the juror needs to leave, he is having issues.
11:47 am
is that normal? can they have a juror leave? does a foreman normally write something like that. >> they can't really kick out a juror. it would have to be for misconduct, and then only the judge can decide. you can't just pause you're not liking that particular juror or what they have to say, you can't just kick them out. so what the judge did on friday is issue an allen charge. it says we have been trying very hard. go back and try harder again. take the weekend off. and cool down, and work harder to come to a verdict on that. it sounds like it puts pressure on the jurors, and it does, but it's not unusual. sometimes two, three, or four
11:48 am
allen charges before they gave up. >> do we have any idea which way it is going? >> i think we know it is 11 for conviction and one for not convictico -- nonconviction and they're saying i can't say it should be a conviction. >> what do you make of the evidence so far, does it make sense? >> the evidence is strong for conviction, i do also say that people can't speak, you have a dead person there to speak about what happened. i would say it is a more in the head of the officer and you have to prove what was going on in his head. but you have very strong in evidence that videotape where the officer left the taser right there with the body. >> let's refresh the viewers if they forgot, this was a traffic
11:49 am
stop, and the driver got out, he ran, he pursued him with a taser, and he ran again and he shot him, right? and he said later he had taken his taser and that was not the case. >> right, in the videotape that the jury saw, the officer goes back to get an item that is a taser and drops it by the dead body. thus setting up a defense of "well he grabbed my taser" which is not true if you look at the video tape. but it make -- you were in that moment thinking ahead to "i'm in trouble here, i need to set up a self defense defense" you see what i'm saying? >> absolutely. >> thank you for that, we'll keep an eye on that case.
11:50 am
in the meantime -- we have a update now on that fire in oakland, let's listen. >> now we have a team of neighborhood service coordinators, red cross, and our chaplains that will go door to door, check on our residents if is absolutely imperative that we take care of our community in this power outage. we will make face to face and contact our residents to ensure they're all right. do they have any needs? do they have any resources we can provide them? additional our economic development improvement team will go through and contact the businesses. we understand with duration, other equipment being used. having said that we will try to assemble all of our teams, all of our services, all of our resources to try to minimize the impact this will cause.
11:51 am
we're also waiting for the pg&e spokesperson to come. how large of an area will this affect? i don't have that answer. right now we're looking to the immediate area for the pg&e work. around 9:00 a.m. this morning, the work did resume. the work did resume at the building, so the oakland fire department, and the alameda county sheriff's office have resumed their work. we will provide an additional update later this afternoon. right now we really want to push the message out to our community that will be affected by this
11:52 am
planned power outage. they will be using the calling system to alert the customers in this area. >> that is a very good question. they're bringing a crane in to help asseist with some of the structure. does someone have anything specific to exactly what we're talking about this morning? the need to cut off the power is because the crane has to come in and loet indication -- if you look behind me, there is roug telephone poles and wires. if anything should swing or move, we don't want anything to touch those power lines. the movement and placement of that crane are stig ituated.
11:53 am
we're doing the planned power outage. it is up to 12 hours today. that could change, but we'll certainly keep you updated. >> the immediate area will be affected, 50 to 500 pg&e customers will be affected. >> that is correct, the search resumed this morning. work does continue in the building. >> did they stabilize that wall they were working on earlier today? >> yes, they were able to go back in, they have been able to shore up and stabilize to the point they thought it was safe to go back in. our second challenge is the crane, the position of the crane, and the power line.
11:54 am
>> that is correct, yes, ma'am. >> i think we can have the experts who have been inside and managing a tremendous -- i prefer to about the power that is going to affect this immediate area, pretty much as we're speaking right now. >> can you say anything about the -- [inaudible question] >> we'll go into the conversations later but rite now we're very much focused on pg&e and the situation that is going to affect this area. [inaudible question]
11:55 am
>> i will share with you that the search did resume. they continue to be very careful, very tedious, very mindful of this scene, is being managed with a lot of care and a lot of thought. so, yes to your question. i really want to stay away from the fire department. i want to stay away from they sheriff's office. don't walk to speak in their lane. want to stay focused on what is happening right now with the power. thank you, sir. [inaudible question] >> the crane is going to be used for some other work that needs to be done. again, work crews would not go in unless the building was stabilized, so this is specific to the work that needs to be done, and win we brief later we'll certainly let the experts
11:56 am
in those fields managing the questions. we'll take a look at approximately 2:00, but we'll certainly notify you if there's going to be change in that time. thank you very much. >> okay. that was the press conference there in oakland, california, where they were updating us what is going on in the here risk fire that happened in the abandoned warehouse, saying they're going door-to-door to check in on people and that there's a temporary intentional power oatage. they're bringing a crane in and were explaining the logistics how they search for more people in their but at the same time are able to go on with the investigation and try to figure out what happened and get some answers for the rest of the families. no additional victims were discovered at this time but as you can see, search and rescue is still on the scene. they are still looking where they can. that's an aerial shot into the
11:57 am
top of the factory there where we can see all the destruction that happened just, an incredible scene. here's shep.
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>> noon on the west coast and the trump transition team is making movers, nominating a former rival, ben carson to run the housing department and new names in the mix for the secretary of state job. plus, how trump is defending his call with the leader of tie wind after china's big complaint. why both he and ivanka had a sit can down with al gore and how the soon to be leader of the free world can't stop tweeting. first this monday afternoon, another surprise in a long list of surprises coming out of trump tower. this president-elect met with the former vice president, al gore today, o


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