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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> are those new glasses? >> they are. you like them? th >> "special report" coming up right now. the expanded hunt for the country's next top diplomat. the foreign policy establishment uproar over a phone call heard around the world. and the president-elect's defense of his use of 140 characters or less to make a point. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump is not waiting until he hires his secretary of state to start shaking things up on the foreign policy scene. as the list of candidates for the top diplomatic job grows, the president-elect is aggravating the leaders of the world's most populous nation, a
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nation he criticized during the campaign and continued to do so on twitter over the weekend. peter doocy is outside trump tower with the latest from the next leader of the free world sending a pointed message to china and looking for just the right person at foggy bottom. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. today the president-elect got a visit from one-time democratic presidential nominee who won the popular vote but lost the election, and it may not be the one you think. former vice-president al gore came to trump tower today for a sit down about climate change with ivanka trump and possibly more. >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. i'm just going to leave it at that. >> reporter: when the former vp walked out, the next secretary of state again became the topic of conversation. the businessman president may want a businessman representing
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him abroad. >> there are a number of people he may not have called. they are coming forth now and expressing interest. >> reporter: rex tillerson is now in the mix as a possible secretary of state. so is former ambassador to china john huntsman, a rival of another famous republican from utah, mitt romney. in october, huntsman said mr. trump should withdraw from the race telling the salt lake tribune, the time has come for governor pence to lead the ticket. two months later, his tone has changed. >> you know, i'm honored my name is even in a mix. >> reporter: others being considered for secretary of state, democratic u.s. senator joe manchin. and republican congressman dana rohrabacher who says being he is vetted and who agrees with mr. trump about teaming up with moscow to fight terrorism.
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>> russia and the people of russia are good people. they have a chance to work with them to defeat this evil that threatens the planet right now. >> reporter: the transition team today finally announced that dr. ben carson had accepted an offer to serve as housing and urban development secretary. mr. trump says, he is a tough competitor and never gives up. the incoming president is also now promising to stay active on social media because he says, quote, if the press would cover me accurately and honorably, i would have less reason to tweet. sadly, i don't know if that will ever happen. over the weekend, mr. trump used a six tweet burst to warn american companies that anything built in a new factory abroad is going to have a 35% tax slapped on it when sold in the states. the transition kept moving forward inside trump tower monday. while outside the former green party candidate jill stein held a press conference about the recount effort she's trying to organize in three states where she revealed she's not trying to take the election away from mr. trump. >> i think it would be unfair to
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raise expectations that the outcome is going to change. that's not our intent. >> reporter: the president-elect is really picking up the pace of his thank you victory tour this week with a stop tomorrow in north carolina, then thursday in iowa and friday in michigan. he will be trying to fill up arenas while trying to fill out his cabinet. >> peter doocy live outside ted trump tower. we are learning about the circumstances that preceded president-elect trump conversation with taiwan's president. jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon, it turns out the call was not a spur of the moment decision. >> reporter: for the first time, china sent two bombers capable of launching nuclear weapons to circle taiwan fox news has learned, the november 26 foray was a test for u.s. allies in the pacific. japan scrambled eight fighter
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jets to intercept the bombers. president-elect trump's controversial call with the president of taiwan insaysed chinese leaders. jim jones, president obama's first national security adviser, offered his perspective. >> that didn't bother me. i think the purists are flapping their wings and saying all kinds of things, why they can't have a five-minute conversation or whatever it was to say congratulations is -- doesn't make a lot of sense to me. i didn't -- it didn't bother me. >> reporter: a view echoed by one of trump's possible pikz for secretary of state. >> nobody in beijing gets to dictate who we talk to. >> reporter: since the chinese civil war, china and taiwan have been separately ruled. china claims sovereignty over the island. trump is the first president or president-elect to speak with a taiwan leader since the u.s. broke off relations in 1979 under president jimmy carter when his administration
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established formal relations with beijing marking the start of the one china policy. trump's chief of staff pushed back on suggestions the president-elect made a mistake. >> he knew exactly what was happening. we have a lot of problems to solve in this country. we're not going to solve them by just making belief that people don't exist. >> reporter: trump's response came in a tweet. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan million teary equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. u.s. arms sales to taiwan have totaled more than $46 billion since 1990. in december 2015, the united states announced a $1.83 billion arms sales agreement to taiwan the first in four years. the white house was on the defensive today. it has spoken twice to the chinese. >> senior officials of the national security council have been in touch with their chinese counterparts to reiterate our country's continued commitment to a one china policy. >> reporter: another point of
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friction, trade tariffs. china imposed aid 25% tariff on imported cars while the u.s. charges 2.5% or less giving china a huge advantage. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. more on this with the panel. breaking news right now. a prosecutor in oakland, california, says murder charges are possible in friday's warehouse fire there. right now, search crews are combing through the wreckage of a building that became a literal hell on earth when it caught fire and trapped dozens of people inside. death toll now stands at 36 and is expected to go higher. adam housely is in oakland tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. in fact, all charges are on the table she says. a criminal investigation team has been on site here since just a few hours after the fire with 25% of the building of the site of the horrible tragedy still yet to be searched. >> i want to find my brother. i don't know where he is.
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>> reporter: under investigation by the city of oakland, firefighters still don't know what started the fire at the artist collective known as the ghost ship. >> we are no closer to finding a cause. we absolutely believe the number of fire fatalities will increase. >> reporter: the flames tore through the building late friday into early saturday. >> reporter: called 911. a minute later, the pourer went out. had to escape in the dark. >> reporter: more than 100 people were inside attending a party while others have lived in rooms and campers in a building once used as a car repair shop. >> unless we enforce it. we have an attitude, catch me if you can. we allow activities to occur. the owner is trying to make a dollar. >> reporter: pictures show a massive amount of flammable material and a maze of debris that would block the escape for the many who parished inside. >> a death trap.
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it's a death trap. it's a house of horrors. house . it was then. >> reporter: the city of oakland received numerous complaints in recent months about the warehouse. the fire is the worst in oak land's history. one that hit close to home for the men and women working to investigate the fire and respectfully recover the remains. >> one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. we're still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. >> reporter: a crane has been brought in. they have been using a drone to try and help get the last 25% searched. they do believe they will have that process finished tonight. they believe they will find more victims inside. once again, the death toll now stands at 36. 22 families have been notified. >> reporte >> horrible story. the fate of the dakota pipeline may be in the hands of the next president.
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sunday they denied a permit for the completion of the $4 billion project. environmentalists and native americans who have been fighting this project are claiming victory. pipeline supporters are not yet ready to concede defeat. we have more tonight from north dakota. >> reporter: thousands of protesters at standing rock celebrated their victory monday over the dakota access pipeline. >> something for me. i've been praying for every day since i got here. >> reporter: it's 92% complete. the u.s. army corps of engineers approved all of it except an easement under the missouri river. on sunday it said it would explore alternative routes and order a full review. >> mission has been accomplished. we built awareness. a decision has been rendered. it's time to remove the roadblocks. it's time for everybody to go home. and be safe. >> reporter: 2,000 vets arrived sunday to act as human shields for protesters. >> the people are being
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brutalized by our law enforcement. so we're out here to put an end to it. >> reporter: protesters are a mix of native americans who see this as an indian rights issue and environmental activists who oppose any and all oil projects and whose social media success drove this story from obscurity to national news. >> it's part time the final easement is approved and construction is completed. >> reporter: the congressional dell gracious supports the pipeline. they say president obama aban n abandoned the rule of law for political friends noting his ties with the tribal chairman whose sister served as a presidential aide. the pipeline can carry 500,000 barrels of oil a day. some 38,000 oil and gas pipelines already crisscross the u.s. native americans fear a leak could damage their water supply. >> it's crucial to -- because of our land. it's being destroyed. if we don't do something about it right now, we're going to have nothing left.
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>> reporter: the pipeline was built almost entirely on private land. the standing rock sioux claim part of it is theirs. some protesters trespassing now on federal land refuse to leave. >> i don't believe people will leave here. until all that is done. this is just the beginning. >> reporter: president-elect trump, he supports the pipeline. he could reinstate the original route as permitted. it will likely be challenged in court. because of the weather, people are to go home. >> that looks cold. in north dakota. thank you. north carolina will get a new governor. this afternoon pat mckcrory conceded the rate. that nearly four weeks after election day comes after appeals dried up and post-elect recounts saw cooper's lead increasing. the defeat is the first time a sitting north carolina governor has lost a re-elect bid.
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today on the markets, the do you gained 46 to close at a record high. the s&p 500 was up 13. the nasdaq finished ahead 53. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution dealing with the city of aleppo. the measure would have demanned a seven day-truce. two nurses were killed in rebel shelling on a government controlled section of aleppo. eight civilians killed there. we learned a russian fighter jet crashed into the mediterranean sea after overshooting an aircraft carrier. it's the second loss at that carrier since it arrived off the syrian coast last month. italy is once again dealing with a political crisis. it could send economic aftershocks around the world. the prime minister is quitting after losing a referendum on proposed constitutional reforms there. the white house is downplaying
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ties to u.s. politics, some are saying the trump affect post brexit is now hitting europe again. kevin cork has the story tonight from the white house. >> reporter: what a difference a few weeks make. >> it's a strategic interest of ours that we have a successful united europe. >> reporter: that was president obama standing alongside the italian prime minister at the white house. just six weeks ago. >> i think he embodied a new generation of europe. >> reporter: he is stepping down amid the fdefeat of a referendu. reflective of a mood of distrust by the people of those in power, particularly in the west. indeed, his resignation is the latest wave in a tsunami of political change washing over europe. one that's seeing the leaders of france and great britain ushered from power.
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couple that with president-elect trump's victory in november and there's a sense among many that there's a broader populist trend at work. illuminating growing concerns over immigration, globalism and the economy. white house officials today were hesitant to draw any conclusions. >> there certainly is not an entirely unreasonable tendency to want to loop together the outcome in the uk and even the outcome of the u.s. presidential election with this outcome. but each of these is different. >> reporter: different as in the outcome of the recent vote in u austria where the far right candidate was soundly defeated. experts believe to under estimate what's happening across europe would be folly. >> it was a vote against the establishment and that's a little bit of what you have seen from trump. i think carrying on over into europe. >> reporter: carryover with political um complications both here and abroad.
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when you consider that of the major western leaders to begin 2016, only angela merkel remains in power and will run for re-election in 2017. as for italy, he will stay on through the 2017 budget process at the request of his country's president. >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. more on this with the panel as well. european countries are not the only ones watching closely as president-elect trump prepares to take over. israel has a huge interest in the soon to be president, of course. david lee miller looks as a loonlong relationship that has gone through tough times recently. >> reporter: after eight years of a relationship that at times was strained with the obama administration, some israelis believe things will improve when donald trump moved into the white house. there's cautious optimism among israelis regarding trump's foreign policy. >> most officials in israel right now are breathing a sigh of relief that we have less than 50 days of the obama
3:17 pm
administration left. >> reporter: boosting confidence in trump, his criticism of the iran deal. >> as far as president-elect trump, i look forward to speaking with him about what to do about this bad deal. >> reporter: another welcome size, trump's call to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. trump's election of nikki haley as u.n. ambassador is seen as a positive development for israel. she opposes economic boycotts against the jewish state. a journalist sees a trump a administration as a chance to improve relations. >> a strategic country to use this new administration, new president with so positive attitude towards israel. >> reporter: despite israeli optimism, there are worries. his election of steve bannon as senior adviser raised the ire of some groups because of bannon's
3:18 pm
association with, a website the anti-defamation league described as a quote, leading source for the extreme views of a vocal minority who pedal bigotry and promote hate. they say we are not aware of in i anti-semitic statements by bannon himself. mattis was warned israel's settlement policy is an obstacle to peace. some israelis are concerned about trump's unconventional style. >> this person has proved himself to be really unpredictable. i don't understand any leader like that. >> reporter: there is uncertainty about the u.s. role in negotiating a final peace settlement. trump has suggested involvement of an observant jewish man who has no formal experience in diplomatic affairs. kushner is the president-elect's son in-in-law. >> thank you. up next, making america safe again from cyberattacks. the president's commission ready to brief the incoming administration. they will brief us here next.
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first, here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. the judge in the trial of a police officer who fatally shot a motorist declares a mistrail. they were unable to come to a decision on whether he is guilty of murder or manslaughter or not guilt. atlanta, a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for the father who left his son to die in the hot suv two years ago. ross harris was convicted on all eight counts, including malice murder and felony murder. the jury ruled harris intentionally left his son in the vehicle. harris maintained it was an accident. this is a live look at honolulu from khon. it's hard to believe, but the big story there tonight, a winter storm. up to a foot of snow sex pictisd to fall. summits are close on the big island.
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the national park service said people with see the deepening layer of snow. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ... kicked off a lot of high school games... ... built a life for my family... ... and liked to help others in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain,
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tonight we're going to take a look at cyber security, a presidential commission has come up with several recommendations, many actually to make the government's computers more secure. the president and the president-elect have both indicated in recent weeks they see the importance. >> our social security number still runs on a platform that dates back to the '60s. our irs systems are archaic. as with the whole host of other agencies that are consistently
3:24 pm
collecting data on every american. if we're going to really secure those in a serious way, then we need to upgrade them. >> one of the first things i will do is to order a thorough review of our cyber defenses and weaknesses. we have very substantial weaknesses. including all vital infrastructure. >> here to discuss this tonight, sam palmazano, kiersten todd, thank you for being here. explain this for folks. what is required and what are you try doing? >> thank you. basically what we're try doing is make recommendations to the president-elect. we have been to see the current president. on what's required to make the internet, the backbone of the information age, more secure, more resilient to protect our economic interests as well as our society, the privacy as well as any other potential dangers
3:25 pm
that could arise as a result of a hack to the internet. >> there's an up side. it's essentially infrastructure project. >> correct. the way i think about it, post world war ii, the interstate highway system, which lifted the economy. today's world, that really is the infrastructure of the information age. it's the networks, data centers, it's the devices we use and become familiar with. there will be defivices like appliances, thermostats, cameras. how do we make this environment more secure? there's an economic expansion element to this. companies will invest. opportunities will be created. it will fund initiatives. jobs will be created. there's a risk. i think what both presidents are referring to, president obama, the risk to his infrastructure and president-elect trump to the future areas that he talked
3:26 pm
about, the importance of cyber security. >> this will have to be a public/private partnership, not only on the public side, the commerce side, but also on the national security side. >> absolutely. i think one of the things that we call out a lot in this report are the opportunities for the public and the private sector to work together. we have use the term collaboration, partnership a lot. what this report does and what this commission was adamant about doing was being very specific about how government and the private sector can work together to secure the digital economy. both today and into the future. >> what's the big pushback you expect? from the recommendations. i know that's tough. is it money? is it the cost? >> clearly, one of the things we call out for this report to the president-elect is the cyber security needs to be a priority. it needs to be a priority for the administration as well as industry. with any prioritization of a topic, you need to invest more resources. just as we invested more resources into counterterrorism,
3:27 pm
just as we invested more resources into homeland security, we need to put this topic, cyber security, on par with those other elements of national security. >> president obama to talk about it, our systems are so antiquated that by perhaps changing them, making them better, you are -- are you saving money? >> i think there's potential. the reason i say that is that he referred to -- i will call the applications of the government, social security, irs. but the infrastructure that supports them, the networks and data centers, there's hundreds and thousands of them. the first step they could do so make this more secure and safer is consolidate it. when you consolidate to a pry have a secure network and fewer data centers, you will free up hundreds of billions of dollars over time. i did a study when i was working for ibm. if they consolidated -- if they ran them the way we run a corporate enterprise, it was 300 or $400 billion over ten years. there's significant money to be saved that could be reallocated
3:28 pm
to modernizing applications, to putting future architectures that make sense. it's a combined effort. quite honestly, what's required is leadership. i don't mean that in -- somebody has to understand the technology and how to do these things who can encourage. it's a large bureaucracy. everybody has their own agenda and priorities. to bring this together, no different than you doing a priva private corporation, you need someone pushing it and selling it. >> the threat on the national security side is real, urgent, now. >> absolutely. this issue is a real, urgent and now. one of the things that we look at as we have talked about is the connected devices that we're using in our home, whether it's baby monitors or computers. >> the internet of things. >> we spend a lot of time talking about that. it's got a three-pronged affect. it's for the consumers to be
3:29 pm
more responsible for cyber security that they hold when they have these devices. it's for government to work with the private sector in identifying standards for security so there are baselines. it needs to bake that into the development so it's not left to the consumer. >> quickly, it's also about looking, i guess, to the future and getting people taught, educated, get into this field, the whole thing. >> yeah. clearly, we make recommendations in the report about job creation. we say that we call it two for two gives you a paid tuition. two years in the private sector and two years in the government sector. encourage people to get into the cyber field. there's 100,000 critical skills needed. i've seen estimates up to a million in the united states. why the variance? it's the definition, the skill
3:30 pm
set. without looking at details, it's always what it is. you take that plus community colleges and give people a ramp to the skill sets, it's just creation. it's no different than we would have electricians in the old days or carpenters or masons and those things. these are the key jobs of this future infrastructure that we require for this internet-based society we live in today. >> thank you very much. we will be following you, hopefully see the president-elect soon. >> thank you. a north carolina man is in jail tonight after firing a rifle inside a washington pizza restaurant sunday. police say the man was trying to self-investigate a fake news report that hillary clinton, her top advisers and friends were running a child sex ring out of the building housing comet ping-pong. police called it a fictitious online conspiracy theory. once the suspect was unable to find evidence of the sex ring, he surrendered peacefully. no one was hurt in the incident.
3:31 pm
tonight we begin our 15 part series on the first 100 days of the donald trump administration. this evening, a look at obamacare and trump's promise to repeal and replace it. kevin mccarthy said a repeal vote will occur very soon in the new congress. rich edson looks at the challenges ahead for the reformers and consumers. >> reporter: this man runs an internet marketing business from his home. he, his wife and children have obamacare insurance. they bought a mid level silver plan on they say some of the related costs are too high. the system has been inefficient. >> my busineiggest thing is cos. when it comes to business and family, i don't care about
3:32 pm
politics. >> the tax credit is not compensating for the increase of the premiums going up. the tax credit is not helping us out in terms of lowering the cost. >> reporter: their health insurance may soon change. dramatically. republicans now control the future of american health care. since congress passed obamacare, they have run unrepealing it. congressional leaders say they will secure an obamacare repeal. possibly within the trump administration's first 100 days. >> look, we need to get oba obamacare relief to families as fast as possible. >> reporter: republicans have written several proposals. one of the more thorough versions, a plan from president-elect trump's selection to lead the department of health and human services. georgia congressman dr. tom price. his plan unravels obamacare, its mandates, insurance rules and sub sit did subsidy programs. the family would receive a
3:33 pm
subsidy based on their age. it features a similar system of age-base tax credits. as republicans move to replace obamacare, they must decide whether or how to prevent millions from losing that insurance while they draft its replacement. >> republicans in congress are not going to vote to take health insurance away from 20 million people. no matter how much they talk about abolishing obamacare, they're going to need a replacement. >> reporter: they would need to agree on how to pay for the insurance credits, whether to keep or repeal, how much to give states to ensure the sickest patients and whether to maintain or scrap all obamacare insurance reforms. >> it's going to be hard to get to the finish line, settle on a single plan. they have to decide what kind of subsidies they want in the individual market for small businesses. they will have to decide what do they want for the equivalent of the cadillac tax or nothing anything like that. what will be the rules and how to handle pre-existing condit n
3:34 pm
conditions? >> reporter: allows young adults to stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26. it prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage and charging more money for previous illnesses. the wall street journal spoke to donald trump and reported -- of those, he told the paper, quote -- i like those very much. it's a lengthy list of questions. >> bottom line, small businesses are run by people that have families. when you have a lower cost of business, you are going to be more likely to hire people. when i see my costs going up and then i'm thinking that in six months my costs are going to go up further, it makes me scared to hire somebody to help me out. >> reporter: uncertainty about
3:35 pm
whether a republican plan will be better than what they have now. to pass major legislation, a bill urlgly needs at least 60 votes in the senate. republicans are several votes shy of that threshold. thank s to a procedure, republicans could repeal and replace obamacare with 51 votes and a majority in the house. the same procedure democrats used in 2009 to pass much of obamacare. >> thank you. part one of 15. tomorrow, we will look at president-elect trump's expected supreme court nomination or possibly nominations. no secretary of state nominee. a lot of foreign policy shakeup already. the president-elect upsets china and the u.s. foreign policy establishment in what is now being called a phone call that was part of a planned shift. we will talk about all of it with the panel when we return.
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it was just a phone call at this point. it signals the fact that he accepted a congratulatory call. president-elect trump is not out there making policy or announcing new policy prescriptions worldwide. >> the response from the chinese government in the aftermath has been to ratchet up the rhetoric against taiwan. it's unclear how that kind of consequence benefits the people of taiwan. >> i have been involved in this relationship for a lot of years. this is the first time i have ever seen a real business person who understands leverage and understands a fair deal and a level playing field. >> john huntsman perhaps applying for secretary of state as he gets ready for his own interview. he is on a long list, expanding list. we will get into that. the phone call between the president-elect and the president of taiwan, a congratulatory call, prompted this reaction.
3:40 pm
donald trump on twitter kind of reacting to china's reaction. now there are multiple stories that this was a planned shift. and all this hubbub is about nothing. let's bring in our panel. jonah goldburg, maura and laura ingram. there was a ton of reaction over the weekend. >> there was. i will say as someone who thinks i have no problem with sending this signal, messing with china, starting out strong and all the rest. the problem is, if that was the intend as the washington post
3:41 pm
story implies, then why were kellyanne conway and mike pence out there telling a different story? the messaging behind the decision is schizophrenic. if this is part of some strategic ambiguity, i have no problem playing hard ball with china. the messaging doesn't pack that up. >> donald trump's phone call with the president of taiwan wasn't a blunder by an inexperienced president-elect. laura, what about the messaging here? >> i think jonah raises a good point. you want a unified front on the messaging of this call. i do think it's quite something
3:42 pm
that the united states is supposed to check in with china before they take phone calls from world leaders, an ally of ours -- the taiwan relations act that has been reconfirmed and supported again and again. every time it comes up for consideration, even in an informal matter, democrats, marco rubio, others -- we always reaffirm our support for taiwan, our reassurances for taiwan. under the taiwan relations act, we could potentially have to military intervene if china decides to move against taiwan. we kind of put that all aside because of our belief in globalization or at least our former belief in globalization. this is a serious deal what's been done. the pressure that has been put on countries in the region, especially the concern about the shipping and transit through that south china sea. i think jonah is right. this was a move by trump to show
3:43 pm
there's a new game in town. we're not your patsy anymore. i think it's welcomed by most in the united states. >> perhaps with an he ce he cah >> he said i did this on purpose. he presented a tougher posture towards chie s china. i don't understand why his spokes people would under cut this. months and months ago, john bolton, other advisers to trump have laid out a argument for why the u.s. should be -- get tough we are china by making these steps to be friendlier to taiwan. this is a stated, explained policy change from the trump brain trust. barack obama tried to pifsh olt to asia and gave up. china is getting to be more of a hedge mon in that region. we need to do more there. here is trump doing it.
3:44 pm
i don't know why his people would undercut him on that. >> the state department nominee list continues to expand, not contract it seems. you look at the list here. you have mitt romney, rudy giuliani, david petraeus, john bolton, rex tillerson, representative dana rohrabacher, joe manchin from west virginia and former utah governor john huntsman. are you going to be on there or what? >> at this rate, maybe in 2019 they will get to my name. one of the things we know about donald trump, whether you think it's good or bad, is that he really has an intuitive sense for heightening drama and creating drama and suspension and all the rest. it seems to me that they like this story line and having all of these people come and visit the imperial court and kowtow to the next president.
3:45 pm
i think that -- i think it's kind of odd that more people who were angry about mitt romney than al gore. that's a different topic. >> he isn't a candidate for secretary of state, at least not right now. >> give it time. it has to do with the fact that they like the visuals of this and he is casting a wide net. >> john huntsman said about barack obama, i have an enormous regard for you of the world. if we're going to get tough on china, john huntsman is a very curious choice for secretary state. >> he has a lot of experience. >> he can speak mandarin. >> so does mark zuckerberg, but we don't want him to be secretary of state. >> what about this expanding list? >> you know, it's got a lot of people on it. i think that he should probably get a secretary of state pretty soon. he is conducting a lot of diplomacy on his own.
3:46 pm
this china thing is a big deal. it could be a positive thing. but he really needs a secretary of state. >> what about that meeting with al gore, ivanka trump? he comes out and says he found it extremely interesting and to be continued. wouldn't get into the details, the former vice-president and one-time democratic nominee. >> when you think of the poster children for left wing excess, al gore is right up there with the hall of fame.s interesting republicans and conservatives on the climate change deal with -- don't believe government should interve intervene. al gore is literally for making life in the united states more expensive through carbon taxes and all sorts of other things as he flies around the world on his private jet. his movie the problems with the film, we talked about -- >> is this about reaching out, common ground? is it about image? >> i don't know. the climate change crowd is the cool crowd.
3:47 pm
but i think most donald trump supporters, people who got him elected, that's not high up on their list of priorities. >> what's interesting is that donald trump who said during the campaign that global warming was a chinese hoax, designed to hurt our manufacturing, in 2009, he and his children signed a letter -- an open letter saying that they believed -- they wanted real action on climate change. this is not one of his bedrock beliefs. there are things he believeved r many years. just like torture, he is open to persuasion. >> it seems the genesis of this was that ivanka trump, who has sent a lot of signals that she wants to be a version of a first lady role and that she is to the left of the republican party on a lot of issues and this meeting was originally because she wants that portfolio, the climate change portfolio for her brand. >> i don't understand this. what is the deal?
3:48 pm
she's going to run the business with the two brothers and come to washington and be a part of the administration? i don't -- >> we await the announcement of how they're going to fix the concerns. >> the lawyers have to look at this. at the beginning of the trump administration, you want a clear, i think, line on how this is going to appear, appearance is important, ethics. it's going to have to be seriously considered for a bunch of reasons. getting people off the real topics of tax reform, immigration, trade, health care. those are the real big tent poles of his platform. again, i don't think this was one of them. >> next up, is it the trump affect on global political shockwaves in italy with the panel next. ♪ ♪
3:49 pm
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>> count on prime minister renzi as one of my closest partners and friends on the world stage. the bold vision that he has for italy and the world i think mateo elm boyd's a new leadership not just for europe. >> this is the forum we submitted to the vote. we have not been convincing. i'm sorry. we are leaving without remorse because of if democracy wins and no wins it is also true that as i said clearly from the beginning, my experience of government ends here. >> italian prime minister saying he is done because his constitutional reform referendum did not get supported by the italians. and he is going to essentially resign. so that means all that talk just six weeks ago. well, the future of europe is going to look different as you take a look at the leaders.
3:53 pm
italy, renzi is out. francois owe alan is out and real challenge to angela merkel in germany. we're back with the panel. is this trump effect brekkott part 2? what is this. >> they can't imers the economic leverage because of one currency. obviously cammeron is gone too. big believer. obviously a part of brexit. big believer in the euro and eu. this is as much a referendum on the euro and the entire representation of the european union as it is on anything. obviously austria they pulled back a bit. a lot of complicating factors from that election. we are seeing the slow, slow, slow drip to the end of the eu. germany is going to fight it but the people clearly don't want it. it's not working. similar issues of wage stagnation.
3:54 pm
immigration concerns. obviously the migration into europe. it's going to fundamentally change the character of the continent. people are very, very uneasy. even if they are not that political. they are uneasy with what they have seen happen to their home lands. >> you mentioned austria, the green candidate won the as you tree an election, largely ceremonial. it was kind of a signal. >> that was also more about immigration. that wasn't really an eu referendum that vote. it was interesting the fact that he won decisively and, you know, look, europe is going through possibly a real crackup but, you know, the great irony is the reason why the eu never worked is because there wasn't full political integration because people didn't want that. but, they really didn't like the incident congratulation tha -- integrationsthat they di. they didn't like bureaucrats in brussels telling them what to do. it looks like it's teetering but in each of those countries france really different than germany. france now has the middle ground between marine la pin and the socialists.
3:55 pm
>> migration is a big part of it as well. >> huge, huge. >> there are more mosques in france than there are churches now. there are communities that have changed dramatically. >> france has its own special set of problems. one of the main drivers in italy was the dublin treaty which says that refugees and immigrants get to file for residence or asylum in the first place they land inside the eu. italy just happens to be right across the mediterranean from the muslim world. a lot of these north africans they get their first and they stay there that was a huge political driver of a lot of this. i agree with mara though that when you get too caught up with the term populism, the different populist movements in the different countries have different agendas and they have different desires and take different forms. i also think it's not right to call it trump effect. margaret thatcher came before ronald reagan. brexit came before donald trump. the chronology is that these sorts of movements and building up structurally throughout the west for a long time and i think trump
3:56 pm
benefited from them more than caused them. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for the worst of what not to do at your office party list. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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4:00 pm
of gas booze and glass it blue everywhere. >> what not to do the edamame. that's really bad. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. tucker is very careful with edamame. here he comes. ♪ ♪ >> oh good evening. and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. students at american university, $62,000 per year college in northwest washington, d.c. are demanding that one of the school's trustees be dismissed from his post for taking a meeting with donald trump. his name is gary cohen. the president of goldman sachs in new york and reportedly he is being considered for energy secretary in a trump administration. he sits on the invest and finance economy. one of the students dump trump. senior at au. thanks for


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