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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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know what you think. kevin this, is yours. i i i i ih edamame. here he comes. ♪ ♪ >> oh good evening. and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. students at american university, $62,000 per year college in northwest washington, d.c. are demanding that one of the school's trustees be dismissed from his post for taking a meeting with donald trump. his name is gary cohen. the president of goldman sachs in new york and reportedly he is being considered for energy secretary in a trump administration. he sits on the invest and finance economy. one of the students dump trump. senior at au. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> what is your complaint
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with mr. cohen. >> right, so, historically we have had many grievances with gary cohen. he is one of the board members who is the reason why we have $62,000 per year in tuition. and so the board of trustees, without any kind of democratic student input every two years decides on tuition increases. >> right. >> and so historically we have had student movements to try and get tuition freeze at the very least. so tuition will stop rising. buts the board of trustees has met every single movement with disdain. >> right. >> they don't listen to the students. and so this is one in a along line of events that. >> let me just say i'm with you. i want to raise my voice in agreement with you. schools are too expensive. you don't get your money's worth. they are all that price, basically. i mean all schools, all
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private universities are in that same rage range. gary cohen has given money to the school which in effect subsidizes tuition rather than raises them. he is a trustee thus gives money to the school. your grief in this case he met with donald trump. i wonder if that's a crime and should it be. >> no. it's not a crime to meet with somebody, obviously. i think it is evidence of a conflict of interest perhaps not legal lay conflict of interest. but it signifies that the same order that has caused students to go in to lifelong debt is now meeting with trump and is going to continue to raise tuition. it's unsustainable model for the university. >> again, i agree with what you're saying but on the one hand but on the other, tuitions have risen through eight years of the obama administration. trump isn't even president yet and i don't think you would be protesting someone
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who met with obama. it looks a little like mccarthyism. i don't know if they teach that you in school. that's the idea that associating with someone is the same as sharing his views. al gore met today with donald trump. you are not protesting al gore. if you see what i'm saying. >> i see what you are saying. i think you are simplifying it a bit too much. one historically gary comes from a very strong factor in that the board of trustees not listening to students. not only in tuition but many other fact to bees as well such as sexual assault on campus. so the board of trustees doesn't take action that helps students in part because of gary cohen but also because of factors in the way that the university is set up as a whole. the whole bureaucratic system of the university. not just to american university. >> no it's not. i'm not here to defend gary cohen whom i don't know and the board of american
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university. i am looking at the statement you put on facebook dump trump fire cone. you can't fire him because he is paying for the job. you accuse him of collaborating with the fossil fuel business and other oppressive industries and you say is he beholden to big oil. so it suggests that anybody with any connection to fossil fuels is committing a sin. that's basically what you are saying in the statement. i'm wondering aren't we all? didn't you take a car to the studio tonight? isn't that a high moral standard for you as a student to be setting for others? >> no, i don't think so. again, because there is tradition specifically at american university although, you know, there are tons of universities in the u.s. that have started fossil free movements so universities divest from fossil fuel investments in their endowment. so there are screens you can do in whoever set up your portfolio that can screen out fossil fuel companies.
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>> but you would do that because you think. >> at american university there has been a movement for the past three years, four years to do that. and, again, it's been met with complete disdain, even though a large amount of students support it. >> well, i can identify with the disdain though coming from any citizen who flies on a plane, who uses a gas range, who drives in any kind of motor vehicle that's not a tesla. if it is a moral crime to participate in fossil fuels at any level, again, aren't you a hypocrite? and don't you personally -- and i'm not attacking you. i'm merely saying you are setting the standard to that height, can you pass the test? i don't think you can. >> you know, that's reaching a bit far, tucker. >> real throirks live by your own standards that's an impossible dream for you. >> we are talking about a structural issue. so, you know, could have a bottle of water next to me. doesn't mean i'm suddenly equal in terms of, you know, guilt compared to fossil
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fuel companies. >> so here's the point i want you to ponder though. >> structural issues need to be met with structural demands. >> because they don't demand anything of us. we can be set up about something structural equality without making personal changes. we can feel holly and not consider them sinful. don't you think it's a mistake to frame all political differences as moral differences? that's what i see in the statement. i don't see you trying to argue against gary cohen's points of view or donald trump's you are instead calling them names and saying it's somehow sinful to be engaged or involved with them. that's the opposite of a dialogue, isn't it? it's more like a religious expression it seems to me. >> no. i think you have to -- i mean figure out the reasons why people are protesting gary cohen but also other people who are close to trump or being considered by trump a bit more broadly than a facebook description of an event. >> it's your facebook page.
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>> there is historical -- >> -- i didn't write it there is historical tradition at american university where the students have many grievances with gary cohen. that's specifically to american university. >> yeah. okay. >> but also, you know, there is many factors, not just because somebody meets with somebody why he would be protesting. like, you know, we are ignoring the fact that gary cohen is the president of goldman sachs who benefits from exorbitant student loans. >> it doesn't mention that because the economic issues are far too complicated for the students. >> we're out of time. i appreciate it. >> students for money. and gary cohen is approving, you know, the policy decisions. >> thanks for joining us. we're doing our best to understand. thanks a lot. so what's next? the question we ask every night traditionally it's been conservatives who have argued for federalism. states rights is the term you offensive hear to describe it and of course liberals have often derided
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that sometimes bitterly that's all before republicans won all three branches of government in effect. suddenly the goal lines have moved. consider among many examples the one we had a couple weeks ago with democratic congressman and new mexico governor bill richardson. if i'm mayor can i say you know what we're not going to enforce that law or maybe a law against child abuse or drug abuse. should we do that? >> as long as the local law community, the local law enforcement community, local city council agrees with the mayor, this is the state's rights, the city rights issue. >> whoa. so you are a state's rights guy now. i knew this was going to wind up in a crazy place. did you just invoke states rights. >> now you change your position. >> you want the federal government. you want federal laws to run everything. >> so -- got shafted; is that what you're saying? >> you changed your argument with the election of trump. come on. >> amazing. at the time i never heard that argument from the left.
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but it turns out governor richardson is not alone hardly. the "new york times" opinion piece titled "states rights for the left makes this point. quote: it's an interesting argument. joining us now is jeffrey rosen. scholar who wrote that piece. he runs center in philadelphia. he should visit it if you can. >> thanks for having me. congrats on the show. >> i just burst into hearing bill richardson ohio like. states rights on to something. spent my entire lifetime the left has derided that idea and now embracing it? >> you are absolutely right it seems like the new thing for the left. but in fact has that quote for jeffersonian ends suggests from the time of the founding until the new deal, it was the democrats
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who were the party of small government, of jefferson of farmers and producers. and it was republicans who were the party of big government and hamilton and financial oligarchy it wasn't until the new deal period that the positions got switched in the 1960's. democrats especially became suspicious of states rights because they thought it was used to resist desegregation efforts and they really forgot this tradition of economic populism and starts with jefferson and goes through jackson, woodrow wilson and my hero who talked about the states of democracy all the way up to fdr. democrats in some sense are coming back to their roots. >> sure. look, part of the reason they were for states rights is because there were states that had slavery and they didn't want that ended by the federal government. i'm not tarring states rights people with the racial stuff but i think it's true. one of the points that lincoln made was, boy, if states become too different from one another in their customs and their laws and their traditions then they tend to go to war with each other literalfully that case but figuratively in others.
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is that a concern? >> it is a concern. and indeed the whole point of the civil war was to establish the principle that we the people of the united states as a whole rather than we the people as individual states are sovereign. that's why lincoln thought no right to see it. that's why democrats as well as republicans really have been the party of big government. i thought rush limbaugh was correct to call out the cast of hamilton for, you know, attacking donald trump because as limbaugh said donald trump is hamilton. the same way that a lot of democrats have embraced hamilton. this old jeffersonian tradition has been forgot ton a large degree and the good part of it is the economic populism concern for the rust belt folks and concern for small producers. but definitely it's dizzying to watch the positions being turned like that. >> yeah. especially since this hasn't come up a lot in recent years. you had 31 states vote to amend their constitutions to in effect began gay marriage and the left looked at it and said we don't care what you think. roe v. wade took it out of the hands of the stated and
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made it a national question. speed limit, age drinking. it seems like a very abrupt turn i guess. >> it arguably is i guess on the other side you could say the biggest achievements of the obama era, obamacare and gay marriage started in the states. in massachusetts in particular. so the states of laboratories of democracy have perk percolated marriage equality and second amendment rights. good things they are remember the virtues of localism somewhat opportunistic. >> on the question of sanctuary cities which we have debated a lot on this show, seems like never a states right issues because what in effect mayors are doing is inviting people to stay in cities, most cases actually on federal assistance. so the states are abiding by one set of rules the rest of the country doesn't acknowledge and the rest of the country is paying for it why is that fair? >> well, you're right that it's hard to sustain and that's why president obama's
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attorney general loretta lynch promised to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities in the same i think that president-elect donald trump has. the supremacy clause of the constitution makes the federal government supreme immigration authority. it's galvanizing to hear mayors in new york and chicago saying they are going to be sanctuary cities. president-elect donald trump is on ground saying it's to the sustainable. >> thanks for joining us. al fra federation center go see it trump tower filled with all kinds of famous people going up and down today. there was one you may not have expected to see in a million years. al gore was there goes to peter doocy who is live as always outside trump tower for an explanation. >> that's right. bill clinton obviously a big target of mr. trump's during the campaign. but today bill clinton's vice president al gore came by for a conversation that was initially just penciled in on the schedule as a chat with ivanka trump about
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climate change but it turned into a long talk with the president-elect. and the details of that talk, gore says, are going to stay confidential. >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. and i'm just going to leave it at that. >> extremely interesting. another familiar face today in the trump tower lobby. former congressman and retired u.s. lieutenant army colonel allen west who had a meeting with the new national security team retired general michael flynn and k.t. mcfarland. >> nothing was offered. i mean, they know my reputation very well. you know, i'm just a simple soldier. and i'm the third of four generations that served this country going back to my father in world war ii. we still have a relative of ours that is continuing to serve in the army now. >> all this is happening as the search for a secretary of state broadened out the
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short list was thought to have five names on it a few days allege is getting longer. top advisor kellyanne conway says that's because there were some attractive candidates the transition team didn't think would want to leave lucrative private sector jobs to work in government. as it turns out some of these people say they want to be considered like exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson on the trump tower guest list for tomorrow and former u.s. ambassador to china jon huntsman who said this morning on fox business is he honored to have his name in the mix and who is also notable because of his rivalry with another famous republican from utah mitt romney who is, of course, last week's headliner and the secretary of state sweepstakes. we can also now report tonight that democratic u.s. senator joe manchin is another name under consideration to be the top diplomat, manchin announced this afternoon that he has been talking to the president-elect in the lapse few days and that the conversation is going to continue this week. tucker? >> peter doocy, live outside trump tower.
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thanks a lot. now it's time for twitter storm, our nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns. tonight an icy cold front of truth involving some of the nation's newspapers. from the second annual #love my newspaper day. i bet you didn't know that existed did but it does. intended to heap praise upon print journalists that many in twitter using the #very differently. i do not love my newspaper because the "new york times" and "the washington post are owned by globalists neocon nut jobs. errant enemies of america and americans. nicole wrote this i would love my newspaper if they were outlet for truth not a clean up crew propaganda crew for the elite. and then this only right wing people love my newspaper because it's tailored to the news they want to hear. everyone has their source of fake news these days. john martin tweeted quote i love my newspaper because it's great for starting a fire in the fireplace or the
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fire mitt pit. that is true by the way. mike wrote i love my paper because i like to start my morning by touching something dirty yet expensive and obsolete. quoting madonna. bit lamp quoted quote i love my newspaper, i don't. why am i paying $1 a day to be called a racist, sexist spigot. i stopped reading. he speaks for millions. that's tonight's twitter storm. and next up, donald trump phone call with taiwan is causing diplomatic ripples and now communist china is angry. was it a bad call for america though? should we care? that's next. also, how on earth did a fake u.s. embassy making fake u.s. documents go unnoticed by real people? it's a remarkable story. we've got it coming up ♪
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donald trump has not been sworn in as the president yet. that happens next month. some have accused him of causing international incident of significant one. on friday mr. trump spoke with the democratically elected president of taiwan. this broke nearly four decades of diplomatic protocol started by jimmy carter. the chinese who not exactly clear believe they open taiwan and hated all of this. not just the chinese who are mad about it. >> president-elect of the united states of america has, in one phone call, potentially changed more than three decades of u.s. diplomatic practice. >> clearly, this is going to cause a diplomatic uproar with china. >> it took decades to develop the ground on which we talk to china and donald trump tore it up today. this conceivably is the way wars start.
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>> let's hope that there is actually some this. >> having lived in taiwan twice and china once there is too much hyperventilating about this one. >> striking to me that president obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba and be hailed as a hero and donald trump take as courtesy call from the democratically elected president of taiwan and it becomes something of a thing in the media. >> although foreign policy geniuses on cable news are aghast. good friend and attorney democratic strategist served in bill clinton white house where they obeyed this rule. dave, it's great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> all the best i read from this comes from chris bedford at the daily caller i'm quoting vanity fair wrote complainer piece this is why trump's call was truly bizarre. the writer of that piece graduated college two years ago with degree in film and literature. how the president is supposed to take calls from taiwan are low to future mildly.
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no one is asking the obvious question is this good for america or not? why is nobody asking this question? >> well, let me start off by believe it or not, artic coularticulating where i think democrats in the senate and mr. trump might really agree on this issue of china. i have been in meetings where i have heard senator chuck schumer, the incoming democratic leader in the senate say that the largest illicit transfer of wealth in history has occurred when china steals intellectual property in the united states. that's true out of the mouth of chuck schumer the top democrat in the senate. on the other hand you have donald trump who throughout the campaign pointed to trade imbalances with china particularly hard hittinged in the midwest where i grew up. and you know what? they are in violent agreement with each other. >> i agree with that. >> there is going to be a lot of common purpose when it comes to addressing trade analysis with china. let's just start with where there is agreement. >> may i stop threw because you said something really interesting i think. chuck schumer is personally
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very upset about the theft of intellectual property god bless him we all should be. i didn't hear him say anything about that in the last year it was all about russia and putin and rigging voting machines and spewing propaganda in the minds of dumb americans who voted for trump. no one said anything about china in the last year on the left. >> i don't believe china hacked into the dnc. that's another story. i think what chuck schumer is talking about when it comes to our economy and our trade, we do have to focus on this. he has taken a lot of risks in pointing that out. i think he is going to be very interesting working with incoming president trump. >> what would those risks be? why would that be risky that america is get shafted by another parted of the globe. >> business interest in the united states of america very much want to see increased trade with china. don't really care how many jobs are lost in the process. believe me, tucker. i just want to point out i come on your show not on behalf of any political party or candidate or anyone else.
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you are getting it straight from me. this is what i think. i think there is plenty of room for agreement on how to make sure that americans who need jobs and need communities that are sustainable and aren't hammered like they are in wisconsin, we need to work together on this trade imbalance. you started off asking about the call to taiwan i wanted to bring it back around to that, okay? >> why is that bad exactly for us? >> i think if we can point out where we agree, there are economic issues we need to hammer out with china. now we come to the issue of tactic. what's the best way now that we actually have some unanimity here in the united states, we can gather around a position. what's the best way to show united front and make that best initiative come forward to the chinese? is it by having democrats and republicans work through our legal system and saying we're going to change the way trade happens. we're all going to be in agreement. we work on this. we make laws. that's how we do it in the united states. or is it a phone call between the incoming president of the united states, that is -- that i think most people in foreign
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policy would going to be interpreted as incendiary by the chinese. >> probably meant to be incendiary. two separate things and probably do both statement. at the same time-i know would offending the 24-year-old vanity fair when they are. so smart unbelievable. what's wrong with just telling the truth? taiwan is an independent country with own economy and one of our biggest trading partners. why do we have to play along with fiction devised by some communist beijing? why? >> could spend a couple hours on that one. i went to taiwan with a lot of other people who worked on capitol hill. it's a well-known trip you get phone to taiwan. you visit the country. george stephanopoulos went on this trip. everybody has gone on this trip. one thing i learned when i was there. is that this fiction as you call it was the way to get china to the table in order to open up the trade we now talked about. >> of course. richard nixon. >> this was. >> i. >> i exactly. richard nixon. don't talk about jimmy carter. >> cart are put that policy
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in place project was to open up china and do trade. the pathway to get there was through this sort of fiction with taiwan. all i'm say something okay. if we're going to revisit that trade relationship which i think we should which a lot of people in business think we should. what's the smartest way to do it. the attempt by donald trump i think was to sent a shot across the bough. >> exactly. all of these -- everybody -- >> -- was that the best strategy? i don't know. >> i'm not sure. here is what i do know having lived here all my life is people are wedded to the way things are just because. lack the imagination a different way and hate anybody who suggests one. i'm open-minded and i'm glad you are too. i'm being told we have to stop because we have to go to commercial. great to see. >> you, too. see you next week. >> thanks, david. >> bye. >> here is something new, a u.s. embassy building in ghana has been shut down after authorities in ghana determined it was not actually a u.s. embassy building.
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nothing to do with the u.s. government entirely fake and in business for seven years. the sham embassy complete with an american flag outside and portrait of barack obama inside was run by gahanna and tuckerrish crime rings with an gahannaian attorney presiding. for sex grand a pop. the fake embassy issued legitimate visas, counterfeit visas and false ids. criminals able to keep the scam going by paying off corrupt local officials. well, up next, what happens when fake news leaves the internet and causes real world problems in the debunked headline led to a man with a gun to show up pizza place in washington. that's it. free spies speech does not work. opinions we disagree with
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>> there was drama in washington yesterday as a 28-year-old were powered a rifle in the pizza shop. he claimed he was self-investigating the story that the restaurant was connected with a sex child abuse ring. story came to known as pizza gate. the speech they disagree with on the internet calling fake news ought to be actively suppressed boy the authorities. bill mcmorris is a writer for the washington free bedone spent time on fake news. he joins us with update. bill, it's great to see you. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> what is fake news and who practices it? >> fake news is whatever people livinged in the
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liberal bubble determine to be believed by the right. >> right. >> it's obviously the reason that donald trump won the elections and this just happens to be a nice convenient thing that happened to a nice d.c. establishment and, of course, it's based on a complete hoax. but they have taken this from the stream of consciousness, inventive minds of central europeans and transmografied it into why donald trump won the election. which is very convenient definition. >> so this is totally clear. walking into any establishment with a rifle is totally over the top and outrageous and awful and a crime and the guy is now in jail and good. it's a little weird to hear journalists arguing for the suppression of views even if they believe them to be wrong or even if they can prove they are wrong. argue people should not be allowed to express what they think. that's not a position journalists ought to be taking, is it?
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>> no, it's not. but the first amendment has often threatened journalistic establishments interested in preserve ago monopoly on access to information. >> yeah. so. >> we have seen it time and again from the positions of opposition newspapers during the adams administration through to today, with the proliferation of blogs. had you chuck schumer sitting there saying hey, we should regulate the first amendment with the law and basically clarify what a journalist is. a lot of journalists were very comfortable with this idea saying the first amendment isn't good enough we have to clarify exactly what this person is. is. >> and chuck schumer is a man to be do that of course. it's totally insane. you made a point in a piece that made me laugh out loud it was so brilliant. the "new york times" chief among those outlets decrying fake news maybe has engaged in a little bit of it. pages of examples i urge our viewers to read. this you say during the
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campaign, "times" readers inside scoop that the nation was, quote, witnessing hispanic surging to the polls that would break through hillary's blue wall and it would stop trump from being president. it goes on and on and on like that. you found a lot of fake news in that paper. >> absolutely. and we found examples of "times" reporters writing in news stories hey only these people buried the trump believe trump could win pennsylvania. we at the "new york times" because we're such real journalists know this to be different. but ken stern, the former crowe of "national public radio" wrote in vanity fair before the election that he could not spot a difference between the tone which this breitbart addressed the trump campaign and the tone with which the "the washington post" addressed the clinton campaign in that everything was so steeped in negativity and the fake news phenomenon seems like a journalistic establishment is not going to try to correct the issues that led them to miss these election
11:35 pm
in this movement so bigly to quote a famous man. instead, they are going to double down and take their marching orders remain in the bubble. fake news is a term that was used about 500 times before the election actually took place from october 1 to election day. from election day afterward. it was used more than 3,000 times it seems like these journalists are all coming to the same conclusion at the same time. which is probably why they are missing what's actually happening in the united states of america. >> we are for a group of independent minded people. i could go on forever. i don't want to -- the "new york times" is not the only offender but you have the exyoexhaustive list. they are literally wrong about everything. republicans lose all state houses the stock market is going to crash. trump will be sent to alba and it the party will descent great. were they right about anything. >> they were right that the stocks were going to take a
11:36 pm
bigger hit than they did after 9/11. i'm sorry, i was reading a fake news site did. that not happen? >> no. they are the highest they have been in years. whether that is meaningful. >> biggest gains since 2011. i got that from another fake news site. >> bill morris, great to to see you as always. >> thanks, tucker. >> if you are not allowed to use certain words. are you even able to conceive of certain thoughts. in other words, political correctness isn't just annoying and dumb. it's possible it is destroying our ability to think. one college professor has watched it happen for decades. he joins us next to explain what he has seen. plus, news abuse. have you been sending in tons of examples of media bias or dumbness. keep them coming our address is at tucker carlson or "tucker carlson
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and as american college campuses melt into a smelly puddle of intolerance and stupidity. one show is there. not to brag but it's this
11:41 pm
one. according to one university of professor political correctness on campus is more than just annoying, it's killing debate and discourse as students become too afraid what they belief or even over time to think. that professor ut austin professor joins us now. professor, thanks for coming on. >> happy to do it. >> have you taught for many years a course on ethics. and you said that you can't teach it anymore. why? >> i have been teaching a course called contemporary moral problems for more than 30 years. ever since the late 1980s. and for years it's gone very, very well. but recently it's become almost impossible to teach. i tried to do things in a very politically balanced way so that if we were discussing an issue like abortion or affirmative action, one day it would be devoted to the best arguments i could find in favor and then the other day in the week the best arguments i could find against. and then students had opportunities to discuss and so small section. but i found that certain issues to become such hot
11:42 pm
potatoes it's impossible to do that any longer. people really want to shut down discussion and want to shut down debate. don't want to hear arguments on the other side. >> yeah. >> i should say it's not really my university or my students. often the problem really stems from people outside the class who don't want to -- >> right. what's the effect -- first of all i should say thank you for trying to be balanced that's how you know a student knows you are conserving. student says thank you for being being conservative because you are fair and balanced liberals never try. isn't debate the hallmark of a free society. >> it is absolutely. it's very frustrating in a way pause students come in with a certain set of expectations. and those have been changing. just over the past few years. before they were eager to debate ideas. they wanted to hear arguments even on the other side to learn. but recently i found that a strange phenomenon occurs. as soon as a controversial topic comes up, one where there is an approved politically correct opinion,
11:43 pm
i find that students just turn off. they think either you are going to tell me what i have heard many many times before or i have nothing to learn about from this or say something politically incorrect. or that's dangerous. i feel uncomfortable. i could be asked to take a sand and i don't want to be put on the spot. this term even discussing the civil rights movement. the moment we start, half the class just turns their minds off and starts looking somewhere else. even though i try to do this in a sort of fresh way, they don't want to hear it they think there is one set of approved opinions about this. either going to repeat them in which case i don't need to do this and you are not or in which case i want out of here. >> what's striking you teach the university of texas at austin. you have to be in the top 10 or 7% of your class. lots of kids in texas go to your school and they are going to be running your state or the country infantry a decade or two. if they have never been exposed to ideas they disagree with. never forced to grapple with them. what kind of leaders are they going to be? >> i don't know.
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it's a disturbing thing. jon stewart said a long time ago if you never encounter ideas that are counter to yours. then you really lose the -- a sense of the argument supporting your own position. >> that's right. >> the truth becomes a dead dogma. we are in serious danger of that i do want to stress there is a pretty small group that wants to shut down this discussion. i will tell you a couple of stories if we have time. one is the next to last time i talked, of course, the last couple of minutes of the last lecture stood up in the back and asked a question. when i called them, this person went on a diatribe about how unfair the class was. how one sided it was and so forth. that student, it was someone i had never seen before. that was not a student in my class. they continued talking until the bell rang. and then just stormed out of the room. my other students came up to me supportively said what was that? we never saw that person before. but they were trying to shut down the course to make it uncomfortable. >> of course. >> on november -- go ahead. >> unfortunately we are out
11:45 pm
of time. i would ask you very quickly if you have noted that a small number of malcontents has the power all of a sudden not just in your class but in society. you have noticed that? >> oh, absolutely. people who were not my students showed up on the morning of november 9th, just after the election. waiting to disrupt the class. when i just proceeded with business as usual, they left, but that small number is ready to try to shut down any open discussion of ideas. >> i don't think coming on the show is going to help your kazmierczak any. coming on saying reasonable things totally probably causing more trouble for you. but thank you for doing it anyway. appreciate it, professor. >> happy to do it. >> well, amazingly, speaking of colleges, princeton and brown university providence just took a small step toward sanity today. whoa, didn't expect that what the school president did. you may actually agree with it pete hegseth went to one of those schools and is in the friend zone tonight. be here in a minute. ♪fo ♪ i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry,
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>> it's time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our legitimate friends within this building from fox here on the show. tonight we are joined by pete hegseth a fox news contributor who you can usually find on the couch. i sat next to him many, many times. pete went to princeton, i don't want to out you here on the air. normally we would be calling you on to account for some lunancy they were committing at princeton. >> yeah. >> tonight amazingly princeton university and brown university in providence ivy league only two schools in that league to have declined to become sanctuary campuses for students here illegally. what is going on? >> i don't know what's going on. sanity is breaking out old nassau at prince university and brown of all places.
11:50 pm
ivy league. two cleaning presidents basically making the exact same argument that guess what? the rule of law of our country still applies inside the academic bubble. and so they may have safe spaces and trigger warnings and all the nonsense that you and i talk about all the time. but immigration law actually still applies in these places and they are making -- the president of princeton is a constitutional scholar. is he making that constitutional argument. guess what, kids? you may not like it, but the rule of law matters and here is not -- this is not a sanctuary campus. >> i was sort of disappointed. the idea that a college is like a mid evil church and as long as you make it inside you are safe in case you want to rob a liquor store you know where to go. it turns out that's not true. the law applies even there. was it like that when you went there? >> princeton? >> you know, i will have to say when i was at princeton even in 2003. i ran the conservative publication caused the princeton tory. it was right after 9/11 we made a lot of arguments that i think today, many years later we wouldn't be allowed to make. we had real free speech. >> what is that?
11:51 pm
we are looking at a guy in some kind of athletic uniform. looks like basketball game. is that you? >> that's me, tucker. yes. i sat -- that's a rare appearance on the floor. i'm usually on the bench. actually during my four years playing at princeton. did i play. we made it to the ncaa tournament one time. and you know, i got in and fouled somebody right away to make sure i would make it in to the record books. >> when you were at princeton were you also in rotc? >> i was in rotc. yeah. although i would say my basketball time was even harsher. coaches there old school guess what, pete, the reason you are not play something because you are not good. how about you make more shots. >> i love that. >> that's literally what they would say to me in the face. i did rotc as well and honored to too it one of three in the mighty tiger battalion. princeton was one of the few schools that had rotc the rest of them had booted it out. princeton is not conservative but the little bit more traditional. in that sense, things like rotc have stuck around.
11:52 pm
>> it shows. you are not meeting a lot of 30-year-old guys who went to yale who are normal. princeton has some. only three in the entire school. >> only three in my year in the entire school. guess what i wasn't even the battalion commander i was number two. i wasn't the leader of the three. i was average then. but we did the best we could. >> we have a picture of you in your full rig. doesn't really look like princeton though. can you see the screen? >> no. so that photo is deceptive. that's guantanamo bay, cuba. but it's the only one i had as a second lieutenant which was what i was commissioned as at. that's the old uniform. we used like running cadence around campus early in the morning yelling crude army cadences to the great offense of all my fellow ivy league students at princeton who didn't want to hear those bad words that early. >> yeah. and i'm sorry that i mistook guantanamo bay for princeton. they are both leafy. were you the last -- graduate do you think? >> we did a few reasonable
11:53 pm
graduates since. i think it was one of the last reasonable time periods where insanity had taken over. shapiro the president before the one that took over, it's all just ascending down hill, tucker. i wish i had good news to share. something like -- the fact that we're celebrating the fact that it's just not a sanctuary campus and that's a big win shows you how far it's been gone. like kellyanne conway as a woman to win a first presidential election race. you don't actually count. you have got to be a progressive who believes in climate change in order to get lauded for being a graduate of any of these universities. >> this whole education bubble is going to collapse at some point. i don't know if i even asked you off air. am i allowed to ask what your status is? job status? there has been talk that you might go in the administration? is that true? >> yeah. i mean, i met at the tower and had a good meeting.
11:54 pm
and, listen, i'm inclined towards service. i'm honored to be considered. but i don't get any weight or power in that decision. there is only one man that's going to make a call about who does what. i have spent a lot of my life working for vets and the military would be passionate to have the opportunity to do so. and i'm excited about what donald trump is creating an opportunity to do to rebuild the military and fix the v.a. which has to happen. we will see what happens. >> i have no weight either but i can't think of any man better for the job than you so i'm routing for you. >> you are biased. >> i am biased. very biased. see you, man. coming up, we asked to you send us the most egregious examples of media bias and dumbness idumbness have seen. you know the address @ tucker carlson or tucker carlson we do not disappoint.
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test test.
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>> and now it's time for news abuse. we asked to you send us the most over-the-top examples
11:59 pm
of bias and dumbness you have seen in the press. we could do the whole show doing. this tonight we have one piece. warren wrote this from the harvard business review the headline do conservative managers guyive give smaller bonuses to the women. good question we know the hillary campaign paid women less and obama white house paid women less. i don't know. we have to check in the conservative manager question. some sunshine places sent us this headline from esquire. get used to this phrase during the trump years: american authoritarianism. who gets politics from esquire anyway? , this is from the miami herald palm beach society billionaire joins donald trump's, quote: populist revolution. most effective populists are rich boy the way so you know. finally natalie harp tweeted us this headline from the guardian, a paper from another country, frightened by donald trump? you don't know the half of it. luckily, most of their readers have already left america. in fact, they never lived
12:00 am
here in the first place. tomorrow night, mean tweets, they're back. send your cruelest @ tucker carlson email us at "tucker carlson tonight" welcome to "red eye." hello, every -- everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy. >> the chinese government and the mainstream media are up in arms after donald trump answers a call from taiwan. do we really need more comme's. and a man duke itself out with a kangaroo in the most exciting boxing match of the year. the video you can't see anywhere else. especially the internet. don't even bother. it is only here. and a company says it will be offering trips to the moon for 10 grand. unfortunately they don't offer one-way ticts


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