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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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visit to join the fight. thank you very much, you guys. starting with this fox news alert, donald trump picking a fight today with boeing as transsis meetings roll on today. good to be with you this afternoon. so president-elect trump surprising reporters today. we usually see people going in and out of there, he came down, the elevator doors opened, and here is what he said. >> we talk about a lot of things to a lot of people. we is a v a lot of people coming up. doing very well. >> that was not the main point why he came down.
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the short list for secretary of state keep getting longer. so today we have the exxon ceo meeting with donald trump today. we learned something easy about mr. trump's investment. sort it out for us if you can. >> we learned that mr. trump dumped all of the took he owned for every company back in june. it became a topic of conversation because he picked a fight with boeing. a company he used to own shares of until a couple months ago. he thinks they're way over
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budget while building the new air force one. building a high-tech new plane and they don't think mr. trump understanding the nature of the deal, but it turns out there was about 150 holdings he would have had. it could address some of the concerns that ethics experts and people on the left have been coming forward with with potential conflicts of interest for when the president, who has been a businessman, gets worn in. >> what will oh he do about that cash, apparently he missed the trump rally that happened after the election, any idea where it all goes? >> with the money we don't know. all we know is who is coming here today. we have a guest list and there is a possible next secretary of state on it, that would be rex
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tillerson. but he is set to retire and he is set to accelerate his retirement schedule if the top job is offered to him. he is an intriguing candidate because he has dealt extensively with vladimir putin in the last several decades. . terry branstad is here today. he is the longest serving governor. a democrat was here this more, she requested a meeting with the man moving to her city and she is working with him on dc statehood. >> we talked about what is important to washingtonians and becoming the 51st state is up with of them.
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>> and the president-elect will be on his way to fayetteville, north carolina. his second appearance with james mattis. >> interesting, tonight, thank you. so what goes into acquiring a new air force one. it has to be fitted with the latest technology and defense measures as well. hi, doug. >> hi, martha. a brand new 747 costs just short of $400 million a piece. it has to do with the electronics, it would fry ordinary electronics.
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it is the subject of a lot of dispute. >> it is over control. it is going to be over $4 billion, and i think it is ridiculo ridiculous. >> a former george w. bush secretary said bowing tells me that they don't have a price tag yet, they don't know where the price tag comes from. given the d.o.d.'s procurement prof access, trump may not be far off of the market. >> about half of all pentagon contracts, they have one bidder and some companies have to sue to get into the process. if he says we need to reform how the pentagon does business, he
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is right. >> bowing said we look forward to working on subsequent fazes. trump may also be trying to send a signal about taking manufacturing overseas. i asked a senior executive about his plan to punish american company that's do business overseas. that executive said we just recently announced that we're going to open a 737 center in china. that allows us to sell more 737s in china and that allows more american jobs. these are things that trump generally does not like. >> thank you very much, doug. for more on this, host of making money on the fox business network, and a fox news military
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analyst, thank you. so you have the business side of this occasion and the military side, let's break that down for the viewers at home. when donald trump came down on the elevator today, he came out not to discuss who might be coming in and out, but he had a very stesk goal. he says he thinks the air force one program is too expensive and they better rethink his numbers on that. >> listen, we have almost $20 really in debt. the pentagon tried to hide a report of $125 billion. who knows how much it costs to build them, but donald trump is letting corporate america know there are two things i'm drawing
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a line on. you shipping jobs away and taking advantage of the corporate taxpayer. it looks like that will stop. >> we know that with marine one when president obama took office, he wanted to knock that back as well. what do you think about this? >> i was on the board at the company when that helicopter was canceled. it went from $6 billion to $13 billion for aircraft. i think what is driving it is requirements that are far too excessive. and that is where they have to get a handle on it. for instance on marine one. they were designing two seats. one for president bush, one for
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mrs. bush, that would virtually ensure in a crash they would not be killed. so they put on missiles, they have command and control for nuclear operations in case that was true on the helicopter and clearly on air force one. but they are far too excessive. >> when you look at some of the things on air force one, it has to be able to refuel in flight, they need cutting edge communication equipment. it is essentially a flying white house. he needs to have all of the intelligence capabilities. they need classified government computer networks.
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you need to order a military strike or a nuclear strike from that lane as well. >> and that costs a lot of money. a few years ago, a prince bought a air bus from $300 million and spruced it up with $200 million. and that didn't have missile technology. so the cost is a big deal. boeing, the largest exporter in our country, and in 1996, they had 240,000 employees. now as they export more, it feels like the jobs are leaving as well. . we have to be better stewards of your money. >> yes, and this f 16 plant
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they're going to build in india. and we're not building f 16s for our military, but they asked the workers and they said they're worried. >> lockheed martin -- >> yeah, the world is a big place and their selling products around the world. donald trump is sending a message this morning about government costs and sending jobs overseas. to away in on one of o marsha the latest editions who is a fascinating individual. and you have police on high alert after an anonymous phone
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call from a foreign country set a lot of things in motion there. >> the reason we want today bring you the information to your company is that there is an imminent threat that it was to take place tomorrow. right knew we're looking at the credibility of the threat.
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the police are on high alert in los angeles today after a potential terror attack that was plotted for today. . it was going to be at universal city. it is usually very crowded there
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full of restaurants and clubs, but security is extra visible as they assess the social of this threat. what is it like there and what are authorities saying to the public at this point? >> they're doing everything they can to reassure the public. first and most obviously armed with ar 15 rifles. they have had officials riding the metro from this exact stop to try to reassure the public him saying that he would not ask the people of l.a. to do anything that he would not do himself. >> we wanted an abundance of
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skaugs here today and reassure people that we will have the necessary security in and around our system. >> from what we have seen, most people have taken that on board. it remains a very calm situation. >> thank you, jonathan in los angeles. in terms of the credibility, can you tell me if they think it continues to be real as the day goes on? >> they have not taken the skpurt away as you just saw, which goes to the point they are still tracking down the credibility of the tip. it came in from a phone line
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overseas. it was a man, he was speaking english, and we don't know what country the call was made in, but they want to track down the voracity of that tip. >> that is something that we will continue to develop. i think the important take away from this is that you know that we are taking all appropriate action to address this. everyone that needs to be informed is being informed of the appropriate information. also with our international partners. >> so it may turn out this was really a book, but no one is taking any chances until they're sure that is the choice. >> doesn't seem like they had
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any choice. and so the intrigue continues at trump tower. secretary of state is where the major focus of that intrigue remains. the guests come and go from the tower. many midtown manhattan we have watched it play out. plus this report about wasteful government spending. it was uncolored they did a report at the pend gone that showed hundreds of millions in waste, but nobody there wanted anyone to know about what they found and why, when we come back. generosity is its own form of power.
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don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. we're back with a fox news alert as the president-elect makes another unexpected visit to the camera today. he made this announcement, watch. >> he just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. he is one of the great men of industry, so thank you very much. thank you, thank you. >> if you would like to speak to him, you can, but one of the truly great men. >> thank you, thank you. >> you may want to say hello. >> isn't this fascinating
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watching this go on? it's like a deal a day. a man in a hurry to be sure. they're showing pieces from sort of presentation they just did. we'll try to figure all of that out. he stops to talk to the reporters in the lobby. he is also working to expand his search for secretary of state. who knows how many more could be added to that list for secretary of state. there was four that it seemed to be narrowed don to last week. marsha blackburn part of the energy and commerce committee. when you look at that list of ten, are they all viable
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candidates? we are learning about who has been bumped up, who is bumped down. >> i think everyone is viable, and someone who would be a good option. what we don't know is how he is putting all of this together, and he is the money that nations the decision for how he thinks the personalities and the skill sets are going to work together with other people that he is pulling into the cabinet. as you know, you want to have a team that is well balanced. you want a team that will have strengths, weaknesses, that off set one another, and you apt team that understands the vision and the mission for whatever goals are to be accomplished. i think mr. trump is doing this very well. he is ahead of schedule. this cabinet is coming together faster than any in modern history, and he is very attentive to this process, and
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it's what the american people want to see. >> he has time 37 it is the 6th. we have seen in the patrick swayze. time is on his side, as he says. one of the interesting additions. rex tillerson. what do you think about hadding his name to the list? >> what i sea, and some of the new names to the list, and people he is working with, springing to bear some of the business skills that can be transferred until the public sector and running government in a more business like fashion. it gives you insight into the direction this cabinet will take. finding solutions that dogged government for years.
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reducing the size, scope, and cost of the federal government. as you see the different agendas come forward and the different individuals, i think what you're seeing is a more business like approach. >> we just want to point out we showed a picture of mr. tillerson with vladimir putin. he did a number of deals with them. a lot of knowledge about how things work there. we'll find out more about that as we go. thank you very much. >> thank you, you too. >> the trump team is looking for new digs, trying to move from mid down. some people say they're happy about that, but they're going to washington. so what i that have from house hunting to a surround sound
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super structure nap is what kel kel kellyanne conway has been talking about. trace? >> as the marine band plays, some 10,000 people gather here to commemorate the 75 year mark of the attack. when we come back we'll show you exactly why parole harbor was not the initial target coming up on "america's news head quarters."
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we're just getting word, larry any thoughts on that? >> this is a pif to the roll, i think, that donald trump made no secret of fact that he wants to reset our relationship with china. not in the way with a plastic button over there. he is seeing china as a major scan right now. and whoever is the ambassador for that nation will be having major dasks at hand. also ignoring their violations of human rights. and we sort of ignored the human rights. >> he has been a long serving
11:34 am
and trusted governor in iowa, a popular governor, i'm not sure what his qualifications are, but we will wish him well. >> a very important role and one that terry branstad, the issue that we introduced you with. the reports of jared kushner and iv ivanka trump moving to washington. and also supporting the legislative role. i have to be honest, i hate this
11:35 am
idea. when he got elected they transformed it into organizing for america. so the why was they would keep this campaign going pl everything they did became a campaign issue. i hated it when obama did it, and i have to be consistent. they need a break from politics. >> you can weigh in on this. they think he will need a outside apparatus. some of the through state senators, and cabinet appointments. they have outside groups supporting that. >> i have been through this with two direct presidents.
11:36 am
and obama they decided to keep in it outside. i think for kellyanne conway, she will not be a major player in the administration any more. they can't keep up and if she thinks she'll have it both ways, i think she will be really disappointed next year. >> she has been a very close advisor to president-elect trump and no doubt he wants to have her area on big issues. so thank you very much, good to see you both. >> same here. >> so a new report by the washington post says the pentagon buried a study that shows buried $125 billion in wasteful spending. they were worry thad it would
11:37 am
discuss defense spending. so what is in this that they may not have wanted anyone to see? >> it is interesting. i just spoke to bobby stein, the head of the defense business board. and he says cash carter stopped the report. enough to pay for 50 army brigades. the report was released by this independent group of business executives. they found half a million back office dod personnel are just assigned to logistics. the latest stats are still arming. more than a million contractors, civilian and uniform personnel filling back office jobs.
11:38 am
it supports 1.3 million troops. the fewest since the washington post. they tell me this report that came out two years ago informed some of their recent budget cuts, but though well intentioned, they had limited value. the initiatives in the same areas and lacked specific actionable items. they say it's not true according to senior defense officials. they found the report is still on the site. >> it certainly will, thank you. >> so loved ones gathering in hawaii for the anniversary of
11:39 am
the surprise attack on pearl harbor. they are remembering and honoring those killed and wounded only that fateful day. they are going to ring the freedom bell, and you hear the military band in the background. they are expecting some 10,000 people here for the commemoration ceremonies. many of them will be world war two veterans. including four of the five final survivors of the uss arizona. you see the memorial all the way across the harbor. that is where 1777 men lost their lives. we should notice this was not the first fargt.
11:40 am
watch. in the first wave of the attack, there was 183 japanese airplanes that came this way. you see the hangers where there are still pockmarks. they were standing nose to nose and they made for a very'sy target. you see still see the bomb scars. >> this is all on a carrier, they felt like if they got the air tower -- simultaneously they were hitting the battleships, but they had to hit the planes. >> there is a little irony here. you're looking live at the
11:41 am
aircraft carrier and there was no aircraft carriers in pearl harbor. luckily they were all out at sea. if they were here, which many of them were supposed to be, it could have been an entirely different war in is a very big deal to a lot of people here. martha? >> trace, thank you so much. >> so construction on the dakota access pipeline has been halted, but they say they're no going anywhere. they're dealing with a dangerous business argue. they're live in north dakota and we'll take you there for that. terrorists have turned to social media to spread their prop
11:42 am
canaca -- propaganda, but companies are teaming up to help stop it. >> they have been officially designated as illegal terrorist organizations.
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shep hard smith on the fox news desk. the president-elect announcing a japanese bank agreed to invest $. 50 million in the united states creating tens of thousands of new jobs, he says. we will speak about that, part of a trend, something more to come? we'll see you at the some of the hour. >> it is never boring these days. facebook, twitter, microsoft and you tube all getting together to clear extremist material from
11:46 am
the their websites. they will create a digital data bait on information, images, hashtags, you can add hashes. other companies can use them to identify the content on their identity, and remove them when appropriate. each company will determine what hashes to contribute to the shared database. so what does this mean when does it mean for freedom and the first amendment. judge, good to have you here. i think a lot of us, watching what you see on the internet. the boston marathon bombers. i imagine that you had some concerns about this? >> i do, but we start with some
11:47 am
basics, the first amendment saying congress should make no law, and not just congress, but only the government, so the first amendment does not retrain the owners of the platforms, google, facebook, microsoft from interfering with the freed of speak. the rantings and ravings that we think inspired the horrific attack on ohio state university last week inspired that and that is lawful, the golf will not interfere with that. out of decency and human safety, the owner of the platform decides not to run it. these people will have to find another means to get their
11:48 am
radical messages out. that, too, can be dangerous. not as dangerous as the government. an escape google and vernment, facebook. >> so so it is you tube's company, facebook's company, and they don't have to allow anyone to come in and use their product if they want, sfliegt. >> right, which he go somewhere else to pedal what he wants to peddle. the "new york times" is doing what they think is best for their investment in their company. if their investors want to hear more of this stuff that is so dangerous, maybe they will rethink it, right now it seems to be a very popular move. >> in terms of what they're
11:49 am
compelled to share with the government. >> they are not compelled. they have all entered agreements with the government, if they find something that fits in this category, the language itself is not criminal, but it may tip the government off and they're correcting these hashtags in this area. >> correct, and now the question becomes will a new platform arrive that is unsenators that would be lawful, but we don't know who would invest in it. >> thank you very much, judge, good to see you. >> like wise. >> protestors trying to stop a controversial pipeline vowing to carry on no matter what mother nature throws at them and she is throwing a lot right now.
11:50 am
our friend is standing in the frigid whether in north dakota. william, what is going on there, buddy? >> the protestors that vowed never to leave are being forced to evacuate because of this weather. it is rather windy and they're putting calls out to help from the state. that story is coming up. terribl. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. ensure enlive. always be you.
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protesters who call themselves water protectors say they have no plans to leave the dakota pipeline site despite the decision to suspend the construction and onset of a
11:54 am
dangerous blizzard. joining us live near the town of cannon ball is hanging on out there. >> reporter: we have a windchill advisory and blizzard warning and snow emergency. as a consequence, security personnel down at standing rock are evacuating people tent by tent, prioritizing based on medical needs and women and children first. some are being told to wait until they have confirmed transport. others with hypothermia have been relocated to the prairie nights casino and others with medical issues have been told to go to the big dome tent in the center of the camp site and priority evacuation. the temperature is around 10 degrees and it's going down below zero tonight. the windchill is about minus 21. frostbite in about 30 minutes. now the bia has stated the department emergency services
11:55 am
for emergency first aid for six individuals. we don't know their condition. the casino pavilion is filling up and they are quote out of food and eating fried bread and chili and in a high school filled up as well. they put out a call from help from the national guard to clear the roads. we are told they need propane trucks and unleaded fuel trucks and water. two high schools were open last night, one in mandan, that had 25 protesters that didn't have anywhere to sleep. one of the problems, martha, people got in their cars because they couldn't stay warm in the tents and used up all of the fuel and they are stranded and the other part two-wheel drive vehicles skidded off the road because we got 6 to 9 inches of snow. as it is right now, the state moved out snow plows from i-95 to try to get those people out on the roads on route 6 and we'll send it back to you but that's the situation, not good. >> not good at all. william, thank you very much. tough situation out there.
11:56 am
from snow in north dakota to montreal, where this happened. >> cabs and police car and ironically the salt truck all colliding with each other. there's the police car skidding around out there during the icy snowstorm over the course of a couple of minutes. we are told that nobody was seriously hurt. get ready for old man winter, folks. it is coming your way if it isn't already there. quick break, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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will not be out until 2018, 1200 calories and lasts three years. we'll see you next time. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 in new york city where president-elect trump is lashing out at the whoelt new target, boeing. already approved by current president, what happens to boeing 150,000 american employees when the most powerful man in the land has you in his sight? and president obama is scheduled to give his final speech on terrorism before he leaves office. >> aren't you glad the 2016 race is finally over, now it's time to talk 2020. already vice president biden is hinting he may have his


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