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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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every last american life and life, and life. during the campaign i also spent time with american workers who were laid off and forced to train. the foreign workers brought in to replace them. we won't let this happen any more. can you believe that? you get laid off and then they won't give you your severance pay unless you train the people replacing you. that's actually demeaning maybe more than anything else. and you know the name of one of the companies that's doing it. i'm going to be nice because we're trying to get that company back. don't forget much harder when a company announced a year and a half ago -- some of these companies, like carrier, they announced long before i even knew i was going to be running
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for president. by the way, are you glad i president? i think so, right? the movement. it's a movement. but that's -- it's very hard to tell somebody we don't want you to leave, we don't want you to go to mexico or wherever you're going and they say but sir, we've already built or plant. that's not a great position. and yet we still kept so many of those workers. that was a good job. i'll tell you, our governor who will soon be our vice president, indiana, we call him indiana mike, he is a great guy. one of my great decisions. he's a friend of mine but he's a great guy. hasn't he done a great job in mike pence. he's done such a good job. one of my first executive orders will be to ask the department of labor to investigate all visa
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abuses that undermine jobs and wages for the american worker, to protect our country from terrorism and extremism. we will suspend immigration from reaches where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. you know, i've used the expression extreme vetting. extreme. oh, it's going to be extreme. we want people coming into our country, we want them coming in legally. but we want them coming in le l legally. but we want them coming in. when i talk about we will build the wall, we will. there's going to be big beautiful doors. we're going to have people coming into our country but they're going to come in through a process, they're going to come in legally and we're going to see that these people have true capability to love us, to love us, not to hate us, to love us.
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earlier today i visited the campus of ohio state university, great great place, to meet with the victims of the terrible attack that occurred only days ago, along with first responders who were terrific. one young man did a phenomenal job, saved a lot of lives. our whole nation extends or prayers -- it's true. that man was -- young guy. give him an applause. come on. he might be watching. so our whole nation extends our prayers, our support and really our solidarity. we're solid. we're going to be together. we're going to be a strong strong together nation. i was lucky enough to receive the "time" person of the year. they used to call it man of the year but they can't do that anymore. they call it person. they want to be politically correct.
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that's okay. and they talked about heads up, a divided nation on the cover. then they have to go a little bit into this stuff. a divided nation. i said, i haven't been president. what are you saying that for? we're going to bring the nation together. we're going to bring the nation tot together. we're not going to have a divided nation. and i want to applaud the university leadership and students for their response to the attack and their police department has done a terrific job. and it's swift, life-saving work. they have really been -- i met them today. they are great people. this horrific assault is one tragic reminder that immigration security is now national security. no more games, folks. no more games. no more games. a trump administration will
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always put the safety and security of the american people first. it's going to be the american people first. it hasn't been that way. hasn't been that way. when i look at these trade deals that i've been studying so much over the last little while, i actually think that they meant to make them good for other nations. maybe that was a concept because they say, how can agreement be so bad. is it possible to be so bad? i really believe that they meant to make it good. maybe to help the other nation. but they're killing us. are we tired of this? they're killing us, okay? how many of these can you do. we'll change them around and we'll get it going. and you see what's going on. you see what's kbigoing on on w street. it's a beautiful thing. all around the world they're talking about our country and we haven't even started yet. wait until we start. wait until we start. search potential.
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[ crowd chanting "usa" ]. thank you. we want to see kp l and these great companies building these plants in the united states. that's what i want to see. big plants. their biggest plants. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. funny how that term caught on, isn't it? i hated it. somebody said drain the swamp. i said that's so hokey. that is so terrible. i said all right i'll try it. about a month ago i said drain the swamp and the place went crazy. then i said it again.
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then i said it like i meant it and then i starptted to mean it. drain the swamp. it's true. drain the swamp. i will impose a five-year ban on executive branch officials of becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on officials becomes lobbyists for a foreign government. can't do it. not going to help them. we face many challenges, but this is truly an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. you, the american people, will
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be in charge. your voice, your desires, your hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. you will be the captains of your own destiny. and that's what happened during this election. people came down and people came out. great americans, they love the country more than anyone. but they haven't voted in 20 years, in 30 years, some of them have never voted at all. and they came out and stood in line for four hours and five hours. and all of these geniuses said, where did these people come from? where did they come from? oh, where did they come from? where, where, where. we didn't know they existed. where did they come from? now they know, right? together we will raise incomes and create millions and millions
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of new jobs. we will lower taxes, unleash american energy and bring thousands of new companies to our shores and we won't let our companies leave. we will reestablish the rule of law and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. so important. you don't know what you did when you put me in this position. because now we are going to have just that one subject was so important. if nothing else, supreme court. i used to say, if nothing else -- you know, they have the never trumpers right? never trumpers. by the way, they're on res
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pirater again. i will tell you, i used to go in a room early on and i had some never trumpers in there. i would say if for no other reason, the supreme court of the united states. nothing else. forget about everything else. she knows. we will fight for great schools and safe neighborhoods. we will restore respect for america and for the american flag. we will heal our divisions and unify our country. when americans are unified, there is nothing, nothing we cannot do. no task is too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. my message tonight is for all americans from all parties, all beliefs, all walks of life.
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no matter your age, your income, your background, i am asking you to join this incredible movement. i am asking you to dream big and bold and daring things for your country. i am asking you to believe in yourself and i'm asking you to believe again in america. it's going to be great. it's going to be great. and if we do that, then all together we will make america strong again. we will make america rich again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, iowa. thank you. thank you very much. god bless you, iowa. god bless you.
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♪ breaking tonight, that was president-elect trump wrapping up the third stop on his thank you tour which is taking him to some of the biggest states that he won across the country. and while the crowd in des moines may have been going wild for the president-elect just moments ago, that's nothing compared to the hysteria among some democrats over mr. trump's pick to head the environmental protection agency. welcome to "the kelly file" tonight. i'm sandra smith in or megyn kelly. president-elect trump and mike pence taking the stage in iowa as part of their thank you tour. they added yet another stop just this afternoon. but that's not what have folks talking about the incoming commander in chief today. as folks on the left lose their minds over the decision to tap
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oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to head the epa. but as mr. trump made clear moments ago, he's not backing down on any of his picks. >> and you saw today scott pruitt who is a tremendous guy, who has been met with tremendous applause from the business community. we're going to protect the family farm and we are going to end the epa intrusion into your liv lives. >> former house speaker newt gingrich joins us in moments. but first to peter doocy live in des moines where the crowd was energetic to say the least tonight, peter. >> reporter: they were, sandra. and on his way here, the president-elect donald trump stopped at ohio state university to meet with some of the victims and first responders involved with that mass stabbing a few weeks ago. and just now a few minutes ago
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he said that attack in columbus, ohio has profved that immigratin security is national security. he also did take credit for the stop market surge. he said the dow jones would not be up if he was not on his way to the white house and he addressed questions coming up from people on the left about why he's putting so many billionaires on his cabinet. he wants people who made a fortune in the business world to be representing the united states and making people for the money who voted for him and for people who did not. that's all on purpose. as for the crowd, mr. trump did have many events during the campaign in rooms like this one. and it seemed like it took the crowd that was very happy a little bit longer than at a campaign event to get really excited, really loud. but once they saw with their eyes in person mr. trump, it was just like, just like the summer, just like the fall in all of the swing states that he's
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revisiting on this thank you tour. a lot of people said they had seen mr. trump before. some folks liked what he said during the campaign and they wanted him to come back with specifics. and a new specific we got tonight, was about how he's pledging to improve the quality of clean air and clean water. he was mentioning that because he did name the person that he wants to run the environmental protection agency, oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt. and pruitt is somebody who says he's not sure about the signs of climate change and that has democrats in a tizzy. >> with controlled epa, pruitt could do immense damage to the air our children breathe and the water they drink. >> the attorney general of oklahoma who has been working hand in glove with the energy industry to call into question the science of climate change. >> he's going to try to bring
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the epa to its knees. he's going to try to turn the epa into standing for every polluter's ally. >> reporter: so mr. trump is done here in iowa. tomorrow, another stop on the tour, michigan. >> thank you. live from des moines tonight. joining me now, former house speaker newt gingrich. thank you for being here tonight. you were sitting there listening to the president-elect's words in iowa. who struck you about his speech just now? >> well part of it is the very calm delivery. if you watch, he has an almost soft tone now. he's reassuring people, going back over ground, make it a little broader, a little clearer. plus things like introducing his new ambassador to beijing who turns out to be a close personal friend of the chinese prime minister, a relationship that goes back to the chinese prime
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minister having come and spent time in iowa. it's more than just trade deals and iowa agriculture. but he's going to be a remarksable spokesperson. and he's the longest serving governor in the united states. iowans have loved him and i think he's going to be very effective. you're seeing trump flesh out this cabinet and his key team with competent, successful people. >> and it did seem like he was branching out. they're calling this his thank you tour but there at the end you heard him say join this movement, believe in america. perhaps in addition to it being a thank you tour, it's reaching out to those who did not support him or did not vote for him. >> yeah, i think that president-elect trump believes he cadd 25% of the country to te base that he has. that there will be a great deal of people saying, this guy is
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really trying to make america great again and he's really trying to make my life better. i think he believes it has to be a movement. he knows it can't be him by himself. and he's talked fairly often for the last six months about this idea this is a movement. that's what he wants. trump is more than donald trump. it's a way of thinking, a way of approaching problems. and i think he's the beginning of a new and different chapter in american history. >> perhaps we're seeing the beginning of what could be a very big fight with one of his more recent nominations, scott pruitt, the oklahoma attorney general as the head of the epa. you just heard some of the criticism there. but nancy pelosi saying this nomination must be blocked for the sake of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the planet we will leave our children. democrats are in an uproar over his nominating pruitt.
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>> crump donald trump is actual conservative, believes in this the things he campaigned on and he's going to do the things he promised to do. some of the left wing democrats, it's going to drive you notes. if you spend your life in san francisco with san francisco liberals, you're horrified by donald j. trump because he ain't you. but that's why he won. millions of people came out to vote. as trump was saying tonight -- i ran into a 90-year-old woman in georgia who had never voted who registered to vote for trump. there was a big block of folks who wanted to send a signal to the left. notice he said we're going to get the epa out of your life. there was spontaneous applause in iowa because formers see the epa as a major problem and headache for them just running their family farms. >> there was a strategy there to meet with al gore and leonardo
6:20 pm
dicaprio and now scott pruitt is the head of the epa. our own chris stirewalt is saying that he poses an interesting case to get the 51 votes needed for confirmation. not every republican may feel comfortable voting for him. do you see that happens? is there going to be a big fight there? >> could be. on the other hand there's some democrats that may decide to vote for him. senator manchin may vote for him. i think he's a very talented person, a very good attorney general of oklahoma. very respected among attorneys general. and i think as people get to know him, as he makes his case -- you know, it is nonsense to suggest that opposing epa regulations that are stupid means you're for dirty air or dirty water. we can have very clean air and very clean water and still have a limited rational government in washington. >> and he reiterated, the president-elect reiterated that
6:21 pm
campaign promise tonight, we heard it on the trail and heard it again tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. well a manhunt is under way tonight for an illegal immigrant suspected of killing two women in a hit and run crash. and now we're learning he has been deported eight times before. up next, laura wilkerson whose young son was murdered by an illegal joins us. plus when the president-elect stepped in to save jobs at carrier, the union cheered. why is one union boss now changing his tune? we'll investigate. and then after american voters backed president obama by historic margins, leading democrats are today saying the party's problems can all be blamed on racism. we'll fact check that claim just ahead. >> i think there's a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. on immigration, we will build the wall and we will put an end to illegal immigration
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and stop the drugs from pouring into our country. >> well that was president-elect donald trump in des moines, iowa just a short time ago promising to tackle the issue of illegal immigration. it comes as a manhunt is under way for a dangerous illegal immigrant accused of killing two women in kentucky in a hit and run crash. authorities say he had been deported eight times. and he even told border agents that he had repeatedly crossed into texas by wading and rafting across the rio grand river. joining us now, laura wilkerson. her son josh was killed in 2010. she's chair of enforce the law which is an organization helping to end sanctuary cities. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> what goes through your mind as a mother who lost her son in a similar fashion to an illegal immigrant to hear about these two women in kentucky killed by
6:27 pm
an illegal immigrant who has been sent out of the country multiple times. >> i'm enraged about it at how many times during his events could this have been prevented. not the first time, not the second, but eight times deported. its tells you what a rap sheet he must have to be deported eight times and be able to walk right back into the country. >> i want to talk about the man responsible of killing your son. he's a confessed killer. he was brought here by also illegal parents when he was 10. he was 19 when he killed your son. makes him eligible for dreamer status. now donald trump has promised, quote, we're going to work something out. you have supported donald trump and his efforts here. what do you make of his softened stance there and his words? >> i have supported donald trump and i continue to do that.
6:28 pm
i believe that he will do what he says he can do. i know that we have to build the wall first. you can't really assess this until you stop the flow of people coming across the border. it's wide open and people are in and out just liketory tells you, eight times deported. i believe he'll do what he says he'll do and now is the perfect time for him to do what he says he would do, build aha wall, enforce the law and get out illegals here committing crimes. >> this is something that you pour so much thought into on a daily basis and you've got this effort, enforce the law. but this is built up around three specific pledges. on the president-elect's plan. i go back to the idea that some say he's softening his stance here and talking about there's not going to be a solid wall. what do you make when you hear all of that? >> i don't -- i think that he will build the wall.
6:29 pm
i don't know that i think he's softening. now is the perfect time to push push push and get what we need done. i think it's time we start over in how we're pushing to get things done. >> and is the wall the answer? >> the wall is definitely the answer. you can't mop up what's hear until you stop the leak. it doesn't make any sense to assess who goes and who stays unless you assess the border. >> raum emanuel in the city of chicago promising to protect those in his city with the sanctuary status of the city. your thought to a mayor of a stig who's seen so much turmoil? >> i hope to visit his city some day and tell his citizens there what happened to josh. and do they want joshua's killer to come and live in their neighborhood. that's what he's advocating for. do they want the guy who killed josh and was proud of it to come
6:30 pm
live next door to them? >> we're sorry for the loss of your son. this is another tragic story and an issue you continue to shed light on. thank you for being here tonight. with us now is david wall, an attorney and supporter of president-elect trump. matt bennett is cofounder of the progressive group third way. david, it's horrific to have to hear another story like these two women in kentucky killed by an illegal immigrant. does this more make the case for you. you have been all along a donald trump supporter and the idea of the wall. >> he's a poster boy for the wall. no question about it. what message does this send to terrorists such as isis and al qaeda when this guy is deported eight times and saunters over the border eight times to come back and then to commit two counts of murder. it will be charged as murder in the state of kentucky. but this guy is who donald trump talks about when he talks about the need for the wall. there is no border. there isn't.
6:31 pm
he's probably on his way to california where our lawmakers just declared the entire state a sanctuary city. if the feds try to get ahold hof h of him, they won't cooperate. >> we don't know that much about these victims. we know that one was a 49-year-old woman, she died at the scene. the other woman was taken to the hospital and later died. do we have to hear more stories like this before we see real change? >> look, i hope not. these stories are heartbreaking and it's awful to hear about them. but the fact of the matter is this. the central promise that donald trump made during the campaign was the wall as you just pointed out. and the problem is that it's impossible for him to build a 2,000-mile wall along the mexico border. it's not going to happen. he admitted on "60 minutes" he's not going to build a 2,000-mile wall.
6:32 pm
there's going to be opportunity for people like this to continue to come across the border. we need stronger enforcement but we're not going to have a 2,000-mile wall. >> you're getting away from the issue. what about the status of sanctuary city, many of our u.s. cities where actively mayors like raum emanuel are trying to protect that. what do you make of that? >> well, remember these are sanctuaries not for criminals. president obama has deported more criminal aliens that any president in u.s. history and that will continue under president trump and it should. we should not allow criminal aliens to be in the country. these sanctuary cities are for people who have grown up here, tried to make the dream for themselves -- >> absolutely untrue. >> that's not untrue. >> they're going to be released from jail and when released from jail the immigration laws will not be honored. they're not going to cooperate with the feds. that's the reality that's going
6:33 pm
to stop on january 20th. and these women will hopefully be among the last who have to suffer those type of horrible endings. when he says he's going to build the wall, everywhere it's geographically possible the wall will be built. >> so it's where it's geographically possible. >> guys we've got to leave it there. thank you for jumping on tonight. president-elect donald trump unleashes on twitter after a local union leader accuses him of lying to the public about how many jobs were actually saved in the deal with carrier. katrina pearson and robert wolf are next to separate fact from fiction.
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6:38 pm
workers first, carrier decided to keep more than 1,000 good paying jobs in the state of indiana. make no mistake about it, carrier decided to stay in america because donald trump was elected president of the united states. >> well that was vice president elect mike spence touting the deal to keep more than 1,000 jobs in the u.s. his comments come in the middle f a feud with the president-elect and a local union leader attacking mr. trump in the media and accusing him of lying about how many jobs were spared. we go to ed hen vi. >> shortly after the election donald trump vowed that after getting closer to power, he pulled back on his tweets. but now jones is still feeling the tweet. he's getting threats of appearing on cnn last night
6:39 pm
questioning how many jobs the president-elect saved at carr r carrier. he recently told the new york post lied his butt off and that mr. trump was counting 350 jobs that were never supposed to move to mexico. that was too much for the president-elect who we know like to watch cable tv and tweeted back in real time, chuck jones who is president of the united steelworkers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder the workers go out of the country. >> first of all, that wasn't very damn nice. but with donald trump saying that, that must mean i'm doing a good job because these people are making a decent wage at carrier and i feel like i'm somewhat involved in making that happen where he does everything he can to keep the unions out in
6:40 pm
his hotels and casinos in this country, depriving them of making a living wage. mr. trump got the final record on twitter declaring if the union boss was really so good, the jobs would have never been leaving indiana in the first place. he added it's time to reduce union dues for that matter and for jones to spend more time working and less time talking. >> joining me is katrina pearson and robert wolf, former economic adviser to president obama and fox news cricket uews contribut. over a thousand jobs were going to be saved at the carrier plant in indiana. and then in the wednesday that follows, we heard from that union leader chuck jones say he pulled it off. the man deserves credit he even said for what he did for these carrier folks, without a doubt. a week passes and he says he's
6:41 pm
lying his you know what off. what so drastically changed? >> that's a question you should ask the union leader. but we know if you criticize the president-elect you get to go on tv all day and that's exactly what's been happening. there's no breaking news with the simple fact that the president-elect defended himself on twitter after being publicly attacked, viciously. i can't even repeat exactly what he said because of the expletive that was involved in calling the president-elect a liar. but the fact is that the ceo of united technologies, greg hayes, was with president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence at the carrier plant to make the announcement that over 1,000 jobs were saved. >> is it a discrepancy in the numbers? what's happening here? >> chuck is protecting the workers who did not get saved. i have to give credit to president-elect trump. he saved 700 jobs or 1100 jobs,
6:42 pm
whatever that number is. it's good for the country. my hope is that when he's in the auchs he doesn't use twitter as his bully pulpit. >> you have a problem with his use of twitter? >> my hope is that he'll do it much more strategic, have tax reform moving and things like that and be able to make sure that things are made in america, i hope he doesn't do it with tariffs. i hope it's policy driven. >> i know where you're going with this, robert, because we've chatted a lot of business. you sound you're pretty complimentary of what trump has done here is saying let's not go and threaten u.s. businesses, let's provide a business friendly environment in which these countries thrive and they keep these jobs here. funny to hear from a guy who supported obama for eight years >> i'm a capitalist at heart and i think obama did a great job in the economy. we could have a different debate
6:43 pm
on that. we're talk about what president-elect trump is going to do. at the end of the day we have to make sure we have appropriate trade going back and forth. we can't have tariffs that are onerous going each way. my view is what he said tonight. buy more in america, make more in america and hire more in america. that's a great thing. threatening companies is not the way to go. i give him accolades on the carrier transaction and i think chuck jones, you can figure out how to be disagreeable in a respectful way. i had many people hit obama over the years and i'm not going to be one of those who go on tv and hits president-elect in a kis respectful way. >> i hear that. >> there's a better way to do it. >> the use of twitter to go after a union president in this manner, the president-elect going after the union leader, what did you make of that? is that a good strategy? >> well recently the president-elect also tweeted the fact that he's still using
6:44 pm
twitter is that he will not get accurate coverage in the media. so he defended himself. that is not new. it's something that the president-elect has done for a long time. this same individual was on tv just yesterday saying he a had no idea of the terms that were negotiated, did not know if the kmakt nu exact numbers were discuss. how can you go on television and call them a liar when you didn't have the information that they had. >> the union leader, shouldn't he have known more about the specifics of the deal to react in one way only to change it a week later. >> outside of hitting president-elect trump on family, he hit him on the two things you don't want to be hit on. he hit him on his brand and he hit him on deal making. he said, you know, trump is lying and it's a bad deal. so i'm not surprised that president-elect took it back at him in a harsh way. but i think in 30 days we should get off of twitter and use the bully pulpit in a more effective
6:45 pm
way. >> even if that were true -- >> i got to leave it there. thank you for joining us tonight. we're a little squeezed at time because of donald trump talking apt the top of the hour. despite the fact that president obama twice won the white house by historic margins, now the democrats are down in the dumps. the president and his advisers are saying that racism is to blame. car rove and mo elthy on that next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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new fallout tonight from a new special on president obama's legacy that opened within nearly 20-minute segment on race. it featured interviews with the president and his top advisers suggesting racism was to blame for some of the opposition to the president's policy ipolicie. the language coming from the white house seems more pointed than ever. >> did racist play a role in the brick wall of resistance to barack obama. >> it's indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race. >> the sort of suppressed racial feel and resentment actually
6:50 pm
rather than being quelled by obama's rise was actually unleashed by obama's rise. >> i think there's a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states. so are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that i seem foreign, the other. are those who champion the birther movement, you know, feeding off of bias. absolutely. >> joining me you, former deputy chief of staff karl rove and founding executive director of georgetown's institute of politics and political service. mo ealy thy. karl can i get you to respond to david axelrod there, it's indisputable that that tl was a ferocity of action and a disrespect to him that was a
6:51 pm
function of race. >> to suggest that opposition, president obama's liberal policies was a result of republicans being a bunch of bigots, that they opposed him on obamacare because they were racist, they didn't like his stimulus bill and his economic policies because they hated black people, that's condescending and fundamentally wrong. there were deep divisions there in 2004 and they were ideological in nature. to suggest that he was opposed because his wu an african-american and his opponents were white is beyond the pale. >> mo, do you see any truth in president obama's response there about attitudes forward his presidency are different in the north an in the south? >> one part of the interview that didn't make it into the clip that just aired was that the president was saying it wasn't the mainstream republican opposition, not even a majority of the opposition to him that
6:52 pm
was race based but that there was an element, mostly on the fringe, that was making a lot of noise and distracting and taking up a lot of time. how many weeks and months did we have to talk about the birther movement. that wasn't mainstream. and i think the president acknowledges that. >> so karl, let me get -- >> it did drive a lot of the conversation. >> karl, let me get you to respond to that. mo i have the quote for you. oba0 bobama said he didn't viewm in the mainstream. instead it exists on the political fringe. >> for example, at one point when he begin to turn to the discussion of the affordable care act he said rage over obamacare was turning to race, end quote. i make the point that this president was delicate in how he said it but the implication was true, people who disagreed with me, particularly if they were in
6:53 pm
the south and were white was on the basis of white. two points. one is, is that he's fundamentally wrong about the difference between whites in the north and whites in the south. ben shapiro did a really excellent piece today in which he recalled the 2013 gallop study that found that attitudes of whites in the south and whites in the north with regard to race relations and to where blacks and whites were living were largely the same. and the gallop study said attitudes that might have existed in the '50s and '60s in the south have changed dra kmatkmat dramatically. people in the north and the south heard the president when they mocked him saying that people in those kinds of places cling to their religion and their guns. and maybe there was true philosophical differences between people who disagreed with his policies and the president. and to treat those as being largely or even substantially
6:54 pm
derived from race is really fundamentally wrong and i'm disappointed that the president would make that and that fareed zakaria was further it with his language. >> mo, with the last few seconds we have, you're pointing out the historic election, looking at president barack obama's 2008 win. he won 41% of white men, 46% of white women. >> look, i am not one of these democrats who considerings that all republicans are all trump supporters or racists because they're not. but i do think moboth parties nd to take a step back and be honest about looking at themselves. the republican party did attract a significant number of these racist elements into the party. that doesn't define the whole party. >> got to leave it there. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back. s simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure.
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christmas is coming. we're like 17 days out. the election is gone, the holidays are here. it's going to be summer before you know it. things for watching. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." tonight president-elect donald trump on his thank you tour speaking to supporters. laura ingraham will be here in a minute with reaction. first, here are some of the highlights. >> in filling my cabinet, i'm looking for people who fully understand the meaning of service and who are committed to advancing the common good. i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so


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