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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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kelly. eye-opening and inspiring doan again to cover it. thank you for joining us on this friday evening. good to have you. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." ♪ "the kelly file". ♪ welcome to "hannity." speaker of the house paul ryan will join us for an exclusive interview in a minute, but first president-elect donald trump speaking to supporters on the latest round of his thank you tour. here are some of the highlights. i am here tonight for one main reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of michigan. incredible. you went out and pounded the pavement, organized your fellow
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citizens, and propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of which, actually, actually, the world -- we don't just have to say the country -- the world has never seen. you know, i talk about the forgotten man, the forgotten women. well, let me tell you, they're not so forgotten anymore by the way, in case you haven't noticed. they're trying to figure out, they're still trying to figure it out, the media. where did all of these millions of people come from? i knew they were there. they just never had the incentive to go out and say, i like this person. but, boy, did they come out in big, big league numbers. government must stop litening to the special interests and start delivering for the national interests and for the people. >> also tonight, speaker of the house paul ryan met with president-elect trump earlier today at trump tower and speaker ryan joins us now in an
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exclusive interview. hey, mr. speaker, good to see you. >> hi, sean. good to be here. >> i know we had our differences, but i know you and donald trump had your differences. you were pretty harsh at times during the campaign. i spoke to him two days ago, and he said your relationship is great. >> absolutely. >> what happened? how did it evolve? >> you know, first of all we agree on the same goals. our agenda is one and the same, and we quickly decided -- first of all, at the end of the campaign we merged forces. if you recall mike pence and i up in wisconsin saying republicans come home, vote trump, vote for your senator, vote for your congressman, unify republicans. look what a republican government can get. that was the pitch we made in the closing moments of the campaign, and, yeah, i spent most of my time campaigning for congress because i wanted to make sure we had a strong republican majority, and now look what we have. we have a president, donald trump republican, a senate majority republican, which everybody was saying we weren't going to keep, and a very strong house majority. now we have unified republican
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government. it is really exciting, and so very soon after the race donald and i said, look, this is fantastic, we have so much to do. let's forget about any differences in the past and let's get working on the agenda. that's what we've been doing from that day on. >> i know there is still anger among trump supporters and the trump base. you said one of his comments you thought was racist or racial, to use the exact words, you had at different times said you're not ready to support him. i remember an exchange you and i had when donald trump was going to wisconsin and i know you had another engagement, i said you need to be with him. you said, i got to go out and campaign for other people. why were you so hesitant? why was it so hard -- >> look, he was the nominee, i was focused on keeping the house republican and i was very concerned about whether or not we could lose the house republican majority. as you know, speaker of the house your primary responsibility is to save house republicans. my biggest fears, the black swan
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event we were worried about was think of having a hillary clinton presidency, a democrat senate run by chuck schumer and a democrat house run by nancy pelosi. that to me was the horrible scenario i was trying to guard against. that was our default, break the glass, top it from happening. those things can happen. we had a 30-seat majority. we won 63 seats in 2014, the democrats won 31 seats in 2008. so these things can switch back and forth fairly -- back and forth fairly easily, so my goal was to protect the house republicans. at the end we were excited about the ability to close this race as a unified republican ticket, a unified republican party, so we could have unified republican government, which now we're not worried. we're not looking backwards, we're looking forward and excited about getting the agenda implemented. >> you said in 60 minutes you talk to him every day. >> yeah. >> tell me, what are the conversations like? >> it is all about personnel and policy. every conversation we have -- to me, you know how exciting this
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is for us. we have been fighting barack obama for eight years. this has been really un -- >> i warned the country about obama. i know all about obama. >> so to be able to talk on a daily basis with a man who is about to be the president of the united states about tackling the big problems and undoing the wreck and mess that was made before, it is so exciting! so the conversations we have always revolve around just getting things done. how we're going to replace obamacare, what tax reform looks like, how we're going to secure the border, how we're going to get people from welfare to work, how does rebuilding the military look like, these are the things we are talking about. we are talking about personnel, getting the right people in place, those kind of things. >> i have called this election the forgotten man/forgotten woman election. >> yes. >> for an entire year on this program i gave out statistics, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, lowest lab participation rates since the '70s, lowest homeownership rate
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in 51 years, more debt than 43 other presidents before him combined. for me winning elections is great but now it is time to govern. >> exactly right. >> that's what i want to ask you about. i want to go over the agenda. i was a little surprised at comments by congressman flores and i will get to it in a minute. i think originalists, you support originalist justices. >> yes. i didn't hear what bill forest said so i'm not sure. >> i'll get to it in a second. >> okay. >> on the economy which is where job creation is the most important thing, getting people back to work, getting economy in order, get growth. obama will the first president never to reach 3% gdp growth within a year. >> that's right. >> you said 20% on "60 minutes" in terms of corporate, will you go to 15 which is what he wants? >> it is a question of whether the numbers add up or not. in order to pass the budget with tax reform in it the numbers have to pass up. i would love to do 15. it is all a question whether we can make the numbers work so we get the votes we need to pass the budget through. it is a matter of getting it
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through congress. >> you have a majority. >> if you want to get into the details, in the house we have a majority and we are a majoritarian body. i need 218 votes and i can pass it. it doesn't work like that in the senate. as you know, they have the filibuster in the senate. >> harry reid -- >> he did the nuclear option not for policy. there is one bill, we call it budget reconciliation and it cannot be filibustered. >> that probably passed obamacare. >> no, they passed it with 60 votes and did a side bill to add to obamacare with spending and taxes. they called it the side car. >> i got it. >> here is the point. for you to be able to use reconciliation to not have a filibuster, it has to be deficit neutral. so we have to have deficit neutral tax reform. that's why i say 20 to 15 -- 20% we know is deficit neutral. 20% gets us there. 15% isn't deficit neutral, but we can -- we're going to work on this bill and try to get it as best as we can so that it stays
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deficit neutral so they cannot filibuster it. that's a long answer to why there's a difference between those two numbers. >> the repatriation part is what some two, three, four, $5 trillion, i don't think anyone knows the full number. >> that's right. >> multi-national corporations parked off-shore because of the confiscatory rates. you agree to allow the money back at a low rate? >> that's part of the plan. we want to switch our system over so that forever more you can bring your money back. in the old days, meaning back in 2005 -- >> that's really old. >> yeah. we had a holiday. so for a moment. then what happens is people use that holiday and then they keep their money overseas, stockpiling it waiting for the next holiday. >> you want to make it permanent. >> yes. >> would you consider maybe a 5% rate in the companies bringing the money back would agree to invest in detroit, in milwaukee.
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>> yeah. >> in cleveland? >> so the big debate we will be having in the spring when the budget comes forward is with the repatriation revenue that we get, where does it go? that's where the infrastructure conversation comes into play. the point is this, trillions of dollars are parked overseas that american companies would like to bring back and reinvest in this country, in this economy creating jobs -- >> and you're going to give them the opportunity? >> we're going to give them the opportunity to do it. >> we will pick it up on the budget. more with speaker of the house paul ryan right after the break. coming up later tonight right here on "hannity." >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. >> all right. now sore loser hillary clinton seems to be blaming fake news for her big election loss. lisa boothe, charlie hurt are here with reaction and more as we continue on this busy news night straight ahead. ♪ this busy news constipated?
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♪ live from america's news headquarters i'm patti an brown. the senate averts a government shut down passing a stop-gap spending bill to keep the country running through april 28. the bill expedites the process to confirm retired marine general james mattis as president-elect trump's nominee for defense secretary. arizona senior's senator was not happy with action on defense spending and has harsh words for his colleagues. >> the four uniform chiefs of our military, you are, and i quote them directly, putting the lives of the men and women serving this nation in uniform at greater risk, at greater
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risk. you are putting the lives of the men and women who are serving in military because we want to get out of here for christmas. shame on you. >> i'm patti an browne. back to "hannity" on fox news. ♪ on taxes we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. at the center of this plan is a massive middle class tax cut, middle class tax cut. we're also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15%, bringing new companies to our country and to your states. >> all right. those are highlights from president-elect trump's thank you tour. we continue now with the speaker of the house paul ryan is with us. we went over repatriation. we went over -- we're going seven brackets to three. >> right. >> and we're going to have, hopefully, a 15, between 15 and
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20%, and you talked to donald trump about that. obamacare is one of the first things on your agenda. >> it is, it is. >> transitioning from obamacare to either health savings account -- >> to a patient-centered system where you buy what you want to buy. obviously we think health savings account is a big part of it. a guy name tom price is biggest advocate. he is about to become hhs secretary. i coauthored a law in 2003. we want to give people options and choices. we want competition and choice which drives down prices and increases people's ability to buy what they want to buy. yes, there will be a good transition so that no one has the rug pulled out from under them as we go from this dark day of obamacare to a better system with lower prices and more choices. here is the point we keep trying to make to people. it is getting worse with obamacare. it is. >> actually the price is going up, more and more carriers dropping out. >> dropping out. the biggest health insurance company in america, united
10:15 pm
pulled out, aetna pulled out. double digit increases. they're maybic the deductible so high it is not like you have insurance in the first place. what we anticipate coming in 2017 is more of that. it is in a death spiral, that's the term they use for saying it is literally -- >> here is the question. >> it is going down. >> it took six full years to implement obamacare. how many years will it take to transition it? >> we're in the middle of trying to figure it out. >> less than two? >> we're atrying to figure it out. i hate to stick numbers on it because we're trying to figure it out. the trump government isn't even stood up yet, so those people who will be instrumental in making this work and be successful are not even in positions yet. what we want to do is bring relief immediately. we will work on repeal legislation immediately, and then we have to make sure there's a good transition period so that people don't have the rug pulled out from under them. then we can bring relief as quickly as possible. >> my biggest concern, and people that call my radio show and write me on a regular basis, it seems to be their biggest
10:16 pm
concern is a trillion dollars for infrastructure. you were asked on "60 minutes" how are you going to pay for it. >> yeah. >> immediately after you were on there was a guy that brought businesses to the golden triangle in mississippi. >> yeah. >> joe -- >> yeah, i watched that segment. it was private sector. >> it was private sector, but he makes deals with the government, they build roads, sewers and even a power grid to bring a steel mill into their town. it created over 12, 13,000 jobs, and revenues of the government went way up. my question is, how do you spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure? and how do you pay for it? >> here is the key. that trillion dollars is not just money from hard working taxpayers through the federal government. that money is leveraged money in the private sector. what we want to do is leverage private sector dollars with public/private partnerships so people put private money into rebuilding our airports, improving our infrastructure. there are a lot of innovate ideas to leverage private
10:17 pm
dollars. >> not a trillion dollar -- >> it is not washington spending a trillion dollars. >> how much will washington spend? >> that's something we will be figuring out and negotiating as we go. the goal is not just the take taxpayer money and throw it at big government programs. the goal is to refuleverage resources in the private sector so the private sector produces lean, mean and efficient and on time infrastructure. if you take a dollar and spend it through the washington system, cents on the dollar goes to the road, making improvement. we have to clean up the mess, by the way, which the obama administration made worse, but we also -- if you take a dollar that is spent by the private sector in private investment, so much more gets actually done in the construction. >> i would argue if it goes through d.c. bureaucracy and 535 guys fighting for it -- >> we don't want to pork it up, to be bureaucracy, we want it to be private sector leveraged so we have better jobs, more money going into the economy through
10:18 pm
the infrastructure and don't do it through a washington knows best program. >> why do i believe that america more than ever, especially i would argue that opec, saudi arabia, the middle east purposefully manipulated the price of energy to drive out of business some of the fracking companies and others. >> yeah. >> how quickly will you put on the agenda america energy independence, how fast? >> day one. this is what we're working with the transition team on. so i think there's a very legitimate point you're making there, which was the american energy renaissance that could be there for us but for our government was threatening to opec and threatening to other energy producers. we are sitting on a store of oil and gas that is tremendous. america, this country can be the dominant producer in the world. think of what it does for jobs. think what that does for our prices, for heating our homes and if -- >> every car could be driven on
10:19 pm
gas. >> electricity. >> cars can be -- >> think whats d it does for foreign policy. we are selling them our gas. it is fantastic for foreign policy, for jobs and everything but for our government. so what we're working with the transition team is what can they do immediately on day one to clear this, what we call regulatory underbrush, to clear the barriers that the obama administration put up. >> wipe them out. >> get rid of them. what do they need to do when they get better people in place in the administrative branch, to clean up regulations they couldn't through executive orders and the rest, and then what do we need to do legislatively to deal with the barriers? we're working hand in glove with the transition team as to what they can do administratively, what do we need to do. this is a day one project to start right away to get it under way. >> i want to talk about congressman flores's comments, i want to talk about vetting immigration, some areas where you may have disagreement with the president-elect. when we come back more with
10:20 pm
speaker of the house paul ryan, and also coming up tonight right here on "hannity." the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. >> hillary clinton, sore loser, keeps coming up with new excuses why she lost the election. this time she is blaming fake news, maybe like when she came under sniper fire. lisa boothe and charlie hurt here. that and more straight ahead on "hannity." ♪ a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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10:23 pm
do you? >> actually, we don't. we talked about this quite a bit. so we're fusing our agendas and we are working on a common platform of what we're going to do for all of 2017. people say we have 100-day plan. actually we're working on a 200-day plan. there is no problem or disagreement here. >> on the wall? >> we're working on getting border funding up and running right away. >> criminal aliens gone? >> we agree with that. >> has there been a discussion about dreamers? >> that's enforcing current law, by the way. >> i understand that. >> why would we be against if a person comes here legally and committee a violent law, why would we be against removing them? what president-elect trump asked us to focus on is enforcing current laws like we described and getting the border secured. that's what he wants us focusing on and that's what we're working on. >> where are you with extreme vetting? >> think his position changed
10:24 pm
from extreme vetting from hot spots particularly. we agreed with that. we believe you need to vet these more carefully, and that to me is good, sound policy. >> is there any issue you can think of today after speaking with him, you talk to him almost every day, anything you can think of you disagree on? >> no, because all of our conversations revolve around getting big things done, and they resolve around where our common ground is in getting them down done. we don't talk about what we disagree on because we're basically trying to execute an agenda, obamacare repealing and replacing and solving that problem, it is really hurtic people. we have to bring relief. clearing the regulatory burdens out of the way of businesses. >> he can do it in first couple of hours. >> he can, but there's -- there's a lot in first couple of hours but there's more. we believe the military has taken it in the kmin lately. we have to rebuild our military. we have to open up energy as we were talking about. one thing we added to our agenda is he was very strongly about
10:25 pm
infrastructure, reviving infrastructure. we want to honor that commitment. >> you're going to say it is not going to be a trillion dollar check? >> from the federal government, no, it is about leveraging. there will be clearly federal dollars involved, but it will leverage private sector money. >> let me ask you, if you agree on seven brackets to three, close to the 15% on the market, you agree on repatriation, agree on originalist justices. >> of course. >> you agree on obamacare and agree on health savings accounts and you agree on energy independence. >> correct. >> you agree on the wall and agree on vetting. what's left on the agenda? and military. >> and add infrastructure to the list and we said fine, we're happy to do that. >> and the va, i assume you agree on fixing that? >> jeff miller, chairman of the committee, he is the one who uncovered the disgrace at the va. >> right. >> so we're the ones who brought the choice program in place to give veterans recourse away from these waiting lists. so absolutely. that place really needs a clearing out. it is just -- i can go on and on
10:26 pm
about it. >> will you get education back to the states, which i would argue especially for inner city america? >> yes. so we made good progress just this year on that. we passed what we call our title one bill. we got rid of common core, got rid of no child left behind and sent the dollars back to the states. i can't think of a better person than betsy devos who has been a trail blazer in education reform on behalf of choice and charter schools, which to me is really one of the critical components to fighting poverty more effectively. then the next leg of the reforms, so we've already pushed the dollars back to the states. now we want to encourage innovation like choice and charter to actually take place, because that is how you get people out of the poverty trap they find themselves in. >> is there an opportunity for something like a grace commission, the biggest, best, brightest business minds in the country getting together, how to reform government, to run more like a business? for example, when we watch joe max higgins -- >> we want to get it done and do it. you got to understand with barack obama there we have been really frustrated because
10:27 pm
progressives believe in no limiting principle of government. they want to grow, grow, grow, rights don't come from god but from government. this is the philosophy we've been fighting for eight years. we finally, finally have this great opportunity that's been given to us by the american people to get this country back on track, to relimit our government, to honor the constitution, to clean this mess up. that is what we want to get. we don't want to wait for a commission. we want to get going and doing it. >> i'm still a deficit hawk, and i don't -- >> you know i am as well. >> this president accumulated more debt by the time he leaves than 43 presidents before him combined. i know this is an aggressive agenda. i'm glad to hear every big agenda item that donald trump would explain to me when i interviewed him, you have just now echoed. the next question is can you do it without adding to the deficit? can you get us to a balanced budget? >> so our spring budget is going to have to address that. our spring budget which i have written eight budgets, our spring budget will have to address the fiscal
10:28 pm
responsibility issues. >> but you disagree on entitlements with donald trump? >> i wouldn't say we disagreement on entitlements. we haven't had a conversation about comprehensive -- >> but it is a big part. >> it's been a part of every question i've ever written. more importantly, the entitlement programs are going bankrupt and will jeopardize the people who depend on them, so we have to shore the programs up by reforming them and making them more solvent. the good news about this is if you do something soon you don't even have to change oraa effect the benefits of anyone in or near retirement. >> economic growth certainly -- >> it is those of us who are younger that won't have a problem. >> speak for yourself, i want my social security money. i want every penny i put in. i'm young, i'm already there. newt gingrich did balance the budget along with bill clinton. ah he gotten there. >> we have. fiscal pressures were different then. they cut government agency budgets. we did it too. >> reduced the rate of growth for medicare. >> that's right. that's what it did. that was a part of that, but now the entitlement programs have
10:29 pm
taken so much more of the budget, they're on autopilot. those have to be addressed. >> penny plan, you never have been a big supporter of? >> yeah, because it cut social security for current seniors, medicare for current seniors. the way the math works is those programs are growing about six% a year. >> you reduce the growth to 3%. >> no, to make the you have to cut 1%, it is about a 10% cut. we believe we can fix these problems without jeopardizing the commitments made to current seniors who retired. they organized their lives around these programs. it is a commitment that needs to be kept. >> last question. >> those of us who are younger, we think if we make the programs better, more choice, more kmegs, reform it, you can guarantee. >> i believe something has to be done. the numbers are what they are. >> that's right. >> it is -- we don't have a big non-discretionary spending budget when you look at it. >> we do have a big non-discretionary. >> i'm sorry. you don't have big discretionary
10:30 pm
spending. >> from the day we took over from nancy pelosi we cut $899 billion out of discretionary spending. >> we have 10 trillion more in debt. >> we have a long ways to go. >> you know, do you think it is a time, do we get rid of baseline budgeting all together? >> i have always believed that. louie gomer and rob woodall, a guy from texas and one from georgia, i brought these bills through budget committee when i was chairman, are the guys that authored the zero baseline budgeting bill. i'm a big believer. automatic spending increases, so before you get to debating on whether you spend more or less money, it is built you are spending more. now with a republican president, it would be fantastic reform to bring through. >> you ran with mitt romney in 2012. you heard everything he said about trump, racist, misogynist, huckster, fraud. went all in on helping admiral mullins.
10:31 pm
now it seems donald trump -- >> no, evan mullins. >> evans mullins, okay. but he said all of these huckster, fraud, doesn't have the temperament to be president. now they're meeting every other day. a lot of trump supporters are like, what is he doing. you know, are you surprised that mitt romney -- >> i'm impressed. >> your running mate went this far? >> well, the past is behind us. i don't think there's a point of -- >> that was harsh, it was cold. >> well, donald said he punched him pretty hard first, too. but let's -- the playground talk, let's get rid of it. i'm impressed -- >> this the washington d.c., if you want a friend get a dog. >> exactly. i'm impressed with how donald trump handles himself. i'm impressed with how magnanimous he is. i'm impressed with just his demeanor, his temperament. what i'm really impressed with is the cabinet he is putting together. this is a very good cabinet. he is picking very good people for this cabinet. so this is something that has -- those of us who have been fighting against this liberal
10:32 pm
progressive big government for a long time, are really excited. >> you didn't think he would win wisconsin. >> no, we didn't. i got to tell you, we're very excited. the way i look at it is why don't we all stop underestimating donald trump. i think it would be a smart thing to do. >> last thing i'm going to say. i said this once to president-elect trump. i said the only thing i care about -- and i know i speak for a lot of our viewers and listeners. i want the country saved. >> that's right. >> and it is a mess right now. and i think obama made it infinitely worse. the most important thing i think both of you can do -- and i say this in as friendly a way as i can -- is keep your promises. republicans have broken way too many promises. >> what i love about the election we just had is we all went out there and ran on ideas. we all ran on specific solutions. what that means is we didn't just run on some vague platitude, on some unsuspecting country. we ran on specific ideas and specific promises that now we have merged forces and we're working together on a common platform to deliver them. but the point is we earned the
10:33 pm
right to put these solutions in place, and we're given the chance by the country. we cannot blow this opportunity. >> and you will be held accountable. >> we cannot blow this opportunity. >> agreed. thank you for keeping your promise. good to be here. appreciate it. coming up next right here on "hannity." >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. >> hick, cry baby liberals, well, that he are over their playdoh and coloring books and hot cocoa. now they're complaining about fake news outlets like when she came under sniper fire and it turned out to be flowers. we'll check in with lisa boothe and charlie hurt next as "hannity" continues. ♪ lisa boothe and charlie hurt as "hannity" continues. we've all been here.
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10:40 pm
past year, it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> yeah, forget isis, radical islamists, fake news is the real threat that you, the american people, are facing. here now with reaction, fox news contributors lisa boothe and charlie hurt. i don't even know what to say to this. lisa, fake news, would that be her in bosnia saying she came under sniper fire when really she was handed flowers by children? or the lie, the video lie about benghazi, is that fake news? or cnn colluding and giving her questions before a debate, is that fake news? what is this fake news phenomenon? >> well, one would think all of that would be called fake news or identified as fake news. but, look, sean, the left and the media are doing everything they can to delegitimize donald
10:41 pm
trump's victory and marginal ice his supporters. as you mentioned, a lot of the individuals decrying fake news are com police i think in spreading it. as you mentioned, hillary clinton drove false propaganda about benghazi. she said at an event for harry reed, a guy who lied about mitt romney's taxes and spread that fake news. as you mentioned, the media has been com police i think in driving a false narrative about the hands up, don't shoot. so it is rich that the same actors com poli actors responsible for driving fake news are decrying it. >> charlie, throughout the entire campaign people like us were under fire because we're open about our opinions. i am not a journalist, i am a talk show host. everybody knows i'm a conservative, yet you would think it is a big shock and surprise to all of the mainstream media. what did we learn? they've been colluding with the clintons. nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, msnbc, cnbc,
10:42 pm
the "new york times," politico, all of them. it is fake news to me. >> absolutely. it was particularly grubby for her to go to the people's house and make that charge, especially after what i thought she delivered the finest speech of her career in conceding. it was a very gracious one, you know, a month ago, and she -- you know, it was a very nice note of bipartisanship and wanting to move on. to do this now is particularly disgusting, especially because, as you pointed out and as lisa pointed out, my goodness, the entire mainstream media coverage of the entire donald trump campaign was fake news. they called him a cheat, a liar, a rapist, a racist. they misquoted him. >> everything. >> they did everything they could to smear this guy. >> you know, i don't want to hit low-hanging fruit here but i'm going to take the shot anyway. i can't help it. >> it is fun.
10:43 pm
>> so brian williams over at nbc, he was a big nbc news. watch him talk about fake news. but while you're watching it -- >> king of fake news. >> i want you to remember he talked about dead bodies in front of his hotel but there was no water in front of his hotel. watch this. >> as we talked about here last night, fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience. a "buzzfeed" news study of donald trump's own tweets where they follow back news stories to their root source found more of them came from brightbart originally than from any other single source. >> uhm, excuse me? lisa, did he see dead bodies floating in front of his hotel or not? >> it is low hanging. >> that is low hanging, yes. >> no, but, sean, i also think it is ridiculous. look, you've got the left and they're still doing this. we saw it even last week at the harvard event where hillary's communication director is continuing to push this alt-right racist narrative that, you know, the republicans and
10:44 pm
donald trump supporters are all a bunch of racist, and it is ridiculous. guess who someone like senator chuck schumer is behind for dnc, a guy like keith ellison, a person that said black americans need a separate country, and who made racist comments like that. so it is just utterly ridiculous. look at his cabinet choices, he has ben carson, elaine chao. i think it is really low to continue to marginallize and slander donald trump supporters. >> last word, charlie. >> exactly right. but one of the biggest losers of the election is the mainstream media because all of the years that they have spent truly peddling fake news, there wasn't an alternative media, there wasn't the internet or talk radio. now, you know, people can actually fact check these people. >> i don't trust any of them. good to see you both. >> thank you, sean. >> thank you. >> up next right here on "hannity."
10:45 pm
>> thousands of americans are marching in new york and washington and across the country, demanding a justice system that applies the same to everybody and honors our values. and you -- we want you to know our hearts are out there marching with them. >> whoops. the left repeatedly pushing the hands up, don't shoot lie that created the black lives matter movement. we will expose that hypocrisy and spreading of fake news. also reaction from deneen borelli and niger innes as we continue with this busy news night on "hannity." ♪
10:46 pm
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." so the left and the mainstream media, they're all freaking out about the rise of fake news, but they were all too happy to spread hands up, don't shoot lie that spawned the black lives matter movement. remember, both president obama, hillary clinton supported, defended black lives matter and their agenda. take a look. >> in a moment like black lives matter, there's always going to be some folks who say things that are stupid. >> i am fighting to reform criminal justice for every mother and father who worry every day that their child will be stopped by the police just for being african-american because, yes, black lives
10:51 pm
matter! >> don't all lives matter? don't we care about everybody? joining us fox news contributor deneen borelli, chairman of the tea party forward movement, civil rights activists, both friends of mine, niger innis. your life matters to me, every human being. i'm pro life, a conservative. i understand the argument. why a group that chants, what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, right now. how do they get in the white house with the president, how do they get a presidential candidate of a party to support them? >> it is outrageous. unfortunately the media ran with this, the left wing media ran with this lie, sean. way too many americans still believe this was the truth, and, sadly, there were police officers who were killed as a result of this lie. but, you know, the left is talking about the fake news, right? the real fake here is the left wing media because they are the ones who are promoting the lies
10:52 pm
that are happening in the headlines, in the news. sadly, americans are falling for it. you think about obama and how he said that with the iranian deal, we had a small window of an opportunity to negotiate. he was already negotiating with iran on the nuclear deal. >> from day one. >> yes. >> and he didn't use it as a treaty, so donald trump will get rid of it immediately except he can't get the money back because the ransom was paid. >> right. >> niger, we have known each other so long. if i was the president of the united states in the last number of years, i think i would have spent a lot of time in chicago where in the course of obama's presidency 4,000 people died. this year alone over 3,000 victims of a shooting. most of them black americans. where is he? those lives matter. why isn't he there every day helping to solve the violence in his own home city? >> and that's right. it is his adopted home city. it is where he got his political career started. it is where before he engaged in politics he was a community
10:53 pm
organizer. so he knew better than most of the carnage and the killing and the black on black murders that have been taking place for many, many years. another tragedy of the hands up, don't shoot movement and the real consequences of the president embracing it is that it was based on a lie. of course, the michael brown killing never -- >> all lies. >> it was all a lie, and eric holder, one of the most partisan attorney generals we have ever had in recent history, his justice department essentially said that hands up, don't shoot, that narrative did not take place. >> last question because we went long with the speaker tonight. let me ask this. if donald trump gives choice in education and goes into inner city america where the schools have been, frankly, neglected for far too long. >> right. >> and if he brings businesses to those cities and communities that need them the most, will the demographics of this country change voting wise?
10:54 pm
>> that's why the left is still having a temper tantrum from day one when donald trump was elected, protesting in the streets, burning the american flag. trump's policies are to help turn our economy around. he talks about addressing the issues that are happening in urban communities, failing schools, crime. >> jobs. >> and he wants to turn those communities around. and, yes, that will propel i think americans to look towards the policy he has to present to the country, and will spur jobs. i think it will be huge. >> it will be great for everybody. guys, thank you both for being with us. when we come back, an important question of the day straight ahead. ♪ try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. tit's what's inside the person insidwho opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins.
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♪ back for the question of the day. so after watching our exclusive interview with speaker ryan earlier tonight, do you think the republicans in congress will finally keep their promises, work with the president and get things done? that's all i want for christmas. that's all the time we have left this evening.
11:00 pm
don't forget, you can always respond @seanhannity on twitter, facebook and of course any other public social media. set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. see you back here monday night. breaking tonight, exactly six weeks before president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. president obama oesrders a new intelligence review aimed at alleged efforts to influence the 2016 election. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. the reviews comes after the dnc and the clinton campaign had embarrassing e-mails released to the public. the obama administration suspects that the russian government was behind the dnc attack. the review is scheduled to be completed before president obama leaves office. as for mr. trump, he was in michigan tonight as part of his thank you tour but did not address the controversy. in