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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha: no, nothing yet. thanks for being with us, eric. >> see you tomorrow. martha: good, we will see you as we go through the week. happening now starts right now. jenna: another busy week in new york city where president-elect trump is holding more meetings today as new questions are raised about russian's interference about presidential election. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. russia not only hacked to undermine electoral process but did it to put donald trump in the white house. mr. trump responding to those reports in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> according to washington post the cia has concluded that russia intervene in the election to help you win the presidency, your reaction.
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>> i think it's ridiculous. it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why and i think it's just -- they talked about all sorts of things, every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory as you know in the electoral college. the final numbers are 306 and she's down to a very low number. i don't know why at all. >> do you think the cia is trying to overturn your results to weaken you in office? if your look at the story and take a look at what they said, nobody really knows and hacking is very interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act, you're not going to catch them, they have no idea if it's russia, china or somebody, it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> i just want to ask you about your skepticism about the intelligence community. you are getting the presidential daily brief once a week. >> yes, i get it when i need it.
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>> is there some skepticism? >> these are very good people giving me the briefings, i said if something should change from this point immediately call me, i'm available on one-minute notice. i don't have to be told, i'm like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years, could be eight years, eight years. i don't need that. jon: senior national correspondent john roberts live outside of trump tower right now, john. >> jon, good morning to you, donald trump is portraying porte whole idea that russia was trying to help him become president was a sour grape politician. can you imagine if the results were different? it would be called conspiracy theory. why wasn't this an issue before the election? here is what he told chris
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wallace on fox house sunday. >> i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats of politics in this country and they are putting it out and it's ridiculous. we ought to get back to making america great again which is what we are going to do and we have already started the process. >> trump's transition team just a few minutes ago saying this is an attempt to delegitimize donald trump's legitimate victory in the election. the idea to look into whether or not russia had any kind of a role is being backed by senior republicans as the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senator john mccain from arizona. in a couple of days donald trump is expect today name rex tillerson as secretary of state. according to resources in trump tower, there was a lot of people that recommended tillerson for the job. people that used to be in government including bob gates who was running the pentagon and rice who was secretary of state. he's a terrific guy for the job
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and a close friend of the former secretary, james baker but likely could run into head winds in congress because close ties to russia and crafting oil deals with russia. here is what senator john mccain said earlier today in america's news room. >> i am concerned about his relationship with vladimir putin, vladimir putin is a thug, a murderer, kgb guy who only wants to restore the russian empire who has killed murdered, leader of opposition and shadow of kremlin, his equipment shot down an airliner, russian planes are pinpointing and bombing hospitals in aleppo, so, of course, i am concerned but we should give him a fair hearing. >> now, that announcement could come as early as wednesday, perhaps not until the end of the day. busy day here at trump tower already. carly fiorina walked in. remember, she said a lot of
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nasty things about donald trump in the election campaign. granted, he said a lot of nasty thing about her as well. she's possibly being considered as director of national intelligence, senator from west virginia will be here today. candidate for secretary. ryan, the congressman from montana will be here. he's up potentially for three jobs, energy, interior or veterans affair. kathy will be here today, she's up for interior and rick perry will be here as well and he's said to be a candidate of energy, so jon, a busy day at trump tower and we will keep you -- we will keep a close eye on everything that happens today, jon. jon: interesting the symbolism
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there. john roberts, thank you. jenna: bret baier with special report. let's start with the big news for the day which continues to be the headline about russia interfering in election cycle. this is not suggesting any of the reporting that russia actually cast ballots in the election, right? >> exactly, jenna, this is saying that the intelligence community believes that russia tried to influence a number of different ways, hacking different places, putting emails and that sort of thing out in the public, perhaps through wikileaks and trying to influence on behalf according to reporting to have donald trump be the víctor. this is not about altering actual voting machines and we have been through that process, how it's kind of separate, but it may be about voter roles and, you know, efforts to hack into various places. that's part of the problem here
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is we don't have all of information from what the intelligence community is hoping. i think the biggest news this morning is that senator mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader said that the republicans should be for a review of russia's activities during the election and that is significant because obviously he would be in a position to allow hear to go move forward. >> apparently lawmakers are asking the white house to declassify or brief them on information that they have on this very topic, one might wonder, bret, what about the timing, here we are a month past the election. why now, what do you make of that? bret: well, that's a great question. look at the timing of the washington post report that comes out three hours before it hits the onian version. the obama administration announces a full-scale review of russia's activities of any hacking, foreign activity into the election and then the story pops. so i don't know exactly what the
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timing was, clearly according to the reporting, the leaders of the house and senate as well as the administration were briefed by the intelligence community and the level of that certainty is really what we have to get to. jenna: bottom line for viewers, it's an important story but we are waiting for more information so we have more specifics. i want to talk about the cabinet, president elect trump talked to chris wallace about rex tillerson. here is their exchange. >> let me ask you about rex tillerson. why does a business executive make sense as a chief diplomat? >> he's a world-class player. he's in charge of, i guess, the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much the doubled the size of the next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed and to me a
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great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia, massive deals for the company, not for himself but for the company. >> a man named rex wasn't on top of the list. so what's your understanding bret, where did rex tillerson come from and why does it look like he will be the choice? bret: well, donald trump apparently had a great meeting with rex tillerson. he comes with the recommendation as the ceo of exxon mobile. huge company as the president elect talked about there. he comes with the recommendations from former defense secretary bob gates, former secretary of state and national security adviser conalisa rice and apparently struck a good tone and meeting with the president elect. now, we are hearing that he's the lead candidate. could be announced as soon as tomorrow, but that it's not sealed, done deal.
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i think -- that's what we usually hear. jenna: right. bret: we get indications that this person is leading and eventually they get announced. i think there's pushback on capitol hill. there's concern about tillerson's relationship with russia. not only from democrats but republicans. others have mentioned that. it shouldn't be a problem, jenna, as far as the numbers because of how democrats changed the rules in the senate. they only need 51 votes for the cabinet appointments to make it through and that is different than the 60 vote threshold and should be easier to get most of the people through. one last thing i talked to a senior democrat this weekend and the person said for democrats they can't get, you know, breathless about every cabinet appointee because they have to choose their battles wisely and, you know, otherwise they're not going to -- they're not going to be able to push on many at all.
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jenna: i guess they could but it would be exhausting won't wouldn't it? thank you so much. jenna: all right, jenna, we will see you. jon: high-profile hire for murder trial as they say police staged to get on reality tv show. winter for air dangerous to travel in air and roads, where a big storm is headed now. we are live at the fox weather center. we've all been here.
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plus with the money you save, you can hire a math tutor. get your free trial of godaddy website builder now! at jon: right now crime stories we are following. the hunt is on for two inmates who walked out of a minimum security camp in california. the parodies covered missing on saturday night. two inmates who did this before still have not been found. one of the officers seriously wounded and needed surgery, the other was treated and released from the hospital. the defense is wrapping up for retrial of dalia in florida, calling one more witness before closing arguments with her lead attorney not ruling out calling dalia to the stand. the defense contends set up
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their clients to make themselves famous -b on the reality tv show cops. >> jenna: foxweter alert which has michigan gearing up for a foot of snow. >> including travel delays across chicago as well as charlotte here, dc50-minute delays, newark takes the cake for delays at 60 minutes. the worst of it is almost over. we still have winter weather advisories for vermont, new hampshire and maine otherwise we will be saying good-bye to this one and waiting for another one.
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wintery mix here across parts of new england and then watch as we head into the weekend because we have another storm on the horizon but the big headline this week not only this system and the one behind it but the extreme cold air, yes, the polar express coming directly from siberia bringing below temperatures and the blue is below freezing, the pink is zero. and that's going to invade millions of people along the northeast coastline so you look at the forecast lows wednesday, thursday, friday, we are talking about minus dye -- digits. this is a story that we might be able to flirt with record lows. people need to play close attention. we had the arctic air before but this one is colder and come in
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friday and could set the stage. be on the alert, my friend jenna. jenna: i saw you doing the gingerbread house. janice: such fail. i apologize to my kids, to everyone at home. i am terrible, terrible at these kinds of things. jenna: we need a good list of indoor activities. that's for sure. obviously that's not the easiest one as i found out from fox and friends this morning. janice: it was delicious but terrible to look at. jenna: thank you. [laughter] jon: well, former un embassador john bolton speaking out russia interfering with presidential election. coming up we will talk with national security expert about the investigation. also new york prosecutors want to try a new tactic of unsolved murderer a jogger.
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how a suspect could lead them to katrina serrano
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jenna: big headlines today about russia, potentially interfering in our election and form. >> un embassador john bolton weighed on report that is russia may have done this. take a listen. >> i think that if you're outside the circle of intelligence that's looked at this it's hard to know what the answer is but at least it's a question to be asked whether or not it was a flag operation. >> what does that mean? >> conducts an operation and leaves evidence pointing the finger at somebody else. >> in other words, china might have left fingerprints that looked like russia in the computer? >> who are iran or north korea.
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jenna: has experience working in inside government and focused on russia. ayes just wondering what's your take on this whole kind of news hurricane now, what's your read on it? >> good morning, jenna, one of the things we need to do with the news hurricane is separate the facts that are available to us from the debate we are having about the 2016 presidential election. this isn't about the 2016 election, it's pattern we have seen in 3 to 4 years. it started in eastern europe. it spread to allies and now we are seeing strong evidence, evidence corroborated by foreign source intelligence, open sources through signal intelligence from both cia and fbi indicating as strongly as they possibly can that the russian government had an interest in affecting the outcome of our election and intervened when and where it could to do so.
8:24 am
that's not opinion, that's fact and if we continue to treat it like opinion, we are likely to play directly into the strategy that the kremlin has for us. jenna: why is that? tell us more about that. >> if you look at the kremlin strategy, they have deliberately targeted public officials and public institutions including the media in nato countries in europe and in the united states as well. and part of what they're doing is sort of gas-lighting on a global strategic scale. the idea to get us to doubt the fact that is are available to us, to look for the conspiracy rather than looking for -- looking to where the intelligence takes us and get us so wrapped up in a discussion of whether or not something is true that we are not actually solving the problem and in this instance the problem is a foreign government that wants to influence the united states indirectly and directly to third-party proxies like wikileaks, through selective disclosure and certain candidate emails through, you know,
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creating inuendo. jenna: that's good that we are having this conversation. >> that's exactly how this is playing out. this is how it played out when the regime took part when he took over russia. poland and hungary and strange shift that powered the far left and the far right simultaneously in some of these -- jenna: fascinating. >> when you look at what happened at france and all the rest, there's a broader problem here and pretending it's about domestic politics, and the united states plays directly into the play book. jenna: it stops following in this sort of familiar pattern. you have high-ranking republicans today saying let's investigate, let's do -- republican lawmakers and high-ranking democrat that had
8:26 am
strong words of ways to address this issue. i want to play some of the sound from yesterday. >> sure. >> we have plenty of discussions both before the election and we've had briefings since the election about the russian meddling and there wasn't a bipartisan agreement either before and i think we are seeing some bipartisan interest in investigating thereafter, but i could say this, there was really not nothing preventing the administration on its own from being more declaratory in terms of what the intelligence showed and i have been urging the administration to be more forth coming with the public and i think they should and we need to work with european allies to sanction for this behavior. jenna: ranking democrat in the house intelligence committee. he says the administration has decided not to utilize them, speaking of tools in a way that would deter the russians and i think that's a problem. what are your thoughts on that.
8:27 am
>> when a conservator and democrat has agreement, that's the time to take the intelligence we have and the tools we have seriously. look, i think it's fair to say that both democrats and republicans were somewhat incredulous about the issues in november. there was a lack of awareness about the way putin regime uses the tools. the putin regime tries to hide tracks when it does, going forward, the focus can't be about the trump administration, it can't be about the outcome of the 2016 election, it has to be understanding and appropriately responding to what the russian government is trying to do, not just to us but to our allies overseas. jenna: what's the one thing we have to do today within our power to address this issue? >> there are a couple of things that we can do straightaway, the first would be as adam mentioned and senators mccain and graham have mentioned, expanding the sanctions against russia and not rolling them back.
8:28 am
the second would be targeted prosecutions of individuals and organizations in russia that are used as third-party proxy to carry the strategies forward and the third is bilateral discussions to make it clear that we are not going to be gas-lighted on a strategic level and we would use the instruments available to us in national security to protect ourselves and our allies going forward just as if we would -- just as if we would if there was an economic or a military operation. jenna: you're saying clandestine operations? >> i'm saying it's time for the united states that it can accommodate bad behavior out of russia. the last administration did that, the george w. bush administration did that, it's time for the grown-ups who understand how this regime operates and get us to second-guess ourselves about the world as we know it, it's about time those folks come to the table and had a serious discussion about -- how we are
8:29 am
going to manage this relationship and not how we are going to accommodate a regime that isn't interested in accommodation and completely interested in disruption. jenna: so glad that you pointed out that both administrations in the past, decade, have dealt in similar terms with russia and one of the questions we are asking on this program and others is do we like the results, how do we turn it? chris is great to have you as part of that discussion and we look forward to having you back always. >> pleasure, jenna. jon: first in nearly 40 years as boeing strikes a billion dollar deal. we are live with more on that. president-elect trump taking on the media again, who he targeted in his latest tweet and the long-term impact this might have on the press? our media panel weighs i stood outside, assessing the situation. i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? in. there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink!
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. jenna: breaking details on boeing major deal with iran. a move that could create one hundred thousand jobs. deal totaling 16 and a half billion dollars. henry is live in washington with more on all of this, ed. >> good to see you, jenna. first in a long time. remember, all those sanctions involving iran that have been sort of rolled back and opened up because of the nuclear deal
8:34 am
because president obama involving iran and big impediment that would involve others and that president-elect donald trump made biggest priorities once sworn into office to make sure that the iran nuclear deal is dismantled. >> my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. i know deal-maker and let me tell you this deal is catastrophic for america, for israel and for the whole of the middle east. >> remember more recently the president elect has been on twitter targeting boeing over a separate deal involving taxpayer dollars, not a trade deal, this one over air force one. you saw the tweet last week where the president said boeing is building a brand new 747 boeing for future presidents but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion, cancel order. that took a big bite out of
8:35 am
boeing's stock price. today's agreement will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs, congressman rick larson from the state of washington where boeing is based, of course, also hitting that issue saying this deal is good news for washington state, will help support the thousands of good-paying jobs in my district that rely on trade. you see two big issues there at stake, one the president elect's insistence that he's going to dismantle the iran nuclear deal that will open up to potential trade deals if the deal stays in place and that's competing, of course, with you see right there the president elect at carrier and indiana saying he's other big priority is to save american jobs in the case of carrier roughly a thousand jobs as you noted at the top, jenna, boeing said this trade deal if it goes through will create a hundred thousand american jobs. jenna: interesting comparison, thank you. >> good to see you. jon: president elect and his
8:36 am
rocky relationship with the media as mr. trump takes to twitter once again, he tweeted this. just watched nbc nightly news, so biased, inaccurate and bad point after point. just can't get much worse although cnn is right up there. let's talk about it in the media panel today. senior political correspondent at usa today and senior editor at national review and fox news con contributor. apparently, heidi he was upset that he wasn't getting presidential briefings every day which he's entitled to get as president elect, so he went after nbc and cnn, what's the effect? >> well, this is just part of a broader pattern which is ha he takes to twitter when he sees something on the news channel, it could be fox, cnn,nbc, whoever is reporting it, if he
8:37 am
does not like it, he will tweet. it's not that they are inaccurate. the two statement that is you made were factual, he does not like that it's being reported period, which is the troubling part. if he were using his twitter to challenge things or actually false, there would be a lot of understanding of that, but you see this and it's not just with the median, here is the part that's concerning, we have seen over the course of campaign when there's an institution that causes the problem for him such as the courts, he calls into question the judge, he does it with the media and now he's doing with the cia, intelligence services. i think it's important to point out the patterns here. there's, of course, a strategic reason to go hard on the media and hold authority accountable but it is a pattern.
8:38 am
jon: no president in modern era has enjoyed a great relationship with the press, they don't love the press but is donald trump taking it to a new level? >> oh, yeah, it's not just a new level, sort of parallel universe. and i think heidi is absolutely correct that donald trump doesn't make distinctions that a lot of us in the press or in government make make. he basically is a nearest weapon fighter and some institution that he doesn't like or some person that he doesn't like or says critical about him or doesn't want to hear, his instinct is to punch back. he has admitted it and bragged about it. when it comes to something like twitter, you will hit the point of diminishing returns, it's losing a lot of itself sort of sex appeal and media buzz precisely because as heid said this pattern has been going on
8:39 am
for a long time and, i think, there are always reports about how advisers want to hide twitter account from them and they can't do it, at some point this will, i think, start to be handicap for donald trump precisely because he's so -- and twitter doesn't help him in that regard . jon: obama administration got a court order. do you see that type of behavior from president-elect trump? >> a pattern that's been developing over several administrations. this is bipartisan. no president loves us. that's because we are doing our job. and i do, you know, i am concerned that this could go even further because it's been on this trajectory with the
8:40 am
trump administration. i am concerned that in studying up the narrative about the media and the dishonest media that what we are headed for is not just journalists being targeted but journalists being shout-out. you hear people from the trump administration saying we shouldn't have the daily briefing, we can have a debate about that, but overall, the media represents the idea that the founders had in mind, the media represents the people and that we are there to question the president and the congress and if we are shut out of the new administration, it's going to be really hard to get any kind of meaningful facts out to the public and specially if that public is so disdainful of the media. i can tell you that the people i know are not rich personalities, people who work for proper salary compare today people they
8:41 am
covered with a lot of abuse online and in person. jon: also true that most of the media who would actually report donations or report who they voted for supported democrats in the most recent election cycle? >> no, that's absolutely true. i mean, i used to cut my teeth as being conservative media critic and the debate about liberal media bias and all that kind of stuff is fairly settled at least to my own satisfaction but none of that should matter when you think about the kind of examples like james rosen. i take a back seat to nobody in thinking james rosen is a sketchy, suspicious guy. [laughter] >> he's actually a friend of mine. but it doesn't matter what your partisan affiliation is when it comes to the things that the obama administration has done under the espionage act and other, you know, laws to go after journalists to try to shut down journalists and i think that if donald trump translated what is essentially his harmless attitude on twitter into actual policy of going after
8:42 am
journalists with the power of the state, then that would be a, really, really bad and b, invitation for a spectacular hypocrisy on all sides, it's the liberals who defended barack obama for doing this stuff and conservatives who denounced barack obama would defend the administration. jon: fascinating times coming up. we will be watching it and reporting on it certainly. heidi and joana goldberg. jenna: district attorney asking for special dna search on the murderer of a new york city jogger. what that might tell about the killer next. that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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jon: new york city district attorney is asking the state of new york for a special type of testing.
8:46 am
we told you her story many times. 30-year-old karina, her body found on running path on august 2nd but killer remains at large. no matches have been found in any database. last week on december 8th, the da requested the state run a familia search it's called which would look for dna of male relatives of the killer. joining us now legal panel today janice, former prosecuted, harold hanson. let's get the basics out of the way. in new york if you're convicted of a felony you have to submit dna. >> not just felony, jon, misdemeanors as well. jon: they have not found anybody in the nation that killed?
8:47 am
>> has he gotten away over crimes, we are assuming it's a man over the course of his life? but i don't like the notion of the familia dna testing even though i would love for this case to be solved. jon: she had skin under her fingernails. she got dna profile. they are able to process that and compare that who might be family members of the -- >> that person was caught as a result of this type of testing. they test family members. they don't go and arrest family members. they question them, they use it as a lead, jon, to see whether or not they can find the perpetrator. i agree with jon, it is a scary notion but if it is narrowly
8:48 am
taylored or serious and violent crimes, ifs the last resort when all other investigative options have been exhausted, this can work and it's certainly a lead that investigators want to be able to follow. jon: we had a video a moment ago. 10-11 women dead. they had the dna but had no idea it was him until they looked at his son's dna, that's what made the match. so what's the problem if they look at my son's dna and it helps him find me, what's horrible about that? >> i guess you have a problem in that case. also what i think it is a slippery slope. for a couple of reason, not the least of which is you can be in new york's data bank for shoplifting, jon, so now if somebody thinks that there's a
8:49 am
partial match to one of your relatives for lack of a better word, doesn't have to be a son, nephew, whomever, now they are going to knock on your door and get a warrant for your dna and try to see if you are, in fact, the killer. we are tinny step away from testing everybody with no probable cause in that case. jon: but there are some states that allow this basically no questions asked, police can do this automatically? >> they have been narrowly tailored. i do think it has to be limited to serious violent crimes because without that it can turn into a fishing expedition and that's not what anybody wants. in situations like this one where there's a threat to the community, somebody on the loose who may have committed crimes, if you can narrowly tailor this.
8:50 am
jon: this person is still out. >> yeah, listen, there's also concerns because african-americans and hispanics are more likely to be impacted than others. there's a lot of constitutional questions. jon: because they make up the majority of those incarcerated. >> that's right. there's risks an benefits and you have to narrowly tailor it to fit the situation. here there are ways of doing it so that they can catch this guy. jon: i'm sure that participants are desperate for any information about whoever killed their daughter. >> i can't blame them. jon: thank you both. >> thank you, jon. jon: jenna. jenna: president-elect trump speaking out on controversial phone call with taiwan. china not so happy about this. we will take a closer look at that next.
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jenna: fox news alert and news from trump tower from a few moments ago, carly fiorina, former presidential candidate, former hewlett-packard ceo. she met with donald trump today and was leaving trump tower after her meeting. she was talking to him a little bit about the chinese, about hocking and interesting to know that we are getting reports, jon, among others reporting that she's under consideration for director of national intelligence under donald trump. there is a big meeting so-called tech titans at trump tower so we are noting that as well and maybe bringing the news together as we talk more about our national security as it relates to cyber issues but carly fiorina, glossing over the topics and we will keep an eye on any other headlines coming from trump tower. jon. jon: a federal judge has sentenced the disgraced former representative to a decade in
8:55 am
federal prison and ordered him to pay more than $600,000 in fine after convicted of dozen of corruption and racketeering counts. charged with taking and illegal million dollar loan and using federal founds repay it by steering it through various devices. fattah facing a decade in prison. lawyers said they will appeal. jenna: new information, president-elect trump defending controversial call with taiwan's leader. mr. trump denying that he knew about the conversation more than a few hours ahead of time. greg is live with more on the story. greg. >> hey, jenna, the comments coming from president-elect trump with our colleague chris wallace regarding the one-china policy getting some very strong reaction from china itself, today a spokesperson for the foreign ministry saying the government has serious concern
8:56 am
about any change for the long-held u.s. position recognizing beijing and maintaining unofficial ties with taiwan, saying any shift would mean cooperation would be out of the question. the government linked newspaper going further, in the field of diplomacy, in their words he is ignorant as a child. experts are warning any effort to strengthen ties with taiwan as signified by trump's phone call with the president earlier this month risks grossly destabilizing u.s.-china relations, maybe war but other pundits are saying that donald trump poking china a bit is not a bad idea after all as they haven't been so good a partner on very strategic issues in the past several years and it might be a good way of sending a message, most expected that message to be sent, however, when the president elect became president, but never too early. back to you. jenna: thank you very much. we will be right back with more
8:57 am
on happening now.
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>> we will be back with more happening now in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. we are looking live at trump tower in midtown manhattan where president-elect donald trump meeting with two of his former campaign rivals and red state democrat senator. mr. trump appears to settle what could be the most important piece of his incoming administration, his pick for secretary of state. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, host of "kennedy," on fox business, kennedy, today's #oneluckyguy, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business. lou bobs is here. he is outnumbered. >> great to be here. good to see everybody. happy monday. sandra: you have a lot to say, we might as well get started. >> okey-doke. i'm ready. sandra: president-elect donald trump meeting with carly fiorina and rick


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