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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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of energy to his cabinet. what will he do tomorrow? we should have the answer. >> if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. huge guests, ceo of shell oil. >> and after the show show. martha: thank you, guys. great show. president-elect donald trump making it official, exxon ceo rex tillerson a name we talked about, is his pick for secretary of state. there are signs this may be a bit of a battle. we'll show you some of the reasons why. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. live from "america's newsroom." eric: good morning, martha. good to see you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. very busy morning at trump tower as mr. trump has confirmed rex tillerson will be his nominee for our nation's top diplomat. sources telling that former texas governor rick perry will be tapped at energy secretary.
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martha: irony there. we'll talk about that in a minute. president-elect making news on the future of his business empire. so many questions how all of this is going to work because it is all so unprecedented. announced his go sons who he trusts implicitly, eric and donald, jr., will take control of the company. but they postponed a news conference that was supposed to lay out all of this would work, avoiding conflicts of interest. that was supposed to happen on thursday. we're waiting to find out when that will happen. eric: we'll find out about all this morning but we begin with david lee miller outside of trump tower where all the happens are about to happen. good morning, david lee. reporter: good morning, eric. this is big day for texas. two sons from the loan -- lone star state, will join the cabinet. mr. trump transition team
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formally announced exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson will be secretary of state. rnc chairman reince priebus says tillerson has the skills and experience for the job. >> the good lord didn't put oil in all freedom-loving democracies across the world. so that requires someone at the top of the, at the top to say, look we're growing to have relationships with people that may not always be the folks, that are the greatest people in the world. reporter: critics on both sides of the aisle have their doubts and question tillerson's ties to russia and specifically russian president vladmir putin. the confirmation process could be a difficult one especially with high-profile republicans like john mccain and marco rubio questioning tiller letter son. they have only one vote republican majority and must approve the nomination.
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president-elect said this, i quote. the things i like best about rex tillerson he has vast experience as dealing successfully with all types of foreign governments. the kremlin chimed in addressing u.s.-russian relations in light of the announcement of tillerson. quote, we doç want to get out f the crisis state which does not help the russian or american side. mr. trump is planning to nominate former texas governor rick perry as energy secretary. the two met at trump tower for about an hour 1/2. during the failed campaign of mr. perry you might recall that he called for scrapping the department of energy. and lastly, now, the trump, thank you tour, mr. trump's thank you tour will continue today. he visit the fairgrounds outside of milwaukee, wisconsin to thank people there. the recount shows that trump gained 131 additional votes.
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more people to thank. eric. eric: david lee, thanks so much. martha. martha: with tillerson in, that means that mitt romney who was very much in the running for this job is once again disappointed by a run at higher office. the republican nominee for president could not have been more gracious about it. former one. posted this on facebook today. it was honored to be considered secretary of state for this great country. my discussions with president-elect trump have been enjoyable and enlightening. eric: sources telling fox news that mr. trump will be selecting former texas governor rick perry as the secretary of energy. you may remember that oops moment for the governor as mr. perry famously forgot the name of the department when he wanted to say he was trying to abolish entirely that occurred in 2011. that you may recall at one of the presidential primary debates. >> name the third one. >> third agency of government, i
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would do away with education, the commerce, and let's see. i can't, the third one i can't, i'm sorry. oops. eric: may finally live that down. the president-elect has not officially made the announcement on mr. perry's selection but apparently will have the department he momentarily forepot. sure bet he will not forget it again. martha: the president-elect postponing a planned news conference that was supposed to be on thursday the 15th and to talk about his businesses an how he would divide them and avoid a conflict interest but he also made news on future of his global empire tweeting this this morning, quote, even though i'm not mandated by law to do so i will be leaving my businesses before january 20th, so that i can focus full time on the presidency. two of my children, don and eric, plus executives will manage them. no new deals will be done during my term in office. so he has started here to sort of lay out some of the
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parameters how all of this is going to work. this sun precedented. we never had a business magnate of this magnitude in the highest office in the land. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. what do you make of all of this? >> i like parentheses, he doesn't wantstated for the record it is one time, he does parentheses. you can't be too careful with a tweet. martha: you can't. he learned that the hard way, right? >> that's right. we would ask the president-elect but he hasn't held a press conference since the 27th of july. we don't know exactly what this entails. we have more hint now from what he says. obviously this is, i don't want to say the biggest issue confronting him but may be the biggest issue confronting him, which is, can he execute the offices of the president of the night without impinging or without his business affairs
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impinging upon them. this is one of the biggest hits, most effective whacks that he had against hillary clinton, which was, that she was enriching herself through being secretary of state. and he needs to be very squeaky-clean about all of this. the punt on this is, not the biggest deal in the world. whether you have a press conference on the 15th of december or whether you have the on the 15th of january isn't the big deal in the world. having a good answer is. martha: i mean they are getting their ducks in a row no doubt. it is a very complicated issue. however, i think it is important to remember that we can't create a society where you can't own a business and run for president. otherwise you end up with professional politicians and that is all they will ever be, right? >> we have never, ever, ever, ever, had anybody become president of the united states without any public service before. this is the very first time. so we are sort of feeling our way through this process. donald trump is trying to put people at ease, that his
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business affairs won't affect what he has done. i think the important part here in what he said is, no new deals. he is saying that, yes, his two sons will act as custodians. clearly sets up his wife, i'm sorry, his daughter at sort of adjunct to the first lady. she is moving to washington or looking for houses in washington anyway. she and her husband jared kushner moving to washington. that is the role she will fill. a public role. she and her husband in advisory capacity. his sons as he is sketching out in the tweets, custodian of his business. martha: so interesting the jared and i have cronk can part, jared is very close advisor to president-elect trump. so ivanka had to let go of her business, she couldn't be married to jared and have jared at her father's side while she is doing business. they were criticized people suddenly checking into the hotel
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they worked on. for jared to be there she had to be the one to let go of the business, right? >> this is acknowledgement of the enormity of the office. being president is not the being the head of the knights of columbus of indianapolis. this is not something you do otherwise. and as trump pushed back, kellyanne conway saying he would in his spare time be the executive producer of "the apprentice" and other things, i think enormity of this office and absolute, you work from home, right? martha: yeah. >> you're at the white house. you work from home. it encompasses everything that you do. incomes everything that you are. this is reflection of a growing awareness of that. martha: mr. trump said he doesn't care that much about the business. he feels like all of his focus and energy has to be on the job ahead. that is what people would absolutely expect. chris, thank you very much. good to see you you this morning. chris stirewalt. >> you you bet. eric: mortgage that, we have more on our top story,
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president-elect trump's pick for secretary of state rex tillerson. he is drawing praise and sparking alarm in washington, among other things his controversial ties to russia and vladmir putin. >> when he gets the friendship award from a butcher, frankly it is an issue that i think needs to be examined. again that does not mean we should prejudge mr. tillerson. eric: so will this turn into a faceoff in the senate. sean spicer, possible press secretary for the white house, he will join us on that next. martha: this question, did russia hackney element of our election. the cia says yes and now the fbi and director of national intelligence says they really can't make that link. so is there any proof to these claims? we'll talk to former u.n. ambassador john bolton. >> let's also be clear, whether it was russia or china, who hacked into the dnc and rnc, it
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martha: president-elect donald trump officially naming exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as his pick for secretary of state but sources say his nomination is already under fire from democrats and republicans. they are raising some concerns over his close ties to russia
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and to vladmir putin, the president of russia. watch. >> vladmir putin is a thug, a murderer, a kgb guy who only wants to resore the russian empire. russian planes are now pinpointing and bombing hospitals in aleppo. so of course i am concerned but we're, we should give him a fair hearing. let him make his case if he's the president's choice and, exercise our responsibilities of the advise and consent. martha: sean spicer, chief strategist and communications director for the rnc and with the transition as well. sean, good morning. good to see you you this morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: clearly a lot of vetting that went on here. a lot of people spoken to in this process. it is no surprise that there are some issues with rex tillerson. it would only take three republicans or three people essentially in the larger senate to be against this nomination,
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to have it fail. are you concerned about that? >> i'm not. i think the more people learn about rex tillerson, more they get to meet him, they all will, not only is he a world class business leader and phenomenal pick but a tough as nails negotiate tore that will fight like heck for america's interests. that is made him successful in business. he had relationships in europe, middle east, russia and china. he knows how to fight and win for his interests and can take that skillset to fight and win for america's interests. >> we went over some. things he said yesterday in speeches that he has given. this was from the texas mccomb school of business. he was asked a question about his relationship with vladmir putin and here's what he said. >> i have a very close relationship with him.n't agreeg he's doing. i don't agree with everything a lot of leaders are doing, but he understands that i'm a businessman and i have invested a lot of money, our company has invested a lot of money in
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russia, very successfully. he knows us being there has caused good things to happen for them. he understands that's, i'm going to comply with the sanctions. martha: what do you think about that? >> i think it is a guy who gets it. he understands the geopolitical nature of the world right now. that our job is to take american interests and put them first and foremost and fight an win for america. in this case it was his job to fight and win for his company. he is clearly enormously successful. he knows how to work with world leaders. he has 40 years worth of experience and relationships. not something that you start on day one. some of these people he has known, 15, 20, 30, 40 years. he can have a honest discussion with them. they know he is a man of his word. they know he is tough negotiator. they know where his priorities are. i think he can be a great advocate of america and for
6:18 am
donald trump. martha: robert gates put out a glowing review of his work. condoleeza rice supports him. i guess it become as question of the administration and whether or not they think a thaw with russia is what we need. >> but we don't need a thaw. what we need is somebody who goes in and understands where russia is right now. their geopolitical interests and puts america first and fights like heck for america and our interests and that's something that rex tillerson probably knows better than anyone else in this country right now. he has got the relationships. he has got the record, the integrity, to go in and fight and win. martha: but we have in the current administration an administration many would say talked tough about russia but has done absolutely nothing. when you talk about john mccain and look at images out of aleppo and know the role russia played in that situation, how do you look vladmir putin in the eye, we're not doing oil business anymore. we want you out of there. we want you out of crimea.
6:19 am
we want you out of the ukraine. we want you to stop expansive empire dreams that we feel very firmly are underway? >> well, because i think that there is a huge contrast between what you have seen and what you just described and what people have already seen with donald trump. talk is one thing. but with donald trump you saw in the case of the carrier deal, he knows you how to get things done. he has been doing this his whole life. he knows how to go in. he has the relationships. he understands he will not throw a bunch of rhetoric around and he will get the job done and he means what he says. that is what you got with a guy like rex tillerson. he understands who people are, the geopolitical situation, what is going on in a country, their interests and knows how to juxtaposition of what that country wants and our interests we're fighting for. he has shown it time and time again in the business life. he will take the same skill set and fight for america and implement a donald trump agenda. martha: get you a quick question about the transition for the trump business to the trump
6:20 am
white house. >> right. martha: what that's going to look like and when those details are going to come forward? >> well i think mr. trump obviously his goal was to announce that this week. his focus is entirely been on the cabinet and getting a government up and running day one to implement his agenda and his vision. you have seen now he is well ahead of where any modern president has ever been in terms of naming a cabinet. well into the mid '60s naming a cabinet. he has a large chunk of the subcabinet named. when everybody starts to realize as he works with the lawyers and accountants he has iconic properties throughout the world. as they started to realize what they want to do is make sure his focus was clear, that on day one his entire focus would be fighting for american people and that his family would be taking over his business, we needed a little bit more time because hiç focus has been on staffing and getting this government ready. number of world leaders he talked, number of business meetings he had, number of meetings to fill key positions.
6:21 am
he is going to make that announcement in january. he makes sure he lays it all out there is no question where his focus is and that he will be fighting for america every day and letting his family run that business. martha: we look forward to hearing more on that. sean spicer. thank you very much. good to see you, sean. >> thank you, martha. >> another potential showdown on capitol hill. top republicans issuing caution what president-elect donald trump's cutting taxes and concern about the national debt clock. look at nabs debt clock, tick, tick, tick, up. it never seems to go down. we'll have details. shocking dash-cam video of a police officer trying to save a little boy. he was trapped under that overturned atv. we'll have the unbelievable story coming up next. >> i was able to see the young child, you know, the top of the atv was sitting right on hisck. >> it was a little --
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[inaudible] >> oh, yeah. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something the
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martha: we never know who will show up in the trump tower lobby. just moments ago, there is rapper kanye west strolling into the lobby. looking for advice. he will run in 2020. wants to find out how donald trump did it. he was walking in just a few moments ago with all of his bodyguards. we have no details why he is there and what he will do meeting with donald trump. we'll keep you posted. eric: what job do you think he is up for? martha: i don't know. secretary of cool stuff. eric: secretary of cool stuff. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sounding a warning that the about the massive tax cuts promise amid that clock. we show this every once in a while, u.s. national debt clock. as i said it almost never seems to go down. the senator says there have to be matching cuts somewhere in
6:26 am
the budget to avoid keeping that clock going up, up, up, even further. national core respond dent ed henry live in washington with more. top republicans raising questions, one of mr. trump's top priorities is the tax cuts. reporter: there are several of them. even before he is sworn into office, before the new congress taking charge, house speaker paul ryan last week raising questions about the 35% tariff the president-elect is talking about, slapping on companies that ship u.s. jobs overseas. as you noted now, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying yesterday, yes, he does support the president-elect's tax cuts to be sure, but on the other hand, mcconnell is saying only way he wants to move forward on them in the new year is if there are budget offsets so these massive tax cuts are actually paid for. watch. >> i can only speak for myself but i think this level of national debt is dangerous and unacceptable. my preference on tax reform it
6:27 am
would be revenue neutral to the government tort. reporter: so the concern here is really republican run whole show. they will have the white house, house and senate. there are top republicans on the hill looking back on the bush years, wait a second, we did the big tax cuts. they thought that was food for the economy. yet all kinds of runaway spending, medicare prescription drug benefit for example. they didn't really pay for all that. there was a big hangover. eric: if mcconnell wants it revenue neutral and in mr. trump wants the tax cuts how will he pay for his agenda? reporter: it is interesting. his economic team was on fox business talking about repatriation. billions and billions of dollars that u.s. companies have profits that are, they have made and they're keeping overseas because they want to shield it from u.s. taxes. and so donald trump's economic team basically saying there are companies like apple that have this money over there. if you, they don't want to dale
6:28 am
with the 35% tax in terms of bringing money back here to america and investing it. but if you were to lower the tax, 10%, 15%, 20%, whatever it winds up being, there will be whole bunch of money pouring into the united states and lead to economic growth. watch. >> we think there will be a hundreds of billions if not trolls of dollars that will come back. that will create infrastructure and create johnson. >> it makes no sense on one level but makes a lot of sense on another level because you have 0% interest rates. >> right, but you already have apple talking about now bringing factories back. >> i know. reporter: treasury secretary designate and commerce secretary designate saying money that would come pouring in from apple would pay for the president-elect's agenda. apple is one of the tech executives is going to trump tower to meet with the president-elect. eric: he and other business leaders said if the tax is cut
6:29 am
from 40 to 10%, they would bring the money back. reporter: absolutely. eric: ed, always good to see you martha: we asked what we actually know about the purported russian hacks during the campaign. so today we have got new information coming in. now the top intel office, the dni office is putting their two cents in. they say the line that was drawn, the line that was drawn by the cia connecting russia to the elections is quote, too thin to be conclusive they had any intention toç lean this thing towards donald trump. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joining us next on that. >> there is great confusion. nobody really knows. hacking is very interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act you're not going to catch them. they have no idea if it is russia, china or somebody, somebody sitting in a bed someplace. they have no idea. t. ♪
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martha: moments ago. it's a new report that the top u.s. intel office is looking into the issues of who will be, for the next secretary of state. let me tell you one other thing, there is report on the wires there has been a drone strike that has taken out two of the lead people in the paris attack. so we're going to continue to keep a close eye on that. that is the breaking news we wanted to bring you. we want to go back to eric sean on the intelligence coming up. eric: thank you, martha. this has to do with a new report that the top intel office is not endorsing cia assessment that russian cyber attacks werismed at donald trump win the election though it does say the russians were behind the cyber attacks. the office of director of national intelligence, dni, run by james clapper, coming to the conclusion according to reuters report, due to lack of evidence getting in the russians minds to improve intent. what does the conflicting report
6:34 am
mean as congressional investigations move forward into the new year? john bolton, joins us former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., fellow, american enterprise institute, fox news contributor, mentioned as possible secretary of state or. our regrets and sympathies on that one but also named as potential candidate for deputy secretary of state. before we get to that ambassador what do you think for the new report where the dni is saying well, they hacked it and had these a the tax but we can't prove intent? >> we don't know obviously. we're not behind the classification wall. so we're not seeing information but in the public domain which is all we can comment on i think it indicates more confusion in this effort to try to figure out what actually happened. i think that's one reason why i have said these past self days, i support congressional investigations to get into it. i think the incoming cia director mike pompeo will have very important job here to review all of this and try to
6:35 am
sort it out. eric: what do you think happened? it caused controversy with me on sunday with your reference to a false flag. who did this, what do you think, what does your gut say? >> what i was referring to then and what i have always believed, including going back to october when james slapper made his first reference to russian involvement, that is might not be russia but another foreign intelligence service leaving evidence behind to point a finker to russia to implicate them in this effort. we don't know the answer to that on the outside. i think this continuing confusion shows there is really need to find out a lot more before we understand it fully. eric: others would say this fits the russian modus operandi. they have done this in europe and germany, for example, with the german elections. this is part of what they do with the propaganda to try to influence that. the reuters report seems to completely conflict with what james clapper said in october. this is joint statement from
6:36 am
jeh johnson head of homeland security and mr. clapper. says the u.s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the recent compromises from emails of u.s. persons and institutions including from u.s. political organizations. the recent disclosures of alleged hacked emails on sites like d.c. leaks and wikileaks and "gucifer" 2.0 online persona are consistent with russian-directed efforts. these are intented to interfere with the u.s. election process. we believe based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts only russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities. that a mouthful, basically bottom line, russia does that to try to influence elections. why would they say we don't know what their intent is and when they said it in october. >> convenient they said it in the middle. election campaign but they may be having second thoughts. this goes in essence about
6:37 am
counterintelligence efforts. there is not about cyber fingerprints when someone says this is hack is consistent what russia has done in the past, it is consistent with their techniques. that may all be but china may have seen these things and adopted russian techniques and decided -- eric: why do you think that is really realistic? >> to point the finger at russians and undermined trust and confidence in our constitutional system. that is the advantage of all the potential ad is versaris. russia, china, iran, north korea. we know they have been hacking massively from the north korea hack into sony pictures of all things. china taking tens of millions of personnel records from the office of personnel management in washington. i think we've had years of cyber attacks with no effective response. whoever did the attack in the rnc or dnc russia, whomever, felt they could get away with it. why not? others appears to have got
6:38 am
enaway with it. eric: the trump in the campaign they're trying to take the heat off russia because they're cozy and softç with vladmir putin? >> that is why we need congressional investigation. incoming cia director mike pompeo i'm sure will step up to this and give his best judgment. people on both sides of the aisle trust him and i trust his valuation too. eric: sitting here with me, what about deputy secretary of state. you're on with me every sunday. will you be here on sunday? >> i don't comment. people don't realize uniquely among the cabinet agencies the state department has go deputy secretaries of state. all the others have one. i could be corrected on that but i don't think i'm wrong. of all the problems the state department has this bifurcation of the deputy position, i think exacerbates unfortunate dysfunctionality you see in so much of the department. so that's, that is just a little factoid for those who are interested in the subject. eric: a fun fact you but to me that means that you have two shots. so we'll see. we'll see what happens.
6:39 am
>> i will be here on sunday. i just promise you that. eric: all right, ambassador, whether as fox contributor or deputy secretary of state designate. martha? martha: well, so how about this? last night espn's "monday night football" might have well been renamed the tom brady show. wouldn't that be a good show? brady picking apart the baltimore ravens defense. threw the quarterback 38 times. you don't want to break a sweat if you don't have to. he managed three touchdowns and 406 yards. look at this. beautiful, right? i guess if you like the patriots it is. patriots win 30-23, improving to 11-2 on the year right now. things are going fairly well there. eric: how about the jets? jill stein and others are demanding that presidential vote recount happening in several states. guess what? the results are in and guess who still has the votes locked up? donald trump. so what is his response?
6:40 am
>> i advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. martha: remember that? so that was president obama before the well, now accuse him and democrats of trying to delegitimatize president-elect trump with all of this story, these storylines going on. we'll take a look. we'll debate it. >> the problem the left has is they can not come to grips with the reality that the american people are turning against them, that the american people defeated them. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red.
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so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. ♪ eric: there was some dramatic new dash-cam video we want to show you has been released. they want to overturn the atv, look at that, they realize ad 10-year-old boy trapped underneath, face down in the dirt under pun r hundreds of pounds of steel. the deputy's quick actions are being credited with saving that
6:44 am
little boy's life. >> you never know what is going to happen, from the moment with this job, and i just couldn't be more proud. >> he should be honored and praised his his quick reaction and thinking so well and keeping so cool and calm. eric: hero officer is deputy ray rodriguez. awarded a medal last week for his actions. certainly know that the boy's family thanks him. ♪ >> the reason that i'm, have called for a review really just gather all the threads of the investigations, the intelligence work, that has been done over many months so that the public and our elected representatives going forward can find ways to prevent this kind of interference from, having an impact on the elections in the future. martha: that was president obama responding to reports that russia interfered in the united states presidential election,
6:45 am
and that they did it to try to tip the scale toward donald trump. there is a lot of controversy over this whole thing. the white house backing a bipartisan investigation of the matter. some critics say democrats and president are trying to delegitimatize the president-elect and giving excuses for why hillary clinton lost. nomiki konst, host of the filter on sirius xm progress. rich lowery "national review," welcome to both of you. i want to play a sound bite from president obama, that during the period which the election was at a moment when donald trump kept saying that he thought the election was rigged, right? here's what president obama said at that moment in the process. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow you could even, you could even rig america's elections. and so, i would advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.
6:46 am
martha: who is whining now, nomiki? >> i think context here donald trump was trying to al you lewd the democrats were rigging election for hillary clinton's favor. martha: no, he was talking about perhaps tampering with election machines and also, but the point the president said it was impossible to do so. >> you know what? the president was wrong. there was evidence at that point that russia already tampered with two states electoral machines, arizona and illinois. further evidence shown they have done so. fbi concluded that they had enough information to prosecute russian hackers who went into the electoral machines, accessed voter files, not to mention hacked dnc and rnc, which the rnc has not confirmed yet. russia has clearly been meddling with our primary system, our general election system. this is something weç should te very seriously and i don't think we should say partisan things about. martha: going through everything out there, the dni says there isn't enough to connect the two pieces. the fbi says that they don't believe there is enough to
6:47 am
connect the two. cia says, i guess regardless, rich, obviously everybody wants to know whether or not russia has any role in the electoral process. with need to know that and investigate that, right? >> both things are true. russian hack, looks likely there is russian hack. dispute over the ultimate motive is really serious. there should be a bipartisan investigation should get to the bottom and get to the facts the at same time the democrats are having trouble accepting this result and want to delegitimatize donald trump. i feel their pain. i went through a version of this when he won the nomination. you have to accept that he won, and part of the reason he won he is such a potent communicator in his own madcap way. hillary was a rotten candidate with no message. and real close result like this, anything could have tipped it but that is the big fact. she was not a good candidate tried to win presidency by default and didn't work. martha: one more moment from
6:48 am
chris wallace's interview over the weekend. >> why would the cia put out the story that the russians wanted you to win? >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeat in the history of politics in this country. frankly i think they're putting it out. it is ridiculous. martha: talking about the potential politicization of this whole process. even intel agencies have a side that they're on. >> i think democrats are at risk right now of being baited by donald trump and conflating these two stories. this is a real national security issue. and if democrats like harry reid calling for investigation for a long time, and has been ramping up the democrats to use this as excuse for secretary clinton's loss, secretary clinton lost because working class voters of all kinds, black, white, hispanic did not turn out in numbers they needed we had very low turn out. yes, she won the popular vote by three million and lost the electoral college and had sophisticated machine and should
6:49 am
have known that. donald trump also didn't have high turnout. problem donald trump had weighing things for him. scale was tipped in his favor. martha: because emails were released that were negative. >> voter files were accessed. a lot of stuff. talking about the primary here. maybe he, they tampered with the republican primary. we don't know right now. there was a lot of information that was -- martha: you just said, contradicted yourself. you said we have to be concerned about the investigation but then you said we also, we can't be using excuse that hillary lost because of it. >> no i'm not saying -- i said hillary clinton lost because sheave didn't work on voters she needed to work on but at same time if you have a country we have sanctions against right now, meddling with our affairs, not to mention that the fact that donald trump is appointing cabinet members who received awards. martha: i can't figure out why it would-be hoof to russians to tip the scale in trump's favor? may turn out he is tougher person against them in the end. >> putin hates hillary clinton
6:50 am
because she called into question one of the russian elections. look these, most of these wikileaks we talked at time, they were of gossippy interest. a few were really damaging like the doug band memo, but that is clinton crony putting black and white how the clinton foundation was a profit center. who ultimately created that vulnerability for hillary clinton? it was hillary clinton herself. martha: thanks, goo is. good to have you both here. >> thank you. martha: eric: martha, santa claus fulfilling wish of a dying young boy. this is a tough emotional story. you will have this heart-breaking event and tell you about it next. >> you get up to the pearly gates you tell them you're santa's number one elf. or like him. you sure are. one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done!
6:51 am
that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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6:54 am
martha: this story is heart-breaking because being santa is supposed to be an easy, fun job. one santa faced the hardest of life's moments. this santa was visiting with a terminally ill boy in east tennessee. it was during that visit, in santa's arms that that little boy passed away. >> you get up to those pearly gates you tell them you're santa's number one elf. him? you sure are. i'm sure they will let you right in. they will. i know it. give me a big hug. hold him and he looked up at me, santa, can you help me. and that's when he passed. martha: is a real santa. because he took time and visited
6:55 am
with the children and visited with the little boy. that is exactly what the spirit of christmas is all about. we pray for his family and him. very tough moment. god bless that little boy. eric: our five-year-old boy, our hearts out to his family. martha: all right. take you back now to the activity at trump tower. as we showed you earlier today, rapper kanye west went into the tower. now he has come back down withç donald trump. let's hear what he has to say. [inaudible]. >> you take care of yourself. i will see you soon. all right? [inaudible] martha: what you see in trump tower. eric: whether he should call or as we speculated earlier, what type of job could he be up for if he indeed is? martha: we saw leo decaprio come in earlier. they talked about climate
6:56 am
change. president-elect trump is meeting with a group of individuals about issues that affect the african-american community. something he was passionate about when he visited detroit and other inner dis. perhaps that is what they talked about. much keeps things for interesting. eric: that is the place to be. martha: energy and state, mixes it up with kanye, makes the day go a little bit faster. eric: that's true. martha: president-elect donald trump ending weeks of speculation what we said, announcing the man on the right rex tillerson as top diplomat. what we learned about the top ceo tappedded to run the state department. all that and more coming at the top of the hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> donald trump tapping exxon ceo rex tillotson, a name most people didn't know until a few weeks ago but is in the top of mind for everybody, he would be
7:00 am
choice for secretary of state. might be a bit of a battle but we will talk about that which america's newsroom, i am martha maccallum. eric:i am in today for bill hammer. this ended weeks of speculation. mister trump describing mister tillotson as a dealmaker. a prime example of the american dream. some concerned about his ties to russia. laura ingram dismissed the critics earlier on fox and friends. >> it is pretty genius. the idea that these career politicians are really upset that he hasn't been a career diplomat i think to myself we have had a lot of career diplomats and some of them have made catastrophic decisions. martha: good morning, good to have you this morning, what is your take on the tiller something. >> it is out-of-the-box for
7:01 am
donald trump. he will face something of an uphill battle on capitol hill for the confirmation process because there are senators who will be concerned, will raise questions about his experience and qualifications and ties to russia and long-standing relationship with vladimir putin. i am of the mind senators at these hearings and during the floor vote process ought to approach tiller's and with an open mind and be equipped with probing and thorough questions about those issues i just spoke about because they merit serious scrutiny. on the other hand it is important to note the votes of confidence tiller's and has received from very respected figures from condoleezza rice to
7:02 am
dick cheney and they generally see i to i. robert gates, the former defense secretary under president bush and president obama who is widely admired in washington was the fact that you have people like that giving him the thumbs up and robert gates reportedly was the first person to put tillers and on trump's radar. martha: we saw bob gates walking into the tower two weeks ago and people speculated i wonder what he is doing there and now we know a little more of that story. the expression keep your friends close and your enemies closer may be at play. a person who understands the dynamics in russia, extraordinarily huge element of foreign policy going forward. here is charles krauthammer last night talking about what he sees as hypocrisy. >> it will be a delightful festival of hypocrisy. the russians for 20 years have been soft on the russians and all of a sudden have discovered the russians are not our
7:03 am
friends. >> what do you make of that? >> hypocrisy in washington? i don't believe it. never heard of such a thing. partisan angling where all of us and you discover something that might benefit you in terms of a political argument. if you are the democrats right now you have to figure out a strategy. and triage the opposition, so many potential targets, harry reid stripped democrats of their ability to block or slow down president-elect trump's nominees. tillers and might be one of those handful. martha: marco rubio, john mccain, it would take three
7:04 am
senators to derail this in the senate. it will be interesting to watch and tillers and, we haven't heard from him yet and once he articulates his own feelings that will be a big indicator in how it goes. when you look at the big picture of these pictures, rick perry as well in the mix, more on that before we go. >> he is very successful multi-term governor of a huge oil and energy producing state. i don't think that is a crazy pick although the energy department is one of the three he failed to remember and recall. martha: that is why he didn't remember, didn't want to eliminate it. >> one more point. i have a friend who worked for exxon mobil for many years who worked under tillers and. when these rumors came out this weekend i got a text from him, you got to remember exxon mobil does business in well over 100 countries. this guy knows more of the players and geopolitical
7:05 am
dynamics than his critics may be giving him credit for. did a great job running the company and could do a good job representing the country. martha: so many people involved are very impressed which is why a lot of people have to wait until they hear personally to make their judgment was always good to talk to you, see you soon. eric: the congress scheduled for next month, the inauguration, mister trump saying he will be leaving in the care of two children, donald junior and eric trump and asks no new deals will be done during his time in office but is that enough? melissa francis on this. no blind trust, no divesting saying it is a conflict of interest but standing over the boys. >> there is no perfect solution.
7:06 am
it is tough to have the name trump and blaze on the side of a building, how can you truly defect? some buildings in new york with gold letters have been taken down, not realistic you could do that around the world. it is interesting to see he is going to leave it to the two boys. it tells you a lot about yvonne carr's role in washington. he will trample on all the news about his pics in the cabinet. it makes sense which i don't think anything will silence critics completely unless he is able to sell everything which isn't realistic. won't happen but short of that. >> what should he do? you know he will go back to the business afterwards and if you have your sons running it, you will be checking with them potentially even though there is no new deal, still in the family interests. critics say should get a receiver or objective judge or business entity.
7:07 am
martha: that wouldn't work. i understand your point and you are right. the problem is these are public buildings, the idea that trump tower exists somewhere, he can't be blind to that. when you talk blind trust but manage your investments, you literally do not know what you are vested in. that is not possible. he can't sell everything this quickly. that is not possible either. it is significant that he is saying he won't do any new deals because i am certain billions of dollars in business have come his way would be inappropriate since the time he was elected and had his family take advantage of those investments and start new things, would be a benefit to them. and benefiting your children. he loves going directly into his pocket, still a benefit things that are good for my kids are good for me. let's be honest. >> chris wallace, he has turned down billions of dollars already and from one big player who he did not name, what do you think he should do? we don't know about his tax
7:08 am
returns, chinese russian banks, he mentioned it and on the wrong floor, he knows who his tenants are. martha: the leverage the company has had you think there's money from all kinds of people all over the place invested in so many deals around the country. you can't chamber that. that is what i meant, all around the world, you can't change that i can't turn back time. people do that when they elected him in the first place. this is probably the most realistically he could do short of having his son exit the business, but to punish them because his dad was elected president and their family and future in business and don't plan on going into politics is tough. we didn't see the bushes do that but continue to live their lives and without question benefited from the back indirectly that their parents and the family within politics, i don't take
7:09 am
that necessarily is realistic to say they should get out but there will be critics and nothing is perfect. >> we will see what he has next month. great to see you. martha: breaking news as we get more information on what i mentioned earlier. and airstrike in syria has reportedly taken out three leaders of isis. two were directly involved in last year's horrific paris terror attack. two of them are gone today, close associates with a terrorist group of operations involving airstrikes. the third isis reader was a suicide attack planner convicted in belgium for a terror plot that was broken up. the pentagon reporting all three were killed this past sunday in rocca, syria, and were planning attacks against western targets at the time of that strike. more information on that big news in the war on terror
7:10 am
moments ago. in the meantime mister trump once again, unlike any president before him. >> just another excuse which i don't believe it. martha: new criticism is the president-elect continues to push back against the cia about the hacking story and not a big fan of the daily intelligence briefing. former cia director joins us with his thoughts on that. eric: there are reports that russia interfered in the election to begin to donald trump. the report is at odds with testimony from another arm of the intelligence community. martha: aleppo on the verge of collapse. the syrian government, retaking most of the rebel held neighborhoods, human rights group calling the war any protection possible, the civilians who remain.
7:11 am
>> silence will descend over aleppo and they will be around these dead bodies and carnage and destruction. all of that did not have to happen. it is one of the great tragedies of recent history.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: the president-elect continues with what some are calling an unprecedented snub of the intelligence community saying he does not need daily intelligence briefings to stay on top of what is going on. every president since truman has had these daily briefings that are highly classified coming to them from the cia and the intelligence officials in their briefing. when asked about skipping those meetings, the president-elect said this on fox news sunday. >> you are getting the presidential daily brief only once a week. >> i get it when i need it. i get it when i need it. these are very good people that are giving me the briefings. if something should change from this point i am available on a minute's notice. i don't have to be told -- i am a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. martha: president obama weighed in on trump's comments last
7:16 am
night. >> my experience with our intelligence agencies is they are not perfect, they are full of extraordinarily hard-working, patriotic and knowledgeable experts. if you are not getting their perspective, their detailed perspective, then you are flying blind. martha: professor james woolsey, former cia director and senior advisor to the president-elect now. good to have you with us today. you heard what mister trump said. is that okay? >> it is fine. president clinton virtually never had briefings given to him as briefings. he took it as paper and read it and most of us can read faster than fox news, that is his view and other presidents have preferred to read through the briefing, have somebody
7:17 am
highlight one part of it but not sit there and have the whole thing read to you so i think the president has a lot of flexibility in how he absorbs that information. it is a very small matter. martha: is a lot of it repetitive? >> it depends what is going on in the world. if analysts and they are very good following what is happening, then if things continue on track they will find a way to communicate that and otherwise if there is a change, it highlights the change. they deal with both continuous and evolving ideas. martha: he wants to be fooled out of any meeting and told on a moments notice if there's something that needs to be made aware of so there is that. i want your thoughts on this other issue, the perception that he is dissing the intelligence
7:18 am
community, that he is not be leaving the cia report that the russians tried to tip the scale in his favor during the election. today we have another report on the screen, the office of the director of national intelligence, they say the cia conclusion with adjustments based on the fact the russian entities hacked both democrats and republicans and only the democrats information was leaked so they are saying because they only leaked the stuff that was negative against the democrats that is where they drew the judgment they were trying to tilt it towards donald trump and that is a pretty thin read on which to base analytical judgment. >> a lot of this has been rated in its construction. you don't need to worry about snubbing the intelligence community. they are big boys and girls who can deal with criticism. not a problem. the key thing is to focus on the
7:19 am
important moves to steal information and get inside our system. what we have seen so far, leaking things about pay to play and so on, is not as important as for example the leaks that came about and disclosed how much background information was available and was stolen by someone and we still don't know who. background investigation on people's personal records and the rest is a very big issue and we don't have anything on that. i don't know why we are focusing
7:20 am
on what probably is publicly available information that the russians are putting out. they call it disinformation which means lying. if that tilts one way or the other interesting to note the russians go after everybody, jews, catholics, disinformation system is quite something. it disses a lot of people and a lot of institutions. we need to understand that but not get too excited talking about some groups more than others. martha: rex tellers and's relationship with vladimir putin, what do you think of that? >> it is a nothing burger. i think he got an award, friendship award which is given to athletes, astronauts,
7:21 am
musicians, lots of people. he was head of the largest corporation in the world, russia has a lot of oil, buying and selling and arranging joint ventures and so forth. i see no evidence he did anything improper in doing that or asked for special treatment, he seems to be a tough, smart businessman. what is the problem? martha: thank you very much, good to have you with us today. eric: the charge that russia did interfere in the us election specifically to help mister trump win. this testimony doesn't match up, we will hear about this with james clapper in a moment. martha: president-elect trump taking part in a deposition in a lawsuit he filed, we talk to our next guest about the future of
7:22 am
the commander-in-chief's court battles and what it means for his administration. >> said something so bad they wouldn't have me go through these people and these primary races and pretty even in the pools, close to the polls right now so i was very --
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
martha: new video showing dangerous conditions for firefighters in a house with marijuana growing operation went up in flames we tell that camera footage showing the fire. firefighters say grow houses have bars over windows and doors and extra locked chains creating extra barriers for crews. no one was home and no one was hurt. bill: fox news alert, new developments in reports that russia interfered with the us election to help donald trump
7:26 am
win. the alleged cia assessment tells a different story from the national intelligence director on the right, james clapper, speaking about cyberattacks are hearing, catherine herridge is live in washington dc to explain what is going on. >> reporter: us government sources the director of national intelligence which oversees the intelligence community is not on the same page as the cia and understanding the hackers intent and new ones which fox news is told the election tax are being wrongly lumped into one bucket when they were separate and discrete to include the dnc which raises money for democratic congressional races. clinton campaign emails released through wikileaks and probing of state boards of election to steal voter registration database the intelligence community issued a statement in october on russian involvement,
7:27 am
the probing attacks on the state board dropped off. after the election, it was confirmed during congressional testimony, they didn't have the same level of certainty about russia's hand in the clinton campaign emails. >> as far as the wikileaks connection evidence is not as strong and we don't have insight into the sequencing of the releases or when the data may have been provided. >> us government source points out the fbi has different standard in these cases, evidence that can be used for criminal prosecution. eric: there is a deadline to get the stuff by friday. martha: yesterday tension between capitol hill and the intelligence community has escalated the republican chairman of the house intelligence community sending a letter to the director of
7:28 am
national intelligence, james clapper asking whether the intelligence community's position on russian involvement and intent was in favor of mister trump changed since the november testimony or whether the leaks are politically motivated and designed to discredit the incoming administration. congressman nunez call for a classified briefing on what we heard from the cia and fbi later friday. >> we will see how this develops. martha: a president-elect's toys for secretary of state facing head wins on capitol hill including connection to russian president vladimir putin. put aching in his nomination process. a big topic of conversation today. eric: major league baseball putting a new rule against hazing. what exactly they are banning. take a look at that. that is in cooperstown, must be in a league of their own. we will be right back.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> there are signs of resistance rearing their head on capitol hill. several lawmakers voiced concerns, and the russian president vladimir putin. >> pinpointing hospitals in aleppo, of course i am concerned. we should give him a fair hearing, and it is obvious he likes russia and fairly concerning to the world and concerning to america and concerning to me. martha: that is where that concern was the past several years. mikey manual in washington with more on this was what concerns
7:33 am
are hearing from key lawmakers? >> marco rubio, a republican on the foreign relations committee said being a friend of vladimir putin was not a quality he was looking for and, quote, the next secretary of state must be someone who views the world with moral clarity, free of potential conflict of interest, has a clear sense of america's interested will be a forceful advocate for america's foreign policy goals to the president within the administration and the world stage. the top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, a short time ago said, quote, i am deeply troubled by his vocal opposition to us sanctions on russia following its illegal invasion, occupation and annexation of crimea, ukraine and close personal relationship with b nancy of carolina senator lindsey graham says he expects the us/russian relationship to be front and center in the confirmation process. >> senate majority leader
7:34 am
against the spec as well. >> senator mitch mcconnell was asked about secretary of state's expected pick yesterday and said he didn't want to comment on phantom nominees. >> very impressed with the nomination so far and we have to wait and see who is nominated secretary of state. obviously treat whoever that is with respect through the regular process and respond to questions and see where it comes out. >> mcconnell was optimistic employees known at that point would get confirmed but sounds like tillerson will have to win over some senators in the week ahead. martha: harry reid that he was against it, mitch mcconnell holding his thoughts forward. thank you very much. eric: president-elect trump and his companies facing 75 open lawsuits raising the prospect of constant court battles as he runs the country.
7:35 am
he is due to a deposition in a lawsuit he filed involving a restaurant in the new trump hotel in washington dc. melania was in court, suing a newspaper for defamation. can he defend the country and himself in court at the same time? will he have to? leslie marshall, radio talkshow host and fox news contributor, welcome to you both. in january, raising his hand in court promising to tell the truth and nothing but the truth raising a hand to defend the constitution, how does this play out over the next four or eight years? >> i think he lost -- the idea is when you're dealing with these lawsuits you are taking care of your own business and not taking care of the business of the united states of america who put you in office. i say to donald trump and his team let it go. you are about to be the leader of the free world and in the
7:36 am
case of melania in the first lady these lawsuits are unnecessary. in the case of this, josé andrea is a perfect example, he wants to make an unusual point that he is an immigrant himself. a celebrity chef. donald trump wants to back out of a restaurant, i have friends in dc. that restaurant is a landmark, wants to get drinks at the hotel. why is, let it go. eric: there were 4000 lawsuits, 75 open ones, civil suits against mister trump in his business. >> the plaintiff for somebody who is defendant for others and this is one of the concerns for people like me not just because i'm a democrat and did not
7:37 am
support the president-elect with a distraction. there were other distractions, executive producer of celebrity apprentice, not just to business dealings. i agree with letting certain things go. talk about melania and defamation lawsuits, one of the great things about our country as we have the freedom to speak out against our leaders and that includes people in the public, our commander-in-chief to be and the first lady and i the first amendment sets the first amendment apart from other states in the world and you can't just say -- even if it is not true, i am going to bring you to court. this is a distraction from her duties as first lady and from his duties as president and we want him to be focused 100% on his role as commander in chief. this is a serious position and it requires 100% of his time. eric: what do you tell people suing him? paula jones in the final legal legacy of paula jones, the supreme court did rule a
7:38 am
president is not immune from civil lawsuits for actions they took before they became president, president clinton's lawyers tried to delay that action until after he left office. that did not happen. remember the deposition in the white house by president clinton at the time. rachel, he could be facing lawsuits and under the law he would be because the civil lawsuit is not connected to his official actions as president. >> there will be some things you can't avoid. he has to follow the law, he has to deal with those lawsuits. in the case of josé andres, this is a great example. he was wrong in this, he knew going in to a business relationship with donald trump that he -- before he made immigration comments -- >> should they wait and hold the lawsuit until after he leaves office? is that fair?
7:39 am
>> no. they could do it that way but my point is donald trump is right, andre did not have a clause saying if you are offensive, took it out. eric: the broader issue of sitting in the oval office and suing. >> donald trump and his people need to look at these lawsuits and say this is distracting, it will give a bad perception of how focused we are on issues at hand as many problems to find a way to lighten the load on these lawsuits because they are going to be distracting and that a minimum look distracting. eric: what should mister trump do? what would you tell the defendants of melania? let donald take care of it? >> what lawyers did with president clinton and what they are trying to do for
7:40 am
president-elect trump's delay delay delay but rachel's point like you said earlier, letting it go, if you were the one suing as is the case in many of these lawsuits the president-elect is involved in his lawyers have the right to settle and certainly would have to be taking the time and money going forward in the future with these timely depositions. hours of testimonies are involved in these depositions and this is a man we are concerned about in daily intel briefings, not focus on his job. eric: this may way be a way to force people suing him to not. you consume a president for actions civilly. thank you so much. >> an unusual site that happened on a flight in wisconsin. police literally dragging this woman through the isle, in a
7:41 am
forced removal. we will tell you what is going on. >> the syrian government talking about aleppo, devastation, catastrophe, the untold catastrophe continues thanks to assad and russia. civilians, children died and been killed, in numbers unimaginable as the fighting continues. >> the last 24 hours have been the most dramatic in this horrific battle of aleppo. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now find the lowest payments ever on all beds. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. >> woman passenger literally dragged off the plane, you see passengers watching, pulled him through the isle. this is closer to online yesterday, was supposed to take off from san diego. officials say the woman passenger would not comply with
7:45 am
boarding and packaging procedures and ran past the check in counter and ran on the plane. when officers told her she could not remain on board she refused to leave, she has not been identified and has been ticketed but not charged with criminal conduct. >> the battle for eastern aleppo nearing its end and syria and forces retake control. those troops sharing in the street as they capture the rebel held areas, human rights offices they have killed dozens and dozens of civilians in their homes which have been barrel bombed over the past 48 hours, rebels say assad forces are also burning people alive and doing summary executions in areas where rebels have been holding out. civilians include children, unicef says there could be 100 children who are trapped in the
7:46 am
buildings after those bombs fell as we speak for joining me general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news military analyst, good to have you with us this morning, this has been a tragic story and it appears to be coming to an end and aleppo. >> after 15 months of russian incursion they have retaken the major city that was their target from the beginning and this has quelled the criticism that vladimir putin received at home. i tell you what he has actually done, struggled so much against opposition forces, brought the aircraft carrier, full intention to annihilate the city much as they did over a decade ago in chechnya when they bombed that city block by block and building by building, that is what they did here, the target was largely civilians, to destroy and annihilate that population.
7:47 am
it is a human catastrophe led by the russians. make no mistake about it and they will reap the benefit of this strategically as well. greg: all the way back to the redline moment the question on so many people's mind is how did this happen? >> obama's national security team came to him in 2012, the opposition at the beginning of the civil war and in both cases he resisted helping the syrian moderates when there was an opportunity to change momentum against the regime, no guarantee of success to be sure but there was an opportunity. as you mentioned when he crossed the redline and did not see that as an opportunity to destroy assad's airpower which was a killing machine against people he passed on that opportunity and at that point the syrian
7:48 am
moderates lost leverage in the country. the al qaeda organization gained prominence in the country as a result of that and the war has never been the same since. even with that the opposition forces have a lot of success in 2015 which brought in the russians. martha: with a moderate gone you have the islamists fighting this battle who include a number of radical islamic terrorist groups and assad. those of the groups that are left. they have not been eliminated by any stretch. >> that is true. what the russians did by design assisted by syrians when they came in 15 months ago is targeted the syrian moderate groups and particularly the one that was being supplied by the cia and the reason is that was the group that was threatening them in the long term the most because that was a group that eventually wanted democracy,
7:49 am
they wanted an open country and so on. the second group they targeted was the al qaeda group. the priority was syrian moderates. they almost decimated them. they are still there but nowhere near the strength they used to have and many of the islamists were not radical moves towards radical islamist to work with them because they gained prominence. martha: your reaction to the appointment in light of all this. >> first of all president-elect trump has the right to pick to whoever he wants to be secretary of state. i had the opportunity to offer up general david petraeus for that position. i thought he was the best pick but this is the president-elect's administration, pick who he
7:50 am
wants. rightfully so given the association he has with russia it is appropriate that the senate pursue that issue and make certain mister tillerson understands we are in a great power competition with russia and they have been displaying aggression for a decade plus, they cannot continue that and we cannot permit it the way obama has. greg: thank you, good to have you. eric: "happening now" coming up. what is cooking? jenna: the latest on the transition news out of trump tower, the clinton campaign is up two with the electoral college. that time of year, more and more americans suffer early waking syndrome. watching tv standing up. we hope some viewers are doing it and we will ask a doctor about that. eric: watching tv standing up? that is what you got the
7:51 am
la-z-boy for? jenna: we have to reconcile that somehow. eric: san francisco taking another step to defy federal immigration law, some people say century city, what to do with taxpayer money.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
>> we talked about the battle over rex tillerson and mitch mcconnell has said he would not weigh in. now he has weighed in. he had time to think about it and get more background on rex tillerson. mitch mcconnell will support him for secretary of state. that is good news for the transition team at trump tower. more on that as it comes in.
7:55 am
eric: san francisco resisting federal immigration law. a sanctuary city using taxpayer dollars to hire lawyers for a legal residents this is a judge is considering a lawsuit by the family of kate steinle who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. she would still be alive if the city had a big request to detain her suspected killer. claudia cowan live with more on this disturbing case. reaching san francisco doubling down on sanctuary city status now considering a proposal to hire more lawyers to suspend illegal immigrants facing deportation including those arrested for committing other crimes in this country. at a recent rally outside city hall a former detainee in the bay area says their lack of access to an immigration lawyer
7:56 am
turned their lives upside down and they are worried about president-elect donald trump's promise to deport illegal immigrants. david campbell argues anyone is getting the same access to public resources and defend this use of tax dollars. >> we will invest the resources needed to make sure the 44,000 undocumented people who live in the city and county of san francisco have at a minimum legal representation if they are taken to immigration court. >> critics say moves like this continue to roll out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants. they have concerns about securing the border. we will follow this story and have more for you later. martha: this news coming across, the department of transportation said they want to require cars to be able to talk to each other so they don't bump into each other.
7:57 am
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. .
7:59 am
martha: the transportation department is issuing proposals that would require trucks and
8:00 am
cars to talk to one another, wireless technology that would avoid tens of thousands crashes every year. four years to comply, it would require all vehicles to speak the same language and it would be up to the trump administration to finalize the proposals. >> what about the imports from the countries? martha: you can sit back and text your friend. jenna: sound like there's more conversation about that. president-elect trump settling on nominee for the most important job in his administration. mr. trump announcing on twitter that he is choosing exxon ceo rex tillerson to be secretary of state. hello, welcome to happening now. i'm jenna lee. >> nice to be at home with you, i'm in for jon scott. at ceo of the multinational


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