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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  December 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a video of a lion coming faes to face with a baby dressed as a lion cub. >> a fitting name and costume. america's news headquarters starts now. >> this is a fox news alert, the trump administration is starting to take shape as the president-elect formally announces his pick for secretary of state. a busy day under way at trump tower. big names coming and going all day long including two very familiar faces. rapper and super star kanye west, and microsoft founder bill gates. john roberts is covering all of this in west alice, wisconsin,
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where mr. trump will continue his thank you tour. >> it is very glamorous here and cold as well. about nine degrees. that's why you see just a small group of people lined up in front. most wisconsinites are waiting for the doors to open. let's start with rex tillerson. some concerns on capitol hill that he is just a little too close to vladimir putin for their liking. back in 2013, he received an order of friendship with putin for cutting a deal in russia, and not because he was very good friends. there is praise for him with mitch mcconnell saying he will throw his full support behind dillerson. robert gates praising
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tillerson's vast knowledge and kesz dealing with dozens of government leaders throughout the world. reince priebus playing down any issues with tillerson's rip with putin, here he is this morning on "fox and friends." >> having relationships with people is not a bad thing. i don't know how we got to the place where having an actual functional relationship with someone who might not be a person that we would first think of to have a relationship with is suddenly a bad thing. we have a lot of problems in this world and we're not going to solve those problems by making believe that people don't exist. >> he said if you put america first, everything works out in the end. trump has four cabinet posts yet to fill, governor rick perry will be named the secretary of energy. back in the 2012 election campaign wanted to eliminate
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three federal departments. one of them was the department of education, one was commerce, and the other was energy. that leaves the interior, agricultural, and veteran's affairs left to fill. you mention kanye west. he was the first visitor to trump tower today. they came down, another surprise appearance by donald trump in the lobby of trump tower. they said they just had a nice friendly chat. kanye didn't want to talk about it too much. there was a question about whether or not he will perform at an inaugural ball and he refused to mention that. and bill gate was in today to speak with donald trump. he came down and talked after the meeting. here is what he said. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education, impact and energy. a wide ranging conversation about the power of innovation.
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>> at the beginning of all of this you mentioned a big tech summit tomorrow at trump tower. there are a lot of people involved in the process of technological information there. bill gates will not be among them. a representative from microsoft will be there along with other biggies from silicon valley. >> that is the whole spectrum right there. all right, john, thank you so much for that. the president-elect replaying a planned news conference about the future of his business empire and that his two oldest sons, donald jr. and eric will be in charge of the company and no new deals will be struck while mr. trump is in the white house. joining us now is mike huckabee, a former presidential candidate. let me ask you first about delaying the press conference
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and out official announcement about the business affairs. some people are wondering if this was about not putting the president-elect in front of reporters to answer questions ahead of the electors getting together next week. maybe it wasn't a good time to put him out there. what's your response to that? >> i think it has to do with the fact that he has been focused on filling out largely his cabinet, but his white house staff. he wants to get that under way. the process of selling homes, finding a place to live in washington, it is a pretty major thing to accept one of these posts. it upends the lives of a lot of families. >> it has been a long time since he has been out in front of reporters just taking questions the way we saw him in the campaign days. is he due to do something like
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that? is it fair to criticize him? >> it is the american way. he has done a number of interviews, but i think he has been selective about what he does. he knows if he walks out in front of random reporters, they're not going to treat him fairly, quote him accurately, or give them any time of journalistic treatment. i think he is deciding he won't use the pearls of wisdom he has and throw them to the pigs because they're not going to do anything but trample, swallow, and get choked on them. she going directly to twitter, to interviews, he is bypassing
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the mainstream media and they hate it. >> does this mean he won't go out and do press conferences at all like that? >> i think at some point he will do press conferences, but i don't think he will subject himself to a flogging. they have become testy. reporters ask the same question six times in a row. so you know, let me put it this way, it is never a smart thing to help load the gun pointed at your own head. for donald trump to go out there and stand in front of reporters, and they have done everything in their power to try to be dismissive of him, discredit him, to attack everything and
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every motive he ever had, i can't say that i truly blame him for not wanting to go out and stand in front of the bullseye. >> that was a lot of imagery you put together there, friend. let's ask you about rex tillerson. for example, senator lindsey graham said based on his extensive business dealings with the government, and his previous efforts to impose sanctions on the russian government, many answers must be answer'd. i expect the relationship to be out front and center in the confirmation process. there is a fear she too friendly with vladimir putin. does he view him as a tlug and an enemy. how do you think he feels about vladimir putin? >> i mean the honest answer is
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that i don't know. we'll find out in the senate confirmation hearings and that's why we have those hearings. i think it is healthy to let him go, have those companies posed to him, and let him go. he went and had relations with vladimir putin as a business executive, leading a fwloebl worldwide company. if he is secretary of state, the mission he goes to establish is quite difficult. i think a lot of people are getting a little overly anxious about something. i use apple products, i drink starbucks coffee, and i order things from amazon. i'm at odds with the those heads of those companies, but do i
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business with them. >> we have a fox news alert for you now. other law enforcement agencies to update the investigation into the deadly oakland warehouse fire. trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> capitol, tobacco, and firearms is leading up this investigation and they said very little. arson has been ruled out and the primary focus appears to be on the electrical season. they say the investigation is on going, and they say in the back of the warehouse there was a number of extension cords strung. some described it as like the spider web of cords and wires,
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and it appeared to be badly overloaded. atf is really in charge of this investigation, and the ghost ship warehouse was never expectationed by the fire department because it wasn't on the inspection list. when the fire started downstairs, people were upstairs, they could not see the staircase. they had trouble navigating all of the furniture, pianos, and such. it killed 36 people. the worst fire in california in more than 100 years. as the investigation continues, we'll get more from the press conference and bring it to you, melissa. >> just horrible, thank you for that report. >> president-elect trump has a way with company stocks. moving things with just a tweet. what happens when an airline passenger doesn't follow the rules. this story is next. your insurance company won't replace
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after a week of just a brutal and bloody campaign to remove the opposition in aleppo, it appears a cease fire is gone into in effect aleppo.
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allowing siflians and rebel fighters to flee the area. we have seen a lot of these cease fires crumble, some never even got off of the ground. it appears now that most of the territory that was left, and it was a very small amount that the opposition fighters were holding on to. 2% or 3%. and it seems the opposition fighters and the civilians there are able to flee at area and to leave safely. in the past 24 hours we heard reports that syrian forces were executing people on the spot. they were rounding up middle ages men and young boys that may be possible fighters, rounding them up and taking them to undisclosed locations. so we're in a brutal campaign and it sounds like the opposition has given up and said we can't take this any more. they lost control of aleppo in the last few weeks.
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a small area was in control. and it is not clear what that means. stock traders keeping a look on donald trump's recent twitter feed. charles payne is the host of making money with charles payne. what i noticed is if he says something positive or negative, he moves the stock and then it goes back. >> you have to be be paired, right? probably better for the investors that can trade quickly. >> let's talk about it
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specifically. he has been hitting lockheed over and over again. can and will be saved on military and other purchases. that is not just affected lockheed which is down, but the whole defense industry, right? >> let's not forget air force one is part of that whole thing. you have the defense contractors who had their way with the american taxpayer dollar. trump says that stops now. on the other side of this. so by the same token, we need the f 35. this is a industry that has feasted on taxpayer dollars, and we know that will be mitigated to a large degree. that is one of the reasons they're still under some pressure. >> so there is a quick trump game, you have to know when to
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get in and out. for someone in there for the long haul, i noticed a real rotation into stocks like kat pillar and things where he is working to get the economy and things in the u.s. going again and we have seen technology get hurt, no? >> you're right, and the core trump stocks probably got ahead of themselves. u.s. steel grappling a little bit. what is up big today, those tooks you're talking about. tomorrow? the tech trek to the trump tower maybe they put out an olive branch. no doubt about it, silicon valley is one of the big losers. >> they can be the ones we see pop back. they can be hit hard.
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you're so smart, thank you so much. so is bill cosby's plea deal in the works? this on a back and forth on whether or not to admit dozens of alleged victims into the trial. a surprise meeting with donald trump and kanye west, what did they have to talk over? want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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. shocking moments on board a delta flight when police had to literally drag a woman off of a
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plane. she stormed past the gate agent without checking in. she demanded overhead luggage space. they took matters into their own hands when she ignored several commands. >> bill cosby is seeking a bully did that allows him to avoid prison time. he is accused of assaulting andrea constad in his house. >> melissa, it has been a heated day in court. the prosecution and cosby's defense attorneys both say there
11:25 am
is no plea bargain in the jorks for this case. he arrived, he looked more chipper, better mood, better health. he joked around and said don't tase me, bro. the plea bargain saying something is in the works. cosby could want that deal, they don't know if it could happen or not. just last week the judge ruled that recorded statements he made could be used in the criminal case. he admitted in those statements to giving quaaludes to her and having sex with her saying it was con sense shl. the civil case was filed out of court.
11:26 am
cosby charged with aggravated indecent assault. since then dozens of others have come forward a judge could decide if dozens of women will testify in this trial and that got very heated in court. we'll have to wait and see what happens. both sides say there is no plea deal. they say they don't want him to die in prison, they are hoping for a deal that would give him probation. a marine nearly loses his life after stepping on an ied. and there is a little clash brewing between the brad administration and trump's transition team. what they asked for that the energy department is denying. three agencies of government that are gone when i get there, commerce, education, and what's
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the third one there -- i can't, the third one i can't, sorry. oops.
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and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. this is eric gibson. he and his wife briana made the bold decision to buy their home four months ago. and even though they have no idea what the future has in store for them, they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. because they weren't just thinking about their future... buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. head lines that we're following right now. marijuana sales growing in colorado. they sold over a billion dollars worth of pot. if you have a cuisine art
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food processor in your kitchen, they are recalling nearly eight million. and a christmas drivelivery space. the energy department is now stone walling the trump transition team. as climate scientists raise alarms about the prospect of former text governor rick perry being named secretary of energy. ed henry is live in washington. it's not just personnel. the trump transition is making other moves that are worrying employees at the department of energy, right? >> first of all, rick perry is a
11:32 am
climate change skeptic. even before his pick, employees are concerned because the transition team with donald j. trump asked them to provide a list of every employee and contractor that worked at the energy drpt in recent months and years in climate change issues. they say i'm alarmed by the questionnaire set by the trump transition team to the department of energy seems those names of career civil servants that worked on climb change. it raises questions of possible retribution for following president obama's policies. trump advisors say that is not true at all. the department of energy employees are also saying that rick perry wanted to eliminate their jobs. >> a very successful multiterm governor, i don't they is a crazy pick, but i think the
11:33 am
energy department is one of the three he failed to remember -- >> that's why he didn't remember them -- >> three agencies of government that are gone when i get there. commerce, education, and what's the third one there? the third one, i can't, sorry. oops. >> now perry allies note that he is more complicated than just being a climate change skeptic, he pushed renewable energy, but that moment is hard to live down. >> he wanted to eliminate the department of energy, now he wants to shut it down -- i mean there is just so much to go on there. no doubt that would make for an interesting confirmation. si scientists are rushing to copy down the data because they think the trump administration would
11:34 am
hide the data showing it is real. >> they are racing to transfer it in fear that the trump had min strags will somehow make this data disappear. there has been a whole other question about taking government information and putting it on government servers. putting that aside for a moment, the washington post saying in part this past weekend, a meteorologist saying do you a climb database that you don't want to see disappear. they put it in a google spread sheet, investors offered to fund efforts to copy and save the efforts. the problem? m so of these picks from trump have been people who are not
11:35 am
climate change skeptics. look at mr. tillerson for the secretary of state. and the head of exson. he acknowledged the climate change, and the carbon tax, and just last week trump and his daughter met with al gore. al gore said we had a productive meeting and we're going to wait and see. >> thank you, we appreciate it. for more on this, let's bring in simon rosenberg. and giana, i want to get your opinion on rick perry. he served three four year terms in 2004, 2006, and 2010. he is on the board of energy
11:36 am
transfer partners trying to build the dakota access pipeline. he has deep ties, but he wanted to get rid of the government. >> i would say that rick perry, in his presidential run, he had ideas. but at this particular juncture, i think she an excellent pick for a few reasons. rick perry said since becoming the governor of a state that created one-third of all of the jobs in the country until january of 2015. they were renewable jobs. this is a fridge that grew jobs in the state. he understands regulation, and how now to suffocate jobs. i the he is a great pick an someone who can add a lot to the
11:37 am
table. >> if you think donald trump wants to keep people dressing, this is certainly doing it again whether or not it is climate change or something else, here is what he said you can react on the other side. >> it was a sincere search for areas of common ground. i had a meeting beforehand with ivanka trump. the bulk of the time was with president-elect trump. i found it extremely interesting and "to be continued. >> they probably talked about the electoral college. let's talk about other areas of commonality on climate change, what do you make of it? >> i think one of the things the trump team will figure out when they get in is that the current energy policy has been very
11:38 am
successful for the united states. we have seen energy sources go down and a huge advance in renewables. they're much more independent. we have far greater renewables coming online. i think there is a lot to build on. i think the balm administration is leave a strong record. the world came together, said we need dramatic changes, i hope the trump administration doesn't have a sharp break from the rest of the world on that one. >> it is an interesting point, and the obama administration did usher in a lot of fracking. trump has been very high on fracking, and on energy as a way to find energy, along with energy policy. >> right, and i absolutely agree
11:39 am
with that. the other thing this administration has been responsible for is having a heavy hand when it comes to regulations and that is across every sector. in terms of bringing consensus, i agree. these are not ideolog. these are some that are really good managers that laid different organizations. i'm excited about what could potentially happen here. i think rick perry is an excellent pick for this role. he led a state that relies heavily on energy. >> do you think he will make it across the finish line or no? >> he has been a long serving governor, and he knows the game, but tillerson will struggle, i think. >> we're waiting for president
11:40 am
obama to sign a rare bill that mitch mcconnell is calling the most significant legislation passed by this congress. and rex tillerson cast as the next secretary of state. some senate republicans seem uneasy with his nomination. senator rand paul joins us next with his reaction, that should be good.
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clfrp. . . . . . . exit poll exit poll exit po. . . . .
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i'm shepherd smith. donald trump has canceled a news conference that was scheduled for a day after tomorrow and said it will happen sometime in jan. he saying turning the company over to his son will not erase the appearance for conflicts of sberns. he said a true blind trust may not be an option. shepherd smith at the top of the
11:44 am
hour, kelswe'll see you then. president-elect trump selecting rex tillerson as his secretary of state. the pick bringing praise and criticism from those in his party. rand paul is a former presidential candidate himself, what is your reaction to the pick, sir? >> i'm keeping an open mind. what i said all along is that aagree with trump that nation building has not made us safer, it has been very expensive and has not worked. the iraq war was a strategic failure. so i want a secretary of state that agrees with donald trump on those issues. people are still advocating for toppling the assad regime. i am willing to find out what tillerson says on those issues.
11:45 am
if he embraces donald trump's view, i'm fine with that. i'm considered with the secretary bolten. he has not understood the significance of the iraq war. i hope he will not come forward as the under secretary. uncomfoe with rex tillerson because they believe he is too lose to vladimir putin. i would say knowing the energy industry, there are a lot of bad guys they have done deals with. what question would you ask to get to the bottom of what that relationship is like? how would you prove to yourself that he is not too cozy with vladimir putin? >> i think they are different positions. being a ceo, your job is to further your company and make deals with people who have natural resources throughout the world. secretary of state is about
11:46 am
diplomacy and conversation. i think it is a plus he has had conversations with them, but i think he has to negotiate from a position of strength. i think he comes from a position of strength and that is important for countries like russia that are sometimes our adversaries, often our adversaries, and they need to understand that we will negotiate firmly and from a position of strength. >> i want to ask you too about something we have talked about before. you made it clear your desire to do away with obama care, but you're asking republicans to get the debt under control as well saying this "i'm taking a stance and not voting for any budget that doesn't have a plan to balance regardless of what is attached to it. let's repeal obama care." is it dangerous to link the issues? >> as a physician i despise obama care as much as anyone in the country. it has been a disaster top to
11:47 am
get rid of it we have a pass a budget, and then we use the budget vote to repeal obama. >> narrator: care. however, the debt is really important to our country. we have a $20 trillion debt, and i cannot vote for a budget that never balances. right now the republicans in the senate are contemplating putting fwargt a budget that will never balance. i can't be in favor of that even if it means repealing obama care. i think we can do both. i think we can be for a budget that balances. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens going forward. senator, thank you for coming on. we'll see you next time. a story of determination and grit. one of the first double arm
11:48 am
transplant recipients. she a quadruple amputee, speaking out for the first time since his surgery about what he calls a gift that will never go to waste. >> the word amazing get tossed around a lot lately. in his second tour of duty, former marine sergeant stepped on an ied and lost his arms and legs. back in august, they performed a double arm transplant. it took 14 hours to attach the muscles, nerves, and veins. doctors say it went seemlessly, and he is able to bend his elbow. a few years ago, this was the stuff on science fiction. they say he will get full function as well as sensation.
11:49 am
he wants to become a chef. he talked about his true motivation a few months ago. >> as a result of the surgery, i will be able to pursue my dream, but what means more to me than all of that is one day very soon i will be able to hold jessica's hand and feel it, and that is truly a precious gift. >> he says he will never forget the young man that gave him that gift. the arms of the donor that died this summer were nearly a perfect match in size and color and he says he will remember the selfless gift until the day he dies. doctors say full sensation can take several months because the nerges flow very slowly. they say he is well on the road to recovery. for the record, he stepped on the ied. in the first tour, he suffered a traumatic brain injury. he has two purple hearts,
11:50 am
melissa. what an amazing guy he is. >> what an amazing human being, thank you for bringing us that story. trace gallagher, great to see you. instead of taking instead o immigrants out of the country one sanctuary city wants to hire lawyers for them to fight deporati deportati deportation. who would foot that legal bill?
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
san francisco is bracing its role as a sanctuary city with a plan to hire lawyers using tax dollars to help immigrants who face deportation with more than 40,000 undocumented immigrants one leader says it's important they have legal help. we have more from san francisco. break this one down for us. what's it gonna cost?
11:54 am
>> reporter: well, already new york and chicago have paved the way here setting aside public funds to help fight deportations and now san francisco is considering doing something similarly. they're talking about creating a universal deportation assistance. it's legal assistance for illegal imgrapts. supervisors gathered with detainees to announce the legislation. it would set aside $5 million to hire lawyers to help illegal immigrants facing deportation including those arrested for other crimes in this country. they're worried about president-elect donald trump's idea to deport millions of immigrants and he dwenefends th use of tax dollars. >> we're going to invest the resources needed to make sure the undocumented people who live here in san francisco have at a maximum legal representation if they're taken into immigration
11:55 am
court. >> reporter: critics say moves like this continue to lay out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants threatening national security. >> we've seen from the past two administrations at least to encourage illegal immigrants. what we need is to send a message around the world of discouragement to reduce the flow to our boarder and that will make securing the boarder easier. >> reporter: this legislation to hire more immigration defense attorneys is working its way through the various budget economies with a vote expected early next year, but city officials may have to consider which city programs are going to have to go because president-elect donald trump have vowed to cut funding to sanctuary cities and here in san francisco that total could be $1 billion a year or more. >> thank you so much. we want to go to the white house right now where the vice president is talking about the
11:56 am
21st century cure act. you can see the president there as they get ready to sign. we'll be right back. chrp what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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. vice president joe biden at the podium right now as president obama is set to sign the 21st century cures act into law. it's the first public bill signing they've had since june. beaux biden died of brain cancer in may of 2015. this means a lot to him especially. let's listen in. >> jill and i realize that we're not the only family touched by cancer and so many are touched who don't have nearly the support system we've had. mr. president, you lost your mother and so many other families in here have lost someone to cancer. as i said, this legislation is going to give hope. every day millions of people are praying, praying for hope, praying for time, praying that
12:00 pm
somehow something will happen just to extend -- they're not even praying for cures, most of them. those of you who are doctors in the audience, how many times you have heard a patient say give me three more weeks so i can walk her down the aisle or give me another two months, it's my first grandbaby, i want to see him or her born. it's a matter of hours, days, weeks, months and what we're doing here now is this is going to accelerate exponentially the kind of efforts we can make right now, things that are at our dispose al right now to extend life. ladies and gentlemen, i believe president obama and my colleagues in the senate, as i said, both parties are motivated by the same commitment that after whom this was named. president kennedy talked about going to the moon. the problem is there is only one moon. there's 200 some cancers.


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