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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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he and his team later died after a run-in with a blizzard. in a diary he left behind, good god, this is an awful place after losing the race to the most unforgiving spot on earth 105 years ago today. >> all right. thank you. we got history here, folks. the first hike in interest rates is on. the first one we've seen in a year. only the second in the last decade. and right now the markets are chewing on it and not liking what they saw. a pause in pursuit of dow 20,000. we have you fully covered on this one. we also have alan with us in chicago and last but not least, to rub it in in vero beach, florida. i begin with charlie. what's going on here? >> it was more disappointed in what she said about uncertainty and then the markets factoring
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in not just small rate increases which is not a big deal but factoring in the uncertainty of a donald trump presidency and fisc fiscal stimulus. we're all for tax cuts and want to get rid of regulations, when you do all that plus a massive infrastructure program, i think those types of things are now being factored into the markets plus higher short-term rates. guess what? when that happens on the long-term bond, rates go up. prices go down. people start buying bonds instead of stocks. that's why the stock market is off its pricing in that in the future. just a one-day thing. donald trump could come out tomorrow say we're going to be hawkish on the deficit and cut taxes and do regulatory reform. it will bounce back. mark it's telling you that inflation and deficits are coming in the future and that could snuff out
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any trump stock market rally, which is what he was bragging about today with the tech investors in trump tower. >> we're going to get to that. i want to keep you in this mix. on this idea that the federal reserve now forecasts it will hike rates more than earlier thought. three times next year. three times the following year. three times after that. when all is said and done if it were to hold to roughly this view that's building, we're going to be at around 3% or a little higher in a few years. that would still be historically low but the markets are digesting that and not liking it, right? >> yeah. i think, neil, i guess i differ a little bit. i think the markets were looking for an excuse to sell-off. they've been nearly straight up since the results of the election. i think, i mean, the pullback today was really just kind of -- i think it's just a pause until we get to dow 20,000. i'm confident we still get there. as far as what the fed is going to do this coming year, it was about this time last year that
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they said we're going to do another three or four hikes in 2016. and they really did nothing. i think there always seems to be on a week to week basis and you can't forecast what they're going to do. >> we're getting a sense that notion of jobs and optimism of jobs that was coming back that was a big theme with donald trump today meeting with technology ceos that they were joined at the hip on the need to see more jobs, whatever their political differences. so when he was gathering it out, we have a spray of the meeting with him, do you think he played a role in the fed move here in the optimism that's been expressed to the markets and his bullish sentiment building for the fed to maybe up the ante when it comes to rate hikes? >> i think the fed hike was long time coming. we knew it would happen at some point this year. i think i was on as of two years ago saying it was probably going to happen in 2016 at the end of
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2016. so we knew that this fed hike was due to come. and in terms of donald trump having some sort of impact on this or influencing janet yellen to increase these rates, i don't think so. let's not discount the fact there's been a trump bump happening in the market and people are certainly feeling better about the economy. they are certainly feeling -- they want to go out and spend. i think they feel more optimistic about it especially from the fact that jobs probably are going to come back. i think he's very bullish on this. >> normally in the face of something like this out in chicago there, people would be okay with the reasons for the hike. it was, first of all, very telegraphed and expected. i'm wondering then from your vantage point out there that maybe we were getting ahead of ourselves. what do you think of that? >> this rate hike has been talked about so much and it needed to happen here in december. if you look out to the futures future, there's another rate hike coming in september and then december. so two more hikes are priced in even though janet said three.
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so we'll have to wait and see. we're so far away from historical new orleans historic al norms as far as interest rates, what we saw is week. the nasdaq played catchup. bigger than dow 20,000. nasdaq made new highs. been since october 25th so forces are working together now. this bullish bus is off and running. let's remember where we came from. >> you're right about that. one of the things is federal reserve can control short-term interest rates but can't control other rates like ten-year notes which a lot of mortgages are pegged on and traditional borrowing costs are pegged. there's an argument that by raising short-term rates as it did today, it is behind the so-called curve and in a position of being embarrassed because of that. and maybe with a good deal of catch up to go. is that a worry for you and the folks you talk to?
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>> listen, the federal reserve has been screwing savers for years. if you want to take risk in the stock market, that's what janet yellen was saying by keeping -- and ben bernanke before her at just about zero. i don't think the short end of the stick here, the fed funds rate, which janet yellen directly controls, is what's at issue and what's worrying the markets. listen, we'll hit dow 20,000. investors love an inflated economy. they love the fact that donald trump is going to loosen regulations and lower taxes. what the bond market is saying right now and you can't ignore the bond market, that's the ten-year and 30-year, with that type of spending and infrastructure spending and tax cutting could bring deficits and higher interest rates on those other things and that will snuff out the stock market rally at some point and probably snuff out any recovery that we have at some point. this is not an exact science. this is a day-to-day thing. >> you're right about that.
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economists here just sort of crunching all of this together. do you think the federal reserve tries to ignore markets? you can't be in a vacuum here and not see what's happened in the last five weeks since donald trump was elected and not be if you're concerned about things getting ahead of themselves, not want to address that. or do you? what do you think? >> well, i think the federal reserve is well aware of what's happened in the market as of late. particularly in the aftermath of the trump victory. but the fed is not going to base monetary policy on temporary market action. the fed is going to base monetary policy on the underlying momentum of the economy. they have a very -- >> i know we're on the 20th anniversary of alan greenspan's irrational exuberance and i talked to officials that echo the exuberance in the market that they think is unjustified. what do you think of that? >> again, the fed is well aware of what the market is looking
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at. the fed's job is to communicate that they are expecting further improvement in the economy but not quite as robust potentially as the market is priced again. i think janet yellen did a good job today being cautious saying we did take into consideration for additional fiscal stimulus. we're looking at slow inflation. we're still looking at business investment being negative. we're looking at the consumer remaining restrained. potential for future growth is there. the fed is going to remain cautious waiting for that improvement to come to fruition. >> what is the fallout from this? rapid fire through here on this idea that mortgages get pricier presumably. borrowing costs go up. the flip side of that for savers, they get more bang for the buck, albeit very little for the time being. >> the fed is being very cautious.
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these changes aren't -- they're very small. overall it might have a larger impact on credit card, interest rates, on mortgages. but as of now, you know, the change is so small that we're not going to see huge impact in the next three to four months. over the next year, yes. >> perception is everything. when i got a mortgage and it was 13.5%, we thought we were brilliant. >> let's not age ourselves. >> i hear you. i'm looking at this chart here that shows what people have gotten used to. a whole generation has gotten used to under 4% mortgages and the prospect of them getting up to 5% is ego deflating. >> but the change in the payment is still miniscule. it's more psychological like we were concerned about gas prices when they were $4 and it didn't impact our pocketbook as much as our psychology. i think this is today is a positive report card from the fed on the economy has enough strength to actually raise rates. we're still below 1%. let's focus on that. we have a long, long ways to go with that. i'm paying attention to the
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dollar didn't make new highs today. that could have longer term impacts. i don't think rates are really the issue right now. let's look at the stock market. it's driven by growth and you're seeing earnings growth projected now for 2017 of double digits. that's where money is going to go. >> you know, we always talk about political environment here too. janet yellen has been a target of frequent attacks here and now she still has a ways to go. he can't fire her. he can make it unpleasant for her. he's been a known critic and continues to be of the federal reserve itself. what do you think of that and how do you think that temperament goes into the first months, year of a trump administration? >> i think you're accurate in one perception that he's going to make life difficult for her. i think just like nixon made it difficult for arthur burns and one of the bushes made it
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difficult for -- >> we don't want to date ourselves. >> well, exactly. and then one of the bushes, the first bush made it difficult for greenspan. maybe i'm still dating myself. i think her days are numbered. i think when we come around in 2018, i think she's going to be gone. trump has shown to want to put his people in there. i think she's just going to run out the clock. >> suppose he likes her and easy money. there's benefit -- >> change in the white house. >> benefits to keeping someone who likes the gas pedal. donald may go that way. >> thank you all. >> he'll want to foil as well. >> good cop/bad cop. >> i want to thank all of you. federal reserve hiking interest
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rates but brace yourself. it's still under 1%. bank lending rates are still historically low. take it from me, they've been higher than that. the pursuit to get the electorates to read the russian role in the election has reached a new nasty level. a push that seems to me at least to have gone one argument too far. >> do you think it want her message that reached voters who were subject to high unemployment states like wisconsin and michigan that that wasn't what did her in? you got it! what do you think? if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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>> i just want to thank everybody. this is a truly amazing group of people. i won't tell you the hundreds of calls we've had asking to come to this meeting.
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>> how cool is he looks like the cabinet in the white house. of course it was at trump tower. donald trump meeting with the who's who of high tech industry and beyond. sean spicer joins us right now. you know, it's not a mystery that in the campaign a lot of these folks in that room were not fans of donald trump but now of course he's the president-elect. how is everyone getting along there? >> it was excellent. it was -- first of all, if you have seen anything from the president-elect it's his inviting, cooperative spirit that he's shown from his political foes to political opponents, democrats, republicans, independents. he's put everything aside the day that he was elected by the american people and shown that he wants to be inclusive and move the country forward and make every american's life better. as you correctly pointed out, i don't think there was a single supporter in that room. he brought them together because
1:17 pm
he understands the important role that they play in our economy and in job creation and infrastructure and broadband and digital and education. there are so many crucial parts to our economy and our way of life that digital and technology sector plays. he wanted their ideas and their help moving this country forward and making it better. >> he's been a big proponent of getting more jobs that would benefit anyone and everyone, any industry and every industry. this is an industry, technology industry, that largely sends a lot of those jobs abroad. apple intimated it might make more iphones in the united states. that i believe when i see it. having said that, did he send any reminders to them that they should look more aggressively at doing that? >> doing what? >> hiring internally in the united states, domestically and getting more jobs in the united states. >> i think what he wanted was to get their input on what would make a more business friendly climate and what would allow them to hire more.
1:18 pm
it's not about forcing them to hire. he wants to create an environment and a business culture and an economy that creates jobs that fosters economic growth. he was eliciting their ideas and their opinions and their feedback on some of the ideas that he has on whether or not they would effectively help grow the economy and create jobs and lift up wages. >> by the way, we're looking at ibms ceo who promised to hire 25,000 more workers over the next four years. similar commitments out of others ovin that room? >> it wasn't commitments. donald trump is a roll up his sleeves and pick up the phone kind of guy. that's what he wanted to do is hear from them. what are specific things that will allow you to create more jobs, hire more people, lift up wages, offer greater benefits. so was literally a discussion about infrastructure, broadband, vocational tech opportunity. things to grow the economy and create a workforce for the next
1:19 pm
century and ensure that we have a regulatory climate that doesn't encourage people to create new jobs in other countries but rather right here at home. >> always good seeing you and catching up. hope you have a merry christmas. sean spicer. meanwhile, the change now to try to change hearts and minds, is that what nancy pelosi's daughter is up to? after this. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. ♪
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daughter of nancy pelosi is on the growing list of democrats urge that electors get a chance to look at all of the intelligence that links russia to potentially hacking the election. when we chatted, the key issue came up.
1:23 pm
why now? why this? do you really want those electors to swap votes? here's how it went down. take a look. >> all of us are patriots preparing to do our constitutional duty as members of our electoral college and when we read the report last friday night that indicated cia claims conclusive evidence that russia hacked our elections we thought it was time for us to step up and demand an investigation. we want the information declassified as much as possible so that everybody -- >> i know why you want this. but how many are democratic and how oft how many of republican? >> we have 50 democrats, one republican and one member of the working family member from new york on the record and many more republicans and democrats off the record. >> do you want the republicans to switch their votes or what is this about? >> i want everybody to look at the information. i can't prejudge something i
1:24 pm
haven't seen. i absolutely want everyone to have a chance to look at the information tanned if it's declassified so the public can take a look at it, too, without endangering our sources and methods in the intelligence community, that's the role of the electoral college is to look at the facts and make sure there haven't been as hamilton warned undue foreign influence in our elections. >> all right. so you are absolutely sure given the cia said that it's russia that it's accurate because it's the same cia that said there were weapons of mass destruction and -- >> that was the bush/cheney who said that, number one. number two -- >> they went on a cia study. >> i don't know that these are the cia agents who did the data gathering and collecting so to say it's the same cia -- >> you seem to be picking and
1:25 pm
choosing your intelligence data then. you might not agree with what the cia said in 2003, the cia missed 9/11 attack, the cia missed the fact that india had nuclear capabilities in '98 so why this? >> why are you attacking the cia? >> why are you picking and choosing the data you want to believe from the cia? >> i'm actually not. i'm asking to get a look at the information myself. >> let's say russia did act alone. let's say russia did act alone. >> let's look at it. we don't know if they acted alone or if they blackmailed republicans or democrats. >> i want an answer that's not political. let's say you found out they did act alone and they were trying to influence the election. not so much to tip the collection in one person's favor or not. the electors are aware of that. are you saying they should just be aware of their influence or should switch the republican one
1:26 pm
allegiance to donald trump because of it? >> well, i think you have to ask the republican electors what they're going to do. again, to be fair, we're trying to get the information declassified for everyone, number one. lower the classification so that we can actually take a look at it at a local facility so that a military base or an fbi office so we can make an informed decision. i'm not taking them at their word. if i took them at the word of someone who put information in "the washington post," i would have stood up friday night and say i believe them. i want to make my own independent judgment based on the facts that they present and i think that's important. i think it's unhelpful to the conversation to presume that one cia agent is necessarily speaking for all of them. look at the report that we just saw this morning on mpr with retired cia agent who said i did some things i'm proud of. i did some things i'm not proud
1:27 pm
of. i think this information about russia should be declassified. >> i guess what i'm asking, let's declassify it -- >> let's find out what they actually did. >> i apologize for being cynical here. when you get 50 of the 51 electors who are democrat, they necessarily are not going to switch their votes as a result. is this really about hurting donald trump and the credibility of his election and nothing more? >> this is really about finding out the truth about what role the russians played in hacking our elections. >> you would do the same if it was reversed? >> if it was reversed, you know and i know the congressional republicans would already have held hearings first thing monday morning. >> i don't know that. you would be urging the same meeting of electors to study this information. >> we have to find out the information. we asked for declassification of information. >> you're not answering my question. you would have the same robust
1:28 pm
attitude about getting this out to the public -- >> i would want to know if they hacked the election -- i'm always for more transparency. always for more transparency. if i thought my party would be subject to blackmail by russia, you're darn right i would want to see that information. >> do you think hillary clinton lost this election and the electoral vote? >> i think that hillary clinton was severely damaged by the hacking of her e-mails and dnc ' e-mails that went on a drip, drip basis every day for three months. >> so you think it wasn't her message that didn't reach voters who were subject to high unemployment states like wisconsin and michigan and that wasn't what did her in? this thing did her in? >> there are several factors in winning and losing. >> she lost. she lost. russians didn't make her lose. she lost.
1:29 pm
>> no. i don't know that you can say that. what if donald trump had lost the election? would you say it was one single factor. or an array of factors? >> you are trying to get electors here bound to republican states to switch their allegiance, right? >> don't put words in my mouth. you owe it to the american people to tell the truth and not lie about what i said. alex jones said the same thing about me yesterday. said that i want to have a coup and assassinate donald trump. this is not helpful if you're going to lie about what i am saying. >> donald trump doesn't come on my show. donald trump doesn't like me. he doesn't come on this show. i have no agenda here. i'm just saying it seems that you do. >> don't put words in my mouth that you know will antagonize people and make me unsafe. >> you want the electors -- >> no, you need to make sure
1:30 pm
that you understand what you're role is here. >> you want them to switch their votes, yes or no? >> what i want to do is get the information. what i want to do is not have you mischaracterize what i say so that i get even more death threats and more insults and more online attacks than i'm already getting. part of the reason that republicans won't sign onto my letter is some of them have said to me pointblank, i don't want to get that kind of blowback. i want a hearing. i want a briefing. i want a declassification. i don't want to get the threats. >> what i'm asking you though is do you want the electors -- >> don't put words in my mouth then. >> i wish i could get any accurate words out of your mouth. >> excuse me. you have many accurate words out of my mouth. don't call me a liar. >> this would be a first, you want the electors to get this intelligence data. i'm taking the leap that it will prove that russia acted to interfere in the election and that russia moved to hack the
1:31 pm
election. and then what do you want the electors to do with that information? >> i haven't seen it so i can't prejudge it. right now -- >> this is a chicken and egg thing. either you want them to expose or you don't. >> what i want you to do is discuss accurately what i am saying which is -- >> i don't know what you're saying. you want them to have this information and do what with it? what if all of the republicans look at this information and they vote the way they voted in their states. you would be okay with that, yes or no? >> what i want first is to get the information. i'm not going prejudge something i have not seen. >> i want you to think of that. no prejudging here. you get all of the information and to the electors that russians hacked, let's say they did, you can't conclusively prove whether it switched the results but you want electors to be aware of it how could you not
1:32 pm
argue that you want the republican electors to vote differently. that's what this is about. you don't have to be on the right or left that this is about switching an outcome you didn't like. that's my opinion but i think it's born out in repeated interviews with a number of democrats that want to meet with these electors and change history. the fallout after this.
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democrats who are saying electors have to get this intelligence on russia to what end? really, to what end?
1:36 pm
>> when all is said and done, let's get the information and talk about it. >> when all is said and done, will you ever look at what happened in the election that hillary clinton didn't win it because hillary clinton botched it. because hillary clinton's message didn't resonate, period. >> i think as i said before when someone wins or loses an election, there isn't just one factor. >> all right. i'm going to take that as a maybe. we're joined now by michael goodwin. michael, i do see a pattern to this. it seems to be not so much the role russia played in the election but to have electors feel horrible about it and rethink their vote. >> first, let me say, i never thought of you as a saint, but i thought you displayed the patience of one in that interview.
1:37 pm
look, this is a naked attempt to steal the election that the democrats lost. it's not just christine pelosi and the electors, it's john podesta and hillary clinton who are pushing this. they started with the phony recount trying to dabble with jill stein but now they're in with both feet on this. they are taking their last shot at overturning the will of the people and overturning democracy and negating the constitutional separation and electoral college by trying to steal this election. they are seizing on this russian hacking allegation, which is so nonspecific and so unsourced and so disputed that it is practically a joke. there may or may not have been russian hacking and it may or may not have played any role in the election but there's absolutely no allegation that the election system itself was
1:38 pm
hacked. if anything changed, it was in the news flow and then supposedly voters were hoodwinked. let's face it. democrats have believed all along that anyone that votes for donald trump is a bigot, a racist, a fool, an idiot, corrupt, whatever. they don't regard donald trump as a legitimate candidate. they never have. they don't regard his voters as legitimate americans. they are deplorable. they are bitter clingers. they are irredeemable and not american hillary clinton said so why should we be surprised that at this late date they are trying to find some way to upset democracy because it didn't go their way? >> there's more to it. they figured this intelligence, cia intelligence, is undeniable yet they pick and choose their intelligence. in retrospect, they thought the cia intelligence on weapons of mass destruction in 2003 was a disaster. they seemed to forget that the cia completely missed 9/11.
1:39 pm
got it completely wrong back in the late 1990s when it said that india had nuclear capability when low and behold it shoots off two nuclear tests. so they do have a history of botching things. that's fine. that's okay. i think to pick and choose the data that we're relying on particularly when it might help their cause, this is all about at the very least damage donald trump before he gets in. >> sure. i think they would be okay if that's the result. i think they really want to steal the election. i think they want to upset the will of the people. they want to overturn the results of november 8th, and they want to substitute -- they want electors to be brainwashed. >> they need republican electors to do that. you can't just say russians are involved. even when i raised this with bill richardson yesterday and christine pelosi today, i said i'll even give your argument that russians are behind this
1:40 pm
and let's say for the sake of argument alone behind this although not in the position to say that but i did for the sake of argument. you have to make the leap it affected the election results and literally turn them around. they're not able to make that. they cannot make that statement. they want the electors to be aware of this intelligence to what end? to reverse their vote. >> but would they also want -- if they want this intelligence briefing, would they want those like clapper who aren't convinced of it or again do they just want to cherry pick those in the cia who are saying what they want to hear? again, this idea that if there was some evidence anywhere that votes had been changed by hacking, then i think we would have seen this in wisconsin, which did a fairly significant recount. we would have seen it in other states that were challenged such as michigan and pennsylvania. but there's been absolutely no evidence and even the federal government is not arguing that russia was able to get into the
1:41 pm
actual vote total machines anywhere in the country. >> what recount activity we did see that vote went up for donald trump in wisconsin and any improprieties we did see in michigan were in detroit benefiting hillary clinton. i guess it's just a matter of let's just be real here. if the roles were reversed and this was donald trump complaining about a rigged election, which is what the democrats are saying now, there would be all hell to pay. >> i think it's also true that donald trump represents such a dramatic change and upsetting of every apple cart and that includes the establishment media that support this and it includes the democratic party and includes the many members of the republican party. it includes the american system itself is in for the biggest change in our lifetime. a lot of people simply don't want this change. they are invecsted in the statu quo.
1:42 pm
they profit from the status quo and are architects of the status quo. as i say in my column today, be prepared to be surprised because big, big changes are coming in the way our government operates and the way our media operates, i believe. i think donald trump has corrected a course in this country that badly needed correcting but a lot of people don't want that change and they are going to fight tooth and nail to stop it. >> i urge all to read your column because it puts this whole thing in perspective. the only thing you got wrong is i am a saint. thank you, my friend. michael goodwin. great writer. great thinker. now we know what a lot of companies think of donald trump's tax plan. it's going to mean a lot of money to them. that is if he doesn't run into opposition. i'm not talking democrats. from republicans. why steve forbes is worried after this.
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don't count your chickens until they hatch. there's a report out that shows that companies stand to benefit to the tune of $87 billion if trump's tax plan goes through. the leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, wants this to be neutral. revenue neutral. which would mean that it can't be costing anything or add a dime to the deficit in as early as the first year. steve forbes, i always appreciate fiscal discipline and find it odd when i hear democrats say it will make the deficit worse. i'll set that aside. i want to get your thoughts on this whole revenue neutral thing because mitch mcconnell seems to
1:47 pm
be saying is right out of the gate, we can't have these things costing us when tax cuts initially do before the revenue comes in. how do you feel about this? >> i think, one, it depends on how you define revenue neutrality. do you do it by dynamic scoring recognizing that when an economy grows it creates more revenue or you do it the old congress way which is favoring higher taxes by saying that when you take the burden of people, they won't respond positively. ronald reagan demonstrated that's nonsense. >> i think mcconnell is doing it the old fashioned way. that worries me. that could be wrong. >> it is worrisome. as you know, when the rules change in a positive way, what's going happen is it takes several years for these investments to be made for bringing them to fruition so to expect it overnight is not realistic. you reduce the capital gains tax. things like investing in new factories, creating new products and services that takes time. that's where these people are
1:48 pm
utterly so often unrealistic. so i hope donald trump goes for something big and gets the people around it like ronald reagan did and push it through. the key thing is not washington's well-being. the key thing is the people's well-being. the two are not the same. washington and the people. >> i think you're right about that. i appreciate what senator mcconnell is saying and fearing here. i know even short-term you lose revenue. you do get a lot of revenue back as we proved with reagan. you're a great student of history. you know republicans are controlling things back then spent that money so there is predisposition of spending money that's slopping around in washington. i worry that a tax cut that doesn't have substantial size to it is not going to do the trick. it's not going to ignite this economic boom and then you almost waste the effort. >> yes. and right now donald trump has the momentum. he's got the backing of most of the american people to do
1:49 pm
something big and people want to see economic results. you're not going to do it with a weak timid tax cut. you have to be bold on the business side and personal side. do both and i guarantee you the economy will respond positively and that way you have more political capital to do the other things you need to do like rebuilding our military and rebuilding our infrastructure and making the big changes that are needed in health care. you have to have a healthy economy and trump i think knows that even if some in congress are not aware of it yet. >> well put. steve forbes, great seeing you. hope you have a merry christmas, my friend. >> thank you. >> great economic mind. by the way, we have another blast of cold air coming in. that shouldn't surprise you. but someone who has become a quick favorite around here, how is he bracing for what's about to happen after this. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was.
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well, we knew it was going to be cold. i don't think we knew it was going to be this cold in some parts of the midwest, minus 9 degrees, could get worse than that. mark mancuso is joining us right now. oh, boy, mark's ready. here we go. >> hey, neil, last time we talked i had this tremendously huge scarf. well, it's gone. it's in demand right now. we are looking at some dangerous cold here. it's time to break out those ugly christmas sweaters and get yourself the hat, the gloves, everything you need. the emperor of the north, he wants his blanket laid out ahead of him. it's a blanket of snow. so what happens when this cold air comes down, it's even colder so unseasonably cold conditions start first in the midwest. i tell you what, it is going to blast into the northeast tomorrow on ridiculous winds.
1:54 pm
during the day, we could see the winds gusting about 50 miles an hour in new york city. that will head up to the boston area into thursday night. so you have very cold air coming in and unbelievable winds. accuweather real-feel temperatures will plummet below zero. morning hours, those real-feels will be running 10, 20, 30 below zero here in the mid-atlantic states so probably two-hour delays for the kids. hey, we're going to get that delay. it's going to be hard to start the car if you have the car parked out in the driveway. hopefully you have one of those car starters. temperatures, a little below average, in the 20s here. but with that wind coming in it's going to feel 20 to 30 degrees colder, especially at night and it's the morning hours here as we take you into friday. then we come across the great lakes, we have this cold air. the lakes are open, we're already getting those squalls in buffalo here today. the usual suspects, we're talking about two feet of
1:55 pm
snowfall here, so just tremendous amounts of cold, unbelievable winds starting tomorrow into friday morning. dangerous windchills. we need everything you can get to keep yourself cold -- to keep yourself warm. neil. >> that's amazing. you know, mark, let me ask you something. when you do this and you're so good at it. i know you have a great reputation. but you go the extra mile to put on the outfit to let people know. even if people were watching and just without the sound up, they knew something awful was coming just because of the way you dress. is that part of your strategy here? >> i think it is. and, you know, it's weather, it's life. we want to have a good time, right? >> absolutely. >> we're going to have to do a little suffering the next couple of days. we might as well make the most if the. >> you are terrific. mark, thank you very much. i don't know how you top it next time unless you're a nook of the north. >> i'll go down to florida next
1:56 pm
time. i'll surprise you then. >> shows up like in bermuda or something. we have a lot more. this whole christine pelosi thing, neil, why don't you just shut up and listen to your guests and that was just from christine. a little more after this. channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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let's say you found out that they did act alone and they were trying to influence the election. not so much as to tip the election in one person's favor or not, the electors are aware of that. are you saying they should just be aware of their influence or should switch the republican ones, their allegiance to donald trump because of this? >> well, i think you have to ask the republican electors what they're going to do. >> i think that's a great idea. you know what, that's what i'm going to do. tomorrow we have a republican elector. has he been influenced from this, from the state of michigan. that was a state that donald trump was not expected to win, he did.
2:00 pm
but there's been a push by a lot of democrats saying you republican electors should think twice about the russian involvement about maybe reassessing this. they don't say switch your vote, just vote your conscience. we'll ask him what he's going to do tomorrow, here and only here. hello, everyone, i'm eric bolling along with kimberly gim foil, juan williams r, and greg. this is "the five." the president-elect has already saved over a thousand jobs in america. just yesterday ibm pledged 25,000 jobs, american jobs. in the aftermath of mr. trump's promises to reduce taxes, roll back regulations and make america a business friendly place aagain, the president-elect pledging to create a whole lot more when he gets in the white house. >> my administration will be focused on three very important


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