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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 17, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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er. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit now. president obama insists russia interfered with the u.s. election and promises retaliation. in his final news conference of the year. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama says not much happens in russia without vladimir putin knowing about it. that is as close as he would come without saying that his russian counterpart was directly behind the hackings that democrats insist contributes to hillary clinton's defeat. it was the topic in the president's end of the year news conference before leaving for vacation in hawaii.
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james rosen was there and reports tonight live from the white house briefing room. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this appears to be the first time that president obama himself has attributed both major hacks in this political cycle of the democratic national committee and of clinton campaign chairman john podesta to the kremlin. the president was hardly subtle in imputing to vladimir putin direct culpability in the operations. appearing unfazed by the latest allegations from the white house, russian president vladimir putin wrapped up two days of talks in tokyo with japanese prime minister shinzo abe aimed at expanding economic ties. the kremlin challenged president obama to put his money where his mouth has been on claims that russia hacked the e-mail accounts of the democratic national committee and clinton campaign chairman john podesta to tilt the 2016 election to donald trump. they should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last, said putin's spokesman adding, it becomes to look unseemly. president obama said the
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administration will release a report, a rather incomplete one, outlining the underlying intelligence before mr. trump is sworn in. >> the intelligence that i have seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that the russians carried out this hack. the hack of the dnc and the hack of john podesta. but i will be honest with you, when you are talking about cyber security, a lot of it is classified and we're not going to provide it. >> reporter: mr. obama vowed to npr to retaliate against russia in a proportionate way. >> we need to take action. and we will at a time and place of our choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized. some of it may not be. but mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because i spoke to him directly about it. >> reporter: while his administration rebuffed a request for a briefing on the claims of russian cyber meddling, president obama referred to an assessment to
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that effect reached by the cia. mr. obama implied that that assessment is, quote, uniform across all 17 of the nation's spy agencies. >> unless the american people genuinely think that the professionals in the cia, the fbi, our entire intelligence infrastructure are less trustworthy than the russians, then people should pay attention to what our intelligence agencies sgagency s say. i will let you make that determination as to whether there are high level russian officials who go off rogue and decide to tamper with the u.s. election process without vladimir putin knowing about it.
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>> reporter: the president defended his actions in the thick of the campaign when according to him the white house disclosed russia's involvement but otherwise sought to avoid the appearance of law enforcement agencies interest veening on hillary clinton's behalf. >> part of the goal here was to make sure that we did not do the work of the leakers for them by raising more and more questions about the integrity of the election right before the election was taking place. >> reporter: tonight, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, a republican, rebuffed in the request for a special briefing on the claims for his committee said i'm alarmed that new information continues to leak to the media but has not been provided to congress. >> james, i know this was the president's last press conference of the year. was it his last press conference? >> reporter: i asked him that. he said with a smile that he enjoyed this and he will have to think about that. >> we will see. james rosen at the white house. president-elect trump and
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his team continue to downplay the theory that russian interference helped him win the election. john roberts is following that story from new york. >> reporter: donald trump left new york today headed to warmer climates in florida having turned up the heat on the political battle over suspected russian hacking. trump tweeting this morning -- after white house spokesman josh earnest implicated trump in the hack of democratic organizations -- >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity. >> reporter: trump let the press secretary have it with both barrels at a hershey, pennsylvania, rally. >> this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if he is talking to president obama. you know, having the riis so im. >> reporter: at his press conference, president obama was more measured in describing his
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conversations with trump a few days ago about the need to investigate what russia did and didn't do. >> my hope is that the president-elect is going to similarly be concerned with making sure that we don't have potential foreign influence in our election process. >> reporter: while she didn't implicate trump, hillary clinton did tell a group of donors last night that vladimir putin was trying to hurt her candidacy as pay back for her declaration that the russian presidential election was rigged. >> reporter: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway today skoved scoffed at this saying clinton was the victim of an arrogant
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campaign and never considered she might lose. >> vladimir putin didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan. >> reporter: clinton has said the fbi director helped torpedo her campaign, a charge her former campaign chairman doubled down on today. in an op ed, he wrote, comparing the fbi's massive response tots overblown e-mail scandal with the seemingly lack of response to the very real russian plot to subvert a national election shows that something is deeply broken at the fbi. outgoing senate minority leader harry reid minced no words declaring comey interfered with the election. >> he became such a partisan that he should become the new chair of the rnc. >> reporter: the trump transition insists this is merely an attempt to delegitimatize his presidency and hamper his ability to get his agenda through. there's a milestone coming up monday. that's when the electors get together to vote. if that proceeds as it should,
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it will clear away the cloud of criticism that seems to be hampering trumps ability to put together a team. >> john roberts, thank you. a dozen presidential chiefs of staff dating back to the carter administration got together today for lunch with the man soon to be the newest member of that fraternity. reince priebus was the guest of honor. the lunch was hosted by current white house chief of staff denis mcdonough. the timing could not be better for our next report. in our series, previewing the first 100 days of the donald trump presidency. tonight, kevin cork on u.s. relations with russia. >> reporter: he is considered eo be the greatest chess player of all time. in many ways, he is the very embodiment of the vestages of the cold war between the united states and the former soviet union. >> i believe to lead my
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country -- >> reporter: he may live in new york city, but he keeps a watchful eye on moscow. >> i have to say that i couldn't expect things to get worse after eight years with obama. now we are entering new territory. >> >> reporter: a sobering assessment after watching the gulf expand over the past eight years. a span that has seen moscow go into ukraine, its bombing of rebels in syria and unprofessionunprofession al treatment of americans in the air and sea. it's a reflection of russian president vladimir putin, a man whose ruthless pursuit of russia's romanticized past will continue no matter who is in power in washington. >> it's very hard to explain to anyone who was born and raised in the free country like the united states, it's a dictatorship where you have no
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rights. unless you are loyal to the regime, you are on your own. there's no guarantee for your security, for your well-being, for your family. even for your life. >> reporter: the obama administration has been worked with the russians on a number of initiatives, including the iran nuclear deal, major differents remain. >> wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with russia? wouldn't that be a decent thing? >> if there's an interest in improving relations with russia, he has to decide what that's for. what does he want from the russians? >> reporter: trump's sentiment that they can be accommodating flies in the face of convention here in washington. his outreach has been received with surprising optimism at the kremlin. >> translator: it's well-known, widely known the president-elect of the united states is publically in favor of a normalization of russia/u.s.
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relations. we cannot not support this. we are of course in favor of this. >> reporter: analysts warn not to read too much into what many perceive could be a thawing of relations. because say analysts, that's now how leaders in russia think. >> where the u.s. took a step forward, the russians have seen a threat. where the u.s. took a step back, the russians saw weakness. the russians see it as a game as a competition with the united states. >> reporter: a competition with the very fate of the world resting in the hands of a political novice who has repeatedly defied convention and the odds. perhaps the biggest issue facing the incoming trump administration is how best to navigate the complicated relationship between washington and moscow. once again, the consideration becomes will it be adversarial or ultimatelied avan tanlous? >> kevin, thank you. we are ten records through our 15-part series looking ahead to the first 100 days of the
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trump presidency. monday, we focus on the incoming administration's education policy. you can watch all parts of our series on our home page the president is calling for an impartial observer force in aleppo. the evacuation of eastern aleppo stalled today after eruption of gunfire there. both sides accuse the other of starting it. while buses filled with people were able to leave the city yesterday, experts say more than 40,000 civilians remain. john huddy has the latest tonight. >> reporter: they were overcome with emotion. two men separated in eastern aleppo were reunited. they are among the thousands who made it out alive. just as the evacuation of other civilians this morning seemed to be gaining speed, it came to a halt.
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syria's military says rebel fighters opened fire at civilian convoys leaving eastern aleppo. turkish officials blame pro-government forces, in particular iranian militias allied with assad's regime. so far, about 8,000 civilians have been evacuated from eastern aleppo. but thousands more remain trapped according to aid groups. russian military officials said today that most rebel fighters have left eastern aleppo. >> translator: we think they will draw groups from aleppo and the end of the operation to liberate the city of all the necessary conditions for peace of the could be fli of the conflict in syria. >> reporter: president obama said they have blood on their hands for the slaughter of innocent civilians in aleppo. >> the world as we speak is united in horror at the savage assaults by the syrian regime and its russian and iranian allies on the city of aleppo.
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>> reporter: for those who have escaped the assault, their future remains uncertain. >> translator: god will, we will return to aleppo. the blood of the martyrs will not go to waste, the blood of the children will not go to waste. the war is not over. >> reporter: while the end of the battle for aleppo has renewed calls for peace talks, it does not mean the end of tci war. as the fight against isis also continues, president obama added tonight that the situation in syria remains one of the hardest issues he has had to deal with in his presidency. >> john, thank you. russia and syria are not the only countries challenging president obama in his final days in office. china has been brazenly stolen american technology from right under the navy's nose.
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good evening, lucas. >> reporter: defense officials tell fox news that the crew of a u.s. navy-owned research vessel watched from a quarter mile away as a chinese navy ship brazenly stole and underwater oceanographic research drone in the south china sea. the incident occurred thursday afternoon approximately 40 miles west of the philippines in international waters. one china expert said the communist country must pay a prize f price for its actions. >> the chinese seized u.s. naval property. >> reporter: the pentagon is demanding they return it immediately. officials say there's no classified material in the system designed to map the sea floor and collect ocean data. the chinese ship had been shadowing, operating by civilian mariners. the ship was not armed but made requests asking the chinese to return the drone. the state department today launched a formal protest.
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in the past few days, china has conducted its first live fire training exercise from its only aircraft carrier off the coast between beijing and north korea. late last week for first time since president-elect trump's call with the president of taiwan, china flew a bomber around the south china sea. the chinese had not flown that route since march 2015. the country is ready to take taiwan by force if the u.s. doesn't recognize its part of china. the current commander in chief cautioned that china sees taiwan as an existential threat. >> this goes to the core of how they see themselves. their reaction on this issue could end up being very significant. >> reporter: a short time ago, i was handed the official chinese response to the state department's process known as a demarche. a chinese official responded,
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quote, you know that china has undisputed sovereignty of the south china sea. there are risks from your continued surveillance. the south china sea is international waters. it does appear tensions are ratcheting up. >> lucas, thank you. one of the challenges to the incoming administration with its unconventional president-elect will be dealing with unconventional warfare. tonight, catherine herridge reports there's a lot of gray area in what used to be the black and white business of war. >> these guys are sort of the shadow warriors. >> reporter: deep inside the pentagon in the secure facility, the top civilian official is getting the morning brief. the message to the next administration, technology is leveling the battlefield for terrorist groups and nation states like russia. what is the gray zone? >> the blurring of the space between peace and war. >> reporter: what's the operational tempo?
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>> it's incredibly high. >> reporter: fox news went behind the scenes with her, who first woman to hold the job at a time when the command says 7500 special operations forces are deployed to 97 countries. have you met with the transition team? >> yes. i have. my recommendation is always try to take as clear-eyed a look at the situation as we can. assess the risks. >> reporter: like the russian backed cyber militias who u.s. officials say interfered with the 2016 election cycle. >> if you look back over last decade or two, i think you can see a general trend in russia being more aggressive. >> reporter: isis uses information warfare to recruit. this week confirmation that two operatives behind the november 2015 paris massacre were dead. >> our coalition is reaching to
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eliminate leaders with the focus on those planning or plotting against our homeland and our partners. >> reporter: the mission goes beyond targeting. in mosul they are training and advising iraqi troops. >> that's the only way victory is sustained. you have to have skin in the game. >> reporter: it comes at a price. in iraq, five americans have been killed. the current mill tear requia te military leadership has made this a priority. why are churches providing places to hide for illegal immigrants? we will have that story. first what some of our affiliates are covering. crews battle a fire at an auto junkyard in california. officials say a car within a pile of vehicles caught fire and then the wind spread the flames to other cars. the county issued a shelter in place warning for residents that has since been lifted. in new york, federal rail
1:20 am
regulators endorse a $120 billion plan to rebuild the congested northeast corridor. the 30-year project would shore up crumbling infrastructure, expand service and speed up travel. a live look inside the ohio capital in columbus from our affiliate fox 28. the big story there tonight, the body of former astronaut and senator john glenn lies in state. a public viewing began today at noon. it is part of a series of events celebrating glenn's life. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. he died last week at 95. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. take one.
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congressional republicans have quietly closed ag investigation into the flint, michigan, drinking water crisis. the house oversight committee says the epa did not detect the problem soon enough or take proper action. the senior democrat on panel is accusing michigan's republican governor of stonewalling the committee regarding documents related to the crisis. this afternoon, president obama signed a bill authorizing nearly $200 million for communities facing drinking water emergencies, including flint. some of donald trump's ha h harshest and most successful campaign rhetoric had to do with immigration and what to do with people in this country illegally. that has many of the people very worried. tonight, lauren green tells us how the faith community is reaching out. >> reporter: as the world watched donald trump win the
1:25 am
presidency, philadelphia's resident gloria said for the first time since fleeing venezuela and coming to america she began to fear that she might be deported. she and her husband and two of their four children are here illegally after overstaying a six-month vis is a 25 years ago. >> translator: we all cried that night. we feel very insecure. we feel as though everything has been fallen from our hands. everything. >> reporter: now she looks to the churches for help. donald trump's campaign rhetoric about building walls and deporting millions of illegal immigrants has caused a huge uptick in the new sanctuary movement. 450 churches from boston to california have joined forces to become a stopgap between an unknown future under a trump administration for millions like gloria, offering legal aid and in some cases a place to stay. >> matthew 25 talks about when jesus is talking about judging the nation, one of the things they say they will judge nations upon is welcoming the stranger.
1:26 am
>> reporter: since the election, trump has softened his rhetoric. >> we're going to make a determination on the people that you are talking about, who are terrific people. >> reporter: trump's take is a clari clarified take, saying it will not enter churches and schools to arrest an illegal. this church is giving sanctuary to this man, a father of three u.s. born children. he has been deported several times but returned. some say churches have wrongly interpreted their mandate to give sanctuary. >> they want to actually in provide sanctuary defeat the american system of justice. the american system of laws that these churches benefit from. say they are above the law. >> reporter: the sanctuary movement is hopeful that the president-elect's campaign talk is just that. in the meantime, they are putting their faith in a higher
1:27 am
power. >> thank you. another of donald trump's promises, saving the coal industry. there are real questions whether the next president can pull it off. brian yenis has that story from the heart of pennsylvania coal country. >> we are going to put our miners back to work. >> reporter: president-elect trump repeated a campaign promise thursday that helped him win almost 70% of the vote in southwestern pennsylvania, the highest producing coal county has lost more than a third of its coal jobs since 2012. >> i never voted so strongly for someone in my life ever. >> i took it personally. this is my job. >> reporter: jim is a life long democrat and miner. his family is four generations of miners. he believes trump will stop things from getting worse. >> he said he is going to try. you can't fault a man for trying. the ones who lost their jobs, i
1:28 am
would say, it's going to be a hard time to get them back. i think the ones who still work, we might have a future. >> reporter: the mine behind me has served as a beacon for this community for nearly 40 years. last month, it shut down slashing 500 jobs. experts say it's doubtful the coal industry will bounce back because cutting back environmental regulations is not enough. >> he's not going to bring those jobs back. it's not a promise he can keep. low coast st. >> reporter: they have the potential to revitalize coal communities. gas has created over 50,000 direct jobs in pennsylvania. >> this is a multigenerational plant. i would say we're in the first inning of a nine inning game. >> reporter: the industry needs infrastructure to move gas to more markets. that investment could create
1:29 am
lasting jobs. >> we're encouraged by the fact that under a trump administration, the free marketplace will work and we will have the opportunity to produce all our energy sources. >> reporter: natural gas is not without controversy. it's extracted by fracking which the epa says could contaminate drinking water in certain circumstances. a down day for the markets to end the week. the dow was off nine. the s&p lost four. the nasdaq fell 20. for the week, the dow was up almost a half percentage point. the s&p was down a fraction. the nasdaq lost 15 hundredths of a point. a power struggle in north carolina. the outgoing republican governor signed a bill democrats say is part of an ongoing effort by gop lawmakers to limit the authority of the incoming democratic governor. republicans say they are adjusting their constitutional powers.
1:30 am
>> reporter: police escorted protesters from the north carolina house chamber, demonstrations erupt after the republican controlled legislature followed a special session on hurricane and wildfire relief with a new session to limit the governor's powers to appoint cabinet members and reduce the number of state employees he can hire and fire. >> it has all the appearance of a vendetta against a newly elected governor. >> reporter: critics call it a power grab because republicans are passing it just after democrat roy cooper narrowly defeated the gop incumbent. republicans insist they are restoring the balance of power between the state's legislative and executive branchs. >> i can't think of a more timely approach than in the peaceful transfer of power during our election and after our election. >> the legislature has the power, the legislature gives power to the governor, the
1:31 am
legislature takes power away. so in some ways what you are seeing happen here this month is a continuation of ordinary practice in north carolina. >> reporter: the governor-elect accused republican law makers of trying to thwart his agenda on education, health care and the environment. >> the way they are doing this is with these laws that move people into positions who are going to be making those decisions, and i don't think the people of north carolina want that. >> one of the big x fak fctors publ public backlash. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers say this legislation goes beyond politics and violates the state constitution. cooper says he is prepared to challenge republicans in court if he believes their actions are harming north carolinians. >> thank you. the company that makes an expensive emergency allergy treatment used by many people is
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coming out with a generic version at half price. they have been criticized for more than a 500% increase in the price of its epipen product since 2007. a new and cheaper alternative will hit stores next week. a two injection pack will cost $300. president obama insists russia was behind hacking that interfered with the election. we will talk about that and what else he said during today's news conference when the panel joins me after a break. we've all been here.
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way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out or there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn't. over a third of republican voters approve of vladimir putin, the former head of the kgb. ronald reagan would roll over in his grave. i'm finding it a little curious that everybody is suddenly acting surprised that this looked like it was disadvantaging hillary clinton, because you guys wrote about it every day. i don't think she was treated fairly during the election. >> president obama today his last news conference of the year saying that the russians did hack into the dnc and into john podesta's e-mails to try to tilt the election toward donald trump. as you heard, he said it didn't affect the actual voting process. but it did try to interfere with the election. the trump team has not responded
1:37 am
to the news conference since then. earlier in the day, donald trump tweeted out, are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that the head of the dnc illegally gave hillary the questions to the debate? also tweeting, we all did it together. i hope the movement fans will go to d.c. on january 20th for the swearing in. let's set the all-time record. talking about the inauguration. let's bring in our panel. george will, a.b. stoddard and matt schlapp. george, the news conference, it was rather lengthy. >> his long opening statement was quite interesting, because he raised this question of the danger of a cyber war armed race and the need for international norms. he made a threat. he really said that we're -- to use the cold war analogy, we're in a period of mutual assured destruction. because what they did to us we can do to them. earlier in the show tonight, the
1:38 am
woman in the pentagon talking about the gray space between war and peace. the united states using a virus damaged the physical infrastructure, center funls of the iranian group. he said we have to protect sources and methods. i hope it's not a lot to be kept secret. secrecy is government regulation. most regulations regulate what we can do. this regulates what we can know. it seems very important that we know what happened here. >> what did you take away from it? obviously, spent most of the news conference talking about the hacking and russia. >> well, i was really struck by his comments on syria and how the blood and atrocities in
1:39 am
syria, the butchering by assad of his own people are on the hands of the russians and iranians. >> let me play a piece of that and we will come back. >> there are places around the world where horrible things are happening. because of my office, because i'm president of the united states, i feel responsible. i ask myself every single day, is there something i could do that would save lives and make a difference? with respect to syria, what i have done is taken the best course that i can to try to end the civil war while having also to take into account the long-term national security interests of the united states. >> i just thought it was very poignant to hear president obama use phrases like we were not successful and i feel responsible. regardless of what you think of
1:40 am
when he didn't intervene and how he didn't intervene, there are no easy choices. he essentially said without invading syria, and leaving that country with our own blood and treasure to a moderate opposition that isn't even he said cohesive enough to govern afterwards in place of the regime, we couldn't do it. it would ask too much of americans to go and rescue syria. and when he talked about donald trump's supposed policy on safe zones, it was a very painful discussion of how there are no options, even for donald trump, a safe zone is not possible. there won't be the permission of the russians or the iranians or the syrians. you would have to go in and protect territory. >> but his inaction at the beginning, his choice not to make a choice created the spiraling lack of choices later on. >> right. i just want struck that he was so heavy with responsibility.
1:41 am
and it was very painful for him. it set up for all of us going forward the lack of choices there are at this point and how much donald trump will be boxed in in trying to get out of the mess in syria. >> what about -- back to the russia part. what about the whole thing that the transition was going smoothly, they talk all the time? this has been a different sounding white house on this issue. >> yeah, for sure. i'm struck by that. it's strange to see a white house press secretary taking on the incoming president. usually that type of talk might happen behind the scenes. you don't see it so up front, so front and center. look, this is a country that is -- we're kind of at each other's throats mrit bei s poli. when you can't agree on basics like this and when people like myself who voted for donald trump look at this and say, okay, why does this seem like we're politicizing very basic questions? why are we talking about this
1:42 am
about the fact that hillary clinton only lost because of something like this? it just seems -- it seems like a mistake for them to go down that path. i don't think it gets us to a better place as a country. it doesn't build bipartisanship around the questions of russia and china and the threats around the globe. >> the different views, hillary clinton out on a thank you tour last night. kellyanne conway speaking. >> vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyberattack against our electoral system, against our democracy apparently because he has a personal beef against me. he is determined not only to, you know, score a point against me, which he did, but also to undermine our democracy. >> vladimir putin didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan. all of this -- lack of self-awareness is seeping into an argument about our
1:43 am
intelligence. that we don't appreciate. >> george? >> well, putin is having a very good december, because simultaneously he picked assad and syria and he won. his side has won and the war is over. and here at home, leave aside the question of what the intent of the russians was in getting into this and leave aside the question which is unanswerable, did it have an affect? it has had one affect that putin must be pleased about. that is it has americans at one another's throat more than usual. by sewing discord and doubts in the minds of 30% or 40% of americans about some taint of illegitimacy and the result of the election, it's a huge victory for putin. >> one more sound bite. that's president obama on the state of the democratic party. >> it is not something i've been able to transfer to candidates in mid terms and sort of build a
1:44 am
sustaining organization around. that's something that i would have liked to have done more of. but it's kind of hard to do when you are also dealing with a bunch of issues here in the white house. >> shortened, i could do it but i couldn't give it to anybody else. >> i was really struck by president obama's comments on what he did for the country and the world, everything is great. it made me think of when trump leaves office and his last press conference because everything will be great. he said he could prove it to the american people. when it came to the democrats, he didn't really take any blame. there was um mrcriticism at hil clinton about how he built a galvanized a broader coalition, brought our voters who usually don't get into the system. he had been in touch more with the working class americans. obviously, he did.
1:45 am
she lost them. it was really interesting -- it was an interesting way of trying to hit her and say it's not my fault she lost. >> there has been this evolution about how he perceives this election and why it happened. he says that by every measure, our country is stronger, more prosperous, more respected today around the world. i don't know. do the people in pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and those states think that way? >> we talk about the bubble. i think today's press conference really demonstrated the bubble. which is presidents tend to live in bubbles. i think presidents get told great things. it's hard to tell the president the straight dope in the oval office. i don't think he is hearing very much. talk about a lonely victory. he has had great victories. but the democratic party and the donkey has never lost so much in the history of the party. they have lost from the top to the bottom of the ballot. >> gthe senate and house, 34
1:46 am
governors. >> outside of washington and soon inside washington, but outside of washington, the democratic party will be weaker since the 1920s or since reconstruction in the 1870s. next up, the friday lightning round.
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have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. china's increasing role in international affairs, there's probably no bilateral relationship that carries more significance. there's also the potential if that relationship breaks down or goes into a full conflict mode that everybody is worse off. >> the president should get in front of the podium, look into
1:50 am
the camera and say the united states will use all elements of its power to obtain the return of this drone. if the chinese don't send it back immediately, we need to start to impose costs on china. >> very close south china sea, chinese naval vessel stole an underwater drone used by the u.s. navy, was witnessed while it was taken from the water and taken from the u.s. the u.s. boat was right there and the underwater drone is now in the possession of the chinese. a big incident. back with the panel in the lightning round. >> china's this is the tip of the iceberg. this is an act of war and i think it's really, you know, president trump hasn't taken the oath yet but it's going to be an early test with his administration. china takes billions of dollars of our intellectual property
1:51 am
every year. they are a thief of huge magnitude and they have a big impact on the economy. they take these things and copy cat the technology. they are active in stealing every day and it's time for us to get serious about it. >> i don't think president obama is going to do anything about this, in his remaining 32 days. he hasn't been aggressive enough about what they're doing in the south china sea. if you couple the tension with trump and the chinese you couple what happened -- what's going on with the drone with the fact they're announcing proudly that they have weaponized, they have installed weapons on their islands, this is a really going to be an early test for trump. >> the islands are 40 miles from the philippines which is close relations with our country. the united states navy exists to guarantee for the world freedom of the seas and it's going to have to be used in that purpose. there's only one place in the world that seems to me that really has a potential to spark a big conflict and it's the most
1:52 am
dangerous place in the world right now and it's the south china sea. >> incoming democratic governor north carolina is not happy with what republicans are trying to do in his state. >> this has got to stop. if i believe that laws pass by the legislate chur hurt working families and are unconstitutionally they will see me in court and they don't have a very good track record there. >> tell me what you want, what you really want! tell me what you really want and what you really need. >> justice! >> what about this? does he have a case here? >> i think he does. this is all part of a scorched politics, another step. by all means, fight an election, if you win you get to work your will. but to change the powers of a constitutional office because of the occupant of the next party
1:53 am
is -- >> i hate part z-anship. i hope there's a backlash. >> i love partisanship but this is over the lines. when you lose, shake the other guy's hand, go home. >> winners or losers. winners first. >> rick perry, a.g. pruit from oklahoma. we're addicted to oil again, baby and it's back. >> suvs may be winners. >> losers? >> losers would be the noble peace prize committee when they see president obama putting up its dukes to russia they might want their prize back. >> george will took the entire paragraph graph out of mouth. he has talking about how with high confidence we now know uniform, intelligence assessments confirmed that the highest levels of russian government was involved in tampering with the election.
1:54 am
we have an incoming president that dismisses it. my loser is this guy or woman. it could have happened nowhere but florida in this heavy set white man or woman unnamed held up the holiday gas station on u.s. route 19 with pay drawn on beard and if they don't catch him or her it might be my winner come january. >> winner and losers? >> the winners are the rats of paris who have the run of the place now. the european union that can make everything worse has decided the old way of poisoning the rats won't do. they've mandated another one and the rats weren't cooperate. the losers are the new bartender on trump hotel. daily beast reporter was at that bar when someone ordered a vodka
1:55 am
martini and it was served in that glass. >> that's a vodka martini iced tee. >> somebody got fired. >> how do you make a martini great again. straight ahead your friday feedback.
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
it is time for your friday feedback. during james rosen's piece we asked you if the u.s. should retaliate against russia for interfering with the election. >> wane watson tweets no. he hasn't been proved russia has anything to do with the hacked e-mails. >> about wallace put sanctions back into putin's -- we asked you what the u.s. should be doing there.
1:59 am
etr 55 going after sad managing humanitarian assistance and exterminating isis, did i miss anything. michelle indicates, perhaps the most relevant answer might be what should we have done in syria? help set up safe zones instead of sending out refugees. and lukas we asked you what threat is greater, china or russia? gene gilbert thinks china is the biggest threat. neither if handled properly. let's say greater area of concern, the answer being china due to economic ties and newness on world scene. and that is your friday feedback. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and unfrayafraid
2:00 am
ta tucker carlson starts tonight. special guest and that is the you order your copy now from amazon it will be under your tree by christmas day. enjoy. have a great weekend. tonight sore loser hillary clinton is making even more excuses for her election loss. he. >> he has a personal beef against me. >> trump's manager corely lewandowski reacts to this. president trump promises to get tough on terror. dr. sebastian gorka is here tonight with reaction. plus a mother of four from california is missing. police suspect her husband killed her. he was an illegal immigrant from