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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  December 17, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PST

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two cities of parasitizing the rest of the economy. >> it's a narrow focus on those two markets. >> have a great weekend, keep it right here, the number one business block continues with eric baldwin. donald trump firing back at his democrats who some say are using the allegationed russian hack to try and delegitimize his election win. the president-elect says if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? and did president obama admit hillary was right by saying this? >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to make action, and we will. >> i'm eric bolling, welcome to
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cashin. now we'll start with you, should the obama administration have already taken action? and by the way, we're 34, 35 days out until donald trump takes over, should they take action now? >> they should have taken action, and that's why i think there's this viewpoint that seems to be largely political. by and large, you look at the messengers who are pushing this narrative that the russians tipped the election in favor of donald trump, they really lack credibility. if either nancy pelosi's daughter who's pushing this message from the electors to hillary clinton's campaigns who were really concerned over donald trump's comments about election fraud, she criticized him during the election. and already hillary clinton's claims that the e-mail on her
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server was never hacked. you also have the narrative that was proven throughout this general election just -- and the obama administration that had lied to the american people, and pushed propaganda surrounding benghazi. >> let's not get too far away from this topic. we'll get to whether the russians hacked and whether or not the russians influenced the election, but president obama says he will take action, what type of action do you think he will take? >> it's a little late in the game to take action. there's no disagreement that the russians hacked and their intelligence community, the only disagreement appears to be what the hack was, whether it was to help donald trump or just to have people lose faith in our political institutions. all intelligence agencies agree.
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>> what is president obama intending to do? what could he do? what should he do? and why would he do anything right now? >> i don't know what he intends do do. here's the options, i would immediately impose sanctions, on pugh tti putin's inner circle. they do a lot of banking in the west, it would make it impossible for them to travel to the west. >> first of all what we need is a bipart san investigation in congress. obviously president obama waiting until now to say the russians have hacked us, we don't have all the information, in fact i was talking to several fbi sources who were saying, wait a second, this is not necessarily factual. and so there's disagreements among the intelligence agency. so we need to get to the bottom of it first. secondly, back in october, it
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was vice president joe biden in an nbc meet the press interview who said that he was not concerned, quote, that the russians would fundamentally alter the elections, now the administration is completely backtracking. why? because they thought their candidate hillary clinton was going to win. and donald trump won the election fair and square and we know that the russians have been hacking and interfering in our elections for quite some time but now it's an issue? come on. >> rachel, let's play up a little bit what mercedes said. okay, so russians hacked, iranians hacked, the chinese hacked. they're always attacking us, but what proof is there that it actually changed the outcome of the election? >> there isn't. put up or shut up. they asked them to come in and show the evidence and they couldn't show it. they didn't went to come to the
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hearings that the house had. look to this to me reeks of not just sore loser, but also pay back, i think obama is paying donald trump back for having an aura of delegitimization or the birther comments and this is his way of getting donald trump back. the problem is he is using our intelligence community, he is using the credibility of our elections and he's using the very presidency, the pulpit of the presidency to take out -- >> you've got john mccain-- >> norah o'donnell trump. >> these are people that are realistic about the russian threat to be posed. if you don't think that the
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russian s and vladimir putin. # he also meddled in benjamin netanyahu israeli elections, further the american electoral system is too decentralized for russia to be able to hack the system. loretta lynch recently reiterated -- >> we can't just throw this out there, this week jill stein went out and said those e-mails with respect hacked they were leaked to us. >> how do you think they got them. >> let's try to find solutions, instead of screaming at each other, if we do move on a by partisan investigation, i think this makes absolute sense, i could see mitch mcconnell
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calling for. i could see donald trump moving in that direction. it is troubling that you have for example one of the senators who was on the intelligence committee who requested a meeting and a briefing from the cia and the cia is not giving the briefing. this is also happening in light of the fact that the electors are about to vote december 1. which brings into question, where they want what they call the hamilton electors want to have the intelligence briefing before voting. if this was an issue that the obama administration failed to address in a timely manner, and now i do believer -- and try to find solutions, to figure out how to deal with cyber security in the united states because it could get bigger with attacking our infrastructure. >> it was under the democratic administration that the russians got away with murder, going into crimea, the inflew main actions
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in syria. why would they want a strong man like donald trump in 123. >> donald trump who didn't realize when he was asked whether the russians had already gone into the ukraine, donald trump who thinks there could be some sort of accommodation with our ally bashar al assad. [ all talking at once ] >> i think we touched a nerve. i think we found a very, very hot subject. >> i can't believe the democrats are being hawkish under president obama. >> we're going to leave it with this, remember what president obama said to mitt romney at a debate? the 80s wants their foreign policies back. and he was wrong about that. >> coming up, call it a trumper can tropical.
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this one may stress you out. a new report says new york city mayor bill de blasio is offering therapy to municipal workers who
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are feeling vulnerable about the donald trump victory. i want to start with mercedes with this one. this hot line is a vital lifeline for people who really have problems. should it be used for people upset about the election? >> i mean come on, are we seriously talking about post election stress? the best part of it was the press secretary from new york city said, he literally, quote, said, it's not only about post election stress, throw in the holidays and it's even more stressful. so not only is it post election, it's christmas, it's holiday shopping that's causing all this anxiety. >> so rachel, this hot line is for people with legitimate problems, now we have a municipal employees who may be taking resources away from people who need that hot line. >> if i was a new york taxpayer i would be furious.
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but when republicans lose, eric, they accept the results, their reflect on it and they come back stronger. democrats have not figured out in politics that when you lose, you don't get a second place trophy, you don't get a juice box or a therapy dog. this is what's happening here. and by the way, this is going all the way to the top. it's not just obama now, i think de blasio should send some of these -- this week was on oprah winfrey show saying donald trump is not a grownup, saying we all will not know what hope is because of donald trump being president. this is classless and i think it's totally wrong of the democrats to not get with the program. get over it. >> let's hear from a democrat. julia, on using resources for employ employees. >> i'm a little bit of depress because of this outcome of this
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election, i think plenty of you were pretty depressed in 2012 when obama won. >> we weren't using taxpayer dollars to do that. the resources already exist, right? the service exists for municipal employees, what the source of their depression ask is none of any business, if they're depressed because their dog died or they're stressed over their christmas shopping, or they're stressed because they can't make ends meet or they're stressed because of the outcome of the electi election. i don't think it's right for bill de blasio to have made this an issue saying some of you may be stressed because of the outcome of this election, i think that's very wrong. i'm sure there are some people who are thrilled about the outcome of this election, but preventing them from using these sources that they already have. >> resources are a fine night entity, if someone is using them, that means someone else is not getting them or someone else
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is going to have to pay for them. >> i can assure you i didn't need a puppy, a cry in or a hot line or a cry in when president obama got elected. but there's some on the left who can't accept the outcome of the electi election. they have used everything as an excuse for their loss. but de blasio has done everything from wanting to fine businesses for not using gender neutral terms to now is trying to delete the information of illegal immigrants to try to protect them from president-elect donald trump incoming. >> it's becoming a liberal la la land here in new york city. it's crazy what's going on here. >> i really want a puppy. >> i want a puppy too. >> enough with the temper tantrum. when it comes to saying merry christmas at work or at the mall, did donald trump just
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put the pc crowd on santa's naughty list?
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coming up, pc crowd. retailers list enough. is donald trump waging war on those waging war against christmas. donald trump saying it's okay to
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live from america's news headquarters in washington. good saturday morning. china and the united states are now reportedly negotiating over the return of a stolen american under water drone. this according to china's defense ministry. it was taken in the south china sea. the pentagon says the united
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states was trying to remove a drone from the sea. donald trump is preparing for the final stop on his post election thank you tour. in mobile, alabama, is where he held the largest rally of his campaign. more news at the top of the hour when i join you at america's news headquarters. now back to cashin' in. when i started 18 months ago, i told my first crowd in which which that we're going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. so merry christmas, everyone. happy new year. but merry christmas. >> yes.
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take that, d.c. crowd. president-elect donald trump promising america will start saying merry christmas again when he takes the oval office. now rachel, is the war on christmas finally over? >> well, it's a start, i really think that this tour with its little sign is a signal and a return to our national heritage and our traditions, i think it's great. i detest winter concerts, giving trees, merry christmas to you eric. >> have we won the war on christmas finally. >> no, the lawsuits continue. just in texas, we had this public schoolteacher who had to at first take down her linus poster that had a biblical reference. because governor perry signed a merry christmas law in 2013 she was able to restore the poster and put it back up. so i'm proposing a national merry christmas law.
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>> i think it should be a merry christmas happy hanukkah law. >> i'm celebrating enough for the rest of us. i have a poll and i have a lot of grudges that i'm going to roll out right now. this is a solution in search of a problem. who has ever been prevented from saying merry christmas. >> final thought on this one, lisa? >> merry christmas. >> i love the fact that donald trump is polling everyone with the merry christmas sign. i think the answer to the solution is donald trump in the sense that he has presented himself as sort of the anti-politically correct candidate. so merry christmas. >> merry christmas to everyone. but we still have more show coming up. . >> so did the russians have any impact on the elections?
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we asked you, and you told us what you think.
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. . . . i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. great week, everybody. time to wake up, america. just this week, a house intel committee meeting was canceled that was supposed to be a closed-door briefing on the alleged russian hacking and whether that influenced u.s. elections. so why was the closed-door meeting on the meeting canceled? the cia refused to make
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available any intel official to that committee. it begs the question, did the cia of after claiming to have proof the russians hacked and therefore influenced the outcome of the presidential election, did they find new evidence that may reach a different conclusion that the russians likely did not influence the outcome of our presidential election? congressman peter king flatly accused the cia of playing politics. meanwhile, 59% think russians had no effect on the outcome of the election. let me get this straight. just after the election, hillary was so distraught she refused to come out from her hotel room to concede. there are reports she blamed campaign manager robby mook and top adviser podesta. two weeks ago, it was fbi director james comey's fault. but comey was their hero the weeks before the election when he recommended no indictment of hillary clinton for her e-mail scandal. after that duck didn't fly, last week voter fraud became the
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reason for the landslide loss by hill. oops, after a recount, trump actually widened his margin of victory in wisconsin, pennsylvania, threw the towel in as well. it was the russians this week. here's a news alert, the russians didn't elect donald trump, america did. so just stop. come on, anti-trumpers, it's over. you lost. quit whining. i'll say it again, no one told hillary to coin the term deplorables, and donald trump had nothing to do with obamacare premiums skyrocketing the election week. it took down the worst candidate ever run for president. not the worst president, well, i'm not sure, but the worst candidate certainly. can we get back to the business at hand? making america the super power we once were economically, militarily, we innovate, we create, we make life better for us in the u.s. and the rest of the world.
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donald j. trump is your president. get used to it. if you don't like it, there's france, canada, maybe even cuba. have a great weekend, everybody. fallout just one day after president obama vows to retaliate against vladimir putin's russia during hacking over the election. we'll get the latest from washington and president-elect donald trump. mr. trump also tweeting today about china stealing the u.s. ocean drone in international waters. i'll tell you what he's saying. and as electors prepare their presidential vote on monday, we're at the home of our very first president, george washington. we'll find out why the electoral college was a compromise for two very different ideas about electing our commander in chief.


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