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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  December 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. with harr -- "the fox report" is up next with harris faulkner. >> we're standing on the eve of history. the electoral college convenes tomorrow to final ize one of the recent conventions in history. i'm harris faulkner, this is "the fox report." public pressure remains amid a last-ditch effort to keep mr. trump from the white house. where president obama has a little more than a month in office. tomorrow 538 electors will gather at state capitols across america. 306 of them are expected to cast votes for mr. trump. that is the number of electoral votes he won on election night in november. but the anti-trump backlash on the electors is very real. democrats have scooped up some celebrities to help them mount essentially a hail mary to deny
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mr. trump the presidency. what we're watching right now, this video is a taste of their hollywood video urging electors to quote, vote their conscious. and then there are the claims of russian interference in the presidential campaign race. one elector who is a democrat said there should be a classified briefing on the suspected russian hacking before the electoral college has its final vote. watch. >> absolutely not. i believe in the constitution and i believe that this is a -- a real process. and i also believe that donald trump will be selected as president. and i support the peaceful transfer of power. but in the meantime, we have a meaningful role to make sure that the american public has this information and to make it absolutely clear that no foreign government should be able to get away with this. and i would subject that the president step away from twitter. >> caroline shively is live with the news in the nation's capitol right now and caroline, how electors would need to switch their votes to change the outcome of november? >> reporter: 37, harris.
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mr. trump got 307 in the election and he needs 270 to win. so if 37 turn away, there is no official winner and this thing will head to the house of representatives for a decision. but listen to this eelector bound to hillary clinton. democrats are under pressure from some corners as well to vote for a republican other than trump with the goal of sweeping someone else into office. >> i don't know what i'm going to do monday. i may vote for secretary clinton, or i may vote for a republican that -- that 37 republican electors would want me to vote for. >> reporter: and that would be unprecede unprecedented. it is rare for a single elector to switch votes. the last time was in 2004 and that was thought to have been a mistake, harris the states with laws requiring electors to go with the voters' pick. >> that is where it is murky. there are 29 states that bond the electors to the candidate
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chosen in november and a handful of those replace the elector or fine them. a harvard university law professor is offering free legal counsel for any that want to vote for a third party candidate. he said he talked to 22 who might, but the trump team said they've only heard of one. >> we've got one particular individual in texas without a faith of selector statute in texas. but other than that, we're very confident that everything is going to be very smooth tomorrow and this harassment from groups like move and the democrat party should stop and it is what the american people demand. >> donald trump tweeted this. if many my supporters acted and threatened those that lost the election did, they would be scorned and called terrible names. and the house has to choose a winner in january and that is controlled by the republicans who would almost assuredly vote in mr. trump. >> caroline, thank you very much. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling for the
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creation of a committee to investigate russian interference into the election. in a letter to mitch mcconnell, john mccain, schumer and reed and graham wrote we believe it is just fwieed about the extraordinary scope and scale of the cyber problem. democrats and republicans must work together and across the jurisdictional lines of the congress to address this unique challenge, end quote. the fbi and the cia say the hacking was not just to determine the u.s. electoral process, but to help president-elect donald trump win. but mr. trump's staff is pushing back hard on that. >> i think he would accept the conclusion if these intelligence professionals would get together, put out a report, show the american people that their actually on the same page as opposed to third parties through "the washington post" -- >> a third party. >> but we haven't heard from comey. so look, i think that these guys should be straight with the american people and come out and say it.
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>> our phil keating is live from mar-a-largo in palm beach, florida, and phil, it was a working sunday for the president-elect? >> reporter: without a doubt. not only for president-elect trump, but also members -- key members of his transition team and senior advisers. including kellyanne conway and jason miller all behind me at mar-a-largo all day working on the transition and the remaining cabinet nominees to be named. but in the end, it was a slow news sunday. no big announcements. but compared to new york city, which was 40 degrees colder than palm beach county, the weather here was at least really nice for a day where you had to work. trump returned here at about 8:00 last night after his final big rally of his big thank you tour in mobile, alabama. he rallied up the crowd, telling thousands of supporters he will make america great again by building that border wall, rebuilding the military, slashing taxes, and creating
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jobs. >> this is where it all began. remember that incredible rally we have. >> i said i'm coming back to see you in alabama. right. and this is our last rally, our last stop. >> reporter: aside from the trump inner circle and his transition team that are spending several days this week on work, also on hand for here all the way through the end of the holidays will be the entire trump family. so they will stay here through christmas and new year's day and fly back to new york city on january 3rd. >> before i let you go, the cabinet seats of agriculture and veterans' affairs, any idea when those remaining cabinet positions will be named? >> reporter: well, yesterday in mobile at that big thank you rally, donald trump did promise to the crowd that very soon he will name his nominee for cabinet secretary for the
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department of veterans' affairs. as it is right now, most of the cabinet positions have been named by the president-elect, except for the department of agriculture and the department of veterans' affairs. as for the short list or not so short list for the agriculture department, that is 12 names that we're aware of. including a few governors from big farm states out in the midwest and other farm bureau executives from other states. as for the short list for veterans' affairs, we know of six names, including the current secretary of veterans' affairs, bob mcdonald, also including on the list, sarah palin and former massachusetts senator scott -- scott brown. >> scott brown. >> sorry scott. >> thank you very much. good to see you. to more on this, in the fox report interview tonight, nebraska congressman, mr. fortenberry who picked one of
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the electors and good to see you. thank you for joining us on "the fox report" tonight. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> all right. i want to start with why i invited you on and it has too do with what you wrote and you tweeted about it and you talked about the electoral process and the electoral that you note and there is only one republican, i believe from texas, who has gone public with plans to break from donald trump. there hasn't been an election in which more than one elector has jumped ship for reasons other than death of a candidate since 1836. so if there is a defection, more than one among the republicans, it would make history. your thoughts? >> well, it is not going to come from nebraska. the elector i choose is someone i have known for a very long time. he's a small business person. he's dedicated to his family. he lives in a small town and been involved in civic affairs for decades. and when i called him, he said shouldn't i get someone more qualified and i said that is
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exactly why you are qualified because you are reflective of the people here. and i think he will be elected tomorrow by the electoral college and i don't see this as an momentum. those in nebraska have received a number of communications urging them to do something dish but the votes are secure here. >> and i'm curious why the drama around this for democrats. i haven't seen, as i mentioned it is history making if there is even one more, it would take 37 according to the previous reporter caroline shively so how do you account for the drama around this? >> well, i think there are various stages of grief that goes on in any loss and there is anger and denial and ultimate acceptance and maybe that is what is going on here. in reality, donald trump was elected president and hillary clinton lost the election. many people in america feel like they've been left behind, the cultural settlement in this country there is downward pressure on wages, there is
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downward mobility and people have lost a sense of what america means. hillary clinton ran from the solanges of the upper east side to hollywood collecting hundreds of millions of dollars, spent over a billion dollars in the campaign with a message that did not resonate. donald trump won the election. i think that is the underlying current here and perhaps there is some grieving going on or regret about that. but these are the realities. >> and you thought that this was important enough to write about. why? >> well, the -- there is confusion about the electoral college. as i started out the fort report which i try to write every week, this is not a place where you go to study. there is not a political science course if you will. there is no academic mystique. it is held part of our tradition in the constitution by the written or argued for by the now alexander hamilton because it protects smaller states from bigger states like new york and
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california that could swamp the rest of the country if their votes went to one candidate. that is the purpose of the electoral college and that is why it is an important check on our shem system. >> and to move on, i've been following you on twitter and watching you are very vocal and tweeted with donald trump's name in your twitter feed about religious minorities who were suffering. you wrote recently that you hoped he reached out to the leadership in cairo after christians were killed. your thoughts on that. >> well, harris, i had an extraordinary privilege of spending two hours with egypt's president in august. we talked about a number of things. but i started out the conversation by thanking him because early in his presidency, he went on egypt television with the coptic christian pope who represents 10 million christians in egypt and the grand imam at the university which is the traditional seat of sunni learning, both of them side by side and he looked at the camera and said, we are egyptians.
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this is a very courageous act for the president to do so and i thought it was important that he met with donald trump prior to this election and develop some relationship there. president see see is working aggressively to try to restabilize this country. there is a significant christian minority population there. there is a long held peace treaty that is still in police between israel and egypt brokered by the united states and continued to be managed by the you the and it is my hope that egypt will take its rightful place in terms of stabilizing the geopolitics of the arab world. to do this it will take courageous people and actions like the president did upholding a pluralistic notion and healthy form of nationalism that stops the threat to religious minorities throughout the middle east. if we lose their presence, we lose the pluralistic nature of what is ordinary and good for
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humanity to flourish. this isn't just about christians andysiddies it is about the principle itself and that is why i thought it was important to tweet about this week. >> sir, it is great to have you on the program and get new information brought into "the fox report" by the congressman of nebraska fortenberry, thanks for joining us on "the fox report" interview. word one of the fame usa socialites in the world has died. zsa zsa gabor was a actress known for his beautiful accent which launched her into icon status since she played herself with some 80 tv and film credits. she was married nine times. a notable thing in hollywood back in the day. that would be notable now. she and her sister who starred in the hit tv series green acres were part of a trio of sisters on stage. she was with us the longest of the three, gone today. she was 99 years old.
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well, if it could even happen, the situation in syria is growing more dire by the hour. it is pretty bad for a long time. rebels reportedly set buses on fire that were part of the evacuation of people from the war zone. the united nations is set to vote tomorrow on a resolution that would put more than 100u.n. personnel on the ground to monitor the situation now. conor powell with more now on the crisis. >> harris, efforts to evacuate civilians have been underway for almost a week but so far they've had very little success. about 5,000 people have left aleppo in recent days but many more are desperately trying to flee the violence. thousands of civilians, including young children and the elderly, who have braved long lines and waited in freezing cold temperatures, have come under fire as they've waited for buses to take them to safety. evacuation conveys have been attacked and reportedly targeted
10:18 pm
by both pro and anti-assad forces. civilians stuck in the cross fire have been without food and medical supplies for weeks. after the assad regime in russia began the assault on aleppo. a u.n. plan would send aid and observers to syria but do little to help end the fighting and blood shed that has raged for almost six years. with aleppo now firmly in control of pro government assad forces, the syrian government along with their backers iran and russia set to expand the operation outside of aleppo in an effort to crush the opposition across the country. harris. >> connor, thank you. a standoff is still underway in a key ally against islamic state after shooting attacks in jordan. nine people were killed, including a canadian tourist. officials say men opened fire on a policetation at a castle.
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and it was stilled with tourists because they flock there. the gunman then barricaded themselves inside of there and no group has immediately taken responsibility for the latest blood shed. but this is just the latest in the series of shooting attacks in the pro western kingdom. we'll bring you any developments as they break this hour. road rage and a little boy is dead. and his grandmother was driving. now in shock. new details about why the driver next to her just lost it. and a wedding party in southern california lined up for their big photo op, and boy did they get one. >> it was like a scene in the movies, where the tree is slowly coming down. and you just see whoever was under it running straight through it.
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now to that manhunt underway in little rock, arkansas, after a 3-year-old little boy died in an apparent road rage incident. the suspect was angry because the child's grand mother was driving slowly. they were reportedly out holiday shopping and now police are asking the community for help. >> i know that there are many instances that are frustrating in our community and when people have information and they are reluctant to share and some of that is understandable. but we cannot have a community to where the least protected among us, being infants, who are dying senseless crimes in our city. >> and police mentioned what they called a similar story from just last month. a 2-year-old child killed in a drive-bi. that shooter is also at large. to california where an unforgettable day in the making
10:24 pm
was cut short when a tree fell on a wedding party. people were trapped under a tree when police got there. will carr is live in whittier, california, with more on this. will? >> reporter: good evening, harris. the park here in whittier is a beautiful area where families come to gather to take pictures for birthdays and weddings because of the trees an the leaves changing colors just like they are right now. and that is what this wedding party was doing yesterday at about 5:00 p.m. they were standing in front of a massive youk lieucalyptus tree witnesses said they heard cracking and within a matter of seconds the tree came crashing down on to the wedding party trapping at least 20 people. firefighters responded to the scene. we're told one woman was killed. five people were injured, including a four-year-old little girl who at last check was in critical condition. take a listen to some witnesses describe the immediate aftermath. >> the little girl, i don't know
10:25 pm
what happened to her. i think she might have had a seizure. she was about four years old and just kicking. >> they were doing cpr and there was a man who got hit. it was sad. >> reporter: the city manager said they are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this tree to come crashing down. he said the weather on friday could have played a part. it was rainy and there were strong winds and he also said it could have been from the drought. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we've seen some increase of some of the street trees having limb breakage. again, it is probably a little bit higher rate than what we've seen in the past. and our arborists are telling us it is likely some stress related to the drought. >> reporter: while the investigation continues, residents have been walking up here to take a look at this tree, harris. one woman told me that she had her wedding celebration here 40 years ago and her heart goes out to this family.
10:26 pm
harris. >> wow. will carr, thank you very much. legend and lies follows the fox report and as we prepare to celebrate this christmas holiday, you watch the remarkable story of the same holiday 240 years earlier. george washington was leading his men across the icy delaware river. here is a peek. >> you intend to cross the half frozen delaware in the midst of a snowstorm, tomorrow on christmas night, we attack. >> watch "legends and lies" at 8:00 p.m. eastern, on the top of the hour. so did russians unleash the hackers with the hope of influencing american voters. a bipartisan push now coming from washington. i told you about that letter that has been written. they are trying to get to the bottom of the situation so serious one republican is calling it, quote, a threat to our democracy. and just over a month from right now, president obama will be moving out of the oval office. a lot of things to do on that
10:27 pm
agenda, some of it legacy keeping, we ask? we'll take a look at the schedule for him. stay with us.
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for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac the developing story on this sunday, a letter to senate liter mitch mcconnell to investigate whether russia interfered with the united states election and it is written by top gop senators now joining democrats. here is elizabeth prann from washington. >> reporter: hi, harris. four senators are calling for a bipartisan panel to investigate russia and other foreign countries after the fbi and cia claim russian hackers intervened in the 2016 campaign. clinton campaign chair john podesta speaking out for the first time since the election loss saying in part, the russian intervention is clear and donna brazil said the onus falls on president obama for not doing something earlier. >> when i saw the president, i was a little disappointed that we were under constant attack.
10:32 pm
we never felt comfortable. we didn't know what was coming next. and you know, this is not just about computers. this is harassment of individuals, it is harassment of our candidates, harassment of our donors. >> reporter: hillary clinton telling donors at a thank you event, that putin's involvement stemmed from a quote, personal beef. but russia continues to deny cyber intrusion. some republicans including reince priebus said there needs to be more of a consensus when it comes to the exact findings and call on democrats to stop saying republicans could have been coordinating. >> of course we didn't interface with the russians. this whole thing is a spin job and i think what the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the election and they lost the election because they're so and completely out of touch with the american people that their still shell shocked and they can't believe it. >> reporter: the senator john mccain said russian hacks
10:33 pm
threaten to quote, destroy bankruptcy. he's one of the senators calling for a select committee to investigate the intelligence communities findings. harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. the pentagon said the chinese government is going to give back our drone that it took from the south china sea. now the president-electing is weighing in on the matter. but he said we should just let them keep it. we have more. >> reporter: you have two different messages coming from the u.s. the current administration is pushing for china to return the under water drone that it stole and now that they have agreed to do that, you have the incoming president-elect saying, nah, you can keep it. that opposing message came from president-elect trump last night on twitter where he wrote, we should tell china that we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it. >> this morning on fox news sunday, incoming chief of staff reince priebus didn't back down from that position. >> i think 80% of americans think it is inappropriate to rip
10:34 pm
a drone out of water. they then keep the drone and give it back to the rightful owner, i don't know if you want that drone back. >> the chinese aren't apologizing for the incident and in fact in its official response on friday, beijing told u.s. officials they shouldn't be surprised this happened, adding there are many risks there and many risks of crises. you know that china has undisputed sovereignty of the south china sea and further there are risks from your continued close end surveillance. on cnn state of the union, john mccain suggested that the chinese may have taken the drone to steal the technology. >> and while they hold this drone, able to find out all of the technical information and some of it is pretty valuable. but there is no strength on the part of the united states of america. everybody is taking advantage of it and hopefully that will change soon. >> reporter: this is just the latest clash between china and president-elect trump and another indication that the next
10:35 pm
administration does not plan to carry on with business as usual. harris. >> garrett, thank you. a little more than a month remains and president barack obama's presidency and there is still some major items on his to-do list before he leaves office. kevin is traveling with the president and now joins me from hawaii. honolulu to be specific. and on that list, i'm imagining maybe some legacy items like his promise to his base to close guantanamo bay. >> reporter: yeah, you are right on the money. he won't get that done. ultimately, harris, i think that will be the top of the to-do list of items that he would like to knock off before he leaves office. and that is continuing the reduction of the population at the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, you could not close it but he could make it expensive and you could reduce the number of prisoners and detainees there and making it so expensive per detainee that ultimately congress will decide to finally shut down the facility. and keep in mind there are nearly two dozen detainees cleared for transfer so you will
10:36 pm
hear a bit about that in the coming weeks. and he'll continue to offer more commutations as part of the criminal justice reform platform and what could be some high-profile pardons and we're watching tor that and wrap up work on some regulations that press secretary josh earnest said had been in the works for some time. >> i can tell you that the regulatory work that is being done on this administration is not going to be characterized by a last minute rush on the way out the door. i think what it will be characterized by is a continuous and persistent effort to complete the work that has already been started. >> reporter: an example of that, harris, last week's rule that ties federal funding for planned parenthood to other federal resources that will make it even more difficult for states to defund that organization without congressional intervention. harris. >> well he doesn't have a lot of time. and i understand that there is maybe some unfinished business on the island where you are.
10:37 pm
>> yeah. you are right. shinzo abe will be here later this month, the prime minister of japan to mark the 75th anniversary of the attacks at pearl harbor that propelled the united states into world war ii. the pacific battle ended thanks to the u.s.'s use of the atomic bombs in nagasaki and hiroshima and if you remember the president this year visited the site of the atomic bomb blast hiroshima. i was there. it was quite emotional. so needless to say an eventful few weeks to come for the president despite that time is running out on his presidency, harris. >> and maybe you will watch this since you are traveling with the president, it is about his party. always good to see you, kevin. fantasy or something else. the democrats are pressuring electoral college members ahead of the vote tomorrow on the next president of the united states. we talked about this with the previous guest. the democrats want republican electors to flip their vote and deny donald trump the white house. remember our guest chose one of the electors who will vote for
10:38 pm
trump tomorrow. so where is is the democratic party right now? are they listening to the people? even a hillary clinton long time adviser and friend, our very own doug schoen would not vote for her and sat this one out. why his party leaders are going down a rabbit hole not accepting defeat. that is my leading question for that is my leading question for dododododo ♪"all you need is love" plays my eyelove is making something unexpected. my eyelove is girls' night out. my eyelove is the september issue. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love.
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♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ♪ savings ♪ oh, yeah you might call it the fox report interview part d. doug schoen is here, former adviser to bill clinton and worked with hillary clinton and as i told the audience before the break, you told us here on "the fox report," you broke the news for the first time in your professional career, you weren't going to vote and you certainly weren't voting for her. >> and many americans didn't
10:42 pm
vote for president and voted for other offices so i would like to think i facilitated something. >> so part of the trend has your party at risk of becoming irrelevant. >> harris, i say this as a loyal democrat. you couldn't be more connect. the idea that the democrats are veering left, not accepting the results of the election, attempting to influence the electoral college, recounts that can't work, none of this makes any sense. they should be doing a philosophical review because they are way out of step with the american people and so far i haven't seen it. >> is this a president-elect that has indicated either through your observation and i know you know a lot of people and you are not going to give up your sources, but from what you know, has every ability and intention to work across the aisle? are democrats missing out? >> they are totally missing out. harris, you put your finger on a key issue. because what i would have done if i were the secretary of state and lost the election, i would
10:43 pm
have said to donald trump, for both practical and political and reasons of good will, let me work with you, let my party work with you where we agree. where we disagree, we will differ. but on things like infrastructure, tax reform, there is plenty of overlap. but by going this course, harris, all it does is, as you said, is to make the democrats irrelevant. >> our current secretary of state, you would say should reach out. >> i'm sorry, hillary. >> oh, the former secretary of state. >> i'm sorry. i misspoke. it wouldn't be bad if the current secretary of state also did it. because we need a bipartisan policy on russia. because while the hacking didn't affect the election, it is part of a larger plan that russia has and vladimir putin has to destabilize the west in america and . >> and in the military we call this military crete and this is message crete and we have in a zone where democrats say it did
10:44 pm
affect the election and the facts don't support that and why are we drifting into this zone? >> i think you put your finger on it, harris. the democrats don't have a philosophy, it was clear with the working class and centralist vote for donald trump that they alien ated everybody from the center to the right and they are trying to come up with reasons, none of them good, to justify a loss that could have been avoided. >> so there is a let thaer came out a few hours ago and it is to senate leader mitch mcconnell asking him to take a look at doing a deeper investigation and deeper view. >> sure. >> why is that important? >> here is why. because we are fighting a global battle with the russians, the chinese, over the baultics, europe, syria and in deed the russian hacking of our government, our records and indeed around the world, these are large issues. it is not just -- and it
10:45 pm
shouldn't just be seen about the election, it should be seen about global geopolitics where we are losing and the russians are winning. >> and what about our safety. that is one thing that hasn't been talked about. if the russians did this and it is looking like from 17 agencies from the cia, on that list, it is looking like that happened. why make the issue about the election, and why not make it about protecting the american public. >> harris, you couldn't be more right. that is what i focus on. i wrote a book called putin's master plan where i focused on exactly that. the risk to america from what the russians are doing. that is what this investigation should focus on. not the silly claim that the release of some mails changed the vote. >> how concerned are you about russia right now? >> extremely. i think mitt romney was right four years ago and it is our greatest geopolitical threat. >> did you think that four years ago? >> i did. well i started writing a book about russia and chinese then and nothing that has happened
10:46 pm
subsequent has changed my view of the russian threat to america. >> and can i just ask you a basic question. >> sure. >> why is your party getting these things wrong? i mean, you heard -- >> it is a very good question. >> the barack obama then candidate down playing mitt romney and telling him he was wrong about russia. you have economic issues that your party was not yoked to the right ideas coming in and out of this election and it was clear. why? >> i'll give you an noens answer. first bill clinton was a centralist and our focus when he was re-elected was only the working class and we won the election as a result. the democrats are so far to the left ideologically that they could only make up excuses or talk about issues extraneous to the broadness of the american people. this is a party that is potentially on life support. >> donna brazil, who is the dnc chair, that i think she's the same person who handed over those debate questions to the
10:47 pm
hillary clinton team when she got them while working at cnn. she is still the leader of the dnc. how does that happen in your party? >> well -- >> do you have a problem with that or is that okay. >> of course i have a problem with it. she was acknowledged to have engaged in what i think was unethical behavior when she was on tv with megyn kelly. i don't think she was candid about what she had done and how she had done it and now we have the prospect of keith ellison, further to the left than the left wing of the democratic party potentially taking over. we're going from potentially the unacceptable to the unpalatable. >> you had bernie sanders this past season and i don't want to go too much back in the rearview mirror, but there is a legitimate question about what do you with the stars in your party who are not quite as far left. you have some who are coming up, nancy pelosi insisting that she pushed back representative tim ryan and keep that seat she's had forever. >> this is the thing.
10:48 pm
the only people that are emerging are people like bernie sanders, 74, elizabeth -- >> and that is not true. you have a cory booker. elizabeth warren is one. >> 69, yeah. and cory booker is a very bright -- >> tim ryan who wanted to challenge nancy pelosi. >> i don't see him on the same level as a cory booker, but with all of the losses of the gubernatorial and senatal seats is we don't have a deep bench any more and that is a huge, huge problem. >> you saw president obama on friday in his final news conference of the year that he said he takes some responsibility for how badly your party did. it has taken a beating. look at seats you've lost in the eight years he's been president. >> that is right. and i thought his explanation why he saw putin in china and told him to cut it out and i think that worked. and that is about as silly of an explanations you could have because putin responds to one
10:49 pm
thing, power. and as far i could see, we never exercised judicious use of american power around the globe during the last four to eight years. >> what happens next with your party? >> i think there needs to be soul searching and reasersment. i'm a sent rift. i'm where the broad mass of people are, common sense. if the democratic party insists on veering left and blaming forces that have nothing to do with this election, we risk, as i said, extinction. that is the real challenge. i hope we move back to the center where bill clinton was and where the american people are. >> doug schoen, haven't seen you in a while and good to have you back. >> harris, thank you very much. coming up, remembering the life and career of a woman who was famous, for being famous. zsa zsa gabor has died. she was 99. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zsa zsa gabor, famous actress and socialite, known for her nine marriages has died. we are told she had a heart attack at her home in bel air, california. we look back at the life and career of zsa zsa. >> she was famous for being famous. zsa zsa gabor was born sorry gabber in budapest on february 6th, 1917. her family grew up nouveau ri e riche. her mother pushed her and her sisters to become the celebrities she could not be. after being voted miss hungary in 1936. zsa zsa and her family emigrated to america around the time of world war ii. she had limited success as an actress but able to hit all three mediums of stage, tv and film. her most memorable roles were many mule an ruth and lilly and 1958 colt classic queen of outer
10:54 pm
space. her run big award was a golden globe nor most glamorous performance of 1957. she kept herself in the public eye by appearing on tv talk shows like the jack par show. she was also known for a resolving door when it came to marriages. >> they get married and get divorced, they should give back the ring but keep the stone. >> most notably hotel millionaire conrad hilton and george sanders. in 1986 she married her ninth groom, prince frederick. their marriage was her longest. in 1989 gabber's name once again made headlines for the slapping of a beverly hills police officer. she was ordered to perform community service. when they didn't comply she was sentenced to 72 hours in jail. she gained her celebrity persona not from any career accomplishment, but simply by being zsa zsa. which he played up with cameos ab films, including naked gun
10:55 pm
two and a half and a very brady sequel in 1996. in her later years, she stepped out of the shot light. her health impacted by a 2002 car accident, a 2005 stroke and hip surgery in 2010. she spent the following month in and out of the hospital including undergoing a partial leg amputation in 2017. she will be known as the blond fem fatal. zsa zsa gabor lived just how she wanted to -- in the spotlight. adam housley, fox news. we'll be right back. why are you checking your credit score? i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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10:59 pm
launched an atlas rocket. pay load a high bandwidth commercial communications satellite called echo star 19. it is considered the most powerful internet satellite ever put into space to help broadband width in if north america. a biker's camera got quite a view of this. -- >> what are you doing? [ honking ] >> what the -- >> wow! first a driver of the a car sped up on the shoulder there and then slammed into the streetlight that you saw. he kept going. despite having a blown tire. watch. the driver appears to be disoriented. >> probably having a stroke. >> i have -- >> he may be having a stroke. >> stay away from the car. get them -- >> witnesses helped him out of the car before he was taken to the hospital. we've been checking but no word yet on how he's doing. >> well, i will be back with you tomorrow at noon eastern for
11:00 pm
outnumbered. have a great week. a couple of things we're watching, that electoral vote, which we're expected to put donald trump officially on the road to the white house as the victor and the dow, will it hit underestimated it. >> that is it for us from washington. >> fox news sunday is right now. >> i'm chris wallace. with the electoral college set to meet tomorrow, democrats say they need to know more about russian hacking before the electors cast their votes. there is ample evidence that was known long before the election about the trump campaign in russia. >> and it is remarkable. that is breathtaking. he's auditioning to be a political pundit. >> today the war of words over russia and the election. we talk with the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus, it is a fox news sunday exclusive. then, what are the chances trump electors will vote against him? we'll speak with


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