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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> rambo gets to stay in florida. the still growing 125-pound gator can stay in her home as long as he doesn't perform in public. john scott is in for shep. thank you for joining us. >> first, from fox, they got hmm. the berlin terror suspect gunned down in a shootout with police, but german officials say there's still a threat and trying to figure out whether he was working with anybody else. >> and already word of new terror plots in germany and beyond from planned bombings to an airplane hijacking today. plus, russian leader vladimir putin offer something praise for donald trump. and saying he hopes to sit down with the president-elect. that and all the day's news in this hour. i'm john scott. we begin with a fox newserq general the united nation security councils passes a
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resolution that demands israel stop set. ment construction in ethers bank. critics call the measure anti-israel and the u.s. chose to abstain from any vote. david lee miller has more. >> reporter: the meet having the security council still taking police. a live picture of the security couple. this an historic day the first time in nearly four decades the united states did not use its veto power to stop a u.n. resolution addressing the issue of israeli settlements in the west bank east jerusalem. before the vote the united states would not disclose publicly but many israelis did fear there was going to be what they referred to as some type of obama december surprise. the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu has been very strained over the last few years, and many feared
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consequences that could be what happened here. samantha power, the u.n. ambassador, spoke before the council after the vote, she said that what took place was not to diminish support for israel. she explained the roping behind why the u.s. -- the reason 'king why the us did which was abstain during the vote. >> the resolution is too narrow he focuses on settle. s when in the know that there are many a effectors. let us be clear, even if every single settlement were to be dismantled tomorrow, peace would not be obtain able without both sides acknowledging uncomfortable truths and making difficult choices. >> reporter: the language of the resolution demands and i quote, israel needly and cleatly cease all settlement activities in the poisan palestinian territory and
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east jerusalem. this was before the security council in 2011 but the u.s. ambassador, did mention there were a number of differences did underscored the fact there has been inincreased settle. activity in the last few years. as for the back story how that's resolution came before the security council, it was originally sponsored by egypt. the vote was to have taken place yesterday. but at the last minute everything changed. israel contacted president-elect donald trump to express displeasure with the resolution. the president-elect then sent out a tweet saying the resolution should be vetoed and a short time later the egyptian president call off the vote. bell he and mr. trump met as recently as september, during the u.n. general assembly and yesterday we are toll the two men talked on the telephone to discuss the new administration
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residents ongoing chance to help negotiate a middle east peace. how did it come before the security council? well, four other countries did step up and, ma lay gentleman, senegal and north dakota, -- north dakota. rotate can maybes of the security council. the final vote was 14-4. one abstention. that abstention was the united states. reaction has been very swift. condemnation of the u.s. failure to use its veto, among to the speaking out, new york democrat chuck schumer as well as arizona republican john mccain and south carolina republican lindsey graham. the israelis are making out a short time ago, the israeli u.n. ambassador issued a statement saying, neither the security council nor unesco can sever the tie between the people of israel and the land of israel. nevertheless, an historic vote taking place moments ago at the
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u.n. security council for the first time in decades, the united states not using its veto power to stop a resolution critical of the jewish state. back to you. >> it's not very oftenow see senators chuck assumer and john mccain on the same side of the itch. rich ed son is live we more. the obama administration and the incoming trump administration clearly have two different views on this israel issue. >> reporter: they do. and if anything demonstrates how much u.s. policy is going to change or has changed as a result of the election we just had, this really does it because you have had u.s. foreign policy run by the current administration and a much different position than what you're seeing with donald trump, the president-elect, and both executing that at the same time. we had gotten an idea yesterday the united states may take this historic action and not block this u.n. security council measure. is was scrapped yesterday and
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then the state department refused to stay how it was going to vote in this case. but then we started to hear a little bit about what donald trump, at the president-elect, had been doing behind the scenes. then a very public statement from the president-elect in tweeting last night a reference to a facebook post he put, saying that the u.s. should vote to block this measure, it should vote against it and the justification because of is, says it puts israel in a very bad negotiating spot. president-elect then went on and spoke with the president of egypt -- remember, egypt sponsored the u.n. security council resolution, the draft version -- and in doing so, they discussed a way of moving forward on a middle east peace process. to his defenders are saying that donald trump is preparing for the next administration, going to be in office and laying the groundwork for the future here but you do have these competing visions on how exactly u.s. foreign policy is being operated because you still have a month
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in which the obama administration is still in the west wing. the obama administration had for some time been more critical of israel on its settlement building. john kerry said the set. build wag not helpful in trying to find a peaceful solution to the problem inside israel and the middle east, and then you now have this emphatic declaration by the obama administration on its way out the door staking out this historic position. is a much different position than what you're going to get in a month with the trump administration so on many of these issues, especially when it comes to international policies and at the president-elect and his handling and what he is saying on china. some of the rhetoric we heard from him really demonstrates there is going to be a significant change foreign e foreign policy. the problem for trump's critics is that the change is now happening a month too early because he is not president yet. john? >> rich edson from the state
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department. let's brick in betsy woodruff. barack obama and benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, have famously not had a very good relationship. its this further evidence of that, this failure of the u.s. to veto this settlement resolution at the u.n.? >> without a doubt. when historians write about the history of the relation with israel this will be a significant moment in breakdown of relations between president obama and benjamin netanyahu, and an anonymous israeli government official said he thought that obama worked behind the scenes to bring this resolution to pass. there's no evidence we see to that fact but it's significant because it high lights the emore. mouse amount of distrust between the current leaders over the state of israel and the united states, and as discussed we can expect a dramatic, quick change one trump is inaugurated.
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a big shift. >> where l u.s. greased the skids to make this pass but they could have made it go away with a vow to and -- veto and cho not to do that. >> samantha power argued because she didn't want to take that stand on this issue, but her decision to abstain in making that decision. she gave a lengthy statement arguing the resolution was inappropriate. that said, just refusing to veto the resolution is a major shift. the u.s. has depressantly vetoed resolutions like this so it's a significant change that ambassador power didn't do that. that's a question i think she will face going forward when she talks about her legacy as part thereof 0 own foreign policy team. >> house peeker paul ryan out with a statement, let me read: this vote is shameful, blow to that's pat sets an indent to isolate and demonize israel.
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our united republican government will work to reverse the damage done by this administration and rebuild our alliance with israel. the question is, is this vote -- does it cause a teddal with a the unthat might be rick to undo >> many member missions in the u.n. has been critical ofok israel. how thous responses will be important. does the u.s. push back against members of the international community who are more critical than we as a nation tend to be. one way is what paul ryan is talking about and senator lindsey graham, a consecutive republican supportive of the israeli government. he thinks the u.s. congress should actually take steps to roll back some funding provided for the u.n., given what this
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resolution said. so the u.s. does have a significant amount of influence over what happens at the u.n. the question is, under trump's presidency what steps two see see happening on the con -- con treat level to pin issue the u.n. >> mccain says the an extension makes us come miss sit. >> there seems to to be the consensus that the efforts are just extraordinarily kim indicated. part of the rae that ambassador power gave for not supporting the resolution, these settlements will make it virtually impossible for the israelis and palestinians to have a two state mission. david freedman in the past indicated he believes a two-state solution isn't
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necessary. that it might not be on the table anymore. that would be massive shift and change in how the u.s. and the international community talk about the ways to negotiate a peace agreement weapon at the israelis and palestinians but as of now, given the response, it's getting complicated as ever. >> but given the incoming trump administration, what they have said about the issue so far, suggests that it they believe that the israelis and the palestinians have to sit down and hammer out an agreement on their own and that foisting one on them from the u.n. or u.s. or malaysia is it not the way to get a deal. >> exactly. the way the trump as meteorologist will be handling this conflict will be radcliffe -- radically different from the obama administration, and the israeli government reached out to trump and said he should pressure the obama administration to see to this u.n. security council resolution.
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that itself is extraordinary. extraordinary that trump in this transition period before he is officially inaugurated as president, publicly urged obama and samantha power to reveal -- veto this resolution. certainly seems leak the fact that the israelis are comfortable encouraging trump to take the step and trump took the step is an came that situation is going to change grok include. >> less than a month until he takes office. thank you. >> sure thing. >> we are keeping an eye on developments developments and reaction after that united nations vote and a remarkable utah an -- remark ale u.s.ed a extension, and a terror plot and a terror takedown.
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shootout. official says one of the officer was hit in the shoulder and hat surgery but say he is going to be okay. they say his partner fired the deadly shot, letting the suspect square in the chest. isis has claimed responsibility for monday's attack on the christmas square. 12 people died. more than 50 other others hurt. the attack started a manhunt across europe. the police chief in milan says the suspect passed through france before arriving by train in milan around 1:00 a.m. local time. officials in italy trying tohate suspect took. greg palkot is live in germany. what are we hearing how this went don't? >> reporter: there's still a lot of more questions following the death of 24-year-old an anis amri. he committed the attack here and then moved from berlin to -- a
12:18 pm
distance of 600 miles and had a train ticket in this pocket which indicated he did come through france and then went to italy. the borders are tonenned up but there are open borders in europe and that's a big question mark. and tonight france is saying they cannot confirm he came into their country. so you can see there's a lot of finger pointing. he was there. all the while he was the most wanted man in europe. in fact again there was a european-wide arrest warrant for him. he was gunned down beirut -- routine foot patrol in it hall. the talked to italian police accord tolling the italian media saying he is from southern italy. they smoked the accent and asked for the away i.d. and it went down. so smart think by the italian police on the beat.
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>> thank you. there is a new video out, though, greg, that shows him pledging allegiance to isis. right? >> reporter: yes, exactly. released just a couple hours after he was held and there's a good indication that is exactly how it was timed. it's sort of a selfie style video. appears to be made in berlin before the attack. in it he praises isis, praises its leader,ing a bag daddy and says, i quote, we'll kill the crusader pigs. isis had already climbed responsibility for the attack thicks underscores the ties to the terror group. >> even though this suspect is dead, the officials there are saying there's still a threat. >> reporter: absolutely. there's a threat. they're on high alert. they're looking at the network behind him. possibly. whether he had a like-minded islamist helping him in the act here, where we're standing right no in berlin, and to get out of
12:20 pm
this country when the heat was on. the officials are also trying to figure out how he was in fact able to move around germany for a full 18 months after he came in here. a lot of people more and more are speaking about the german chancellor angela merkel's open door regarding immigration. new reports say this is how he was able to come here in 2015 after spending a couple years in the jail in italy. he was able to dodge the people that wanted to to deport him when he was applying for asylum in italy. angela merkel saying that she was concerned, saying she was accepting solidarity that both the law enforcement here and in lit italy but acknowledging there is work to be done and in fact a lot of people realized that really is work to be done to really secure this continent.
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thank you. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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russian president putin slamming democrats and praising president-elect trump in his annual end of year news conference in moscow. putin said the relationships with the united states could not get any worse and shot down any allegation that his government interfered with the election. he later added, you have to know how to lose with dignity. putin said he wants a better relationship with the u.s. when trump takes office and sent trump a christmas letter which the transition team has released. in it putin says the u.s. and russia need to work together for the sake of global security and
12:25 pm
stability and that he hopes to two powers will be collaboration on the international scene to a new level. the president-elect said the presidents thoughts are correct. what else did putin say about the relations with the u.s.? >> the overall tone of the press conference today was that he expected relations with the u.s. to improve with the new administration. mr. putin said he anticipated security and economic ties between russia and the u.s. to normalize, as he put it, and also addressed comments the president-elect trump made yesterday about america's new cleaning capabilities. >> interpreter: regarding the newly elected president trump there is nothing now. he talked about the important of strengthening the nuclear aspect and the strengthening of
12:26 pm
military assets. >> reporter: mr. putin said he would welcome an in -- invitation to visit the u.s. this would signal a significant shift in the diplomatic relations. >> that was a long news conference that putin held. whatted did he cover? >> reporter: yes. the press conference lasted almost four hours. that is somewhat normal for putin's end of year press conference. he covered a wide range of topics. one of the other things he talk about is the u.s. election. he denied allegations of a russian role in hack thing democratic party e-mails. the impact this may have head on the vote, calling democrats, quote, sore losers. >> enter bemost important is the information the hackers brought to publication attention.
12:27 pm
died the -- falsify anything? no,. >> reporter: he downplayed the russian military role in syria and condemned the truck attack on the berlin christmas market, call fog better accommodation do cooperation to fight terrorism. he said he would consider his options later running for president. >> let's bring in tom bevin, when you look at the relationship between vladimir putin and donald trump, i wonder, tom, is it -- does it seem more about trump or does it seem more about vladimir putin's relations with barack obama? >> certainly putin's real estates with obama have been awful and they've been frosty for a long time. putin us looking forward to
12:28 pm
changing the administration and perhaps trying to reset, chit whats the obama administration tried to do when the ferret came into office, with the trump administration. putin wants to see the sanctions slapped on russia be eased and trump has indicated that he might be open to do that and so i think putin is looking forward to the trump administration. think as trump mentioned in his letter, that he is also looking forward to resetting the table with russia as well. >> it's kind of interesting. you don't think of putin as being interested in which party cross the levers of power in washington, but he took a real jab at democrats in that letter. >> reporter: he did. in his press conference he called them sore losers and took a shot at own barack obama -- obama made statement about ronald reagan rolling over in his grave and he said, no, actually fdr would be rolling over in his grave gunned how barack obama has divided the country. there's no love lost between
12:29 pm
putin and obama help took a couple of shots at him on hi his way out to the door. donald trump is offers his first comment at the controversial vote at the u.n. it condemns israeli settlements in palestinian territory and trump wrote, as though u.n., things will be different after january 20th. i guess clearly a trump administration would not have abstained from a veto -- would not have abstained to vote and might have vetoed it. >> reporter: absolutely. donald trump took the step of trying to pressure obama. releasing a letter asking them to reto the resolution and managed to get egypt to postpone the vote but it was put back on the table by other members of the security council and then the obama administration again abstained and so -- which i is a break from the past eight year
12:30 pm
at least of protocol. the u.s. always tried to shield israel from these type of resolutions, condemning israel for the settlement building so trump made it clear hi would have vetoed it. >> barack obama will remain the most powerful man in the world until the inauguration but are you surprised little we're talking bet the sit can president and how much we're talking about the new president? >> no really. trump generates news, good news, bad news, by virtue of twitter. barack obama is making news quietly as he tries to shore up his legacy, doing things, passing regulations and his on vacation. everybody is looking forward to to what trump will do, trying to read the tea leaves on the policies. so clearly we're geared towards
12:31 pm
trying to figure out what the next president of the united states going to do in office. >> be interesting to see what part of presidential pardons and clemency will come up. ahead, the trump transition, what to expect in his first 100 days and we heard a lot about donald trump on twitter but what about an actual news conference. how long as it been? that next. you got it! what do you think? if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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trump has got exactly 48 days since holding a formal news conference. the last one, july 27th during the democratic national convention. trump's aides initially had unscheduled for last week but pushed it into january and have yet to set a date. trump's spokesman and newly named white house press secretary sean spicer dedefendded the delay this.
12:34 pm
>> i don't think the american people are sitting around saying when is he going to have a formal press conference. he speaks on twitter and has been interviewed many times and will continue to speak out often. >> of course, president-elect trump has not hesitated to speak out via twitter. since the news conference in july he has tweeted more than a thousand times. that includes one just a few minutes ago on the resolution that the u.n. security council passed condemning israeli sentiments in the west back. peter doocy is live in west palm beach florida. donald trump said he was hoping for a different outcome yesterday? >> reporter: the exact opposite outcome. but he did hear from him a few minutes ago. he took to twitter, he likes to do, instead of holding press conferences. and he said that come january 20th things will be different at the u.n.
12:35 pm
this vote did not go the way he urged it to go in david tweet -- different tweed yesterday, he said he wanted the u.s. ambassador to use america's veto power to stop the resolution that would stop israel from building sentiments on the land the palestinians claim is their open but ambassador power did nothing. she abstained and let the resolution go through. something that the lead are of israel, benjamin netanyahu, hoped would not happen. trump said he thought this resolution would put the israelsy to a bad get negotiating position. >> what is the president-elect up to today? >> reporter: he made a rare trip off of campus, away from his to go down the road to the trump international golf course for a round of 18 woods, and tiger woods, who lives in jupiter, florida, half hour away, is the one who asked for this game. they were out there for five
12:36 pm
hours, just wrapped up a little while ago, and the man who may still be the most famous golfer in the world, even after a year and a half, is bipartisan with his playing partners because he made a lot of news for playing a round with president obama three years ago. also in florida. >> the president-elect is a pretty good golfer. i would like to know who won the round. he tweeted this morning about a conflict of interest controversy? >> reporter: he did. mr. trump's son, eric, is no longer go to fundraise on behalf of the eric trump foundation because he admitted in an interview with the "new york times" that he sees some donors may be just giving money to get access to his dad. but that is not something his dad thinks is necessarily the best idea. so 2010ed this: my wonderful song eric will to longer by awe looed to raise money for children with cancer because of a possible conflict of interest with my presidency. isn't that's ridiculous shame? he loves these kids, has raised millions of dollars for them and now must stop.
12:37 pm
wrong answerment. to have been for the last several weeks questions about conflicts of interest with charity work and business work, but mr. trump clearly does not think that this is the right answer to these questions. >> all right, peter doocy with the president-elect in west palm beach, florida. thank you. let's bring in our political panel now. capri is a democratic member of the ohio state senate. christian tate a contributorty hill newspaper and author after book "government gone wild." government gone willed at the united nations. this vote on article. >> not going to mean much in 30 days or so, trump is a friend to netanyahu, and neither trump or netanyahu think much of the u.n. the u.n. is a weak body and there's going to be a reset on peace in the middle east when trump gets in into office.
12:38 pm
>> are you constant optimistic a reset will happen? >> every knows that trump is a friend to israel. i mean, look, obama's only in office for 30 more days, and half of those days he is going to be on vacation. so, obama's pretty much becoming irrelevant. trump this de facto president and people care more about what trump thinks and says than obama, so we'll see a lot of changes as soon as trump comes into office. >> for those who might have just tuned in, let's set the stage here. there was a vote at the united nations saying that israel has to stop building settlements in the west bank in palestinian territory. the united states could have vetoed that. could have quashed it at together but instead abstained and the thing passed in the united nations. >> 14-0 in the security council. >> from your point of view, is that the right move? >> this is a unprecedented break
12:39 pm
with traditional diplomacy in protocol by the united states win the united nations when it comes comes to the six-s surrounding israel. i'm frankly shocked. obviously president obama is still the president of the united states and while everybody is looking for president-elect trump, the decision for our ambassador of the united nations to abstain was one that was clearly driven by the current administration, one president at a time. that being said, as someone who has a great deal of respect for the united nations as a very unique, moment tie lateral diplomatic body i spent time working with a united nations ngo and are familiar with the inner works of the united nations. it is a balance because on one hand you have to preserve the autonomy of individual nation states but oregon you need to set the stage for what is globally acceptable diplomacy, so the u.n. security council and the fact that the permanent
12:40 pm
members have veto power is incredibly important. today the united states an an abdicate it their role as a permanent maybe of the council by abstainening from this vote and break egg with traditional diplomatic practice. we need to remember that u.n. security counsel members are going to be changing in the new year. the nonpermanent members taking off venezuela and bringing on kazakhstan. so an interesting time for the u.n. in 2017. >> cost does this say from now on the united states doesn't inertly have israel's back? >> not at all. this is more than a last easterly do last-ditch effort by own tone make things harder for trump. the american people stand with israel and that at the voting booth in november. this does note mean a whole lot. we'll see a lot of things change in 30 days. not just what is going on in the middle east but things back here at home as well.
12:41 pm
trump is going to make things better with israel and also going to put america first. he has been very clear on where he stands on israel and where he stands on his domestic policy. this does not mean a whole lot in thank you terms of terms of p presidency. >> he has taken to twitter and perhaps our control room can get that up but he says as in the united nations, thats are going to change on january 20th. he had been lobbied -- even suggested the obama administration, that abstaining was not the way to go on this. but clearly he doesn't control the levers of power in washington just yet. >> that's right. and that's what i was saying at the beginning of the segment, that while president-elect trump's opinions is very and obviously he is using his position to make his opinion known and basically the tone and tenor of his future administration when it comes to
12:42 pm
israel and the united nations. at the end of the days wasn't his cal to make as he is not yet sworn in as president of the united states. clearly with all of the efforts on behalf of president-elect trump, he obama administration still executed this abstention and i do not think that it will have any bearing on future relationships between either the u.s. and israel or our future role in this security council. >> you don't think this is long last can damage for the israeli viewpoint. >> no, absolutely not. most important thing is the american people do not agree with this. they showed that when they showed up to vote for trump and trump is going to shake up things in washington big-time and this is just one thing where he certainly doesn't agree with president obama and there will be a lot of change. so, the obama administration -- they're probably well affair of that and have to get ready. >> thank you both. have a nice christmas. >> thank you. >> thank you.
12:43 pm
>> democrats taking aim at one of donald trump's cabinet picks. what they're debanding from his choice for secretary of state and the republican response, next.
12:44 pm
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the nomination fight over donald trump's pick for secretary of state is heating up and it's all about taxes. democrats say they went rex tillerson to hand over three years worth of returns to clear up any questions about potential conflict. tillerson is the boss at exxonmobil and has done business all over the world and has ties to russian president vladimir putin. but republican bob corker who heads the committee that will hold tillerson's confirmation hearings says tax returns north required for the job and he won't ask for them. the fox business network's blake berman is live in washington
12:47 pm
with more. >> reporter: the top democrat the senate foreign relations committee, trying to get rex tellerson to hand over the last few years of took concerns. carden says hi concerns about the ceo never having to make public disclosures before. he said, quit, mr. tillerson was actively engaged with many foreign governments that could become relevant. the senate has a responsibility to review all relevant documents during the confirmation process. tillerson has led the largest publicly traded oil company and developed a close relationship to putin. >> but he has started the differ closure process? >> reporter: bob corker chairs the committee and says tillerson has already felled out husband questionnaire and will soon
12:48 pm
provide his financial disclosure form. however in response to carden cork issue said that conclusion for tax returns simply just isn't part of the standard confirmation process for the committee. corker writing: furthermore, prior to his confirmation hearing he he'll go the same ethics and fbi check as previous secretaries of state. that's already in progress and i am deeply disappointed by my colleagues' continue to imply otherwise. end quote. >> not just democrats who have questions about tillerson? >> reporter: that's. the potential pitfalls are two-fold. first making it out of that very committee vote and then getting 51 votes during the full senate vote. one senator here to keep an eye on, marco rubio, the junior senator from florida. he has said he is, quote, serious concerns about the tillerson selection, specifically tillerson's ties to
12:49 pm
russia and then past that, a couple other republican senators expressed similar concerns as well. >> con femurration -- confirmation could get interesting. snead headed to grandma's house for christmas. might want to leave early. travel could be tough because off a nasty winter storm. the forecast and what youd in to know, next.
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traveling for the holidays? you've got some company. the american automobile association reports 103 million americans are expected to travel this holiday season this highest number since aaa began making a forecast. the group says 94 million people
12:53 pm
will take a road trip. more than 6 million expected to take to the time. aaa reports the increase in travels is because more people are optimistic about the economy and gas is cheaper. but then there's this fox weather alert. a winter storm is moving across the west and could make a miss of holiday plans and could bring hey know and rain to large areas across the western and central u.s. this week endy. like reithmuth is live. who is in the bulls eye. >> you're a skier. out west and so this is the time of year -- wave a lot of rain and snow overall, that's good news. maybe some travel problems with it, though. here's a look at the airports across the country. and green everywhere except across parts of the west, bigger delays in lax as well as sfo. san francisco airport but the
12:54 pm
big travel hubs in the mid-atlanta county, like that and c pretty good and that's great news. temperature-wise as well. 4 in rapid ski. 33 in minneapolis. we were so cold the last couple of week us about this is the current wind chills, not bad. it's moved to the north across canada. and that's where we like to see that it cold this time of year. that at lease for now is gone we have the storm -- this is not a huge storm right now moving across the great lakes, headed in towards areas of a wisconsin. that might bring two or the inches of snow but we have another one across the west thatting bringing rain and we'll see snow levels get very low here across southern california. >> sounds good what does it look like for christmas day? >> this does become our big weathermaker. we haul ain'ts could of winter weather advisory in effect, including this green. that's a blizzard watch and christmas day that's where the storm will be.
12:55 pm
moves across southern california around the four corners for christmas eve, making a white christmas eve for northern arizona and the parts of the four corps and then sunday this is our blizzard, very windy conditions fork christmas day across the northern plains and even some severe weather possible. might see a tornado or two and very strong winds, nebraska, oklahoma. as a line of storms moves through. this is our trouble spot. the east will be looking great. miami, still warm. 82. new york city 46. and clear out across the west christmas day. the problem is going be to right here across the central plains. >> white christmas there in the north. all right. thank you. we be right back with a look at when a newspaper published a criminal christmas poem that introduced america to the santa
12:56 pm
claus as we know it and it happen this day in history.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
that's wonderful. thank you very much. oh boy. thank you.
12:59 pm
♪you make me feel so young ♪you make me feel so spring has sprung♪ on this day in 1823 a newspapers published the famous poem, a visit from saint nicklaus, we now know it as 'twas the light before christmas. a man from new york claimed to have originally wherein it for his kids before somebody else sent it to the newspaper in the city of troy. historians say the poem helped define our images of santa claus as a jolly old elf with a sleigh and reindeer who climbs down
1:00 pm
claim anies to deliver toys. that it was 193 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard myth. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto and you're looking live at new york city, one of the many christmas markets set up around town and they are under heightened security alert on a day the guy hen the berlin attacks was gunned down. but the feeling that -- and the fear that it could happen here is rampant. these christmas markets all over the city, and of course in cities across the country, where they beast up -- beefed up security to make sure people can shop and nothing else. charlie gas peer reno at a christmas mark in new york, amy in milan, italy, with the latest on the killing of the guy behind the berlin attacks. we


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