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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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overseas. thank you so much for your sacrifice. we will see you back here tomorrow. merry christmas, everyone. happy hanukkah, too. betrayed, frustrated and angry. that's how one israeli cabinet member describes the feelings of his government following the united states intentional inaction at the u.n."special re" good evening and welcome to washington. the relationship with the united states closest ally in the middle east has not been a simple one the last eight years. as the obama administration winds down israeli's believe the united states played a key role in orchestrating one last parting shot. they say they can prove it. kevin cork is in hawaii with the president. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to
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you. it's a stunning accusation, one the israelis say the incoming trump administration will be fully briefed on. clear evidence. that's what israeli officials say they have that proves the obama administration was in fact behind the controversial u.n. security council resolution vote condemning the jewish state. >> we have rather iron clad information from sources in both the arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the united states. in fact, they helped create the resolution in the first place. >> reporter: that resolution demanded israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied palestinian territory, including east jerusalem. the u.s. abstained which allowed for the measure's passage. seen as a break with u.s. tradition but by some as an act of revenge directed at israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu whose frosty relationship with obama went
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into the deep freeze. the jewish leader addressed a joint session of congress. >> i think he was trying to get even. he called me into the oval office before the election and he said to me, i want your support. i have to tell you, i will always have israel's back. i didn't realize what i meant is he would have his back to stab them in the back. he just stabbed them in the back. >> disappointed in the volume of the reaction, because i think it fails to acknowledge the totality of the this president's record. >> obama administration officials reject suggestions that the u.s. was behind the vote or has turned its back on jewish state. eric schultz saying in a statement -- >> reporter: a direct reference to the continued expansion of israeli settlements seen as a historic protective buffer by
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many but as an unlawful incursion by opponents. >> the conflict today isn't about homes, it isn't about jews living on this side of the line or that side of the line. it goes to the very harlt of whether or not there's room in the middle east for one jewish state. >> reporter: even as the israeli controversy spiwirls, president obama remains convinced of his own political power. telling him if it were legal to one for a third time, he would have won. >> i'm confident if i had run again, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> reporter: you had to figure this was certainly not going to get past president-elect trump. right on cue, as you can imagine, he had a comment about what the president just said right there in the interview, that exit interview. let me share part of what he said. he said president obama said what he thinks he would have won against me. then he goes on to say --
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i think it's a measured response about the president-elect. nonetheless, it is sharp enough to remind everybody not only what was at stake in this election but how competitive he might have been against even president obama if it were possible. >> indeed. kevin cork in honolulu. thank you. for more on the tense relations between the white house and israel, ron dermer joins me here in studio. mr. ambassador, thank you for joining me. >> happy holidays. >> the obama administration said it was not behind this u.n. security council resolution to condemn israel for its west bank settlements. eric schultz the deputy white house press secretary said the u.s. did not draft this resolution nor did the u.s. introduce this resolution.
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the spokesman for your boss, prime minister netanyahu, had a different opinion. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we have rather ironclad information from sources in both the arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the united states. in fact, they helped create the resolution in the first place. so it's deeply disappointing that this has been the path of president obama. >> so what is the evidence you have? >> we have that evidence. as i said earlier, we're going to present it to the new administration. if they choose to share it with the american people, that's their choice. we have evidence. with a david said is only part of what we have. it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. look, had they even said up front this is our policy, this is what we want to do, we would be in the same place. ultimately, we have to deal with the resolution on the table and its long-term consequences for
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israel. this is a very, very bad u.n. resolution. when two terror organizations that are committed to israel's destruction are celebrating the passage, that's not a resolution that the united states of america should abstain on. that's a resolution they should veto. >> don't you think the american people and the israeli people should have a right to know whether our administration here in this country, our present administration is lying to us about the origins of this. >> i will let the future administration decide on that. we are pleased and appreciate the fact that president-elect trump was very clear that this resolution should be vetoed. we appreciate very much that there were -- it was bipartisan support in congress, both democrats and republicans, their leaders came out suggesting -- basically asking president obama to veto this resolution. unfortunately, that didn't happen. now we have to deal with the consequences. we're looking forward to working with the incoming administration and the congress to figure out how we can mitigate the dangers of this resolution at the very
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least, if not repeal it. >> the jerusalem post is reporting tonight in the aftermath of your telling in other interviews you will reveal this information to the incoming administration, quoting -- let's not quote. let me paraphrase. joe biden interviewed -- rather, intervenes with ukraine to get them to vote for this resolution. they are one of the non-permanent members of the security council. is that true? >> that's what a minister in our government heard directly. the evidence we have is much greater than that. it's pretty clear, it's 100%. i've been with the prime minister of israel for 15 years. in one capacity or another. he doesn't make such a statement without clear evidence. as i said, we will present that evidence to the new administration. >> i want to go through the time line of this resolution. earlier in last week, egypt withdrew the resolution apparently under president from netanyahu and pressure from
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president-elect trump after you had met with trump in trump tower. do you think that president obama's manipulations here were revenge? >> i hope not. i think that president obama has a certain policy towards settlements. he has expressed that many times. he expressed it in 2009 when he came into office. what is new is it has been taken to the security council. that has not happened since jimmy carter. it's an old story that the u.n. gangs up on israel. it's a new story that the united states is not opposing that. but what really upset us more than anything else is to find out the administration was orchestrating it and again, doug, what are the consequences of this resolution? this is a resolution that says that the western world is occupied. this says the settlements are illegal. that's against u.s. policy. just last week, the state department spokesman said that's not our policy. we call them ill egitimate.
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this encourages boycotts and sanctions against israel. that's against u.s. poll six you have a resolution that's not just against israel, it's again stated american policy. the president himself went to the u.n. in september 2011 and he said, these issues should not be resolved in the u.n. security council. they should be negotiated between the parties. we agree with president obama in 2011. unfortunately, in 2016, december 2016, it was a different story. >> i think a lot of americans have trouble understanding why this is so damaging from your perspective, given we have a new administration coming in which is favorable to israeli interests given some of the appointments. nikki haley has been very much opposed to the bds movement. we have david freedman, the new ambassador to israel who is a hard right winger. he wants to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. >> i think i have no doubt the
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new administration will strongly back israel. but understand, once you pass something through the u.n. security council, it's very hard to reverse. it's seen in many quarters to be international law. i think that the security council resolution is against u.s. law. but that's a different story. we're very concerned with what could potentially happen with the resolution if we don't work with the new administration and congress to like i said mitigate its affects or ultimately overturn it. one more thing that's very important. this is very, very bad for peace. because in order for israel to negotiate a lasting peace with our palestinian neighbors, we have one card to bring to the table, that's territory. everyone understands if you have a future peace, there will have to be some element of a compromise. the united states failed to veto a resolution that basically says all that territory is palestinian territory. what card is israel coming to the negotiating table? in addition to all of these problems with this resolution,
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perhaps the biggest problem of all is that it undermines the prospects for advancing a peace, which we very much would hope to do with the new administration. >> last question, ten seconds or less. there's some movement on the hill here to start removing some money from the u.n., from congress, which funds i think 22% of the united nations operating budget. your thoughts? >> we look forward to discussioning thdiscussion i . it has become anti-american. if you look at the u.n., all the programs in the u.n., i think a new president and congress that wants to make sure every penny of your money is going to something that protects and defends and advances u.s. interest, there's a lot of changes that can happen at the united nations. >> ron dermer, thank you for coming in. good to talk to you. with a new administration coming in this new year, there comes a chance for new relations with israel. even as tensions seemed to be
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ratcheting up to 2016 -- as 2016 comes to a close. peter doocy is with the president-elect in palm beach, florida, tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the president-elect is saying he thinks the u.n. made it harder to negotiate mideast piece. elaborating with a tweet that says -- the 44th president is making life hard for the 45th president on purpose. >> the president has deliberately tied the hands of his successor. it's going to make it harder for president trump to bring about peace. >> reporter: s as the foreign policy team sees this, his domestic team is looking at courts across the country where there are more than 100 zu dish vacancies, double what president obama got to fill.
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dozens of the open benches are referred to as judicial emergencies because they've been open at least a year. the administration has a big opportunity to defend its upcoming initiatives on immigration, gun control and abortion from democratic challenges before they ever have a chance to rise to the supreme court. where there is also an opening for the next president to fill. part of a tweet posted by counselor to the president kellyanne conway says, quote, judges were sleeper election issue that energized base voters and helped tip undecideds in swing states. this weekend another top trump staffer jason miller said he won't take the job of white house communications director that he had been given two days earlier. the trump campaign has not yet offered any other comment or provided contexts s dressing th announcement. steven miller, no relation, has
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just been tapped to author the unaugu inauguration address. >> we will have to secure the southern border. >> he occasionally opened for trump on the trail and is a well-known advocate for stricter immigration policies who used to work in senate jeff session's office. the 31-year-old helped the president-elect refine his campaign pitches on the trail, including the convention keynote known for its dramatic tone. as the inauguration approaches, there's still talk about the campaign. mr. trump tweeted late friday that vladimir putin said today about hillary and dems, in my opinion it's humiliating, one must be able to lose with dignity. so true. this comment shows the friendlier side of the trump/putin relationship. allies suggest he is ready to be tough on the russian president, too. >> this is the same donald trump that liberals were terrified was going to sell out to putin who is pivoted and said, to quote general mattis, we can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
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>> over the weekend, the president-elect and his family got a standing ovation when they walked into a midnight mass. even though it was a quiet start to this week, we're told mr. trump is going to resume with staff meetings tomorrow and he will have a full schedule come wednesday down here in florida. >> peter doocy, thank you. in less than a month, president-elect trump will be here in washington to take the oath of office in an effort to mitigate fears of conflicts of interest, he said he is shutting down a foundation that bears his name. rich edson explains why it might not be so simple. >> reporter: he said he is closing his charity. the new york state attorney general says he is not. president-elect trump says he is dissolving the donald jme. trum foundation. in a statement he says --
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new york state attorney general's office said it's investigating the trump foundation and as a result says the president-elect cannot legally dissolve his foundation until the investigation is finished. >> mired in controversy. probably smart just to shut it down as he goes in the oval office. that's what donald trump wants to do. we will see what the new york state attorney general has to say about that. we know his intent. >> reporter: they ordered them to halt fund-raising because it failed to register with the state and provide audited financial reports. "the washington post" said it spent charity money to settle lawsuits for trump's private businesses and buy a $20,000 painting of himself and give a $25,000 gift to a campaign committee supporting florida attorney general pam bondy. the democratic national committee said, the tr --
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the transition team pointed out he endorsed hillary clinton for president. trump's allies complain the attorney general is using his office politically to damage the once republican nominee and current president-elect. the president-elect says he will separate his business interests from his presidency. his transition team said earlier this month he was going to detail how. they now say mr. trump will do so next month before the inauguration. doug? >> thank you, rich. the republican national committee was forced to defend a christmas message that read in part, quote -- critics, including some republicans, took to social media to question whether that reference to a new king was about president-elect trump. future trump press secretary sean spicer defended the statement tweeting --
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coming up next, the search is on for wreckage of a russian military plane that was bound for syria. first, here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. in chicago, christmas weekend turned violent. police say 11 men were killed with at least 32 others wounded in shootings across the windy city. last year, a total of 30 people were shot in chicago over the holiday weekend leaving six dead. nashville, police are searching for four inmates on the run after escaping behind a jail toilet. officials say six inmates escaped christmas morning, but two have b apprehended. police say they are considered dangerous to the public. and this is a live look at phoenix. just two hours north drive there. people are digging out after being hit with a winter storm that dropped 14 inches of snow in the flagstaff area. interstate 40 was closed. some motorists were trapped in their cars overnight.
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turkish authorities have formally arrested more than 1600 people in the last six months for supporting terrorist organizations or insulting officials on social media. 10,000 more are being investigated. turkey declared a state of emergency following a failed coup in july detaining thousands of citizens and purging journalists. critics expressed concerned that the crackdown has targeted political opponents not just terror threats. the search is on as thousands are scouring the black sea for the wreckage of a
3:23 pm
russian military plane carrying 92 people all presumed dead. we have the latest on the search and investigation. >> reporter: russian investigators are still looking into what caused the crash. to do that, they need to find crucial evidence. the russian defense ministry said they found two parts of the plane and they recovered 11 bodies. 3,500 people involved in the operation off the coast of the russi russian town of sochi. recovery workers are using helicopters, drones and submarines. the search is much more difficult and there is no sign of those crucial black boxes. the russian transport minister says there's no reason to think the plane was brought down deliberately. >> translator: we think that the reason for the crash could be a technical fault or a pilot error. i repeat, it will be clarified
3:24 pm
by the investigation of a ministry of defense special technical commission. >> reporter: the military jet crashed just two minutes after taking off from sochi christmas day. the crew didn't report any technical problems. one possible theory is poor fuel quality could have been a factor. vladimir putin declared an official day of mourning for all 92 people who died in the crash. 60 of those on board were members of a famous military choir. people have been paying tribute outside their moscow base, laying flowers and lighting candles. the band had been heading to syria to perform for russian troops at a key air base there. recovery teams say they have finished searching the surface of the sea. finding the wreckage under water make take time. >> thank you. aviation authorities have announced that the plane crash that killed 71 people last november was caused by the aircraft running out of fuel. the evidence points to human
3:25 pm
error rather than technical problems or sabotage. it was put into a holding pattern because another flight had reported a suspected fuel leak and was given priority. the pilot can he be heard requesting permission to land due to a lack of fuel and a total electric failure. senator, presidential candidate and secretary of state are just three of the titles john kerry has earned in his career. the man has been a staple in washington. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at how one big deal could loom very large for determining secretary kerry's legacy. >> reporte >> we were crystal clear we would not accept anything less than a good deal. >> reporter: how good of a deal you think the iran nuclear accord is likely determines how good of a secretary of state you think john kerry was. five our world powers signed on including russia and china. kerry was the driving force. his legacy largely rests on the deal's success going forward. >> we now have a deal in place.
3:26 pm
and it's being implemented. by all sides. that will preclude iran from ever, ever achieving nuclear weapons capability. >> reporter: in exchange, iran received tens of billions in sanctions relief. sometimes in massive infusions of cash. critics charge the deal should have forced iran to dismantle its nuclear program, not preserve it, that some military sites have been closed off to u.n. inspectors and that the deal is actually strengthened the leading state sponsor of terrorism. >> kerry did not have a sound strategic judgment. of course, iranian nuclear program was a challenge to the united states. but if he would talk to gulf states, to the saudis, they would tell you, iran getting billions of dollars when the sanctions are lifted and being able to use the billions of
3:27 pm
dollars for military buildup and subversion in the gulf. >> reporter: with iran testing ballistic missiles, harassing u.s. warships, kerry's spokesperson said it may have emboldened the regime. >> you can't rule out that this deal has served as a cause for this more aggressive posture. >> i can't rule that out. >> reporter: the other major foreign policy issue of kerry's tenure, syria's civil war with its death toll exceeding 400,000, its displacement of 6 million others, on litigation of cities kerry inherited. he pursued diplomacy with russia without success. >> he would be the first to tell you that he is obviously frustrated where we are in syria. that our diplomatic efforts have not been successful. >> reporter: the flood of foreign fighters to syria, the establishment of a caliphate there and in iraq by isis, the
3:28 pm
large scale intervention by russia and iran propping up assad. in all this, critics point to the president's infamous failure in 2013 to enforce his own red line against assad for using chemical weapons. before the president backed down, kerry had invested his own stature in a defense of imminent air strikes. >> history would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator's use of weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: when the president decided to seek congressional authorization for strikes that never came, as the u.s. and russia hatched a plan to evacuate the stockpile of chemical weapons, kerry's face telegraphed his inkred duality. he tried to broker a deal in the israeli palestinian conflict. carry out owe be a ma owe be a d
3:29 pm
the paris accord. >> it's hard for some people to grasp it. but what we -- you are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself. >> reporter: kerry's response to terrorism as when he brought james taylor to sing for paris after the "charlie hebdo" attack earned the secretary of state ridicule. >> i'm sorry. that was adolescent foreign policy. it was embarrassing. what john kerry has done over and over again is try to match his diplomatic efforts to the delusional narrative coming out of the white house. there's been this terrible disconnect with reality, with things on the ground. thus, the endless talks over syria that have gone nowhere where we end up watching the horror in aleppo right now. >> reporter: kerry's harshest critics told us he will be remembered as a decent man.
3:30 pm
his navy service and his campaign against vietnam upon his return home. >> thank you. china's first aircraft carrier along with five warships sailed into the south china sea today. the defense ministry called it part of a routine open sea exercise. christmas may be over, but the holiday shopping season not done yet. consumers have been spending holiday cash, gift cards and returning those less than stellar gifts. rob schmidt is in the thick of it in new york city tonight. >> reporter: good evening. one of the most iconic stores, macy's here in midtown manhattan, it's a very busy night here. one of the busiest days of the shopping season for this store. people have been pouring in here. people looking for discounts, the after christmas sales, looking to make those returns. there are so many billions of
3:31 pm
dollars in returns that happen every year. clothing, the number one most returned item. that's the gamble if you want to buy the gift of clothing. it might go back. the national retail federation says nearly 40% of clothing gifts are returned. that's more than things that are bought online, which is 30%. as you see behind me, macy's just packed with people tonight. it opened early today, staying open until 11:00 tonight. we spoke with shoppers, including a man searching for a deal on a diamond for his wife. >> this is our post christmas shopping. we're going to get good bargains. see something she likes. >> a winter coat. unfortunately, they didn't have the one we want. we're going to more stores. >> i'm waiting for the after christmas specials here. i'm looking forward to it. we came from washington, d.c. we arrived today. we look forward for the next few days of shopping, shopping, shopping. >> reporter: everybody loves to shop.
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holiday sales projected to be healthy but not as big as in the past. projecting $655 billion in november and december retail sales. up about 4% from last year. online sales they say will be $117 billion. that keeps growing, the online sales. these are a projection. we will wait for final numbers in january. we did speak to a market track analyst this afternoon that says there's a reason the holidays seem to start earlier and earlier every year. the reason probably won't surprise you. >> the thought is that the early bird gets the shopper in a lot of cases. if they offer compelling deals early in the season, then they can take that demand out of the market sooner. capture the shopper dollar before the other retailers do start to get their deals in front of them. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season not as impactful as it has been in the past. november and december making up
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21% of annual retail sales. that used to be closer to 25%. people shopping all year long. everybody wants a bargain. you won't get the best deals when you know everybody is shopping. looking to get it done earlier in the year. gift cards the big hot thing lately. the second biggest gift is a gift card. it's smart because nobody is going to return a gift card. you can't get the wrong size. >> they let them expire on oceaocea occasion. tributes are pouring in for george michael who died over the weekend at the age of 53. fans set up memorials at his home where he died of an apparent heart failure. he developed a long and celebrated solo career. paul mccarty posted a statement praising his sweet soul music which he said will live on. george quietly gave millions of dollars to charities involved with helping children, cancer victims and aids sufferers.
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coming up next, the all star panel stops by to analyze the state of u.s./israeli relations f following the anti-settlement vote by the united nations. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the facts on the ground. deep into the west bank, beyond the separation barrier, we feel compelled to speak up against the actions. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> this is a day where the international community have utterly rejected the settlement activities, policies of dictation, policies being employed by the israeli government. >> the most undemocratic thing a president could do to tie the hands of the successor. >> thank god in 25 days we will see a change in the american administration and also a change
3:38 pm
in america policy. >> a significant international crisis erupted on friday when most americans were paying attention to the hlly d holiday. the united states in an unprecedented move decided to abstain on a u.n. vote. it's a vote that will have lasting consequences or will it? let's bring in our panel. steve haze, mara and charles krauthammer. how much damage is done as a result of this? >> this is very serious damage. it cannot be undone, because you can't change security council resolution without the russians and chinese and you are not going to get it. the ben rhodes statement is so disingenuous. the ideas that the israelis didn't have a hand in this, the resolution, shows up and they decide to abstain, is
3:39 pm
ridiculous. does anybody think that ven w venezuela and new zealand spent nights slaving over the worldinworld i wording? of course no. this was a u.s. operation. if rhodes is right, this was only about the settlements deep in the west bank, way beyond the separation barrier. you can understand the vote, perhaps. but it's not. every israeli left to right has agreed that when there's a settlement of those settlements, in other words when there's a peace, are going to be abandoned and torn down. the right wing minister of foreign affairs lives in one of these settlements. he has said openly to journalists, i know it's so because i was in the room, that he would -- he liver lives in o the settlements, that he would evacuate and tear it down in
3:40 pm
return for peace. so there's no argument about that. but two other categories are settlements, the other are the close end blocks near israeli territory. everybody agrees on all sides that in the event of a peace, they will go to israel and israel will give back in a land swap some of its territory to make the palestinians home. the pernicious part is the collusion of the resolution of the term east jerusalem. that was totally unnecessary. it's completely illogical. it turns the holiest site, the temple mount, the western wall into foreign territory. people say, it's the third holiest shrine in islam. it's the first holiest shrine of judaism. it's as if the u.n. passed a resolution declaring mecca and medina christian territory. it's an insult and is damage
3:41 pm
together israeli claim to its own holy places. >> you heard charles say this. you heard the ambassador earlier say that the united states was directly behind this and that israel has direct evidence or words to that effect that the united states is behind this, something the obama administration is denying. what do you make of this? >> i think it isn't that important. what we know is that this happened. the u.s. could have stopped it if the u.s. wanted to stop it. you have the u.s. engaged in breathtaking -- the obama engaged in breathtaking dishonesty. they are saying that they warned israel that this could happen, they couldn't do anything to stop it. in many ways this is israel's fault. the u.s. had every incentive to keep this from happening and they had at built to keep it from happening. whether or not there's this other information is kind of irrelevant. we know that the u.s. wanted it to happen. because they allowed it to happen. this causes huge problems for all sorts of relations with israel, it goes against u.s. policy. we have never said before
3:42 pm
settlements are illegal as this policy does. it makes things very difficult going forward. we have gotten 25 years of concessions from israel on the condition that we would never allow something like this to happen. this is a major mistake by the obama administration. >> what are the practical affects of this? >> they might be not as bad for israel as people think. because the trump administration has a completely different idea about what to do going forward. donald trump has nominated an ambassador who is not for a two state solution. that's what he said. we know donald trump says he wants to make this deal in the middle east. but maybe the u.s. policy on israel will be completely different. maybe as people are talking about in israel today netanyahu will have to decide whether he is for or against a two state solution, which he has paid lip service to but people don't know if he's really, really for that. >> steve? >> i think there are two points. one, looking back, one looking
3:43 pm
forward. the first is about the obama administration. this fits the pattern, punishing american allies and accommodating american enemies at the exact same time that this controversy was unfoedin iunfol posted a piece about new revelations in the iraq nuclear deal, that obama administration sought to keep quiet. they were revealed on this piece we posted by the iaea. documents showing the obama administration had given special accommodations to iran as it pursues its nuclear program. this is the way that the administration has happened. it perfectly encapsulates the approach to the region, i would argue. the second point looking forward is the u.n. this has some real potential to be a breaking point for the u.n. this is the thing that will bring together center right coalition of isolationists,
3:44 pm
non-ints vengsists like donald trump sounds like he will be. along with conservative internationalists who have had it with the united nations. you look back at the history of the united nations, it's a history of presiding over genocides, accommodating authoritarians, excusing dictators. think back to the oil for food scandal. coffee anone went into that and said we can do business with saddam hussein. they did do business with husse hussein. this is what the united nations has become. its obsession with israel is emblem attic of a broader misplace of its priorities. >> to that point, ted cruz tweeted on christmas eve, quote, spoke with israeli prime minister netanyahu tonight to wish him happy hanukkah. no u.s. dollars for u.n. until reverse. what do you make of that? what kind of a movement do you see building in congress or in a new trump administration to pull money from the united nation snz. >> most americans are not aware
3:45 pm
of the fact that we pay about a quarter of the rate of the u.n. >> 22%? >> we're paying an organization that spends half its time -- more than half its time and energy and resources trying to attack the only jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide mayhem, murder, terrorism is going on all over the world. it's an obsession that to an outside a observer appears to be insane. why are we doing this? the rest of the time is spend undermining the united states and democracy and our allies around the world. it's an organization that exacerbates tensions, it does not assuage them. it was born in hope, the end of the second world war. it turned out to be a disaster. any move to minimize our support for it, any move to get it out of the u.s., imagine if headquarters were in zimbabwe. the amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero. i think it's good real estate in
3:46 pm
downtown new york city. trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> on that note, next up, the panel breaks down the latest on the trump transition.
3:47 pm
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everybody who cop comes inte city underestimates the change is in the city. i say this as a former speaker of the house. it was uphill. it was hard. it wore us out. they will reach a crisis point where they will say, either we have to be more reasonable and get along with the city or we have to become even more unreasonable and break the power
3:50 pm
structure that's opposing us. my hunch is they will pick the latter. that will be the decisive moment of his domestic presidency. >> with more than 20 days other ways, because i will be devoting so much time and energy to the presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world. i don't want to allow good work to be associated with the possible conflict of interest. and no sooner had he sent out that statement than the attorney general of new york state mr. schneiderman tweeted out this quote at real donald trump foundation still under investigation by a.g. insiderman cannot legally dissolve until investigation complete. steve, it's just a little bit of a window on kind of
3:51 pm
washington issues that donald trump administration will face. >> i think he is smart to take the step to dissolve the foundation. the bigger step will come with respect to his businesses and what he ultimately decides to do with that we have heard a variety of reporting on what his decision is i think newt gingrich makes a good point here. one of the things that donald trump miss in certain respects. holds a lot of potential peril in others if you be a conservative and you think that the way things have been going in d.c. for the past four or five decades has led to us this point with $20 trillion in debt, entitlements running away unaccountability in government, you're happy to have someone come in and change the way business is done. the question, i think, is is
3:52 pm
he doing this and going about this in a way that is likely to effect lasting change and will he be a credible change agent? those are unknowable at this point. >> is he not going into the night jent whether i some the stuff. he tweeted about his son raising money. he said my wonderful son eric will no longer be able to run a charity. he loves the kids. raised millions of dollars for them and must now stop. wrong answer, exclamation point. >> bill clinton might have said that if his wife had been elected he would have wanted to maybe raise money on the foundation. look, they did the right thing. their there can't be an appearance of conflict or a visual problem as donald trump would say. they did the right thing. there is many, many ways that his sons can do good for kids when their father is in the white house without it having a conflict and they can pick it up four or eight years hence. did he the right thing. as far as the attorney general sneiderman, i mean, that's a technicality. can he continue the
3:53 pm
investigation. it doesn't mean that the foundation is open for business. but, this is, you know, this is a good sign. is he recognizing their potential conflicts. is he working to solve them. i agree with steve, the big question is what does he do about his businesses. how blind is the trust? and that we are waiting to find out the details. >> molly, one place we know trump will make substantial differences with the federal courts something like 100 federal seats open and available on the federal court. and this is where the partial nuclear option that harry reid invoked really comes into play here. wwe are looking at simple majorities here for confirmation. >> there is very little about what we know donald trump will do. we have reason to believe when it comes to courts, he is going to uphold his pledge to nominated conservatives to the court. there were very few times during the campaign when donald trump seemed to express any humility or appreciation for some of his supporters. one big exception was he really was humbled by evangelical support and social conservative support. that was entirely predicated
3:54 pm
on him nominating good, conservative supreme court justice. i think that will happen. what will be interesting to see is whether he continues and wants to build a legacy of appointing young, energetic conservative constitutional lists throughout the federal court system. it would be a great opportunity for him to really seal that legacy, we have to see how it goes. >> do you expect that to happen, charles? >> this dovetails county point that newt brought that up trump is going to reach divisive moment when is he going to have to decide am i going to knock over all the tables or am i going to play their game? remember, when the reagan administration at the very beginning, the most decisive thing he did was in something unexpected, it looked small, air traffic controllers. he took a huge risk. he fired them. almost shut down the air system but he won. and that was the most important thing in showing his seriousness. i think for trump, the thing to do is to pick a very tough scalia-like supreme
3:55 pm
court nominee to go to the senate to have the fight and if you have to, to the nuclear option and make it not requiring 06 but only 50 votes. if that's the case that could be his air traffic control moment. and it would show that he really have serious and would gain him stature. i think that could be a moment that would change or sort of enforce the trajectory of this administration. >> steve, real, real quickly. what do you make of this bump in the transition. jason miller announcing he does not want the job now communication director after he had gotten the job. two days after he had gotten the job. >> there has been a fair amount of reporting and not much clarity as a result of that resignation. jason miller, i thought, was very good at his job. he was effective for ted cruz for donald trump he was effective with donald trump. >> that's it for the panel. we will take a very special christmas surprise when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> finally tonight, 11-year-old landon rice got the surprise of his life yesterday morning. his stepdad officially adopted him. something his mom said he wanted to do for a very, very long time. judging by lan landon's reaction it looks like it was a really good christmas present. >> yes. >> congratulations, last one. >> what is that? >> picture frame. >> can you read it? >> yeah. >> out loud? [ laughter ] [crying] >> i pulled the tissues out for that one. if anybody wants them. have at them. that's going to do it for "special report." i'm doug elway.
4:00 pm
"special report." >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ed henry in for tucker tonight and all week. tonight, president obama is claiming he would have beaten donald trump if he had run for another term. really? you can bet we will chew over that in a moment. but, first, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu can't wait to get mr. obama out the door. mr. netanyahu says he has ironclad info that helped u.n. resolution. despite white house efforts to down play all of this. netanyahu today unleashed his fury declaring it was the administration that initiated, stood behind and coordinated the wording of that resolution. here is what the prime minister told his cabinet.


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