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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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september but they took it off after 109 days. that's what it looks like. congratulations. >> i'm so glad you never asked me to grow a beard. >> well, president obama said he could have done what hillary clinton did not. beat donald trump in the election and win a third term but the president elect, though, taking to twitter to answer basically saying, what, really? no way. good morning, everyone, i'm we c sean. >> final presidency to former top adviseer david axelrod. and that he could have won if he had been allowed to run again. listen. >> i'm confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i
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think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know that in conversations that i've had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say, the vision, the direction that you pointed towards is the right one. >> peter, how is mr. trump responding to the president's claims this morning? >> eric, he doesn't think much of president obama as political scientists. president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me, he should say that, but i say no way, jobs leaving, isis, ocare, famous slogan about hope and change against him about the
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country he's about to inherit. the world was bloomy before i won, there was no hope. now the market is nearly up 10 per and christmas spending over a trillion dollars. even though the two targeted each other for months, they had the friendly oval office meeting where president obama prom today make the transition as easy as possible for the trumps, the two men began regularly talking on the phone but something changed because a few days ago as trump continue today get more attention on president obama for moves he was making, the obama administration ben rhodes said there's one president at a time and then president obama is suggesting he thinks that one president at a time should be him for another four years, eric. >> well, at least for another few weeks. meanwhile, peter, what is mr. trump doing today? >> here at mar-a-lago in palm
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beach, florida and with top-level staff meetings as he try to fill out the rest of government and cabinet. two cabinet-secretary level -- for cabinet level jobs in total and top, level tip dippic visit. congo president will drop by today, we expect to get a longer guest list. >> thanks, peter. >> more on president obama's comment that he could have won again. let's go to john mccormick, a weekly writer. a lot of trump voters say they don't love trump, their vote for him was a rejection of the obama gained.
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doesn't that make defeat for obama as much as it was for hillary? >> i think that's true. when obama says he could have won, that's speculation, when the election comes down to less than one percentage point. if a stronger candidate than hillary clinton, could someone have squeezed past trump. that's certainly possible. what obama is doing right here is evading his own responsibility for hillary clinton's defeat and more broadly the defeat of the democratic party which up and down the ticket, all across the country. when obama took office they had a super majority in senate, house of representatives and they lost, they lost both of those, a large number of governors mansions and state legislators and who bares responsibility, the man at the top of the ticket who set the
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agenda. obamacare, isis, people are unhappy and a lot of voters didn't like hillary clinton. they didn't like donald trump. at the end of the day, they wanted change in a more conservative direction not just on obamacare but also supreme court and the economy and i think obama needs to look in the mirror and realize that he himself bears a lot of responsibility. it wasn't just hillary clinton being a bad candidate and not campaigning in the right states in the right amount of time. >> exit interview, vice president joe biden did a similar exit interview and he said his party failed to week the working class. i know these people, they are not racists or not sexists because we didn't talk to them. >> certainly something to that. i think that the democratic party has been -- the new
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majority would be minorities and inner cities as well as white liberals and forget the midwest and middle america. that turned out not to be the case. but i do think also the policies really is what matter here. obama says that he won iowa because of fish fry in every state, you have to ask what changed? policies like obamacare, farmers, middle-class people whose premiums have skyrocketed and worst insurance. they know somebody who has been through that. >> mr. obama also noted that hillary won the popular but that doesn't mean she would have won had the election been by popular. people now thigh were voting under electoral college system, those in nonswing states, a lot of them didn't vote at all or wrote in another name. had the election been by popular
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vote, many would have voted differently. is there really any way to know what would have happened under a popular system? >> i don't know. that's a lot of interesting academic debate that is we could have and looking back on how people might want to change the system in the future. they would have campaigned differently in california and new york and people would have been more motivated to vote in nonswing states, maybe the deep south people would have turned out much more than they did even in that sort of a system. again, something that you could never go. it was a hefty popular vote, two percentage points. george w. bush won by 2.5 percentage points when we ran for reelection. it's a cork in the system. that's the way it all shook out. >> all right, john mccormick, the weekly standard. thank you so much.
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>> thank you. >> after the united nations security council vote condemning israeli settlements. the u.s. could have vetoed the resolution as permanent member of security council but chose not to. embassador said on special report last night that the vote in his view harms the hopes for peace. >> this is a very, very bad un resolution, when hamas, commit today israel's destruction are celebrating, that's not a resolution that the u.s. should obtain on, that's a resolution they should veto. >> let's first start with the obama administration. they are denying that they are behind the resolution, that the white house was responsible for it? >> yeah, that's right. prime minister netanyahu over the week on sunday maintained
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that position saying the obama administration was behind the resolution. also david keys, his international foreign spokesperson talked about that as well. i spoke with him. he said the same and of course, ron who you played a soundbite from also maintained israel's position and he also added to that on special report as well. here is what else he had to say, listen. >> we have that evidence and as i said earlier, we are going to present it to the new administration and if they choose to share it with the american people that'll be their choice. >> embassador didn't really offer any specifics on that or really elaborate neither to the u.s. public nor to the israeli public at this point but, again, it remains israel's position. once again took a shot at the u, in that the un has great
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potential but a club for people talk and get together and, so sad. he said things are going to change after january 20th but again didn't elaborate what that means and things are already changing here in israel. prime minister netanyahu has recalled embassadors to from the countries that voted for this resolution and he also continued to attack the un over it and saying that the israel will reassess ties with the un, eric. >> meanwhile, ben rhodes, he was on israeli television last night channel 2, what did he have to say about all of this? >> he defended surprising obama administration policy regarding israel's settlement and concern about peace process and
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two-state solution. here is what else he had to say, listen to this. >> when we see laws that aim to legalize outposts, when we see rhetoric that suggest this is the most prosettlement israeli government in history, when we see deep into the west bank, beyond the separation barrier, we feel compel today speak against those actions. >> here in israel as you can imagine, this is on people's minds, i talked to people about it. those that i have spoken with, they're not exactly surprised given president obama's history with prime minister netanyahu. >> all right, john. john, thank you as always. we will be following the story over the next two hours here in america's news room in a new minutes un embassador john bolton about what he think it is resolution will mean for the state, prospect for peace and how donald trump will handle
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israel once he is in the white house. >> president-elect donald trump lashing out at the media storm surrounding charitable foundation. we will tell you why he says the coverage is just more evidence of the media biased against him. >> you know it was a white christmas and then some for many parts of the country over the weekend, we will have the latest on the winter weather that now could complicate getting home for millions of holiday travelers, plus, we will have this. [shouting] >> oh, boy, the hunt for that perfect holiday bargain devolving into brawls and fistfights in malls across the country. >> right when i'm getting in the store, everybody get back, they are putting the door down, the gate and you're like, what is going on, they are not letting anyone else go inside.
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>> fights breaking out at malls across america. [shouting] >> this was the scene in manchester, connecticut yesterday. several people arrested there and police had to break up a brawl in ohio, witnesses describe the chaos there. >> running, screaming, i seen a girl get run over.
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>> we didn't know what was going on. >> the mall was placed on lockdown for a while. scenes like this lit up social media. there's no word on what might have sparked this trend. >> tensions are growing between united states and israel after vote condemning the jewish state with settlement and declaring settlement and continuing building illegal. israel insisting that the u.s. government was behind the resolution and the white house has been denying that. embassador john bolton said this, quote, last friday on the eve of hanukkah and christmas, barack obama stabbed israel in the front, the departing president refuse today veto united nations council resolution 2434, settlement policy but clearly intended to tip the peace process toward palestinians, adoption wasn't
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pretty but sadly it was predictable. john bolton joins us now, he's, of course, former u.s. embassador to the united nations, senior fellow and fox news contributor. embassador is it really fair that president obama stabbed israel? israel continues to defy and violate international law, the netanyahu federal government is provocative and torpedoing any hope to two-state solution with the continued settlement construction? >> that's the palestinian line. no u.s. administration has flatly called the settlement illegal before. they say it's political not helpful. it repeals the well-known resolution 242 adopted by security council after the 1967 war between israel and the arab
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states nearby that created the doctrine known as land for peace that israel after 67 and after the 73 war would give back land that it had taken in battle in exchange for peace. israel basically gave back that part of the sanei peninsula. what people are arguing is that is invalid, the remaining territories that israel once occupied after the wars really are not in its power to give back so that israel has to give in to borders that 242 flatly said were it not defensible and not secure. there's a lot of back and forth about the language of the resolution, but the fact is this is an extraordinary radical step by an outgoing american president intended to box in his successor.
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>> what does it mean if the 67 borders do not hold? >> well, the 67 borders are really the 1949 truce lines and agreement that reflect where the parties of military units stood when the cease fire was declared in 1949. purely on military considerations, they're not intended to be political settlements. the idea is and this has been fundamental to policy, democratic administration aligning for decades now almost 50 years, the parties to the conflict in the middle east themselves must work it out. this resolution was intended to, the obama administration intended it would put a thumb on the scale, heavily in the palestinian's favor, again, doing wit a month left in office fully intending to have an effect that would preclude the incoming trump administration from doing a number of things it
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signaled to do. >> david friedman who has the president elect has nominated, he's a supporter of the settlement. he gives money and fund raises for them in tunes of millions of dollars. is the two-state solution dead? you have written about the -- what you call the three-state solution. can you explain that and do you think the status quo with the trump administration is going to be thrown out of the window and pursue the two-state solution? >> i think the two-state solution died a long time ago. it was not workable and not going to work. authorities still engaged in terrorism themselves. i think what you ought to think of is what's best for the palestinian people here consistent with israel's security needs and the answer is not some imagine -- imaginary
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state and has no hope of economic viability, take the territories, give gaza strip back to egypt, give whatever part israel is willing to jordan. this is a very difficult alternative because neither jordan or egypt want to palestinian territories which is a sad commentary on 50 years of antiisrael activity in the region. looking at this con secretly, the two-state solution is simply not viable, if you don't like my three-state solution, fine, come up with an alternative but beating your head against the wall continuously for the two-state solution montra is not going to get us anywhere. >> shaking up of some sort. thank you for your insight and analysis. >> thank you, eric. >> of course. >> what caused this plane to skid off the runway moments
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before take off? >> billionaires and millionaires could fill key roles in the president's cabinet, how the wealth can complicate the senate confirmation process watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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indian airline and that flight getting ready to take off when it veered off track, went off the runway and right into the grass. 12 people were hurt as crews evacuated the airplane. there's no word of exactly what caused the plane to basically drive right off the roadway. >> president-elect trump is putting together one of the wealthiest cabinets in history and vetting could slow down the confirmation process. estimated $5.3 billions and many nominees have tens of millions of dollars and they would all have to report assets and make sure there's no conflict of interest of with us steve moore, fox news contributor. >> unfortunately i'm not one of those millionaires and
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billionaires, i'm trying but not there yet. i don't get what the whole dispute or controversy is about. donald trump made it clear during the campaign he was going the bring in very talented people, people who were men and women of accomplishment, people who were financially successful to drain the swamp and rub a government on a pay as you go basis, running trillion dollar deficits and that's one of the reasons that the american people voted for trump. the federal government is a 4 trillion-dollar enterprise, the largest entity in terms of spending of any institution of the entire world. >> mr. trump has appointed five millionaires and several multimillionaires. this is part of the strategy, get people who knows how to
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manage large amounts of money. the nominees have to discloses financial holdings, they have to shed assets that might present a conflict of interest. how difficult and time-consuming might this be and is it possible that some might be disqualified? >> , no it is difficult. they have to go through financial records and they have to discloses everything. we want the people running federal agencies and federal government to discloses any potential conflicts of interest. that's including donald trump himself. but that should not be disqualifying, the point i'm trying to make, if we say that people who are successful in business. >> finance are not able to be in government, it's time to get managers in here who know what they are doing, know how to run a business. i mean, we are literally borrowing, you know, over a billion dollars a day right now. you can't keep that up as a great nation. >> yeah, the thing is the folks who do accept the nominations do
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it at personal sacrifice. in 2009 steven was appointed to the treasury, he had to spend $400,000 just on legal fees to deal with the complicated financial and others decline today serve because of disclosure process, but even admits, look, i don't think the government is out to torture, the government is out to prevent conflict of interest so it's a necessary evil. any way to simplify it going forward? [laughter] >> well, i would love to see that happen. but the other point that i think is important who has been running the agency for the last 10, 12, 15 years, lawyers, lobbyists who don't always have the american taxpayers' interest at stake. let's get him to do a full audit of everything the government
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does and find out where there's waste in the budget and there's a $160 billion a year according to the federal government's own auditors of false payment that is go to people who are not eligible for food stamps, medicaid, medicare, social security. my goodness, when you are running the largest deficit why can't we get rid of that waste. >> a good question. >> also we mentioned and you were nodding your head, money losing proposition for a lot of the people that makes them less likely to be corrupt. they have millions and billions of dollars and the only reason they would chose to serve and lose a lot of must be is because they genuinely want to help. at some point you don't even need no more money?uaranty you d wilbur ross is going to take a big pay cut to do this. he's a billionaire and he's going to take probably 98% pay cut to do this. these are just people that have
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america's best interest at stake. there's so many talented people who run american people. why not get people like bill gates and warren buffet in, manage your p's and q's, that's something never happens in government. [laughter] >> well, steve moore, always a pleasure, thank you. >> okay, thanks. >> well, president obama pointing fingers in one of his final interviews as president. he's pointing the if i canner at fox news with negative approval ratings with conservatives. >> the hope that quickly went viral, why label recorders had to tell people brittany spears is still alive and well
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>> big christmas know storm causing holiday problems in the northern plain states and now the winter weather is moving east. officials telling people to stay off the roads in north dakota where several highways had to be closed. that state seeing as much as 18-inches of snow in some areas and janice dean is live in the fox news weather center. janice: the storm is weakening, look at the cold front associated with it, we have very
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warm air ahead of this front, colder air behind it. 57 right here in new york city, it is warmer than it is in dallas, it's warmer than it is in el paso, many than albuquerque, all the warmth from the south is moving north ward ahead of the cold front. the storm itself is weakening. just sort of a scattered rain event for portions of the southeast and the mid atlantic. next storm system moving into the northwest where we have unsettled weather for much of the new workweek but i want you to pay close attention to the next storm system as we get to thursday and friday because we are expecting a northeaster, depending on the temperature, that will mean it would be rain events or a mixture of the two or snow event. so this is 2:00 p.m. on thursday, you could get heavy snow on this. depending on the temperature
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maybe snow for new york city, 57 today, we are going to drop things dramatically in the next 24 to 48 hours. high of 41 tomorrow. we will see what happens thursday and friday. will it be too warm for snow event. that's the next big storm system that we are going to watch. highs today, 57 in new york, 70 in raleigh. warm air ahead of cold front and cooler air behind it. this is quite dramatic, 23-degree difference from what it was yesterday and today. 29 in maine. you can see where the cold front is here on the move and a little bit warmer across the northwest as well. quick look at your forecast temperatures. drop the temperatures this week. wewednesday, thursday, depending on the temperature is going to be, difference between either rain, snow or a mixture of the two. that's going to be the big deal as we head into thursday and
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then maybe another storm for new year's eve. we will be busy. >> that's for sure. thanks as always. janice: of course. >> well, president obama is still at it calling fox news in part from the backlash against conservatives. listen to the latest thing he said. >> there's this thing in us, there's this thing in this country that's good and unifies us. i will argue that in part very cynically somebody like a mitch mcconnell or roger ailes at fox news, i think, specifically mobilized a backlash to this vision. >> well, is he correct? richard, democratic strategist and former clinton adviser, welcome to you both. fox news for years has been on
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his and the administration's mind, anita, 2010, blaming fox news. part of the problem is fox news is in every bar and restaurant in every part of the country and he's still on this theme, why do you think he's so bugged? >> i think he goes to the worst bars and restaurants in america. nothing against fox news i would rather be watching the giants and the mets in a restaurant than you guys. i think he's on the steam in part because he he can can't find explanation why the country isn't rallying behind him. he drank his own kool-aid, the fact that he was able to bring -- win to elections and wasn't able to pass anything through the congress after first couple of years, i think he literally is shocked the rest of the country habit come along with it and looking for a conspiracy to blame. >> he's not personally willing
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to take responsibility because of some of his policies? >> he lacks a skill i try to teach my 10 and 8 and 6-year-old. >> so it's a mixed bag, eric, the fact of the matter is he leaves office with almost historically high approval ratings. the person he backed for president won by almost 34 million -- 3 million votes among and more democrats who cast vote for the senate, democrats picked up two senate and six seats in the house. we will hear this fiction every day for the next four years at least but it's a fiction. now, the fact of the matter is, what tim said is right. the democratic is not nearly as strong today as it was, you can't deny, though, and all the data shows that people who watch fox news, don't take et from me
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or democrats, bruise, reagan and bush advice e in the treasury department, viewers engage in self-brainwashing that's why they believed there were weapons of has destruction and barack obama was born in kenya. >> well, the united nations and the bush administration in dealing with the weapon's of mass destruction and -- when you're dealing with thepolis and -- the policies and the issues, is it fair for the president to say he's been made a fictional character that some people have believed and he's not looking at policies that have cost the democrats, for example, tremendous loss in the senate seats, state legislators across the country and that sort of thing? >> he will, indeed, engage when he's done in office. this is not the time to do it. but let me use one illustration, trump tweet about foundation is
6:40 am
a fiction about give himming money to charities when he's paying for portraits of himself and his own trump foundation engage in illegal self-dealing, that's not something, frankly, i've heard reported on this network. >> many times. i've reported that many times. >> about the self-dealing? >> yes, about using other people's money allegedly. i tell you who it was, a police foundation in new jersey giving money. we reported that many times and there's a lot about that, you know, on this channel. you can pick and choose. >> i think fox has provided skepticism toward barack obama. i hope that fox and i hope that fox will provide skepticism with donald trump. what we are seeing the rest of the media seeing nowadays we need to go and challenge, we need to hold the government accountable, we just had an editorial at the examiner where he said, yes, welcome, please hold donald trump accountable but it would have been nice had
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you not taken something of a vacation for the last eight years where barack obama was able to get away with fooling the american people and -- >> there's a lot of negative commentary about the president's policies, about the expensive of obamacare and rates going up and utter complete failures in syria that have caused the unbelievable humanitarian catastrophe that many analysts believe and rightly so have been a stain on the obama legacy. finally, and i will stop now, richard, i mean, what would your advice be to president obama as he, you know, goes off and clicks through fox news and cnn and msnb, what are you going to tell him? >> yes, there's the focus on rates going up in some states for obamacare. not 20 million people that have gotten help that didn't have it before. the fact of the matter is what happened in 2000 is the democrats started think tanks in
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so forth to counter heritage and other conservative think tanks, i wonder whether barack obama will behind effort to promote media effort that is he thinks the democrats are lacking. he tips his hat to fox news. believe me, something that any network would like to have, having a president attribute his weakness to the network and i think he will give a lot of thought doing something that democrats can do to counter that. >> quickly, your advice. >> i think that barack obama has not done a good job rallying the public. i don't think he will. what i always thought he would be great a liberal columnist, he should work for the new york republic and submit op-eds. >> called in at the editorial part of fox and i'm sure that we will accept one of the editorials cold heartly. >> sure. >> we did cover the self-dealing accusation yesterday on the very
6:43 am
show and we are covering it again in the next block, stay tune. president obama and shinzo abe are touring the memorial today, we will have live report on that visit. >> president-elect trump is lashing out at the media, you can't get a break from both sides, can you? he's announced that he will close his foundation and, yes, yes, yes, fox news is reporting, examining, investigating, looking at what he did or did not do that was correct or incorrect in dealing with self-dealing and the portrait on the trump foundation that he says he will now close but still under investigation by the attorney general of new york state.
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>> president-elect donald trump firing at the media after announcing he will close the foundation to avoid any conflict of interest issues, he said the media is not reporting on all charitable giving, he tweeted, quote, i gave millions of dollars to djt foundation, raised or received millions more all of which is given to charity and media won't report and the djt foundation unlike most foundations never paid fees, rent, salaries or any expenses, 100% of money goes to wonderful charities. thank you for joining us. >> hi, good morning.
6:47 am
>> much of what trump says there in tweet is tech neckically correct according to washington post which says that over the years since 1980's he has given $7.8 million that they can verify. that's a pretty small amount for somebody of his wealth. >> he hasn't given any money to charity an spent the money that has been given by others and spent as the washington post reported that benefit himself. we know about that infamous painting that tim tebow collectors items and those sorts of things and also colleague used that donations to further his own political ambitions, donating to various political groups and such that would then benefit him later on. >> yeah, that's what you mentioned. he didn't donate anything at all apparently from 2008 to 2015 and
6:48 am
self-dealing accusations which are being investigated by the new york attorney general. what about some of the issues, taking money from the foundation to pay settlements for lawsuits related to his for profit businesses? >> right, exactly. the reason is a big deal is donald trump never released tax returns, there's no way of knowing and verifying the claims, so the washington post really and others looked into this issue and found all of these things going on. and so when you're using your foundation to pay for various things that benefit you, that raises a lot of questions and while he's trying to dissolve his foundation, he can't really do so because as you mentioned still under investigation by the ag. what this really speaks to is possibly the broader conflicts of interest with his businesses as he prepares to take the presidency and these questions kind of still looming, even though if he dissolves the
6:49 am
foundation and steps away, the questions still exist. >> he is blasting the media saying the media is not covering all of the donations that he's made but, in fact, every time he invites the media to look into donations, the washington post and real clear politics, they've gone out and tried to verify the specific claims that he has made publicly about giving that amount and they found that they are not able to -- and i don't expect that he will. the reporter david has been very public about reporting procedure .
6:50 am
these the exact people i have talked to, the foundations that i talk today that they haven't received the money pledged to them and so forth. he's been very public about the reporting and has then provided lots of opportunity for trump in the campaign and now the transition team to answer those questions at hand. now, you say you can ask the question, you knowinger how does this matter, he was elected when people knew about this and in fact, a lot of supporters would say, look, he has been generous and so forth, this raises the question of how he would operate as president when he has all the business dealings going on and whether the conflicts of interest surrounding the self-dealing procedures apply to those businesses. thank you so much. eric. >> twitter hoax that targeted a major pop star. false tweets that claimed about britney spears. >> holiday surprise for world war 24 -- 2 veteran.
6:51 am
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>> pop star taylor swift making holiday special for one of her biggest fans. [cheers and applause] >> world war ii veteran from missouri, he's been to two taylor swift along with daughter and grandchildren and just before christmas taylor swift showed up in his house and certify nateed with a performance of shake it off. >> he was like dancing and just moving to the beat of what he thought was the beat of the music and having a great time with it. >> i enjoyed it. i'm getting old and enjoying everything. >> well, porter was diagnosed with cancer this year and goal
6:55 am
to see her during her next tour. >> britney spears, a victim of a hoax that went viral. somebody posted tweets to sony twitter account claiming that the pop star had died. william, i mean, some people really thought this was true? >> well, just for a few hours. britney spears is dead until later admitting that the story was a hoax but for a few hours yesterday the world thought otherwise when someone hacked into the official sony music twitter account which sent out announcement around 8:00 a.m. saying, i'm quoting rest in peace britney spears followed by a brown face, tiery-eyed emoji. another tweet read britney spears is dead by accident. that prompted manager to tell reporters, britney is fine and well.
6:56 am
a new clowns made similar claims over the years but never on the official sony music twitter account. britney herself posted pictures 17 hours ago she's alive and well. in -- >> you know, this is just so heartless. who is getting blame for the tweets? >> actually someone has taken credit unless you figured the north koreans are still upset about the movie. the social media account was compromised and apologizes to britney and her fans for any confusion, so the group, our mind claimed responsibility, very effective hacker group that hacks accounts, focus attention on cyber insecurity.
6:57 am
in 2016 hacked ceo accounts of twitter, wikipedia, bottom line, britney spears is alive and you can see her in vegas. >> all right, that's a good thing. man, it's getting out of control. william. thank you. >> well, tensions between the u.s. and israel going public in the wake of that controversial un vote, israeli netanyahu accusing the obama administration of a diplomatic ambush. israel demanding the u.s. take action to punish the united nations
6:58 am
. . . .
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patti ann: relations between the u.s. and israel straining at seams following the u.n. vote condemning israeli settlements in occupied territory. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. eric: hello, patti ann. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. israel is doubling down on its claims that obama administration proposed controversial resolution. they are calling for his government to retaliate against the u.n. for the security vote and punish the united nations. >> we look forward to discussing that with the new administration and with congress. we think there has to be real pushback from the u.n., which has become a cesspool not just
7:01 am
of anti-israel activity but anti-american activity. patti ann: rich edson in washington. israel dialing up the rhetoric against the obama administration. reporter: good morning, patti ann. the israeli government is looking forward to the next u.s. administration as president-elect trump has criticized the united nations over this vote. israel says it has proof the obama administration coordinated a resolution condemning israel for its settlement building and says it will turn the evidence over to the trump administration to decide how to proceed. the united states allowed that united nations security council resolution to pass, abstaining from a vote, though the government of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and its allies see it as much more than a simple abstention. >> we have a disagreement inside the family on a lot of things but as they say, friends don't take friends to the security council. and what really happened here is that the obama administration basically took the steering wheel and brought it over to
7:02 am
those jeffersonian democracies like venezuela, malaysia, senegal, to decide on israel's fate. reporter: the white house denies it orchestrated that vote. dep hety press secretary eric schultz says in a statement, the u.s. did not draft the resolution nor did the u.s. introduce this resolution. he egyptians in partnership with the palestinians are ones circulated earlier draft. egyptians moved it forward on friday and we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote. the obama administration's abstention is reaffirming the long-standing u.s. position on settlements, patti ann. patti ann: there are predictions we might see more moves from the obama administration before the president leaves office regarding this? reporter: before leaving office, secretary of state john kerry will offer the obama administration's plan for middle east peace. according to a top obama policy aide. administration official the already spoken about the situation openly criticizing israel for settlement building.
7:03 am
>> when we see laws that aim to legalize outposts, when we secret rick that suggests this is the most pro-settlement israeli government in history, and when we see the facts on the ground, deep into the west bank, beyond the separation barrier, we feel compelled to speak up against those actions. reporter: though the administration criticized palestinians for incitement of violence, glorification of terrorists and violent extremism, saying saying that is prospects for peace. patti ann. patti ann: rich edson live in washington, thank you. eric: israel says it will pull funding from some u.n. programs. there are calls in our country for the united states to do the same as a result of the security council vote. for more on this, steve hayes editor-in-chief of "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. steve, should the united nations be punished if you do not agree with a security council vote? >> well, i don't think with any security couldn't sill vote. to me this is culmination of
7:04 am
decades-long problems at the united nations. the unitedded nations has become a place where authoritarians go to be excused. where atrocities are often ignored. where you have united nations doing business with people like saddam hussein and oil-for-food program, giving sus ten nance to a regime that was struggling with its own finances. the united nations with many respects become more trouble than it's worth for the united states. eric: there certainly has been a failing of the international order. you have isis, terrorist attacks, horror what happened in syria. civilians killed on a mass scale. all this are the very issues that the united nations was established to address and hopefully solve, to quote, promote international peace and security. this is the first resolution at the u.n. at the security council been passed in seven or eight years? >> right. there has been this obsession at
7:05 am
the united nations with israel. there is targeting of israel over the years. the united states has often i think taken a role in playing defense for israel or with israel against some of the more spurious and specious charges leveled against it by regimes in i cases are rogue regimes. but what the u.n. has done in many respects not just accommodate some of these rogue regimes, authoritarian regimes, dictatorships, countries, nations, governments that dictate and killed their own people, in many cases they have given the united states and leaders that ought to act an excuse for not doing so because the united states leaders, leaders of other western countries can say, well the united nations is addressing this. there will be some grave concerns expressed and some letters written and maybe a debate at the security council. all the while, you have people suffering or struggling and i would point to syria certainly as one prime example.
7:06 am
eric: president-elect trump really criticized the u.n. in a tweet, let me read it to you what he said. the u.n. has such great potential but right now a club for people to get together and talk and have a good time, zoo sa is that really fair, steve? look, the world food programme feeds 80 million people a day, 20 million children. >> right. eric: refugee programs house two million if not more. unicef eradicated polio in some parts of the world. they inoculate children and keeps millions of people alive. it is only hope, the only humanitarian hope for many of these people. is it fair to trash the national security part of it in the security council when on humanitarian basis they are, many supporters say, doing good work? >> yeah, i don't think the argument is that the united nations doesn't do any good. clearly you suggest that it does. question is whether the good it does, outweighs challenges and difficulties it presents.
7:07 am
in this era of increasing globalization, there are other means by which you could address some of those problems that you point to. and the question is whether you can strengthen other alliances if your incoming president, donald trump, where interests more clearly align with the united states. you don't have, for instance, you don't want syria on the u.n. human rights council. makes no sense. there are some examples of this kinds of behavior over the years at the united nations that makes a mockery, a self-mockery of the institution. the question is, can you come up, can you address some of those problems in better alliances that are better suited to address those problems more directly without the u.n. bureaucracy? and that don't present the additional problems that the united nations so often presents while the united states, by the way, is picking up a quarter of the tab. eric: we pay 22% of the budget, about $3 billion a year. by the way i wrote a book about all this, called, "the u.n.
7:08 am
exposed" how the united nations sabotage's american security and fails the world. i wrote it in 2006. i'm so regretting and so sad it continues. all you have to do is look at syria. you see the failings, despite some of the good that it does. when you talk about new alliances, what do we do? where do you go? can the u.n. be rehabilitated? >> you can write a paper back version, time for a paperback version with new epilogue. the situations since 2006 have gotten works. you know the reporting from the oil-for-food scandal what unfolded there. it was the knowing compliance, i think with of u.n. officials with saddam hussein's iraq, understanding fully what was happening there, that made it, the tragedy that it was. again, that's one example. there are many, many others. you have to start to question
7:09 am
whether this institution serves the purposes that it was intended to serve. and i think we've reached with this resolution a new point in all of this. you have, conservative internationalists like lindsey graham questioning whether the united nations really serves much purpose anymore. whether the united nations, whether the u.s. should be providing funding to the united nations? that's a new moment i think in this whole debate over the united nations and what it does. eric: kofi annan even said they have too often failed in their expectations and have just been discussing issues that are of no interest beyond the building. in the book finally i wrote, the problem they let everybody in. 192 nations, many of them as you rightfully pointed out, oppose the values upon what it was founded. steve hayes, great to see you. thank you for your insight. >> thanks, eric. eric: of course. patti ann? patti ann: postholiday shoppers
7:10 am
left scrambling for safety after fights break out at malls across the country. [screaming] >> owe, my god! patti ann: this was the scene in manchester, connecticut, where several people were arrested. in cleveland, ohio, police used pepper spray to dispurse large crowds after a fight there. >> running, screaming. i seen a girl get trampled over. it was scary. it was really scary for real. like i said, it is just really sad. it is just sad. >> rob schmitt is live from our new york newsroom with more on this hi, rob. reporter: hi, patti ann. there were huge crowds and brawls all over the country, texas, tennessee, new york, new jersey, many other locations as malls packed with people looking to venture out of the house on day after christmas. in the maul of elizabeth, new jersey, sound of a chair slammed into the floor sent shoppers into a panic. >> a small fight erupted. at which time someone slammed a chair down, causing a loud
7:11 am
noise. another patron yelled shots fired or gun! at that time pan ammonium happened. reporter: people were hurt, screaming shots fired, adding to chaos at a mall in long island as well, sending shoppers running for exits. crowd size may have led to some of the problems. the fox valley mall in aurora, illinois was evacuated after a huge crowd of steens, about 1000 people strong, met up and fights began to break out amongst them. the situation escalated, when some teens were throwing bottles of water from upper levels of the mall to people down below. police officer was punched in the face. four juveniles were arrested. patti ann: rob, seems coincidental so many fights happened across the country on the same day. there are rumors this was orchestrated for social mediaport port that was the first thing we thought too, when we saw all the fights popping
7:12 am
up. we heard about the first one on long island at 6. these don't be collectively coordinated maybe a bizarre coincidence they happened at same time. two fights may have been coordinated on-line individually. the one outside of cleveland, ohio, and aurora town center maul. 500 teens swarmed food court and fighting began when officers became control of situation. one officer was surrounded by really crowd and decision made to shut down the mall and evacuate. five arrests. no police officers were hurt. many were closed for official observance on weekday for christmas. many. mall was one of the few places people could go. people wanted out of the house. people wanted to return the gifts they don't want, looking for after-christmas sales. send it back to you. >> two words, internet shopping. rob schmitt, thank you very much. eric: well, he wasn't on the ballot but president obama says
7:13 am
he could have won a third term if he ran again. as you might guess president-elect donald trump, well he has something to say about that. coming up we'll talk to karl rove about all this. patti ann: also boeing has a multibillion-dollar deal to build planes for iran, but one iranian official says the planes are worth half that. are they about to take advantage? eric: democrats gearing up for a big fight on capitol hill. will they be the party of no or can the trump administration push back that? >> i wear their opposition as a badge of honor, because it means i'm fighting for real change, not just partisan change where everybody else gets rich.
7:14 am
7:15 am
♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile.
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and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. ♪ patti ann: president obama takes a parting shot at president-elect trump saying he could have won the election if he had been able to run for a third term. >> i'm confident that if i, if i had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. patti ann: president-elect trump fired back on twitter. president obama says he thinks woe have won against me. he shouldn't say that but i should say no way, jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. karl rove is the former white house deputy chief of staff for president george w. bush and a fox news contributor.
7:17 am
thanks for joining us. >> you bet. thanks for having me. patti ann: so mr. obama says in conversations that i have had with people around the country, they say the direction that you point towards is the right one. that is what president obama says he is hearing from people but if that is the case, why wouldn't they have supported mrs. clinton? >> well, not only, the quote was even worse than what you said because he said i talked to people who didn't agree with me. patti ann: yes. >> who are on the other side and they said we were going to the right direction. i would like to meet those people. we don't know whether or not his assertion is accurate or not. i mean, first of all, he can't run again. he is limited to two terms. but there is interesting number in the exit polls. i was intrigued by interview he gave with david axelrod. i wept back to look at exit polls. in 2012, 47% of the voters said the country was going in the right direction, voted for obama, 93-7 over mitt romney. 52% said the country was going
7:18 am
in the wrong direction. voted 13% for president obama and 89% for mitt romney. 2016, fast forward, the percentage of the people say we're in the right direction is down to 33%, down from 46, nearly half to a third. they voted for hillary clinton, those that said it was going in the right direction. 89-7 over donald trump. nearly 2/3, approaching 2/3 of the people said the country was going in the wrong direction. quoted a quarter for mrs. clinton and nearly seven out of every 10 voted for donald trump. i'm not certain if i were president obama i would be glibly saying i would have won, particularly when you read the rest of the interview. he says, oh, we were doing great things for rural america and they benefited from the affordable care act and we really, you know we really did a lot of things for working class white voters. the economy was getting so much better. this is not how people perceived the affordable care act or the obama economy or really even the
7:19 am
impact of all of his policies. he sort of thinks because we had a good ag through the ag secretary tom vilsack that meant rural america should have been -- maybe rural america was not just worried about the farm bill and how not safe the world was, how deficits were growing and how the country seemed to be going in the wrong direction and we're having economic recovery where people not seeing their paychecks grow. patti ann: mr. obama also interestingly expressed concerns that we're moving into an era which quote, in which we are looking for simple solutions. woe shut ourselves off from different points of view, shutting down debate, becoming more dogmatic. which party is he referring to there? >> this is really i thought one of the great ironic moments in the interview because remember in february of 2009, when the house republicans come down to suggest changes to his infrastructure program he cuts off eric cantor, the republican deputized to lay out their suggestions, saying i won.
7:20 am
remember later in the year the republicans on the senate finance committee and democrats on the senate finance committee began to have meetings to discuss a bipartisan approach to the health care bill. and the white house retaliates by saying that neither the white house nor senate democrats will be bound by any agreement arrived at by senate democrats and senate republicans on committee which the health care bill has to go. i love this. president obama is revisionist, very quick revisionist. oh, i am the victim of people not understanding that i had complex solutions. they wanted simple ones. they opposed me right from the beginning. they didn't listen to me. when in reality the opposite is just true. president obama right from the beginning, his problem was he had too many democrats in the senate, too many democrats in the house didn't feel he needed to rely upon republican votes, as a result rammed through legislation on straight party-line vote. paid no attention whatsoever to the ideas or interests of the minority. you can not pass legislation and
7:21 am
have it be durable. look at bush's tax cuts. came into office far more contentious election in 2000, yet in 2001, june of 2001, passed his tax cuts with a quarter of the democrats in the senate voting for it and 10 years later, virtually 95, 98% of the bush tax cuts are validated with president obama in office. that is what bipartisanship allows you to do. president obama governed in a highly partisan, negative fashion and now is trying to look back and say, well i was the guy who was trying to get it done in a bipartisan way. patti ann: got it. karl rove, thank you so much. >> you bet. eric: well, president obama today will tour the pearl harbor memorial, together with the japanese prime minister. how this historic meeting marks a turning point in the relationship between the two nations. we will have a live report on this from hawaii. patti ann: new developments in that manhunt for six inmates who escaped from a county jail you there the toil let.
7:22 am
>> each guy dug the commode out and going through the sewer. >> yeah, yeah, i had it on my mind all day.
7:23 am
7:24 am
patti ann: tennessee authorities have recaptured five of six inmates after they escaped on christmas by removing a toilet from the wall.
7:25 am
the sheriff says that wall was weakened by recent repairs. so once the toilet was out of the way they were able to break through. >> they was able to kick out some concrete that was easily broken, along with some plumbing and some other things and they kicked open a steel box unit that was covering the outside of the access. patti ann: the final inmate still on the lamb is 54-year-old david frazier who is considered dangerous. officials say they're doing everything possible to recapture him. ♪ eric: president obama meeting today with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the two leaders will visit memorial that sits above the sunken uss arizona in pearl harbor. it follows the president's historic voice to it hiroshima this year. the parallel visits marking a milestone between the relationship between our country and japan.
7:26 am
kevin corke is traveling with the president in hawaii and joining us now from sacred pearl harbor. reporter: eric you're right, sacred ground and day for reconciliation as you aptly point out as the two leaders meet today at the uss arizona memorial, marking the occasion 75 years since the fateful day of pearl who are -- pearl harbor. the memorial is quite a sight. if you haven't had a chance to visit it is a powerful reminder of man's inhumanity to man. the uss arizona felled by brutal attack that morning cost lives of so many. december 7th, 1941 as president roosevelt powerfully said a date which will live in infamy. a date marked by the sacrifice and heroism and loss of so many americans. the visit by abe, the back end, actually of an earlier exchange at hiroshima as you said when president obama marked the end
7:27 am
of the war and lingering effects of the first atomic bomb blast there. i was there for the trip. a powerful visit indeed. as for the japanese prime minister, this visit is as much about the past and future between our two countries. it is promising one says america's top diplomat to japan. >> i think the alliance is so strong and it has so much bipartisan support. i think president trump, i think he will recognize that. reporter: a joint news conference set to come our way a little bit later today. it will be very interesting to hear what the two leaders have to say about the future of our relations as we prepare for a new president eric. we'll be here to have all the details for you. for now, back to you. eric: we're told, kevin, the prime minister will not be apologizing but certainly a milestone. reporter: that's right. eric: patti ann? patti ann: iran is thumbing its nose at american businesses. tehran threatening to renege on a deal with boeing saying it
7:28 am
will only pay half price. details coming up. eric: tensions are growing between the u.s. and israel after the resolution against the jewish state. why israel says the white house is behind the whole thing. first here is charles krauthamer. >> does anybody think that venezuela and new zealand spent nights slaving over resolution. they were the ones introduced it. of course not. this was a u.s. operation all the way.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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patti ann: iran claiming it drove a hard bargain in a deal to buy 80 new boeing jets. the country said it will only pay half price. it may not be such a great deal after all. kristin fisher live in washington. is there more to this story? reporter: it is, patti ann, pretty common for customers buying in bulk from any airplane manufacturer like boeing or airbus to get a steep discount. both of those companies signed massive contracts with iran this month. what is a little bit surprising that iran is essentially bragging about it. on sunday iran's deputy transport minister saying quote considering the nature of our order with boeing and choice possibilities the purchase contract for 80 boeing aircraft is worth about 50% of that amount. now the original terms were 80 airplanes for almost $17 billion. according to iran they have negotiated the price down to under $10 million. not uncommon especially during a
7:32 am
time of downturns and orders for almost all major aircraft manufacturers, but the optics, at least on the surface don't look good. patti ann. patti ann: how is boeing responding? reporter: well, so far boeing hasn't commented. this was billed as the biggest business deal between an american company and iran in almost 40 years and it still could be. iran's civil aviation suite is badly outdated and its replacement is always one of the biggest economic opportunities of the iran nuclear deal. this deal with boeing was often cited by white house one of the reasons they were able to get iran to the table. >> how is it a good idea that an american company might want to sell iranians aircraft technology, for example, while they continue to fund a missile program that threatens not only our allies in the region but indeed could threaten the united states? >> i think this is a good example of how their desire to reengage with the international community did give the united
7:33 am
states and international community leverage so get iran to make a bunch of cirrus commitments as it relates to their nuclear program. reporter: boeing's deal with iran will likely encounter turbulence once mr. trump takes office. he was against the nuclear deal and lifting of sanctions which is only reason this deal with boeing became possible. patti ann? patti ann: kristin fisher live in washington. thank you. ♪ eric: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu not backing down after blaming the united states for that controversial united nations security council resolution condemning the continued construction of israeli settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. this despite the white house denying responsibility. syndicated columnist and fox news contributor charles krauthamer had this view. >> this is very serious damage and it can not be undone because you can't change security council resolution without the acquiescence of the russians and chinese and you're not going to get it.
7:34 am
eric: we have a board member of israel independence fund, the american friends of likud, americans for safe israel and institute for the study of global anti-semitism and policy. also the founder of save the ken, welcome. do you think the white house was really behind this resolution? >> well the white house was behind the resolution by definition because anyone working on the resolution would want to know if america's going to veto it or not and would try to get america to agree to the wording. so america was either directly or indirectly involved by definition. eric: israelis are saying, directly and very specifically. they claim that they have specific evidence of this and they will give this evidence, they say, over to the trump administration, when it takes office. do you think that that, alleged evidence should be made public? >> well, it should be made public also by definition.
7:35 am
people have the right to know. but when you have 14 other members with the union security council, they're all talking to each other all the time. particularly on a resolution like this. so, by definition, there was collusion between the 15 members. eric: one of the examples being cited is secretary of state john kerry meeting with the new zealand foreign minister. that was in the press in new zealand last month. they were talking about a resolution. let me read you what bret stevens in the "wall street journal" this morning writes. bret a pulitzer prize winner saying the administration is likely being deceptive about last week's u.n. vote. means the administration no longer bothers to lie convincingly. we have the spectacle of the u.s. government hiding behind the skirts of foreign minister of new zealand and malaysia, senegal to embarass and endanger a democratic ally. the world jewish congress is calling for hearings and
7:36 am
investigation on capitol hill to find out what ben rhodes did, his alleged involvement, samantha power, u.n. ambassador. should there be hearings and investigation or should we let this go? >> there is a big deal. there should be hearings how this came about but also part of a much bigger issue. in this example the u.s. government is not acting in the interests of the u.s. government and president obama has a personal responsibility to protect our country. and protect our national interests. this resolution goes against american national interests. that's the big scandal. eric: how does it do that? how does this resolution that affects israel and settlements go against american national interests in your view? >> well, western civilization is fighting for its life and israel is the eastern border of western civilization. and the settlements, so called settlements are the eastern border of the eastern border of
7:37 am
western civilization and basically save western civilization from the three major worldwide terror organizations, iran, al qaeda, isis and the muslim brotherhood. so israel is doing everybody a big favor by defending them from these terror organizations. israel also defends christians, jews and muslims in jude day yaw and samaria in israel and protects the so-called palestinian arabs. eric: how about those that say the settlements are illegal under international law and that israel is just being provocative with continued settlement building? the deputy mayor of jerusalem is saying they will start permits for hundreds of more houses. >> right. all of those criticisms are just a false narrative. jews have been living in judea and samaria for 3800 years ever since abraham declared paganism was false narrative.
7:38 am
jews have more rights to be in judea and samaria than americans have to be in america. americans have been here for 200 years and samaria 3500 years. palestinian arabs have been there only 150 years. eric: finally, quickly, what would you say to the palestinians? what do you hope? >> i would mope for the status quo because i can't think of a better solution than the status quo. i would say to palestinians you should thank god that israel and israel defense forces protects them every day from the three worldwide terror organizations. remember the number one victim of the three terror organizations are muslims. the jews, israel is protecting muslims, christians and the while region and europe and america and the world should be grateful. in a normal world all the 15 members of the security council would have vetoed this resolution. just shows how far away we're
7:39 am
from a normal world. eric: of course the palestinians would say it is status quo for them means occupation. that is of course the crux of this continued issue. >> that is just a false narrative. eric: ken abramowitz, thank you for your views this morning. >> you're welcome. eric: patti ann. patti ann: republicans on capitol hill are moving to drag down on disorderly conduct in the house. it is in response to a sit-in by democrats that was broadcast live from the house floor last summer. breaking house rules regarding video and photos would now bring a $500 fine for first offense, 2500 for additional violations. in-house cameras were switched off at the protest of gun control. it was less than two weeks after the pulse nightclub massacre. democrats used social media to telecast the sit-in live. eric: president trump facing stiff opposition even before his administration takes office. >> they have to answer and satisfy the american people about a whole lot of questions.
7:40 am
eric: so are democrats on capitol hill preparing to become the new part of no? patti ann: major development as russia searches for clues in the crash of a military jetliner. investigators hope the latest discovery will reveal what caused that jet to plunge into the black sea. wouldn't a deal on car insurance
7:41 am
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why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack® finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. eric: developments to tell you about into the investigation in the russian military plane crash over the weekend. crews recovered one of the aircraft's black boxes. the flight recorder does not appear to be seriously damaged. they say it is being examined. overnight they found pieces of plane and fuselage and engine. russian investigators are focusing on pilot error or possible mechanical failure and
7:44 am
they have ruled out terrorism. but some experts say it is too early to know that for sure. sadly all 92 people on board are believed to have been killed. ♪ patti ann: democrats are gearing up to fight the trump agenda. they have plans to throw up roadblocks even before he takes office, possibly setting themselves up to become the new so-called party of no. leslie marshall is a syndicated radio talk show host, fox news contributor. i'd martin is president of the eagle forum fund, former chair of the miss sauerry state gop and author of, the conservative case for trump. thank you both for joining us. >> good morning. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi is calling for democratic lawmakers to block republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. we're hearing other democrats urging politicians to block the trump administration at every turn. leslie, didn't democrats criticize republicans repeatedly for blocking the obama agenda? >> absolutely. we see this happen on both sides every time there is a regime
7:45 am
change, if you will and a party change. but the difference here is that democrats have, i believe, as a democrat, a responsibility not only to their constituents which were the technical majority of voters and also to the united states to properly vet cabinet members and with regard to obamacare, even top insurance companies sent a letter to congressional members and said, please don't do this unless you have a replacement plan because millions will be left without proper coverage. so this isn't just being a party of no. this is being a party, i believe of what's best for the american people. patti ann: well they are working on a replacement plan. they have a long timeline for that actual repeal and replacement. ed, we'll talk more about nominees in a minute. whether it comes to blocking legislation, who do you expect to be the pitbulls in the efforts to block the trump agenda? >> well, the interesting question is we're starting to see fractures already in the party of no. i mean when schumer comes out and says about the betrayal of israel, that he was upset about
7:46 am
it, you start to see tension and obama then gets to the podium says, i would have won the race, i'm still important. out here in the heartland, i think across the country, trump is a transformational leader. he is attracting democrats and independents. now that he has won, you're seeing his numbers go up. he is saying not the old playbook from even the republicans but a new playbook. i think democrats, schumer, whoever will be, pelosi, that sounds like the old guard. and i think you are going to see, it will not work. it will be a losing strategy. you're hearing biden of all people, the oldest of the old guard is saying we need a real playbook, not just the old say no. it is existing to watch as republican or conservative to see the fissures but we have so much work to do, it is not, i don't think it will amount to much. we have to keep going forward. patti ann: speaking of chuck schumer, senate minority leader coming and there is this talk of blocking mr. trump's nominees for cabinet posts et cetera. here is what mr. schumer said about that.
7:47 am
he said the democrats are not planning to block. they want to do extreme vetting. let's listen. >> for any of these nominees i think the watchword is a thorough, thorough vetting. don't say absolutely not but, they have to answer and satisfy the american people about a whole lot of questions. patti ann: haven't democrats complained about tough vetting of the democratic president's nominees? >> well, to your point, absolutely, but i have to say especially outcome of this election, american people want change and this is part of change and i think a very good change. look at one of his cabinet picks tillerson you have done so much business with foreign governments with party like republicans want transparency and democrats and certainly american people, i think it is in the best interests of the united states. they can't block with their votes, their numbers. they're four short in the senate with a republican majority. but i think they have to do their due diligence.
7:48 am
when you have, not just wealthy people, but especially somebody who did work with foreign governments for exxonmobil and what was his dealing with that. that could be a conflict of interest. i think before anybody votes left or right they need to be educated across the board whether it comes to ethics, foreign government relations, their tax returns and certainly a background check by the fbi. i don't think these are unreasonable requests the democrats are making for these candidate. patti ann: extreme vetting we want to know who we're getting before we get them. mr. trump es incoming white house press secretary i sean spicer says mr. trump has 17 million twitter followers. he calls that a direct pipeline to the american people, combined with facebook and instagram, it is well over 40 million. ed, will we see the legislative battles move, we always had c-span, we had it for some time, will it be more public because of things like social media? >> i don't think there is any doubt that everything about the government is going to be more public.
7:49 am
donald trump, transformational candidate, transformational leader, will use twitter as call and response. he will put out what he thinks and react to the responses this is actually incredibly exciting because people are going to get a say in real time, for example, last week when he talked about the nuclear arms questions, he put out a strong statement. reaction around the world framed the debate. it framed the debate we want it. america wants to always be militarily superior to the other side. when it comes to confirmations you're right, let's have transparency. all candidates will to through the senate. we'll see what their background is. some may have problems. here is news the people need to know. math is always math. harry reid gutted filibuster on judges everything else. give this guy his administration and judge him how he does it. i think americans will be excited about that, it will work out well.
7:50 am
patti ann: we'll see, ed martin, leslie marshall. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, patti ann. eric: it was the fiesta of the year. thousands of people from all over the world showing up at a teenagers birthday after that inindividualtation, well it went viral -- invitation. how this amazing thing went down. ♪
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>> president-elect trump shuts down one of his charities but will it stop the critics? that's coming up on "happening now." plus republican plans to change the safety net in this country. wit it be as drastic as some democrats are warning. another plane crash in russia as part of a fleet of russian planes gets grounded. what is going on in russian aviation? what lessons could it hold for america? that's coming up in seven minutes, "happening now." ♪ patti ann: president-elect trump has an ambitious action plan for his first 100 days in office. on that to-do list, affordable child care and elder care legislation. alicia acuna joins us live from denver and some experts are saying that this plan could come with a hefty price tag, right? reporter: up to a trillion dollars over 10 years,
7:54 am
patti ann. that is according to the tax foundation which is non-partisan. president-elect trump says our federal tax policies need to come in line with realities of today's families, for child care, for instance, mothers that don't get paid leave from employers to receive six weeks guaranteed maternity leave. parents offered dependent care savings accounts that role over year to year. those under certain income ceiling could deduct child care for certain amounts and stay at home parents. the government would provide rebates you there earned income tax credit. in nevada, which ranks 47th for child well being according to researchers at university of nevada at las vegas, single mom, sara o'grady, says she is hopeful for possible changes. right now she gets help from family and friends on a wait list for assisted child care and considering a second job. >> i already feel like i don't see my kids enough. but i mean, i, coming down to
7:55 am
being able to afford what they need and you know, i can't be greedy with my time if i need to make sure that they're okay and taken care of. reporter: in nevada and many other states, patti ann, sending your kid to child care is more expensive than sending them to college. patti ann? patti ann: it is no the just child care. it is elder care as well. reporter: that's right. seemingly insurmountable costs, which trump says he wants to address. so, for elder care, he wants dependent care savings accounts as well and proposing a pre-tax deduction limited to $5,000 per year. karen brown, seen here with her mom, left a lucrative career to care for aging relatives. her nest egg was busted because of round-the-clock care because of a medicaid stroke. >> we have medicaid for the poorest of the poor. a huge gap for people beyond poorest of the poor to those people considered wealthy that
7:56 am
have no resource whatsoever. reporter: even with money, quality caregivers for the elderly, patti ann, are pretty hard to come by. patti ann: alicia acuna, thanks. eric: republicans have a massive plan they say to overhaul the tax code. so how would it really work under the trump administration?
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> estimated 10,000 people showed up for a mexican themed 15 birthdays near mexico city after her father's invitation went viral. this is the scene at a sweet 15 party that turned into the party of the year after a local photographer posted a video of her dad inviting everyone on facebook. it endeded up on youtube, there were more secure attributes, jokes even company sponsorships. a mexican airline offered a discount on flights with the slogan are you going to ruby's party, ruby appeared to be overwhelmed but she looks beautiful in her fuchsia duress. happy birthday indeed. >> 10,000 people. that is unbelievable. >> sound like a parent's
8:00 am
nightmare to have that invitation go viral. looks like they have fun. you are back again tomorrow, good to have you. we will be back tomorrow but now "happening now" starts now. >> we begin with new fallout on major political stories from president-elect trump's decision to shut down his charitable foundation to growing outrage in israel over a un security council resolution condemning its settlement. good morning, welcome to "happening now". melissa: great to be here, i am melissa francis in for generally. president-elect trump complaining about criticism of the charitable foundation after he agreed to dissolve it. mister trump questioning the


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