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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> well, activity at trump tower is back to normal this morning after building parts of it was briefly evacuated. that was a seemingly chaotic scene this morning that started when a suspicious package was discovered in the lobby, police made visitors and tourists get out and bomb squad was called in to investigate. mr. trump was not in the building, he's spending the holiday at mar-a-lago in florida . heather: consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2001. a new report showing a surge in december. president-elect trump tweeting this. u.s. consumer confidence inexfor december surged 4 points to 13.7, highest level in more than 15 years.
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thanks, donald. [laughter] >> she joins us to talk -- very he's very modest. heather: deservedly so, though. maybe confident as a result of the economy. >> absolutely, confident spending, we have seen it so far. they are looking ahead and thinking that the tax plan will get enacted. when you break it down and the way we understand it, of course, we don't know for sure all the details, the zefl always in the details, it looks like everyone is going to face lower taxes next year. this is the month to do it. so many retailers, so many businesses, this is the time of year when they paid their bills and they move into the black and start making money. so you want people to feel good right now. heavy heat when will people think this is actually reality or wishful thinking? >> that's a good point. you don't always act on how you
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say you feel so i want to see the actual spending return numbers that will come in january to see how people spent money. it's also really important to see how much business is loosening up capital because that's been the story of the past eight years, business had good earnings and had good profits but reluctant to invest specially in the country because they. >> facing so much uncertainty, tax and regulation. looks like a good environment. they won't put their money where their mouth is for sure. we have to see a lot of the things that trump has promised into action. we could see 4, 5, 6% growth. heather: there was also another number i wanted to ask you about, the consumer expectations. that's different than consumer-confidence level. that's also up. >> where you think the economy is going to be going forward, exactly. hopefullness for your family. that's important.
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because you spend and make plans based on where you think you're headed. people feel good about the future, more likely to buy a new house and trade in that car, they are more likely to go look for another job that asked for that raise, all of those things that loose the economy overall. it's sentiment that gets people moving. when you feel like, you know, your family's finances are tight, there's nothing anyone else can say to get you get off the dime, so to speak. heather: the president elect has done so much before taking office, do you think people will give him time or where they -- melissa: no. heather: they will expect more of the same.
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the white house is ready to response to russia for interfering in presidential election. officials say the obama administration is close to rolling out its retribution but what will that retaliation entail? kristin fisher is live in washington with details.
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kristin, what type of policies do you think we are talking about? >> we are talking about economic sanctions, diplomatic and likely covert cyber operation. they say the obama administration is finalizing it and announcement about the public portions of this response could come as early as this week. both the fbi and cia are in agreement that russia intervened in our election in order to help mr. trump win, but the president elect remains skeptical which is why according to washington post the white house is now trying to make it very difficult for mr. trump to roll back any of the actions that they may take and that could include using an executive order to impose more sanctions against russia. eric. >> what are those, kristin, in congress saying today? >> well, senator lindsey graham said that 99 out of 100 believe the russians did do this and congress is going to do something about it. listen what he said last night where a bipartisan group of
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senators were meeting with local officials about russia. >> senator mccain after the trip is over, we will have hearings and we will put sanctions together that hit putin as an individual and inner circle for interfering in our election and they are doing it all over the world, not just in the united states. >> so both senator lindsey graham and senator mccain say they have no doubt that russia hacked into our political system and they're now vowing to take action no matter what the president elect thinks, eric. >> we will hear a lot more from senators graham and mccain in just one hour from now here in america's news room on russia, israel and host of other issues, why they are over there too. thank you, kristin. heather: well, many democrats are still going after fbi director james comey, blaming him for hillary clinton's loss. one former justice department spokesman putting it this way. >> the fbi didn't know if they
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had any new information, it threw a hand grenade in the election. the race was essentially over and it changed the direction of the race and i think eventually changed the outcome of the race. that's an appalling thing for an fbi director to do. heather: former massachusetts senator scott brown is a fox news contributor and he joins us now to talk, thank you for joining us, first of all. scott: sure, heather. heather: hand grenade into the election, it's questionable whether this in fact, was the determining factor that changed the race for hillary clinton. what's your take on it? >> i think that's ridiculous to think that one event would change the entire election, bottom line she ran a terrible race, she was a terrible candidate and people didn't trust her and she was outworked specially over the last three weeks not going into areas where
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traditionally are democratic areas and took people for granted and as a result she lost and the democrats are still trying to find some type of reason, the reason is you had a terrible candidate. she didn't work hard enough and that's why you lost, period. heather: it makes you wonder if the democrats may be singing a different tune had it gone the other way, the election itself. take a look at what a couple of the democratic leaders had to say. this back in july and this is the house minority leader on the fbi director on july 7th, a man of integrity and honesty. nothing happens without him. i think he's going to be the definitive person to make the determination or the recommendation but then changed her tube and said, now, the public interest would be served by the fbi providing the facts rather than allowing republicans to stoke innuendo11 days away from the presidential election. she's not the only one. we can go down to harry reid, he said this on july 6th, the fbi
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under leadership of comey carried out thorough investigation in this case, no one can question the integrity, confidence of director comey, but apparently he said rushed to takes 1 days before the presidential election, despite the fact that the information you know could be entirely duplicatively which exonerated secretary clinton. another search for excuses as you said? >> of course, there are excuses. that's one of the reasons that director comey, the fbi director, has such a long term so that person can be apolitical. he went to congress and told congress what he was going to do and i don't fault him for doing his job. he had an obligation. i believe in affirmative obligao keep a congress apriced as he said he would. i thought there were some various mistakes. i thought he could have at least charged hillary clinton with a
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misdemeanor because i thought he layed out a very solid prima facia case determining that she did break the law. did it rise to the level of felony, he said, no. i thought it was at least a misdemeanor. i thought there were areas in the process but i never questioned his integrity, i never thought that he wanted donald trump instead of hillary clinton and i don't think the american people felt that way, i think they felt he was doing his job. heather: there's been reports that he will make a statement, have something to say following the inauguration of donald trump. what do you think he can say, is there anything he can say that could kind of right the road? >> i don't think he needs to do anything except do his job. if you want to talk about people crossing the line, how about the head of the department of justice, meaning bill clinton in a plane. that was -- she was completely inappropriate, but here we are, we are faulting allegedly the democrats are trying to fault
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somebody for doing their job and i would want him to do his job up until the very last day -- up to the election and after the election and if there's something that needs to be done after, that will shake out. i think it's a ten-year term if i'm not mistaken. he's not going anywhere. heather: as you said, it's supposed to be an independent position. >> correct. heather: do you think that will continue or there needs to be some sort of change because obviously a lot of people right now do not think that that is the case on both sides. scott: i think he's an independent person. i think he's going to continue to do his job like he was asked to do. if he leaves that post, it's going to be by him resigning. it's not -- he's not going to be forced out. that's the beauty of that position. they wanted independent, so they can't be influenced by every president who comes into office or leaves office. you know, the whole van
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vandetta-type of thing. there's been griping and the democrats are still in shock. i don't think i ever heard anyone say, hillary ran a terrible race, it's always this, it's the russians, it's the fbi, it's this and that. enough already. listen, trump won, hillary lost and that's it. time to move on and give our president elect a chance. heather: all right, thank you so much for joining us. heather: happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> rising tensions between the obama administration and our closest ally in the middle east. why israeli officials are now bracing for what could come from secretary of state kerry in just 90 minutes from now, of course, just weeks before the president leaves office. the is rallian embassador to the united nations is here live and we will ask him. plus, we will have this. uber will arrive in two minutes.
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heather: welcome back, a murder case in arkansas getting national attention after a warrant was issued for an amazon echo. the device is only activated after a user says it's activation words but once on, it records sippeds of conversations, investigators
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want information from one belong to go james andrew bates who is accused of strangling a man in a hot tube. amazon has twice refused but has turn ud some of the account details. >> israel bracing for more attention today as john kerry set to deliver a major speech in one hour from now. he will be doing that in about an hour from now. the u.s. orchestrated the united nations security council vote that condemned the continued construction of settlements in the west bank in east jerusalem, u.s. firing back claiming that we did not orchestrate the vote. moments ago, tweets from the president elect. he said, quote, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect, they used to have a great friend in the u.s., but not anymore.
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the beginning of the end was the hardball iran deal and now this, specifying the un deal, stay strong israel, january 20th is fast approaching. israeli embassador to the united nations is here was, this morning embassador, good to see you. >> good morning, good to be here. >> mr. trump just said, stray strong, israel, what are you concerned that the secretary of state may say an hour from now? >> we are a strong democracy, we will continue to be strong and prevail the shameful resolution passed last friday. we are waiting to see secretary kerry's approach in the speech. we hope that they will go back to the original policy of the u.s. which call both sides for negotiations, what happened on friday, the u.s. actually and the un don't speak anymore. come to the un, we will support initiatives or pass resolutions. you cannot bypass negotiations.
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>> to what meeting are you referring to? >> we have information that the u.s. was involved with the revolution and, you know, being at the un we are not the most popular in the room but seeing that the un is not standing with us, that was very disappointing. >> david keys for the prime minister says that there was evidence that jerusalem has of this they that will hand it over to the trump administration, should that be made public? >> we will leave it to the president elect, we will show him the evidence. it's clear, amongst friends, among allies you don't handle it the way the u.s. handles it. we cannot agree about everything. we have disputes about the settlement. you don't go behind our back with palestinian and you pass one-sided resolution. we have no connection to the old city of jerusalem, this is shameful. >> officials at the security council say they were surprised when samantha power raised her
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hand, most in the room expecting a veto and there was a gasp saying that it wasn't premeditated. >> if you're familiar with the security consulate, they are involved with every revolution and specially when it comes to the middle east and israel. u.s. regarding israel and we are appreciating that. in the past u.s. stood with israel but this time u.s. took advantage of their strength in the security council to work out a resolution which is one-sided and will not support the peace forces. >> are you looking for mr. kerry to explain the rationale of the obama administration? are you looking for mr. kerry, reports say that the u.s. was not involved and he will explain the thinking, what would you want him to say? i asked about your concerns, what would you like to see from this administration? >> with all due respect to his speech, we will listen to it carefully but we are concerned
6:48 am
about the resolution, the resolution that's passed. we are hearing voices that there will be another resolution at the un security council. >> what could that be? >> anything can pass now after what happened on friday, anything with pass. we are worried about it. you cannot promote peace in the middle east through the un. what changed now? now all of a sudden you can do that? >> in terms of the critics and the resolution itself, settlements in violation of international law, illegal land grab of palestinian land, what do you say to those saying israel is being aggressive and violating international law and this does not help the peace process, does not help a two-state solution? >> i don't accept that. we have historical rights, we have legal rights. we have rights to the land in jerusalem but, you know what, let's say we have a dispute about it, we should negotiate it. you cannot bring it to the un,
6:49 am
should decide about the conflict with the palestinians. >> that's the way the united nations security council set up, temporary members, that world body. >> yes, in order to actually achieve peace, we did it in the past, we signed an agreement with egypt, with jordan through direct negotiation. nobody will be in the middle east to moderate the peace forces. we need to do it ourselves and by coming to the un and bypassing negotiations you are telling palestinians, don't negotiate, continue with the incitement and continue to support terrorism in israel, we will take care of everything you want in new york. >> how do you think this will play out, the trump administration comes in january 20th, if the u.s. institutes another resolution that are trying to backtrack on this one, russia or china can veto it. >> it will be hard. the u.s. should restart the un.
6:50 am
we see what's happening with the un. it's absurd. the number of resolutions against israel instead of focusing in syria, the focus with israel, look where the money goes, major part of the un budget council of the u.s., the money should go to build bridges and not incite against israel. >> the prim minister has put some of the money on hold, we will see what happens with the united states, we will wait for the secretary of state to speak over an hour from now. embassador who is the israeli em bas -- embassador to the un. >> thank you. >> heather. heather: senators john mccain and lindsey graham joins us live in the next hour, outspoken to investigate the kremlin. >> folks are dreaming of a white christmas. they may get really heavy snow for the upcoming new year, instd
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>> a penny saved is a penny earned, right? well, maybe not so much. the cost to produce a penny is on the rise again. the u.s. spends 1.5 cents so a penny and a half to make each one of them. the first time costs have been up since 2011. many experts say, though, it's doubtful that pennies cost will ever sink back below what it is actually worth. heather: still good luck if you find one, right? okay. 2016 looks to end on a snowy note for much of the northeast
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as a massive snowstorm looks to blanket most of new england and great lakes. janice dean in the weather center to let us know if it's going to snow on your new year's day parade. janice: no. that's the good news. we will get the system out before new year's eve. current temperatures, yesterday we were talking 58 in new york city. the temperature has dropped to 40, 52 in raleigh and cold air sinking behind next storm system on the move tomorrow and into friday. so this is the radar around this time on thursday. mainly a rain event along the coast, okay, because the temperatures are too warm. interior sections, though, could get quite a bit of snow specially northern new england. with us all day tomorrow, rain, wind, and snow, it's going to be nasty unfortunately for the morning commute along i-95 corridor and then out of here by friday.
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forecast precipitation mainly rain, jersey southward, long island is going to be a rain event. interior sections, mountains in west virginia, you could get snow and northern new england a foot or foot and a half. wind gusts as the storm gets wound up along the coast, really strong. close to hurricane force winds. that's going to be a problem specially with blowing snow. just be aware. winter weather advisories posted. the good news is for eric and kimberley who are going to be outside in the elements with the hair blowing, we are expecting cloudy skies. i'm going make sure that the rain holds off. we could get rain after midnight and 38-degrees which actually isn't bad. the warmest -- we are not going to get that 58, the coldest was one with the windchill back in
6:57 am
'97 of minus 21. that's a good forecast. heather: it's not a party if janice dean isn't there. janice: they never call me. do they not know about my dance moves heather: exactly. who cannot know about that? heather: thank you. >> in an hour from now we will be hearing from secretary of state. we -- will it do anything to cool off the tensions between the u.s. and israel why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack® finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™.
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heather: outgoing secretary of state john kerry about to lay out his investigation for peace in the middle east days after the obama administration allows a u.n. resolution condemning israel whether i settlements. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. eric: good to be with you as always, heather. hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. secretary kerry about to deliver a speech about the israeli conflict delivering out a path to a two-state solution amid the controversial united nations security council vote that sparked tension. israeli bracing for another clash with the obama administration in the final weeks before president-elect donald trump takes office. heather: rich edson live for us at the state department. rich, what do we expect to hear
7:01 am
from secretary kerry? reporter: good morning, heather. with only three weeks to go in office the secretary of state will deliver what he believes should be the next steps in a middle east peace process, this as the incoming administration and obama administration successor have a very different view how things should be going in the middle east. state department officials say there is a recognition, an international opinion that israelis settlement activity is an impediment as they say to a negotiated two-state solution. the obama administration has been defending its actions since friday when it allowed a union security council vote to pass that condemned israel on those settlements. >> this is a resolution that we could not in good conscience veto. because it condemns violence. it condemns incitement. reiterates what is long overwhelming consensus international view on settlements and take as parties
7:02 am
to advance a two-state solution on the ground. reporter: we expect a further defense of abstaining of the vote that did allow the resolution to pass the u.n. security council. the u.n. and the obama administration have been make an point that it is long-standing position of the united states that settlement activity beyond the 1967 borders undermines israel's security. the administration also made the point it criticized the palestinians for failing to condemn terrorism. >> there is new reaction from president-elect donald trump? reporter: there is. we've seen aligning of the israeli position and government of benjamin netanyahu and against the current u.s. administration and the united nations this is from donald trump via twitter short while ago. he says, we can not continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the united states but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and this u.n.
7:03 am
stay strong, israel. january 20th is fast approaching. state department is also, in this administration, rejecting claims from israelis it orchestrated that vote at the u.n. security council. simply says the read language pushed by the egyptians and palestinians and decided not to vote either way when it saw the language. heather: thank you, rich. eric: israeli officials already voicing their concern about the secretary's speech in just under an hour from now and what he may say about a palestinian state. the last hour of "america's newsroom," israeli ambassador, danny dan none and i said the view was one side and talks should take place directly between the two parties and not the united nations. john huddy joins us from our middle east bureau with their reaction. hi, john. reporter: hey, eric. a senior israeli officials that
7:04 am
israel expects more moves at the u.n., possibly even a u.s. resolution preempting israeli-palestinian peace talks and setting conditions on those talks. now this senior israeli official also told me, that reports about a meeting and minutes from that meeting between secretary of state john kerry, u.s. national security advisor susan rice and palestinian negotiators saeb erakat he added it is just the tip of the iceberg as far as u.s.-palestinian collusion. he told me has seen sensitive material and information proving without a doubt that the obama administration was involved in the orchestration and crafting of the resolution, something as mentioned previously that state department officials continue to deny and challenge, and saeb erakat the palestinian
7:05 am
negotiator, confirmed he met with secretary of state kerry in washington, d.c., but the minutes of that meeting reported in the egyptian press by a news agency there are a fabrication he says. the state department officials contend there was never a tripartheid meeting. according to these reports, eric, the u.s. delegation told erakat, that the u.s. would be willing to cop rate with the palestinians at u.n., if the resolution condemning israeli settlements would be abalanced one. israeli officials, needless to say, eric, will be closing watching secretary of state kerry's speech and perhaps an indication of what's to come in it. eric? eric: john, and the u.n. israeli ambassador told us in his view nothing happens at the security council without the united states knowledge. we'll see what the secretary has to say just under an hour from now. thank you. >> this administration has
7:06 am
created a global chaos. the world is on fire wherever you look, north, south, east and west, and following the hippocratic oath for the last month of their administration, do no harm promise. what do they do? they throw gasoline on the fire and they side with everybody else who really is using the united nations to execute a form of veiled anti-semitism. there is nothing else that you can describe this as. heather: national security analyst, sebastian gorka, some strong words there accusing the obama administration of trying to undo nearly 40 years of u.s. policy toward israel in one single stroke. molly hemingway, the senior editor of the federalist and joins us now with her own opinion. you have some strong words. you go a step further calling it moral cowardice? >> the move at the u.n. abstaining in order to allow this action to take place against israel is a perfect coda
7:07 am
to eight years of foreign policy bungling by the obama administration. the gasoline reference works. president obama has thrown gasoline on this fire in the middle east and with his last month looks like he is lighting a match and tossing it over his shoulder as he walks away. there are so many problems with what happened at u.n. on friday and it is looking like that might not be the end of it. i think it is very important we look when we listen to john kerry's speech, we think about exactly what actions are being taken, not just how he talks about it. heather: on that point, what do you expect to hear from the secretary of state and what will be an hour from now? >> going back to what the happened at u.n. on friday. samantha power gave a speech and sounded very powerful, sound like in support of israel. she con denned the u.n. and taking more actions against israel than north korea, sudan and syria and all sorts of other bad actors combined.
7:08 am
heather: 20 anti-israel resolutions in 2016 alone and four others for other parts of the world total. >> a lot of rhetoric doesn't matter. we need to look at what the u.s. is actually doing at the u.n. i imagine john kerry will have a lot of good words to say about israel. he will have a lot of condemnation for israel's enemies. if the obama administration is using the last month in power to take action against israel to promote sanctions or hurt u.s. groups helping israel, come out with a speech that kneecaps israel's ability to negotiate, that is more important than whatever he says in this speech. very interesting to see what goes down. heather: some parties saying there is strong evidence, that the u.s. occluded -- colluded with palestine on this latest vote. do you believe that to be true? >> on one hand it doesn't matter. what matters what we know happened publicly. if the u.s. didn't want this to happen, if the obama minute to want this to happen and every
7:09 am
reason to keep it from happening and every ability to keep it from happening. all you need to know is they let it happen. at same time it is becoming increasingly obvious actions taken by the u.s. they're denying they had the meeting with saeb erakat. there is notice on the state department website is took place. palestinian officials confirmed they had meetings with john kerry and rice. that, the u.s. should not be denying these things took place when they're still public bit on the website. heather: and not denying also saying that the resolution that they could not veto it because amongst other things it condemns violence. >> there are many things that are in that resolution that are fine. there are also things that go against 40 years of u.s. policy, that say things diametrically opposed what we have agreed upon for 40 years. we've been able to get a lot of concessions out of israel for the last 25 years, in exchange for saying we will never allow something like this to happen. we will never allow the u.n. to say that the western wall is
7:10 am
occupied territory, that jews have no right to. so it didn't matter how many good things there are in the resolution. if it violates u.s. policy and violates oslo accords and gets rid of bilateral negotiation agreements that is far worse than anything nice it says. heather: i will ask you a question, is this personal, is this personal between president obama, netanyahu and president-elect donald trump? >> it does seem there has been a lot of animosity between president obama and netanyahu. he has been, president obama right from when he took office has been kind of involved trying to hurt netanyahu politically and it does seem like he is taking action against netanyahu in a way that goes against so many other democratic policy priorities. it is very confusing to see why he is doing it, particularly since it only seems to help netanyahu who long claimed that obama has something out for him. it also helps donald trump, so it is a very much a shooting yourself in the foot type of
7:11 am
departure from office. heather: interesting. thank you so much, molly. always enjoy hearing from you and your take on issues. molly hemingway joining us. thank you. eric: heather, we will have much more on u.s. policy and israel and the pending action we're told that the u.s. will take against russia for the election hacking. we'll be joined by senators john mccain and lindsey graham about 20 minutes from now. they're traveling in the baltic states and joining us live from latvia. heather: very interesting to hear from them. left-wing activists launching another action to try to stop president trump taking office. >> there is talk about mass demonstrations during the inauguration in washington. talking about storming, that is a word they use, the offers in capitol hill. doctor offices in capitol hill. p
7:12 am
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7:14 am
eric: we have an update on that story yesterday. 18 agers are facing charges after a fight that broke out in a mall in illinois. [screaming] man, oh, man, was there mayhem when about 1000 kids showed up at the fox valley mall in aurora. it got so violent at one point police had to evacuate shoppers for a brief time. a police officer and a mall security guard were injured. police are now investigating whether this brawl was connected to all those similar fights around the country that apparently were spurred by
7:15 am
social media. ♪ heather: progressive filmmaker michael moore now organizing resistance by left-wing activists against president-elect donald trump, outlining steps to challenge his leadership, even before he takes office. joining us now, joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager, a fox news contributor and former carly fiorina deputy campaign manager, a erica flores, a former spokesman for the rnc and fellow at harvard institute of politics. thanks to you both for joining us. joe, i will start with you. they're not done yet. michael moore outlining five steps, still not prepared to accept that donald trump is the president-elect. >> well, there is, this isn't a whole lot different than mitch mcconnell saying that his one job was to make obama a one-term president or even donald trump leading the
7:16 am
"birther" movement to challenge whether barack obama was even eligible to be president after he was elected president. so i mean you're going to have, welcome to polarized america. this is, it has been increasing but it has been going on for quite a while. just as there were people who believed obama's election was a threat to their way of life and the values they had where the country should go, the same will be true with donald trump's election, when he is in. you will have reaction from the left. with democrats and they're going to be plenty who fight every part of his agenda, just as there were many republicans who fought every part of obama's. heather: sara, do you think it is the same thing? i don't seem to recall when president obama took office the same amount of pushback happening and refusal to accept? >> i mean republicans accepted that barack obama won the election. what i think the amazing about michael moore's statements
7:17 am
though, gosh, does he want republicans to pick up more seats in the senate in 2018? because that is a great plan to allow us to win those states. there are 10 democrats up for re-election sitting in states that donald trump won. this is after democrats have doubled, tripled down on their identity politics, far left-wing progressive plans cost them a thousand state legislative seats, 12 governorships, nine senate seats and now we're going to pick up more in 2018. if they really think blocking confirmation of someone like jeff sessions, you know, again, primarying some of these moderate democrats, great, michael moore. by all means, please give us more senate seats. heather: joe, that is actually some of the things he is calling for. specifically if your representative is a democrat, tell him or her that you expect them to aggressively fight the trump agenda. if they don't you will work with
7:18 am
others to support a true progressive in the democratic primary in 2018. do you think that is the answer for turning things around for democrats? >> michael moore is one voice out there. he has a big megaphone just as donald trump had one for the "birther" movement. look, they're are going to be, part of what happens when you lose an election there is going to be a fight over the direction of the democratic party. you're seeing that at the dnc. there was a -- over leadership in the house of representatives with nancy pelosi. we'll see you how things come out but in the end, a lot of things that people are saying now are the same things we were all saying about republicans at the end of, as obama got elected, that they weren't going to be able to come back and win house or senate, guess what? two years, even two years with donald trump as president is a long time from now. we'll see whether he delivers or not and where people are vis-a-vis those senate lecher shuns and other elections.
7:19 am
heather: joe, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but don't you think when president obama took office initially people gave him an opportunity, especially the outgoing president, gave him an opportunity to get things moving, to see how he could work on things, bring the country together, and that is clearly not happening with democrats and refusal to accept that donald trump won the election? let's move forward now and give them a chance. even president obama refusing to say that he will step back for a little bit? >> i don't agree with that at all. i think a lot of people, no, wait. most people did but the fact is what happened here was that there were plenty of republicans who did not. and that is the same thing that will happen on democratside, i'm sorry. heather: sara, go ahead. >> sure. i mean there weren't recounts. there weren't calls in the electoral college not to certify barack obama's election. but more to the point, republicans did soul-searching
7:20 am
after 2008 and 2012 that allowed them to talk about how they could move forward and land our policies and our ideas in americans lives. the democrats instead are in total denial. the sense of entitlement they have, that they're so much smarter, and why aren't people just voting for them, it is not going to work. they doubled down, and nancy pelosi, harry reid saying no line he wouldn't cross to win an election. he is proud of the fact he lied about mitt romney's tax returns. they will continue that, continue to losing what we've seen over and over again since barack obama took office. the democratic party is at lowest levels since pre-1940s. they did something wrong and won't admit it to themselves. heather: calling for protests at the inauguration. calling for alternate concert to be aired at same time. we'll see if both sides eventually come together. thank you both for joining us. >> good to be with you, heather. eric: heather, emergency
7:21 am
response is all about reaction time. [siren] coming up we'll tell you how cell phones are costing 911 dispatchers vital seconds. heather: plus a massive explosion dealing a major blow to one city's economy.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
heather: factoring in cleave and, ohio, just outside of tulsa, destroyed in an explosion. two men were hurt in the blast. no word how serious the injuries are. they battled flames for hours. they expect the building to be a total loss. the incident is now under investigation. eric: there is a apparently a deadly flaw in the 911 response system f you're calling from a cell phone there is no guarranty the dispatchers know exactly where they are. operators often say they receive inaccurate locations. that could waste precious time. jonathan serrie live in atlanta with more on the concern. reporter: it is strange, eric, we're so used to gps on the phone providing accurate locations for apps like facebook and uber but it's a different story when you call 911. many of those emergency calls
7:25 am
from cell phones are misrouted to 911 center. >> our most important question is what the location of your emergency. reporter: current technology uses sell towers to where you are, but the tower your phone pings may be miles away or in another jurisdiction. >> i will have to transfer you to the city of rosswell, okay? you're outside of our jurisdiction. reporter: we conducted a test call in a 911 center where there were at least three misdirected calls in two hours you were there. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency. >> this is jonathan serrie of fox news doing a test. can you tell me what address is showing up on computer. >> showing your cell tower, 3129 milton parkway. >> more than a mile away where i'm standing. we conducted a second test using technology from startup, laser 911. tell me the address that popped up on your screen. this time the 911 operator pinpointed location immediately. >> your phone is good
7:26 am
understanding where it is. we let the phone do its work. it tells our system where it is. our system utilizes cellular network to transmit voice and data necessary to complete the call. reporter: the federal communications estimates even a one minute improvement in response time to mobile callers would save more than 10,000 lives a year. the agency's mandating by the year 2021, 80%, at least 80% of wireless calls must provide accurate, dispatchable location. that would be an improvement over the status quo, still then it allows for one in five mobile callers to fall through the cracks. eric: jonathan, really important if you're on a cell phone tell the operator your location. fascinating that they don't know. reporter: one of the first questions they ask, 911, what is your location. when we're out and about not
7:27 am
always aware of surroundings. one of the best things you can do keep idea of a nearby address, if you were in an emergency, you would be able to give the dispatcher an idea how to find you. eric: great advice to remind you. jonathan serrie. thank you. heather? heather: coming up a warning for russia as the white house prepares sanctions against moscow following cyber attacks interfering with the u.s. elections. state ahead, senators john mccain and lindsey graham join us live from latvia. what they say should be done about russia's interference up next. >> there will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hit russia hard, particularly putin, as an individual. knowing the relationship between latvia and russia, you can expect some economic pain. it will be true in america. but freedom is worth suffering pain. it is now time for russia to understand, enough is enough.
7:28 am
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. heather: welcome back of the second flight recorder of the russian military plane that crashed into the black sea has been recovered. the first was recovered yesterday and it is already being analyzes. the aircraft carrying 92 people went down on sunday two minutes after taking off. memorials for the crash victims are growing. people paying respects outside of the headquarters of the ensemble choir which lost several singers in that crash. ♪ well a federal appeals court in washington reviving two lawsuits calling on hillary clinton to hand over more emails related to that private server that she used while secretary of
7:32 am
state. the former democratic nominee forked over some 54,000 pages of emails back in 2014 but deleted thousands of others. for more on this let's bring in matthew continetti, editor-in-chief at the "washington free beacon." thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: so what do you think about this latest move and what does this mean will happen next? >> well it shows you the email scandal is the scandal that will never die. thanks to the d.c. circuit court of appeals looks like it will last even into the trump administration. the court basically saying that the secretary of state has the power to ask the attorney general to use basically the fbi and other law enforcement techniques to recover whatever emails may be left on that private server. now the clinton people say that they gave everything that they didn't delete, right? but, still some people including "judicial watch" which was behind this very successful lawsuit, saying, no, we need to
7:33 am
do everything we can to figure out if there are any emails yet to be released to the public. heather: but then it would be left up to the future attorney general, correct? >> correct. who may very well be senator jeff sessions of alabama in the coming year. now it is interesting because it puts the incoming trump administration in a novel place, heather, because if you recall on his thank you tour a couple weeks ago president-elect trump said when the crowd started chanting, lock her up, president-elect trump said we don't really care about that anymore, do we? it will be a political question and the president and secretary of state tillerson if he confirmed and attorney general sessions if he is confirmed will have to decide whether to press the case to see whether we really did get all of hillary clinton's emails from the private server. heather: do you think the president-elect was saying in fact this is over and done with? or was he really moving it
7:34 am
forward it will be up to the attorney general and it will move in that direction instead? >> sure. hard to say. what exactly he meant but i know it will come up in discussions when he is the president. of course el probably want to have a say and it's, it was a large part of his campaign, getting to the bottom of what was in those emails. so i actually think his instincts would probably be to allow attorney general sessions to continue to pursue the case. heather: what do you think should happen? should it be over and done with? >> no. i think in the interests of transparency we should probably find as many of emails as possible. now it could well be the case as the clinton team says, that they handed over everything that they didn't delete, all the emails about growing today they say they deleted but you never can tell. the record of this administration in particular as we see just today in the course of them denying meetings with palestinian officials that are up on their own website, when you think about this administration in particular, you want to have due diligence
7:35 am
and make sure that every avenue is pursued to achieve the goal that you're pursuing, in this case, finding whether there are any emails left hidden. heather: is that really the larger issue when it comes to, you know the administration via the obama administration or be it the trump administration moving forward, that need for openness, that need for honesty and for people to think that their leaders are being honest with them? >> absolutely and i think this issue of honesty is one reason why hillary clinton lost the campaign. there is one danger for president-elect trump here. he doesn't want his government bogged down in the email investigation. he doesn't want his attorney general boggedded down in that investigation because he has so many other pursuits to go after. and including reform of the justice department as well as president-elect trump's larger agenda. heather: all right. so let's just kind of play that we know what will be found.
7:36 am
say there are more incriminating emails found, then what should happen? >> well, then i think you have the really tough decision, there i think that, president-elect trump is probably inclined not to pursue any criminal charges against hillary clinton. we should remember though, there are several other probes into the clintons ongoing, including into the foundation. so this, this again, just when you think that the clintons may be out of public life because of the drubbing hillary took in the polls in november, no, they won't be going away. in fact all of these investigations remain on the table for president-elect trump. heather: all right. matthew, thanks so much for joining us. have a happy new year. >> you too. eric: well the white house looking to punish russia for hacking the u.s. election. coming up we talk to senators john mccain and lindsey graham what they think should be done.
7:37 am
plus there is this. >> i was foolish to think i could find luke and bring him home. don't do that? >> what? >> anything. >> the princess -- >> trying to be helpful. >> oh, when did that ever help. don't say the death star. heather: americans mourning the loss of iconic "star wars" princess carrie fisher. fisher died yesterday at the age of 60. we'll tell you how her castmates are remembering her.
7:38 am
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7:40 am
eric: well the white house we're told about to put the kremlin on notice, warning president vladmir putin, that our government will punish russia for its interfering with the u.s. presidential election. our next guest says 99% of the u.s. senate say moscow was behind the u.s. hacking and that could undermined our democratic way of life. they're in latvia and visiting estonia tomorrow, lindsey graham, republican on the committee and senator john mccain, chairman of the armed services committee. thanks for joining us from latvia. good to see you you. senator mccain, let me start with you what type of action do you expect? whether sanctions, cyber retaliation, how can moscow get a serious and meaningful message, do you think? >> well, first of all, we ought
7:41 am
to have a policy which this administration does not have which comes with a strategy to defeat these attacks which this administration has never done, much to our frustration. you can do a number of things. one, increase the sanctions on russia for this misbehavior. i would make sure we have a permanent presence here in the baltic countries. as you can imagine they're very concerned. i think i would give defensive weapons to ukraine so they can defend themselves against further russian attacks on their homeland. and, make sure that vladmir putin knows that this kind of action in the future will be responded to. so far, he has gotten away with, whatever he has wanted to do. we need a firm policy. eric: senator graham, he told putin, we're seeing video, to cut it out and they apparently stopped that. do you think that is enough? >> when it comes to obama and
7:42 am
putin, putin has cleaned his clock. in terms of obama taking action, i don't think it would do any good. the bottom line is, you need to hit russia in a sustained fashion. so if obama tries to do something going out the doornotu send the wrong signal. here is what i would prefer. let the new congress and new president deal with russia, pass new sanctions, much tougher than the ones we already have. i would hit them hard. i would put the engy sector under sanction. i would name putin as an individual in his inner circle. let them be sanctioned in terms of their money and their travel. they have a weak economist. they're about the size of spain. so only way putin is going to change if he feels the pain. if i were president trump i would call president obama and say, don't start something that you can't finish. let trump and the new congress do this. eric: what if they retaliate even stronger? senator mccain, if we take a
7:43 am
strong action could that boomerang? >> well, you've got two choices. you can either passively accept these kinds of gross violations. look, if you're able to change the results of an election, then you have undermined the very fundamentals of democracy. this is, this is of the utmost seriousness, what they have done and everybody knows that they have done it. now, the question about whether it affected the election or not, i don't believe that it did. set that aside. so this, is of the utmost seriousness. there was a president who once said peace through strength. we attained peace and only through strength. this administration passively observed vladmir putin in big countries violate international law, basically act in, reckless abandon, but more importantly, the threats to the security of the united states of america.
7:44 am
vladmir putin is a thug and a bully and murderer. he understands strength. that is all that he understands. and we're still the strongest nation on earth. we just have to do it right. eric: senator graham, you know, senator mccain is right. this undermines our very democratic values, affects our sovereignty and is a threat to the republic. what do you say to the doubters out there? there are people watching right now who don't buy this? >> well you doubt at your own peril. here's what i would tell people. learn from history. don't repeat the mistakes of history. anytime in europe you let one country grab land by force, you will live to regret it. the rule of law is, sacrosanct to me. if scotland wants to break away from the uk, there is a process for that to be had. crimea was taken by force. if you don't hit russia hard for interfering in our elections, and i agree with senator mccain, they didn't affect the
7:45 am
outcome but definitely hacked into the dnc and podesta emails, to my republican friends, it could be us next. if we give russia a pass and get rough with china we need to, they could hack into the next election. we need to let all adversaries of america know, if you interfere with our elections, you will pay a heavy price. those who doubt that we shouldn't retaliate, you don't understand the world. eric: go ahead. >> after world war ii is over, can i say, 70 years we had a new world order, it has been relatively peaceful. what we're allowing vladmir putin to do is undermine that world order. you are in danger of seeing the european union come apart. you're seeing strains caused by refugees which is a syrian problem which was only, vladmir putin was one of the ones mainly responsible for our failure in syria and total and abysmal failure.
7:46 am
so that world order has to be maintained. vladmir putin is a threat to that. i would hope that our european allies would understand this threat and would join us in this effort to curb these reckless behavior by vladmir putin. eric: you are, senators on a tour of the baltic states and in estonia now. there are 150 american troops. what is the message to putin and moscow of this specific visit while you're there over your christmas holidays, to tell moscow, to tell russia, especially after the invasion of ukraine and continued aggressiveness? let me start with you, senator graham. >> well, first thing that we want to give a message to is to our friends in the baltics, latvia, lithuania, estonia, we're here to show our solidarity with you. you're nato members. you're democratic states. we understand that russia has had a massive buildup on your border. that we support keeping troops here on a permanent basis even
7:47 am
though they're rotational. i'm creating an account in the appropriations committee i'm in charge of, to counter russian aggression outside of the military, propaganda, cyber attacks. we want our baltic friends to know we stand with you. we want russia to know that american congress will stand by with our allies and putin and russia's aggression towards democracies, including ours you will pay a big price. here is what i predict. there will be a bypartisan vote next year sanction russia for trying to interfere in our elections and rec r elections all over the world including the baltics. eric: quickly, senator mccain, the same? >> the same and a permanent u.s. presence. that doesn't mean a permanent basing but it means a permanent rotation of american troops into
7:48 am
the baltic countries so they can be assured we are committed to their independence and freedom. very frankly we're hearing that from them, that they want a permanent american presence so they can train, arm, equip and work closely. these are wonderful little countries, my friend, and they're brave and courageous and they're independent but they're under enormous pressure and they need an american presence and american support. we need to give them that message and i can't give them a message from the president of the united states but i can sure speak for the overwhelmingly majority of my colleagues in the senate both republican and democrat. >> i would just conclude, when the baltic states, excuse me, when they see an american flag flying in their country with american troops under that flag, it is the most reassuring thing we could do for our friends in the baltics. eric: that is such an important point. they seem to share our values and not what we see eminating from moscow. senators john mccain and
7:49 am
lindsey graham, who are in right now in latvia. off to lithuania. safe travels on your trip and thank you for bringing your message to the fox news channel today. we have satellite delays. there is the thank you. heather: slight delay. they're far, far away. north loss to talk about in 2016. sad story to talk about. actress and writer carrie fisher, generations of fans remembering her today. >> it is very upsetting. we grew up watching "star wars." she looked pretty good in the last movie. we didn't realize her health was so bad. it is real upsetting, you know? >> she is a hero. always will be remembered as such. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store,
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>> eight minutes away on "happening now." the war of the tweets. president-elect trump going after president obama in a new tweet storm. we have details. awaiting a major speech on middle east peace from secretary of state john kerry. could he make news? plus another outbreak of violence in a mall. this time evidence it was organized on social media. remembering carrie fisher. a closer look what killed her, ahead, "happening now." ♪ >> stormtrooper. >> huh? >> we understand, don't we, chew which.
7:53 am
we had no choice. don't need any of your help. somebody has to save our skin. into the garbage, boy. i don't know where you get your delusions, laser brain. no matter how much we fought, i always hated watching you leave. >> that's why i did it. so you would miss me. >> i did miss you. eric: speaking of carrie fisher, she was feisty, yet kind, hopeful, but stern. only a few of the words that are being described about her and her performance, about as prince ses leia. today we remember the late actress and writer. she was of course known off screen for her humor and total honesty. christian toto, editor of hollywood in toto. people across the country
7:54 am
remembering her. it is a shocking loss. she was certainly an original. >> she was, back in the 1970s, you didn't have a-list female action stars thin. didn't have angelina jolies, or scarlett johansson. she set the tone in a way. it wasn't done. no one blinked about it. she was tough and cool and had to sport the crazy bun-style hair dos. she made it look easy. she was only 19 at the time. what a difficult role. the whole movie could have collapsed, "star wars," if she was lesser of the three main characters. she wasn't. she was terrific. as we got to know her, she was much more than that. eric: hollywood royalty. the daughter of debbie fisher. she was in harry met sally. she was outspoken advocate for mental health and addiction. her wonderful memoir, postcards from the edge. you can't put it down. she was well-known and
7:55 am
accomplishments as an author on these topics. >> back when she was doing it. there weren't a lot of people confessing everything about their lives. everyone is on twitter and social media, expressing what they feel. giving confessional interviews. she did it years and years before that became the standard. she was blunt and honest and very funny. she was a great writer. a wonderful raconteur. for all the reasons we got to see a different side of her. people connected with her, not just because she was princess leia. she was much more than. eric: how did they connect with her? you saw her vulnerable. she was in an interview with stephen colbert. bought a dog on the set, gary. it was warm, hilarious, outrageous. that reflected her personality, she was really so honest and what's unique in hollywood sometimes i would imagine, she was so real. >> she was. and you know, i don't think she wanted to be a certain way. she wasn't trying to be crazy or outrageous.
7:56 am
she just was, that is who she was. because she didn't fit any particular mode, it was refreshing. everyone today is either canned or outrageous on purpose. she followed her own trail. i think we recognize that authenticity. you could see it on the screen and certainly see it on the page. eric: finally even with her loss i guess we are es blessed, because there is one more "star wars" film she is in. it finished wrapping production. out late this coming year. >> christmastime 2017. all of her shooting sequences have been done. she will be in the film untitled as of yet. i understand she was going to be in the next one yet, episode 9, at least the story won't continue. we'll see how they write it out. we could see her as prince ses leia one more time. we'll miss her. eric: everyone remembering carrie fisher. christian, thanks for your remembering and insight.
7:57 am
heather: steve martin described her as one of the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. we're awaiting remarks from secretary of state kerrey set to give a speech about u.s. policy towards israel and to lay out the obama administration's vision how to bring about peace in the middle east.
7:58 am
. . .
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it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >> well, thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean. heather: i'm heather childress, happening now start.
8:00 am
jon: fox news alert on mideast policy with secretary of state john kerry about to give a major speech at the state department just days after the u.s. allowed a controversial antiisrael resolution to pass in the un security council. good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. melissa: and i'm melissa francis in today for jenna lee. final policy speech on middle east peace. he's expected to lay out principles for peace deal and reaction not coming in not surprising there with israeli cabinet calling mr. kerry's address a pathetic step accusing the obama administration of trying to limit president-elect trump's ability on his own policy on the policy. mr. trump tweeting today, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with total distaken and disrespect.


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