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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hopefully the weather is good and great to watch. we'll see you, i will see you back here in an hour. see you back here in an hour. >> you have another hour left? melissa: i got it. right. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> welcome to "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. host of kennedy di on fox business. kennedy. and dagen mcdowell and julie roginsky. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business and "forbes on fox." david asman is here he is "outnumbered." >> thank you all for having me. good to see a lot of fbn folks. >> i thought it was going to hit
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20,000, the dow? >> he is one of the brightest. >> she is about to attack. dagen mcdowell me? >> i'm only one that don't worry about fbn. kennedy: talk about the hang seng and "nimby.." sandra: what could be a new low in israeli-u.s. relations, secretary of state john kerry lengthy defense of the u.n. liz solution condemning is israeli settlements. kerry tore into israel for settlement building on land claimed by palestinians. netanyahu ace kerry rhetoric was as unbalanced as the resolution that came out of the u.n. >> kerry paid lip service about.
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what he did was spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace, by passionately condemning a policy of enabling jews to live in their historic homeland and in their eye ternnal capital, jerusalem. sandra: prime minister netanyahu is the highest ranking israeli leader to allege that the obama administration was secretly behind last week's u.n. vote and saying israel has absolutely incontestable evidence. live from the state department with the very latest. hey, rich. reporter: good afternoon, sandra. this relationship has been confrontational for years and now explicit as it has ever been. that between the obama administration and prime minister netanyahu of israel. with three weeks to go in office, secretary of state john kerry laid out the administration's view for middle east peace. he spent much of that talk, giving a reprimand really over
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settle building. >> some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means that the u.s. must accept any policy regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles, even after urging again and again that the policy must change. friends need to tell each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect. reporter: kerr i added that the u.s. can not do nothing and say nothing when they see the hope of peace slipping away. he criticized the palestinians for glorification of terrorism naming streets and public square s for terrorists. israelis took it as no more than a one-sided attack. >> we're not about to be dissuaded by mistaken policies that have caused great, great damage. israelis do not lead e need to be lectured about the importance
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of peace by foreign leaders. reporter: for the charges of israelis that the obama administration was behind this resolution secretary of state john kerry says that is not true. sandra, back to you. sandra: rich, thank you very much. david asman. >> wow, where do you begin? first time in my life it is clear that the united states is coming out on the side of terrorists as opposed to democracies. that is a very dramatic statement. but what happened with the palestinian authority which used to be the plo by the way, one of founders of modern-day terrorism they made a link-up in 2015 with hamas which is still registered by the state department as a terrorist organization. as we heard from benjamin netanyahu they name streets after terrorists. they actually award terrorists with a stipend if they kill an israeli citizen. so this is an organization and combined with the palestinian authority that are committed to terrorism. if you listen to john kerry's speech, about two hours of
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verbal assault against israel. they mentioned a couple innings in things. they mentioned a couple things about terrorism on palestinian side. overall condemnation of israel as they were aggressors rather than terrorist organizations who are real aggressors. this is extraordinary moment in u.s. history. sandra: it wasn't just netanyahu took to slamming john kerry's speech. president-elect donald trump took the opportunity to do so as well. watch. >> i think his speech really speaks for itself. yeah, it speaks for itself. it is pretty obvious. >> he said friends to need to -- >> different views. we have to have peace. i think it -- we'll see what happens after january 20th, right? i think you will be very impressed. sandra: somewhat difficult to hear. i think his speech really speaks for itself. he ended by saying we'll see what happens after january 20th, insinuating it will be much different than a trump administration. julie? julie: what does don king have
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to say about all that standing here. this is issues lends itself to nuance and not a sound bite issue. first and foremost i don't understand why john kerry would do this now. it has no practical effect. other than there is going to be a meeting in paris that the united states may or may not be part of that will determine further status of these peace talks. but, ultimately, it is very hard, almost like being a marriage counselor to a couple that decided to divorce, right? you can't force somebody to stay together when a couple said -- >> two sides are not equal. julie: doesn't matter if they're equal. neither side is interested in discussion of having a peace conference. israelis continue to build setments in areas palestinians claim their own. palestinians incite violence against israeliss and palestinian authority mahmoud abbas says something different in english than in arabic to his own people where the prospects of peace go. neither side is interested in
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anything john kerry has to say. furthermore what i find interesting in all of this is that you have split within israeli community, ehud barak, saying that he supported what john kerry said. majority of israelis support what john kerry said. my attitude is the following. unless the israelis and the palestinians decide to in good faith sit down, the way the jordanians and israelis sat down at one point, the way egyptians in 1979 with anwar sadat sat down with israel helies and said here are the status, this is the status we're going to negotiate. we're going to give up certain land for peace the way the, the way the egyptians did back in the '70s. that is not goings to happen. >> they have already done it. they pulled out of gaza in 2005 and when they did all the hamas folks shot rockets in israel. >> three wars since then. three wars since they pulled out of gaza. sandra: talk about damage being done. it has been done under the
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current administration. is it so damaged beyond repair that it can't come back? obviously the effort here is to box in donald trump. but ahead of him getting into the white house. >> we talked about this a little it about yesterday. and i think that donald trump can easily score a victory here but what you've done is you've created so much extremism on both sides because the palestinians are now emboldened by the u.n. resolution. israel is now so upset that they have got absolutely no desire for someone else to be the architect of a two-state solution that at this point doesn't benefit them. to your point, yeah, there are a lot of people, particularly, democratic jews in this country who agree with a lot of what john kerry said that his arguments are logical but vehemently disagree with the u.n. resolution. if the rest of the world were telling us how to do our business i think our leaders would react exactly as benjamin netanyahu did yesterday. >> to david's point earlier, i don't think this is anything new
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in terms of this administration coddle didding and pandering to terrorists. the countries and states that support terrorism. it comes back to the fact that the president won't recognize radical islamic terrorism. we turned our backs in the last week on israel where women have equal rights in a region where women don't. and then you look at the iran deal. and a deal with a nation that is still the largest state sponsor of terror in this world. we're sending them pallets of cash, $1.7 billion at last count. so i think this is, you ask why now? politically because it is of a bumper sticker because, in that election season, you would have had basically commercials being run about the genocide in syria that they turned their backs on and fact now it is essentially illegal for the jewish people to have homes in jewish land. >> say one thing about dagen, who is spot on in this administration's record in dealing with terrorism.
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in 2011 there was something that was called the arab spring. of course it turned out to be very much not what it was advertised to be. it was supposed to be promoting democracy. instead it promoted terrorist groups. the united states, in the beginning of that, hillary clinton was in the state department and then john kerry came in, they were supporting the muslim brothered who. you mentioned anwar sadat, the guy who did the famous peace treaty. >> he was killed by the muslim brotherhood. >> we were supporting the muslim brotherhood in 2011 in egypt. they took over. there was a coup to get them out. we've been supporting terrorism for a long time in this administration. what is going on? it is crazy! sandra: talk of the collusion. you've got benjamin netanyahu, israeli government charging the obama administration for being behind the push for this resolution. they say they have ironclad evidence. do you deny that they have that? julie: i have no idea. same thing i said about russian hacking. i said it all along, if it
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exists, let's see it. see declassified version. sandra: they say they're concerned turning it over to the current administration what they would do in. they want to turn it over to donald trump, that they pretty much established a relationship. julie: i want to see it. wait a second. i want to see it, see declassified version of what the evidence is. very serious allegation by prime minister of israel. i think his people deserve to see what the evidence is. we deserve to see it. not asking for classified information. kennedy: what about the conversation between the vice president and -- julie: he is denying it. kennedy: not really. they already proven the conversation existed. julie: one person making allegation versus another person saying the allegation is not true. here is, my grandmother lived in area of jerusalem which is considered to be occupied territory. it is part of east jerusalem israelis consider to be part of greater east jerusalem, everybody else besides the united states, european june, japan, all consider to be a settlement.
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she lived and died for last 25 years of my her life on that land. i spent all my summers there as child. somebody who has seen it is complicated issue. >> it is not so complicated. hamas -- julie: david, let me finish my point. >> they want to wipe israel off the map. kennedy: talk about a couple already decided to get divorce going to marriage counselor. one of those people in the marriage writing books on not only marriage is the most deceitful and horrific institution on the planet but how all wives should be killed. that is tantamount what is the palestinian -- julie: let me finish my point. if you don't do something about these settlements, and i'm not suggesting that particular part of the settlement needs to be given back to the palestinians, if you don't establish some sort of area for them to have their own homeland, eventually demographically, israel will cease to be a majority jewish democratic state. it will become because of birth rates, majority palestinian.
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and so if israelis want to continue to have majority, democratic jewish state they have to do something about this. we can bang our fists against the wall about the palestinians. i agree -- >> not just palestinians. hamas. we're supporting terrorists over a democratic ally and that's wrong, period. sandra: appreciate all perspectives, thank you. we have to go. secretary kerry's blistering speech on israel, fueling bipartisanship on capitol hill. pushback from israel coming from congress. calling to defund the united nations. how likely that could happen and should it? plus the white house wants to send vladmir putin a message. don't mess with american democracy. sanctions against moscow could be coming today as punishment for election hacking but the timing of it all raising new questions. after the show, always remember you can join our live chat clicking on overtime tab
9:14 am this conversation will continue there and much more. tweet us your thoughts. see you after the show.
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sandra: new sanctions targeting russia could be announced as earlier today. the obama administration will reportedly have new measures to punish moscow and president putin himself for hacking that secretary of state kerry says has serious consequence. >> all of the cyber attacks taking place, particularly the russian one had profound impact on our system, on our, on our political process, on our, it invade the space of our election.
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the releases on a regular basis of one party's stolen emails had an impact. sandra: president-elect trump is critical of the intelligence community's findings that russia was behind the hacking. he said it is time to move on. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think computers complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. sandra: time to get on with our lives. let's, first, let's address donald trump first. >> i thought you were going to say don king standing next to him. kennedy: tale of two dons. sandra: he says time to move on. should we be doing this? >> first of all it is very difficult for cia and intel operations to reveal stuff even if it is final data they have without giving up sources. there are human sources and there is technical data that the
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cia used to come to the conclusion, whatever conclusion it was about the russian hacking. both of those things, both of our human intel, that means people could die if we give up names and stuff. and the technical stuff, we would be revealing to the russians, they could kind of reengineer it to figure out how we figured that out. we would be revealing to them how we get information from them. we want to keep as much of that secret as possible. congress and the executive powers have ways to do that but if you release it publicly it is kind of risky. sandra: i don't know, dagen, we've been chatting about this for some time. do you think we should be punishing them? >> punishing yes, but you heard senator lindsey graham say yesterday wait for sanctions. russia has to pay a price for the hacking, because it is not just what we saw in the last year. it is what has been going on for years that the obama administration has turned a blind eye to. you wait for a new congress and new president to take action against russia. meantime because of russia's
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power in terms of the purse, oil prices shot up, sandra. almost 50% this year because of agreement between opec and non-opec producers including russia to cut production of 1.8 million barrels a day. russia is in the catbird seat. new administration, give our energy producers a lot more freedom to pump a lot more oil and that will ultimately have us to have more power over russia. sandra: so secretary john kerry's words that this hacking had profound effect on election. do you agree with that? julie: i don't they if it did, the fact they hacked into our electoral system. >> what does that mean? julie: releasing information propry tear to the dnc and john podesta's email with information proprietary to the
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clinton campaign. whether it swung the election or not they tried to do that. vladmir putin is not our friend. every american president since george w. bush made this mistake and bush made it, obama made it and trump thinks they will come to peace with authoritarian despot. this is not a man will ever do business with us. there is a way to punish russia without punishing the russians. ban the magnitsky act. that vladmir putin is sheltering tremendous wealth and large amount of oligarchs around him in the west. cut off the wealth from the west and prethem from visiting their property in the west. their russian economy? in the tank. their oil goes up their standard of living goes up. vladmir putin is doing, this out of society yet playbook, this something i know about, people
9:22 am
struggle economically and get upset with the way life is going, started a ventures abroad and create straw men that the united states and west are trying to get you. kennedy: north korea as well. julie: don't look at man behind the curtain. look at the west. look at americans are creating hell on life for us. he is awful human being and deserves to be punished for all of his behavior. kennedy: all of that is absolutely true. i don't dispute any of it. the thing i find curious, john kerry, our chief diplomat, representative of the american government, that russians hacked into our election. that is the equivalent of russians hacking into voting machines and changing the outcome. john podesta emails, what do you think the average person took away from the john podesta emails. hon necessarily. versus the emails that came out, over year-long investigation of hillary clinton's server?
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i would argue that the stuff that came out about her from her, by her, the classified information, was much more damning than hearing that donna brazile might have given her some questions in a debate. julie: first of all, this is by virtue not just my opinion -- kennedy: how is that quantifiably changing election? take all the information, all these perceptions, you have so many different elements creating people's opinions. you. dagen: you know why president obama and everybody in his administration why they did nothing about this until now, because they didn't think it was a big deal. julie: they did. they put sanctions on -- dagen: what if it is not just the russians. what if we stop looking at other actors who might have gotten into systems and leaks embarrassing information? what if it is not just the russians. dagen: joe biden himself said he didn't think it had impact on election.
9:24 am
he said that beforehand. what did president obama do, sat across the from putin and said, cut it out. julie: are you excusing russian behavior. kennedy: i said look in places other than russia. false sense of security. also i think you're seeing a bit of a sleight of hand from the obama administration because our cybersecurity sucks. >> can't wait for january 20th. that is all i have to say. sandra: president-elect trump appears to be painting two different pictures of how the transition is actually really truly going. one minute he says president obama is throwing up roadblocks. the next, you know, thing you know he says it is smooth sailing, so which is it? some in congress want to send the u.n. a clear message, change your tone on israel. more growing support on capitol hill to pull all u.s. cash from the world body in the wake of that controversial resolution. but could that actually happen?
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♪ kennedy: welcome back to the couch. this isout nudged beard -- this is "outnumbered." doing about face, president-elect trump, taking to twitter, twitter, huh, to vent frustration with the obama administration. quote, doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. he later tweeted. who let the dogs out and what's up? mr. trump saying this to his reporters at mar-a-lago club at florida, listen. >> he called me. we had a very, very good talk about generally, about things. he was in hawaii. and it was a very, very nice call. and i actually thought we covered a lot of territory. a lot -- >> are you satisfied with the transition so far? >> well our staffs are getting along very well and i'm getting along very well with him other
9:29 am
than a couple of statements that i responded to. and we talked about it. and smiled about it. and nobody's ever going to know because we're never going against each other in that way. kennedy: very good. david asman, i have to ask you first, is it, rougher than gravel or smoother than creamy peanut butter? >> well the point is, donald trump, is a business guy. used to dealing with difficult situations. one minute you're negotiating with a guy, calling him a sob, next minute you have your arm around him, my partner for life. that is what he does for a living. that is what he used to doing. he obviously looks two-faced. in the morning he says this. in the afternoon he that. that is what americans voted for. he will get job done even with people he doesn't like and united states has problems with. kennedy: there seems to be two layers. on one layer, they're making yo
9:30 am
mama jokes and when it comes down to the practical transition of power their teams seem to be mature and getting along. am i reading to much into that as eternal optimist? julie: i hope you're right. i have never been nice to him declaring his candidacy. if i went on him, julie is nice. unbelievably how easy he is to flatter. kennedy: try it. julie: trump, merry christmas, i've been wrong about you all along. tweet something nice. that is the problem from donald trump he is so easily flattered. >> you really think he takes platterry that seriously? julie: yes. >> he had decades learning to how to absorb that an dissect the truth from the not truth in the flattery comments. julie: putin calls me a genius. i love this guy. >> do you really take that seriously? kennedy: they say the same thing. they go in, bombastic, negative and very pessimistic, come out, you know what he is actually
9:31 am
really great guy. sandra: they come out charmedded dagen: why do you think mitt romney met with him multiple times and broke bread with him. sandra:ing from frog legs. dagen: you can eat a gravel sandwich as long as it has a lot of peanut butter in it. sandra: this is very deep today. dagen: kennedy, they're not actually getting along. tom perez, who wants to head the dnc running labor department, called actions by the trump transition team illegal. he went out publicly, because they wanted information about some of the employees. same thing happened which trump, the administration, transition team said it was mistakes but they wanted information about some employees, actions of some employees. >> there are roadblocks. dagen: underneath this there are tensions. >> obama administration is clearly putting up roadblocks. that is what the u.n. resolution
9:32 am
was all about. a bunch of last minute decisions by epa to stop drilling. they are trying as best as they can to put roadblocks because they know trump will try to dismantle just about everything obama did. kennedy: there is difference between legacy preservation and actually wanting a smooth transition. the president has gone out of his way to talk about, especially during the final week of the election, how in this country, we do not dismiss the results, we do not have third party candidates paying, trying to get money online. >> but then he puts up roadblocks. dagen: he was trying to be like george bush treated president obama and the obama family in the transition but he is so angry about the loss, the president, and is so angry about -- kennedy: not even loss, but legacy. >> he mentioned that during the campaign. dagen: wrecking ball made of brass going right through the
9:33 am
what the president has done. julie: can we have one president at a time? >> obama put himself out there during the campaign. julie: obama can do whatever he wants in terms of regulation. >> he inserted himself in the campaign. vote for me, vote for hillary because it is my legacy. sandra: julie wants to hold grudges and never listen to opposition. dagen: that is me, not anybody else. sandra: one of the most respected things about donald trump during this transition process his ability to open door listen to people who opposed him, give everybody a fair shake. kennedy: including kanye west. dagen: he said donald trump was in it bed with the kkk in unprecedented blitz for hillary clinton. move on to renewed calls for the united states to pull billions of dollars of funding from the u.n. after the obama administration allowed a controversial vote to go forward condemning israeli settlement building. senate minority schumer chuck
9:34 am
schumer among democrats joining republicans expressing outrage as secretary kerry's defense of that move which broke with decades of tradition which the u.s. defended our ally, israel, from u.n. censure. texas congressman louie gohmert urging congress to retaliate. >> i have a bill that win hopefully be drafted by friday anyway, two things, one, we don't give a dime to the u.n. until they rescind that resolution. and people are saying they will never do that. fine, they don't need our help to be anti-semitic. the other is to prevent even one dime, making it a crime, to use any government money to recognize palestine as an independent country or state. dagen: former presidential candidate mike huckabee also weighing in saying that the u.s. could make better use of the u.n. budget. >> we ought to take that money that is going to the u.n. and make it available to veterans
9:35 am
who have served under the u.s. flag and make sure they get the benefits they need. we are getting zero benefits, we're getting embarrassed by the actions of the u.n. that is money ought to be spent on american servicemen and servicewomen and i hope donald trump makes it one of the first acts of his presidency. dagen: david, 25% of the u.n.'s total regular and peacekeeping budget we fund $3 billion annually. >> right. dagen: is it time to pull it? >> sure. partly because we don't even know how much they actually spend because they're getting money from all different sources. claudia row set, best u.n. watcher i know, tried to figure out how the u.n. budgets things. they can't. bad enough when you're trying to figure out how a government funds things because government -- but this is a collection of over 100 different governments, almost 200 governments together. it is totally out of control. i think should move headquarters from new york to yemen. if we did that, suddenly find out the expenses would be cut in half. one suggestion.
9:36 am
dagen: want to get to a tweet from donald trump about this very issue. the united nations, this is what trump tweeted, has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. so sad. that is actually being quite kind given the level of corruption that we've seen in the u.n. let's just look at the oil-for-food program, where the leadership at the u.n., essentially presided over a looting of this charitable program by saddam hussein, more than a billion dollars. >> look what the u.n. has done dishonestly with climate change alone and some of those laughable panels that rest on research instead of employing actual skepticism and science. i don't have a problem at all with pulling federal funding from the u.n. i don't think we need to be investing this one world government nonsense. i really don't. i don't think it is in our best interests. and mike huckabee talks about
9:37 am
taking money from the u.n. giving it to veterans, why not take money from the f-35 program giving it to veterans. i don't have a problem with that either. dagen: money talks and what, walks. you said sob earlier. >> i did. julie: what walks dagen? there may be merit to this. i'm not knee-jerk reflexive about the fact that we need to keep funding the u.n. at levels they're at. i think idea of the u.n. with some justice league type scenario where you would have all the great people and countries getting together trying to have peace, justice and not the american way but international way. up fortunately the structure of the u.n. and security council alone was built on a post-world war ii premise where world war ii allies who are not today the greatest people and countries on earth, china, russia, have a large say over world events. so for us to work, it is very hard, i'm not opposed to sitting with countries that we don't agree with.
9:38 am
in fact we should do that but you have people like chinese and russians having very outsized influence on world events and country like germany still being punished for its facts 75 years ago and or japan, which are our western allies not having as much of a say, i have a problem with that. so i think there is some merit to discussing this. i don't know what the answer is. but i think -- kennedy: we need to rethink a lot of stuff. pull our bases from japan and germany as well? sandra: unlikely source rethinking these things, did you see the response from senator chuck schumer on all this i came in last night. that was pretty scathing response to john kerry's speech. he may not have intended it, i fear in his speech and action at the u.n. he has emboldened extremists on both sides. >> last time u.n. did anything good in 1991 when it got together in order to kick saddam hussein out of kuwait. got george bush, first george bush put that coalition
9:39 am
together. they were able to get saddam hussein out kuwait. >> he could have done that without the u.n.? >> that was the last time the u.n. got together to do something specific. maybe could have done it without the u.n. but used u.n. to do it. dagen: meantime they're partying on our dime. move on. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren sparking early talk she may plan a white house run in four years as one top member of her party says that the class of 2020 is shaping up to be an old folks home. whether that is the case and what a warren run could mean for the democrats. ♪ taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll? well, the only place you need go... london's got the best of everything. cornwall's got the best of everything. sport sport
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the progressive democrat is joining the senate armed services committee in the new year. some say she is making the move to bolster her credentials to be commander-in-chief. but when asked about it she told a local massachusetts station a bid in the next cycle, was quote, not on her radar screen. when pressed whether she would consider to a run in the future. she was pressed, come on, forgot to add, of course. on heels of retiring senator minority leader harry reid giving a blunt assessment of democrat who may run in 2020, including warren. when asked by an aide who he would support, "new york" magazine quotes reid saying it depends who we're running. appears we'll have a old folks home. elizabeth warren is 71. biden is 78. bernie sanders is 79. harry reid is going to run again in six years because, he is going to live forever. sandra: age is just all inner
9:44 am
about, kennedy. kennedy: of course it is a number. harry reid is incredibly ageist here. if you look the at weak bench democrats have, admittedly a lot of democrats would say the same thing, elizabeth warren looks quite spry to hillary clinton. julie: first of all, elizabeth warren will still be younger than donald trump in four years. talk about amazing republican bench, that the republicans had this past year. young marco rubio, little marco, ted cruz. carly fiorina. kennedy: don't forget jeb bush. julie: exclamation point jeb and they ended up with donald trump. you never know who will emerge. sandra: they put forward a deeper bench. where is the deep bench. kennedy: martin o'malley is quite a contender. dagen: martin o'malley needs to take his shirt off more. julie: when i was depressed and heavily drinking when george bush was elected who knew about a guy named barack obama? nobody knew this state senator
9:45 am
from barack obama from illinois. nobody knew anything about him. four years he gave a speech. got on people's radar screens and he is president. kennedy: who is on the radar screen? julie: that is my point. a guy from state senator from some state we don't think about or elizabeth warren. you never know who will emerge. four years ago did we think donald trump would be ever republican nominee or president? of course not. >> president at age of 70. not the age, it is ideas. dagen: thank you. >> ideas are being rejected by middle america. only people drawn to the ideas of liz warren and all other progressives that are running are the people on the coasts and people in the, in the middle of the country say forget it. julie: we don't count? dagen: no, we don't. >> 34 of the states are controlled now by republicans. only five of the states are controlled, legislature controlled by democrats. 34 versus five. that is growing. that is democrats, if they want
9:46 am
to shoot themselves in both feet they have already shot themselves in one foot, they can be cripples by continuing ideas. if keith ellison head of dn. consider, a giant at this semites, represents the ideas of progress serves that are losing all over the country, fine. god bless them. go ahead and do it. dagen: do you think that an elizabeth warren will develop, your point, some connection to real working man and woman in this country. >> no, absolutely not. she was getting 300 grand for teaching one course at harvard. kennedy: form of populism. that is what she is trying to sell. the question is will that have mainstream purchase? dagen: no, because they believe -- kennedy: look at bernie sanders won michigan. bernie sanders won 23 states in the primary. >> he was against the elite establishment that is the point. dagen: telling people $15 minimum wage is the solution to wage stagnation in this country, people ultimately believed in the american dream and of owning their own lives and spending their own money rather than
9:47 am
handing it to somebody like elizabeth warren because she knows better, knows better how to spend my money. >> that is basic of her philosophy. government knows better than you, therefore government should run your life. dagen: if anything, she needs to deliver speech delivery. she is worse than hillary clinton. kennedy: a lot of people were upset because the election cycle was interminable this time around. she has four years to run and she will start now and attack donald trump every chance she gets. dagen: started on the campaign trail with hillary clinton and that nasty woman, saying she did hurt hillary. kennedy: speaking of nasty woman, actually not at all, let's make a nice smooth transition to president-elect donald trump, taking credit for thousands of jobs for men and women, none of them nasty returning to u.s. as economists say he is delivering hope and with that confidence but how much credit can he really take? we will discuss and debate, next. ♪
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to jon scott what is coming up on the second hour of "happening now." is melissa still with you? >> she is with me. she will be back here shortly. in the next hour, sandra, pollster frank luntz has special term for president obama's final actions as he closes out his time in office. a fair and balanced debate on that ahead. plus, is president obama about to slap sanctions on russia over what he calls its influence, attempts to influence
9:52 am
the u.s. elections? in dramatic new twist in the jonbenet ramsey case,. her brother filed a 750 million-dollar lawsuit against cbs and others. we'll dig into that, straight ahead, "happening now." sandra: that is a lot of money. jon scott, thank you. >> thanks, sandra. sandra: president-elect donald trump taking credit for sprint moving 5000 offshore jobs back to the united states. watch. >> because of what is happening and spirit and hope, i was just called by the head people at sprint and they're going to be bringing 5000 jobs back to the united states and taking them from other countries. they're bringing them back to the united states. and also one web, a new company, will be hiring 3,000 people. so that's very exciting. sandra: trump later saying the jobs were part of previously announced commitment predating the election, but adding they look forward to working with with mr. trump to create nor jobs in the u.s. the president-elect tweeting a link
9:53 am
to a "politico" article where economists credit him for sending consumer confidence to a fresh 15-year high. one economist telling "politico," elections always give confidence a boost. the sense of relief that is something behind us. there seems to be some truth to the trump bump. if elections, whatever. so you do you think there is anything to the trump bump? >> absolutely. as far as jobs that is a different story but he is responsible for consumer confidence jumping to all-time highs. we had a president, president obama, who was telling us, y'all got to get used to living at 2% growth for the rest of you are your life essentiallieslong as the eye can see. donald trump is saying 4% growth this year, 2017 as soon as he takes office. that optimism rubs off. sandra: every year. julie: what it does, sets up really high expectation. >> expectations are important in terms of an economy getting moving again.
9:54 am
julie: reality is more important and so i hope you're right. i hope we do 4% growth. i hope we have 6% growth. >> you will be making more money. julie: i'm thrilled by the market. i am sad for people expecting manufacturing jobs coming back because they are coming back. >> some jobs are coming back. >> do you watch fox news commercials? kennedy: i sleep peacefully on my pillow. dagen: people feeling better can actually lift an economy. the boost in confidence is equal to roughly a 4% increase in consumer spending. >> wow. dagen: 70% of the u.s. economy. now, it has got to happen. now president-elect trump is going to have to deliver on a corporate tax cut and income tax reform for individuals and a roll back in regulations. i would caution though, i said this about every president since i've been a financial journalist, do not talk about the stock market. don't brag too much about economic indicators and take credit for them because when
9:55 am
things go badly, then what are you going to do? will be more blame. kennedy: we're in period like having a great big beautiful wedding and you hope it sets up a lovely, long, healthy marriage. and you know, the marriage has yet to come with this administration like the years of hard work to your point but also the thing i like about this, donald trump hasn't even been inaugurated and taking credit for all these preliminary successes. it doesn't matter if sprint made the decision 15 months ago. the fact it is happening now, the perception -- oh great, more people have jobs. also allows banks to loan money and businesses hire. i hated obama blamed bush for everything, entire first administration. >> even now, seven 1/2 years later. sandra: a company can change their mind after out come of election. they could change their plans but they did not. donald trump said sprint called him and said bringing these jobs
9:56 am
back. i'm confused why people are picking on donald trump for taking credit from this, when sprint said it was already in the books. can't he still? kennedy: sprint wants good pr they don't want him to get credit. julie: wait a second. how does he get credit if this decision was made in october? did they have a magic ball that trump would won election? i don't think most of us expected donald trump -- >> will use props as he always has. julie: he is a show man. dagen: these companies are using him for publicity because they know he will tweet about it. >> works both ways. sandra: guess what sprint shares have done since president donald trump was elected? they're up 40%. >> whoa. sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me
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sandra: thank you, david asman. >> by the way, thanks for having me. "buffy the vampire slayer" loves the show. >> she loves it.
10:00 am
>> wow, that is kind of cool. sandra: we'll discuss that on o-t. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web and find us on tons of fun. "happening now" starts right now. we start with with president-elect donald trump talking tough on domest and i can foreign issues. these are our key can middle east ally, israel. i am jon scott. >> i am melissa france nis for jenna leely. the u.s. coming under fire for not condemning the u.n.ç resolution. and secretary of state kerry defending the move and blasting the netanyahu government. >> we have the latest rea


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