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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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atlanta zoo to see the new pandas. >> president obama announcing retribution against russian. why president-elect donald trump says, let's just move on. third year was especially deadly for american police officers. coming um in who gave their lives. >> and the actress debbie reynolds dying one day after the death of carrie fisher. that and more to come.
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>> we begin with a fox urgent. the white house retaliation against russia. probe broken ordered a number of actions in what the president called aggressive attack and cyber attacks in the election. that includes the state depth kicking out 35 russian diplomats from the u.s. and closing russian compounds in new york and maryland. the diplomats have 72 hours to leave the country. more in a moment this comes after all 17 american intelligence agencies concluded that the kremlin orchestrated the hacking to interfere with the election. and president obama said, not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. peter doocy is in palm beach,
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florida, where president-elect trump is spending the holidays. kevin cork in honolulu. great runup to this story. think people at home have to sort of step back for just a second and take all in. a great job by you. effectively what we're talking about is 72 hours for nearly three dozen russian diplomats to get out of the u.s. that's what the white house has been hinting at. so that news has come down today, to say nothing of the fact rich ed around reported this is also in response to high level and consistent harassment by u.s. officials in russia. our diplomatic corp has been harassed. let me share a part of the
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president's statement in reaction to the russian hacking and this disclosure that officials will be hitting the road from the u.s. the president saying: these dat dark theft could only have been directed by the highest levels of the russian government. and our diplomats have been harassed over the last year. such activities have consequences. today i ordered a number of actions in response and says these actions are not the sum total of our responses. some will not be publicized. and i mention that last part because it's important to note, retaliation in the way of sanctions of innings pelling do expelling of diplomats. this is a cyberact some has been
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said that vladimir putin was responsible for the hack and the u.s. will respond in kind in a cyber manner. that we probably won't hear a lot about. >> kevin cork in hawai'i with the president. thank you. team fox coverage continues with peter doocy live in palm beach florida. president-elect trump has been skeptical about russian hacking. >> i it is changing, is in morning on a conference call transition officials told reporters if somebody had evidence, direct evidence, that linked moscow to interference in the u.s. eelection, they should let it be public. but until the president-elect would be skeptical. the evidence has been made public and we wait to hear if the president-elect has changed his mind.
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last night he popped out to talk to reporters some he said he doesn't understand why people are still talking about the hacking. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. the computers are my caked. the whole -- complicated. nobody knows exactly what is going on. we have a lot of other things but i'm not sure we have the security we need. >> mr. truthful was asked what he -- mr. trump was asked what he thinks about lindsey graham's pitch to put sanctions against vladimir putin. mr. trump said he doesn't know what gray ham is doing. he -- graham but he got a dig in and reminded reporter that graham ran against him in the primaries. >> anything from trump transition officials and what they're saying about the russian hacking? >> the last that we got from transition officials is before the white house announcement of
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punish. but they said this morning, anytime anybody is talking about russian hacking they say it's because people on the left and democrats are trying to delegitimating highs the election. and the last time mr. trump and mr. putin contacted other except for the response that the united states and russia can work together with come january. >> peter doocy thank you. he its let's bring in our panel. boyd, the u.s. response, nine individuals or organizations sanctioned, four or them individual officers of one of the russian intelligence
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agencies look with three companies that do business with russian. how would you assess the severity of the move. >> this is serious in diplomatic circles. this is one step below kicking out in the ambassador. the fact they have 72 hours to leave the country is a significantle? to the russians from the obamas a administration. they've been all over the map with russia, starting with the pompous secretary of state kerry. the timing its interesting but the severity is real. >> 35 russian intelligence operatives getting kick out. no doubt they have diplomatic covers but we call the
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intelligence operatives. julie, what that that president obama said he would have more flexibility an the election. >> there's one common we do nominator. george bush said he his listened to mutt put. and hillary clinton was secretary of state ask wanted the reset -- vladimir putin is an awer to tarean des -- authoritarian desperate who considers -- despite who considers the west to be a foil, that all their problems stem not from his policies but from the west. so the west will always be the red flag for russians could use against their own people.
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the sanctions are -- i don't call them sanctions. i don't knee what this is, i call it a disgraceful and weak move by the obamaed ad a decide administration. what wong needs to -- do is go after vladimir putin and his inner circle economically. that's only the thing the hurds. you good after the assets in the west and around the world, the oligarchs have as assets all over the western world and the united states and personal thrown. >> throwing out quote-unquote diplomats who are intelligence agents we did that to in the cold war.
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they'll send new ones in, punishing the russian services from. banning them. great. what does that do to putin and the oligarchs and i'm disgusted our this think it. >> he said we'll take action some of which will not be publicized. i suppose it's possible there could be thing gonion here that we won't hear about or hear about after the fact. but there are many people who think that donald trump would not take as tough a line against the russians as president obama has. do you think that this will perhaps change his thinking? >> it's really going to put president-elect trump into a box. an interesting dilemma for her and i don't think it's helpful to the interests of the country that suddenly he is go to be faced does he remove the
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sanctions that president obama just inserted and, if he does that, is he snag i he is good friends with putin or more hard line and show american strength and some of the things that julie talk about in terms of defending those interests. so you have this really interesting quandary where the obama administration, who even just a few months ago refused to put some travel restrictions on some agents, even as it was advised to them by the fbi and congress, saying they didn't want to provoke russia in any way, and now they're putting these kinds of things on as they walk out the door. setting up an interesting and difficult scenario for an incoming administration that many people have credit seated on foreign policy. >> julie, the white house has said the actions have been going on for a long time. why slap these sanctions on? >> we just had something --
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enacted sanctions on the russians in what they were doing, suppression of the press and killing journalists that writing starts that were not -- we need to up the pressure. the obama administration and congress and john mccain were doing the right thing on this. saturdayly, anything that barack obama does through an executive order now can be easily overturned, starting on january 20th by the next president, so it's so important that congress acts. have no confidence they can act in the next 20 days but if there's any way to get this codified into law, and to have sanctions that target the oligarchs and putin. any executive order i think will
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be uphead by ban who thinks putin is a great star and emulates him. >> more coverage ahead of the penalties against putin regime, including reaction from the house speaker, paul ryan. that's next. you're here to buy a car.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. speaker of the house paul ryan says it's time we hit back against russian. he released a statement: russia does not share americas interests. in fact it has consistently
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sought to injured mine them, scow sowing dangerous -- it is an appropriate way to end eight years failed policy with russian that the monday -- let's bring in the deputy editor in chief with "the wall street journal." donald trump has been fond of saying, just wait, the more weeks, january 20th, this all changes. does it change with regard to russia? >> it's an interesting, unknown question. white the president-elect has had great success bringing his party his direction on many issues the is a big faultline issue in the republican party and it's clear there will be people in the senate and republicans in congress who feel very differently. -- differently about russia than he has.
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there's a whole raft of intelligence and other information that is classified that they're seeing we're not. >> so he is in a box when it comes to his own party really, in dealing with putin. >> yeah. i think he is in a bit of a box and that's one reason why people might question the timing of this on president obama's part. that statement by speaker ryan is interesting because he is pushing as hard as he can to be as critical of president obama as he can be gut stale make he is not a fan or -- making light her is not a fan of russia. there's a question how much president-elect thank you. knew ahead of team. there's a big report from the administration they say will have more details. it's hard to assess so so many unknowns but many republicans are not going to cozy up to
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russia. >> had it not been for the very public embarrassment that hillary clinton had in podesta's e-mails for the world to see. >> i think that the political implications are real. people on the left who say it was obvious in september and that the administration should have spoken out before the election. they didn't want to do that. it's clear there was a pretty vigorous and robust debate inside in thed administration wt to do bit, but it's a great question to ask. i think that the -- historically with this house as well, sometimes they have to be presented with a overwhelming amount of evidence before the really act. so there may have been more information developed even since then. >> the white house statement suggests they're going to be putting our -- the white house will be putting out information to help private companies and others prevent hacks like this
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in the first place. they're going to sort of lay out the game plan, if you will, that the russians have been using to break into these computer systems. but you wonder if the horse hadn't already run out of the barn door. >> the discover there have been bugs that have the been sitting there. roche has a superior, superior technology when comes to hacking. can be could being mac? there the president hinted there will be actions the watt bent publicissed and the other query do the russians ramp up certain activities again. they already threatened they would do that. this is more than some of the issues, one that really could escalate and we with us for a while. >> what about other financial lanes, blockages that, thest
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could exercise. >> there could be more they could do on the sanctions level in terms of russian holdings in the united states. i'm not sure about what they can do directly to some top officials and easy it to get to to them. theirs an opportunity to the u.s. to do more in concert in europe. there's ken about the russian involvement in german election. i do think as one of your earlier panelists said it's a level below expelling the ambassador so it's serious. some things they have done that the russians have shrugged off. >> thank you. more ahead on the new penalties against russian russia, and next, alaska more on the tragedy of the fisher family.
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>> debbie reynolds said she wanted to be reunited with her daughter, carrie fisher. carrie fisher died the day before, and tmz says reynolds told her son, i miss her so much i want to be with carrie. hours later miss reynolds was
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dead. claudia is live in los angeles. what do we know how she died? >> reporter: no official cause of death have been released. may have been a stroke but debbie reynolds struggled with health issues for years and the family says the stress of losing her daughter was too much to bear. she was at her son's house in beverly hills discussing farm plans when she was rushed to the hospital and died within hours. todd fisher taught about building a monument for carrie that would be big enough for her. no one thought they would be gone at the same time. fisher -- reynoldss was a star at mgm and on tv and on station. her private life was not so successful. her first husband, eddie fisher, left her for elizabeth taylor and he second husband squandered
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her foreign and he had to auction off he hollywood enemy -- moment more biehl ya, and cheryl chapping said they were talking about possibly doing a show together but many other are now mourning mournings of debbie rend -- reynolds. >> what been fans? >> men are visiting debbie reynold's star, and carrie fisher, and the daughter of carrie fisher she lost her mother and grandmother two days apart. and debra missing, froms played her more on tv's "will and
12:26 pm
grace." she said, quote, my heart is broken. funeral plans for both mother and daughter are still penning. >> thank you. more ahead on russian diplomats getting the boot from the u.s. why a state department spokesperson says they need to leave. that's next. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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>> russian diplomats act net a matter not con sandra day consih their -- >> rich edson is live? in the part because of the hacking allegations and the state department is kicking out the 35 russian diplomats because of harassment the american officials are receiving by russian authorities overseas. the state department says the department took these actions as comprehensive response to russia's interference in the election and the pattern of harassment of our diemployments overseas which has -- including a significant increase in the last 12 months. officials charge it's been offing police stands, physical assaults and the broad on tv situation the information about
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the diplomats. reuters says russia says these are -- one member of the russian upper house, according to reuters, responded by saying this is simply the death throes of administration. there has been a strong reaction from israel and congressional republicans republicans and congressional democrats. chuck schumer, he says, quote, while secretary kerry mentioned gaza he forgets the israel -- a state department official has now responded to senator chuck schumer's response, saying that stating the uncomfortable
12:31 pm
factions doesn't embowe bolden extremists. a week ago the u.s. decided not to block a u.n. security council resolution condemning israel for the expansion of settlements. >> president obama is keeping busy, and political on sirs say he and donald trump seem to be locked in a power struggle. trump has taken issue with the president's comments he could have beaten the billionaire in an lee, and trump blasted the obama administration for abstaining from a united u.n. -e president and donald trump appear to be battling for attention. while on twitter yesterday, donald trump wrote, doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and road blocks.
12:32 pm
thought it would be a smooth transition. not. trump later seemed to backtrack that tweet hen said the transition process is going very smoothly. he said he and the president had a good talk on the phone yesterday. >> he called me, we had a very, very good talk, about generally things. a very, very nice call, and i actually thought we covered a lot of territory. >> the white house has warned trump there is one president at a time. let's bring in sarah, the white house correspondent for the "washington examiner," these to seemed to hit it off will right after trump was a selected. the hand shake in the oval office. what helped? an escalating battle of wreck -- rhetoric, president obama
12:33 pm
considered this time as a victory lap. he was preparing for the hillary clinton win and might not have been prepared for donald trump to be taking over. so this state of last minute foreign policy moves, environmental rules, executive orders, these were sort of done in what seems to be a last-minute fashion he didn't expect to need to tie up the loose ends of this policy agenda this quickly. that being said, it is sort opened up a public rift between obama and trump. they're both battling for symbolic control of the country and both of them have an argument to make as why they should be calling the shots. obama is still technically the president but the voters have spoken and want a change of leader ship so this could be seen as a violation of that trust, begin how much sanctity that the democrats put on the electoral process. >> a transition period unlike
12:34 pm
any i have seen and i wonder if social media has something to do with that. barack obama is the first president to use twitter and donald trump uses it even better than the president does. so when donald trump says he doesn't like something about what president obama is doing. that becomes the headline, and that seems to have really irritated the white house. >> exactly. social media amplifies these small disagreements between donald trump and president obama and it creates a news cycle that focuses almost entirely on their disagreements at times. we spent other a long time about trump and president obama sparring over the u.s. and israel policy. and what obama is doing here, particularly with the israel and russia situations, is he sort of boxing donald trump in foreign policy-wise. creating these situations that donald trump will have to undo when he comes into office.
12:35 pm
now donald trump faces faces the choice whether he wants to rescind russian sanctions in order to make relations with russia more friendly or leave the sanctions in place and miss messing up the friendly -- so these are decisions that obama is setting up for trump to have to face. >> it's fascinating to see the difference in the two men when it comes to russia and if russia has been hacking into our elects, trying to change election results or destabilize confidence in the u.s. election, that happened under president barack obama's watch. trump has been criticized for being too cozy with or too glowing about vladimir putin, but barack obama is the president and he is the one who
12:36 pm
needs to handle these issues. >> and that's part of why this is so fascinating, this russian hacking situation forker years republicans have been pushing president obama to take a more -- russian has been emboldened ininine and sayre -- ukraine and syria. now that russian hacking has been raised on the election results and now they're reluctant to take a hard stabs against russia because their nominee and president-elect is establishizing the relationship with russia. so this that's changed how the parties are working with russia. >> we are going to take a live look now at the russian embassy
12:37 pm
country retreat in centerville, maryland. about 60 miles south of baltimore. the "associated press" reporting new details from russian vladimir vladimir putin's spokesperson saying moscow regetted the u.s. stangses. -- sanctions. and russian will consider reretaliation. more than a dozen rebel groups agreed to the cease fire deal for all of syria according to a spokesman for the main moderate opening signatures ump turkan and russian officials negotiated the deal sed -- set to take effect at midnight tonight. the u.s. was not involved in the talks. russian president putin says officials from turkey and moscow will make sure the rebels and
12:38 pm
government forces are sticking to the agreement. >> interpreter: the a agreements have been reached are fragile and need special attention but never a notable result of our joint work. >> he said there are plans for future peace talks between syria's government and the rebels. the civil war in syria began six years ago and has killed a half million people. greg palkot, tracking the developments. what more do we know? >> reporter: we have been watching this year for many years and this might be a cease fire that may have a possible chance. vladimir putin asked the opposition groups to lay down the weapons in less than 90 minutes time syria announced there will be a nationwide halt of fighting after a major offensive they waged to retake prom free rebels all of the key
12:39 pm
city of aleppo. severely of the principal supporters on both sidings, including president of turkey, which backs the rebels, and russia and iran, which backs bashar al assad. not involved in this -- might be key -- isis and the al qaeda affiliate in syria and could cause problems. >> the u.s. was not involved in the deal at all? not involved in this del at all. the administration of barack bak obama not part of this. the united states has been very active backing the rebels which are part of the deal, also been involved in u.n. backed peace talks in geneva and elsewhere for the past several years. russia has managed to push u.s. out of the picture for the
12:40 pm
moment. russian foreign minister lavrov said, once president-elect donald trump gets into office the united states be allowed back in. as our viewers will. , trump has been pretty supportive of the russian role in syria, also he has been against obama backing the rebels. one final note, john, there are reports tonight of an outline of a long-term settlement that will be hashed out in talks beginning next month. it could divide up syria to some degree, where the rebels are, where the government and is might have an end point to the regime of bashar al assad but that it might be several years in the future, and frankly, we just have to look at what the battlefield looks like 90 minutes into the future. >> also from that part of the world, u.s.-backed iraqi troops pushing deeper in muss mosul.
12:41 pm
iraqi troops launched attack's on five neighborhoods and the last brink linking the city has been destroyed. the progress is slowing down as the push deeper into the eastern part of the city. mosul is the last major isis stronghold in iraq and the second biggest city in the country, with more than a million people. rakee troops have been fight -- iraqi troops have been fighting to retake mosul in two months. the leader says it may take another three months to get the job done. coming up, how police officers are gearing up to keep folks safe on new year's eve after one of the deadliest years for law enforcement in recent
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ambush attacks across america helped make 2016 one of the deadliest years for law enforcement in recent history. 135 officers died on the job, according to a nonprofit which tracks officers killed in the line of duty. caroline, how big a spike in these ambush-style killings? huge. >> huge. 21 officers have died.
12:45 pm
63%. 135 officers were killed in 2016. that number is up 10% and he most in five years. 64 officers have been shot to death his year. that's a 56% jump over last year's coup -- of 41. five officers were killed in an ambush in july in dallas, three mores in baton rouge ten days later. the ambush in dallas was waged during a placeful parade. dallas and baton rouge and dallas are -- here's a his of the deadliest states for officers. 17 in texas, 7 in california, 9 in louisiana, and 6 in michigan
12:46 pm
the average age of the officers was 40, 17 years of service and two kids. >> a dangerous type of call polices have to isn't to. >> domestic disputes. it's the leading cause of death. the latest in americus georgia. two officers were killed. you can see in this body cam video. smith joined his friend. when backup officers arrived they found the two. he died at that time day. in smith the next. something i was supposed to bet married in may. >> here in new york city, police of high alert for new year's celebrations after deadly terror attacks in europe. they say they're setting up more
12:47 pm
heavy duty trucks like the one you see here, to block any attackers trying to drive into the crowd. that's hour terrorists killed dozens of people in attacks in nice, france, this year, and in germany. what else are police saying, rich? >> reporter: this year will be stricter than ever with more officers mark checkpoints, more heavy equipment and a close are scrutiny of the cloud. the most note able will be the sand trucks to create a perimeter that authorities say can't be penetrated by an attack in a vehicle. and 7,000 uniformed officers on duty, along with counterterrorism team and snipers on roof teatops and metl detectors and k-9 teams but in
12:48 pm
the nypd is interested in stopping nip from driving into the crowd jews any addition to heavy vehicles we'll have a block of vehicles. that's are the department vehicles but it's double what we have used in the past, and certainly add another layer of security. >> reporter: the nypd says it's about adapting to changing threats. >> new york city officials are saying they are expecting even bigger crowds this year? >> reporter: yeah. we're being told up to two million revelers, not just here in times square but at venues cross the state. a run in central park but the biggest celebration is times square, with 3,000 people filling the pens from 42nd 42nd street to 59th street,
12:49 pm
filling broadway and 7th after knew and no public bathrooms. i won't be raining but the temperatures will be in high 250s and even the mayor admits he's not sure why people would waiting all night here too wait for a ball drop. >> we expect over a million people. i'm not quite sure why a million people want to stand in the freezing cold for long periods of time but they do and we'll ready. we'll here at 8:00 saturday night so you can stay home on the couch. >> i will. i appreciate it. rick, thank you. just ahead, a major winter storm is taking aim the northeastern u.s. bringing heavy know to new england. more than a foot possible in some spots. the forecast is next.
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a fox weather alert. a major winter storm pound northeast, bringing heavy snow and powerful winds to new england. rick reithmuth is live in the weather center. >> big storms in new england and severe weather over the south overnight. that moves on. get ready for temporarily cooler temperatures. it the storm is moving farther west. that just pulls less cold air along with it. and that means coastal areas,
12:54 pm
boston, through hartford and new york city and philadelphia, all rain, not snow. you have to go into interior sections to get the snow and especially with elevation, once you get into the elevation, that's we where we are getting pounded, some spots over two feet of snow. winter storm warnings in effect wherever you see the pink. parts of maine, vermont, new hampshire, and west virginia we're getting good snow from this system as well. this is the future radar. this is howing this is going to play out during the sneer overnight hours. the lake-effect snowfall will be fall are for the next day or so, this is midnight, and we have most of the snow now just across maine and parts of new hampshire and it's really pretty much gone. at least most of the energy as far as the snow goes, and then we have this lake-effect band that are going to set up at well. now.
12:55 pm
snowfall totals, up to ten inches or so around vermont and then parts of new hampshire and maine overnight tonight and tomorrow. windy conditions tonight. what we are going to have is two pieces of energy come -- combining in eastern massachusetts and -- eastern maine and it's going to be the worst wind ask very strong tonight and tomorrow, sometimes maybe as much as 70 miles-per-hour. so get ready for big winds. as temperatures go we're looking good all the way through the remainder of the year. monday, next batch over -- of cold air across the pacific northwest. >> thank you. we'll be right back with when a map from eye--done man from ireland published this first novel. this day in history.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, trend that's lasted nearly two years. the labor department reports weekly requests fell to 265,000. 95 weeks in a row and the number has stayed below 300,000, the longest streak since 1970. over the past year the total number of people collecting billion fit -- benefits has
12:59 pm
fallen 5%. expert says it's a positive sign for the economy. the unemployment rate fill to 4 at the about 6%. >> what's better than a baby pandas taking first steps? these are giant pandas at the atlanta zoo and they can join their mom where n visitors can see them. on the days in 1916, james joyce published his first novel here in new york. her grew up in a poor family in dublin, ireland, and studied medicine to help support his writing career. he became known for his controversial work. the united states banned his novel, ulysses, for years over claims it was too obscene for americans to read. critics called both pour trite of -- portrait of the artist and
1:00 pm
ulysses, two of the best books of all-time. i'm john scott in for shepherd smith. your world is next. trish regan in for neil cavuto. have great night. >> you are looking liveright now on mar mar-a-lago where donald p is doubling down on his pledge to create jobs in america. announcing sprint will be bringing bang 5 thousand jobs. and one web. this is your "your world." the protect is claiming his win brought the jobs. >> greg good, to have you here. how much does it matter to you and your business if donald trump is promising less regular lyings and fewer taxes.