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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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coverage at 8:00 p.m. that is all the time we have left this evening. we're going to see you here tomorrow night on "hannity". >> hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. president obama retaliates against russia. today, president obama announced a slew of sanctions against russian diplomats and entities for cyber hacking aimed at interfering with the u.s. presidential election. the president said he is kicking out 35 russian officials currently in the united states and that the state department is shutting down two russian compounds in maryland and new york that were apparently used for spying. president obama added in his statement that american diplomats in the past year have experienced, quote:
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unacceptable levels of harassment in moscow. unquote. and now a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin says moscow is considering retaliation. so what does the incoming trump administration have to say about all of this? joining us now from palm beach, florida, incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. thank you so much. big important day, reince. mr. chairman, let me put that correctly. mr. chairman, big important day. glad to have you. so, the president-elect's reaction to president obama, the lame duck president with just 21 days left to go. slapping sanctions on russia. where are you guys? >> well, i mean, the president-elect put out a statement and he said, look, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. but, also, nevertheless, we're going to be meeting and he is going to be meeting with intelligence officials next week. to talk about this report. and find out the details of exactly what happened, how the investigation took place. and maybe at that time or
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maybe later he'll have a response. but right now we're just not in a position to sit here and respond to all of these details before we have a full blown intelligence report on this particular matter. >> so he is going to sit and look for the evidence. a lot of us on the right have been saying where is the evidence? we understand that there are accusations saying that the russians actually affected the outcome of the election, but we haven't seen it. do you think this -- he is going to ask for specific examples and evidence from our intel departments. >> well, yeah. i mean i think we all deserve it here is the problem with this, eric, you know this as well as anybody. i have been and we have been responding to articles from third parties, unnamed sources in the "the washington post" and the "new york times." and in those same articles it would say that the 17 intelligence agencies didn't agree with each other on the conclusion that was actually being reported by the third party which was the
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anonymous source in the newspaper. so, we just need to get to a point ourselves where we can talk to all of these intelligence agencies and find out once and for all what evidence is there, how bad is it? and, look, i would also say this and the president-elect agrees with. this we agree that foreign governments shouldn't be hacking american institutions, period. so it's not like we condone the hacking of institutions and entities and businesses in america. of course not. it's wrong and something we don't agree with. however, it would be nice if we could get to a place where the intelligence community, as in unison can tell us what it is that has been going on and what the investigation was and what it's led to. so that we can respond and we're going to get to that. so, we're not frustrated. we're just getting to the place where those facts will come to life.
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>> so we have a lame duck president who slapped some sanctions on russia with 22 days left in his presidency. and then you also have two republicans, senator john mccain and lindsey graham today said you know what? when the new congress is in session we're going to lead the charge up the sanctions against russia. are they premature? >> i'm not sure what they know, eric. i mean, they may be privy to information that we don't know. but i also know that, you know, we're not interested in going to war all over the world, either. so, i think having relationships, building relationships, making things better for americans is something that president-elect trump believes in. look, you know, we have a long history with russia. ronald reagan used his relationship with miguel gorbachev to the benefit of americans across the country. ending the cold war, bringing down the wall in berlin and achieving an incredible amount of success
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by using relationships in order to get things done. i think that's something we are going to try to do. it's something that president-elect trump believes. in and quite frankly, it's all about putting america first and that's what we want to do and that's what he wants to do. >> mr. chairman, president-elect donald trump hasn't waited to be sworn in for some the things that i think are great and talking to boeing, getting the price of their airplanes down. having companies promise to keep jobs here in america. here's my question though. president-elect donald trump, he's been thrown a bit of shade from president obama on two initiatives on israel on the u.n. vote and also now on this russian sanction issue. has he, and will he contact both b.b. netanyahu and/or vladimir putin prior to being sworn in to say, hey, i got this january 20th. let's talk about it then but don't take anything that's going on right now entirely too seriously? >> well, okay, so, first of all, the president and president-elect trump had a good call yesterday. these are two people that
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get along just fine and they are getting along and they are having constructive conversations. but, and, secondly, before i get to that, president-elect trump also believes in the one president at a time rule and is trying and we are trying our best to adhere to that rule. the problem with what happened at the u.n. though was that, in our minds, it was so egregious and so bad and so one sided and i think so wrong toward our greatest ally in the middle east that it was impossible for us not to communicate about that resolution. and we believe for the united states to abstain on such a resolution just really flies in the face of our long-term ally israel and something that we wouldn't do once january 20th comes and so the president-elect has been clear on that. this is a -- the only democracy in the middle east and israel. and for us to bend over backwards for countries like
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iran that harbor terrorists that want to destroy and kill americans and to look the other way and give away an incredible deal to them to start a nuclear arms race in the middle east but then to turn our backs on israel without any mention of the other fact i think is unbelievable. >> mr. chairman, i only have about 30 seconds or. so will president donald trump reverse obama's decisions on israel and/or russia? >> that's going to be up to him and he is going to sit down and talk to his leadership at the defense department and state and in the white house and make those decisions, eric. but, look, it will be a different day, i can assure you and americans across the country that donald trump's going to get things done from day one. he is going to fulfill the promises he made on the campaign and that will be good for our country. >> mr. chairman, i'm up against a hard break. thank you very much. directly ahead, we will have more on the u.s. sanctions against russia. we'll be right back.
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>> continuing now with our lead story, president obama slapping sanctions on russia for election hacking and harassment. among other things the state department is shutting down two russian compounds and declaring 35 russian intelligence operatives persona non-grata. house speaker paul ryan called the president's actions quote long overdue. meanwhile called the death throws of political corporation corpses. joining us is national security analyst and from washington cliff may founder of the foundation for defense of democracies. aresh, start with you. so big stuff going on. frankly, it feels to me like a lame duck president quacking lame duck quacks. >> eric, don't echo what the russian embassy just tweeted because, you know, that's what the russians would like to you think. and that's what the russians would like to say. they tweeted this lame duck sort of taking a page now
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from donald trump's twitter manual to mock everything and make fun of everything. but here's what happened. they meddled in our election. our president has every right to target them and hit them back. he should have done it sooner. i'm glad he is doing it i hope he declassified more info. what donald trump all his pro-russia friendly love from russia rhetoric is going to reverse what president obama has done correctly, rightly and justifiably. i want to see much tougher action against russia. you know what? frankly, the russians are not just a rival. they are a fierce adversary and they have exactly opposite interests in the region in the middle east in europe and here now on the western hemisphere. >> okay. what do you think of the sanctions that president obama released today? do you think they will have the teeth that a arash thinks they will have or more a play to kind of box president-elect donald trump
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becoming president-elect donald trump in a corner? what are you going to do go against these sanctions? >> yeah, look, first of all, these sanctions are a day late and a ryu bell short. and secondly they are mostly symbolic. they target individuals, companies, government agencies that don't have ache sets in the u.s. that aren't come to the u.s. so this is largely for show. what i hope it does focus on is something that the obama administration did not focus on in a comprehensive manner during the past eight years. and that is the threat of both cyber espionage and cyber warfare, kinetic warfare, doing destructive activity. espionage we all do. we are using cyber espionage as well. we don't know whether the russians intreerd -- well they intreerd with our election we don't know if they had any impact on our election. of course president obama interfered in israel's election a couple years ago spent taxpayer money to defeat netanyahu. what's good for the goose is good for the gander. what we need to do is focus on cyber espionage and
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decide where our red lines are and as far as cyber warfare goes we need to win cyber arms race. >> the obama administration decided they are going to expel some 35 russian diplomats that -- i guess that would be called spies. otherwise he would let them stay so they would get rid of them and shutting down two compounds call them spy or hubs themselves. why now? if they knew about these things, get rid of these months or years ago? >> we have confirmation now from 17 different intelligence agencies that not only the russians were involved. >> do we? >> do we? >> oh, we do. >> arash, do we have evidence. >> we do have evidence. >> where is it. >> absolutely. it will be declassified. >> where is it. >> do you trust the russians or the 17 american intelligence agencies. >> decided to go with the sanctions without showing just one form of evidence. just prove it i'm not saying he doesn't have it but before do you something, show it. >> this is rich. this is really rich.
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i'm surprised that a conservative like yourself and someone at the foundation of defense democracy and i have a lot of respect for cliff but you guys are taking the russian's side on this. >> i'm not. >> american election. we should hit them hard. we should take action. >> we should. >> and defend american interests. >> of course. i want to see the proof. i want to see the evidence. all right, listen, maybe i don't need anything. let me read this arash. let me read. this "new york times," right? left wing, call them left. they have been pro-obama, they have been pro-hillary. "new york times," i'm quoting. "despite the fan tear and political repercussions surrounding the announcement is not clear how much real effect the sanctions may have." point being no teeth. quacks like a duck, got to be a duck. >> yeah, let me say this -- i'm glad this was on -- it's largely symbolic but the bigger picture here that the chinese, for example, have been stealing libraries of valuable classified information from us for years without repercussions
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the north koreas have been damage and iranians are the other we have in the cyber domain. we have policies and i hope we will have them in the next administration. i'm not guaranteeing we will that deals with all of this these. >> we should go after them both. >> president obama had eight years to be doing. this had eight years. and he also -- you remember, he is the guy who said listen, of a the election, after i get reelected i will have a lot more flexibility. now all of a sudden with 22 more days left in office he is going to put big divide between u.s. and russia and say donald trump, here are the keys to the white house. good luck. >> oh, the big divide between the u.s. and russia existed the day that putin took office right before new year's in 1999, in 2000, as a matter of fact. that big divide has always within there. >> wasn't there when he sent hillary over it re-set. he wasn't there when he offered when i get reelected we have more flexibility. flexibility. >> and you know what? cliff is right. if the iranians and the chinese and russians or anybody for that matter is hurting, american interests,
8:16 pm
we should go after them. >> absolutely. >> we should do it firmly and swiftly and we haven't done it i just want to know, can obama do anything to to do enough? >> yeah. >> he went after the russians. >> he can i facilitate a smooth transition of power from obama to trump presidency. >> tell trump to get off twitter first and he have a much smoother transition. >> you are right about president putin no question about it. and the re-set with russia that he suggested blaming all the problems with bush on russia something i hope was learned from that. right now what we have a problem and that has not been addressed. again, it was cyber he is peabody nawj we conducted, too. we have to be careful how much we do and cyber warfare which can be as dangerous as any conecuh kick warfare we face. i agree with eric on this. you would like steet president and
8:17 pm
president-elect talking about how one can help the other. that was not done in terms of the. and that was not done here. that's going to be a problem for the next three years. >> i have 20 seconds, arash, last word. >> you know, you, my 168, and cliff, our hearts are in the right place. we disagree on policy. here's what we should all agree on. russia is not a friend of the united states or the american people. it's an adversary. putin is an adversary and they have to be dealt with. short-term and long term. >> have to leave it there, gentlemen. thank you very much. coming up next shocking death of hollywood legend debbie reynolds one day after the passing of her daughter carrie fisherrer. a look back on her life, career and heart break when career and heart break when the factor comeseseseses why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you?
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>> in the perm story segment tonight, the death of holiday legend debbie reynolds one day after the passing of her daughter carrie fisher. she suffered a stroke yesterday while planning fisher's funeral. the stress of his sister's death was too much for her. debbie reynolds epitomized the hollywood. she sang and danced her way into america's heart. ♪ what a lovely morning ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ we've talked the whole night through ♪ good morning
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♪ good morning to you ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ it's great to stay up late ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ to you ♪ ♪ >> joining us now from los angeles with more, harvey levin the executive producer of tmz which broke the very, very sad news. harvey, i'm seeing a lot of you, brother. it's good talking to you but this stuff is heart breaking especially last night at dinner i hear debbie reynolds died 24 hours after carrie fisher passes? what's going on? >> i have got to tell you when we first found out that she had the stroke because we knew that an ambulance had come to todd's house, her son's house, we just said oh my god, could this possibly be happening again? and i have to tell you, eric, i have -- we have covered a lot of deaths over
8:22 pm
the years at tmz. and this year especially. i was really surprised at the level of intense interest on this story. debbie reynolds was a huge star. she is also 84 years old. and a lot of times when older people pass the younger people especially our site tends to be younger it resonates but not profoundly. this resonated profoundly. the interest on social media on our social media as well as the site was incredible. i think part of it obviously is just almost shakespearian drama that plays out carrie dies and debbie dies. debbie was a big star in her own right. they are talking about doing a mother/daughter funeral. a dual funeral where the family doesn't have to go through this multiple times and it seems fitting, which will be one of the, honestly, one of the biggest most emotional hollywood
8:23 pm
events in memory. >> i can't imagine how emotional it will be if it's a mother/daughter funeral. harvey, it's a cliche, you have to look. did she i do, did debbie reynolds i do o die of a broken heart? >> when we broke the news about her death we had talked to todd and he told us she said before the stroke, shortly before the stroke yesterday she said i miss her so much, i want to be with carrie. now, we have talked to, you know, doctors and all sorts of people and there is a grief -- grief is connected to stress. debbie had had several strokes, we're told this year. and was in failing health. and, you know, do you call it a broken heart? well, yes. because the grief brings on the stress, which brings on the stroke. and so we have actually talked to medical professionals who are tell us today this is not kind of an outlandish theory and
8:24 pm
this happens quite a bit. i mean i'm sure have you heard stories where people were married for 50 years and one spouse dies shortly thereafter the other one dies. >> harvey talk to us, they had separated for a while. they were close and became separated estranged and toward the end they were very close again. >> let me tell you how close they were, eric she shared the same driveway. they actually lived on a compound where carrie and debbie were next door to each other and todd had a home on the same property. i think it was like five acres. but in beverly hills. but they saw each other every day or if they didn't see each other they would at least talk to each other every day. they had a difficult relationship. but they always came back to each other. and they were joined at the hip ultimately. and you could just tell biden buy's reaction that whatever damage had been done over the years had been significantly repaired. >> you know, harvey, you mentioned shakespearian tragedy, you look at the two of them.
8:25 pm
debbie reynolds, singing in the rain, the clip we played she was 19 years old at the time. carrie fisher, princess leia 19 years old. >> there are parallel paths to their lives. they both did multiple things. it's funny, debbie reynolds has two stars on the hollywood walk of fame one for, i believe one for music and one for movies. so, they were both prolific. carey, for crying out loud is an you a their and actress and producer. she did so much in her life. really touched every facet of hollywood. so both of them had a lot in common. >> and harvey, also this. debbie reynolds had a really really rough relationship life. her first husband eddie fisher left her. she blamed herself. i saw an interview with her. she blamed herself for picking the wrong types of men and then later businessman harry karl, i believe, squandered all her money. this is so heart-breaking. >> i know, she said she was
8:26 pm
bad at choosing men. i will say you mentioned eddie fisher. remember, eddie fisher left debbie reynolds to be with elizabeth taylor who was debbie reynolds' best friend and even carrie kind of referred to them as the o.g. brad pitt jennifer aniston angelina jolie. she even joked about that on occasion. and there are some parallels there as well. >> so she came back from a lot of hardships. this is one she seemed to not be able to come back from. it's heart breaking. i know, harvey, we have seen each other quite a few times recently. alan thicke passes away, george michael passes away. >> prince. muhammed ali. >> what is it about 2016? rough year. >> it's funny because we had the discussion in the room yesterday after debbie reynolds died and i was saying isn't it kind of like this every year and then all of a sudden everybody said you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong and started bringing up all these stories they are right, i am
8:27 pm
wrong. this seems a special year for celebrity deaths. when you go through the list, it's daunting. >> last question before i let you go, what happens with the "star wars," you know, the episode that, tape, an episodeas already going further, what's the plan? >> well, eight is in the can. she has already wrapped eight. that will go as planned. there were future "star wars" planned where carrie was going to have some involvement and that may need some changing as a result, obviously, of her death. but eight, she will be in it. it will be there. >> all right, harvey, thank you very much. best to charles too my friend. >> thank you, eric. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bristol palin takes on hollywood calling on celebrities afraid to perform at the trump inauguration sissies. president obama leaving behind a legacy of divisiveness. we have analysis. and we hope you stay tuned to those
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new hope in the effort to finally bring lasting peace to syria. a nationwide cease-fire aimed at ending the six year civil war is in effect. the latest truth was brokered by russia and turkey. the opposition said most of the major rebel groups will abide by it but did not include isis or the regional al qaeda branch. previous truces have failed make times square a safe place to welcome in the new year. 65, 20-ton garbage trucks will be stationed to prevent they'll be weighed down with tons of sand. bomb-sniffing dogs will be in place. w back to "the "o'reilly
8:31 pm
factor." >> in the unresolved problem segment tonight, still no word on which a. listers, if any, will be performing at donald trump's inauguration, but the reports that at least some stars are turning down the invitation because they are afraid of the backlash or simply opposed to him politically. about that bristol palin has a few words. in a blog post this week the daughter of former governor sarah palin called them sissies and being a hollywood conservative is just quote not cool. does trump even need any big stars? here is what former "saturday night live" star joe piscopo told neil cavuto. >> he is the main celebrity. he doesn't need anybody. just donald there. i say save all money, do one little thing. look what hillary did we talked about the night before the election the coronation of queen hillary was supposed to be. anybody who was anybody i loved, i loved the event. she lost. it was -- no one cares about
8:32 pm
the celebrities. >> joining us now from washington, mercedes schlapp, a republican strategist and omara, a democratic strategist. i will start with you. as joe piscopo pointed out, i remember all the celebrities coming out for hillary clinton bon jovi, bruce springsteen, all of them. and she lost. [ laughter ] well, yes. she did. but i think for donald trump this is sort of like embarrassment for him, right? he has been real estate imaginement for 40-some odd years is he a celebrity in his own part because he mixed a lot with a-list celebrities. appeared in his stuff. went to movies, tv shows. even had a celebrity reality show that we know as celebrity apprentice. for him i feel like more of an insult even some of his colleagues people he thought would join him in his presidential, you know, try u6r7, being inaugurated on the 20th. and that's not the case. >> mercedes, donald trump said, you know what? i don't need stars, i need people. >> it's not an insult at
8:33 pm
all. on the contrary. i think that being in any way attached to some of these celebrities though have used profane language against donald trump who have been hanging out with the elitists on the hillary campaign trail and very much disconnected from reality in terms of the struggles of the american people, we don't need them. at the end of the day, what we're going to remember is the swearing in ceremony. when president-elect donald trump takes the oath and becomes president. that's what's going to be in the history books. it's not going to be about which celebrity didn't come or couldn't make it because at the end of the day what i'm seeing from the left is the fact that they're intolerant. every time there is a celebrity thinking about coming there is a backlash on social media. now we have charlie sheen coming out and basically saying dear god take donald trump next? let's be real. they have no tolerance for the conservatives. they don't have tolerance for donald trump and guess what? this is going to be inauguration for the people. >> you know what, i think it's really cute though because there are plenty of conservatives in hollywood who could have come out.
8:34 pm
50-cent is one. kanye west might be one. jessica simpson. heck george w. bush had -- not unheard of to have celebrities. i think it's more. >> if donald trump did it, mercedes, donald trump didn't care, he wouldn't be talking about it on twitter. right? he would just keep moving about his day. he doesn't care. >> so jon stewart, barbra streisand chelsey handler, alec baldwin all promised to leave the country if he was elected president. he was elected president. they are still sticking around. when are get going to leave. >> i have no idea. if they want to they have the resources to do it. >> mercedes, as you know, i have offered them a one-way ticket. i will give them first class airfare wherever they want to do. >> i have idea, leave on inauguration day. perfect all leave, go straight to canada. i don't think we would miss them quite frankly, eric. >> you know what's nasty a group of celebrities want to
8:35 pm
have some sort of event on inauguration day january 20th competing against the inauguration. what's that all about? can they let the man have his moment? he is the next commander-in-chief. >> he can certainly have his moment. always there has been regardless of what party is getting sworn in always been like counter events. whether it's a protest, whether it's a party. so there is going to be a lot of progressives who are going to be in town and still a lot of folks who are democrats who aren't leaving, i'm one of them. entertainment for us to attend. >> final word, marci. >> at the end of the day, this is an opportunity for americans to come together and remember this historic moment, this peaceful, what you would want as a peaceful transition. i would hope that the democrats and liberal celebrities would just take a chill and let donald trump have his day. let the do you know the for the americans to celebrate this wonderful historic moment. so, you know at this point i do hope that they take off inauguration day and leave the rest of us to celebrate. >> or maybe they can do, this hey, celebrities, you're fired.
8:36 pm
[ laughter ] >> ladies, thank you. >> where would we get our entertainment. >> oh, please. >> eric bolling. eric, come on. that's the celebrities i want to z i want to seat five over here in washington, d.c. come on. >> the five and then the factor. ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> as president obama gets ready to leave office. is he also leaving behind a legacy of divider in chief? we will debate it when my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow-up segment tonight, president obama leaving office with a legacy of divisiveness within the country and within the democratic party. in fact, the senior politics editor for the lefty website the huffington post is blaming the president
8:39 pm
outright for destroying the party. >> you look at the destruction of the democratic party under barack obama's leadership, and you have to wonder, you know, what was the political -- what were the electoral benefits that he gave to the party? he leaves them in a much worse position. the states are disseminated. they have lost control of the house and the senate, the governorships are disseminated. >> a recent pew pole shows the president is leaving behind a divisive nation. 81% of democrats owe approve of obama versus only 14% of republicans. that's a 67%. when president bush left the gap was 58 points. 81% to 43. pollster. washington katrina pierson national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. when you hear stein say hey president obama is the divider in chief not only of the democratic party but of
8:40 pm
the country. you have to scratch your head and say hey, that's what we have been saying for a long time. >> that's exactly what we have been saying. not just us saying it anymore. even democrats saying in their state they don't even recognize their party. eric, of course this president is the divider in chief. his entire political career revolved around racism, sexism, classism and even elitism. so, of course he is a divisive person. not to mention his entire tenure as president he rebuked every opportunity that he had to work across the aisle to get some policies done that would best serve americans. >> okay, jess, what about it? we know, look at the results. >> you have 31 republican governors, a two vote majority in the senate. you have 63 vote majority in the house. it didn't work. eight years of obama dividing, didn't work. >> it didn't work electorally. i used to like sam stein. now i'm over him. and i agree with what a lot katrina said. >> what is he wrong about. >> electorally we were disseminated we did gain
8:41 pm
back seats from where we were in 2012. we certainly didn't do what we could have accomplished. when you look at his personal favorability though it is obviously split along party lines. >> you were looking for seats. looking for 30 happy with 20 and you got six. >> president would have taken at this point quite frankly. i do think back in june of 2010 when mitch mcconnell said it was his goal to make president obama a one-term president. the republicans have a role in this we couldn't have all that legislation that katrina brought up that would benefit both sides. >> so you concur with sam stein now the divider in chief. >> i wouldn't call him the divider in chief. there are a lot of parts to the democratic platform overwhelmingly popular like raising the minimum wage, gay marriage, obama care. trump voters don't want their obama care taken away. not necessarily the democrat agenda has moved too far to the left for me clearly a owoccultive personality with
8:42 pm
president obama. >> mitch mcconnell what he said that didn't stop the president of the united states from not meeting with members in the senate or even of the house. and that's exactly what he did on his own. obama care was passed with 100% of democrats, not a single republican. that's not a bipartisan governance. more importantly, barack obama is not the bern who has destroyed the democrat party because no individual can destroy an entire party. the reason why this party is struggling right now is because of the extreme leftist ideology that they are imposing on every single american. >> katrina, i just listed a bunch of policies that are core democrat policies that have overwhelming public support. tell me what it is that's the problem there. i get it we have some overregulation. >> can i throw something in the mix. the pc culture people have had enough of it people on the right have said we have been pushed back. we can't say this or think.
8:43 pm
we're not supposed to think this. enough is enough, we are electing donald trump where we feel we can say things that we kneel and maybe that was becoming unpopular in america and they also are core democratic ideologies. katrina? >> well, it's not even just that yes, the political correctness aspect of it is one thing. but when you have a party that essentially demonizes people who have strong traditional family values, just look at the states that were blue that turned red a month ago. this is beyond political correctness. this is about an extreme ideology. >> katrina, when you say core family values, do you mean anti-gay marriage because 60% of the country pro-gay marriage whe. >> people have traditional family values have criticized. they are criticized. >> tell me what it means. >> ostracized. they are talked down to. and look what they have been going through. >> what does it mean to you
8:44 pm
traditional family values. >> pro-life, fro family. >> what's pro-family does that mean not gay marriage? tell me if it means to you that marriage is only between a man and woman because that is not what americans feel. 60% are pro-gay marriage. >> no, jessica, this is what i'm trying to explain to you. you are making my point. people who believe that marriage is between a man and woman despite the popularity in opposition still have a right to believe what they believe. >> of course. >> and instead they are ostracized and treated like subhuman because of it. >> katrina, if you think that donald trump won wisconsin and michigan because of his stance about marriage being between a man and woman you are dead wrong. >> that's not what i said. >> lost by 80,000 votes. won by 3 million but lost 80,000 electoral college. >> pro-family agenda and the left does not. >> quick footnote bill o'reilly would like to thank you for making his power house history book "killing
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in the back of the book segment tonight, is the left denying there's a war on cops? 2016 was an extraordinarily difficult year to be a police officer. 138 officers have been killed many the line of duty this year, 62 officers were shot to death, a 59% increase from last year when 39 officers were shot and killed. joining us now, jonathan gilliam, a former fbi agent and a washington d.c. radio talk show host. that's a massive increase and a scary increase. what's happening? >> it is. and i think -- i was on here a
8:49 pm
couple of weeks ago talking about the same subject and this is a sign, it's stat that we can use to show that there is increased violence against cops. so there is a war on police officers. now we compare and contrast that with the war that the press, the media puts out there -- >> who is purt traiting terpetr? >> media, people who want to cover the problem of the reality, the inner city, the breakdown of inner cities, the breakdown of the relationship between cops and the community. >> i'm going to push back a little. the media and the politicians may be inciting it but who's perpetrating it? >> we always try to make this into gun violence but the reality is it's gang violence and illegal gun violence. but liberals can use the statistic and push that --
8:50 pm
>> let me ask, what do you say to jonathon who says it's gang violence and illegal gun violence perpetrating this war on cops. first of all, do you believe there's a war on cops? >> there's the rhetoric that says there's a war on cops. that's inflammatory. >> there are numbers there. it's not inflammatory >> you're in the studio with the guy. i'm in a booth. give me respect and let me speak. we have easy access to guns. we have limited mental health care capabilities and we know we're not targeting the home grown terrorists that exist in this country. there are white separatist groups, white smem cyst groups that have perpetrated attacks on police that nobody is talking about -- >> the guy is eric, number one. number two, the no spin zone.
8:51 pm
let's not spin them. you just blamed limited health care and home grown terrorists and white separatists group in the mortality rate of the police officers. >> i didn't say health care. i said mental health care. there isn't a way to determine that people we have access to guns and relationships with the anti-government people. and we know they exist. if we were to look in our own back yards in the homeland and the heartland we would be doing a better job of protecting our police. >> do you think its has anything to do with the black lives matter saying that blue lives matter is insulting or racist and do you think it has anything to do with the liberal inner city mayors who don't back their own police officers when they're trying to keep the peace in the
8:52 pm
community? >> look, let me tell you something. i am a cop's kid. i speak fluent cops. i love cops. cops are all through my family. no reasonable american doesn't believe that we don't need police. what we're talking about -- >> that's not what i said. that is not what i said. you're twisting my words. >> before you attack me for saying -- i'm not saying that's what you said. i'm telling you where i'm coming from. >> i would like for you to answer the question. the question is, do you think black lives matter suggesting that blue lives matter is racist and the liberal inner cities mayors not backing their police officers is part of the problem why cops are being gunned down? >> two different issues here. black lives matter saying that blue lives matter is racist is their particular opinion. i'm not here speaking for black lives matter. i think blue lives matter. >> is blue lives matter a racist comment, as a daughter of a cop? >> if somebody unaffiliated
8:53 pm
thinks blue lives matter is racist. >> nor do i. i think all lives matter is the way we should go. quickly. >> however when we talk about police and policy and liberal mayors in inner city not backing up the police, what we have to do is look at what are the incidents going on that make the mayors say we're going to withhold judgment or whatever. it's not a cut and dry all cops are great all the time every time. there are issues of nuances that need to be considered. >> what are the issues that are causing the strife in the community? >> nothing that she just woint out. white spemcy and separatist groups did not shoot 50 people in chicago and kill 1 is over the holiday season. that wasn't white separatists. that wasn't terrorists groups. that was gangland violence. we have a breakdown in the inner
8:54 pm
city. take the color out of it. it's poverty, governments not going their job to clean up. and standing up against groups like black lives matter who go after cops. >> you are completely wrong here. >> you talk for ten minutes. hold on. nothing in there when describing your father say said you were a cop. you don't know what it's like to be on the street. being on the street, these cops every day they go out they're putting their life on the line. they go there to do the right thing. the people killing cops, almost 100% of those people are involved in criminal behavior. all of them are criminals. >> clearly they are. if you murder a cop, you're a criminal. >> they're involved in criminal behavior in the process of criminal behavior when they kill the cops. >> the black lives matter group, the protesters, what do i smell,
8:55 pm
pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon, what do we want, dead cops, what do we want, we want them right now here in new york city. there's a movement against cops in inner cities that's dangerous. >> i challenge you. to say that there's a movement that's predicated on murdering cops, killing cops, having war on cops, i challenge you. >> i said there's a movement that disrespects police officers which is ending up with them being killed at an alarming rate. >> you're moving the goal post. disrespecting cops -- you've got a first amendment right to disrespect whom ever you wish. >> oh amy goodness. yes you do. it becomes dangerous. that's where we have to leave it. a great way to spend an hour on new year's day. stay with us. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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. finally tonight, have we got an idea for you to kick off the new year. 8:00 p.m. sunday night fox news will premier lenlds agends and .
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here's a sample. >> i look out to report the sightings off of the coast of sandy hook. >> we are not ready for this. >> the signal fire isn't lit. >> if the british were here we would barely have a chance to make a stand. there is no discipline in this army. an army needs a loftier goal than mere survival. the only answer now is to declare or independence. >> and you can see that whole episode new year's day right here on fox news sunday at 8:00 p.m. that's it for us. thanks for watching.
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i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly and please remember that the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the obama administration announces its retaliation against russia for their cyberattacks meant to interfere in our electoral process. as tensions between washington and moscow heat up. just 22 days away from donald trump assuming the presidency. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. the white house today announcing their punitive actions including the sanctioning of nine individuals and entities, the removal of 35 russia intelligence operatives from the united states and the closure of two russian owned compounds in new york and maryland. when asked why the administration didn'