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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 31, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning, to you. it is saturday, december 31st. i'm abby huntsman. happy new year america courtesy of valparaiso. the russian president taking the high road in response to u.s. sanctions telling american diplomats to stay in russia despite president obama's snub. >> and president obama under fire from an unlikely enemy. the mainstream press saying he is no better than his predecessor, george w. bush. that i can a listen to this one. >> and they're off. >> tonight let it run into us. oh my god. this is insanity. >> want to race them.
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>> a mother's highway showdown with a moose. "fox & friends" starts right now. how would you like to kick off your new year with that? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so tonight i'm going to celebrate like it's 1999. >> i love that new zealand is already celebrating new year's. the clock just struck midnight right now in new zealand it's 2017. i'm so fascinated by them they're in the future. >> i forgot about the future. >> it's a look into our future and it's 12:01 a.m. in new zealand. >> what's it like in 2017? >> how does it feel? >> have someone on remote there. >> marty mcfly. >> meanwhile, here is times square. look at this. they are getting all the
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police barricades set up coming in this morning. every street blocked off with police. security is very tight. >> it's nice and calm there this morning. i have feel later on today not going to be so calm. they're expecting how many people in times square? do we know? >> 800 million. >> 800 mill. >> really it's out of control. rick reichmuth is standing there at the ball. >> all those people not there yet. >> nights glasses. >> is anyone there yet besides you? >> look at that. >> just me. and i am regretting. i have so many regrets this morning already. >> how is that different than normal? >> you know like this 2016 has got to go away you need 2017 here like this? >> you are shivering already. >> i didn't bring gloves. >> did no one tell you were going to be out there this morning. >> he is the weather guy after all. >> this is symbolizing how your year went? just kind of disshelved generally?
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>> completely. first of all, i'm from arizona. i'm never prepared for the elements even though it's kind of ironic based on what i do. it is really cold up here. we are like 25 floors up which means the wind is a lot stronger up here and it feels a lot colder than it actually is we are here at the ball which is the most amazing thing. did you go up and see that pole that they will make it ascend. normally it's up there all the time for the big drop back down to the spot. later on i will take you 00 other side look down times times square fun site and scary and awesome. >> make sure rick gets some gloves. >> rick, what is your new year's resolution? do you have one? >> yeah, i have got like 20 pounds. straight up. >> right there with you. >> you don't need to drop 20 years. >> it's pretty standard one. >> thanks, rick. we will cheng back in a little bit. >> would he want know what your new year's resolution is.
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>> email us at "fox & friends" we want to share some. what are unique ones. >> it's somebody's birthday today. >> it is. >> it's clayton's birthday, right? >> we buried the lead. a big one, too. ♪ it's your birthday to day. >> holy cow. >> you made it. >> for that than right there. slippery slope. our good friend tucker carlson. [celebration] >> 40 is so much better than your 30's and so much more fun. >> i hope he is right about that. >> time to reflect. you have turned 40. it's the new year tomorrow on this next year and what you hope to accomplish. maybe some resolutions? >> i think most of us live our lives like in fear, anxiety, you know. so i think i spent most of my 30's getting rid of that in my life. it's my 40's. i want to fine tuna little bit. you know more of who you are as a human being. somebody tells you want to go out to dinner 10:00 p.m.
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on thursday night? no, i don't like doing that i would rather be home. you dial in who you are as a person. >> not sad about saying no. >> exactly. >> try to bury this birthday stuff throughout the rest of the show. >> no. we are going to be celebrating all year long new year's and clayton's birthday. >> big news we have been following all week last couple days. developments last couple days with russia and vladimir putin. >> he is bringing in the new year, too. >> he is refusing to expel american diplomats in response to the u.s. sanctions earning praise also from president-elect donald trump. >> that's exactly right. so know how it progressed. there is the allegations of russian hacking or alleged election influence. then obama levels sanctions as we have talked about the last couple of days. really seen as a slap on the wrist. how is putin going to respond? here is what putin decided to do. here is a quote. although we have the right to retaliate we will not resort to kitchen diplomacy but will plan our further
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steps to restore russia, u.s. relations based on the trump administration. i invite all children of u.s. transcripts arussia to the new year and christmas children's parties in the kremlin. >> you want to go to the kremlin for new year's eve. >> total slap. here in the united states president obama says look, you guys are expelled. get out. we will sending you back. russian diplomats out of washington, d.c. you're going back to russia, pack your bags. vladimir putin saying you know what? we are not going to get involved in this tit-for-tat. i'm looking forward to relations with the trump administration. donald trump responded with this tweet yesterday great move on delay with vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. russians are playing cnn and nbc news for such fools. it's funny to watch. they don't have a clue. fox news totally get it. what is he talking about here?
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the broader question is about this hacking issue. this whole move by the president is based on really a ridiculous report by this joint analysis report that just came out. very vague. >> it's very vague and a lot of mistakes in it and for me it opens up a whole other can of worms and more likely that there were third parties involved in this, not the russian government. that's what the move is by washington using that report sending russian diplomats out of the country. >> people are saying show me the evidence. if there really is evidence, then show it to me. otherwise, what you are seeing from vladimir putin is sloot contempt for barack obama. this reflection that you are irrelevant. >> you even have reporters saying that rolling stone had a great report about this as well. s. experts are trying to talk how to cover all of this. dr. sebastian gorka on hannity last night. i don't want to praise putin here but this is a pretty smart move. here is what he said. >> i don't like to praise a former kbg colonel on the most popular cable channel
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in america, but it was a master stroke. i mean, really. he played the game as the ambassador said very, very smoothly. he has basically said to the world president obama, you are completely irrelevant. and truth is, he is. this is a new age after november the 8th. the idea that he plays golf for eight years and now he decides to do something about russia, it's incredible. it's truly incredible. why now? >> and "rolling stone" magazine not exactly a conservative rag by the way and a long supporter of the obama administration i think makes a really interesting case. they are likening this to the sales mapship that the george w. bush administration did for selling the weapons of mass destruction argument in the iraq war. and they liken it this way. they say like the wmd story, there there is an element of sellsmanship the government is using to push the hacking narrative that should make reporter nervous.
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which is what donald trump was saying. he is saying the george w. bush pushed this story and intelligence community got it wrong and these are the people. >> if you haven't taken the time to sit down and read this through. another part in there where they say if there was actually a smoking gun and concrete evidence there, then they would have punished russia a lot more than they did. what is it going to do to exspem 35 diplomats. why not hit on their economy where it hurts. >> if you are saying they hacked our election then expelling 35 diplomats is not a proportional response. it is an interesting article because it lays out that comparison as you said. reporters are expected to have evidence, real evidence, not just take from the government vague accusations and print them as election hacking which is exactly what they have done. they are playing into. i don't know, we can understand why they will. there is a likelihood they want to believe the obama administration when they would mistrust republicans or george w. bush but makes it no better. >> this report shows if anything it was not the
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russian government. third party hackers who have nothing to do lose ties with the russian government. we will have much more on this throughout the show. >> if obama loses the mainstream media then he loses his constituency. >> if you lose "rolling stone" what do you have left? >> you have "high times." we have other news to get to. we begin with a fox news alert. massive manhunt underway for suspected cop killer. police right now searching for this man, 32-year-old jason robberson in huntington county in connection with the state shooting of landon weaver. the 25-year-old officer was responding to a domestic incident when that shooting occurred. weaver, who has been on the force less than a year now is the latest of more than five dozen officers shot and killed in the line of duty this year alone. also developing this morning, first it was the election. now russian hackers allegedly taking aim at our country's power grid.
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malware tied to russian hacking group discovered on lap ton. burlington construction systems says the laptop did not have access to the system itself. attack underscores the need to protect our infrastructure. other utilities in the state say they were not impacted by that. >> and a day at a theme park turns into a frightening 8 hour long ordeal. 21021 people stuck inside a ride. couldn't get the ride moving. firefighters lowering them by rope one by wide. the ride not berry farm getting stuck 2:00 friday afternoon with the last passenger safely reaching the ground by 10:00 at night. that's a long day for some people. and we are on eagle watch as we were yesterday morning as well. two egglets set to make their grand review.
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fort meyers, florida, a hole appeared in one of those shells giving everyone a peek as the bird start to break out. the bird can hatch any minute now. obviously keep a very close eye on it if it breaks. >> sometimes you put live shots in the bottom right-hand corner of the team eaglet watch. >> remember when president obama said this back in november? >> my number one priority in the coming two month is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> his number one priority was a smooth transition. but are the president's latest actions with russia and israel trying to sabotage the president-elect trump instead? we're going to debate it next.
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office obviously be very different in foreign policy perspective and, you know, what he want to do after that is totally on donald trump. but as of right now, you know, the president is just finishing out his term and doing what he sees fit with the information he has been handed. >> adam, atima says is he just cementing his legacy. what say you. >> this may be surprising i disagree with you. what's happening right now is president obama's number one priority is not the transition. it is president obama and his legacy. is he doing everything he
3:17 am
can to cement his world view and force his world view one more time on the personal people. the problem is it's become not just political, which happens when you have a change, of party in the white house, it's personal. it's personal because for the first time in nearly 8 years he is going to have to give up the piece of borrowed real estate called the west wing. what is he doing on the world stage, especially with israel. israel itself is inexcusable in forcing for the first time in 40 years a riff between our greatest ally and the united states i think it is not about this country right now. it's about trying to make sure that his last words are the words that count. >> atima, i want to touch on israel. respond to him. >> oh, yeah. i was just going to say i find this interesting because sean spicer is you know, incoming press secretary for trump and he has been very much in the mind set of saying, know, he has been nothing but gracious in this transition, obama and his team that is.
3:18 am
and, you know, obviously that the president-elect is going to be proactive. i think that, you know, the president trump -- president-elect trump has been so proactive that he has violated this one president at a time mantra that has been president-elects before. i think that for me when i look at this and i think most folks who look at this. you know, it's one president at a time. this is his perspective. donald trump is going to be very different when he is president starting january 20th on his foreign policy and that's his prerogative to change. >> you heard from critics one president at a time. when one president is doing such damaging things like that u.n. vote or others, how do you not make your voice heard? >> well, in 2000, because of the recount in part, there was a relatively smooth transition. short one in 2008, i think george bush and the class of the bush pandemic family, another fairly smooth transition. this is not smooth. when it comes to israel. i'm going back to israel because it's a great met
3:19 am
for. here is something where for the first time in 40 years we went south on an ally which has our allies questioning america's commitment to them and dividing the country. it isn't right. it's okay to have a point of view. it's not okay on your way out to try to throw molotov cocktails into a foreign policy that's very complicated. i think it's reckless. >> ateam that, the other part of this is president obama and his allies have said they are not going to go quietly into the night. is he going to stay in washington, d.c. they are going to continue oppose some of trump's positions. you can understand the frustration of incoming administration not only are they not getting a smooth transition but perpetual opposition? >> again, spicer himself, incoming press secretary have praised. >> others have said it's quite different. you can go back to that point. >> obviously there is varying perspectives on this. but obama is staying in washington because his daughter is finishing high school last two years of sidwell. that's totally understandable. obviously he can't control
3:20 am
all of his allies and certainly what they are going to say. but if trump, when he assumes the presidency, in january, wants to have some goodwill with his predecessor and he has said, you know, we have good conversations, obviously not messing with things when it comes to sort of working with foreign world leaders and confusing china or confusing russia on who is at least president right now, i think it's primarily in his best interest. >> atima, we will have to leave it right there for the both of you. thank you for a fair and balanced debate this morning on what the future holds. happy new year. >> thank you. happy new year. >> more than five dozen police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. including last night's murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. this painting depicting officers as pigs is now hanging inside our nation's capitol. who will prove that? we will look into that next. and call it the flood before the storm. hundreds of refugees rushing
3:21 am
into the united states before trump takes office. and many of them settling in one particular state. we will tell you where. ♪ working on a mystery ♪ going wherever we need ♪ running
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>> welcome back with headlines now. president-elect trump will ring in the new year alongside actor civil vetsster that lobe. hosting him along with 800 guests at his mauller resort tonight. cabinet spot focused on the arts. one which stallone said he wouldn't take if offered. melania trump and mr. trump's young son barron are also expected to be there. 2016 has been a rough year for hillary clinton. it's not over yet. the year has one last cruel trick to play on clinton. the former democratic nominee's book "hard choices" spotted at a store discounted from $34 to $4.09. abby? >> thank you, clayton. transitioning here. another officer growing list of tragic statistics. a pennsylvania state trooper killed last night adding to the 64 police officers killed by gunfire this year alone. that is up more than 50%
3:25 am
from last year. meanwhile, another slap in the face to law enforcement. this painting is now hanging in our nation's capitol depicting police officers as pigs. steve is a former west chester county new york police officer and retired police sergeant and he joins us now with reaction. good morning to you, sir. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> off the top you say police officers naturally have a thick skin your reaction to that picture hanging in our capitol. >> best way to describe it hate masquerading as art. it's deplorable. it's horrible. especially to the families this past year that have lost their loved ones. >> we have reached out from lacy clay from missouri. they have not yet responded to our ask. what does this do overall to the morale to the upand coming police officers. >> it's already diminished what has been a diminishing morale for the past eight years. so you have got this representative fro that has gone and endorsed this horrific scene that's
3:26 am
played out and that's what sends a really horrible message. you have impressionable people, young people out there seeing it oh my god it's in the capitol building and now they take it upon themselves to say you know what? it's real. when it's not. it's a false narrative that didn't happen that was pushed by the mainstream media. it's just a fallacy and never happened. >> you look at this past year, it has been a tough one for police officers. i just mentioned those stats. put those back up here. in the last year alone, 64 killed by gunfire this year. that is up 50% from the year before. looking to year 2017, how can this change? what needs to happen? >> we need a new and vibrant view on law enforcement. the incoming president-elect is pro-cop. we haven't had that for eight years. starting back in 2009 with beer gate with president obama and the cambridge police department where without the proper information he maligned the cambridge police saying they were stupid and ever since then politicians including himself have been able to go
3:27 am
on television, go on broadcasts and criticize police officers before they have all the facts. we have seen it over and over and over again. that spurred the narrative. that spurred the anger that is a false anker. >> it leads oftentimes to misconceptions. what is the biggest misconception out there when it comes to police officers? i have talked to many of them over the past year and their family members. how do you kiss them every morning and say goodbye not knowing what is going to happen that day? it is no longer the same job for law enforcement? >> i have worked with police officers all over the country and around the world. the element in our profession that negative, bad, or otherwise, is so minute it's not even funny. less than in the priest hood. so you look at those numbers. now, amplify that every one of those officers killed have families and friends. you have officers that come from other countries to celebrate -- to mourn their passing. so it doesn't affect just 135, it effects thousands upon thousands of family
3:28 am
members, police officer friends, every time a police shooting occurs in the united states it's a hit in the gut to every police officer employed. >> hopeful for year 2017? >> i am. i think the change is going to be a positive one. all of law enforcement is looking forward to the change. >> steve, thank you for being here this morning. >> president-elect's cameo be cut out from these classics to calm them? check in with rick reichmuth who is with us all morning long in times square where the magic is about to happen. stick with us. ♪ but i'm taking a greyhound or the hudson river line
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stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. ♪ just dance >> dancing tonight. about 2 million people will be dance dancing tonight in new york's times square for tonight wants new year's eve celebrations. the nypd is taking unprecedented steps to protect those there celebrating safe.
3:32 am
>> rick reichmuth joins with more on that effort. good morning. i think you have a special guest with you too, so we hear. >> yeah, we do. 2 million people here. it's a lot of people packing into a really smart area. and everybody wonders how you can keep all of these people safe. especially in this world that's certainly changing or feeling more threatened. we have got bernie kerik here former new york city police commissioner. welcome. thanks for getting up with us this morning. >> thanks. >> different world, 2001 happened and there were about 3,000 police officers that would be here in times square. how have things changed since that time. >> first of all, the detail here is probably close to doubled. i think we had about 3500, you know, on new year's eve of 2001 right after 9/11. the detail now is close to 7,000 you have enhanceds enenhancements we never had before. donald trump trucks, con creek barricades.
3:33 am
surveillance systems and technology we never had before. this is the world we live. in it's the world we have to get used to. but, to the benefit of the people of this city, an and that come to this city around the world. you have no better police department and police department anywhere in the united states policing. there are close to 45,000 men and women in the nypd. and their primary focus today is to keep new york city safe on the greatest day of the year. >> we hear often there is probably no safer place to be in new york city than times square. do you agree with that assessment? >> you will agree. you will see when you get to times square. it's locked down there. is no movement. it's almost like herding cattle as they pitch these people into different chutes. once everything gets locked down, it's done. you are there until the event is over. but it's going to be safe. it's going to be fun. i think the people will have a blast. if they can get through the
3:34 am
cold. but i have seen people out here, you know, subbelow weather, you know, no shirts on, little tipsy but doing fine. >> yeah. so after what happened at niche, barricades. truck blockade. there is no threat here in new york city at all? >> what i like to explain to people we have a credible threat against the united states of america by isis and the radical islamic movement around the world. we have no specific threats to new york city. the police commissioner o'neil has made that clear, john miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence has made it clear. there are no specific threats. i tell people come out, have a blast. have a good night. and you know, say happy new year at midnight. >> all right. well, thank you very much for getting up with us this morning. we will be talking to you a little bit later on again in the show. and that's it from here at times square. you haven't been up here you said for about 15 years.
3:35 am
>> about 15 years is the last time i stood up here. >> different ball. looks really nice. >> different ball. changes colors. i was a little surprised. >> they say can you watch a movie on this thing. like an lead. >> see if we can put up home alone. >> if we glow when we leave here. >> we might. >> thank you very much. >> guys, send it back to you. >> christmas movie in times square some of the people would stop and watch famous christmas movies upset to look at some of their famous christmas movies this story will upset you. people watching home alone two for the first time. dusted off that vhs tape and popped it in and not trump supporter they are floored when they watch this,. >> excuse me, where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> that happened to me, too. i was watching it a couple weeks ago, whoa. >> kelsey tweet this out. i forgot donald trump was in home alone two and just
3:36 am
trying to enjoy my evening watching christmas movies and he had to ruin that, too. >> can someone find me an edit of home alone 2 without donald trump. this scene ruins my favorite christmas movie. >> home alone 2 is like the worse. it's like 25% on rotten tomatoes. >> i used to love home alone. my favorite movie was little warascals. i forgot donald trump has a role in that movie as well. >> watch. >> hi, dad, it's me. you're gonna be so proud of me. i'm going to win this race. >> waldo, you're the best son money can buy. >> thanks, dad. >> well, susan tweet. this donald trump just ruined the little rascals for me. and molly says the little rascals was so pure and wholesome until 102 that must be where in the movie donald trump makes an appearance. why do those tweets make me happy? >> hilarious.
3:37 am
>> people are unhinged when it comes to him. >> 9/11 a movie. >> wasn't ronald reagan actor in multiple movie. >> he was. they were also unhinged about him, too. >> if you are a celebrity and conservative then you have to be evil. >> let us know if donald trump has ruined your christmas as well. email us at >> or made it. >> we have other headlines to get to. now some of those headlines, kennedy cousin family may be heading back to prison. court reinstating his conviction overturned in 2013. nephew of kennedy's widow convicted in the killing of his neighbor in 2002 more than 25 years after she was bludgeoned outside of her home. he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison but freed after a lower court found his trial lawyer poorly represented him. a ruling the state court then rejected. there is this. a parting gift from the
3:38 am
obama administration. extra 500 refugees in the first three month of 2017. next year's resettlement rate for the state higher than it's been in three decades part of the federal government to take in refugees. by march, nebraska will take in nor asylum seekers per capita than any other state in the country. and a political science professor at the taxpayer funded university of north carolina says the state is no longer a democracy. partly because the statewide republican party has been too successful at winning the state's winner-take-all elections. andrew reynolds writing 936 word column in the news and observer saying this in part north carolina's electoral places u.s. alongside authoritarian states and pseudo democrats like cuba, indonesia and sierra leone. >> then what is california? >> a mother capture as highway showdown between vehicle and moose on the
3:39 am
loose. >> don't let it run into us. oh my god. >> i love. this the montana family excited, yet, obviously scared, making sure not to get too close as they drive alongside the wild animal. the mother saying they drive down that highway often but this is the first time they have seen a moose. can you imagine? >> pretty cool. >> what would you do? >> i see deer all the time. >> they are dangerous animals, compared to a deer they are dangerous. >> that was a big one, that was a huge moose. >> they generally are huge. when you see a group of them. >> i'm not a moose expert but i do know they are large. >> group of moose together called meeses. [. [ buzzemeeses. meeses. [ buzzer ] >> kids are going to be telling their parents. >> no, that's not accurate. from terror to hacking. president trump faces a series of crisis. how will this play out in
3:40 am
2017. >> boycotting mr. trump's inauguration based on so-called principles. why didn't stars like beyonce have problems dictating for dictators like muammar qaddafi? ♪ ♪
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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back with quick head lines. edward snowden and private bradley manning are begging president obama for mercy. the two responsible for leaking sensitive classified information are asking to be pardoned, asking president obama to pardon them before he leaves office. even though owe bomb that has already delivered countless pardon, experts believe it's unlikely either will receive one. and after a season full of controversy disgraced quarterback colin kaepernick is awarded award by. given each year to the player who best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of a 49er. excuse me while i throw up in my mouth. >> many celebrities have proudly announced they want nothing to do with president trump swaring in celebration. something he says he can care less about. in a tweet he said. this so-called a list celebrity all wanting tickets to the inauguration. look what they did for hillary, nothing.
3:44 am
i want the people. these stars boycott trump. thugs and dictators with little outrage throughout the world. here to weigh in producer at the daily caller katie frakes. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> celebrities saying no way we are going to perform for the president-elect but we're happy to perform for prohm thattably plenty of cash for third world dictators. what do you make of this? >> totally. so i don't want to be cynical. but it really makes it seem like they don't actually care at all. because you are right. they have this foe moral reason that they can't go to the inauguration. that they don't want to perform for trump. but you have people going over to tucker, an goalla. nic at this my knowledge going over to an goalla. horrible human right. taking cash for it being paid and come back and saying something about donald trump doesn't sit well with me. it makes it seem like they don't really care much at all. >> there are some celebrities that have turned down requests to perform at the inauguration.
3:45 am
elton john, david foster, garth brooks turned it down. gene simmons said kiss would be in europe. andrea bocelli. the list goes on there. >> important thing to note about bocelli people descended upon him in mass to criticize him to say horrible things about him when it was rumored that donald trump was going to ask him to come on. lose lose for donald trump no matter. what the left has se him up to fail to matter what happens. harass anyone considered for the inauguration until they decide not to do it. and then mock him for not being able to get anyone to come on. it's kind of funny. i think if millionaires and billionaires and all the celebrities came down to his inauguration, they would say it looked like a coronation. but, because he can't get any celebrities to show up, any mock for had. it's kind of ridiculous. >> think about hillary clinton. how many got out to campaign
3:46 am
for her from katy perry. the list goes on and on. beyonce, do the american people even care that the a. listers won't be there for the inauguration? if anything it might benefit him. >> exactly. it's an opportunity that they have missed. that they could have gone to this inauguration. they could have presented their message. it could have been a moment to heal the nation. there's been so much talk about bringing the nation today after all these divides brought out by the election. instead, they are keeping those divides in place and worsening them by tell fan bases and telling america to boycott the inauguration. don't turn it on. don't go. don't watch it that's not going to do anything to bring our nation together. >> katie, crawl into the minds of these celebrities which is a dangerous place to crawl into. >> especially mariah carey. >> what is the moral equivalence of what i will perform for the libyan dictator qaddafi who oppressed his own people, terrible human rights record as you talked, about but i won't perform for donald trump elected by americans in a free and fair election? is it reflects of
3:47 am
anti-americanism? is it partisanship? what is it? >> i think it's political expedience in that they provide a different set of standards for themselves than they give to, say, american people. a great example of this is -- gave hypothetical situation they wouldn't cater to a gay wedding and everyone lost their minds. it was based on a cons enshut objection to something they morally felt like they couldn't do. this is the same thing these celebrities are doing with the inauguration. in america you shouldn't be forced to do something, provide a service that you don't want to provide. but it seems okay for celebrities to do it in this sense but for regular americans like memories pizza to not. >> meanwhile jackie ivanka is fabulous. her numbers now through the roof. she is totally. >> opportunities. >> talk about karma, huh? >> good for her. i think she will be amazing
3:48 am
at the inauguration. >> and there are a couple other people like jennifer lopez performing for tucker perr turkministan. okay to go over there but for donald trump not going to do it. >> donald trump is so much closer to home going to make headlines. if jennifer lopez said she was going to perform the fan base would lose their minds. many of them don't have any idea that turkministan don't know it's a country. >> when you are there you can hear she can't sing when she is here auto tuning to sing. >> he brrr. >> sorry. i maintain. >> on fire today. >> thanks for being here this morning. happy new year.
3:49 am
>> happy new year. >> well, from terror to being haing, president-elect trump faces a series of crises when he takes office. how will these events play out in 2017? >> a new year means new laws. including lifting bans on pitch fork hunting. you can now go and hunt with a pitch fork and beer in barbershops. it's about time. the dumbest new laws about to hit the books when we come back ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ what happens you going to do ♪ what's you going to do ♪ when they come for you ♪ when you were 8 ♪ had bad traits. we call that...a website builder touchdown.
3:50 am
get your free trial of website builder now.
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3:52 am
>> about time to get rid of 2016. it's coming to a close. many political crises will carry into the new year in the new administration. how will some of the biggest issues play out in 2017? here to weigh in is boston herald columnist adrianna cohen. nice to see you this morning. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, clayton. >> let's start with one of the big problems we were facing this past year. isis. how will isis carry over into 2017? how will the trump administration need to handle this? >> yeah. donald trump is going to have to take a much more aggressive approach to
3:53 am
finally eviscerating this evil. because they have now spread their ten nickels. their all that violate tentacles into 30 countries. we saw it here at home a radical jihadist committed the worse mass shooting in orlando at the pulse nightclub. donald trump needs to get much more aggressive whether it's militarily, disrupting isis financial pipeline. disrupting oil trade or clamping down on the poison newpoisonous ideology that isis is spreading online. >> we have seen the top leadership killed in isis having to come out of their hole to so to speak and come to the surface for the first time. do you think the trump administration will go after the leaders or more of the finance ininfrastructure. >> they need to dual after the above. baghdad is still at large. we need to take out top leadership. the social media, you know, the spreading of propaganda
3:54 am
online is extremely dangerous. because every time we take out our military takes out a soldier on the battle field if they are going to recruit five or ten more online we are going to end up nowhere. we will be spinning in a wheel. i think donald trump is going to have to work with the social media like facebook twitter and others to get much more aggressive in clamping down the propaganda spreading on fire. >> tragic year for police officers. what are we going to face in 2017? >> you know, this has been just a tremendous, a national tragedy that our police officers are not only getting killed in the line of duty, but we saw an increase of ambush killings of literally assassinations of cops sitting in their cruisers. it has increased by over 200 percent. this is totally unacceptable. and donald trump should make this a top priority protecting our heros who protect us each and every day when they leave their
3:55 am
homes and so obviously there is conflict between groups like black lives matter and they have some legitimate grievances that we have seen in cases of police brutality. but then we have also seen rhetoric coming out of that group that is totally unacceptable. so donald trump and community leaders need to bridge the divide between these two. most importantly to protect our police officers. >> yeah. we saw these protests, of course this year as well. people taking to the street and a lot of times falsely. >> right. >> what they were laying claim to, police brutal ended up not being the case at the end of the day. how does donald trump bridge that gap in the community? we know he has people who wants to go in these communities and work with them. do you think he will be able to do that? >> i hope. so somebody must. we definitely need leadership here because, you know, and community leaders, of course, need to step up and do more. but, you know, i understand -- i think people just need to understand the two wrongs don't make a right. even if some police
3:56 am
brutality exist. people need to understand that most police officers are good. killing another human being is always going to be wrong and you are going to end up in jail. violence is never the solution. and i wish that we had leaders like martin luther king who preached nonviolent protest. we need to see more leaders talking about nonviolent protest versus violence. because it's just unacceptable. >> i want to get you out of here on this third one which is cyber security. yahoo, half a billion users exposed. the dnc, you know, all sort of hacking issues in 2016. it's only going to get worse next year. >> it certainly is. i have written clowms about this in the boston herald even years ago saying president obama needs to do much more to ramp up our defenses with respect to cyber security. he really hasn't done much at all. we saw the sony hack by north korea under his watch. china has been hacking us for years.
3:57 am
now allegedly russia is. it's very dangerous because terrorists we know are targeting our power grid. and if they were ever successful in doing that we could have catastrophic effects to the american people. >> imagine a snow storm with no heat, no power. adrianna, great to see you this morning. thank you so much from the boston herald. we appreciate it happy new year. >> great to be here. you too. >> happy new year, america, courtesy of vladimir putin. >> the russian president taking the high road in response to the u.s. sanctions. telling american diplomats to stay in russia and, you know what? consume to our christmas party as well. and they will be ringing in 2012017 live here on fox news, those guys. but, first, eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle will be joining us live next hour ♪ feels like the first time. (avo) did you know two areas
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, happy saturday, everyone. it is december 31st. i'm abby huntsman and happy new year america courtesy of vladimir putin. the russian president taking the high road in response to u.s. sanctions tell american diplomats to stay in russia. and this despite's president obama's snub. >> and president obama giving himself a pat on the back in his final address of 2016. and promising that there's more to come. oh goody. >> and with the new year comes a bunch of new laws, my favorite time of year. get out your pitch forks, america, now you will be able to go hunting for the first time in decades with your pitch fork. they are legal now.
4:01 am
just as long as you are hunting for catfish. if you think that's crazy, we will run down all of the new laws about to hit the books in 2017. happy new year, the show starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ old acquaintance be forgot ♪ and never brought to mind. >> been waiting for mariah carey songs all morning. [celebrating] >> we are celebrating right now it is already new year's. >> what happened to the little ones? ♪ blowing horn] >> we are celebrating though because it is already new year's in some parts of the world it is clayton's 40th birthday today. >> wow. >> going to wear the dunce cap for the rest of the day. >> i was born in a dunce
4:02 am
cap. >> that was mariah carey singing you a personal birthday message. >> thank you, mariah. i appreciate it. mariah speaks right to my soul when she sings. happy new year everyone. we have a fun time. >> we'll talk new year's resolutions. let us know what yours are at in. >> they have been pouring in. linda wrote us her resolution she says is to be volunteer, be happy, and to be healthier. >> that's good. tamara says my resolution is to make gratitude my default setting for all things amend not get tired of winning. i love that one. >> who gets tired of winning. >> we have been told we could get tired of winning because we will win so much. >> maybe that's why i have been tired recently. >> i have got to push back against that. >> email us, send us your new year's resolutions this morning >> rick reichmuth gave us his earlier he says he wants
4:03 am
to lose 20 pounds. i don't know why. he looks fabulous. >> really fabulous. >> especially this morning. >> thank you, clayton. thank you. is this good. >> fantastic. >> you finally got gloves. this morning at 6:00 a.m. rick is atop of the tower on times square didn't have gloves or a jacket on. visibly shivering. >> yet he is our weather expert so i don't know what that says about the show. >> true. [ laughter ] yeah. like the tech expert, the weather expert. all the things called into question. these are prescription, by the way. >> they are? >> sam the producer is making these wear these so she made them prescription so that i want to wear them. not true. but she says they look good. >> never try to make you look silly. >> what do you think of this ball, guys? >> pretty nice. is this the first time it can change colors? >> i like the colors. >> no. it's been changing colors for -- we will ask somebody that question. but it's probably been six or seven years or so since they put this ball in.
4:04 am
normally, it also -- you know, it stays up there year around it used to be that that ball only came out at new year's. just for that one day. now it stays up there so people can come to times square and see the famous ball all year round and they color it for different things. it's lead so they can do -- it'. they will put it up there for the celebration. numbers 2017 are on the other side right up there. they won't let me go up there. >> rick, we know you like to do perilous things like repel down buildings. you can get our camera guy to spin around and give us perspective how far. actually you are at the bottom right now, right? >> no. we are at the bottom of the ball. but we are at the top of this building. >> wow. >> that's looking down 42nd street toward the hudson river there. so we are kind of right on the very south end of times square. that's a look at 42nd street. >> you are high. >> get down and show you
4:05 am
times square in a second. >> rick, aren't you afraid of height? >> i am -- i have a weird relationship with heights. so i'm super afraid of them and oddly drawn to high things as well. >> he we will check back with rick in a little bit. thanks, rick. i would love to hear from people all over the country. drop the possum. so email us this morning i want to hear your different new year's eve drops. >> where does the idea of a ball dropping come from? >> that's a good question. like why a ball dropping. >> i will get in wikipedia during the commercial. >> get back to you. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin refusing to retaliate to sanctions set by president obama this week. >> leland vittert is follow the story for us. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the "new york post" calls it to russia with luggage. the russian flight home cannot come soon enough.
4:06 am
as of now, they are persona than graduate that. so come tomorrow, these russians diplomatic immunity is revoked and they must leave the united states. the russians are sending one of their v.i.p. military planes over to pick them up. the u.s. equivalent of the people who fly air force one and other officials around. it's both perhaps symbolic and practical considering reports it was tough for all 35 kicked out diplomats and their families to get reservations out during the holiday season. first priority for the russians though was cleaning out two compounds the state department ordered closed. yesterday we saw long convoys of moving trucks and suvs leaving facilities in new york and maryland. they doubled as dock ca can sumr houses also bases for espionage. >> it's also important to point out that russia has taken so many actions during president obama's presidency adverse to our interests.
4:07 am
they sent advanced air defense systems to iran. they made incursions into the ukraine. they harbored edward snowden who gave up a whole bunch of state secrets. so the obama administration really did very little to combat a lot of that so now going out the door, he is trying to do this. >> the russian president issued this statement as it proceeds international practice, russia has reasons to respond in kind. although we have the right to retaliate, we you can can
4:08 am
4:09 am
it criminals partied a key did its hear in remember shaflt. >> everies it go it the cellly for criminals. great place it. >> scwaghtly. ferttle weigh had mayor iraq yesterday, patty. weigh asked hill were there any conversations going made closed darr's with pleght trufer add russian filters alleged he said that's in the something i the it talking about bluely, you sea twitter eggs chasing add makings you with der if they are already pressing that real estate set but the it add having any seniority of conversation rate new. >> theyer isly are but can have any conversation every twitter rate new. chag the gail. seniority offed it wave i clg president praise effort cferlt gferlt agent. stretch at you operating will. thition that outline drufer seas in what drufer has did. 1 tureg karl is last nate had you in new remember shah creating a new do ial mig
4:10 am
ferttle twitter wrgs really well . >> you are destroyed. dry it get. you operating will. new chag you in the way he deals with foreleaders add way he details withing can. weigh detective know the way is he going it go. >> the she at 9 aferlt 15 this energy weighingly ewe address. year he had were you. lying a 8 year were you. a lag bag at his administration. a lot of patting othe bag hear. taking a live.
4:11 am
>> just 8 years ago. as i prade it taking was. you are economy teaterred a the briferg of depression. 8 years later you tell a differster. we temperature real estate session that recovery. poverty is following. ing ins are raising. logical every you can tri earth seas mergenthaler as interestinger add more ared ted. >> a tafing that falls it all of us.
4:12 am
test test about living in washington, d.c. ed klein has been a guest of on on our show a number of times. set in d.c. what he claims liberal organizations really going to undermine this trump presidency. maybe he is saying it right here in the flesh. >> this is just as you said a dramatic departure from predecessors. >> you think about george w. bush and really took a step back. >> off the ranch. >> went to do some painting.
4:13 am
said you know what? i have had my eight years now it's time for the next administration. there is a real class and respect to that. to say you know what? i have had my time. let the next administration -- >> barack obama ran against george w. bush. it was not as if it was a graceful transition. it was very different views. he stepped back and it doesn't lack like barack obama is going to do that. >> very interesting. >> too bad. >> all right. well, what does congress think about president obama's sanctions against russia? new york representative lee zell continue joins us live next. >> imagine a ted cruz charlie sheen credit in 2020. one of them just told the other no thank you. >> that's a tease. we will check back in with rick, of course, in times square. he is getting upclose look at the famous waterford crystal ball. it's beautiful ♪ very heart of it ♪ new york, new york.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> president obama issuing some stiff sanctions against russia this week for their alleged hacking of our presidential election. russia now responding saying they are not going to retaliate. wait to see how the trump administration handles
4:17 am
u.s.-russian relations. what is congress' reaction to all of this? joining us now is the new york congressman lee zeldin. welcome to the show. >> nice to see you. >> what do you make of this response to vladimir putin? you say you are not a fan of vladimir putin. it seems he has the you were hand here, clearly. >> i think his response has outsmarted president obama over the course of the last couple of days. you know, unfortunately, president obama when he engages in the next step seems like he is thinking one step ahead and vladimir putin is thinking 5, 10, 12 steps ahead. what's going to be important for the incoming administration is there needs to be more of a long game. and when, you know, you decide to enact new sanctions, you know what the response is going to be and what your response to that is. so you know, putin just every step of the way right now, he is not a good guy. he is not a friend of the united states. he is not an ally. we talk cyber security, cyber attacks, but we can
4:18 am
also talk about the rest of the map across the country and russian aggression. it's a complex map and they are our adversaries, we have to be smarter. >> you are right about that. we can get a little too comfortable with vladimir putin as well. right? we talked to n psd detectives here on "fox & friends" for years who have said you want to look at the hacking that comes into the united states into the regions that nypd handles and looks into. comes right out of moscow and right out of china. more specifically comes out of moscow. can we get a little too comfortable with vladimir putin also? >> you know, we need to be strong. we need to be consistent. i think that, you know, our adversaries don't respect weakness. they only respect strength. when we say we can't be violent when we get tested it's not because we want war but because we want to prevent it what has been very high profile in 2016 have been the hacks on the dccc the democratic national committee. john podesta, on top of that there have also been mass cyber attacks taking place on u.s. companies, a lot of
4:19 am
personal data has been made its way into individuals and foreign actors, foreign state governments. so, if we find an opportunity where it serves america first, america's best interest to work with the russians on something. as long as it's an n. our best interest and there is a victory we are planning for the victory backwards that could be a good thing. we have to be mart how we do it so we don't get played. >> have our u.s. israeli relations been permanently damaged? >> i have been to israel, spoke to israelis where you can see that the strength of the bond between americans and israelis it was going to outlive this president, the next president. the current prime minister of israel. the next prime minister. it's a strong bond. they love america. the daylight between the owe bomb that administration and netanyahu was taking place u.n. security council. a lot of rhetoric that's
4:20 am
come out of the state department, sort of policies as well. it certainly has taken a hit on the relationship. but strength of the bond is going to outlast president obama's last couple weeks. >> good to hear that. happy new year, new year's resolution what are you going to be planning this year. >> going to be making america great again. exciting year ahead. happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> i'm looking forward to celebrating a great year a busy year. there is a lot to do and. >> yeah. >> for my constituents in my district and all across this country. i think americans are excitehead. >> i totally agree. happy new year in 2017. thanks, congressman. coming up here on the show with the new year comes new laws. get out your pitch forks, america. for the first time in decades. you are now able to use a pitch fork to hunt for catfish. thank goodness. i have been waiting for this law. if you think that sounds crazy, just wait a whole bunch of other laws coming in 2017. speaking of ringing in 2017,
4:21 am
kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling will be hosting the big new year's eve special on fox news channel. we got them up early so they could stay up late. see if that makes any sense to you. ♪ let's get it startin it startn here. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
4:22 am
all seems beautiful to me.
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> welcome back. this could be your final news by the numbers of 2016. i know you are going to be heart broken but enjoy it while it lasts. first 1 million. that's how many party goers are expected to pack times square to watch 2017's ball drop. security will be tighter than ever this year with 6,000 nypd officers on hand. and 15 million, that's how many trips uber expects to complete on new year's eve. that's three times more than last year. and finally, one second. that's how much extra time you're going to be getting this year. one leap second is added every few years because the earth take as little bit longer than 24 hours to complete a full rotation. so don't spend it all in one place. enjoy that extra second. ♪ >> countdown to 2017 is in full swing. fox news live from the heart of new york city in times square. what you can expect from tonight's special all-american new year? >> joining us with inside scoop suspect co-host of the
4:25 am
five eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. you guys are kicking it off at 8:00. >> super excited. fantastic duo back together again, baby. we had a great time last year. it was so fun. and now we are going to be down in the thick of it. >> right in the middle. a million revelers going to get right in the middle and talk to people and talk to celebrities. and talk to nypd and have some fun. last year we were up top. we were about 50 floors overlooking it was great but it felt like we needed to be down. the energy is intense down there. >> going to be packed this year. and obviously heavy security as well. how fun to be in that moment with all those people as you were saying kimberly earlier. it's so cold as well. you can snuggle with everyone around you. close. >> good luck finding someone to snuggle with you. >> my wife isn't going to be there -- >> no love from bolling. like stand down k.g. >> group hug.
4:26 am
>> good though a lot of amazing military men willing to serve. they are fantastic. also the nypd, they are amazing, too. it's a great crowd to be down there. you meet all kinds of people. tons of celebrities, real ones. >> we will have president obama is going to come on live. the pope is flying in for the show. >> i was like wow. >> lebron james said probably, we are hoping they show up. >> invitation pending. >> i'm authorizing 2017 great year kick it off with the pope, the president and lebron james. >> obviously bolling is losing it. he will be fine by tonight. we will pull it together. we will crush some slurpees or something. >> i bet it is a show that does have the tendency to go off the rails a little bit. >> it's fun. it's a great group. to be honest, we have phil keating always something that goes, i mean terribly
4:27 am
awesomely wrong. he is at the hotels and he manages to find a few ladies. >> rick leventhal. >> phil keating down in miami. >> let's just hope and pray. >> hit the delay button. >> what time are you guys on? it's a full night event. >> a lot of rumors. >> watters and kennedy will particular it off at 8, 8:00 to 10:00 and hand it off to kimberly and i 10 to 1:00 a.m. >> they super sized it. >> they did. >> you can never get enough kimberly and eric bolling. >> pope was so demanding he is like need more time. extend the back end. >> maybe he will come after new year's. >> quickly new year's resolutions. >> mine is make life easier. i tend to complicate my life too much. i don't know what's going on. trying to streamline. >> simplify. a little bit of stability and smooth it out what do you think, bolling. >> i think that's a good idea. i will have to jump on that
4:28 am
bandwagon. >> spend more time at "fox & friends." clearly. that's what i need to be doing. >> we do love "fox & friends." >> we love to you have guys here. good luck tonight. we will be watching, celebrating, ring it in with you. >> thank you so much. >> call you when the pope shows up. >> you are so full of it, eric. >> maybe the pope will be there though. >> got the pope on the mind. >> do not miss it tonight on fox news channel. >> happy new year to you and your family. >> thanks a lot. >> imagine a ted cruz charlie sheen winning ticket in 2020. sadly it's only a dream. one of them told the others it's not going to happen. >> now to a fox news alert. we have been following a story closely, the eagles have finally hatched. here is a live look. we have been watching this for two days now. >> i have been watching it on the side screen. breaking news, seconds ago, the eagle has landed in the nest. life beginning. >> amazing. >> we will keep following
4:29 am
it. >> how cute. >> that is pretty cute, i will say. not a word i normally use ♪ in the backseat of my daddy's ride ♪ no i didn't have a clue ♪ no i didn't have a clue
4:30 am
4:31 am
♪ >> a live look at times square where 2 million
4:32 am
people will fill the streets here for the new year's eve ball drop. do you know what time that ball drops, by the way? >> what time does it drop? >> does it drop around midnight roughly? >> at or around. >> mariah carey's team does not know. i love the post. >> exclusive this morning. >> mariah carey is performing at the ball drop. apparently they have rented an apartment at times square to get her hair and makeup done. >> they would fear she would never make it from manhattan apartment on time. just in case they booked her a hotel right nearby and then her team asked what time does the ball drop to make sure you get there on time. what time exactly does the ball drop? we're not making this up. her team when dick clark producers reached out to her team they're unfamiliar with "new york times" festivities, what time does the ball drop? we want to make sure we are there on time. [ laughter ] i'm glad they asked. there are no stupid questions, right, rick? >> only stupid --
4:33 am
>> did i find out these two things today. salmon and capers. that's it. >> really? >> interesting. >> rick, could you help us out? do you know what time is the ball going to drop? >> is it 11:59 or 12? hold on, john. what time does this ball drop? >> 11:59. >> maybe mariah's people aren't so dumb after all. >> wow. >> i think it's a fair question it starts to drop at 11:59. >> toba our fantastic audio leader says says it's a quick question. the ball doesn't drop it recognizes. >> no, no. we have it on official word that the ball drops it does not rise. tobin is wrong. >> rick, did you have a full team that got you there on time this morning, how did that all play out?
4:34 am
>> >> is that a trick question? >> rick may have missed our mariah carey story because is he busy lining up interviews there. mariah carey, her whole team asked the question because she is performing tonight what time does the ball drop we want to make sure she is there on time. they didn't know. they had a staff the producers to get her there. >> well, it takes a village. or a team or something. >> rick is also the most fashionable hooded sweatshirt i have ever seen. you are looking dapper this morning. >> thank you very much. i put this on. i thought this is like the nicest coat that i think i have ever had. it deserves new year's eve. >> not as great as mine. >> this is tom brennan, you are from waterford crystal. >> from waterford city, ireland. dating back 236 years. here we are at the top of the world celebrating with water ford and famous files square ball. >> you took that over. amazing. >> take the mike and you can have a coffee? >> you can.
4:35 am
waterford crystal which we know of comes from waterford, ireland. how did you guys get messed up here -- mixed up into times square thing. >> 17 years as part of the greatest gift series. each rear year waterford crystal introduces a new theme. this is one of the panels from the ball celebrating the gift of kindness. so the gift of kindness is something that it takes two seconds to do. it can make a world of difference. but the impact can be immense. the challenge today is one do one random thing and celebrate with waterford. >> that's nice. every year you introduce 260 is that. >> right here behind us you have 2688 waterford crystal panels. each year we change about 10% of those and introduce a new theme. so the end of the greatest gift series which is like a global sentiment. communication from waterford there is going to be like a patchwork quilt of individual designs, individual themes on this beautiful 6-ton ball right behind -- we are reinforced floor.
4:36 am
>> you are aware we can't tell the difference, right between these? >> absolutely. that's why today on you can actually have a suite of products designed around the gift of kindness. ornaments. toasting flutes and something for you too, rick. >> beautiful. people notice they change colors. it's all led and make it turn into this incredible unlimited amount of color. >> absolutely. >> constantly changing. >> the technology. the led technology came in 2008 for us. got 23,000 leds behind us generating over 60 million different light combinations. i mean, the stats are amazing. waterford company, waterford, ireland, waterford crystal. a billion people on tv. a million people on times square. 198 million people in the u.s. watching and celebrating with waterford crystal. >> do you make champlain flutes. >> we do. >> champlain flutes time to have it happy new year to you, thank you. it's beautiful.
4:37 am
very nice. >> appreciate it,. >> tom brennan, guys, back to you. >> thank you, rick. >> we have been having a debate about what capers are. we have been debating asthma rye a carrie only eats nor we john salmon and capers. like a vegetable like an olive. >> i have never eaten a caper. >> yuck. >> that's all mariah carey eats. she will be ready she has the apartment ready to go. get word to her tonight make sure she is on time. >> apparently they are called pickled flower buds is a caper. that's what the definition is. >> we're getting all of the answers this morning. >> maybe pickled flower buds are now league in a new state because there ask a lot of new laws being passed. >> pete, fresh right here what i'm holding in my hand is a list of the fresh new laws. >> you are always so excited about the new laws. >> i get so excited i love to see what legislators are wasting their time with for instance in the state of illinois, they literally
4:38 am
couldn't get their budget passed this summer. they couldn't figure out what the heck they are doing. all kinds of problems. >> $200 billion of debt, too. >> they managed to pass this which you are now allowed to go catfish hunting in the chicago river with a pitch fork. [water splashing] >> now use a pitch fork. >> it's apparently a lot easier to catch a catfish with a pitch fork. >> lay there. [screams] >> what does that lead to. how many other people are you going to be able to quill a pitch fork? >> i'm just happy that they loosened a law as opposed to adding one. do you know what i mean? you don't see legislators okay you can use a pitch fork. they're using banning something. >> banning something in oregon. >> true out on the w coast. >> sky lanterns. >> a lot of people mistakenly think they are looking at ufos when they're floating japanese sky lanterns. >> you i would think if you were a legislators in oregon
4:39 am
you would vote for. this more evidence of actual ufos. >> i have used one of these before. they are dangerous. depends who does it. >> mine caught on fire. the whole thing caught on fire and then there were a bunch of kids. it was at a wedding. they do this a lot at weddings. let them go. i was the unlucky one where it bylaw up in flames. >> couple of safety. >> still married. >> i'm worried about my own. it was milan turn that blew up. >> no, you're good. >> here is another one, california is now allowing beer in barber shops as long as it's free. like give it away as you go. in getting your hair cut. here is a nice ipa. >> barbers can drink all day. >> when you go to your fancy hair salon you go to. serve you a flute of champagne. >> they have it at nail salons where they serve champagne. >> i do have a beer sometimes when i get a hair cut. >> get a bad one forget about it. >> it's free, relaxing.
4:40 am
a bar if you have to pay for it. >> you told me off camera that was rosea. >> on camera and off camera. >> beer on camera nice rosea off camera. >> let us know crazy laws. >> pitch forking in chicago. >> see what happens. >> when you get served that catfish at the meal you are going to see a giant hole in it this is a catfish killing. >> we got to move on to something a little more serious and to a fox news alert. the first eaglet we have been following this closely just born moments ago. the tiny gray bird made its world debut more than 30,000 people have watched this eaglet break out of its shell. the eagle quickly checking on the baby and plopping back on top to keep it warm. we will keep watching this all morning long. live feed wait for the birth there are two of them. two eggs there. what a cute mom.
4:41 am
>> i love seeing it in action. >> stay away i have babies. >> there is this as well. sanctuary city mayors are calling on president obama for last-minute protections against president-elect donald trump in an open letter to the president. new york's mayor bill de blasio and 30 other leaders across the country are now asking to extend a program to shield illegal immigrants and their families from mr. trump's proposed deportation plans. and did the u.s. government launch a cyber attack on a popular conservative website? readers of the drudge report the site down thursday. founder calling it a quote of denial of service attack coming from thousands of sources. he tweeted this the u.s. government attacking drudge report. biggest ddo since site's inception. very suspicious routeing and timing. and actor charlie sheen giving best twitter. suggesting the two of them run together in the next presidential election.
4:42 am
you cannot make this one up. sheen writes. this come on ted cruz in four years we can unseed this guy you bring the awesome i will bring the winning. a picture of martin sheen as president, bartlett in that tv show the west wing. he writes glad to see charlie sheen embracing conservative principles but americans just rejected another political "duck dynasty." and this comes, of course, after charlie sheen sent out that tweet this week basically calling for the death of president-elect trump. >> probably trying to recover. >> maybe a bit presumptuous cruz would be the vice president. >> what did he use? >> cheetah blood. >> you can beat tiger blood. >> just five minutes -- five seconds inside his head will kill you. >> can't beat tiger blood. >> coming up on the show counting down the top political sound bites of 2016. who could forget this one? >> having said all of this, why aren't i 50 point ahead
4:43 am
you might ask? >> aaron mcpike with the hits and misses of the year. >> new year's can be a dangerous time of year, right, pete? >> it can. >> the cage. [whoa] >> oh my goodness. happy new year's. >> i'm sorry about that pete. >> coming up next, holiday hazard to watch out for like this one. i'm terrible at opening champagne ♪ when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. >> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. the cafe that posted a sign banning trump supporters is now backing down on their so-called ban. the owner serving up a side of controversy posting this sign on the door of his cafe saying if you voted for trump, you can't eat here. he now says he would still serve trump supporters as long as they're nice and like his food. i guess that's extreme nice investigating that he will be employing. and thanks for the calories. while you were sleeping, new york's carnegie deli closed their doors for good. we had a couple of their sandwiches yesterday. tasty. the deli had been around since 1937. long hours at the deli have taken a toll and she just wants to enjoy her life. good for her. >> those pastrami
4:47 am
sandwiches. >> so good: what were the big make-or break moments this year? >> here to break it all down is political analyst aaron -- good to see you this morning. >> you too. abby is this like 8 or 9 days in a row for you? you are unstoppable. >> great place to be. i can't complain so much. you are working so hard, too. we love to have you on the show. we all remember this from hillary when she said "why aren't i 50 points ahead" very angrily. >> now having said all of this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody! nobody should be fooled! >> not a lot of warmth in that moment. >> not at all. it was so jarring. do you know what i think, abby. this should have tipped off the media to the fact that she wasn't doing as well as
4:48 am
everyone thought but we didn't really dig into that very well, did we? >> no. >> that's a great point. >> the media got it pretty wrong. here is another one, aaron i want to play this sound bite and get your take. this is donald trump on winning. listen. >> we're going to win with every single facet. we are going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much. and i will say no, it isn't, we have to keep winning. [ laughter ] >> erin, take that one away. >> that is classic trump. is he kind of like a college football coach or something. but that was my favorite quote of the campaign. and it shows just why he did so well. he had so much confidence. and voters really bought that confidence. that's kind of why he won because he was winning and he was pushing that line. >> he is still pushing that line winning, winning, winning. this moment for hillary clinton you could say this might have been the roughest of the entire campaign the
4:49 am
basket of deplorables. let's play that. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> how do you get yourself out of that one? that was rough. >> right. and that was just like mitt romney's 47% remark in 2012. it just showed that hillary clinton did not understand what was going on in the electorate and that the electorate with a so angry. one of the big reasons why she lost. >> erin, we will get you out of here on this one. michelle obama at the dnc one of the best speeches at the dnc, let's play this moment. >> when we explain that someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> how is that resonating a few months later? >> i will say with the caveat that she told oprah recently this is what it feels like when there is no hope. she undercut herself there. but this was one of the lines of the campaigns and
4:50 am
it just showed why everyone loves michelle obama so much. she is one of the most beloved figures right now in america politics and people wishes she would run instead of hillary clinton or anybody else in the democratic party. >> you remember that rally where they were cheering for her instead of hillary clinton. that was also a rough moment. >> absolutely. >> any new year's resolution for you, erin? >> i have seen a lot of your viewers that volunteering is what they would like to do in 2017. that was mine in 2016. i never did it so i probably ought to get to that in 2017. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> new year's eve can be dangerous. just ask pete and abby about this one. >> the cage. >> oh my goodness. happy new year's. >> holiday hazards to look for. >> liberals furious after this outrageous scene in a christmas movie. >> excuse me, where's the lobby?
4:51 am
>> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> shouldn't the president-elect's cameos be cut from these classics to calm them? governor mike huckabee here to react at the top of the hour. ♪ take one.
4:52 am
4:53 am
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4:54 am
>> oh my goodness. [ laughter ] happy new year's. >> that may look like fun and games but popping champagne is actually one of the most common new year's eve injuries. >> caused by our own abby huntsman. >> and one of the many dangers you can face if you go to a party with abby huntsman if you ring in the year 2017. >> sorry i'm not partying with. >> you here to help us celebrate fact from fiction is dr. nancy simpson. >> good morning, happy new year. >> we have paddles here. true and false paddles. the champagne cork i was making fun of it i have heard this story for years, this idea that champagne corks there is really a lot of injuries every year. >> i can attest to that. >> i watched you yesterday. this is really frightening. so, let's try to talk about why medically it's so frightening. let's start with the first fact. champagne corks can pop at auto miles per hour. >> 50 miles. i'm going to say true on that one. >> based on -- >> -- i'm going to go with
4:55 am
true. you said dangerous. >> it is true. the biggest danger we as doctors always say there is pain in champagne so always remember that remember, it's the angle of the bottle, cover the torque can a towel. otherwise you really risk eye injury. >> it could have been a lot worse for you. you should feel lucky to be alive today. >> you could have had one eye not working this morning. >> i'm here. >> how about the fact that champagne should be left at room temperature? >> why would you want to drink warm champagne? probably not true. >> should be kept at room temperature? >> right. >> false. >> false. >> it is false. because number one, you are right. who wants to drink it. but number two, the pressure in the bottle at room pressure gets higher instead of lower. so keeping it cold keeps the pressure under control so, therefore, when you pop the cork it's less dangerous. >> i remember when i first started in news back in whatever it was 1962 want. [ laughter ] i remember. >> his birthday by the way.
4:56 am
>> i'm 80 years old today. >> looking good. >> i have had a lot of work done. you hear these stories every year when people go out on new year's eve they will fire off guns in the sky and people getting killed all over the country with celebratory gunfire. >> really not such a common practice around here in puerto rico it's very common practice on new year's eve and is it true or false that gun shot that can go up into the air can fall at 700 feet per second. >> also very common in iraq and afghanistan celebratory -- having been there. >> in middle eastern countries puerto rico and it is true. head, neck and shoulder injuries and it can puncture the skin. >> what goes up. >> must come down, that's right. >> so let's talk about drunk driving. the most dangerous day of the year to drive is new year's eve true or false? >> most dangerous of the year to drive. >> new year's eve or new year's day?
4:57 am
>> i'm going to say false. year's day after midnight is really much higher. number one is memorial day. number two july 4th. number 3 thanksgiving. and but then new year's day is always in the top. >> would have to drive in to work at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. that could be interesting. >> be careful. >> last one we need to talk about, of course, is fireworks. there is a lot of fireworks. we have them here tonight in central park. so 12,000 injuries a year due to fireworks true or false? >> last one real quick. true. >> true. >> of course. what are the injuries? hands, eyes, inhaling smoke. >> happy new year celebrate carefully. >> we have more "fox & friends" coming up soon. ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> good morning to you. it is saturday, december 31st. i'm abby huntsman. happy new year america courtesy of vladimir putin. the russian president taking the high road in response to u.s. sanctions telling american diplomats to stay in russia. all this despite president obama's snub. >> plus, liberals across the country, they're furious again. they just discovered this outrageous scene in a christmas movie. >> excuse me, where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. ♪ >> down the hall and to the left. but should the president-elect's cameos be cut from some of these
5:01 am
christmas classics, classics in order to calm them down? >> and this is my favorite story of the day. they are calling it mission mariah. a massive staff hired to make sure that mariah carey makes it to the ball drop on time. will she accept this mission? if she can find times square and if she finds out what time the pal actually drops, we're not making this up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> this message will explode. ♪ ♪ ♪ magic in the air ♪ >> a little bruno mars for you. >> love bruno mars. >> sydney australia ring not guilty new year already. 12:01 a.m. it's 2017 in the future. >> wonder how it's going there. >> that's pretty awesome.
5:02 am
>> new zealand last hour we showed you new zealand. now it's australia. so beautiful there in the sydney harbor there. >> already celebrating here on the couch this morning. >> we are. getting your happy ne new nenews well. we want to hear what mike huckabee is thinking for the new year what his resolutions might be. governor good to see you this morning. >> any new year's resolution for 2017. >> yeah my resolution is a simple one. i need to watch "fox & friends" every day, the entire show. [cheers] >> so i could be smart. that's my resolution. >> exactly right, governor. a lot of people don't know we come on at 6:00 in the morning. some people start with us at 7:00 a.m. they have a whole extra hour of enjoyment they could get by weaking up early. >> mariah carey is not sure about the ball drop. the problem is she doesn't understand about time zones. but i think maybe she in s.
5:03 am
in the twilight zone and that's why she hasn't figured it out. amazing. by the way, happy birthday, clayton. >> thank you. >> he was up early watching. >> you are already honoring your resolution. we appreciate that, governor. >> yes. >> i want to get your observation on putin. obviously watching the craziness back and forth this week as the obama administration has kicked out diplomatics from the diplomat house, the mansion basically and shipping them back to russia. and then vladimir putin fires back and says, you know what? we're not going to retaliate. in fact why don't you come to the kremlin, kids are welcome, come here and have christmas with us. does he have the you were hand wit -- has the upperhand w. >> he has played this brilliantly and outmaneuvered obama time and again. one of those moves where he has basically said you are irrelevant. here three weeks. we are not worried about it goodbye, have a nice life. there is nothing more
5:04 am
insulting than for someone to be treated with contempt and irrelevanirrelevant advance. you hot or cold because you are lukewarm i spew you out of my mouth. nothing worse than being ignored. basically obama is being ignored by putin and that's the most serious wound of all. >> governor, how would you gauge president-elect's trump's response to this saying hey, vladimir putin playing it smart. what does that say about how that relationship is going to unfold? >> one of the differences that trump is engaging with putin is he is showing him respect whether he thinks he is an equal or doesn't matter. the point is putin is trying to find a way to rebuild what once was this massive soviet empire. i don't think donald trump has any allusion about helping to make russia great again. but i think he understands that putin has an ego.
5:05 am
putin is not necessarily a nice guy. but if you're going to deal with him at all, deal with him with some respect and it may be easier to work with him and to get him not to do the things you don't want him to do. >> you know there might be some problems when you have even the "rolling stone" questioning the hacking investigation. they have a great piece out this morning that i recommend everyone read. here's in part what they say. they say like the wmd story there is an element of salesmanship the government is using to push the hacking narrative that should make reporters nervous. they also go on to say that if there was a real smoking gun there, if there was a real smoking gun, they had evidence, then president obama would actually do something to hit a little bit harder. sending out 35 of their folks isn't going to do anything. >> well, you know, there is something that i don't hear reported very often. everybody is all exercised about the fact that russia supposedly got involved in our election, even though there is no evidence, none
5:06 am
at all that it had any impact on the election if they hacked into john podesta's computer because he gave them his password, which wasn't very smart. but here's what i want to know. why haven't we seen the outrage for the u.s. and the obama administration getting as involved as they were in trying to defeat benjamin netanyahu in his reelections in israel? i mean, they spent all kinds of money. >> sure. >> some of it with state department money. millions of dollars worth of effort. and all the obama consultants went over there trying to defeat b.b. netanyahu. where's the outrage there about us being involved in israel's prime minister election. haven't heard it. >> well, you are right. speaking of outrageous, the mainstream media as they have covered this process has called it election hacking. yesterday we had three full screens come out including from the failing "new york times." election hacking from the russians. conflating this without proof. that's what this rolling stone article is saying. where's the integrity of
5:07 am
journalist who traditionally need to seat evidence before they tie these things together. instead, they are just saying it's election hacking, taking it from the obama administration. >> well, and it wasn't the election that was hacked. it was the dnc exurets. again, the reason they got hacked was because some very dumb democrats gave up their passwords in a spoofing operation. i don't understand why they continue to make it appear that somehow the russians got into the voting machines and manipulated the votes. they didn't. hillary clinton lost because of dumb things like giving over pass words, hiding a servener a bathroom with classified information that was illegal to store on an unsecured server. and they want to pretend that somehow putin was behind all of their blunders, including not going to key states to campaign. >> it's a great point. i know clayton wants to move on to obama's address. i want to get a final thought on this russia story because you're not dealing with a rational player when it comes to vladimir putin. >> it's only a matter of
5:08 am
time before he undermines president-elect trump once he is in office. what does he do at that point? because it seems like they are figuring out a way to work at least publicly on twitter. there is going to be a time when it's not so pretty when things do get ugly. how does mr. trump handle that then? >> >> well, keep in mind that the united states is frankly a far stronger nation economically, militarily, politically, in every way than russia is right now. russia is still in a world of hurt. one of the smart moves by trump was putting rex tillerson in as secretary of state. some people say is he friendly with trump. it's not that he is friendly. it's that he is dealt with him. he has done business with him. i have done business with a hot of people that i don't necessarily consider a pal but i know how to do business with them. i think rex tillerson is going to be the right person, frankly, to play tough and to say, look. you know, we are north trying to hurt you, but you better not be trying to hurt us because we may have more significant weaponry in our quiver than you do. >> and i don't want to move on from the hacking story
5:09 am
just yet because i think it's vitally important and i have a lot of friends in the tech world who have looked at this report, joint analysis report it was paltry. a few pages long. and it is filled with mistakes from the intelligence community. and if anything that report showed it was probably third party hackers that managed to get into the dnc computers by doing, as you pointed out a phishing attack and had nothing t to do with the kremlin h how concerned should would he be with the intelligence community with trump going into 2017. seems to be some real holes here. >> one of our biggest needs is to not only be better at cyber defense but cyber offense. does anybody doubt? come on, we all know that every government is trying to hack other governments. i think only an idiot would say that we're not trying to hack into the nort north korean, the russians, the iranians and the chinese. of course we are. they are trying to hack into us. what efforts are we putting to put our very best efforts
5:10 am
toward not only cyber defenses but also cyber aggression so that we are able to kind of find out what our enemies are thinking? this is the new war. this is where it's often going to be fought. and we better be prepared for it because some of the things that could be done by virtue of cyber attacks are far more deadly, more quickly than any military strike could ever be. >> sure, things like infrastructure and others. we want to get your comment on president obama's most recent weekly addressed. just released minutes ago. he is trying to tie a bow on his legacy or eight years in office. we will play a quick clip of what president obama just said and get you to react to it. >> just eight years ago, as i prepared to take office, our economy teetered on the brink of depression. eight years later you've told a different story. we turned recession into recovery, poverty is falling, incomes are rising. almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected
5:11 am
today than they did eight years ago. and to keep america moving forward is a task that falls to all of us. and as i prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that i will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding. >> governor, is he going to be there with you every step of the way. >> well, i'm so encouraged. you know, it's saturday morning and typically i grew up as a kid we watched cartoons on saturday morning. i feel like i just watched one. with barack obama trying to tell us what a wonderful job he's done and that's why, by the way, there are more republican governors, more republican state legislatures, more republicans in congress and the senate and we aring abouting about to national ingng
5:12 am
>> a lot had their ruined. sat down to watch great christmas classics this season like home alone 2 watch this. >> excuse me, where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. ♪ >> well, it turns out a lot of christmas classics, even like the movies the little rascals, home alone 2 had president-elect trump in it before he ever ran for president. a lot of liberals want these scenes cut from these movies so their christmases aren't ruined. >> liberals hate blacklists unless it's to blacklist conservatives. secondly, if it's that tough for them to watch a three second scene in a movie, can you imagine what's going to happen to them? they will be riffing in pain, curled in a fetal position on the floor when they are having to watch the state of the union, the inaugural address and daily commentaries by the president.
5:13 am
here's my suggestion, it's a simple one. we are about to close gitmo it seems. owe woman that's intent on clearing it out. all niece snowflakes who need ponies, puppies, popsicles and play doe go to gitmo where they don't have to worry about it again. >> have to leave it there. always good to have you. i hope in 2017 hope to see you more on the show. always love having you. >> thank you, governor. >> happy new year. >> if the administration was hacked, did the administration go far enough with sanctions? kristen soltis anderson and christian fall lore here to debate it next. a mother's showdown with a moose. >> rick reichmuth is live all morning long in times square with the ball getting ready to drop. >> it is ♪ if it was a problem ♪ yeah i'll solve it ♪ ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> welcome back. well even "rolling stone" is casting doubts on the obama administration's report of an election hacking like this like the wmd story there is an element of salesmanship the forecast is using to push the hacking narrative that should make reporters nervous. if there was a hacking did
5:17 am
the administration's response go far enough? here to debate is christian solstice anderson and richard fowler. good morning to both of you. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. happy new year. >> a lot of people are questioning the timing of this. if the obama administration knew about these signs what 18 months ago here is he three weeks until he leaves office. why now? >> well, he did say that he had talked to vladimir putin before election day and told him to knock it off. so he claims that at least he had taken that action prior to election day. what i do think is important to keep in mind is at the moment it looks like what he has done is really a slap on the wrist. kicked a couple people out of a beach house in maryland. whenever it comes to a story like this, i always believe there is more than meets the eye when we are dealing with anything more than classified information there are probably men and women out there doing great things on behalf of america whose stories we are never going to hear about who may be taking stronger retaliatory action that we won't get to hear about because it's
5:18 am
classified. i always like to take that caution. with that said, if you are a foreign adversary and looking at what president obama just did, kicking a couple people out of a beach house really isn't a deterrent effect for the future. i'm much more worried about can we deter people from doing stuff like this in the future than i am about let gating the past of whether donald trump really won the election or not. >> you mentioned there are things that are classified that we don't know everything about. but it's interesting, richard, we have been talking about this "rolling stone" article and they point out something fishy is going on here. here is what they say: the american security agency had a smoking gun evidence that the russians had an organized campaign to derail the u.s. presidential election and deliver the white house to lunch, then expelling just a few dozen diplomats after the election seems like an oddly weak and i will-timed response. what is your taking o -- take on that. >> i have to agree with christian on this. there is a lot of things we don't know. internet is out closed media system and putin doesn't want the world to know that the united states has acted
5:19 am
stronger than what's reported in the news there are some things this white house did we will never know. with that being said, this president is walking quite a tight rope, abby, if you think about it if he had done something before the election you would hear republicans say he was putting his finger on the scale. he was trying to save hillary clinton. and that's not where the president wanted to find himself. he wanted to be the commander-in-chief and waited for the election to be over. all intelligence agencies, 17 of them come together, review the evidence, and following that he made a determination and did something. is he still the commander-in-chief. here's the truth. what we heard in the last segment is that putin is going to act up again. >> right. >> is he not going to play bad to obama and all of a sudden be nice. he is enemy to america. he is an enemy to democrats. he is an enemy to republicans. and he is an enemy to our democracy. is he going to act up again. >> and that's the question, kristin, because as we have seen publicly, it seems like president-elect trump and vladimir putin are getting along at least publicly on twitter. but that is the next question because all of this then falls on the trump administration's lap in just
5:20 am
a few weeks here. how does he handle it when vladimir putin does do something to undermine him? how is that going to play out? >> i think it depends on how strongly he holds this somewhat positive view of vladimir putin. is it -- right now just sort of a temporary thing because everybody is saying that vladimir putin didn't like hillary clinton so hey the enemy of my enemy is my friend? right now a lot of the other republican leaders, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan have all come out and said we need the president to do more. so whether donald trump agrees with his party over the long term or not, still remains to be seen. >> real quick, richard, 30 seconds. your thought? >> i clearly agree with that you have lindsey graham and john mccain on this anti-russian tour throughout europe. and you will see more of this. they are going to push donald trump to the right when it comes to acting and and sort of boxing in putin. what makes this very problematic for trump as i have been saying over and over again because he is also trying to deal with china, is he going to need putin to be on his side as he counter weights china.
5:21 am
>> thank you both for being with us this morning. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, abby. >> calm before the storms, hundreds of refugees rushing into the united states before president trump takes office. more of them settlings in one particular state. more on that coming up. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7.
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>> we are back with some headlines, president-elect trump will ring in the new year alongside actor sylvester stallone. donald trump hosting him with 8 herks other guests at mar-a-lago saturday night. considering him for cabinet post on the arts. one he said if offered he wouldn't take. melania trump and son barron are expecting to be there tonight to ring in the new year. 2016 has been a rough year for hillary clinton. it's not over yet. the year has one last cruel trick to play on her. the former democratic nominee's book "hard choices" spotted at the store discounted from $35 to a measly $4.99. oucher. >> all right. it is almost time to say good bye to 2016. what were some of the best films of the year. >> let's ask fox news contributor and founder of nerd our friend kevin mccarthy, hey, kevin. >> hi, abby, pete, and
5:25 am
clayton. bret baier i'm in your spot right now. may be looking at the new host. >> wearing one of his ties. see the capitol behind me. bret baier, watch out, buddy, it's going to happen. "special report," new host right here. >> he might start doing movie reviews. >> that would be awesome. >> number five on favorite movies for 2016. >> i saw over 100 movies this year. i know you and i both loved captain america civil war and rogue one i really enjoyed. those are in my top ten. counting down from 5 to 1. number a, no question a movie called moon light. this is a film that once the academy award nominations come out you are going to hear more about. a young man growing up in a poor neighborhood in miami. three sections of his life. masterfully directed by a have a named barry jenkins. i love the way this movie was shot. it was acting amazing. i think come oscars it will be moon light versus la la land. i do think this film will
5:26 am
take home best supporting actor at the academy awards this year no question. >> how about number 4. >> i have been talking about this movie a lot recently on the show. it's called sing street. available on netflix. it's a movie that flew under the radar earlier this year the director of this movie also did a film called once and also begin again. and this movie has some of the best music i have ever heard in a film in my life. i'm telling you right now, it will put the biggest smile on your face and i have gotten so many tweets from "fox & friends" viewers who have watched this film saying it made them happy and something they needed at the end of this year. i think it's a really well made movie. number four on my list. >> la la land, you know we share this love, kevin, there is no better movie this year in my opinion. i love ryan gosling. he might have been at his very best in this movie. >> this is going to win best picture. no question in my opinion. i think this film has so much going for it 31-year-old film maker. greatest opening shot i have seen in a movie in a long time. ryan gosling, again, i have
5:27 am
said this over and over. he learned how to play piano. they were originally going to hire a hand double but he actually went in and learned how to play for the role. emma stone is fantastic. and a lot of the scenes in the film were actually based on real auditions that her and ryan gosling went through in their own lives. that movie is number five out of five for me. also that same filmmaker made whiplash one of the greatest films in the last couple years as well. >> i didn't see any of these so far. top two were two of my favorite movies of the year. what's number two on your list, kevin. >> rival, this movie just wow. this filmmaker who directed films prisoners wells enemy. the ending is still sitting with me today. amazing. best film score of 2016. i love this movie. >> number one for the year? >> yes. i'm so excited about this. i know this is not your typical number one film on a critics list dead pool to me was the film that delivered everything in a movie i
5:28 am
wanted this year. it has action. it has comedy. it was drama. 11-year passion project for ryan reynolds. really cool note by the way. this is a lower budget scale in regards to super heroes film. cost $58 million to make. made over $783 million worldwide. and it was really really well done. i loved the film so much. clayton, you know the scene when he counts down the 12 bullets in the movie. >> yeah. >> that was a joke written in because they couldn't afford a massive shootout because the budget was so low. they wrote all these jokes in and it made the movie better. necessity is the mother of invention. it really is. >> there was one scene in this i laughed the hardest in any movie i have seen in the years with the spork. if you haven't seen it have you got to watch it. >> yes, yes. i love that scene. >> we love a ben stiller movie. you say zoo lander 2 a bomb. >> zoo lander 1 fantastic.
5:29 am
2 the worst i have ever seen. canalio and cameo. didn't do anything. >> win the razzie? >> i hope so. i really hope. so. >> happy new year, kevin. great year having you here on "fox & friends." always great having you. >> see new 2017. >> i will be back on tuesday hosting "special report." tune in for that. >> love it. >> all right. call it the flood before the storm. hundreds of refugees rushing into the united states before president trump takes office. and many of them settling in one particular state. >> plus, champagne isn't the only go to beverage for new year's. we are mixing it up. >> we will check back in with rick live from times square. rick, what's going on there. >> he is shivering. >> i have the best seat in the house this morning. not only am i right here at the ball that has dropped since 1907. that's a lot of years. but also take a look at this
5:30 am
view from where we are. this ball has a great view area around. we get to share in it this morning. much more going on. talk about security here for the times square event tonight coming up. stay with us. we'll be right back on "fox & friends."
5:31 am
5:32 am
♪ don't stop to get enough
5:33 am
>> don't stop until you get enough. >> not really a fan of new year's music. >> a lot of bruno mars. >> a lot of mariah carey. >> well, tonight mariah carey is going to be live on times square if she can make it there. according taccording to the ente page 66 the "new york post" asked the dick clark production staff what time does the ball drop. [ laughter ] let that one sink in for a moment. she is performing tonight. >> you have got to know what time to be there, right, rick? >> it's midnight, rick. >> rick is there extra early just in case. >> i got here extra early to make sure i'm on time. i think it's a fair question. does it drop at 11:59 or drop at midnight at 12:00. and did you know the answer. >> i think it starts drops at 11:59 and countdown goes for the minute until it's midnight. >> she is obviously going to be performing well before the ball drops. i don't know. >> so the difference between 59 and midnight is probably
5:34 am
negligible. >> we have the facts there. it says 11:59, rick, the ball starts its descent down the flag pole. 1907 the first ball drop ceremony was in new york city. 1 million people how many people estimated to be in times square tonight; is that right? >> and 1 billion people watching. >> i actually think that up towards 2 million. i have got bernie kerik the former new york city police commissioner. 2 million expected here in times square tonight? >> close to 2 million. it runs between 1.5 and 2 million. it's not that cold today. i think they have a good turnout tonight. >> you have been sitting in a warm room the last couple hours. i beg to differ how cold it is. >> it's not that bad. >> warmer here tonight though. >> listen, you will see people tonight standing around here with no shirts on, no clothes on, standing in their underwear. you will be surprised what's going to be out there. >> i am sure. so much of that going on. and, yet, this is really a safe place. >> it's enormously safe. you've got the greatest police department in the
5:35 am
world. the manpower calling for this event is about 7,000 cops. they have got a number of enhancements over up and above the normal police that you will see. the barricades, the trucks, the surveillance, the technology. they will be working in conjunction with the fbi and other federal agencies just to make sure new york city is safe. but, look, if you are not in mar-a-lago with the president-elect tonight, this is the next best place. >> yeah. that makes a lot of people feel good. the big event tonight, an important night and such a great message that we can still have these events and keep irving safe and nobody does it better than new york city. >> it's the safest large city in america. >> wonderful. thank you for sticking around with us. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. >> president-elect trump is already this up morning tweeting as he usually is at this hour wishing everyone a happy new year. he says happy new year to all including my many enemies and those who have
5:36 am
fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love. >> it's true. even when they're angry when they see one cameo in a christmas film, they lose it. you know. just love. >> just love. >> if i want you to remember i won, i crushed you, love me. >> did he say winning in that tweet? tweet? winning. >> probably could be added. >> add it as a #. >> we will wait for that this morning. see if that comes true. we have other headlines to get to this morning. the kennedy family cousin's michael skakel may be headed back to prison a connecticut supreme court reinstating his murder conviction overturned in 2013. skakel is a nephew of robert f. kennedy's neff few convicted of killing martha moxley in 2002 bludgeoned with a golf club outside of her home. sentenced 25 years to life in prison but freed after lower court found trial
5:37 am
lawyer poorly represented him a ruling that the state court rejected. and a parting gift from the obama administration to nebraska. an extra 500 refugees within the first three months of year 2017. next year's resettlement rate for the state now higher than it's been in three decades that it's been part of the federal program take in refugees. by march, nebraska will take in more asylum seekers per capita than any other state in the country. and the tragic sinking of the titanic may have actually been caused by a fire. the iconic ship went down in the atlantic ocean in 1912 during a maiden voyage from south hampton, england to new york. historians have long blamed the sinking ship on an iceberg but a new documentary believes a fire in the boiler room weakened the ship in the hole where the iceberg hit and real reason for that disaster. that's interesting. and share the road. a mother captures a highway showdown between her vehicle
5:38 am
and a moose on the loose. watch this. >> holy freakin' crap. don't let it run into us. oh my god. >> this montana family excited, yet obviously scared making sure not to get too close as they drive alongside the wild animal. the mother saying they drive down that highway often. this is the first time they have seen a moose. those are your headlines this morning. over to you guys. >> she is filming herself driving against a moose. thank you, abby. all right, well as americans get ready to raise a glass to the memory of 2016 and ring in 2017. campaign isn't the only go to beverage. >> it's a good one but not the only one. tomorrow's recovery is the cocktail director for gray grayden house hotel. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> good old fashioned. what's the first one we are going to make? >> we're going to make a hot ttottie. if you like old fashioned like a hot tottie, the
5:39 am
better the whiskey, the better the tottie. few ounces of mccal counsel rare cast masters series the best of the best. >> what else? >> little drop of stir if you want to throw it in there how much do you throw. >> in just a dash. one solid dash. >> what is a dash? >> that was a dash. you dashed it? and then if you take in this is hone syrup equal parts honey and water a little dollup in there. >> just a little dollup. >> dash and dollup. >> make it a hot tottie hot water. >> the key to a hot toddy is garnish. >> garnish and cinnamon. >> cinnamon stick. a little swizzel stick. >> a dollup a dash and s
5:40 am
somewhere. izzel. >> all technical terms. >> you have a perfect hotte a pt hot toddy. >> after the hot toddy what do we do next. >> keep you up in order to see the ball drop. >> true. >> if someone could give me a little ice in there. >> yeah. >> a little scoop right there. >> hang out here by the hot toddy. >> you want to fill it up? >> that's perfect just like that. >> so this next drink, there is a classic drink, compari, gin and sweet bermuth. >> coffee. ounce of compari then an ounce of gin and an ounce of cold brew coffee. or two ounces of gin. >> soup it up. and just to round it out we will add a little bit of sugar not to make it sweet,
5:41 am
just to smooth it and then we will give it a shake. >> i love this part. i actually learned how to do this once. >> go for it. >> yeah, there you go. >> i learned my lesson on that. >> this is dangerous yesterday. >> moving away from you. >> look, i redeemed myself. >> took the cork off already. >> totally redeemed yourself. >> we have got about 30 seconds left. you can show us a new year''s day cocktail? the morning after. >> that looks fantastic. >> let's go. we have the elite vodka put ounce and a half of there. >> still going. >> i count slow. >> now add some fresh cucumber. >> cucumber. >> fresh cucumber. >> i love cucumber in a drink. >> a dash of lemon. >> a dash of lemon, got it? >> and a dash of simple syrup. >> simple syrup, nice. >> then we will shake that up in here. drop it in there and shake it up. >> i'm going to go by clayton.
5:42 am
>> you don't want me doing this. it's not pretty but it got it done. >> and then. >> put your hawthorne strainer on it right like that. >> right like that. >> usually drinks usually drinks rosea. >> severing better with bubbles. >> start your morning off right tomorrow. >> cocktail director for the grayden house in nantucket. happy new year. >> coming up here on the show, the senate threatening to derail some of the president-elect's cabinet picks including his choice for secretary of state. caitlin huey burns breaks down the toughest nomination battles straight ahead. >> plus, it's mission mariah. will she make it to the ball on time tonight? and what time does the ball drop? we just got word there could be a backup plan in the works. >> cheers, guys. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine, or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. >> 15 minutes till the top of the hour. back with quick sports headlines now. the come back she was hoping for. rhonda rousey not even last ago minute while trying to regain the badman weight bound from amanda brun. getting demolished. pummeling the former champ,
5:46 am
28 seconds for ako. after a season full of controversy disgrades quarterback collin kaepernick is now awarded the award by his teammates. the san francisco 49ers most prestigious honor given each year to the player to best exemplifies inspirational play of original 49er eshmont. >> president trump is now almost done filling his cabinet. now comes hard part. nominees begin confirmation hearings. although the g.o.p. has the majority in the senate and the house, some of trump's choices could face an uphill battle. here to break down some of those possible nominee fights is caitlin huey-burns, national political reporter from real clear politics. niles to see you this morning. >> nice to see you this morning. happy new year. >> rex tillerson secretary of state. do you think this could be the biggest and most problem that the particular for trump. >> this is going to be the focus of the nominating
5:47 am
process. because you have opposition from republicans as well as democrats. remember, republicans have a majority in the senate, but they have a slim majority which means it only takes three senators to derail the confirmation process. and you have already heard from senators like john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio concerned about rex tillerson's ties to russia as head of exxon mobil. so they will be challenging him in the confirmation hearings. they will also present a chance for republicans to really voice their opposition in terms of the u.s.-russia relations. it can be kind of a proxy battle for that issue. but, donald trump could also find some alloys in the democratic party more moderate democrats like joe manchin might come to his aid in confirming rex tillerson. >> even senator rubio put aside the little marco stuff and supported donald trump, he still took to twitter to say this about rex tillerson, being a friend of vladimir putin is not an attribute i'm hoping for from a secretary of state. >> right, exactly. so there is a good amount of opposition here. it is pretty rare for a
5:48 am
senate to derail confirmation of the president's nominees. it's only happened a couple times in recent history these senators are certainly going to use this as a platform of sorts. what's interesting about this in particular is how donald trump defend his nominees. you are starting to see him really prepare for some of these battles. and democrats who want to claim a scam if you will will look to the tillerson nomination because they have bipartisan support. >> mnuchin. jeff sessions attorney general. what do you see out of those two, problems? >> more problems on the democratic side. which means that they probably will get through, but you will see democrats using this again as a platform to voice their opposition, steve that new jerseyen to his goldman sachs ties. also pruitt given his opposition to the e.p.a., which is now, of course, the agency that he will helm. democrats will argue he is a
5:49 am
climate change denier. he doesn't approve of these regulations. this is something that donald trump ran on. really rolling back some of those e.p.a. regulations. >> could ben carson be a problem? secretary of housing and urban development. up for the hud nominee. of course a lot of criticism even from republicans is that he has zero experience in housing. he knows neurosurgery. he doesn't know anything about houses. >> exactly. you have seen lawmakers voice their concerns about his qualifications for the job. and that's not necessarily something that we have seen for some of the candidates for these posts. so i think you will see some opposition mostly from democrats on this. you have heard a lot of people questioning why he was picked for this in the first place. my guess though is that ultimately these go through because republicans in the senate don't want to be the opposition to the president of their own party. i think that's a really interesting dynamic to watch play out here. >> interesting. that will be the dynamic, the republican party dynamic this year. >> exactly. >> thanks for all of your great coverage during the
5:50 am
2016 campaign. >> thanthank you. it's great to join you as always. >> have a great 2017. >> thanks. >> just when you thought the treatment of our vets couldn't get worse, up next, a whistle blower who knows the pain better than anybody else and better than anyone else and refuses to stay silent anymore. and president-elect trump wishing a happy new year to all of those losers out there. chris stirewalt, congressman duffy on the president-elect's latest tweet overnight. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am.
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we can provide the right care, right at home.
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on this program especially you've heard the horror stories of veterans getting poor treatment at v.a. hospitals across the country. but now the wife of one of those vets is hoping mr. trump makes the v.a. great again writing in an op-ed over the weekend, this is what she wrote, our men and women who have sacrificed on the battlefield deserve better when they come home. so unlike others who worry our new president is a businessman, this background gives me hope. if donald trump hopes to make america great again, a good start would be making the v.a. run more like a business and giving the customer what the customer needs. well, here to explain this op-ed and her perspective is wife and
5:54 am
caregiver to army veteran retired major scotty smiley, and her name is tiffany. tiffany, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> if you would, first of all, tell the story of your husband and his service. >> yeah. so in 2005, scot ty was blinded by a suicide car bomb in mosul, iraq. that's when i quit my nursing job to meet him at walter reed and i became his advocate and caregiver. and i very quickly realized i had a tough job ahead of me. being greeted at rehab facilities with cassette tapes and very minimal computer training, you know, really opened my eyes i had a lot of work to do. >> so your husband got hit by a suicide bomber, blinded, part of recovery was helping him move past that disability. >> right. >> and you were met with instead of ipads and digital learning, literally i heard it right, cassette tapes, i couldn't find anything to put into if i looked
5:55 am
around this entire building. >> yes, you did. it was the wonderful community around us that supported us sent scot ty an ipad gave him hope that his future wouldn't be tapes and that he could contribute to give back and serve. we were fortunate he was able to become the first blind active duty officer to continue his service. and i was happy to serve our country right alongside of him. it took a lot of grit. it took a lot of perseverance. at every turn along the way i always questioned what about, you know, the soldier and veteran who doesn't have an advocate. what about the veteran who doesn't have a spouse who is a nurse? i was fortunate to be a nurse. i knew the steps to take and i knew it was going to take a wholistic care to support and get scotty back on his feet. >> you and your husband are so impressive. he went on to do iron mans as well. >> yes. >> climbed mountains. this guy has made the best out of who he is and what he's given to this country. but you said it perfectly. you were able to be a caregiver to him. many people don't have that. and so they're confronted by a v.a. bureaucracy that is
5:56 am
impenetrable and calcified and doesn't work for them. how do you think mr. trump can make the v.a. work great again for vets? >> absolutely. i think mr. trump right now his ten points that he has laid out to bring reform to the v.a. are spot-on. now it's time to see that actually happen. and scotty and i are standing by. we're here to support and be an advocate for our fellow veterans to ensure that this change is implemented. we've all heard the stories. we've all, you know, seen the articles and there was another article in "the wall street journal" yesterday i believe about a veteran trying to get care down in north carolina. and this is unacceptable. so i think trump is on the right track. i think he needs to get the right people in there. and he needs to have thveterans who've been through the system consulting and advising his team as well. >> i think it's an important piece, customers, not numbers, not widgets, not people, the best in our nation certainly
5:57 am
what you expected and hopefully will get under the president-elect. thank you so much, tiffany, and for your service of your husband as well. thank you. >> thank you. happy new year. >> happy newier ieyear to you your beautiful family. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. happy saturday. it is december 31st. i'm abby huntsman. happy new year america, courtesy
6:00 am
vladimir putin. the russian president taking the high road in response to u.s. telling -- >> try to do my best vladimir putin eye. new doubts over the obama administration claims that russia intervened in the election. and those doubts coming from the mainstream media, maybe a place like "rolling stone." in a theme called mission mariah -- is this? they've hired a massive staff to make sure that mariah carey makes it to times square and the ball drop on time. literally her staff doesn't know what time the ball drops. we're not making it up.
6:01 am
♪ happy new year's eve. >> another one, we were talking about what are the new year's songs and artists we like to bring into the new year, i think pink is a a good one. >> there's the waterford crystal in times square where 2 million people will be gathered tonight here in new york city. happy new year everyone. >> i'm doing this every hour. guess what, it is clayton's birthday. he's 40 years old today. >> forget new year's eve, how do you feel at that moment? >> you know, i'm 40 today, it's crazy. and it's weird. i'm much more sanguine than i thought i would be. i think in your 30s you kind of figure yourself out a little
6:02 am
bit, you get over your self-righteousness and get rid of fears and anxieties a little bit more and in your 40s you want to find -- >> what is this like dungeon music? >> like the monty python walked in slapping faces with the board. you're finding -- >> i'm finding. our friend tucker carlson texted me last night or this morning and said, you know, 30s pretty bad, your 40s are your best years. you're going to have so much fun. >> i just turned 30 so gives me a lot to look forward to. a rough ten years. >> we're also talking about resolutions this morning, right? so we've been asking all of you to send in yours for 2017. and, rick, this might be rick for all we know, he said mine will be to hug a liberal and tell them that everything will be okay. sweet. >> jared e-mails, says my new year's resolution is to double my intake of bacon, biscuits and gravy. >> yesterday was national bacon day and we housed bacon.
6:03 am
>> jerry by the way won't be here next year. >> joe tweeted this, spend more time with my family and do my best to understand how anyone could be upset of mr. trump's doing cameos in the movies. >> because he appears in "home alone 2" and some people are upset about that. we have breaking news, we've been tracking mariah carey. she'll be performing tonight in times square. her team literally didn't know and had to ask, what time does the ball drop, she's performing. >> as we do the show we oftentimes peruse the post. >> well, there was an exclusive today on page six. that's how we found the story. >> it's an operation mariah. so they're talking to dick clark's producers about what they're going to do to make sure she's one of the big performers and mariah's team actually asked for clarification, and i quote, what time exactly does the ball drop? >> and ryan seacrest is also breaking his silence on this, he asked her how she spends her day, what's a typical day look
6:04 am
like for her and how will she spend it. she usually wakes up around noon and takes a bubble bath with champagne. >> that's not real. clayton, that's not real. >> is that real? >> that's got to be real. >> what does she eat all day every day? >> she only eats norwegian salmon and capers. >> you've got to watch mariah carey's new show. i think it's on e-network. my wife and i flipped it on and we were transfixed. >> what was the most shocking thing to you? >> every time she does an interview she has to be wearing lingerie and laying across a bearskin rug. >> an angle, right? >> just having a conversation she has to be wearing a robe and laying down doing an interview. it's like a serious interview. >> i think we're all just shocked anyone could live this kind of life. i bet ratings are pretty good. >> bring me capers. >> we actually asked leland vittert is going to be doing the same thing in our washington bureau this morning. >> i think he likes capers, salmon. >> he does.
6:05 am
he's actually sitting on a bearskin rug right now. >> he's rolling his eyes up at us. >> we know you're following this story for us. what can we say? tracking the story closely. >> i was trying to find out where the caviar and bubble bath and champagne. sounds pretty good. >> leland, we're just happy we dee didn't need a whole team of producers to make sure e you show up this morning. you came on your own. >> just one iphone, alarm clock and a whole lot of coffee. >> there is some big news out this morning with vladimir putin. give us the latest on that. >> exactly. the "new york post" may sum it up best, i know you're fans of the paper, but front page, with to russia with luggage. not eating caviar or drinking champagne, if they are it's going to be on one of their flights home. 35 diplomats have their diplomatic immunity revoked, they must leave the country by tomorrow. the russians are sending one of their v.i.p. military planes, the u.s. equivalent of the people who fly air force one and other officials around, a little
6:06 am
bit symbolic and also practical considering reports it was tough for all 35 diplomats and their families to get reservations back to moscow in time during the holidays. first priority for the russians was cleaning out two compounds the state department ordered closed. i wonder if they have in bubble bath there. yesterday we saw long convoys ov moving trucks and suvs leaving facilities in new york and maryland. they double this dhaka as summer houses for russians but also used as bases for espionage. russian president vladimir putin issued this statement after the eviction of diplomats as it proceeds from international practice, russia has reasons to respond in kind, although we have the right to retaliate we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore russia-u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration. mr. trump responding quite quickly as he does on twitter, great move on delay by v. putin.
6:07 am
i always knew he was very smart. one could say the president-elect's tweet significantly raised the diplomatic discourse on twitter from the earlier russian embassy tweet where they were saying they were looking forward to end this hapless administration, referring to mr. obama, complete with their lame duck gift that they had come up with there in the embassy. >> certainly a new world, leland. >> yes. >> happy new year, leland. >> may you have a year filled with capers and smoked salmon. >> every year. >> chris stirewalt does as well, you know, from west virginia, that's all he ate growing up. >> champagne bubble baths too. >> champagne, capers. >> i don't want to get into that right now. >> seacrest. >> how are we doing? >> happy new year to you. what do you make of these latest moves overnight the tweets woe'e getting from president-elect donald trump saying yeah smart move and the president off in hawaii for the new year.
6:08 am
seems like vladimir putin has the upper hand making us look like a fool. >> well, certainly we have echoes here, faint chords of 1981 where the mullahs in iran, the new leaders in iran wanted to humiliate jimmy carter on his way out of the door. >> right. >> of the white house. and make ronald reagan look good. you have that sort of construct here where a foreign enemy, a hostile state in this case russia is embarrassing the outgoing president and trying to lift up the incoming one. and so here we go again. >> yeah, what do you make of where this goes next in light of it? because president-elect trump is going to have immediate interactions with vladimir putin when he is president, when it isn't about the legacy of barack obama. does this change at all how we end up working with russia or what that may look like? >> so quite intentionally and quite explicitly the united states has stepped back over the past eight years. we have seen by design the united states try to elevate
6:09 am
under president obama iran and russia's role especially in the middle east. what we've ended up with though is a russia that has stepped way beyond the boundaries of things that the united states would be comfortable with. they're menacing our neighbors in eastern europe, they're meddling in the affairs of our nato allies actively trying to undermine nato. we have a big problem with this giant state with our traditional enemy. so can donald trump rebalance that relationship? barack obama clearly lost control of things. can donald trump rebalance that relationship but not get us into tensions beyond the ones we currently experience? >> what are the chances, chris, that you have president-elect trump who's really just trying to get a rise out of the media that maybe this has nothing to do with vladimir putin or president obama that he's really just trying to stick it to the media and sort of play them as we know he likes to do? >> totes trolling, donald trump is totes trolling the press w o knew he was very smart because he knows what will happen is the
6:10 am
new lly -- liberal establishmen in the united states and many in the press are going to freak out because again, their narrative is donald trump is a puppet of vladimir putin and a play thing. hillary clinton accused him of that so he is trolling pretty clearly. >> then you have this "rolling stone" piece. not exactly a conservative rag rolling stone magazine, they went after donald trump in the campaign. they have a piece out this morning really fascinating. here i'll read the quote from you, they say like the weapons of mass destruction story there's an element of salesmanship that the government is using to push the hacking narrative that should make reporters nervous. and chris, of course, this comes on the heels of that joint analysis report this week which looked kind of filled with mistakes and almost looked as if it it was third parties who are probably responsible for the hacking, not the russian government. >> well, i don't know about all that. i do know that matt's piece in
6:11 am
"rolling stone" does draw that comparison and says we got hustled, the press got hustled with weapons of mass destruction findings in iraq. in his telling and in rolling stone's telling the reason we ended up going to war in iraq and all of this was because of bogus intelligence. i think people in the bush administration would disagree with that. i think if dana perino were sitting here right now she would say they didn't doctor anything and you ultimately have to trust the findings of the cia and fbi. was there spinning and selling then? yes. is there spinning and selling now? certainly when politicians get ahold of intelligence they're going to stretch it to try to fit their definitions and political needs and part of barack obama's political need right now and part of the democratic party's political need right now is delegitimize donald trump's presidency. >> speaking of, did a lot of damage to the way it covered and clapped for hillary clinton and barack obama, are they waking up in light of this and saying, hey, maybe we can't take this all, maybe there is political spin here? and if he's lost the president,
6:12 am
president obama's lost the press, what does he have left? >> come on, oh, now, may be the beginning of the new year, but not all things are new. i think that the honeymoon period if you can call it that that donald trump has had will be real and the press has had to rethink a lot of things given how wrong, how broadly wrong many assumptions they made during the campaign were, so i think there is that. but in the long term i think you and i both know what's going to happen is donald trump is going to face and this probably may be a good thing for the country to go back to having an adversarial press against the administration. that's what you want. you want a press that holds an administration accountable. >> so president-elect donald trump already up tweeting this morning, chris. he wrote this, happy new year to all including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. but of course ends it with love, exclamation point. >> love. you got to be the president for all the people including the losers. >> a humble brag. >> hash tag.
6:13 am
>> chris, happy new year. any resolution sns. >> just to keep it as real as you do. that's what i want to do. >> how does it get any realer than how you've been this last year? >> you've had a big year, chris. >> straight gangster. i'm going to start smoking cigars in all of my hits. >> that would be awesome. >> we're going to leave it there. >> and wearing a -- >> happy new year to you, have a great day. what does wisconsin congressman sean duffy think of the latest russia developments? he'll join us live ahead. and breaking news, it's the news america has been watching and waiting for, the newest bald eagle has hatched this morning. a special delivery just in time for the new year. i love this. >> get that hat off his head. mom, i can't see. that's me.
6:14 am
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♪ we've got all the new year's songs playing this morning. >> just talked about fourth of july. i don't actually associate fireworks with new year's. >> rick is in times square with the big ball drop. rick, can you think of any new year eve songs? >> yeah, 1999, prince.
6:17 am
>> yeah. good one. >> of course. we're going to have some other new year's eve songs because we are joined now by the uso welcome. you've been warming up so much. >> it's a phenomenal day. >> this year you guys are doing something special about 1.4 million wishes? >> that's exactly right. we're going to be sending 1.4 million messages, that's our goal. we've already reached over a million. our hope is to get to every single service member in uniform, that's 1.4 million messages. we're hoping to reach that goal tonight. you can go to in order to do that. you can send your own personal message to a serviceman or woman. >> what a wonderful thing. you do such a good job in encouraging and bringing wonderful messages and wishes to our troops all the time. we appreciate that. one of the way you do that is with song. you're going to be doing something for us? >> yes, we are, we're doing our military salute to all the
6:18 am
branches. >> all right. let's do it. go ahead. ♪ you fight for the right and you give the nation's right ♪ ♪ off we go into the wild blue yonder ♪ ♪ this is america ♪ america >> wow. that was an amazing last note. i was shocked by that. i've got jeff strauss here. you are one of the producers of this event. >> we're going to be here uso performance, going to celebrate. i brought you one of our party hats. we're going to have a million revelers here. going to hear rachel sing "imagine" at midnight, and gavin decross singing new song "she sets the city on fire."
6:19 am
we're going to be doing the wip and the nay-nay in times square. >> oh, you brought -- >> the bop da bop. >> uso and whip and nay-nay, something went very wrong. >> that's what is amazing about times square, people from all around the world, if you come here you get to see it all. >> can you answer a question for us? what time does this thing happen? >> we actually start at 6:00 p.m. you can actually catch us at 6:00 p.m. when the ball raises. we actually have our web cast begin then. and as the night goes on all the networks come and we celebrate at 11:59 p.m. we'll be joined by the secretary general and the mayor. and we'll push that waterford crystal button. the ball will descend in 60 seconds and the blizzard con fe -- confetti. lights burst and it's 2017 and a new year ahead of us. >> and brilliantly in new york immediately all the confetti is cleaned up.
6:20 am
they do a great job. >> we could not do this without new york city, nypd, fdny, mayor's office, sanitation, they do an amazing job of making this a fun, safe and friendly party. >> here we go. >> we counting? >> no, 11:59, tell mariah. >> got the answers. thanks so much. >> clayton, i found my new year's song. >> what's this? ♪ we're going to light this up like it's dynamite ♪ that's my song. >> but there's no mention of new year's eve. >> none of them do. it's about celebrating, about having fun. >> all right. we'll get to the bottom of it. weak entry, but we'll get to the bottom of it. coming up, a new year means new law, grab your pitch forks, america. for the first time in decades they're legal. you're now allowed to hunt cat fish with a pitch fork in illinois. if you think that's crazy, wait until we tell you the other laws. winter is here but is your car ready for it? we have the best ride for winter
6:21 am
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welcome back. time for a quick look at your headlines. sanctuary city mayors are calling on president obama for last minute protections against president-elect donald trump. in an open letter to the president new york mayor bill de blasio and 30 other leaders across the country are asking to extend a program to shield illegal immigrants and their families from mr. trump's proposed deportation plan. and readers of the drudge report finding the site down for more than an hour on thursday. the site's founder placing a blame on the u.s. government tweeting is the u.s. government attacking drudge report? biggest ddos since site's inception, very suspicious routing and timing. a lot of readers looks like something tricky there. all right, well, winter is here, but is your car ready to brave the elements? joining us now to break down the best cars for winter weather is scott, tell us about vroom.
6:25 am
>> online retailer, ship nationwide for free right to your door. >> you're introducing us to the best car for winter weather. i got the tahoe which i'm happy about. >> yeah, we made a list of the ten best cars and brought five of them for you. the 2016 chevrolet tahoe ltd. fully loaded, very powerful car. comes with a v-8 on demand four-wheel drive, flip off to two-wheel drive when you don't need it. fits seven people inside. >> i feel if i'm doing mountain passes or something i'm good. >> perfect, skis on top, luggage in back. best thing is $60,000 new, $47,000 one year old. >> really? interesting. okay. chevy tahoe. next is toyota sienna. >> we have a 2015 toyota sienna here minivan, this is a great car. comes in all wheel drive version so it's perfect for winter driving. it's fully loaded. best part about it you have power sliding rear doors so when it's cold outside you can stay inside the car. >> i like that. good for kids. >> stay right in the heat.
6:26 am
got rear entertainment. fits eight people. just a great all around car. >> great for the huntsman family. big family. awesome. what about this, is this jeep over here? >> we have a 2016 jeep cherokee. this is iconic jeep cherokee. >> where's clayton? >> this is how i usually ride. >> that works for me. this is a great car. all wheel drive, perfect height for skis, fits five people. best part about this is great value. it's $20,000. >> really? >> it's a 2016. great car. >> fantastic, spacious trunk. for the people that don't want an suv or van, we have a four-door sedan, this is an acura tlx. >> what's about the tlx? >> comes in all wheel drive version, perfect for wet slippery roads, fully loaded, has tons of technology, i know clayton's going to love it. >> leather seats? >> leather seats. usually goes for around $20,000,
6:27 am
it's $29,000. >> turning on the bun warmers by the way. dual bun warmers being deployed as we speak. awesome. how about the audi there? >> last up when i think of luxury and winter i tend to go to audi with the kwau troe all wheel drive system. this is a 2015 prestige, fully loaded, supercharge v-6, all wheel drive so great for going skiing, perfect height for skis on top, all stuff in back, seats five people comfortably. >> but it's a good size. >> good size. >> small enough to get around. >> absolutely. for the winter -- >> in manhattan small enough to get around. >> what do you call a bun seat? a bun warmer? >> a bun warmer. >> that is a must. look at this one big happy family in the car. i'm a terrible driver though, i'll warn you. my driving is like my champagne opening. >> i want to get out of here. >> thank you so much for being here. that's great.
6:28 am
coming up, the headline everyone talking about today, president-elect donald trump praising vladimir putin on twitter. congressman sean it's all part of a plan. that's next. and ted cruz teaming up with charlie sheen. we'll discuss that as well.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
2 million people supposed to be here by tonight. they're already lining up. i'm always curious when people line up like this, how do you -- you've got to go to the bathroom. >> are they there now for tonight? >> yes. they're starting to line up for tonight. >> where are they going to go? >> they're camping out right now, abby. >> not to mention it's in the 20s today. >> yeah, everyone goes in there gets thoroughly screened. and once you go in there, you're penned. you can't go to the bathroom, you can't leave. >> that sounds like joy. >> that sounds like diaper. >> that could be dangerous. i would be surprised people do that. >> i don't know what you do. >> let get to the bottom of this, representative sean duffy, what would you do? you have to be thankful you're not standing in that mess in 20 degrees, right? >> listen, i'm here in wisconsin where it's just as cold, but, yeah, i choose to be inside and not outside. happy new year's to you guys. clayton, happy birthday.
6:32 am
you're getting old and gray. >> i am. my family's just waking up and reminding me and texting me, you're old. >> 40 years old today. >> we've been asking everyone, do you have a resolution, mr. congressman? >> i do. you know what, i'm going to spend more time with my wife doing date nights and i am going to get more sleep. those are my two things. >> those are great. >> by the way, pete, you used to do the same thing. >> i know. >> more time with our wives. >> that means you have to be home though, pete. might be a problem for you. so we want to get your thoughts on everything going on in the news with vladimir putin and president-elect trump tweeting this yesterday in response saying great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew that he was very smart. the question off the top to you, how do you see this relationship with mr. trump and vladimir putin moving on from here? because now it seems like they're buddies, at least publicly on twitter. but as you know not dealing with a rational player, how does president-elect trump handle it when it doesn't get so nice and
6:33 am
playful? >> i think what we understand from mr. trump whether he puts his business, campaign or now america first, so when we have the left saying, oh, my gosh, this relationship is going to be a partnership between america and russia. i don't think that is actually going to be the case. i think mr. trump doesn't want to be boxed in by these lame sanctions that are coming from barack obama. he wants to start a fresh relationship with mr. putin. i think he understands mr. putin like many of us do he's a thug and not an ally. but there are some spaces that we can partner in. both of us agree that radical islamic terror is a problem in the world. and that's a place that the two of us can work together to actually advance the cause of freedom and peace in the world. but i also think there's something unique at play here as well. vladimir putin doesn't respect america right now or barack obama. and i think with that respect you'll have a better relationship with russia when january 20th comes and trump is in the white house. >> you mentioned earlier something about
6:34 am
unpredictability. you can't know every aspect of who's doing what and why but that ultimately having our enemies on their toes not knowing what our next move necessarily could be helpful and that could be part of what mr. trump is doing here. >> absolutely, i agree with that. so if you look this week, mr. trump is saying, hey, smart, mr. putin, and great job hanging back on retaliatory sanctions. but last week trump was talking about engaging in an arms race saying mr. putin if you want to upgrade your nuclear weaponry, we too will upgrade ours. but even in the campaign he was unpredictab unpredictable. who would have thought he would go to meet with the mexican president after talking about building a wall and deporting rapists and murderers in our country illegally? who would have thought he'd been so gracious to obama and hillary clinton after the election? who would have thought that he would have built such a great cabinet? donald trump is unpredictable at every phase, but it always benefits his broader plan whether in business, politics,
6:35 am
but now i think this is all a strategy to help the plan of making america great again. >> some are suggesting, well, this rift, you're starting to see some signs of this. you have the speaker of the house saying we think, you know, sanctions need to go further. when you look at 2017, is that going to be the true story here how republicans work with the president-elect? >> well, i think we're off to a good start. there's been a great working relationship with mr. trump as we're looking at next year we're looking at tax reform, securing our border, repealing and replacing obamacare, having a stronger foreign policy, but none of us are fooled by vladimir putin. again, he's not a good guy. you look at crimea, ukraine, now he's in syria. they've been in georgia. this is not a great global player. and the congress is going to partner with donald trump to say what's the appropriate response especially after we look at the evidence and see what they did in this last election. >> are you satisfied by that evidence that you've seen? is there evidence?
6:36 am
that's been points of contention. >> i haven't seen the evidence. that's been one of our problems. you know, the chair of our intelligence committee had asked for a briefing. i was back in congress three weeks after the election, and i've seen no evidence yet. so i'm looking forward getting back to congress next week and having the intelligence community lay this information out for us because going back to the election, if russia was trying to impact our american election, is this the best they could come up with? the fact they're going to show to the dnc that the dnc was parting with hillary clinton over bernie sanders? or that there's internal conflict and strife in the clinton campaign? if that's the best russia can do, they're pretty lame themselves. they had zero impact on the net end result in the american election. and i think what barack obama is doing with trying to drive the story is trying to undermine donald trump's win. and so whether it's through russia or blaming fox news or coming out and saying you know if i was on the ballot i would have actually won, those kind of
6:37 am
things i think are all hitting barack obama's ego. he thinks his policies on the ballot box with hillary clinton would have been a victory for hillary. what he's found out last november was the fact that america we're not happy with his policies. >> right. >> we don't like big government. it doesn't breed freedom. we look at what it's done on health care. people are paying higher premiums, increased deductibles. it's crushing the american people and american middle class. >> congressman, we asked you at the beginning of the segment if you had a new year's resolution, you said hopefully seeing your wife more. the question is how is that possible if you decide to run for senate? a lot of people are wondering that. >> oh, i made no decisions about our senate race, but she'll be happy to hear we want to spend more time together. but we have eight kids so maybe not too much time together. maybe quality dinner and wine on a few occasions. but thanks for the ask, abby. i haven't made a senate decision. >> graceful in asking. >> happy new year, congressman. great to see you this morning. >> yeah, thanks for being here,
6:38 am
sir. >> happy new year, guys, have a great 2017. you as well. to other headlines this morning, in a fox news alert, the first eagle is born. we've been following the story very closely. the tiny gray bird made its world debut this morning. more than 30,000 people logged on to the live feed watching the eag eaglet break out of its shell in realtime. the eagle checking on baby and hopping back on top to keep it warm. there's now more than 40,000 viewers all awaiting another look at the baby bird and the birth of its sibling. there's another one needs to hatch. also, new allegations that russia is hacking u.s. malware use during the u.s. presidential election now found on a laptop connected to a u.s. power company. vermont's burlington electric discovering the hack yesterday after homeland security sent out a warning. the company says the computer did not have access to the power grid system itself, but officials say the attack underscores the need to protect our infrastructure. other utility companies in the
6:39 am
state say they were not impacted. and there's this, edward snowden and chelsea manning begging president obama for mercy. two responsible for leaking classified information asking the president to pardon them before he leaves office even though obama's already delivered countless pardons, experts believe it is unlikely either one will receive one. and hundreds of new state laws are set to take effect tomorrow, and these might be some of the dumbest. illinois will be lifting a ban on pitchfork hunting allowing anglers to use it to catch catfish. in oregon people will no longer be able to celebrate milestones by releasing sky lanterns. and in california beer will be allowed in the barbershop. but there is a catch, it needs to be free. what does that mean, the beer needs to be free? >> you can't sell it. you can provide it if you go in for a haircut. for like a customer to sip on while they're getting their haircut. >> like a champagne flute. >> that's what pete likes, little sparkling rose.
6:40 am
>> he likes a spritzer and head massage. >> and champagne bubble bath. coming up, if the election was hacked, did the administration go far enough with sanctions? and college kids say the darnedest things, don't they? for example, let's repeal the second amendment. >> yes. people seem to have value guns more than they value other people's lives. >> yeah, i mean, i think yes because the document is written 200 years ago -- >> that's just the beginning. the most outrageous student interviews of the year, that's next. >> but first, check in on a look at what's coming up on the "cost of freedom" business block. >> hey, guys, good morning. with a new year approaching, consumer confidence is soaring. and more new jobs are coming to america. president-elect trump saying we should be thanking him. is he right? and calls growing for a trump administration to cut off funds to the u.n. after it condemns our ally israel.
6:41 am
should it? plus, teen mobs created havoc at malls, now some say it's time to ban all unaccompanied teenagers to protect shoppers. is that fair? we'll see you on "the cost of freedom." freedom. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪
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6:43 am
welcome back 43 minutes now past the hour. quick headlines for you. a cafe that posted a sign banning trump supporters is now backing down on that ban. after the election the owner
6:44 am
serving up a side of controversy posting this sign on the door of his hawaiian cafe saying if you voted for trump, you can't eat here. he now says he'll still serve trump supporters as long as they're nice and they must like his food. actor charlie sheen giving his best pitch on twitter to senator ted cruz. listen to this, he wants to suggest the two run together in the next presidential election. ted cruz responding back with a picture of martin sheen as president bart let in the tv show "west wing" saying americans just rejected another political dynasty. seems like he turned him down. pete. >> interesting. president obama wanting payback for sanctions, leading many to wonder if the so-called punishment goes far enough. here we are in the middle of back and forths about who hacked who and, you know, sanctions, but they don't look that strong. what do you make first of all of
6:45 am
the sanctions that were placed on the russians by president obama? >> well, i think we shouldn't underestimate how effective they have the potential to be. sanctioning and expelling 35 people probably doesn't sound like it's that great of a penalty, but when you think about it, this is the first kind of diplomatic, you know, coup we've had like this in decades. so i think we need to give it -- before we say that these sanctions aren't enough and they're a failure, we need to just -- i'm not saying they're necessarily going to be a huge success, but we need to give them time to play out before we can really evaluate. >> the allegation that the obama administration is making is that the election was hacked, the mainstream media -- >> right. >> if the election is hacked, wouldn't the response be a lot more overwhelming than we're going to shut down a couple compounds and kick out 35 spies? >> well, here's the thing, i don't know this but i hope this and i imagine this is the case, there's also going to be some other retaliatory actions taken covertly that if done well we'll never know about.
6:46 am
not to sound serious, but i'm being serious. if we were probably going to do access some of their systems in retaliation and, you know, do things of that nature, some hacking of our own, so we don't want to know about that. it's not in our interest that we hear about it and they're announced and made public. >> absolutely. covert operations we're going to want happening. why now people are asking, we've known about the hacking attempt. you have huge things like annexing of crimea, russia's involvement in syria, we seem to kind of not do anything in those cases but now we've decided to expel diplomats based on limited information they're willing to share with the public. it just feels fishy to a lot of people. >> yeah, that's i think a lot of folks who've been saying maybe this is politically motivated rather than actually retribution for what they're saying it is. look, i'm glad that president obama is taking action. i think better late than never. i can't speak to their calculations about the time, but i was here three months ago looking through some of my notes with twou actually, we were
6:47 am
talking about remember vice president biden was saying he was going to -- the u.s. government was going to strike back because they found that the russians were kind of fishing around in some of our military cyber infrastructure. >> yeah, i do remember that story. absolutely. so something we've known about nothing came of it. >> we've been talking about this a long time. >> is it true better late than never if what you do ultimately is ineffectual. president putin says we're not going to -- >> just because he doesn't choose to do the same thing, just because vladimir putin doesn't choose tit-for-tat doesn't make our sanctions any less effective. >> for a guy who demands respect does that look like -- >> who cares? >> well, we're trying to change their activity. >> what we're trying to do, i think, is really a lot more important than the optics here about who's more macho and who can do worse to who. it's really about trying to forge a more meaningful
6:48 am
relationship based on sort of combatting what are our mutual enemies around the world. so isis, for example, we're never going to agree on china's role in the world, the iranian regime role in the world, but we want to get to a point where we can at least cooperate with them on fighting those enemies. >> so you think when you look famously the obama administration attempted a reset with russia, that has ended i think many would argue not with a reset at all. if anything they've reset the cold war by giving into vladimir putin's ambitions and aspirations. what reset can donald trump truly make on day one with vladimir putin? >> well, i think he's got a lot of opportunity here. the great thing about this, about elections every four years is that an incoming president has this clean slate. not entirely clean. >> sure. >> but 75% clean and can really focus on things with a fresh set
6:49 am
of eyes, new strategy, more optimism. i think that's what donald trump's trying to do here. you know, i commend him for trying from the outset to really focus on this relationship, try and cultivate it a little bit. i think that's a big part of why he probably ultimately chose rex tillerson to be secretary of state because he's bringing in someone who already has a good relationship that he can build on. so i think that's the hope. >> appreciate your insight. especially that reminder of the covert side of things. we see a lot publicly on twitter but no doubt what our government is doing what it can behind the scenes. been in a couple white houses and know this stuff, thank you. >> thank you. >> you got it. college kids, they say the darnedest things, especially snowflakes in 2016. >> i think that fidel castro absolutely will have been a better leader to the cuban people than trump will be to the u.s. >> that sounds excellent. the most outrageous student interviews of the year next.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
oh, college kids say the
6:53 am
darnedest things, especially in 2016. and the reporters of campus reform spent all year braving those dangerous safe spaces where students sounded off on everything from gun rights to hillary's defeat. >> yep. here to break down some of the most outrageous student interviews of the year, contributor with camp happy new year. >> happy new year to you. nice to see you. >> you're starting this with students who want to repeal the second amendment. >> yes, i went to a hillary rally in northern virginia and asked young supporters simple question, do you want to repeal the second amendment, results were pretty horrifying. let's watch. >> yes, people seem to value guns more than they value other people's lives. >> i think yes because the document is written 200 years ago -- >> oh, got it. anything written 200 years ago over. >> i was on hundreds if not -- or spoke to hundreds if not thousands of students. and there's one thing they all had in common, there was no respect for the constitution or really the bill of rights at all. that's why you see these crazy
6:54 am
things that are happening. these professors are teaching this anti-america sentiment. america's no longer something to be proud of and not proud of the constitution and discard the bill of rights and everything we stand for. >> this is interesting as you were looking through the archives and trying to find out what policies the students were most thankful for from president obama. were they able to come up with anything? >> they were able to say vague things, vague liberal talking points as you see. but once you press them they fell apart pretty quickly. let's give that a watch. >> i think i'm most thankful for his work with the lgbt policies and legalizing gay marriage. >> that was a supreme court. >> oh, yeah. i don't know actually. >> the main thing i think he did was try to unify this country. >> you feel like the country is more unified now than it was eight years ago? >> that's a tough question. >> this is what you see, these students are just repeating what they hear from professors and liberal media and obviously all these positive things they've heard the last eight years. the second you give them a
6:55 am
dissenting opinion, they just fall apart. they don't have any depth to what they're saying. it's not a free exchange of ideas. >> different to be analytical when you're only hearing one. >> exactly. professors are doing students a disservice when they only give one side of the argument when many times pontificating their own belief. >> many believe they've done a disservice because donald trump won and you see how they reacted to that. >> i went to towson university a week after the election, there was a student-led where they walked out of class, look how some students reacted when we asked about donald trump's victory. >> um, well first, i cried. and then i had like a little panic attack. >> i cried myself to sleep in my boyfriend's arms. >> i had a hard time getting out of bed for awhile. >> i woke up that morning and cried with him for another two hours. >> cried. >> had an panic attack the entire day. >> the day after publishing this video i got 100, to 150 threats
6:56 am
from the students of towson threatening to not come back. i don't know what they're going to fight with, i guess their tears. apparently when safe spaces are violated they break down in tears. these students were so surprised because they were told by professors donald trump could never win. >> there's no walls around their safe space, anybody can get in. >> in 20106 we saw the passing of fidel castro, seemed to upset a lot of these college students. >> upset them because they were so sad a great world leader was lost in their eyes. watch when we ask who's a better leader, president-elect donald trump or fidel castro, see what they said. >> do you have a more favorable opinion of fidel castro or donald trump? >> that's a tough question. >> i don't think donald trump is very good. and i know that fidel castro has done some good things for the world. >> i would say like at this very moment i have a better opinion of fidel castro. >> fidel castro will absolutely have been a better leader to the
6:57 am
cuban people than trump will be to the u.s. >> wow. >> college campuses. >> it's been a great year having you here. see you in 2017. >> looking forward to it. thank you. well, rick has an update on mission mariah. that's coming up next. >> it's a tease.
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♪ that is tokyo, japan, where they'll be celebrating the new year in what, 15 seconds? >> back here at home in new york city, rick on mission mariah car carey. what's going on? >> she's not here. she's late. as the new year approaches, consumer confidence soaring. new jobs coming. and donald trump taking credit. and now some here say he needs to push an across the board tax cut right away to keep it going. are they right? happy new year everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell in for brenda butner. this is "bulls and bears." gar b., jonas, welcome to everybody. gary b., is an across the board tax cut needed right away right off the bat? >> absolutely. dagen. look, we have had a rally in the


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