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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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air trump live in and exclusive. he rakes his news about suspending his charity that benefits kids with cancer. >> i would ask them to abide and allow these highly qualified people to take office or they can start bringing change. >> delegitimizing a president before he is even president. have the democrats are threatening democracy. i'm join live by incoming press secretary sean spicer.
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later. >> are you worried about the russians hacking us? >> no, i'm not worried at all. >> russian espionage on the streets of new york city. i take the post of the people in street justice. and even find a little love. >> you're getting married? why question it. >> when you fall in love, what you do? >> you run. justice starts now i will speak with press secretary spicer. first, my opening statement. politics get get in the way a lot. sometimes, even in the way of dying kids. i wanted to start tonight with all the enthusiasm of the first
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show, the new year desert, but when i found out that the air trump children's foundation was being forced to suspend operations, i was furious. it happened on christmas eve. that night when most children dream about what santa has in store for them and that bag chocked full of goodies, those children were nestled all snug in their beds, there were other children in different kinds of beds, not dreaming of sugarplum fairies. those children, the unluckiest of them all, because someone was a crook, those children lost. because someone lined their own pockets from their so-called charity, laundering money from foreign governments and
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oligarchs under the guise of starting a presidential library, but actually seeking to pay lawyers and sexual-harassment judges, those children lost because of a self-admitted dead broke, penniless couple parlayed their charity into a pay for play and a quarter of a billion dollars for themselves, these children lost. of course cubs and new york times in their perennial state of moral in quick mincey echoing claims of influence peddling from the shady clinton foundation where authorities felt that eric trump foundation will paddle, but to be fair, eric eric trump must close his
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children's foundation. permit a few differences. eric trump was not penniless or in debt when he started the eric trump foundation. he did not start that foundation to make money, and he certainly did not become rich because of it. here is what his own wife told me in florida. >> he started the eric trump foundation to help kids with cancer. in fact, he such a humble guy, i didn't i didn't even know about it. he started at the year before we met and it was almost like he didn't want to toot his own horn to say look what i did. >> on the show, i remember him saying that 100% of the proceeds go to the kids. >> it's very important to eric. this is something he has always worked so hard for. he works his hardest at the eric trump foundation, and i have seen him negotiate pennies off
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of a price just because he knows that is a penny more that can go to the kids of st. jude and it's really disappointed to see how other charities out there are run. i use charities very loosely because we see the clinton foundation and it's disgraceful that they could be categorized in the same space as the eric trump foundation. jeanine: eric was 21 years old when he followed through on his dream to create a children's foundation. most, if not all goes directly to st. jude's children's research hospital in tennessee. there is no no money from foreign governments or foreign oligarchs and certainly no business deals or sale of american assets, a company contribution. in fact, eric trump was not in the government nor will he be. no charity money was ever used to fly around in private jets or to live a life to which he was unaccustomed. eric can also trumpet, concrete
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accomplishments like the intensive care unit at st. jude's opened in february 2015 before his dad was ever a candidate for anything. all the monies raised, almost 100%, given to the charity for the foundation. millions, almost 20 million operated with one employee. eric shouldering operating costs himself. so this past christmas eve, those children not dreaming of toys or sugarplum fairies, but the ones praying there next chemo or lead transfusion wouldn't hurt so much. some even praying that death wouldn't visit their rooms that night, hoping maybe, just maybe, an angel would come with a gift. not a gift of toys, but the gift
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of life all because of a young man named eric. they lost that night. yes, it was the unluckiest of them all who suffered that night because a young man who did nothing but good for all the right reasons could not continue to do good, because evil was assumed to be the norm as scrooge and the ghost of the clintons past visited the eric trump foundation and the children who benefited. that is my (tell me what you think of my facebook page or twitter. hashtag judge janine. joining me me now by phone, president-elect trump son, and executive director of the trump organization and founder of the eric trump foundation, eric trump aired this is his first television interview since
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suspending the charity and since the election. thank you for joining us. >> judge, good evening evening. we been trying to pinch ourselves. it's been an incredible couple of weeks. it's so great on so many fronts, minus what you just brought up. we are so proud of our father and we are on cloud nine. >> what did you think when the new york times started comparing your foundation, which pretty pretty much comprises a third of your life. it said there's no way that this can continue under eric's direction direction. the foundation that you started. now kids dying of cancer, you made a decision that you were going to step away with it. how did that make you feel? >> honestly, truly one of the most heartbreaking things i've had to dupe and we put our heart and soul into the foundation over the past ten years but we've raised $17 million. we have one of the lowest
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expense ratio for charities in the world. we are so fortunate. it's one of the great benefits or perks of having a great organization with great assets that you can use practically for free. we raised so much money for st. jude's. the second someone is elected into public office, you're you're no longer given the benefit of the doubt. no matter how good your track record was or how much great you've done, you're no longer given the elephant of the doubt and sadly, at the the end of the day, the only people who lose as you said so wellin your opening, the only people who lose are some of the sickest kids in the world and those are the kids at saint jude. jeanine: the new york times originally question how much you gave and said there wasn't any evidence to support it and just yesterday, apparently they seem to indicate that clearly you had given well over $16 million.
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was there any satisfaction from that. >> i thought it was very nice that they came around and actually admitted how much they donated to the hospital and they said very nice things which was very vindicating. i think there are some people who have said nasty things over the years and that's the political world that we as a family now live in. it's the reality. there will be people who go out and make statements to sensationalize whatever they can and sell newspapers and we will deal with that for the next four or eight years. jeanine: but you know, eric, that must frustrate you because you're not in office, you're not, you're not in the government. we haven't seen you pretty much of since the election because you and your brother that we saw so often are now back in the business. your father is getting ready to run the business of the country, and he has been, actually, since he was elected. does this frustrate you?
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>> yes it's frustrating and it's a narrative they will try to keep up for the next four or eight years and it will be a narrative of harassment. sadly again, it's too long. it's millions and millions of dollars going to the best pediatric research hospital anywhere in the world and that's sad. that is the game that gets played with politics. even if you said there is something to do with the administration, it will be the quagmire that we as a family live in for a long period of time. >> did you expect it would be this difficult, eric? >> it's been amazing. when i see my father save jobs all over the place, when you see what happened with ford. jeanine: but for you personally eric. >> i think we all knew when he
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was going into politics it would be difficult and interesting. it's also been exciting. he will be incredible at what he does. will there be sacrifices that can be made. i think this is one of the great sacrifices that will be made because this charity was doing so many great things, but it's it's going to be interesting. it will be tough and in many ways, brutal. that is the political system that we have as a country. no one can the benefit of the doubt anymore because of the actions of people before him. it's a very sad thing, especially cases like this. jeanine: because of the bad action and the evil before you, the children are the ones who lose out. we miss you and we miss your brother but i know you're back to business. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you so much, judge.
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jeanine: america is were ready to welcome a new president in less than two weeks, but not everybody's onboard. in fact, some, some people on the left are doing their best to subvert democracy and the american way by encouraging people to not even give the incoming president a chance to lead. the chance that he earned, fair and square, back in november. here is left-wing movie director michael moore right after the election talking about what he and his followers are going to be doing in the days up to and beyond the inauguration while donald trump is working tirelessly to fix the country. >> we are going to resist, we were going to oppose pratt this will be a massive resistance. there is already, women are calling for 1 million women march. jeanine: okay so it's indicative of a movement on the left to delegitimize the new president. joining me now to talk about that and more is white house press secretary sean slicer. jeanine: it was really an emotional piece.
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his foundation that he is forced to separate himself from from because nothing that he has done, he's not even in the government, but because of the behavior, i believe the clintons and all of the attacks on that foundation that i believe were legitimate, but now we have people saying, let's stop president trump before he even gets there. the man hasn't stopped working. how are you going to convince these people that donald trump was elected fair and square and let's give the man a chance. >> there's a couple things, judge. first, it is sad that eric trump worked so hard for st. jude's because the only people who lose are those children are the children of st. jude. it is sad because the losers are the people they worked so hard
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to help. getting to your question, look, on november 8, donald trump 130 straight trump 130 states. nine of 13 battleground states, over 2600 counties and flipped counties that barack obama carried in 2012. i'm not sure how much more resounding of a win win you can get. the movement that he led spoke loud and clearly on election day more portly, to your point, since he took that stage at 2:50 am and talked about uniting all americans, he has worked tirelessly, not only to put together probably the most amazing cabinet ever seen, but to get results whether it's carrier or sprint and talking about thousands of jobs that he is personally working to bring back to this country, or saving the american taxpayers millions and billions of dollars through his work to lower the cost of on of air force one.
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a guy who is still 13 days from office still has a track record as president elect that most would like to have as president. jeanine: but sean, the positive that the president-elect can talk about are clear. i think that most people are blown away by the fact that the man is even working 247, but more importantly, it's not just democrat or progressive or left, it's almost anarchist or communist, revolutionary communists taking out ads thing we've got to stop this man. is there concern for the inauguration? they're talking about protest, do whatever they can to stop donald trump. >> look, i think more more of these individuals are finding themselves in the minority. there will be a historic record of people because the movement
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that donald trump has led is a movement of change, a movement that finally taps into the frustration that so many american workers are finally saying thank you for in understanding what i've been saying for so long and been so forgotten. i think that inauguration is going to be a historic one in that it won't just be an amazing day, but it will be the beginning of an amazing eight years for donald trump. at some point the facts will become overwhelming because the number of successes he has both domestically and internationally. at some point, you have to say wow, he has saved the job of a friend or family member. he has lifted up the wages, my healthcare has gone down and i can see the doctor i talked about. i have more educational choices. the inner cities are better. the roads and bridges and infrastructure are getting repaired the way they should of. jeanine: democrats, right now, are being so obstructionist that they're saying we've got all of these ethical hurdles, before we
6:18 pm
even get to the confirmation hearing spread i've never heard of these ethical procedures or hurdles that they have to overcome first. have you? >> no, you didn't didn't hear about him in 2008 when she chuck schumer voted 42 times to look the other way on democrats that will weren't seeking appointment in the obama administration. you didn't see them when the republicans voted seven of those nominees their confirmation votes on day one and five more the next time and 13 by voice well. republicans acted professionally and responsibly in 2008 and recognize that the president has an opportunity to have the people that are qualified to be in the cabinet. donald trump, as president elect has selected the most qualified cabinet in modern history, if not ever. i think they're getting split by schumer because he's trying to play a political game, but most
6:19 pm
democrats recognize that the movement wasn't just about republicans but it was about democrats and independents and many of their own constituents. you take a state like missouri where president electra carried it by 19 points but i don't think claire mccaskill is going to want to vote against that kind of overwhelming message when it comes to confirmation pics. not only are they qualified but she has to recognize that she has the answer to her constituents if she doesn't understand the change they voted for in missouri and other states around the country. jeanine: donald trump has an opportunity to continue to change the landscape of those elections going forward. sean, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. jeanine: i'm joined by someone calling for protest against president-elect trump. this is a debate you are not going to want to miss. then the congressman is here to talk about the incoming administration as well as his home state of california and their curious move involving attorney general eric holder. >> are you worried about the
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countdown to inauguration day is still on, but some still refuse to accept the reality. my next guest is one of many attempting to delegitimize trump's presidency before it even begins. at the national spokesperson for the communist party in the united states. he joined me now. carl thanks for being on tonight. i was fascinated like many, with the ad in the new york times that said something like know in the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist america. i'm not wondering the read the whole thing but it pretty much says we have to stop the trump pens regime before it starts. we don't have a lot of time so i asked some direct questions. call, how are you going to stop the trump hands regime.
6:25 pm
he was elected fair and square. the electoral college has been certified. were getting ready to roll. what are you going to do to stop them. >> look, no election, fair or foul should legitimize a fascist regime, and that is what the trump pants regime is. donald trump campaigned as a fascist, he has assembled a team to carry out that fascist agenda, we've seen this before. the demon nation. he spent the christmas holidays, a time that supposed to be peace on earth and will toward men talked tweeting about a new nuclear arms race. this is what he campaigned on, this is --. jeanine: what about, you want to talk about delegitimizing. i have to be honest, donald trump is something i believe in. let me just say this. aren't you delegitimizing the election in the constitution because you don't like the guy. >> i don't like the guy, but what i don't like like is the agenda he campaigned on.
6:26 pm
jeanine: but he won. >> host: but that's what millions and millions of people don't like and they are right not to like it. we have seen this before. hitler came to power through legitimate means. jeanine: you're not comparing donald trump to hitler are you. >> right, he's different than hitler. he doesn't have that little black mustache, he has the orange squirrel on his head, but he has the agenda of a hitler. jeanine: carl -- >> we have to talk about the fascist quality of this regime. jeanine: why don't they have anxiety and fear before donald trump and he hasn't done anything. where is the ink anxiety and fear. >> it's based upon what he campaigned on. muslim registry. people who burn the flag should have citizenship taken away.
6:27 pm
this is illegitimate, and it also will be a form of rule that suppresses the civil liberty to fight against these. people have a right to be fearful and that is why we took out this ad and why we are calling on people. refuse is calling on people to take to the streets, to display and manifest their refusal to accept -- jeanine: let's assume they do. what if people come into the streets and do what. >> come to the streets in washington d.c. where i will be and everywhere else and do everything to show their refusal to accept this regime. nonviolent civil disobedience. protesting in other ways. candlelight vigils. however people want to do it but business as usual in this society has got to be stopped to prevent the trump pence regime.
6:28 pm
jeanine: are you an anarchist or a communist. >> it's real clear. i told you i was a communist and i will come and talk too about communism. bring me on another show. jeanine: okay, alright. i wish we had more time. i will bring you on again. >> tonight i want to talk about stomping this fascist regime. jeanine: i'm worried about how far you're willing to go. >> refuse jeanine: thank you. darrell darrell issa still ahead >> my friend is getting engaged today. >> that's so sweet. why would anyone get married but i want to serve justice on russian hacking. at judge justice like you've never seen.
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justice is rolling on. ♪
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jackie vonya senior. a deadly explosion a row along the syrian turkish border claims nearly 50 lives injuring 100 others. there has been no claim of responsibility but local leaders are joining isis for the blast at this point it is a fuel truck parked in front of the busy area was rigged to explode. the town opposition buyers to move between syria and turkey. meeting in easter muzzle to discuss progress in taking the second-largest city from isis. the army defensive is in his 12th week in gaining momentum. iraqi forces are getting back to u.s. led coalition's iraqi forces cleared of several neighborhoods in eastern mosul over the past week. isis has held mosul from within two years. i am jackie yvonne yes and now back "justice with judge jeanine." jeanine: as busy as we close in
6:34 pm
on just 12 days until the inauguration of our 45th president. joining me now is my political panel are old friends chairman republican strategist david allen and making his debut tonight democratic strategist and former consultant to the department of homeland security. thanks for joining us a gentleman. i want to start with the russian hacking issue and i will start with you david on the issue of whether or not their russian hacking issue is one that has given president-elect donald trump's decision to say you know there was some russian influence over the hacking. did he make a turnaround on this and was it enough? >> judge, america and did need vladimir putin to know that hillary clinton was corrupt and lying and believed she was above the law.
6:35 pm
it didn't ultimately impact the election just as in 1960 nikita khrushchev believed he influenced the election when he held you too pilots against his power and wouldn't release him. he believed that hurt nixon. he didn't hurt nixon's chances of getting elected and putin didn't hurt quentin's chances of getting elected. it's a lot about nothing. jeanine: hasn't everybody been spying on everybody for decades? isn't this what looks to read about all of a sudden we are so shocked? >> judge, you are right. we been spying on them and they been spying on us and this is done all the time but to actually weapon eyes the information, to put it out there to change the election results, to actually create fake news to hack into the system. jeanine: i have to stop you. there is nothing in those
6:36 pm
e-mails that was never contested c it's not just the e-mails that they put out. actually have russian tv which is television it networks that claimed the united states created neck a chamber to put fakeness information as well as e-mails. election staff. they talked about that the elections are rigged. they kept on putting information out there. that is a documented fact from both the fbi, the nsa and the cia who put out a detailed report. judge, let me jump in here second. jeanine: there's no discussion of any election machines or any numbers being impacted. c absolutely. >> a bigger impact here for want to talk about how a hack impacted the election although the opm records that got taken
6:37 pm
by some foreign government is now hundreds of thousands of government employees now have all of their records out there. we had a series of breaches of government servers that release personal data on people. the if it came to a point where americans to just started questioning was their personal safety secured and did this administration do enough and ultimately they decided no. they decided their economic security in their personal security were being taken care by this administration and that's why they said it's time to go in a different direction. >> look a bit at some point we are going to have to start putting our country head of our party. someone hacking into e-mails and releasing information, someone coming into our country to undermine our elections? we have crossed the line. >> had hillary clinton not have a server.
6:38 pm
>> president-elect donald trump, i will even say he's got a chance but the fact that the russians came in packs into our system and try to undermine elections, he's got to admit to that and you have to admit that and we have got to go on and start making them pay a price for that. jeanine: mustafa, didn't hillary clinton choose putin -- accuse putin of doing something like that and i hear he was giving even with her. david from are you familiar with that? >> vaguely. jeanine: go ahead. >> judge, look putin basically had a vendetta against her because she tried to expose him. she went to the u.n. and made a speech exposing the fact that he was rigging the election so she did her job as secretary of state showing the fact that putin was doing all sorts of underhanded things in terms of breaking their elections. he took it personal offense to
6:39 pm
it. he then came into the united states to undermine our elections not only to spy on us but to basically create a news channel in our country to use social media. c what voting machines at rates that impacted the results? what voting machine got rates that truly -- jeanine: thank you for being with us. street justice still ahead and congressman darryl issa, next. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. that newly listed ranch and wait will be gone.ed for a mortgage, or, you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. skip the bank. get approved in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket
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jeanine: california has hired former attorney general eric holder to five president-elect donald trump before getting into office.
6:44 pm
joining me to talk about that a more republican congressmen darryl issa senior member of the house foreign affairs committee. do they even know what they are hiring him to fight with trump about? >> no, they really don't judge. i can't believe i said that. long long story and i will tell you later but judge cometh one of those amazing things. they are hiring him for the same reason when i became chairman of the oversight committee they increase their staff at the white house in a way of lawyers even before i had asked for the first piece of information. for whatever reason the left-leaning, far left legislature in california wants to fight this administration on anything and everything so they can keep doing what they are doing. jeanine: is in california broke? >> they are certainly upside down. they have the highest income tax the nation, 13.3%, 8.5 plus%
6:45 pm
sales tax and they have a budget deficit and businesses are leaving california. one of the greatest states to work and live in except for the government we have. jeanine: you question whether eric holder should even be practicing law, congressman. >> well it's the only constitutional officer ever held in contempt by congress. he lied to congress and in fact withheld information. we haven't missed him since he left because in fact he was somebody that had no respect for the law they were sworn to defend. jeanine: this retainer into law firm firm that he is in washington d.c. do we have any idea how big it is? >> well i suspect it's in the seven figures. jeanine: seven s. in millions? >> in the millions. air colder doesn't come cheap. he is quite a name and he's a rainmaker there but again this is somebody who lying to
6:46 pm
congress should have lost his bar license. jeanine: interesting that he didn't. let's move onto donald trump and what he's done even before the white house. the latest this week's ford and we heard about carrier a few weeks ago and now ford. you have got mark fields -- mark fields was talking about the ford plant in what they are doing. >> i had dinner with mark fields in las vegas at the consumer electronics electronic show just last night. he's excited about a better business climate one in which ford can make investments in the united states and have them pay off and that's a result of this election. you are going to see other companies do that as you say even before president trump is sworn in the part of that is the same reason the stock market has gone up more than 1000 points. they are things you do in anticipation of a good market in their things you do it in anticipation of a government that's not going to be friendly.
6:47 pm
right now the stock market and ford motor company are gearing up for a better economy one in which we have lower taxes, lower government spending and a pro-business environment that creates jobs in america. jeanine: there would be no subsidies or anything offered? >> this was a good business decision made by one of the great industrial companies of the world. jeanine: people in michigan even if they didn't vote for him i guess they would benefit, those union's? >> the rank-and-file workers at or motor company a great many of them voted for donald trump even though the union was saying not to. tonight i think they are very happy that they did. jeanine: congressman i think we are going to see a lot more americans happy with donald trump. anyway congressman darryl issa even though you didn't get my name right, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. jeanine: the first justice of 2017 straight ahead.
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jeanine: it's finally time for the first street justice of 2017 that i wanted to find out what people thought about those russian hacking hearings in washington and whether anyone really c when i stumble upon them at the construction site i found true love. take a look. >> i very much doubt it. >> or the russians hacking us? >> i can't hear. you think the redskins are hacking? are the russians hacking us? do we care? >> not really. >> what's the deal? is putin hacking us? >> i believe he is. >> do you think that we hack him too? >> no. >> really? don't you watch the movie's?
6:53 pm
>> you are pretty lady. >> don't foreign countries spy on each other over time? >> i don't know. >> do you watch the movie's? are you worried about anything? >> no, i'm not. >> are you on your break? do you want me to leave? are the russians hacking us? >> i don't know. >> do you care? >> not really. >> why is congress having hearings on the? >> they want to distract the public i guess. >> what are you focused on? >> money. >> do you remember the hunt for red october? do remember sean connery -- do you think we do that kind of thing? >> no. >> no, of course not so why is congress having a hearing about hacking? >> democrats are not happy about trump and they have to do whatever they can. >> are you worried about the russians hacking us? >> i'm not worried at all.
6:54 pm
all of a sudden russia is a big enemy of the united states of america. what's the problem? >> the reason is the democrats lost and they are trying to come up with a reason. >> that's so sweet. why would anyone get married? are you married? >> 16 lovely years. >> i had 16 lovely years too. you were getting married? why? why? are you getting married? do you know someone is getting engaged to your? >> today? >> they are putting a sign up. they just told me. i'm not lying. you are getting married. why? >> you fall in love you brian. i'm only kidding. >> what is the banners they? what is she going to say? >> i hope she says yes.
6:55 pm
>> would have she says not today? >> then we will see what tomorrow brings. >> let me look at the ring in i will tell you what she will say. who is calling? tell him you are talking to me. now listen, show me the ring. oh my god it's gorgeous. >> thank you maam. >> marriage is wonderful, it is. and guess what, he asked her, he raised a giant banner in times square and she said yes. congratulations from all of us. see you at the wedding. back in a moment with a final thought on a man i know all too well. stay tuned. a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld is next. see you next week, same time, same place. congress is telling the electoral college but. >> electro-college vote of the state of georgia donald j. trump received 16 votes for president and michael pence received 16 votes for vice president. i object for the certificate on the grounds the electoral vote vote. >> there is no debate and it is not signed by a senator at the objection cannot be maintained. >> mr. president the objection is signed by member of the house but not yet by member of the senate. >> it is over. [applause]


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