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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 8, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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for the rest of my life. >> studio audience, we love you . >> reporter: back to 100% of normal, they were 85%
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yesterday. but tonight, this airport is dealing with a brand-new internal investigation, that is to find out which employee here at the airport leaked video of the first moments of the shooting. "tmz" acquired that video. it is gripping, it appears to be surveillance video, it is gripping video, disturbing video, it's silent. we're about to play it for you. if you don't want to see, it look away, if you want to watch, focus on the left side of the screen. investigators say that man with the gun you saw, well, that is this man, esteban santiago, a war veteran with mental health issues, he is held at the broward county jail under the watch of u.s. marshals. according to the federal complaint, he admits to
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everything, buying a one-way ticket from anchrange alaska to ft. lauderdale, checking his handgun in alaska. retrieving that luggage from the baggage carousel, loading the gun in the bathroom, and shooting and killing five and wounding six. santiago is facing three federal charges for first appearance in federal court. 11:00 a.m. in downtown ft. lauderdale. number one, committing an act of violence at an airport. number two, using a firearm to commit the crime, and three, causing the death of a person. each of the federal offenses carries the possibility of the death penalty. fbi investigators also said that they interviewed about 175 people so far the past two days for this major crime investigation. that involves family members of the suspect. not only in puerto rico but florida and new jersey, also associates and neighbors and anyone who knew santiago,
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co-workers up in anchorage alaska and spent several hours interviewing a very cooperative esteban santiago. he'll be in court tomorrow morning, gregg? gregg: phil keating live at the ft. lauderdale airport, thanks. arthel: several of president-elect trump's cabinet picks will go before the senate to start confirmation hearings. the office of government ethics warning it has not had enough time to finish screening some of the nominees. now democrats are pushes for gop lawmakers to delay the hearings until the ethics reduce are done. bryan llenas is live in new york city newsroom with more. >> reporter: hi, the office of government ethics is asking the senate to slow down the confirmation process, they have not completed all ethics clearances that are traditionally done before the hearings. director walter schaub junior
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writing to chuck schumer and elizabeth warrin that this is a process that takes weeks, not days. this has created undue pressure on oge staff to rush through the important reviews. more significantly, it has left some of the nominees with potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues shortly before their scheduled hearings. oge director says this is the first time in 40 years that the senate will hold a confirmation hearing before a nominee completed the ethics process. the democratic national committee is demanding hearings be delayed until all the ethics reduce are finished, accusing republicans of trying to jam through unvetted nominees. republican majority leader mitch mcconnell says the confirmation process won't slow down. democrats are sore losers noting republicans confirm seven obama appointees on his inauguration day.
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>> so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the white house, but having lost the senate. i understand that, but we need to grow up here and get past that. need to have the president's national security team in place on day one. >> reporter: interesting though back in 2009, a letter uncovered by politico shows mcconnell asking for the same ethics information to be turned in before hearings were set for obama's nominees including tax return information. hearings begin on tuesday. arthel? arthel: bryan llenas, thank you. gregg: republicans on capitol hill making good on promise to repeal obamacare but there's growing concern about its possible replacement. elizabeth prann has more. >> reporter: discussing over repealing and replacing the affordable care act is looming over republicans in the house. it's a daunting task and different factions in the chamber look for common ground. president-elect donald trump's
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incoming chief of staff reince priebus says getting both the repeal and the replace aspect done at once is the goal and lawmakers have planned for this session. >> it would be ideal if we could do it all in one big action, but, look, it may take time to get all the elements in place. we want to close this chapter, start new with a fresh approach that actually is more focused on putting patients in charge of their decisions with doctors and lower costs than having the government decide what health care plan should look like. >> reporter: while a growing number of senate republicans are listening to constituents who resist the idea of repealing without a replacement. senator rand paul a voice of dissent says republicans must have the plan if the repeal is proposed. internal groups have done so, it is now about getting all the caucuses to agree before figuring out a way to get democrats on board. president obama, who made a rare visit to capitol hill, with a mission to save his law, says he thinks the law will
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stand. >> it may be called something else. and as i said, i don't mind. if, in fact, the republicans make modifications and relabel it as trump care, i'm fine with that. >> reporter: though there is a lot of talk about republicans, the ball will be in the democrats' court eventually. all while remembering there are tens of millions enrolled in health care. gregg, back to you. >> elizabeth prann in washington. thanks. arthel: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying isis was responsible for an attack in jerusalem that targeted israeli troops. surveillance video showing the moments when a man used a truck to run over a group of soldiers, four were killed. 15 others hurt. mr. netanyahu saying the driver was inspired by isis in similar attacks in europe last year. john huddy has more from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: arthel, this was
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the first major terrorist attack of 2017 here in israel. raising concerns if this is the start of another deadly wave of violence here, and a warning, the video you are about to see may be disturbing to some. surveillance video shows the moment a commercial truck plows into a group of israeli army cadets mowing them down. the driver throwing the truck in reverse to crush those already on the ground. four people were killed, three cadets and one officer, 17 others were injured. security forces shot and killed the driver, a 28-year-old palestinian man from east jerusalem. police say he acted alone. >> he saw the opportunity, drove his vehicle, rammed the vehicle into the group of soldiers, and unfortunately, results being tragic, this is one of the worst terrorist attacks in jerusalem over the last year. >> reporter: that's the truck that ran into the group of idf soldiers gathered up on the grass.
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they've been pulling the bodies away. this happened what's called the peace forest promenade earlier this afternoon. i live right down the block, it's where i walk my dog every single day, and literally gone down, i was walking a path in the forest and coming back up when this happened. i heard screams, what sounded like a gunshot. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the truck's driver was a supporter of isis, he may have been inspired by similar terror attacks in france and germany. and arthel, today's violence happened within a mile of the u.s. consulate's administrative headquarters in jerusalem. president-elect trump has promised to move the embassy, the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, possibly using the consulate building as a temporary embassy before a new one is built. and palestinian leaders have warned by moving the embassy to
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jerusalem could incite more violence. arthel: john huddy, thank you very much for that report. gregg: top republicans planning to repeal obamacare as soon as possible. why some gop leaders say replacing the act with something new could be more and more complicated? arthel: president-elect trump calling for closer relationships with russia amid new evidence about the country's role in interfering with the u.s. election. how this all could play out after inauguration day?
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. gregg: the incoming trump administration vowing to repeal obamacare as quickly as possible. president-elect saying he'd like to see replacement plan move forward at the same time. still not clear how long the transition might take. top republicans speaking out this morning about the process. >> you first have to go and gut the law, though, and then you start putting in place reforms. some of them can you pass through the legislative process, some can be done administratively, long and the short of it is reset the marketplace that is destroyed by obamacare. >> it would be ideal if we could do it all in one big action, but look, it may take
3:15 pm
time to get all the elements of the replace in place. gregg: joining me is john fund, columnist for the "national review," good to see you. president-elect and his chief of staff have both been very public about this saying they want replacement to happen simultaneously with repeal. how realistic is that? >> partly. what they really are saying is we don't want to be telling 20 million americans who got insurance through obamacare either through medicaid or private insurance that there's any uncertainty about whether or not they're going to be covered. so they want to at least make them at ease even though i don't think they can promise them they're going to get exactly the same coverage at exactly the same price. gregg: so as you pointed out to me while we were talking a moment ago, took three years to phase in obamacare, could take three years to phase it out with a replacement. >> well, it's a mess, there is
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urgency, the insurance exchanges are falling apart. three-quarters of the co-ops that are giving out insurance in states have failed, gone bankrupt. gregg: right. >> people are seeing their premiums skyrocket if they don't get subsidies and people in the middle class aren't eligible for the subsidies. they have to act quickly. i think that the two things that they can do is start moving the medicaid patients, that's the federal program for the poor, moving that in a bloc grant to the states. the states have efficiencies, tailor it to each state's exchange. why, gregg, should i have to pay for women's birth control as part of health care policy? i don't think the odds of my getting pregnant soon are very high. gregg: among the things donald trump wants to keep is coverage for preexisting conditions. how do you do that without a mandate because it's expensive to do that? >> i think you're probably going to have to swallow the expense, but there are probably ways to creatively use risk pools for people with the most
3:17 pm
serious conditions or rare diseases, take them out of general insurance population and find more creative ways of treating them. i think it's expensive and parts of obamacare that are going to survive, but the whole thing is going to be -- you won't recognize it in two or three years. gregg: tom price is going to be the hhs secretary, assuming he's confirmed. he's a doctor. he's the guy who's come up with his own plan and addresses the preexisting condition. it's very interesting. he said for those who have had insurance for 18 months there's no exclusion, for those without it, insurer can exclude the first 18 months but has to cover it thereafter. that would ease the financial burden. gregg: >> that gets into the problems of preexisting conditions, let's say a find out i have a serious disease tomorrow morning. i can get coverage, they have to give it to me and be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cost. some time gap would be useful.
3:18 pm
i read price as planned, i read other plans including congressman ryans, 90% agreement. the last 10% is difficult. but there's a lot more agreement among republicans about moving towards the patient centered marketplace plan than disagreement. i think democrats frankly are a little frustrate. were promised if they voted for obamacare it was a political bonanza, it turned out to be a political. but many lost races for re-election because of it. gregg: even president bill clinton called it crazy, previous coverage is cut in half. is that because the whole thing was built on a lie peddled by president obama. you get on keep your doctor, keep the plan, the premium goes down. >> the perception is this, if you give someone insurance, it doesn't mean you are giving health care. those two are different things. they were given insurance product which is inferior at the same time the way they structured the insurance
3:19 pm
product and the subsidies that the cost of health care continued to go up. if you look for health care you are ending up with $10,000 deductible policy. gregg: like having no insurance at all. >> for a lot of people. gregg: unless they have a catastrophic event. >> you can tailor the plans much more than the medical accounts, you can save up medical dollars for sometime when you need them. gregg: was it inevitable that president obama would see his signature health care plan dismantled. it was his way or the highway, and they passed it without a -- >> here's the irony, democrats knew it wasn't going to work. they hoped when it collapsed, the public would say we have to go to full government health care. i think this was a devious plan on the part of some, not all to bring full socialized medicine. guess what? it back fired because the public is too smart and realized giving it all to the
3:20 pm
government is worse than now. gregg: devious politicians, that's redundant. >> should i have corrected myself. gregg: john fund, got to see you, art? arthel: all right, president-elect donald trump calling for closer relations with russia. this as intelligence reports ordered by president obama revealing that russian president vladimir putin orchseparated a covert hacking and propaganda campaign designed to sway the u.s. election in mr. trump's favor. garrett tenney has the latest from d.c. more reaction, garrett? >> reporter: absolutely, arthel. one thing both the intelligence community and president-elect trump agree on is the hacking campaign did not target the vote count. what we don't know is how mr. trump plans to respond to the hacking campaign as a whole, if at all. those questions were renewed on saturday less than 24 hours after the intelligence briefing when mr. trump tweeted he wanted to have a good
3:21 pm
relationship with russia. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said mr. trump could take action against the kremlin once in office and laid some of the blame for the hacking on the democratic national committee for ignoring repeated warnings from the fbi and failing to have adequate security. >> so, yes, we have bad actors around the world. we have had bad actors including the russians, but we also have a problem when we have a major political institution that allows foreign governments into their system with hardly any defenses or training. >> reporter: on abc's "this week," president obama echoed the intelligence community saying it will only get worse. >> what is true is that the russians intended to meddle and they meddled.
3:22 pm
and it could be another country in the future. it could be another election. that's why i hope that this does not continue to be viewed purely through a partisan lens. >> reporter: and looking ahead to when he takes office, president-elect trump said he plans to order a full report on the hacking campaign in order to identify what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. arthel? arthel: okay, garrett, thank you very much. gregg? gregg: mexican authorities tracking down the man accused of shooting a u.s. state department official. chilling video that shows the ambush and what's next for the suspect? plus, a judge denying bail for the four people accused in the brutal attack in chicago on a disabled teenager. our legal panel weighs in on that case. >> he was bloodied, he was battered and due to the cold weather conditions, i approached for a field
3:23 pm
interview. at the time after talking to him, he didn't seem like he was discombobulated, he was injured, confused, at which time i called an ambulance.
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3:28 pm
guadalajara. the suspect had been turned over to federal prosecutors. the u.s. official is said to be in stabile condition. will carr is following all of this from our west coast bureau with more. will? >> reporter: hey there, special forces took the gunman into custody earlier today. a short time afterwards, secretary of state john kerry issued a statement in part which reads i want to thank the government in mexico for their swift and decisive arrest in the suspect of a heinous attack on foreign officer colleague in guadalajara, mexico. take a look at surveillance video, a man in dark clothing waiting near the exit ramp of underground parking garage when a black car pulled up to leave. the suspect fired one shot and takes off. in a separate video it gives you a better look at the suspect. he's wearing sunglasses, white shoes and hand is holding his possibility possibly concealing the gun. the "new york times" is
3:29 pm
reporting the consulate employee worked in visa section of the consulate and in stabile and under protection at the hospital. in 2010, a gang of assassins gunned down a consulate employee and her husband by mistake thinking the killers thought the car they were in was filled with rival gang members. in 2012, a car filled with two cia officers and a mexican navy captain was shot more than 150 times. guadalajara is the capital of jalisco state dominated by the region cartel. the motive of the shooter is unknown. we should note that the fbi put out a $20,000 reward. it's unclear, arthel, if that played into the arrest. arthel: okay, will carr, thank you very much, gregg? gregg: a judge showing strong disapproval of four suspects accused of beating a mentally disabled man in chicago.
3:30 pm
the alleged hate crime streamed live on facebook.
3:31 pm
so they could get double the sentence they normally would face. gregg: you referenced donald trump and the white reference, the obscenities heard yelling white people and donald trump. the victim was ordered to say i love black people. that is strong evidence of a hate crime, right? >> yes, absolutely. they're definitely going to be charged with crime motivated by racism. one of the things i want to point out, it should be treated like any crime motivated by race, and i don't necessarily feel that someone who targets someone because of race is doing it because of i think they're mentally disturbed. they have common qualities. low self-esteem, misfits, criminal backgrounds and i think they are deranged. gregg: or plain ignorant as well. and they're missing that special thing, i read this in an op-ed column. they are missing humanity. the ability to feel and think and compassion and so forth. >> i also wrote if there's a conviction, robert, the judge should order the sentences be
3:32 pm
run consecutively, not concurrently. you agree? >> yes, i do. and with regards to evaluating this case, the prosecution and the judge have a distinct opportunity here to look at all four of them. what did they do individually and aiding and abetting each other and parse out who needs rehabilitation and who needs swift, certain punishment? the attorney's office has a tough task at hand are we going to treat them all the same or treat them as individuals. gregg: the problem is this is chicago, the law is notorious for slap on the wrist, have a good day. >> i don't think so. i think they were dumb enough to post the video of this crime. it's outrageous and so many people are upset by this, i can't see a judge getting away with saying you know what? we're going to give them in menial sentence. gregg: throw away the key. you can count on criminals to
3:33 pm
be stupid. >> it is job security, this case tried 20 years ago is not treated as a hate crime. you have a man who has mental issues who may not spell out what happened to him, what was said. the fact the four individuals were dumb enough, and thankfully dumb enough to put it on facebook allows the prosecution to address a lot of the issues that we're facing. gregg: thank god for videotape and to some extent the internet, that's how authorities found out about it. what is disturbing is the remark made by a chicago police commander who seemed to dismiss this thing as immaturity. he said they're young adults, they make stupid decisions and held out the possibility that the racist rants were nothing more than
3:34 pm
3:35 pm
. gregg: the hate aspect of this serves two functions, not only crimes in and of themselves, but during sentencing, hate borne of race and disability as well, mental handicap can be an aggregating factor to elevating the sentence. >> right, in new york, if you are charged with low level felony but deemed to be a hate crime, you ratchet up to the next sentencing level, and the fact that's taeb into consideration in this case in chicago, the judge is going to consider it, the probation department will consider it. they're facing a much stiffer sentence than normal. gregg: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. unlawful restraint. aggravated again. you look at some of the things and it's only one year two, years, i looked up the statutes. that's not enough for something like that. >> that's why the enhanced penalty will come from the hate crime factor, because that is, when something is motivated by
3:36 pm
racism and someone who is disabled who can't defend himself, that's going to cause the judge to say that is an aggravating factor and bump it up for higher level of sentencing. gregg: good to see you both. sad case. you know, it's tough to watch that video, it makes you sick to your stomach. >> very. gregg: thanks for being with us. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: arthel? arthel: we are going to turn to weather now. the question is were you cold this weekend? well, be thankful you didn't endure when these travelers in steamboat springs colorado went through. they were left stranded after their bus broke down and they were cranky about it. emily allen with fox affiliate kdvr has the story. >> very, very, very miserable. >> reporter: this ride has been anything but smooth. >> you can't leave me with no heat. >> reporter: the greyhound bus
3:37 pm
broke down because of bad weather in steamboat springs and passengers didn't get any information from greyhound. >> a big mess, they left us there for dead, you know what i mean? >> reporter: greyhound put them up in hotels thursday night, they didn't know what to do with them the next day and couldn't get ahold of anyone from greyhound. >> the driver never showed up to get us, we were an eyesore to the hotel. they loaded us up in the shuttle and brought us to abandoned bus station in steamboat, colorado. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> there was no heat, negative 20 degrees, people got really sick. >> reporter: after hours at the transit station with no bus, police called in the red cross to set up a shelter since there was no room in hotels for stranded customers. >> greyhound did nothing about
3:38 pm
any of those things. >> reporter: people couldn't get to medications because luggage was stuck in the bottom of the bus. >> they had to call in paramedics, they had to call in two ambulances, firefighters. one lady they had to bring in a breathing system for her because she couldn't breathe. i got the flu. >> reporter: in a statement, greyhound said they provided hotel accommodations, food, kept the passengers warm and all will get a refund. arthel: that was emily allen from kdvr reporting. greyhound says all passengers were able to pick up luggage around 3:30 p.m. from the original bus and continue trip on the relief bus. and greyhound apologizes for the experience. gregg: it's the kickoff to the oscars. tonight in hollywood. the golden globe awards will "manchester by the sea" upseat "la la land". oscar expert is here.
3:39 pm
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. arthel: hollywood rolling out the red carpet for the 74th annual golden globe awards. the star-studded event set to begin in a little over an hour. yes, for some predictions, let's bring in tariq khan, our fox news oscar expert.
3:44 pm
good to see you. >> happy new year as well. arthel: happy new year. >> hard to believe it's here. arthel: before we get going on the specific categories. remind us who votes on the golden globes and should pay attention. >> they are voted on by the hollywood foreign press association, cover hollywood for news outlets across the globe, hence the golden globe, they are to the oscars what the new hampshire primary is to the election. historically speaking, 65% of oscar winners did take a globe first, far from a perfect predictor, who in hollywood doesn't love to win an award? always a fun night. arthel: very fun to watch, too, lots of drinking going on there. let's go to the best motion picture comedy or musical. everybody's gaga for la la are. >> that's right, "la la land" has this in the bag, colorful, romantic, dazzling musical,
3:45 pm
wowing audiences and critics alike. the hollywood foreign press gave it seven nominations, more than any other. i think it pulls off a sweep for best motion picture of comedy or musical, best actor for mr. ryan gosling, he plays a struggling jazz musician, he has yet to win, he's overdue. it's funny, he's up against another ryan, ryan reynolds in "deadpool". i think gosling takes the prize. emma stone, the young ingenue in "la la land," she sings, dazzles, dances, i think she has the nomination in the bag. stone is as solid as a rock here. the question is for "la la land" does it win best director for damien chazelle or do we see surprise win by mel gibson for "hacksaw ridge," his big comeback war film very well
3:46 pm
reviewed? my sources tell me, the hollywood foreign press loves "hacksaw ridge". mel gibson won for brave heart, won the oscar as well. we could see mel on stage, who knows what he's going to say. hold onto your hats, folks. arthel: there is great competition in the categories. >> one room, so many categories, it is exciting. arthel: want to find out your favorite for best actress in a drama. >> natalie portman in jackie kennedy. she nails it with the hair, the accent, the mannerisms. when she gets it through tonight, she can rehearse her oscar speech, she will be needing it next month. arthel: wow. what about best actnora drama. >> very, very interesting, the odds on favorite is casey
3:47 pm
affleck for "manchester by the sea". superb performance but watch out for denzel washington in "fences," he is so dramatic, powerful, he won the tony for the broadway. the hollywood foreign press love him. he won the cecil b. de mille award last year. something definitely to keep an eye on tonight. arthel: and viola davis. >> she won everything this year, s.a.g. award, oscar, viola get your speeches ready, the prizes are all yours. no question. arthel: what about best action drama? >> "manchester by the sea" which we talked about and coming of age film called "moonlight". i think "manchester by the sea" has the edge, i think it's more accessible to the hollywood foreign press and if anything can beat "la la land" it's "manchester by the sea". so that's what's great about the globes, you have the comedy musical, we have a battle at
3:48 pm
our hands. should be a lot of fun. arthel: what else should we look out for? >> best category for best song. we'll see "moana" from lynn manuel miranda and iggy pop for the song gold. there are so many crazy things which happened at the globe which make it very, very exciting, should be a fun night. arthel: the globes tonight, oscars february 26th? >> oscar nominations on january 24th. a lot can happen between now and february 26th. a lot of categories to call. exciting ride if you will. arthel: i think tonight is fun programming. >> definitely. arthel: tariq khan, you are always spot on with your predictions, we'll be tracking your predictions this year. >> i love the song in "la la land." arthel: sing it. gregg: did ryan gosling actually play the piano?
3:49 pm
>> he did. gregg: he did? >> that is big aid in award, if you sing or play your own music. he was terrific, sensational, he's going to have a big night. gregg: on that basis alone, give him the globe, the oscar, give him everything, he was terrific. a royal health update, check in on the queen she's appearing for the first time after a holiday illness forced her to step out of the limelight. the cool stuff, you will want to look into this year's consumer electronics show. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. my doctor said moving more fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better.
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. arthel: queen elizabeth making her first public appearance in several weeks. her majesty showing up for sunday mass earlier today after recovering from a nasty cold. the queen missing christmas day and new year's day services because she was under the weather during both of those holidays. gregg: hope she's feeling better. the annual consumer electronics show is back in los angeles. some of the coolest gadgets unveiled. adam housley has a sneak peek. adam? >> reporter: you might call it gadgetopia as the world converges on sin city for the international consumer electronics show. 3500 exhibits pitching new products trying to wow tech
3:54 pm
savvy buyers. from paper thin tv's to internet connected cars, everything gives us a glimpse of everyday technology in the years to come. >> it's a glimpse of the future at ces. bigger and badder, voice control is huge, a.i. all coming together. >> reporter: bigger, better, smaller and safer are the key words, this fits in your wallet and charges your phone. this charges your laptop and this makes smartphones inoperable in the car. one standout is virtual reality. >> the greatest thing about vr is it allows people to connect in ways that have never been possible. >> reporter: when it comes to music, innovations like blocks puts a recording studio in your hands and vinyl has gone high-tech to work along with the jukebox straight out of happy days.
3:55 pm
>> the best of both worlds, everything that looks cool, sounds cool, and you've then got get your phone out and stream what you want through it. so what else do you want? . >> reporter: and drones are everywhere, all shapes, prizes, sizes, the hover camera passport, 13 megapixel pictures, 4k video, when you want to go, you walk up, grab, it fold it up and brett in this case, i'm riding off in the sunset. back to you. gregg: adam housley, very cool stand-up close as we call it. we'll be back in just a moment.
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>> >> credit karma, huh?
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yeah, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit. ♪ >> winter weather causing headaches in the world, you know if you come with your own cool coat, snow is just a playground. >> a playground, these bears at the zoo in southeast europe having a great time. their white winter wonder land, the excitement not the same for humans, snow has blanketed europe and turkey to scandanavia, shuts down highways and businesses. >> from 15 degrees when key came in this morning to balmy 23 here
4:00 pm
in new york. hope it's nice where you are. thank you for being with


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