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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 9, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> espn. >> watch fox because tucker is on. >> i'm watching tucker. >> anybody depressed by the giants? >> yes but we're moving on. >> we'll see you back here on the couch tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. this is a significant week for the income trump administration. confirmation hearings for the president-elect's cabinet in waiting. many democrats suggesting the road will not be smooth. it may or may not be but an interesting week. we kick it off now. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: hopefully it would be as rough as it was for the giants yesterday. tough second half. i'm martha maccallum. all of this kicks off first with attorney general nominee jeff sessions. first up at-bat. the republican-controlled senate wants to get through this and get ready to work from
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day one. mitch mcconnell as a message for democrats based on his own experience. he says it is time to grow up. >> the democrats are frustrated they lost the election. i know how it feels when you're coming into a new situation when the other guys won the election. what did we do? we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them, either, but he won the election. >> martha: a spoonful of sugar on that one. john roberts live a trump tower. quite a week, john. >> indeed. this is going to be a very big week for the incoming trump administration. nine of his cabinet nominees are up for confirmation hearings scheduled for them this week. don't know if all of them will come off. two of the thorniest is jeff sessions for attorney general. that one is scheduled to get underway tomorrow. rex tillerson as well for
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secretary of state expected to begin wednesday. democrats are complaining when it comes to trump's richest cabinet picks some of them don't yet have all the information on their backgrounds in yet. all the issues dealing with ethics and potential conflicts of interest and so democrats are suggesting they want to slow the process down until that investigation is complete. this morning on fox and friends kellyanne conway said they just want to take the laundry and hang it out for everyone to see. >> democrats have demanded tax information from these nominees and agency designee not in the normal course. they want to play peeping toms into the tax records of people. >> political peeping tomorrows is what she is calling them. all of this they believe is an
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attempt to further discredit the incoming administration. a senior official told they expect to get all the nominees confirmed and believe there will be a lot of sound and fury according to this transition official surrounding rex tillerson's confirmation but the areas where the left could potentially make the biggest noise, martha, would be labor, education and epa. none of which are scheduled -- education is scheduled for this week but labor and epa not. >> martha: what about the russia hack story, john, that got a lot of discussion over the weekend? where does mr. trump come down after his briefing on friday on whether or not he believes there was a direct connection based on what they told him? >> well, as you know, leading into that briefing on friday he was skeptical russia was involved at all believing russia over what the intelligence community was saying. seeming to at least acknowledge that maybe russia was trying to at the very least hack into the
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dnc and rnc. having a change of heart trump tweeting over the weekend he intends to still try to make a good relationship with russia and the united states during his presidency saying, quote, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that is bad. the senate majority leader said over the weekend it might be a little wishful thinking on trump's part. here he is. >> i don't think it's unusual for a new president to want to get along with the russians. george w. bush had the same hope. my suspicion is these hopes will be dashed quickly. the russians are clearly a big adversary and demonstrated it by trying to mess around in our election. >> bill: of course, we'll get a chance to ask donald trump himself at his press conference wednesday morning. the first one in a long, long time.
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we'll be there. >> martha: interesting. >> bill: here we go, martha. nine hearings on tap as the cabinet picks make their case to be confirmed. the spotlight will burn hottest perhaps on secretary of state nominee rex tillerson and his ties with russia. tucker carlson hosts tucker carlson live. mcconnell said grow up. mcconnell said we were disturbed by your picks eight years ago too but you won the election and that's the way things work out. can democrats score points this week? >> that's the point. i don't think they have any substantial problems with rex tillerson or his record. tillerson is not a conservative activist or not out there on climate change from their point of view. he endorsed the paris climate treaty, by the way. what they are mad about is jeff sessions and his positions on immigration which are a threat in real life to the democratic
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party's electoral and governing strategy. to change the population of the united states through immigration. sessions is on the other side of that completely. they can't say that in public sosessions by calling him a big ot. you will see a lot of drama around that and they also can't prevent his getting confirmed. he is a sitting senator and they need only 50 votes. a lot will be by proxy. they're frustrated about issues but they'll talk about other issues as a way to get out their rage. >> bill: i think a lot of our viers and people who went to the election will be watching to see what kind of people they are and how they answer these questions. a lot of drama in that. with regard to last night, right on cue here comes hollywood and jimmy fallon who said the following. in a moment here we'll cue it up for you. what he said, tucker, he was doing an interview prior to the award show last night and said
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i'll go easy on the politics. i don't want to tick off half the audience. this is how the program began. >> this is the golden globes, one of the few places left where america still honors the popular vote. game of thrones is nominated tonight, how great is that? [applause] the show has so many plot twists and shocking moments. a lot of people what it would have been like if king joffrey had lived. we'll find out in 12 days. laura foster jenkins is nominated. there you go. the character has been dubbed the world's worst opera singer and even she turned down performing at donald trump's inauguration. >> bill: you can make up your own mind whether it's funny but so predictable. >> it's the least political of all the late night hosts and
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not very political as a person. the irony hollywood foreign press and golden globes have been under the accusation of buying an award. striking is how little thinking hollywood has done about what the election mean. they were in for hillary clinton to a person and she lost. you think there would be at least a month or two where you would think what message on america we're dependent for our livelihood. if america hates hollywood, hollywood dice. what are we trying to tell us? there has been a doubling down on their views and it is another indication of how strikingly out of touch the rest of the country they seem to be. >> bill: you have 12 more hours to get your thoughts together. i'm certain it will be part of your show tonight. >> i'll need them. bill, good to see you.
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>> martha: great to see tucker this morning. his big premier is tonight on the fox news channel. you will see him at 9:00 p.m. tucker carlson tonight moves to that slot this evening. a week from today i'll launch a brand-new show at 7:00 p.m. eastern focusing on the new trump administration called "the first 100 days." i hope you join me for that each night getting underway january 16th. >> bill: it's only 100 days, right? >> martha: 100 days. historic period that we'll be covering. in the meantime i'll be missing you. >> bill: i will miss you as well. >> martha: join me there once in a while. >> bill: i will. tucker, the issues on the table over the next three months at a minimum are of paramount importance to our country. frankly to the world. >> also the most interesting period politically any of us has lived there. fascinating to watch this and blessed to be right at the center of it. and i every single night from
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7:00 to 8:00 will watch martha maccallum for at least the next 100 days and i can't wait. i'll watch the entire show. i can't wait. >> martha: i'll join tucker tonight at the end of his show. he will grill me on something about my first job waitressing or something like that. see you then. >> bill: shannon bream will come up from washington >> martha: looking forward to that. >> bill: we'll get it all together for you, folks. new information now on that deadly rampage and disturbing video the moments the man pulls out a gun on travelers in the baggage claim area. it is truly some tough stuff to watch. then there is this. have a look. >> you think this is an effort by the obama administration to undercut donald trump. >> how else would the news media have this information before it is briefed to the
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gang of eight? >> martha: an important moment. house intelligence committee chairman accused the obama administration of leaking the intelligence agency's classified report on russian hacking to the press. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer will be with us in a moment as they call for an investigation. >> bill: this developing today. what forced the u.s. navy destroyer to fire shots at approaching iranian ships. that's me.
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>> martha: breaking news. the u.s. navy destroyer fires three warning shots at iran's revolutionary guard. it happened in the strait of hormuz on sunday. defense officials saying the iranian vessels were closing in at high speed. the navy destroyer established radio communication but no response to the request that they sent to the iranian side to slow down. the ship fired warning flares and a u.s. helicopter dropped a smoke float. the iranian boats came within 900 yards of the destroyer escorting two other ships. escalation and we'll keep you posted on developments there. >> this looks like a political roll-out of a narrative just a couple of weeks before donald trump's inauguration and it bothers me. i don't think it's good. >> roll-out by the intelligence community or by the democrats who were briefed. >> by the obama administration.
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>> really. so you think it is an effort by the obama administration to undercut donald trump. >> how else do you define it? >> bill: nunez accusing the administration of leaking its report to damage the president-elect. donald trump calling for an investigation. before i or anyone saw the classified or hacking intelligence report it was leaked to nbc news. so serious? incoming white house press secretary, sean spicer. good morning on a monday and thank you for coming back here on america's newsroom. >> always a treat. thanks for having me. >> bill: do you think the white house intentionally leaked this report as well? >> i'm not going to try to guess what i think happened. i think what chairman nunez and others have said, including the president-elect is we need an investigation. we're talking about classified
6:17 am
information pertaining to our nation's cybersecurity and what has happened and the idea that members of the media were given that report prior to -- never mind the timing, at all, is troubling. the idea they were given it prior to the president-elect and the gang of eight as chairman nunez pointed out should be troubling to everybody because part of the classified -- >> bill: who else would have that information? the list in washington is not long. >> that's right. i'm not here to impugn anybody about what they may or may not have done. the right way to go about this is we need to have hearings and an investigation as to how it happened. somebody is responsible for this and it is very troubling. >> bill: will there be an investigation of russia into the hacking of the past year? >> i think you've seen senate armed services and some of the action on the house looking into this matter.
6:18 am
there has been a tremendous amount and i think when you look at the efforts that were undertaken by 17 of our nation's intelligence communities, that's the briefing given to the president-elect and his team last friday. there has been extensive research and intelligence looking into how this all happened. >> bill: fine point on this. lindsey graham and john mccain are week end are saying they'll pursue it. will a trump administration support that pursuit? >> to the extent we need to know who is doing what, who is trying to look into our nation's infrastructure, cybersecurity, yeah, of course we need to constantly look into it and something that's gone on for decades and the president-elect said in his statement on friday he needs to get a plan in 90 days how to but rest our efforts to stop this. one of the things interesting and lost in the discussion brought up by priebus on fox news sunday.
6:19 am
largely what you do when you read the reports you realize most of this stems from the democratic national committee not having the proper i.t. security and then rebuffing the federal bureau of investigation when they came to the dnc and said we believe you are being hacked and the dnc told them to go away and didn't answer the calls. i think one of the massive takeaways of all of this reporting that is getting lost is that when a law enforcement agency contacts you to inform you there is something going on, take the call, heed their advice and act. that's something the democratic national committee failed to do on numerous occasions and it has gotten lost in the entire conversation. >> bill: point taken on that. hearings start tomorrow. do you expect any nominee to not get confirmed, sean? >> no. we have put together -- the president-elect has picked people that match the agenda he has put forward. successful people who know how to get things done and i think
6:20 am
republicans, democrats and independents recognize the all-star nature of these individuals. every one of them will pass. republicans have the votes. beyond the partisan nature of that you have seen a number of democrats on various of these nominees talk about how impressed they have been with their qualifications and their vision to implement the president-elect's i gend. i think they'll pass. >> bill: quit comment. president obama had seven nominees confirmed inauguration day eight years ago. will that happen this year? >> i hope so. i believe so. we have the votes to do it and they're qualified people. i think we'll have a number of people ready day one. beyond just the seven we had five additional given to president obama the first week he was in office for a total of 13. we're on pace po match that as well. these individuals are great and ready to serve this country and bring real change. both parties should be able to get it done. >> bill: an important week starting today. sean spicer, thank you for your time this morning.
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>> martha: horrific video of the terror attack in jerusalem when a palestinian rams his truck -- it just is impossible to watch this. it is unbelievable. we have seen too much of it. this time it was an attack on israeli soldiers. now israeli officials saying the attacker may have been lynched to isis. we've seen similar isis attacks in the past. isis released a video that features children as young as 10 years old slashing people's throats and threatening people with guns. you get a sense for what is going on here when we come back. join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> bill: from the middle east israeli officials say the terrorist who rammed his truck
6:25 am
into soldiers in jerusalem may be linked to isis. it is tough stuff there. the palestinian driver shot and killed. now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there could be a connection between sunday's incident and similar isis truck attacks if france and germany that we have reported on in recent months. stay tuned. more information on that as we learn more. >> martha: horrifying moment when a gunman opened fire at the fort lauderdale airport caught on surveillance camera. we know this footage is quite disturbing. you can see the gunman walking in from the left-hand side of the screen. went into the men's room. pulled out the gun and started shooting people. look at the panic in this area as people run for cover.
6:26 am
the suspected gunman esteban santiago will make his first appearance in federal court today charged with three federal offenses all can carry the death penalty. steve harrigan live outside the courthouse. what do we expect today? >> good morning. that 26-year-old shooter is here now. he arrived a short time ago in a convoy of law enforcement vehicles. this is his first court appearance. likely he will be appointed a lawyer and made sure he is competent. he faces an array of federal charges including causing violence in an airport with a weapon. so he could be facing either life in prisonment or perhaps the death penalty. in the meantime fort lauderdale international airport is back up and running now. this after hazmat teams had to go in and clean up some of the carnage there. right now they're dealing with the headache of trying to return 25,000 suitcases to people who fled in panic after those shots on friday, martha. >> martha: what do we know in
6:27 am
terms of the motivation? any more on that this morning, steve? >> the motivation is largely a mystery at this point despite the fact the shooter has been cooperating with authorities. he has given hours of interviews. admitted it was a planned attack and he was trying to kill as many people as possible. he said he was going for head shots and keep in mind he fired perhaps 15 bullets from those 15 bullets he managed to kill five and wound six. in addition to being a methodical killer, he was efficient as well. right now law enforcement officials are saying they aren't ruling out any link to terrorism. martha, back to you. >> martha: we'll talk more about the background and what he has been doing leading up to this when we come up with that a little later in the hour. steve, thank you very much. >> bill: more shocking video here. isis video showing how the killers are using kids to carry out their most brutal of crimes. we'll have a report on that in a moment. >> martha: plus the democrats
6:28 am
taking aim at president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. how rough do we think it will get? we'll talk with a judge about it. a sampling of what could be in store. >> i actually affirm some of the things mr. mcconnell said. the president elected should have his team. the american public must make sure there are no serious conflicts of interest that will underminus overall. 's why you d. 's why you d. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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and get 25% off your entire order. we'll even throw in free shipping. life hurts. feel better. >> bill: 9:41 now. to the video that shows the desperation and depravity of isis. this material is graphic. isis releasing footage of a child solder as young as 10 years old shooting and beheading kurdish prisoners in syria. our reporter is live in london with more on this. kitty. >> bill, it's not the first time we've seen these kind of brutal images coming from isis. it is not the first time videos
6:32 am
emerged of extremists using children, either. soldiers as executioners. isis is under pressure now. coalition air strikes are continuing to put isis on the back foot and drive them into smaller pockets of territory in syria. just yesterday turkish forces killed 48 isis militants and turkish planes destroyed a mber of buildings. in iraq isis is also struggling to hold onto a major stronghold there, the city of mosul. >> bill: how is that battle progressing? >> well, iraqi forces say they're making good progress to try to retake the city of mosul. we've seen just in the last few days them pushing isis militants out another district in the east of the city. they've reached in the last few days over the weekend, in fact, they reached the river tigris in the center of that city. this has put the iraqi army in a much stronger position to take on isis fighters who are
6:33 am
now pinned down in the west. the iraqi army began this offensive back in october. the campaign had slowed in recent weeks as troops got caught up in heavy street fighting. there has been fierce resistance from isis. but iraqi troops control around a quarter of the city and confident of winning this battle against isis very soon. >> bill: we'll watch for progress there. live in london, thanks. >> martha: big week at hand as the senate gears up for a time in their session as lawmakers are set to hold a series of hearings with the confirmation process in full swing. rex tillerson the secretary of state nominee expected to face serious scrutiny from democrats as well as jeff sessions, the choice to be our next attorney general. judge michael mccasey is former u.s. attorney general. he understands this process. what would you tell these
6:34 am
gentleman to expect as they go in the room this week? >> this hearings will open by statements by the chair, by the ranking member and then go back and forth and the senators make statements for the cameras. and then rounds of questioning begins, 5 or 10 minutes at a shot. obviously you have to listen hard to the question and figure out what is really on their minds. and also figure out what points you have to make. sometimes it's hard to keep all of that in balance. >> martha: what do you expect will be the toughest grilling points for tillerson? i imagine it will come with the conflict of interest potential with his relationship with exxon and putin, right? >> particularly given current news reports about the hacking i would expect them to go into his relationships with the russian and how he will push back on whatever they've been doing in the cyber area, which is quite a lot. as to senator sessions, i think that the principle problem the
6:35 am
democrats seem to have with him is his views on immigration. although i don't know they'll go after those necessarily but they will try to get at them in glancing way. >> martha: there are comments that are said to be racist from senator sessions from years ago. how would you advise him to deal with that? >> those are outrageous. what he ought to do and what he may do and what others may do is explain the context in which remarks were made that are now distorted into being racist remarks. just as an example at one point they said he said that the naacp is an unamerican organization. he said when they supported the communist murdering dictatorship in nicaragua that was unamerican and compromising their moral authority. that's very different from the suggestion that he was accusing them of being a racist organization. >> martha: my discussion about the paperwork that has or has not been filed for some
6:36 am
nominees. mitch mcconnell speaks about that on the sunday shows. take a look. >> all of these little proceed daoural complaints are related to their frustration at not only lost the white house but the senate. i understand that. we need to grow up here and get past that. we need to have the president's national security team in place on day one and papers are still coming in. >> martha: papers have to be in. that's part of the procedure. >> there are forms to fill out. i'm sure senator sessions won't have trouble with that. he is not a person of great wealth and he has grown up in modest circumstances. >> martha: what do you think about the fact that a lot has been made of the flood that will happen over the next few days that you'll have all these hearings stacked up and trump news conference on wednesday, many look at that and say he is trying to distract from the hearing process by doing the news conference on the same day. are they trying to push this through in a way that's different from what we've seen in the past? >> i don't think so.
6:37 am
certainly president obama's nominees got through very quickly and without much fuss and bother at all. he had seven or eight on the first day. and got four or five immediately thereafter. i don't think this is anything unusual. so far as president-elect trump holding a news conference the same time the confirmation hearings are going on, i don't understand the problem. if he didn't hold a news conference somebody would make an issue about that. >> martha: in terms of delay, this paperwork issue. these are the kinds of things that can be used to keep pushing this process off and delaying it past the date of this news conference, perhaps so there is a little more light and sunshine on the hearings and happen on a day when he is not doing a news conference. >> people have to be careful. there is a national security interest in getting secretary of state, attorney general, other cabinet members in place and on the job and having their staffs and deputies and lower
6:38 am
level people in place as well. in order to maintain the security of the country. foreign countries don't run on the same calendar that we do. crises don't run on a calendar that says we'll take time off because there is a new administration. the crises keep coming and they'll have to be dealt with by a new administration that needs people in place. >> martha: we watched this process take place so many times and it is generally fairly proforma. if it is not this time it will signal a resistance movement that may be something that we may see quite a bit of over the next 100 days to be sure. we'll see how it goes. judge, thank you very much. great to have you here this morning. many thanks. bill. >> bill: wild card weekend in the nfl. the playoffs are off and running. steelers making it look easy against miami. brown had two touches in the first half. bell pounded two more in the
6:39 am
zone. he looked good. steelers hand the dolphins an early playoff exit. they move on to kansas city next weekend. now the nightcap. on the frozen tundra. lambeau field. we don't know if jordy nelson will be okay. packers had a one-point lead heading to the locker room until lightning strikes in wisconsin. >> rodgers does this better than anybody. end zone, cobb, touchdown, unbelievable! >> bill: a hail mary, your prayers are answered packer nation. >> martha: i think it was demoralizing for the giants that movement. >> bill: sparked a groove for aaron rodgers and the pack. they will play in dallas against the cowboys on sunday. it should be another great match-up. i had the great honor of visiting packer nation. there is big daddy and me.
6:40 am
the irish tweet never gets old. i want you to know that i've always wanted to go to lambeau field. it was cold. packer nation is something i have never experienced before in my life. it is practically a cult. good for you. you have a great team and enormous history. a gift shop that is 22,000 square feet. >> martha: really? >> bill: it's like a macy's next to the stadium. >> martha: did you get me a cheesehead? >> bill: you would look terrific in a cheesehead. >> martha: the rest of new jersey wouldn't appreciate one of those. it's great you got to go. i was at home with my family in front of the fire. a perfect way to watch. i kept thinking you must be freezing your you know what off out there. >> bill: you're right. i still have my you know what.
6:41 am
thanks to everybody in green bay for welcoming us there. >> martha: >> martha: democratic leaders are saying slow down on the repeal effort. >> bill: lindsey graham sounding off on vladimir putin again. how will president trump deal with russia? our panel will debate this next. >> we should all, republicans, democrats, condemn russia for what they did. to my republicans who are gleeful, you're making a huge mistake.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> martha: 16 people are now under arrest in the connection with the robbery of kim kardashian. french police carried out a series of raids around paris this morning. she was robbed at gun point last year inside her hotel by a group of men disguised as police. tied up and put in the bathtub while suspects took cell phones and jewelry worth millions of
6:45 am
dollars. officials say the arrests were based on dna evidence they found at the scene. >> here is what i think we should do as a nation. we should all. republicans, democrats, condemn russia for what they did. to my republican friends who are gleeful, you are making a huge mistake. you are a political hack, not a republican, not a patriot. if this is not about us, then i'll never know what will be about us. because when one party is compromised, all of us are compromised. >> bill: you know where lindsey graham stands urging republicans to support sanctions against moscow. let's bring in mary ann marsh, former advisor to senator kerry. and republican pollster and author of the selfie vote. good day to both of you. donald trump said the following by way of twitter. having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a
6:46 am
bad thing. only stupid people or fools will think it is bad. we have enough problems around the world without having another one. when i'm president russia will respect us far more than we do now and both countries will perhaps work together to solve many of the pressing problems of the world. better to have allies than enemies. let's start there. >> it's better to have allies than enemies but a big criticism that republicans have had of democrats over the last few years is we're too nice to our enemies and too mean to our allies. we needed to get the priorities in order. with donald trump being so upbeat about the prospects for the relationship with russia, he is at odds with republicans who do view russia as standing firmly against a lot of things that we as a country should stand for. and this meddling in our election aside from partisanship is something that should be a cause for concern. this is something that will divide the republican party. i doubt donald trump is terribly concerned that lindsey graham and john mccain are on
6:47 am
the other side of the debate from him. he is not a big fan of theirs. i think that lindsey graham's point is an interesting one. it is really important for us to make sure that yes, of course, we want to have good relationships with everyone we can. when somebody has done something bad to us that we're able to call it out and hold them accountable. >> bill: the trump team said they'll put together a new team to counter the attacks, the cyberattacks. go ahead on kristin's point there. >> i think kristin laid it out well and i agree with her. including this morning on this show what has been so stunning is that trump seems to be more interested in investigating the intelligence committee and how this report got out than the russians and what they did. it leaves americans asking why is that? is he indebted to them for the help that russia gave him in the election and indebted to them financially? or is it because the intelligence agencies who briefed him on friday have been investigating him and some of his advisors for over a year now about his ties to russia? the question then is where is
6:48 am
donald trump's loyalty? why does he always give russia not just the benefit of the doubt beautifuly supports them in the face of american interests and american entities, institutions and individuals. that's the question? >> bill: you may get answers this week. what mitch mcconnell made clear on sunday and both of you on this, is that new incoming presidents try to start anew with putin and russia all the time. you look at the reset with president obama, president bush 43. bill clinton as well and their hopes get dashed. will hopes be dashed with this administration yes or no? >> i don't have great hopes that america and russia are going to walk hand in hand into the sunset for the next four years. i think that any sort of honeymoon right now will be short lived because i think it's very important for donald trump to appear strong, to demonstrate strength and show he is a winner. to the extent that russia makes that difficult to the extent
6:49 am
that russia is exerting its influence in places in the globe where it would be better off it was american influence in charge, i think he is not going to like that. so i don't know how long this sort of honeymoon period will last. i didisagree that he has dual loyalty. he is saying i won the election and tired of democrats calling that into question and why he gets so spun up on this issue. >> bill: what's wrong with giving it a try? let's give it a shot and see if things could be better. >> there is nothing wrong with giving it a try. unless donald trump supports sanctions that will tell you where he stands with russia. unless he releases his taxes we'll never know his interests and relationship with russia. everyone tries to reset but everybody and then vladimir putin who has tried to undermine our election, undermine our interests and by the way, is trying to undermine democracies around the world and other elections as well as we speak and i think -- and
6:50 am
assassinate his political opponents and journalists. there is vladimir putin and there is resetting russia. vladimir putin is not a guy you can work with, not a guy cut a deal with. the fact that donald trump thinks he can and questions about trump and russia raises more questions about how he will act when he puts his hand on the bible. >> bill: mcconnell said look at the picks that the incoming administration has picked. general james mattis, general kelly. these are as we said at one point are tough hombres. thank you for your time. >> martha: winter's fury unleashed. a powerful storm slams the west coast with snow and rain and now concerns about dangerous nraoting out there. we'll check with janice dean in the fox extreme weather center coming up next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> martha: there is growing concerns as a barrage of winter storms slam the west coast along with the snow, there is also deadly rain and mudslides that they're worried about. some residents in california and nevada being warned they could see some of the worst flooding in more than a decade. they are hunkering down and preparing. janice dean joins us now, senior meteorologist in the fox extreme weather center with the latest on this. >> you're right. this is going to be a story that will bring headlines throughout the work week. we've seen this barrage of storms that has a tropical connection. we call it an atmospheric river. that means all of this moisture moving in from the tropics from the pacific inundating places like california. we've been into a significant drought for years here. this could put a big dent into that. however, too much of a good thing will bring flash
6:55 am
flooding, mudslides, debris flows, avalanche concerns, all of it. you look at the last 24 hours. we have rain moving into southern california, all of the west coast here. not only inches of rainful but feet upon feet on snow and rain on top of that and it will cause concerns for avalanches. another slug of moisture moving into the west on tuesday. ultimately a great news story but because it is coming so fast and furious it will cause big problems through this area as you can see here. this is the rainfall totals anywhere from 6 to 8 to 12 inches an rainfall and 5, 8, 10 feet of snow which could cause major problems for this region. it will be a headline maker for sure. then some of that energy will go across the upper midwest and the great lakes. we could see the potential for strong to severe storms later this week. this will be an on going
6:56 am
situation but too much will cause huge concerns. this is something we'll watch throughout the week for the west. >> martha: thank you. >> bill: dramatic before and after photo shows the impact it is on the storms. the icon i can tunnel tree carved 137 years ago is no longer standing today. the giant sequoia, a park volunteer said it came to the ground and shattered when it hit the ground. that's evidence of how much moisture they have taken in. what an image. >> martha: that's sad. i never drove through it, did you? >> bill: i did. >> martha: they must have been shocked when they saw it come down. unbelievable. the blame ramps up in washington over the hacking by the russians. it has caused a ton of friction with the president-elect and other politicians. the rift grows.
6:57 am
does washington need to shift it's focus? we'll talk about that when we come back. ♪
6:58 am
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>> martha: fox news alert the founder of wikileaks, julian assange now responding publicly for the first time to the cia report confirming that russia hacked the dnc to influence the presidential election. he has said it did not come from russia. welcome everybody. hour two of america's newsroom. i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. the growing rift over russia kicking off a critical week in the presidential transition. the cia report pointed directly at vladimir putin saying he tried to sway the u.s. election away from hillary clinton. now julian assange, wikileaks founder who transmitted or printed the emails calls the intel report nothing more than an emba ed, good morning to you. what is assange saying about this today. >> this is quite a controversial figure. some call him a traitor, some a
7:01 am
patriot. he wants to fire back because the u.s. intelligence report last week suggested that the intelligence community has a high degree of confidence that russian military intelligence officials were able to take these emails that had been hacked from the dnc and other democratic officials like john podesta and pass them on to assange so wikileaks could put them out there and influence the u.s. election. he fired back a moment ago in this audio press conference and said it is all nonsense. watch. >> it does not have the structured intelligence report, the structure of a presidential daily brief. it is frankly quite embarrassing, i think, to the reputation of the u.s. intelligence services to be putting out something that claims to be a report like that. this is a press release.
7:02 am
it is clearly designed for political effects. >> bill: assange claiming once again he received those emails, the hacked emails from the dnc and john podesta from individuals. he insists they were not individuals with ties to foreign governments. that debate goes on. >> bill: why is team trump blaming democrats in part for the hacked emails? >> we see it from everyone from the president-elect himself on down insisting that it was the dnc that did not have good defenses. in fact, donald trump over the weekend tweeting this out saying, quote, gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed hacking to take place. the republican national committee had strong defense. he is talking, of course, about why was the democratic side more vulnerable when there were hacks or attempted hacks on both sides? in fact, priebus, the incoming white house chief of staff went further on fox news sunday.
7:03 am
>> no one thinks assange in a great guy and bad foreign actors but the dnc has allowed itself to be hacked by about anyone in the world. that is one of the reasons why this was such a big deal. i don't think anyone is talking about it. >> bill: a senior republican, the chair of the house intelligence committee, he is telling team trump to be wary. you can see that picture of hillary clinton, the infamous russian reset. nunez saying while it is great to try to have good relations with russia, at least the last two presidents republican and democrat, tried various forms of resets and it didn't work out. >> bill: a reset button. thank you. more with martha now. >> martha: the russian hacking is the source of so much friction right now in washington what should the outrage really
7:04 am
be focused on? byron york is a correspondent for "the washington examiner". great to see you this morning. you believe that what we need to talk about really is the fact that we haven't solved this problem. we haven't been alerted to it sufficiently into action over the course of the last several years. >> right. a lot of republicans have pointed out this current outrage is a very recent vintage when, in fact, russia has been trying to hack american institutions and systems for many years. and a lot of republicans have been calling on the obama administration prior to this whole recent election stuff. had been calling on the obama administration to get tough about it. they're saying gee, only now that hillary clinton has lost an election does this become a hair on fire issue. but a lot of republicans are saying this is something that the united states should have been fighting back against all along. >> martha: you look back at the sony incident. the dnc over the summer and didn't bother them until they
7:05 am
lost. it does make them look very sloppy not to have been out in front on this issue in a way that would have protected even their own party. >> well, you know, when donald trump and his surrogates kind of accuse or blame the democratic national committee for having such terrible security, there is a little bit of blaming the victim there but it is actually true. the dnc appears to have done a rather terrible job. and we do know from the intelligence community report that the russians did try at least some level to hack the rnc as well. so one could think that they went through the most vulnerable spots. i want to put up a couple of tweets from president-elect trump this morning and the continuing story that's happening in the automobile industry in this country. here is what he said this morning. it is finally happening. fiat chri billion in michigan and ohio
7:06 am
plants adding 2,000 jobs. this after he goes on to say in the next tweet ford said last week it will expand in michigan and the u.s. instead of building a billion plant in mexico. thank you ford and fiat chrysler, something is going on. >> it is helping trump establish his presidency before he is inaugurated. clearly after the carrier deal and now this with ford and with fiat, it gives the impression of trump being the man in charge, bringing jobs back to america. even before he is sworn in. look, there are a number of critics who say these jobs were never going to come back or they were already going to come back. the fact is these things are happening and this is precisely what donald trump talked about in the campaign. if you went to his speeches and then talked to people afterwards you would ask them what did trump just say? they said he is going to bring our jobs back. so look for trump to talk about
7:07 am
this a lot in coming months. >> martha: the optics of it are i think very potenta sentiment country and a sentiment that you hear from ceos saying if they'll work with us on taxes on regulation we would like to work with them too, right? >> another thing is it makes trump look forward-looking and tending to the business of america. he can say to the political establishment if you want to talk about the russian hacking stuff, fine. i'll bring jobs to america and which one do you think will be more popular with the voters? >> martha: i would say probably the jobs. but we'll see. we'll see day-by-day. byron, thank you very much. >> bill: from overseas now fox news alert. u.s. defense official confirming american worship has fired warning shots at four iranian ships. officials saying the iranian revolutionary guard boats were closing fast on the americans in the strait of hormuz.
7:08 am
a part of water that can be dangerous and crowded. it was escorting two other military shapes at the time. the pentagon and jennifer griffin for more on that. what happened before the warning shots were fired? >> here is what we know. a senior u.s. defense official tells me the uss mahan fired the warning shots at 8:00 a.m. local time on sunday. destroyer was escorting two u.s. warships into the strait of hormuz, a marine amphibious landing ship and oil tanker when four iranian swarm boats got within 900 yards of the american vessels. the u.s. destroyer demanded the iranian boats halt blaring its horn and firing off three warning shots. in the past few days iran yaes revolutionary guard core has been conducting an annual exercise simulating maneuvers needed to shut down the entrance to the gulf where much of the world's oil passes each day. that exercise i'm told is
7:09 am
ongoing. >> bill: a constant issue whether or not we have a navy carrier in the region. is there one in the gulf right now, jennifer? >> no. we were reporting on a carrier gap. fox news visited the george h.w. bush last year as it prepared to leave virginia. it was delayed in the shipyards by six months due to budget cuts. senator mark warner, a democrat from virginia wrote to the head of the navy last week demanding answers, quote, the absence of an aircraft carrier not only harms our force projection capabilities and limits some of our military flexibility to quickly respond to any number of unforeseen events that may arise. president-elect trump's nominee for defense secretary, retired marine general james mattis, an iran hawk has his confirmation on thursday before the senate armed services committee and likely to be asked what he will
7:10 am
do about the carrier gap and recent iranian provocations. the number of dangerous iranian interactions with the u.s. navy doubled in the first half of 2016 from the year before. >> bill: the hearings will be fascinating. thank you, jennifer griffin, from the pentagon. >> martha: isis sinking to a new low of depravity using children as ex ecutioners. we'll show you what we can and talk about that. >> bill: also the ambush on tape. a man opens fire on an american diplomat caught on camera. new details and what we are learning on that today in a moment. >> martha: plus it will be very busy this week on capitol hill. the senate gets to work confirming mr. trump's key cabinet picks? smooth sailing or not so much? how will it be? >> i know how it feels when you are coming into a new situation that the other guys won the election. what did we do? we confirmed seven cabinet
7:11 am
appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them, either. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> martha: disturbing and graphic new video that has been released by isis. the shocking propaganda images show a little boy forced to execute a prisoner who is chained to a fence in front of him. ben collins is a u.s. army
7:15 am
special forces veteran, green beret and served three terms of duty in afghanistan. a pleasure to have you with us. from time to time they find it helpful propaganda-wise to release these kinds of video. we've seen them putting guns in the hands of little kids before and shooting people. it is horrific and just kills the sensibilities of anybody who looks at it. why now? what's the strategy? >> a couple of days ago through an air strike killed one -- another key member of isis in syria. i think this is just another thing to show a, we still have the ability to fight back and number two, we aren't going anywhere and there is another generation of kids being indoctrinated into the isis mentality. as you said before the break, this is just an absolute depravity. i have a 2-year-old son. this kid should be in school right now but instead we're seeing this is the next
7:16 am
generation of soldiers that we're going to have to be fighting at one point. >> martha: we've seen this kind of thing in war many times. putting guns into the hands of children. taking them away from their families. we know the kind of damage it does to their psyche. it goes without saying, to their emotional ability to deal with things. so they are making an effort to imprint the next generation, right? to indoctrinate them and build a future for this organization. >> you said it. we saw what the resistance army and in uganda the child solder. it desensitizes them to the violence. that little boy doesn't know what he is doing. another video of a 10-year-old decapitating a kurdish solder with a knife. and that's exactly what it is doing. that kid won't grow up to have a normal life. that kid will grow up to have no other choice but to be on a battlefield. >> martha: let's look at what happened in florida. we know that this young man
7:17 am
obviously was very troubled. opened fire and killed five people and injured several more in fort lauderdale at the airport. he came out of the men's room. why would a person who had been interviewed by the f.b.i., who was clearly troubled. they didn't have enough on him to arrest him at that point. but why would he be able to fly? why would he be able to have a gun and fly? >> the f.b.i., when he went in and they interviewed him they referred him to a psychologist. but look, unless there were actually charges filed, this young man did have second amendment rights. there is no reason at least -- the f.b.i. should have been able to investigate this thing to a point. this young man walked in and said i'm hearing voices in my head. he got a general discharge from the military which is a big deal. he didn't get an honorable discharge. he stepped up and said i'm hearing voices.
7:18 am
>> martha: they talked to this person and know there is a problem, right? i guarantee the people who interviewed him when she saw this guy's face pop up, oh yeah, there is that guy, right? you think about the -- there has to be a mechanism to put someone on a watch list and make it difficult for them to fly around the country to the extent you say you know what? if you want to fly somewhere we'll have to have a chat with you before you get on the airplane to make sure you're okay. >> number one it's a question of the bureaucracy, right? the f.b.i., number one, are only allowed to keep the lists when somebody comes in for a certain amount of time. >> martha: there are a lot of people that shouldn't be on the watch this. this guy should be on the watch list. >> going from the f.b.i. and airlines and manage the lists in realtime is a pr surveillance is a huge
7:19 am
endeavor. somebody that says i'm hearing voices and told to watch isis video. >> martha: and trained with a weapon by the u.s. military? >> that's a significant issue. i think that this young man was obviously troubled. but this is something that isis has been doing, right? they specifically -- >> martha: the perfect person for them to get into the brain of at home looking on his computer. >> they target those who are mentally ill. they know they can imprint themselves on this and drive this person to do things like that. i think this is an absolute tragedy and hopefully -- what i'm afraid is the veteran community continues to get stigmatized for this. i think you really do have to separate the two is what i'm hoping. >> martha: you have to use judgment. when somebody like this walks in we have to have a way to keep an eye on them since we have a watch list. this is exactly the type of person you want to be watching. we hope that it gets more
7:20 am
streamlined. bureaucracy is cold comfort to the people who lost their loved ones on friday. good to talk to you. >> bill: a note here. fox news radio launching war stories with oliver north. stories of courage and sacrifice. a new podcast. listen online or download the fox news radio app. republican leaders moving full steam ahead to dismantle the affordable care act. some republicans are saying not so fast on obamacare. how those within the party could make the process a bit complicated. >> martha: meryl streep. what she had to say about donald trump and how did the audience react? >> i only ask the famously well-healed hollywood foreign press and all of us in our community to join me in supporting the committee to protect journalists. we'll need them going forward.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> martha: an american citizen under arrest in mexico accused of trying to kill an official at the u.s. consulate there. this is video of the attack. the man was disguised as a nurse and fired several shots before running off. he was arrested a short time later and we're told that he will be extradited to the united states to face charges. the victim is 31-year-old consulor officers ash craft. he is in stable condition and we wish him well. >> i will tell you it would be ideal if we could do it all in
7:25 am
one big action, but look, it may take time to get all the elements of the replace -- in place. >> bill: republican leaders taking steps to repeal obamacare asap. but some republicans telling them to slow down. some insisting on a replacement plan the same time you repeal it. so then how do you do it the right way? governor johnson in a former white house chief of staff for george h.w bush. governor, good day to you. thank you for coming back on a monday. you have the floor here. how do you do it right, governor? >> first of all, i know how hard it is to herd 241 republicans in the house and 52 in the senate. but the fact is that ryan and mcconnell. this is not a new issue. this is an issue they've known about for years. they should have been putting the pieces in place and should have had the strategy and the process in place and frankly the american public wants them to get their act in order. if they have to keep bringing
7:26 am
the house back five days a week and the senate back five days a week, do that. get your committee chairmen. work out the pieces and put it on the table. i do think you have to have a significant portion of replacement in with the package of repeal. there are things they can do. they can do things like block granting medicaid. that doesn't increase the budget. they can do things like including in the republican package what republicans have always supported, that's marketing insurance plans across state lines. they can retain the piece that they wanted a long time ago which was keeping kids on their parents' policies to the age of 26. and so on. all these things they can put together and put into a package that is, with repeal, has clearly defined pieces that are replaced. >> bill: some are going to say the sky has fallen and some are already actually taking that
7:27 am
position. this is corey booker, democrat from new jersey said this over the weekend on cbs. watch. >> you will repeal this law which is going to plunge many americans into health crisis. this is akin to shoving someone off the cliff and as they are falling down saying don't worry, we'll figure it out before you hit the ground. >> they're at it again. ignore them. the american public wants obamacare repealed. and they want it replaced. and that's what republicans ran on. corey booker, sore loser. >> bill: so you would favor the idea to repeal and replace at the same time. >> right. >> bill: if that's the case you have to herd a lot of cats. >> you do have a herd a lot of cats but they've had years to prepare for doing this. i can't believe that they aren't ready to get this thing
7:28 am
moving forward. look, you look around the states. legislatures in the states sit for short periods of time relative to what congress does. they put complicated pieces of legislation together. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have to get their guys together and do it. it is not a new issue. it is an issue they've been talking about for years. get it done. >> bill: thank you, governor. you don't want to just vote on repeal just for the sake of voting on repeal. that's what i take from you. thank you for your time today. >> that's right. >> bill: thank you, sir, happy new year. >> martha: democrats taking aim at the next president's cabinet picks. the men and women he wants to surround himself with. so which ones are they holding their real fire for? what we are now learning next. >> bill: also pretty amazing stuff here. amazon telling this digital assistant. device sitting in your house that listens to you and when
7:29 am
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tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> martha: a busy week ahead on capitol hill. 11 days until the big inauguration. senate holding confirmation for donald trump's cabinet picks including jeff sessions for attorney general and rex
7:33 am
tillerson for secretary of state. sean spicer was on america's newsroom earlier today saying he expects that everybody will make it through this process. >> the president-elect has picked people that match the agenda he has put forward. successful people who know how forget things done and republicans, democrats and independents recognize the all-star nature of these individuals and their high qualifications. every single one of them will pass. >> martha: that's what they're hoping. mike emanuel joins us live on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> good morning. at least nine confirmation hearings in the senate this week starting tomorrow. some democrats are complaining about the pace with five hearings scheduled for wednesday alone. some democrats are also complaining they haven't received some of the financial and ethics paperwork from some of the nominees. transition advisors say the 45th president needs to get his team addressing important issues facing this country. >> we're trying to get our
7:34 am
cabinet appointees confirmed and we deserve that respect and the president-elect deserves that type of swift action because senator mcconnell majority leader is right that on day one inauguration day eight years ago the senate confirmed seven. >> democrats are likely to give the most scrutiny to rex tillerson. he got attention to his business dealings with russia as ceo of exxon. the american people need to know if any have underlying issues. transition officials have told us the prep work that has gone in and think the nominees will be ready. the visits they've had with various senators. the hearings will tell us a lot this week, martha. >> martha: all right. we'll be watching. thanks, mike. >> bill: confirmation hearings moving forward. you'll see it tomorrow when it begins. what to watch for and what's important. judge napolitano, good day to
7:35 am
you. things to go through quickly on senator sessions you find two troublesome areas? like what? >> the areas the democrats will make troublesome. can he vote for himself because he is a sitting member of the senate jude i shall naer committee and a sitting member of the senate. the republicans control the senate 52-48. they have very, very little wiggle room if one or two republicans strays from the support of his nomination. and they are filing an ethics issue to have the ethics people in the senate determine whether or not he can vote for himself. that's the inside the beltway issue. the public issue they'll raise, they believe he made racially insensitive comments 30 years ago. whether he made them or not is in dispute. they will argue the racially insensitive comments will affect him as attorney general. >> bill: he has addressed that in the past in a hearing in
7:36 am
1986. >> he did not do well when he addressed it in 1986. that was 30 years ago and since then there is no evidence in the public record of racially inappropriate words or decisions by senator sessions. so the issue is, is something he said in his youth relevant to the way he would be as attorney general today when the past 30 years in law enforcement and senate has been clean of any of this racial? >> bill: rex tillerson, secretary of state. private business, exxon. what is your -- >> most have a track record of political views on foreign affairs. when hillary clinton was confirmed we knew what she thought about russia, libya and the middle east. mr. tillerson was not on the radar screen at all until a month ago. democratic senators will try to pry loose statements from him committing him to certain
7:37 am
positions on certain public issues. republican senators notably john mccain and lindsey graham and their acolytes in the senate are fearful of the attitude of president-elect trump and mr. tillerson toward vladimir putin. they'll try to find out how close are you to putin? do you realize what a danger he is? is he your buddy or can you deal with him at arm's length? >> bill: i don't know what rex tillerson's voice sound like. we will see how senators react to that. sean spicer said he expects all nominees to be confirmed. in the end he believes they have done successful things in their life and republicans have the vote. we're hearing the same thing about sessions and tillerson. republicans expect quick confirmations on both. >> fireworks on sessions but confirmation. >> bill: you're keen on an f.b.i. document report that was released on sunday night during
7:38 am
which was probably the most watched football game of the weekend. what did you find? >> that the f.b.i. has finally conceded when donald trump has been saying during the campaign and rogue f.b.i. agent's not to recommend prosecution. the people to whom mrs. clinton sent state secrets were, in fact, hacked by foreign intelligence services, some friendly, some hostile. all that was allegations in the campaign. it has now been proven. why the f.b.i. released it at this point when they knew it months ago? what is the f.b.i. doing? >> bill: somebody was working sunday night. >> while you were in single digit weather watching our beloved giants play terribly. >> bill: good fun. not to see the loss. >> i saw you having fun. i saw you there.
7:39 am
>> bill: here is martha now. >> martha: all right. amazon echo becoming more popular across the country. smart products that can respond to voice commands to do things like order me a pizza or add items to your grocery list? are they too smart to lurk around your house? casey staoeg el to talk more about it. >> these things have a mind of their own. millions of americans received these digital assistance for the holiday season. you may have seen the amazon commercials advertising its popular echo and dot features with the alexa voice control. they connect to the home's internet and you call out its wake word to give it a command. however, because they're always on stand by, they are always listening. technology experts say almost all voice recorded equipment or even software apps record the user's voice mostly, storing that in the cloud to customize
7:40 am
your experience. in fact, the gadgets can contain so much personal information authorities in arkansas now hoping it will help solve a murder case. listen to this. prosecutors in bentonville are asking amazon to release the voice recordings from an echo that was inside a crime scene. the thought it may have recorded a struggle or provided some kind of evidence. amazon has said that it will not release information from its servers until it is legally told to do so. this is clearly reminiscent and the feds between unlocking the san bernardino gunman's eye phone. not sure if they will be taking amazon to court. now, if you have one of these smart devices in your home, martha, you can check your manufacturer's website. there are ways to disable these
7:41 am
features if you have fears about it recording you or storing any more of your personal info than it already has. >> martha: thank goodness i don't have one. i don't have to worry about that part. life is getting creepy. there are all these things listening to you, cameras everywhere on your laptops. where are we going here? >> bill: i find myself turning siri off. the fact that you can open your phone by saying hey, what's up without putting in a password. it's coming. it's here in a lot of ways. >> martha: i go begrudgingly. >> bill: meryl streep had a message. the president-elect was obviously listening. what's this all about next. >> disrespect invites disrespect. violence invites violence. when you bully others, we all lose.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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7:45 am
>> martha: last night at the golden globes meryl streep made headlines for the comments she made during her acceptance speech. >> you and all of us in this room belong to the most vilified segments in america society right now. think about it. hollywood, foreigners, and the press. hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out, you will have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. >> martha: lack of applause from the crowd there. richard fowler democratic strategist and republican strategist. welcome. good to have you both with us today. let me start with you. what did you think about all that? >> i don't think it's
7:46 am
surprising. we know that hollywood tends to lean to the left. meryl streep is a very talented actress. what's more problematic is if i was advising president-elect trump why engage? you know that most folks in hollywood are to the left. so why engage them? why give them your platform? that's what i don't understand. >> martha: he fights back. he has said that from the beginning. he doesn't let stuff lie if he feels he is being misrepresented he will fight back. let's go forward right to the trump tweets that we have because meryl streep got up there and talked about what she called his taunting of a disabled reporter and he claims that never happened. and that he has tried to clarify that moment many times. meryl streep he says one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood he calls her doesn't know me but attacks last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky who lost big. for the 100th time i never
7:47 am
mocked a disabled reporter, would never do that. but simply showed him grovelling when he changed a story to make me look bad. more dishonest media. let it lie is not really his style, tony. >> no. when you think about how acutely he is vilified with reckless abandon by people in the opposition party side and people in hollywood, he is not going to take it laying down. we could argue, martha, the presidential nature of these types of tweets. this is a juggernaut the likes of which the opposition to conservative ideas have never met. they need to be careful if they make it a cottage industry and assail trump and not expect pushback. nothing shocks us when we hear hollywood people use liberal points. but what is more shocking is in hollywood they decry hate and they promote tolerance.
7:48 am
yet they have hateful intolerance for anyone's political opinion they opposed. they've picked a fight with someone who won't take it laying down. >> martha: let's show the shot of mel gibson and vince vaughn's table. the island in the room listening to what was going on in here. and have voiced in the past some conservative perspectives on things. that is what strikes me the most. it is sort of a lack of respect for freedom of speech, for people to have different thoughts across the course of the nation. 31 states voted a majority to elect donald trump and it is like they have no acceptance for any of those human beings out there across america. they are all just patently wrong. >> here is the thing. a lot of folks who watched it there think i'm wrong on a lot of issues and what makes america a great country. we have the freedom of speech. meryl streep can say how she feels and we can debate it and
7:49 am
talk about it. she has the right to say it. the president of the united states has the ability to respond to it like it or not without fear of meryl streep getting arrested which is what makes america great. the question we need to ask ourselves. i don't think it's a left/right thing. the fact that we're having this dialogue whether they hate or like donald trump or whether conservatives hate or like barack obama the fact that we can have this dialogue. >> martha: they have an obligation to give him a shot and respect the people who voted for him. is there no grace period? you look at this inaugural. the bushes and clintons are going. they are making a statement with their presence at this inauguration and they are saying look, america, let's give this person a chance. once he starts doing stuff if you want to attack it that's fine. but how about a little bit of a breather and why is hollywood continuing to be so gasping for
7:50 am
air and teary over this whole thing? >> two points. one, a former president of the united states have a different role than a hollywood actress. because they were also in the office they have to maintain the air of the club of five. but for actors and actresses, they don't have to give in or win to donald trump. some folks refused to accept barack obama's elections. they aren't politicians. >> we've been told for the last eight years if we don't espouse a liberal line we're racist and -- i know it is your birthday but i deserve equal time. hollywood has been completely elite in its attitude toward most of america. they will suffer and so will the democratic party. >> martha: stop stepping on his birthday. 35 seconds. >> i'm 30 years old and 30 seconds. >> bill: mccallum said i want
7:51 am
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>> bill: how about a college championship game tonight in prime time? undefeated number one alabama crimson tide against the number two clemson tigers, a rematch of one year ago. number one against number two. fox news headlines channel 115, how are you? alabama the favorite? >> that point spread makes me wonder. 6 1/2 points. >> bill: the field will be awesome tonight. a great contest. the coaches have a story, too, that's intriguing. >> very interesting. imagine let's say a couple of days, one week before election day the head writer of your show said we're leaving and going to another network. how comfortable do you feel going into a night like that
7:55 am
with somebody you've relied on for so long? we're talking about the guy who calls the plays for the alabama crimson tide. they won last year's national championship game and went 13-0 this season but they had an offensive coordinator is calling the plays because this gentleman, lane kiffin, leaves alabama to accept a job at florida atlantic. somebody else is calling the plays tonight. a man who hasn't called plays for the team all season. >> bill: it could be a curveball. >> if they win he ties bear bryant. 10-0 all time in just championship games. sweeney of clemson no slouch, either. tigers looking for their first national title. >> bill: i think it will be a great game. >> i think clemson tonight. >> bill: remember, we can keep this. nfl. do you have a super bowl
7:56 am
prediction on fox prime time first sunday in friday? >> the patriots against the packers. green bay impressed me yesterday. aaron rodgers experience might win out in a match-up against dallas and move forward. >> bill: he carried them through. how about patriots/cowboys? that would seem to be obvious. these are the two best teams in the regular season. oakland could have been a threat but they had quarterback problems. i do like the packers and the patriots. how do you to go against this team? great games next weekend. a couple of great ones on fox. >> we'll bring you back. jerad maxx and welcome back from green bay. >> martha: you think the patriots will make it to the super bowl. we'll have the confirmation hearings coming up fast and furious after this we'll have more on that.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> i am out of ideas, how about you? >> no time for a big idea. we will tomorrow, good-bye everybody, have a good day. ♪ >> a busy week ahead on capitol hill, president hearings begin, cabinet nominees, hello, everybody. hope you are off to a great start so far. i am jenna lee. >> jon: i am jon scott. gets off with general sessions and john kelly, respectively. defendant is a whirlwind wednesday, confirmation hearings begin, elaine chao will be trance protection secretary. and as education secretary, and congressman mike pompeo as cia director. then thursday


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