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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 13, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> and looking in to why james comeyy decided to it make public comments about the public server case and whether he and the department of justice followed
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protocol. i am grateful that the department of justice for taking on the review. he's professional and independent and the fbi will cooperate fully with him and his office. i hope that very much he will share the conclusions and observations with the public because everyone will benefit from thoughtful transparency regarding in matter. we'll bring in tom. the group that brought the existence of the server in the public eye. i want to ask you why now? they could have done it months after the lekdz. why wait one week before inauguration. >> the fact that you you have to ask the question is showing the problem. it is a political decision to announce the investigation just before a new administration comes in and a new inspector general in the justice department. it is not an a- political
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appointee and the president of the united states obama. it is a favor for the clinton camp. it will make it harder for any investigations in the e-mail matter to proceed and sends a signal to the fbi and justice department. you look into the clinton department issue you will be subject to review. >> heather: it is worth to note that the independent investigator is independent of the factses. is this person not? >> no, by virtue of the appointment shows that. and why did he wait a week before the trump administration comes in to announce a investigation that will come in the trump administration. if he did it the day of the comey press conference there might be a stronger argument. but the timing is unbelievably
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not credible and not cred i believe that it was designed for any other reason than provide political cover for hillary clinton in the trump administration. >> heather: there are other people appointed as a political official. what is the status of the ig? >> an appointment of the president of the united states. this is a justice department that had had so many scandal and the ig is awol on much of it. and so it is interesting and curious that they are looking at it. and frankly if the ig said we are looking into a sense that we will investigate the tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton and immunity agreements. >> heather: they could investigate the tarmac meeting at a crucial time and talking
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with bill clinton in arizona while he was subject to an investigation wrapping up the entire e-mail issue. but the inspector general said he could open it up and start reviewing that if new's warrants. and that is seven month and why not do it now. there are questions about the immunity agreements and why the fbi agreed to destroy computers of the clinton aide. why the fbi was not allowed to conduct a grand jury investigation in the clinton foundation and not bring in witnesses? you have allegations of improper interferrance bite doj and the clinton. >> heather: what happens to the report when it comes out? >> not much.
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it may make recommendation for further action and if there are criminal crimes. and if there is issues related to whether anyone should be fired or not is up to the department of justice and the president and the fbi director and all the ig can do in the end is make referral and do with it what you will. and typical willy ig's also provide examples of what needs to be done to address underlying issues. if things are working right, that is what will happen. >> there is one other element to this. he's accused, at least the fbi director of avoiding department policy to not bring up an important issue and crucial issue and that's one of the things that folks are upset about. great to see you you and we'll see you sool soon.
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the white house briefing wrapping up. the justice department ig's investigation of fbi director james comey was a big topic. leland, what did the white house have to say about it? >> reporter: surprisingly a lot. this white house constantly hides behind the ongoing investigation excuse to say absolutely nothing. not in this case. josh comey. pardon me, josh earnest from the white house podium offering a full- throated endorsement in defense of james comey not only for his motives but his method. >> the president does not at all believe that director comey was motiva motivated desire to influence
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the outcome of the election. >> as we have heard. mr. comey welcomes essentially the investigation and will cooperate fully. democrats are saying why now? and they think it should have come a lot sooner in terms of looking at this and having influence in terms of how we look at the election. and the republican ares are asking the same question and saying why now? it shouldn't happen at all. >> i don't want to imput a general conspiracy, but it looks as if the democrats on the way out of the door are trying to leave as many land mines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. >> reporter: they usually take a long time. it will land on jeff sessions if he makes its through the
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confirmation process or who ever mr. trump appoints. and it is supposed to be an a- political appointee. he is appointed to ten year terms and he serves as the leisure of the president. michael mccausy suggested he is resign. >> heather: we'll see what happens. the house of representative considered repealing obamacare and allowing the republicans to strip down the affordable care act without a fill first. the senate approved it and some say it is the beginning of the end of obamacare. mike, good afternoon to you. what was the final pitch in the house to pass this measure today? >> good afternoon, republicans said they would appeal obamacare
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and they note that what obamacare would do for the american people were not kept and house speaker paul ryan made a final appeal to get it done. >> this is a rescue mission and necessary move and urge our colleagues to do what is right. the time is urgent and on top of this to my colleagues, we need to keep our promise to the american people and this helps do just that. >> reporter: there was republican heartburn from members about wanting to see a replacement before they go through repeal. but the republican members sound confident it will get through and work on a replacement. >> heather: talking about the democrats, how do they fight back despite the numbers are against them. >> reporter: that is a frustrating situation and they essentially feel like repealing at this point would be a disaster for the american
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people. >> let's lay down the marker and congress should not rush headlong in the appeal. not only in terms of dollars but health consequences for the american people. and i urge the house to vote no on this dangerous and destructive resolution. >> reporter: democrats are ripping republicans for not having the replacement can plan. democrats say repeal is a disaster. we'll find out. heather. >> heather: mike, thanks. donald trump meeting with top union leaders and they didn't exactly support him for presidency. will he attempt to make peace or go his own way with. and the president-elect taking an unexpected victory in the american coal company. what he will do to deliver
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promises he made there.
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>> heather: welcome back. a tactical victory that could change the course for the battle in mosul, iraq. you can can see the video right there. iraqi special forces entering mosul university. a facility that is considered key to driving out isis. the terrorist use that school as a base and they are producing chemical weaponses in the lab of that school. the u.s. assisting with with air strikes and artillery and a long- time coalition presence will likely be needed in iraq even after mosul is reclaimed. back here at home. president-elect donald trump
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meeting with union leaders in new york. folks who stanchly opposed him in the campaign. they were arriving in the trump tower. peter doocey is live outside of trump tower. tell us the deals that the president-elect made today. >> reporter: sounds like a deal with lock heed martin. he is putting pressure on the aircraft maker that has big cuts on the f35 project and the ceo of lockheed martin came down and said she's ready to do do that and more. >> we are close to it a deal and it will bring the cost down significantly from the previous line of character and moreover twill bring a lot of jobs to the united states. in fact, we'll increase our jobs
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in fort worth by 1800 job and that will be thousands and thousands of jobs in the u.s. and a beautiful funeral for a nypd hero detective stephen mcdonald. the law enforcement community has my complete support. they went by trump tower and thousands of officers from all agencies lined fifth avenue to honor the detective who was paralyzed in the line of duty 30 years ago and died. >> and a man with a beautiful heart. >> heather: communication apparently took place between mike flynn flynn and a russian ambassador.
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>> reporter: the transition team said there is nothing to say. flynn texted a russian ambassador merry christmas and later called to set up a phone call between the president-elect and president putin. they are disputing that flynn broke rules by cooperating with a ambassador. the two didn't talk about the sanctions handed down bite obama administration or what mr. trump will do about those sanctions. they say it didn't happen, because the call happened before they you knew about the sanctions outside on of the obama white house. >> heather: thank you. it was a major campaign promise from donald trump. reinvigorating the coal industry especially in the blue states that oppose coal projects. >> reporter: environmentalist
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call it a thin green line. but it is a blue wall. states that are running by democrats that prevent the coal ports from being built. washington state refused to lease a large coal port facility on the columbia river. it would create job and allow 50 million tons of coal from wyoming and montana to be sold. producers are looking at exports to boost the industry and they have pushed for six coal ports in washington and oregon. four of those are sunk by regulation and the other two guy green groups. >> not only would they have a global impact they would release it in the atmosphere.
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>> they will get a fight with the trump administration especially if the supporter of the coal industry is going to be interior secretary. there could be grounds for a lawsuit invoking the commerce clause. >> these are ports for the western states and the land lock states need access to the ports. >> reporter: republicans could go to the legislative route and law passed that treats ports the same as they do trains. they can't block the trains just because p they don't like the product. >> i didn't realize that. >> heather: have a great weekend. a state of emergency, a dangerous ice storm is moving in. and where to hunker down this
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>> heather: welcome back. we have extreme weather hitting a broad section of the country. a crippling ice storm in the nation's mid- section and already responsible for one death. folks in northwest are facing torrential rain and flooding and snow.
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and look at the midwest with. live pictureses in the st. louis airport. dozens of income canning and outbound flights are cancelled because of freezing rain. please do be care canful and don't leave the house if you you don't have to. and in northern california. heavy rains, triggering widespread flooding in the napa valley region. be careful out there. department of justice issued a scathing report on the chicago police department concluding that the officers used racial bias. findings are prompted by the police kill canning of a black teenager seen in a dash cam video. mike is live in chicago. what did we learn about that report today? >> reporter: much has to do with the use of force. the 13- month probe followed the shooting of mcdonald who was
11:25 am
shot by a white police officer. the report said the police were poorly trained and shot at vehicles and fleeing suspect and used force as retaliation and failed to deescalate situations to prevent force from being used at all. >> on the basis of the exhaustivy review, the department of justice concluded that there is reasonable cause to believe that the chicago police department uses excessive force in violation of the fourth amendment of the constitution. >> reporter: the probe grease with the claims of demonstrators who said the bad cops were not held adequately accountable and the determination of use of force were provided by the officer and not all investigated and discipline was haphazard. metro-traffic what is the
11:26 am
reaction? >> reporter: the police enter theed said the whole process is politicalicized. one investigation in a flurry of those that is closing before president obama leaves office. he takes special exception with the claim that the officers engage in racially discrimatory practice. he said that is where the trouble is. >> most violent area of chicago is englewood and that is 97 percent african-american. the expectation that it will stop 32 percent white folks there that is preposterous. that is putting policing in a trick bag if you you will and criminals are getting strong er and the police are getting weaker. >> jesse jackson called for a summit on the cause.
11:27 am
>> heather: working to confirmation and some of them giving different opinions from the president-elect on crucial issues. what mr. trump has to say with that. a closed door meeting with the nation's top officials. and what evidence they preponderated by russian attempts to hack into our election and affect the outcome and why. >> i can't tell you i know more from watching your newscast than i do. >> you don't feel like you you had an insight on what happened with russia? >> no, it confirms my suspicions about our problems and we seriously have problems. cold. achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in great tasting crystals. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model,
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>> heather: welcome back. there is classified information on the hacking. president p elect donald trump acknowledged that russia attempted to meddle in the 2016 race. peter brawns is following that for us. what do we know? >> reporter: the president-elect slammed the intelligence officialses who gave that to the house members. that is compromising material that the russians reportedly had on mr. trump and scheduleed to speak in the house was james clapper and cia director john
11:32 am
brennan and james comby and mike roger ares. georgia scott led the pap raid of unhappy house members afterwards. >> it was made clear in the report and clear to us that there were attempts by russian and other nations to access our systems and possibly to try to influence the outcome, but no correlation that there was any attempt to address the talleys. >> there was heat and unanswered question and a lot of need for follow-up. >> reporter: congressman johnson said the briefing shook his confident in director comey to head the fbi in troubled times. and other members called for more information and continued investigations in the russian hacking and stronger u.s. cyber security. >> peter, thank you.
11:33 am
>> heather: the president-elect making an unannounced appearance in trump tower where he is standing with steve harvey. they know each other from television. >> some of your statements. >> we with want them to be themselves. be yourself and say what you you want to say. don't worry about me. and i am going to do the right thing. i may be right and they may be right. but be yourselves. what do you say? you could say do this and special say that. i don't want that. i want them to be themselves. everybody okay? everybody good? >> thank you. repeal and replace? mr. trump. yeah.
11:34 am
[inaudible] >> heather: you say it right there an unexpected visit with mr. trump and he addressed an issue that we are talking about p with the political pan and he will what nominees are saying on capitol hill and there is a lot of space between where donald trump is and his nominees. we'll listen in. >> it is the crux of it all. and introduced me to ben carson who is going to be housing and urban development. we are going to team up and help with the inner cities and that was my only agenda and he agreed and he realized he need allies in the department and he seemed sincere. chicago is definitely one and
11:35 am
another one is detrial. ben carson and he's from detroit. i want to do things in all of the major inner cities and see if we can bring about change and help these young people out. and so that's why i am here and it was a successful meeting and he seemed sincere. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> well, you know, not my jump into politics. i ain't going to it pass a background check. it is just me follow iffing the orders from my friend, president obama who said steve, you got, get out behind your computer and stop tweeting and texting and talk. i came and talked to the 45th
11:36 am
president of the united states. and i did what i was supposed to do. >> how did that come about? >> the transition team from president obama and transition from donald trump got me on the phone a week ago. >> what about the inauguration? >> no. i will be turning 60 on tuesday and my wife is taking me far away. i will not be at anybody's inauguration because my wife said no. the truchs being on family feud. yeah, against the obamas that would be good or clintons, and if i could do that. that would be sky rocketing for the ratings. >> yeah. >> i would. i am handling everything pretty good. course, it is an honor to be invited to talk and that is the only way to unify the country,
11:37 am
president obama said you got to it sit down and talk. and i joyed the conversation. he seemed sincere. >> you have what you haven't wanted to hear yet? nwell, i mean, for this, we got off to a great start and it could be something. and for them to invite me to talk about a specific problem that i might be able to help. i got a big radio show and a lot of people listening and i always been concerned about the inner city problems because they are huge. and mentoring program has been a part of this type and that's what i want to see happen and they were spot on with it. and ben carson got on the phone today and i met him on the phone and president-elect trump and we laughed a little bit. i ain't be laughing that much
11:38 am
over the past few days. they are beating me up on the internet for no season. that's life. >> what did you -- [inaudible] >> we talked about golf and laughed about my score in golf and his score in golf. we talked about the friends we have in common. and talked about tv show and things like that. he's a fan and so he's seen it. and i met his daughter who is very sweet. i think we are off to a good start. >> heather: steve harvey just meeting with the president-elect and talk about revitalizing the cities. and speaking with them. it is a fox news contributor. and donald trump came out of the elevator and announced, i said to my nominees on capitol hill, be yourself and that's exactly what we are going to talk about
11:39 am
about right now. there is distance between the cab be net nominee and mr. trump on their positions. how big of a deal is that? >> i think it is great. i don't know anybody who did the best job by surrounding themselves only with with yes men. and the fact he's encouraging it and that is varying perspectives rather than just making close minded decisions. that would be a huge thing for politic and an improvement that sounds great to me. >> it was great breath of fresh air than the bs on the campaign. and to hear the nominees to put out policy that are in line with the american people torteur is rot and russia is aggressor. >> heather: donald trump came around on the issue of water
11:40 am
boarding and mattis convinced him. >> he ran opposition to climate change and muslim ban and russia's fine and water boarding, we should is reinstate. and all of the nominees are rejecting. >> i will get the best people and willing to listen to them and considering varying opinions. >> heather: he said be yourself. we are seeing that. and with the clintons, you start out with vague on the campaign trail and as you take office, that's when your policies start to be formulated and you get more information, correct? >> it will be interesting to see who they are coming out. they might stick around for a year or two recollects but if they can't influence the country they will go and he will swing to his own tune it. my problem with the appointees
11:41 am
so far. it will be whitest malest cabinet. and i think it should reflect the country and not just white guys. >> it doesn't bother me. >> heather: you want the best candidate and who have the best relationship and not picking just because of the color of the skin. >> but the background influences where they come from and how they speak. and having a cab be net of america is heralded. >> not a big deal. >> heather: not a big deal. we listen to steve harvey. >> most diversity. >> heather: a new born baby girl stolen from her parents at a hospital maternity ward and now she's been found and who is accused of taking her. and a state trooper whose life is in danger catches the attention of a passing motorist. that motorist steps in and saves
11:42 am
the trooper's life. he took action and helped out the officer. and a world of turmoil awaits donald trump. the future of our relationship with mexico and other challenges. >> i don't feel like waiting a year and half. we'll start building. and mexico in some form will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. [ crowd noise ]
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we are keeping an eye on on two important votes. the major of repealing and replacing obamacare and then law makers will will weigh in on whether james mattis will be defense secretary. that is in 15 minutes on shepherd smith reporting. see you there. >> heather: just days left and
11:46 am
he takes the oath of office. president-elect trump will deal with a world in p turmoil. there is conflict in ukraine and russia is waging a shadow war in the eastern part of their country. joining me is ambassador burns, former u.s. under secretary of state. and leader on iran's nuclear program and now at kennedy upon school of government and harvard. thank you for joining us. we'll talk about the troop build up. vladimar putin exceeded the number of u.s. forces that we put in eastern europe. can that weaken russia as a result? >> it is meant to contain russia. and that is a way to position a small number of battalion of american, british and canadian forces in the three baltic states. putin is pressuring them and
11:47 am
putin has divided ukraine and annexed crimia and divided georgia in 2008. there has to be a move to contain putin in eastern europe. it has wide support from republican and democrats. but the question will be will donald trump support it because he had a conciliatory and a weak policy toward putin and people feel he will be too lenient with putin. >> heather: mr. tillerson feels that nato is important. and that our european allies have reason to be concerned about russia. >> very much so. european allies are concerned that russia is too aggressive and they rely on united states, and germany and britain to make sure nato is strong. the greatest power differential between the united states and russia nato. we have a great a liiance and
11:48 am
putin has nothing like this. one hopes that president trump would build up on nato and with merkel. there is a concern that he will try to make deals with putin on the islamic state and at the expense of europe. >> heather: his cabinets pick publics are certainly taking a strong stance on that. i want to ask you about china and the south china sea and building up islands and a lot of oil reserves under that and so much shipping and commerce goes through that. how does the incomcanning administration handle that. >> it will be a difficult issue with china it pertains to international you law. and china built up its military in the violation of international law and last summer in hague, the court ruled
11:49 am
against china. it is a matter of united states working with with japan and india to try to limit what the chinese can do and draw attention to the fact that china is acting in variance with the treaty governing the south china sea. it is a crisis and have to be a subject talk between trump and ping. >> heather: unfortunately we are tight on time today. ambassador nicholas burns, thank you you so much. >> thank you. >> heather: an armed motorist saving the life of a police officer. we'll tell you about the incredible story, that's coming up next. your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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an 18-year-old south carolina girl identified as a new born kidnapped hours after she was born in 1998. her name is kamiyah mobley and she was abducted in a hospital in jacksonville florida by a woman who was dressed as a nurse. the dna sample confirmed her identity. gloria williams raised her. the teenager is overwhelmed by this. right now, the sheriff said it will be up to her if she will be reunited with her birth family. >> a passenger hailed a hero. and trace gallinger has the story. >> reporter: it happened west of phoenix. the trooper wassy responding to calls of shots fired and he
11:54 am
noticed a vehicle rolled over and a woman lying near the road. a man with a gun who may have been driving the gun ambushed the officer and shot him in the shoulder and rest. the suspect slammed the trooper's head against the statement. and the other driver stopped by and said do you need help. >> the trooper said yet. when the man refused to stop he shot and killed him. >> he's in real bad shape. helicopter police. two civilians also lying unknown condition. >> yeah, that woman thrown from the car was pronounced dead at the scene. trooper anderson is in serious but stable condition. listen to the director of the arizona public safety. >> everybody wants to make this
11:55 am
job seem easy and anyone can do it. not everyone can do the job. >> reporter: trooper anderson would would not be here today if not for the passerby. they will not comment because investigation is ongoing. they have a defense of third person law that allows deadly force against a lethal threat. it is not unusual in arizona that a passing driver would be armed. they have been a open carry>> heather: so glad the officer will be okay. president obama and how the commandener chief went inner- galactic. we'll tell you you about that. ♪ ♪
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>> a jogger going out for her morning run in australia takes a reporter's question too literally. now the response is going viral. now the aussie access is a little thick. [laughter] >> okay. well, that happened in melbourne, australia. that's where the reporter was asking erika about her exercise routine. that's what we do. ask people how to spell her first and last name. president obama's legacy extending deep into the cosmos. check out this from curiosity rover referencing mr. obama's favorite musicians, stevie wonder.
12:00 pm
it's a plaque signed by the president and vice president and other u.s. officials. president obama tweeted a response, "that is out of this world." here's shepard smith. see you soon. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill. we're watching not one but two stories with enormous implications. they're about to vote on a bill that could make or break the obamacare repeal. we'll break it down. in the house, a vote on whether to grant a waiver to general james maddis. lawmakers haven't made a move like this since the days of harry s. truman. in moments we'll see if they'll do it


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