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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 15, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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twitter@howard kurtz. we'll be back after the inauguration. we'll see you sunday with the latest buzz. reporter: the clock is ticking down to the inauguration of the 45th president as questions continue to be raised about his possible relationship with russia. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. donald trump is set to take the oath even though one respected congressman says he's not fit to take office. after an unverified dossier ledging russia has compromised
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the election of donald trump. >> i think the president-elect made it very clear that we have a terrible relationship with russia right now. that's not all our own dealing. but a failure of american diplomacy. what the president-elect is determined to do is destroy the possibility of bert relations. arthel: caroline shively is covering washington. peter doocy is live sat trump tower in n city. what is the president-elect up to this morning? reporter: his final sunday before being sworn in is being spent in part on knocking democrats. he with all the jobs i'm
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bringing back to our nation, that number will only get higher. the senate intel committee does plan to probe any communications between either campaign and russia. donald trump said he joined the campaign in the summer and all the communication was with the american people. and he denied any wrongdoing in the context of incoming national security add advisor michael flynn. he says they did not discuss because sanctions. arthel: donald trump was tweeting early in the morning.
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what is the latest in the war of words between congressman lewis and donald trump. reporter: trump took another dig at congressman lewis. lewis. lewis questioned the legitimacy of trump's election win. trump advisors are dismission complaints that lewis is immune to criticism. >> he has a right to defend himself and he's famously a counter puncher. donald trump rarely draws first blood. he doesn't run around gratuitously. he's president of the united states. ' he's going to work for this economy and bring jobs back. reporter: arthel?
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eric: there are five days to go before the inauguration. there was a rehearsal on capitol hill getting everybody ready for the big event. large crowds are expected to attack our nation's capitol. caroline shively is live at the capitol with much more. how many people do they think will show up for the inauguration? reporter: they are thinking 700,000 people will be showing up. check it out. this is part of the practice. they have had hand-ins all morning belong pretending to be mr. trump and mr. pence and other dignitaries. they are also doing a bit of decorating. look at gorgeous view. they are putting up flags and
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adding the finishing touches. security-wise. there will be 300 extra officers and 5,000 national guard troops. agents worked through 40 incidents from armed attacks to incidents. everything from mrs. trump sprang an ankle to a mortar attack or a drone above letting off some chemicals. the practice going smoothly throughouthroughout the day. and there will be balls at night. eric: it must be a kick for them to play the role of participants and the officials. there is a huge number of protests planned. what's the larges we can expect?
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reporter: 1,200 buses have been registered to bring some of these folks here. they won't be this close to the capitol, no one will, unless you have a ticket. folks can't get through the fences. they will have jumbotrons down on the mall showing everyone the festivities. we are expecting hundreds of thousands of people here. but not 20 democrats in the house. they say they will not be coming here for the front row or the mall other inauguration. most notably john lewis. he says he considers mr. trump's presidency illegitimate. on these stands, just celebration. arthel: some law make sisters joining demonstrators in a day of action, calling on
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president-elect trump to protect immigration, voting rights, healthcare and other issues. rorob shirtsreporter: the goal w the president-elect his plans for immigration and repeal and replacement for obamacare. rallies are planned throughout the country with two events in ohio and three in california. many of the events will be attended by hi-ranking politicians. senator chuck schumer will attend a rally in detroit. nancy pelosi will attend one in northern california. senator schumer says he has concerns president-elect trump won't stick to his promise to
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not cut entitlement programs. >> i want trump to send out a tweet saying he's going to keep his campaign promises and he won't cut medicare and medicaid. there will be rallies led by democrats and others to fight against the devastating impact of the repeal of the affordable care act. >> only about a dozen people showed up for this one. but in fairness the call for action is today. you can expect today's rallies to be more impressive. we are going to see how loud they get as the day rolls on. arthel: we'll check back in with you, rob, thank you. eric: iran's deputy foreign minister says his country will not renegotiate the nuclear deal reached with six world powers.
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president-elect trump has received a hand-delivered letter. it calls on the incoming administration to engage and work with the iranian administration. it's signed by bipartisan officials including rudy julian which, joe lieberman, michael mull casey and general hugh shelton. it says, quote, president obama expressed the hope nuclear negotiations would induce iran's leader to act with greater consideration of american interests it's clear iran's leaders have shown no interest in reciprocating. john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor joins us now.
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he has supported the iranian opposition. what type of revised policy are they calling for and what new policy do you think we need? >> the basic policy is the regime of the ayatollahs in charge in iran. it's been the problem since the revolution in 1979. let's make it clear what the real source of support for terrorism around the world is the regime in tehran. there is the world's central banker. they find plenty others and they are well on the road to developing nuclear weapons. i think what the signatories of this letter are trying to say and underline how bipartisan the group is, this is i think a very significant gathering of people to say the real problem here is the regime in tehran. it's unpopular. it sits in power because of it
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control over the revolutionary guards corps, the seizing of the militia. we see what happens when people try to express their opposition. in december 2009 the fraudulent election stolen. people went into the streets. the obama administration did nothing. so i think what's being offered here is to say there is an opposition in iran. a lot of different pieces like all opposition movements. a lot of the groups don't get on well together. but there is an alternative to the ayatollahs. if you want to make that more amenable to serious negotiations, just remind them their time in power is not eternal. eric: i'm thinking of the president-elect trump's phone call with the president.
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>> i think just as you mention the call to the president of taiwan. it would have a remarkable effect. i think the united states ought to feel free to speak to whomever it want to speak to if it's in the best interest of the united states. it does mean you pick your shot. just because the government in beijing doesn't like it when we talk to the taiwanese. the ayatollahs will not be happy at all for president trump to talk to the iranian opposition, the national council for resistance. that should not deter us. that should make us more interested in finding out what we can do to help the he jit mat opposition in tehran. after the ayatollahs disappear into the ash heap of history, we can have elections in iran. we are a long way away from that. i just think it's very important
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to underline what a bipartisan group of people we have here. it's so unusual in washington. i hope it gets attention it deserved. eric: who would the opposition be? many of the supporters are a group many of the signatoryives support. do you think and what would the reaction be that that would be a group to reach out to mr. trump that he potentially could have a meeting and that is the opening or could be the opening of the door to the iranian resistance. >> i think this is a group that deserves serious attention. they have a platform for what their government in a post ayatollah iran would look like. it's a non-nuclear weapons iran. it's open on the question of women's right in a way, for
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example, the ayatollahs would never consider. it's led by a woman. it has a lot of attractions for americans look for an alternative. there are other alternatives, too. but the real point is to say we do not have to accept the ayatollahs as the legitimate voice of everyone in iran. eric: this sees to open the door to engaging the opposition, the resistance at some point. we'll see what comes of it. arthel: the outgoing cia director offering a some advice to our next president. his recommendation to president-elect trump for gaffe getting wehat a relationship with russia. and generous donations making it possible for an alabama college band to play at the
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inauguration. the criticism the college has received for going to the event and what the school's president has to say about it. >> they don't want the band to participate in the inauguration. but this is a great opportunity for our students. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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eric: it's been a tough weekend across parts of the country, now more sleet andize. between a square and a half inch of ice fell from southeasterns n kansas city to missouri. it keeps the roads and sidewalks pretty slick. freezing rain that fell from oklahoma to illinois the past few days let to crashes that shut down some of the
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interstates. crews say it's hard to prepare for an ice store. the freezing rain can wash away the salt on the roads. arthel: 8 more of president-elect trump's nominees getting ready for hearings. among them commerce secretary nominee wilbur ross and epa nominee scott pruitt. senator sullivan will be at several of the confirmation hearings this week. he's joining me now. nice to have you here, sir. i'll ask you to put on self hats. wilbur ross, the billionaire businessman. former banker, art collector,
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even assisted donald trump businesses in the past. is there anything on mr. ross' resume or business record that raises red flags or is wilbur ross a shoe int shoo-in to be tt commerce secretary. >> the president-elect's nominees showed a great diversity of experience whether it's in the private sector like mr. ross or the military like general mattis. one thing i'm pleased about for with the nominee for the commerce department is the focus on growing the economy. it's something all americans want. and wilbur ross has a strong record of knowing how to do that. i'm going to ask questions about how important it is to start unleashing the american private
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sector. to me that's a big strength of this nominee as well as many others. arthel: attorney general nominee scott price is the pick to head the epa. he has been criticized for having a reputation for putting industry ahead of environmental protections. mr. pruitt sued the epa14 times saying state should regulate their own environment, not the federal government. finally the "new york times" reporting mr. pruitt does not believe in climate change. what questions would you like to ask the epa designate? >> these are good poin -- thesed points to raise.
9:23 am
as an attorney general who also sued the epa, i recognize where he's coming from. in alaska we have the cleanest air and what der in the country. but we need a federal agency that recognizes its limits with regard to the rule of law, statutes and the constitution. the fact that attorney general price has pressed the epa on these issues to make sure they are not an agency that's out of control with regard to regulations and hurting jobs which i believe they are. i think that's a strength of attorney general pruitt. so i intend to ask questions about the role of the epa in terms of keeping our water and air clean, by we all want. but also in terms of abiding by the rule of law. the current epa administrator and the obama administration do not have a strong record on that. i think scott pruitt is an
9:24 am
inspired choice to be the epa administrator. arthel: as a member of the armed services committee, you were there for secretary of de nominee james mattis. what's your take? >> as a marine who served on the armed services committee, i think general mattis did a great job. we needed a waiver to move forward on his nomination because of a 1947 law that prevents the retiring generals from being the secretary of defense. we have 80u.s. senators to vote for that waiver just a few days ago. another inspired choice, what i was impressed about in terms of general mattis' hearings is how much he focused on the importance of our allies. general mattis notes that we are an ally-rich nation. most our adversaries are ally-poor. and we need to double down on
9:25 am
that strength of america's national security. our allies. he emphasized that in almost every response and question he had. arthel: thank you so as much for your time this morning. eric: the relations between the u.s. and russia taking center stage in the days before the president-elect will be sworn in as commander-in-chief. but the south going cia director spoke with fox news on how to deal with russia and vladimir putin. the greatest show on earth will soon pull up stakes for the very last time. it's been a century and a half of entertaining american family. ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus is closing.
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arthel: five days away from the transfer of power from barack obama to his successor, donald trump. it will happen and they serious questions about relations with russia and the president-elect's relationship with vladimir putin. in an exclusive interview, the outgoing cia director recent rank advice for mr. trump on handling russia as well as leader. chris and fisheries here. she recaps the conversation with john brennan live from our d.c. bureau. what kind of invited mr. brennan have? >> the crest of the message was think before you talk and tweet appeared mr. trump is to recognize his words matter. they can significantly impact our diplomatic relations with nations all over the world. >> mr. trump has to wonder and that this is more than being about 10. it is about the united states
9:31 am
and national security. he has to make sure that now that is going to have the opportunity to do something for national security as opposed to talking and we team, he is going to have tremendous responsibility that u.s. national security are protected and advanced. >> as for russia, brennan says he believes the president-elect? the full understanding of the threat that russia poses to the united states. the threat he says is hard to reason intelligence community felt compelled to notify mr. trump about the now infamous dossier. after it came out, mr. trump tweeted intelligence agency should never let the fake news to leak into the public good are we that they may not see germany? that statement appointing the u.s. intelligence community is something brennan says he took great umbrage at. he then called it outrageous. arthel: chris also spoke with vice president-elect mike pence. what did he say about that unverified dossier?
9:32 am
>> he called it an active responsibility for news organizations to put the information out there. he was also asked about mr. trump national security adviser mike flynn making contact with the u.s. and called the timing strictly coincidental asked for any other members of mr. trump's inner circle making contact with the kremlin driven campaign, and flat out didn't happen. >> of course not. why would there be any contacts between the campaign. this is all a distraction and a part of the narrative to delegitimize the election and question the legitimacy that the american people see right through it. >> the senate bill now said to investigate if anyone is in all the charm campaign did indeed have contact with russia. >> kristin fisher, thank you good make sure everyone to catch
9:33 am
fox news sunday for the rest of chris wallace exclusive interview with cia director john brennan and get down with vice president-elect, mike pence. fox news sunday airs at 2:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> do you believe that world order is now under more restraint than it's ever been? >> i think it's under the biggest attack since world war ii and that is from russia, from terrorist groups and with what china is doing in the south china sea. >> that is president-elect trump's choice for secretary of defense comeau chart secretary james mattis. in the confirmation hearing this last week i made it appear to contradict sessions on russia in the same that moscow opposes their principled throughout that our allies in the region need greater support in the face of vladimir putin strategy of the weakening nato. so what happened to general mattis is secretary of defense conflicts with the chief russian
9:34 am
mark jack kane joins us. chairman of the duke for the study of foreign ox news military analyst. always good to see you. when it comes to general mattis, he is blunt, direct when it comes to the russian threat. do you think he will have mr. trump's air? >> absolutely. he knows that general mattis is very experienced, senior military general, combat areas. in addition to that, he knows he has been informed strategic view of the world. he also knows that general mattis has wrong feelings about the united states responsibility of global readership than that of the leadership has been lacking in the last eight years. so yes, most definitely he is definitely going to listen to general mattis. the advisers to the president will not always agree among themselves, much less with the president. their job is to an end once they
9:35 am
make a decision, execute that uniformly. >> there's listening and then there's listening. do you think as president that he would actually take the generals console, considerate and perhaps maybe change his mind or diverge from statements he has said in dealing with strategy with moscow. >> i think that is going to happen on a number of issues. president-elect trump is going into this position similar to president obama, president bush, president clinton and also president reagan. and that is with this in portfolio dealing with foreign policy and national security is that he just didn't have the variants. but i believe president-elect trump is a quick study. he has yet to have this national security team around him so that
9:36 am
will be the first time that team will begin to assemble where they have the informed discussion that he should be happening. in fairness to the president-elect, he was in a campaign and there is not a lot of depth in discussions in the campaign on both sides dealing with these issues like russia. the discussion on russia if i recall it has more to do with the relationship with putin and who opposes having a better relationship than the one right now that is terrific. the issue raised, and i do think that if russia does not change its assertive behavior and aggressiveness that the president will get counsel from all of his national security advisers that we have to hold them accountable and not let them trample over u.s. interest. that discussion is coming. >> 20 seconds. we deployed a brigade in poland,
9:37 am
3000 troops perhaps facing u.s. troops in the baltic spirit would that be the first flashpoint? what do you think will happen? >> putin wants to trample on the baltic spirit make no mistake about it. those troops are not sufficient to be a credible deterrent against russia in europe along with our nato allies. that will be another point that will have to be discussed. what is a credible deterrent to russia in europe? >> the classified discussions begin after next friday. general jack keane, thank you. always good to see you. arthel: new information in the 45 girls search for the man who famously hijacked a boeing and 27 and jumped out of the plane. why researchers said db cooper may have been a boeing employee. also, the talladega college band getting ready to take the national spotlight as president-elect trump's active
9:38 am
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gregg: have you heard about the development and the ministry of db cooper. men who hijacked airliner back in 1971. a team of amateur researchers and were found with a clip on tie that he left behind on the airplane and it apparently shows the hijacker may have worked for boeing as an engineer or manager. the man who called himself dan cooper hijacked boeing 727 down from portland oregon to seattle. he received 200,000 ransom money. over the dark skies of oregon he had it go down, deployed the rear stairs and jumped out with a parachute. 1980, boys on nearly $6000 in cash in the woods, the cooper has never been identified and remained the only unsolved hijacking in our nations history. arthel: a small college marching band getting a chance to play the moderation thanks to the generosity of donors from across the country. the marching tornadoes at
9:44 am
talladega college were invited to the friday ceremony, but the band had to raise $75,000 for the trip and as an historically black college, they also face some criticism along the way it. on "the o'reilly factor"'s thursday night. >> i've had a lot of pressure and a lot of folks have come out with me but the very negative manner. i've been personally attacked, they threatened to oust the president at talladega college. this is a great opportunity for students and i said that to the outset, and to participate in the national stage. >> since that interview, the band has raised an additional $300,000 plus there is go find me page, more than enough to send them to washington d.c. dr. billy c. hawkins is the
9:45 am
president at talladega college. thank you so much for being here with us this sunday afternoon. >> good afternoon. thanks for having me on your program. arthel: absolutely. you were on with the libretto thursday,, then your go find me page as they friday it was up to $369,000. is that current right now. that's a lot of money. >> that is current. we owe bill o'reilly and "the o'reilly factor" a great thank you for the appearance on his show and you are correct that about 57,000 vietnam bills show, and the go find me account skyrocketed. they are so excited they will have this great opportunity to participate in this parade.
9:46 am
>> how did they react when he told them that you had enough money to make it to d.c.? any personal comments they make you? >> i don't know. it has been exciting. still not a stress in the air. students are excited. these sons are going to allow us not only to make the trip. our band needs uniforms. they need new instrument. of course you know and to be able to fund their education. plus we have transportation problems. 230 band members, there is the cost of moving around and we have old buses on our campus and so we might be able to do some in about that, so we can provide
9:47 am
great transportation to move this around. we are just really, really excited. transfer you mention stress in the air. what is going on and how are you handling the criticism? >> we continue to get criticism for going. i continue to get e-mails from folks saying don't do it, you still have time to back out. just a mean-spirited folks out there. so we are doing everything we can do to make sure the students are safe and security around myself. arthel: have you gotten any threats? >> we've had some pretty nasty e-mails that come in. absolutely. we are going to push forward. again, this is an historic opportunity for our students and we are just so happy that they'll have the opportunity as
9:48 am
an american citizen to have the opportunity to march down pennsylvania avenue to be a part of this civic ceremony and i'm just excited the closer we get to friday, the more excited i be calm and i'm just so proud that our young people how proud this yesterday. there were practicing on that yesterday. they decided to go when we are excited for them. arthel: safe travels to you and the band. let's hope that good for you in the were "the o'reilly factor" helping to raise $369,000 of fire. let's hope those very same donors don't forget talladega college after the inauguration because you are right. the historically black colleges do need donations throughout the year. i have many needs and so absolutely and absolutely those donors who contributed and from
9:49 am
the bottom of my heart, thank you all for supporting talladega college. i notice i've watched the account he continues as donations continuously each and every day. i just think the country for supporting us in >> are a good. dr. billy c. hawkins. thank you very much. gregg: america's most famous travelers or kiss no longer be coming to town after this year. coming up, why ringling brothers, barnum and bailey is bringing down the greatest show on earth. ♪ has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent
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arthel: influential religious leader eddie long has died. the senior pastor died early
9:54 am
this morning after battling an aggressive form of cancer. that is according to a statement from his church in georgia along with the head of one of the nation's largest mega-churches, new birth missionary baptist church. he was known worldwide as a pioneering leader. the chef at islam was 63 years old. >> switching gears now. ringling brothers barnum and really making a surprising announcement this weekend. the greatest show on earth is ending its run after 146 years. executive citing low ticket sales and a constant battle with the animal rights groups for their decision to shut down. there's still some shows us to go before they take their final bow. do not stop from los angeles with more. we'll, no circus. they met ringling brothers first put up his big top in 1871. the show went to the great depression. both world wars and a lot of
9:55 am
changes in american society. the beginning of the end came last may with under extreme criticism, the circus required all of it of sympathy reserved in florida and will continue to showcase a number of exotic animals, profit drop in the greatest show on earth decided it could not go on. >> they're moving for the units we thought a very sharp drop in attending much greater than we anticipated and that has led to this decision because it's no longer sustainable. >> statement said the decision was even more difficult because of the amazing things that have become part of her extended circus family over the years if we're extremely grateful to the millions of family that made ringling brothers part of their lives for generations. reactions coming quickly of social media. after 36 years to protest and show the world that you and what you believe. p. that heralds the end of this
9:56 am
data show on earth and pamela andersen seen it over with them !-exclamation-mark. please stop close. no, no. the law show will take place on may 21st in uniondale, new york. >> at least there's still other circuses at them as brothers, person and burns, for example. you've got to go to the circus. see this as one of the canon. >> in their cirque du soleil. arthel: that will do it for us. we are back at 4:00 eastern. gregg: we are also back here five hours from now. a lot more here on fox news. tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"...
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oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. so help me god. shannon: by jason todd jay trump takes the opposite of their 46 is not good you are looking at images just a short time ago. caroline shively arrived at the capitol. hi, caroline. >> history is being made on friday. we'll have all the details coming


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