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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 21, 2017 9:00am-11:01am PST

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>> in the capital at washington d.c. general james mattis approved by the senate in a commanding 98-1 vote yesterday afternoon to be the next defense secretary now arriving at the fog for his-- pentagon for his first day of work. the man named as mad dog and like when the fellow marines call him mad dog, but not so keen those without the military.
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on behalf of the republicans and democrats, a man that donald trump talked about on the trail and in the capital. we'll wait for comments, but it's noon and we've got the coverage now, we're well into day number two, the trump administration the torch has been passed to a new commander-in-chief for what will be president trump's first full day, with a reflection at the national prayer cathedral. that was quite a ceremony that we watched here in our nation's capital. hello, i'm bill hemmer, a special edition of news. good morning, shannon. >> good to see you. i'm shannon bream. a full day and evening of pomp and circumstance, mr. trump sworn in as our 45th president, basing it on
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change. >> january 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. from this day forward a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward it's going to be only america first. america first. we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but, rather, to let it shine as an example, we will shine for everyone to follow. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. we must think big and dream even bigger. in america, we understand that
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a nation is only living as long as it is striving. we will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patrio patriots. toge america strong again. we will make america wealthy again, we will make america proud again, we will make america safe again and, yes, together we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you and god bless america. thank you. >> president trump wasting no time last night signing several executive orders
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including one that targets obamacare. >> and that takes us to today, and for the next few hours we have everything covered here in our nation's capital. chief political correspondent carl cameron, chief white house correspond john roberts now at his post on the north lawn of the white house. john, let's start there. good afternoon to you. the president has been going nonstop since noon yesterday, but you saw something new at the white house. >> we saw something that i've never seen before here at the white house and probably a result of the fact that pennsylvania avenue is still closed off with the big viewing stand, but first son barron trump was wandering around the north lawn. he's going to be in new york through the winter and spring and having a chance to look around the grounds this morning and get oriented as to the place he's going to live likely after he finishes school in either may or june. now as to the president himself. very busy since the
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inauguration. shannon mentioned signing a couple of executive orders, one on obamacare that would allow all the agencies and departments to defer the implementation of regulations regarding obamacare, greasing the skids of the repeal of the the whole affordable care act and signing another executive order which freezes all regulations that were put in place in the waning days of the obama administration, so all of that, that president obama had planned to enact in early part of 2017 has been put on hold. this morning, the president at the national prayer service at the national cathedral. one p. people who did one of the first readings, rabbi fred raskin quoting a god to solomon saying at the end of the reading, there has never been anyone like you before nor will anyone like you rise again. thats with a the wisdom that god imported to solomon during solomon's dream and perhaps the rabbi trying to impart the wisdom of solomon to donald trump this morning.
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this afternoon, donald trump will be going to the cia, where over 300 staff will be assembled to hear him speak. of course, donald trump has had a feud with the leaders of the intelligence community, but made it clear that he's a big fan of the agents and analysts and wants to go to the cia to say he values them. we understand that mike pompeo, his nominee for cia director may be accompanying him to langley. he had list confirmation hearings, but so far no vote on his confirmation has been scheduled. donald trump would like to get him in as quickly as possible, bill, because he wants to get his full national security team in place. right now, he's only got two, generals mattis and kelly. >> a long way to go on that. last night several balls throughout the city and president and first lady and family attended three of them. did he make news there, john? >> three from the last time around with president obama when there was ten and i think 14 when bill clinton was inaugurated for the first time as president, but donald trump making the round last night
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doing the liberty and freedom ball and also the armed services ball, where someone had a brilliant stroke to do a satellite hookup with soldiers in afghanistan. donald trump taking a number of questions from them last night. here is his answer to one of them. >> congratulations on becoming the president of the united states. >> thank you very much. that's really, really nice. thank you. i will tell you i'm with you all the way. you have somebody that's going to be right alongside of you, we're going to do it together. we're going to do it together. and honestly, not only the support you've given me, the courage that you show is incredible. >> donald trump at the liberty and freedom ball thanking the civilians who supported him, but the time for festivities pretty much over now, bill. it's time to get down to work. >> you got it. thank you, john roberts leading our coverage there on the north lawn. thank you, sir. >> mr. trump keeping with
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tradition with the inaugural prayer service just as so many presidents who come before him. and live from the national cathedral, carl, what can you tell us about the service? >> thanks, shannon, well, this is a historical issue. every president since george washington has been coming to a prayer service the day after the inaugural, and today, it was just the same. donald trump and the first family entered the church a little over an hour and a half ago, as did the vice-president mike pence and his family. the service lasted about an hour and 15 minutes or so. some interfaith service that had a variety of offerings from a variety of faiths. one in particular was bishop harry jackson, who is from the faith, the hope christian church just outside of washington in beltsville, maryland and sort of summarized all the prayers and good wishes for the new commander-in-chief and the vice-president. listen.
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>> almighty, ever living god, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, grant to the president, vice-president, and members of the cabinet wisdom and grace in the exercise of their duties, that they may serve all people of this nation and promote the dignity and freedom of every person. keep this nation under your ca care. >> as candidate for president, donald j. trump was the energizer bunny keeping a frenetic pace. since the inauguration he's been busy and the afternoon promises a great deal more activity. shannon, bill. >> thank you, carl. >> president trump getting right to work in the oval office we mentioned a moment ago. one of the first orders is direct the federal agency ease the financial burden of
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obamacare. that directive is a first step in the effort to work with republicans in congress on the full repeal of president obama's signature law. byron york with us here, nice to see you, put that in english, what does it mean his directive to ease the burden? >> this could be really, really important. although it doesn't make any specific directive, it doesn't enact anything at all, but we all know obamacare is struggling right now and the administration, the obama administration took a lot of steps, kind of emergency measures to keep it stabilized. they've been pumping billions of dollars to insurance companies, other things that were not appropriated by congress and solely on the executive authority of the president. so you have a new president, he doesn't have to do that. so, basically, what the trump order says, it orders all of the department heads who were involved in this to stay within the law, not repeal obamacare on their own, but
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stop taking extraordinary measures to keep it afloat. >> what is likely monday then? i think he considers that his first full day of work. >> well, he has a number of things he says he wants to do. obviously, he's got to start somehow on this wall, the wall along the border, that was a huge campaign promise for him. also, i think it's pretty clear he's really interested in some sort of infrastructure project with congress. you know, we saw kind of two donald trumps yesterday. we saw on the one hand, we saw him bashing washington in his inaugural address. and the other hand, we saw him glad handing washington at the congressional lunch. >> before and after. >> and i think he is really going to find infrastructure as a thing that he can work with democrats and republicans on. >> i thought the whole speech was washington d.c., i am coming for you. and to summarize that, he said this, byron, watch this. >> we will no longer accept politicians who are all talk
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and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of acti action. [applause] >> my sense is the rhythm of washington d.c. has changed. >> it's going to be seriously disrupted. he wants to have a very, very big 100 days, but congress may have very different plans for him. so it's going to be interesting to see those two things coming together. >> we've got a great debate for that. >> nice to see you in your town for a change. >> glad to be here. >> shannon, what's next. >> tens of thousands gathering in our nation's capital for the women's march on washington. the message they're trying to send to the nation's leader. >> also, president trump setting a different tone, do you think? wow! what does it tell us about the next four years? >> through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover
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our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice.
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>> the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unreallized
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potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right n now. >> that phrase american carnage is getting media play. we are going to talk about that. shannon: former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and an also a clinton advisor. bill: rich, you get the right -- get the first one. >> donald trump, not what does he do, what does he say. this notion of carnage and picture he painted, it's not just bleak and black, it's not factually correct. automation is why we're losing jobs not because they're stolen by other countries. for him to talk about black, brown and white people bleed
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the same blood and taking action to deny voting to black and brown people in texas or health care potentially. bill: so we will watch what he does. >> exactly. shannon: brad, i know you have talked about him being a doer. richard talked about him wanting to do things. this time it's about not doing things, it's about gridlock, he's going to come up against that. there's no better person than donald trump to shake up the town. the american people want it, donald trump is going to deliver it, why? because he has the ability to make deals. he's transitional, he's going to bring back one word that's been a dirty word, compromise. we have to do it in our personal lives and business lives, why is politics different? he's going to ask your side of the aisle to meet him halfway and we're going to reach out our hand and you know what? if we both work in the best interest with good faith, we're going to get stuff done. >> my feeling is the beat of this town has changed already.
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we're waiting for the next tweets, the next comment, we're waiting for the next speech. i thought the line we just played had nothing to do with washington d.c. so much as the voters in lackawanna, pennsylvania, and green bay, wisconsin, and des moines, iowa. those who voted for him he came here to deliver that message yesterday. >> he did, look, are we all in agreement this notion of him pivoting to becoming more presidential is something we should shelf? >> no one said that. >> there was talk in the media in the aftermath of his election there would be a pivot. now we know that's fiction and that's not going to happen. the fact of the matter is what we usually hear is a call for unity or inclusiveness ap reaching out to the other side as opposed to going to the lackawanna people and saying you are right and those he people are wrong. when you get 46% there's obligation to you, i think to brad's point, compromise would be great, but you need to actually reach out to them as opposed to doubling down on
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your base. >> brad, to that point of compromise he has his own side to worry about. he has got to coalesce the republicans and ask them to step up and compromise across the aisle. no doubt about it, but donald trump is the person who is transactional, he's a deal maker, there's bottom line to everything he does and richard, to your point, he is presidential. it may be not the presidential that we've been i a customed to, but there's a new sheriff in town and we've seen that. putting america first is not selfish. we're at war, we have a $20 trillion did debt and we need-- >> what's the best line for you. >> best line for me he said if there's patriotism in your heart there's no room for racism. >> richard, was there a line that you can-- >> again, let's see what the actions are, let's see what the actions are. again, my concern on america first, kind of giving the middle finger not just to the prior president. >> not at all. >> yes, not just to the prior
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president, but saying i alone can do it. his line from his convention speech, i know what is america, and you-- >> you misinterpreted that. >> in his inaugural address he reached out to all americans, we're all americans, we're all in it together, let's think of ourselves and also be stewards of the environment and help others. >> gentlemen, thanks. >> thank you. >> the rest you'll have to watch on pay-per-view. all right, president trump expected to visit the cia headquarters in just a few hours. that lead in the agency is waiting for confirmation. a plan to work with the intelligence agency to flesh out. first more from his inauguration. >> we will a protected. we will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. and most importantly, we will be protected by god.
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♪ >> a massive rally underway on president trump's first full day in office. tens of thousands gathering in the nation's capital for the women's march on washington. jennifer griffin is live on the national mall with the very latest. jennifer. >> shannon, what a different scene from yesterday here on the washington mall. we're here at the women's march. it is modeled after the 1963 march on washington. it came about back the day of the election, november 8th. a woman in hawaii came up with this idea to have women march on washington and to send a message to president donald trump. we have seen stars walk by. i just saw madonna walk by,
9:26 am
debra messing. angela davis, gloria steinham spoke earlier and america ferrara. >> a platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday, but the president is not america. we are america. and we are here to stay. >> there are 600 similar marches taking place across the country and around the world. there are marches in berlin, sydney, capetown, all linked together for the women's march. there are women we have spoken to today who brought their daughters, multi-generations
9:27 am
of women, many wearing pink hats, which is to reference to that access hollywood tape that got so much attention during the election. and we heard from gloria stein ham, here is what she told the crowd. he also said he's with the people, indeed he was the people. to paraphrase the famous quote, i just want to say, i have met the people and you are not them. >> the park place are expecting more than 500,000 people to attend this march today and they're already saying that it's a larger crowd than attended the inauguration yesterday. back to you, shannon. >> all right, jennifer griffin live on the national mall. >> retired marine general, actually not retired, once a marine, always a marine. james mattis is at the pentagon arriving minutes ago and swiftly sworn in as secretary of defense.
9:28 am
98-1. our next guest recommended mattis for the job, so what can america, what can the rest of the world expect? that's next. >> and isn't it something, two generals are the first ones, with all the people and all the politicians, the generals get approved first. maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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>> we will reinforce old alliances and create new ones and against the world against radical islamic terrorism which we'll r eradicate completely from the face of the earth. and let's bring in retired four star general, chairman for the institute. >> good to see you.
9:32 am
shannon: it's a good day. secretary mattis has arrived at the pentagon. the president talked about isis and getting control and eradicating that and talking about the russians and that as well. how do they battle two gigantic problems? >> i was heartened to hear him talk about radical islam. it's touching most parts of the world. we have no to deal with it and no alliances to deal with it, i hope he talks with prime minister netanyahu because he knows more about it than anyone in the world. we need a strategy. and isis, near-term threat i'm convinced they'll go after it quickly. secretary of defense. that's great saying to secretary of defense mattis. i had a twinge when i saw him get out of the car as secretary. he will have recommendation
9:33 am
for isis, a sense of urgency, we'll get one now. you can tell that in the president's voice. two resources will be different and judgments, do we need the arabs to do this with us, u.s. ground forces to help and then russia, well, russia we are not at war with russia and we don't want to go to war with russia, what we really need is a good strategy to deal with russia's aggression. it's not a near-term problem in terms of conflict like isis is or the taliban in argentin argentina, but it's bigger than the pentagon. this is policy formation by the national security council and make recommendations to the president about russia. shannon: we're getting news on the syrian peace talks, last time around u.s. was not invited obama administration was not invited to take part in some of the talks and now we'll get word that there will be talks this week and u.s. has been invited russia, iran, turkey invited to the talks and that's a difference, too, that's a conversation where we
9:34 am
have to work together with russia where we may have interests that are at odds with them about certain things, but we have to be unified on others. >> our history with the soviet union and with russia after the collapse of the soviet union. there were always things that we had some common interest in, although we had major, major disagreements with the soviet union, obviously, and under putin, he's been trampling on u.s. national interest and the interests of our allies for a number of years. i like many people believe it has to stop and i think this president will know how to stop that without getting involved in conflict, but you have to be willing to confront him and we have been unwilling to do that, the fact is there are going to be talks here, certainly, it's a good thing. they have never really gone anyplace because a lot of the opposition forces do not participate because they recent the fact that assad now has been propped up by the russians and staying in power so they're going to stay in the fight.
9:35 am
shannon: what do you say that president trump is not the one to take that line with russia, that the he won't be the one to drop the hammer? >> look it, all we can do is speculate, but here is what we know, i think the personal relationship between vladimir putin and president trump will improve better than with president obama. i think, to be frank about it, poout putin fooled president bush to a certain degree, and president obama. he's a master at psychological. they'll likely get along for a while, but the policies between russia and united states there will be major disagreements and as soon as he's confirmed, mattis as secretaries of defense. mike flynn national security advisor and president trump will look at russia with
9:36 am
clarity and not permit them to take advantage of the united states. shannon: more of his national security team, as you mentioned to get in place and talked about rebuilding the military and missile defense systems, a lot on the plate and foreign challenges greeting this new president, but with your friend secretary mattis guiding him we'll see how policy unfolds under a trump administration. >> always great to talk to you, shannon. bill: good to see you general there were moments yesterday, this one stood out. here is president trump after he was sworn in with a tribute to his vanquished rival. >> i was very honored, very, very honored, when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary hillary clinton was coming today and i think it's appropriate to say, and i'd like you to stand up. [applause] >> i'd like you to stand up.
9:37 am
and honestly, there's nothing more i can say because i have a lot of respect for those two people. so thank you all for being here. bill: wow. we have a lot of folks who did not expect that, hillary clinton sitting there. i'm sure it was not easy for her to sit there at that address yesterday. shannon: no, i had somebody who tweeted me, like going to the wedding of someone you thought you were going to marry and watching the groom marry someone else, how painful, but a classy thing to show up. bill: jason chaffetz who is investigating hillary clinton. shannon: that's not over. bill: he sent a picture out through instagram account shaking her hand and that was-- and when lawmakers collide, that's kind of what he woo-- we saw yesterday. one no vote on mattis was new york. her reason was civilian control of the pentagon was the reason for her no vote. what do you think of that?
9:38 am
>> oh, i certainly disagree with it, but i understand the vote. the president is in charge of the united states military. he is the commander-in-chief. so, there is definite civilian control of the military and all of the military wants and respects civil control. i know for myself, having been involved in this process with president-elect trump and jim mattis, we never thought of ourselves as secretary of defense, something you would never aspire to. the president is doing this as an exception and the congress is supporting that exception. why? because we are involved in war and he wants to end these wars on terms favorable to the united states and he's trying to find the right people to do. bill: i want your thoughts on that and don't want to put too much emphasis on it, because when you get 98 senators to vote for one thing, that's impressive. thank you for your time. good day. >> you bet. bill: thank you, sir. shannon: the white house press corps is waking up to new reality today as press secretary sean spicer shakes
9:39 am
things up. howard kurtz will talk to us about the changes underway. bill: shannon, president trump's address taking aim at lawmakers, all of them. will this be the theme for the next four years? is washington set for change? we'll debate that next. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. [applause] >> everyone is listening to you now.
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>> their triumphs have not been your triumphs, while they celebrated in our nation's capital there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. >> some would take that as a direct message to those who voted for him in november. shannon: let's bring in ebony williams and both are fox news contributors. bill: how about eboni, she's red, white and blue. >> and it's cold. girl has to have some sleeves out here. bill: tony, address that comment in the following sense. that's a message, as we said, to those who voted for him. lackawanna, pa, green bay, wisconsin. >> yeah. bill: if he can lift the fortunes of those who voted
9:44 am
for him just a little over four years? that's a second term. >> that's success. look, the one thing that i really, as a political analyst most fascinated about donald trump he's the only president who is not fixated on a second term. i don't think he'll make his decisions based on what is politically favorable in the future. he cares about the community, eastern ohio, pennsylvania, southern wisconsin, northern michigan. these are the people he calls the forgotten people. and i think he did a great job of expanding the definition of the forgotten men and women into the inner cities and he wants to understand that in the city behind us, they have a president thinking about them and working for them and that is what i think is his greatest motivation. he called inauguration day the day that the people rule the count again. that's the theme. if you read this, this is a
9:45 am
classic populous speech that believes in populism that city only believes in powerful people, that's the motivation, frankly, bill. you're 100% correct this is the person he thinks about every day when he's in the office making decision. >> what i loved about it, it really to me spoke to something that was putting the people before party, like tony said, either party. as an independent i'm happy to hear it. i think that people across this country voted for donald trump, my mother, a democrat, and crossed party lines and felt that trump would get beyond the party allegiance, who wouldn't believe down in the trickle down prosperity that goes to d.c. on down and never quite reaches the people it's supposed to impact and the guy to shake it up. so he's got four years to prove people like her right. shannon: to that point then, he was putting a lot of people on notice, it sounded like, was it democrats or
9:46 am
establishment republicans. >> like a sucker punch. >> i would say all of the above. one thing that's been going on in this country since 2009, hard to deny, there are angry people on both sides, left and right, to view washington being dysfunctional in a way that totally doesn't represent their interests, that never fights for them. if you think about the tea party and occupy wall street, their their unifying thing was being against crony capitalism, if you have the capacity with wealth, to run this country. and he said that in the speech, and these victories were not their victories and triumphs. that's important because it's sending the message, if you want to work for the people, if you want to create jobs, if you want to make the country better for those who don't feel it is and improve their wages, they've gone down in the last nine years. >> when you look at that, that's when bernie sanders,
9:47 am
and hillary clinton was representative of washington elite establishment that didn't speak to progressive values. i think that trump, i'm going to wait and see, but if he can buy the credibility bill that you're speaking about, making their pocket book issues hurt less. i think it buys him tremendous credibility to make arguments. >> i summarize the speech, washington d.c., i see you in my cross-hairs and i'm coming for you. >> you think about reagan in 1981, government is not the solution, government is the problem. it took a lot of guts, dare i suggest, to stand in front of george bush 43, barack obama 44, jimmy carter prior to that, bill clinton, and say that, you guys, once you win, you forgot your reason for getting here. it was powerful.
9:48 am
>> dare i suggest profound. >> he's unafraid and that's the way you'll change washington. which has institutional mechanisms to not allow you to change washington. you have to be bold. i would suggest there are have been interesting critiques of the speech, i don't think it was a dark speech at all. this is a man who wants to be judged by his actions, so in lackawanna county feels in four years his actions improved their lives, he'll win. that's a good thing. but he basically wants to be evaluated on what he's done. and we've had eight years who has give good teleprompter speeches and oratory-- >> you're going to hear that word a lot, results. >> anyone looking for donald trump's inauguration speech to make them feel better is disappointed. that's why you're seeing the negative commentary. as somebody who thought what we heard is an echoing of what we heard on the campaign trail, i think somebody else
9:49 am
was put on notice were the republicans and the united states congress for sure. he said it in front of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, even you guys i'm coming for you, too. if you don't get in line with what i see for america prosperity you're going to pay the price as well. >> he's put grievances, i'm here for you, it's not business as usual, and that scares everyone. >> i see donald trump and the american people against washington d.c. >> he's the us. >> great outfit, by the way. >> i love it. >> and i think eboni and kelly conway have been sharing notes. >> red, white and blue. >> america first. >> thanks, guys. shannon: well, the president's first full day in office, right now only two of his cabinet members have been confirmed. what is the holdup?
9:50 am
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>> form president george h.w. bush remains hospitalized in houston. his wife, former first lady barbara bush hospitalized as she fell ill herself. casey, i know you kept us with every new detail, informed of what's going on. what is the latest? >> we can tell you good news.
9:54 am
the president had to be intubated this past wednesday, in order a breathing tube and placed on a ventilator to help him breath. he has been able to breathe on his own so that tube was taken out yesterday. the 41st president of the united states was admitted to the hospital here one week ago today. his spokesperson says they are not out of the woods just yet, but he says the medical team feels they're, quote, at the edge of the forest. listen. >> we're going to keep them in the icu for the forseeable future and mrs. bush is remaining in the hospital herself through the weekend as a precaution. so, we're going to take it slow kind of mode. >> as you just heard, no indication yet on when the 92-year-old former president could be removed from the icu here. shannon. shannon: casey, how about this former first lady? any new details on her?
9:55 am
>> yes, barbara bush is said to be making significant improvement since she was hospitalized on wednesday, complaining of fatigue and a persistent cough. it turns out that she has bronchitis, however, her doctors say that the 91-year-old has responded well to antibiotics and good old-fashioned rest. staffers say mrs. bush is now focused on spending time with her husband and she is expected to be kept here at houston methodist through the weekend as a precaution. you know, it's worth noting, the pair just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary at the beginning of this month, making them the longest married couple in presidential history. it's a love story that americans seem to be fascinated with and, of course, we certainly wish them well, but the good news out of here, it appears that they are both improving at this point, shannon. >> that's excellent news and
9:56 am
they're so devoted to each other. thank you. bill: the president, president trump is on the move later today headed to the cia this afternoon. we will follow that trip, but, this happens, even before his nominee, mike pompeo is confirmed. what's the holdup there? more on that. and you know he made the intelligence community a target during the campaign, as well as the transition period. so, what will change on this visit today? >> we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. 't go on your wri. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
9:57 am
. . . .
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9:59 am
if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. shannon: this is a fox news alert. president trump's first full day in office will include a visit to the cia the president set to
10:00 am
arrive at the agency's headquarters in virginia later today. follows tensions between the intelligence community and mr. trump leading up to the election. today they have a face-to-face conversation. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream in for for maa maccallum. bill: welcome shannon. big day yesterday. today a big day. special edition of "america's newsroom" rolls on right now. president trump's visit follows very public spats with the agency's outgoing chief, john brennan. mr. trump's pick to head the cia is still awaiting confirmation. shannon: catherine herridge is live in washington. what are we learning about the president's visit to the cia today? reporter: thank you, shannon. fox news is told president is going to the cia and he wants to communicate to the workforce that he values their work after cia director john brennan was directly accused of undermining the president-elect.
10:01 am
writing in tweet this morning white house spokesman sean spicer says potus to visit the cia. event is overcapacity. more than 300 are excited to him to greet the men and women intelligence community. after a senior democrat on the intelligence committee asked for more time to examine the nomination of republican congressman mike pompeo, and director brennan resigned with the change of administration. we're told congressman pompeo would be in attend damages. he would be there as nominee and senior republican who sat on the house intelligence committee. shannon: catherine, what about the accusations? you heard them that the cia has become politicized under director brennan's watch? reporter: current and former intelligence officials tell fox news that they believe the russian intelligence report should have been handled privately and the fact it would make public i would emphasize that is not usual supports criticism that the cia and ogi leadership, i emphasize
10:02 am
leadership, had become politicized the way the report was written with high confidence of almost all the findings was not typical either. but the opposing point of view, that russian meddling designed to influence a u.s. election that is of such importance that the public had a right to know and wanted the opportunity to independently assess the facts for themselves. shannon: catherine herridge live in washington. thank you. bill: president trump busy on day two signing several executive orders. one on obamacare. only two cabinet members are in. this has president trump lays at a long to-do list on friday. >> we will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation. we will get our people off of welfare and back to work,
10:03 am
rebuilding our country with american hands and american labor. shannon: columnist for "the washington times," fox news contributor. we have chris stirewalt, editor. good to see you both, gentlemen. bill: have at it. >> food is on the table. scramble on the floor. bill: gentlemen and to the lady, you are a living in a different town and it changed overnight. >> it did and i think really we talk about the, can they keep the nominees bottled up, can they do all of this stuff? there is coming to terms with democrats now. this is really real. you can try, there is march going on in washington. basically the message we wish donald trump wasn't the president. the democrats wish donald trump wasn't the president. i'm sure that's true. but now he is. now they have to deal with it. i think you will start to see realities shift around, you may
10:04 am
find, bridges and roads and tunnels and viaducts and aquaducts democrats want to do that with him. i think we'll be in feeling out period next six to eight weeks as we figure out who is on what team. shannon: republicans are going, whoa, how do we pay for that? >> sure. shannon: when he talks about the infrastructure package -- >> i think a new day the likes we haven't seen in 30, 40 years, maybe even farther. partly because of that, because he will have opposition not only from democrats but also from republicans. but, donald trump did make, biggest message out of that speech yesterday was, that he is not kidding. this is not a joke. he meant everybody he he said, everything he campaigned on. this visit to the cia headquarters is very interesting because democrats clearly made the strategic decision to pass, to confirm dhs secretary and defense secretary because, if something happened, and these two people weren't in place, donald trump would destroy them over it.
10:05 am
and, of course -- bill: can't you make same argument for the head of cia? >> exactly. why donald trump is going there. donald trump is going there to wag his finger at democrats and i need my sec-def and dhs. bill: a lot of people concerned about the that speech was too dark by the mainstream media. this was a very telling line, mr. stirewalt, sir, flush with cash, deprived of knowledge, talking about education. >> yeah. >> but for for too many of our citizens a different reality exists. mothers and children trapped in poverty in inner cities. rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. and education system flush with cash but levels our young and beautiful student deprived of all knowledge. bill: you write for a living.
10:06 am
you're great here too. you write for a living. >> multitalented. bill: what do you think of the word, the choice, the prose you just heard? >> never had an inaugural address like that one. he started, and prior to that was a scathing indictment of the people sitting behind him, former presidents of both parties, and it was, it was as much an indictment of george w. bush and republicans sitting behind him as it was of democrats. it was sort of a transpartisan diatribe against washington and the way washington works. the blame he is fixing on those people, then he did something really, really interesting which was, when he went inside for that luncheon he was as sweet as sugar. he was as nice to those people. he had hillary clinton stand up for a standing ovation from the room. he said very kind things about working together. he was very chummy. you will see trump an outside game and inside game.
10:07 am
he can get the magination to march and pressure republicans in pry maries and do all that stuff, he will go behind closed doors and say you and me are friends. bill: looked like a rush for a fraternity house, shaking hands. shannon: there were some nice toasts. he has to make nice with both sides of the aisle to get something absolutely done. >> i don't think those are necessarily divergent messages at all. what he said in the speech, particularly with those lines you just played which i thought were, pretty profound, he's saying, yes have serious problems and yes, the speech was sort, i wouldn't say dark, but it is depressing but an accurate depiction where we are today, and politicians in this town are to blame for a lot of that. and, and he is saying look, i realize this. i'm going to do something to fix it but i think, and he is going to have to work with those people. bill: in that sense he was talking over washington
10:08 am
directly. >> absolutelily. bill: two things happening, one happened yesterday afternoon, i expect to continue to some degree, that is the protests. to our viewers, keep and eye on the protests. look at picture, see how many photographers there are and how many protesters. >> six to one. bill: keep an eye on that. always very important. it is quite revealing. the other thing, the women's march here in washington, d.c., all across the country, what is the effect of, one would argue 50% of the nation that did not vote for donald trump, not considering him to be their president? >> so i think what's happening today is short of pointless is the wrong word t has a point. they want to show their number, show their strength, that we are here. the challenge is, they don't want trump to be president but they don't know what they're asking for right now. the question for these people is, when policy questions come forward, can they unite against trump?
10:09 am
can they get together, that is what matters to us, and we're going to oppose this. but i would say, what these women are doing in washington and around the country has power. these are large numbers of people. i would not be surprised more of them that came out for this today, they were everywhere, than for the inauguration, i don't know. that has power, but now we'll see whether they can do something with it. shannon: looking live, scarlett johansson is speaking as the fact they don't accept this president. charlie, continue, some of them use words he is not our president, not my president. some go next step not being legitimate president as we heard from representative lewis this week, that are the same exact charges they hated so much against barack obama. >> democracy is loud and messy. this stuff doesn't bother me a bit. this is fine, whatever. it is bad when you have people, burning things in the streets and breaking windows and stuff like, but the real problem for
10:10 am
me, in terms of, because i don't really care, scarlett johansson, whatever, john lewis knows better. he dedicated his life to make sure people's votes matter and fighting for self-governance. for him to have a temper tantrum like that, reflects poorly on him, but also a terrible message for schoolchildren, learning about this great, free, democracy we have. you know, there are places in this world where you're not allowed to do this. that's a bad thing. bill: state of the union address, if i were president trump, call up republican heeder in the house, democratic leader in the house, republican leader of the senate and democratic leader of senate, get them all together to shake hands. walk up to the microphone and say, how hard was that? >> or say you're fired. shannon: if he does, bill hemmer gets all the credit. bill: appreciate it. bill: guys. shannon: president trump's relationship with some member of
10:11 am
the media with some reporters are rocky so far. they get a look at the big changes that could be on the way. howard kurtz with that. bill: james mattis making his first trip to the pentagon. we saw him arrive one hour ago. he has a big job ahead of him, so much respect for history and job he has done so far for the country. how will his appointment shape our nation's fighting force? a prime question for james mattis and the 45th president of the united states. >> i see my generals, our generals keep us so safe. they will have a lot of problems, the other side. they are going to look at, they are going to look at a couple of them, these are central casting, if i'm doing a movie, i pick you general, general mattis. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
10:12 am
ensure. always be you. with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. shannon: white house press corporation getting a look at what life is behind the new president. joining me, howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." good to see you, howard. >> hi, shannon. shannon: there is new game in town. there is a new man in charge. his press secretary is doing his own thing in a new way. >> this is a little shadow boxing. real fisticuffs start on monday.
10:16 am
grousing on press corps that the sean spicer was not keeping them forward on how many executive orders president trump might sign. i would say look, president viewing the parade and going to balls, not in constant contact. sean taking a couple shots at white house reporters. we'll see that first full week. shannon: there was dust-up,thert suggesting that the bus of martin luther king,, jr. had ben removed from the white house. that turned out not to be true. sikh miller apologized. white house aide confirms mlk bust is still there. looked for it in the oval, i apologize to my colleagues. nice public apology. thanks to the white house chief of staff wonderful picture of mlk bust in the oval, in parentheses, read underneath the lines, what he is saying. >> get the facts first, tweet second. social media explodes. fake news, fake news.
10:17 am
it was a mistake, small mistake. maybe some people thought it fit a narrative trump would not want the mlk bust there. once we get underway with actual policies pushed by the new president, we'll see a lot more, after all, sean spicer knows how to handle the press. he works for a guy, pretty famously bonn after quote, dishonest press, quote, corrupt press. the president trump cut the press a break would not move them out of the press room. washington real estate matters as you can see behind us. journalists are happy about that. >> so, in speaking of the quarters that the press has over there, they are dinghy. ever people see real thing, it is basement. very tight, on top of each other. nothing glamorous about it. vending machine. pack your own lunch on your own. >> right. shannon: funny steve bannon was part of the group over there touring everything and somebody said to him, will you let the press keep our quarters where we are here, having seen it, yeah. it is not very glamorous, well
10:18 am
it is appropriate how we feel about you, that is what you will get -- >> everybody goes there has the same reaction. looks pretty nice on tv when they have the briefings. it has seen better days. look the press needs to cover this president aggressively, but there is no secret, that the coverage in the campaign and throughout the transition was heavily negative. a lot of reviews of president trump's speech were heavily negative. people said dark, angry. "new york times" said angry jeremiah. i think that is going to exacerbate. this president not shy about pushing back. he is not giving up the twitter account. sean spicer is on the front lines doing battle with the briefings. i expect a contentious but, in my more optimistic moments perhaps a cordial relationship. but it is going to be contentious. shannon: do you have to. first rile -- real briefing next week. there are constant challenges you saw with president trump when he was still president-elect, going back and forth with cnn reporter.
10:19 am
do you expect there will be a truce at some point where both sides say we do our job but can find a peaceable way to do it or no, that is not the way it will work with this administration? >> let me give you a short answer, no, i don't expect a big truce. both sides are dug in. i talked to president trump, he convinced he gotten tearily unfair coverage. face it, the press's reputation suffered great in terms of credibility because morning of november 8th, everybody was preparing for president hillary clinton. she got to go to the luncheon, that was it. at the same time a lot of journalists feel this president needs to be treated differently because he makes statements that they fine exaggerated or untrue. the battle lines are drawn. trump will go at the press, around the press, using his social media megaphone. i'm not expecting it to calm down anytime soon. shannon: different way of doing things. "mediabuzz" tomorrow on sunday. >> bret baier will join us.
10:20 am
bill: three days in january, right? >> he will mention that. >> i heard of that. bill: get the book. nice to see you, howard. hundred of thousands gathering here in washington and across the country. at the moment they're calling this a rally in support of women's rights. the message they say they want to send. we'll check in on that. shannon: defense secretary james mattis heading to the new office for very first time. what the top civilian leader want to do now that he is officially on the job. >> we will always be protected. we will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. and most importantly, we will be protected by god. not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis.
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♪ bill: a bit after 1:00 in the afternoon. that is the where the first family woke up this morning on day two of the trump administration. viewing stand on the left, they have to get that thing out of there. almost the size of the white house. they will have to make viewing stands great again very soon. at the pentagon meanwhile the new secretary of defense is on the job and accounted for. general james mattis arrived last hour, stating again yesterday his commitment to work with the state department to make u.s. alliances stronger around the world. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live on that story today from the d.c. bureau. hello, james, good day to you. reporter: good day to you. act of congress, signature from president of the united states and oath of office administered i about the vice president, retired u.s. marine corps general james mattis arrived at the pent gone at high noon for
10:25 am
his first day as civilian leader of the nation's armed force. he was greeted by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, fellow marine corps general joseph dunford ignoring a shouted question what would top the agenda this afternoon. outside the white house last night on the review stand and commander-in-chief that visited the arm forces ball, and told revelers the signing of congressional waiver that permitted mattis to serve as 2nd -- def. >> our great general, "mad dog" mattis, he was approved. he was the first. i went to sign and mike pence, who is coming out in a second, signed, you saw what happened, right? he just swore him in.
10:26 am
reporter: indeed pool cameras recorded historic moment of vice president pence swearing in the secretary. the vote was 98-1 in his favor he spoke more in favor of then general trump has. use of diplomatic, economic and military steps to quote defend ourselves. together with the intelligence community we are the sentinels and guardians of our nation mattis said in a statement to the 1.9 million active duty and reserve members under his command, recognizing to nation is secure without friends. we will work with the state department to strengthen our alliances. now the lone senator to vote against mattis was new york democrat kirsten gillibrand who cited concerns about erosion to the principle of civilian command. bill? bill: thank you, james. nice to see you, by the way. on a saturday afternoon. james rosen, thanks. shannon. shannon: america first it is one of the main themes of president trump's inaugural speech. what exactly does it mean for
10:27 am
our allies, and specifically nato? >> we're going to see what happens but, we have a great country, and we want to do what's appropriate. we've been pushed around by a lot of different people. lots of bad things are happening. but i think you're going to see a big improvement, really.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
shannon: fox news alert, crowds
10:31 am
gathering for for the woman's march in nation owes capitol. the crowd is so big, that is it is blocking the route to the white house, that is keeping the march from beginning. ♪ >> we assembled here today, are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capitol, and in every hall of power. from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land, from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. bill: so you heard it during the campaign. you heard it yesterday outlining the theme, america first, in that inaugural address from the 45th president. that phrase and focus raising attention among u.s. allies around the world. gillian turner, former national security staff member of president's bush and obama.
10:32 am
she is a fox news contributor. with me now. how are you doing, gillian? go ahead and interpret that phrase, america first. you heard the words. you knew what he was campaigning on, how do you word it? no when it comes to the rest of the world, america first, we're most likely going to be more introspective and inward looking than we've been over the last let's say eight years, at least the last presidency. i think as far as donald trump, president trump means now, we're not looking to donation-building in parts of the middle east like we did during the bush administration. we're not going to be looking to fight foreign wars any longer. those days are sort of now behind us. bill: theresa may the british prime minister will be here the coming week, correct? >> uh-huh. bill: that visit suggests what to you, julie? >> number one on her agenda will be discussing with president trump, nato, emphasizing the
10:33 am
importance of the nato alliance and talking about the consequences coming from the uk's "brexit" decision earlier this year. those are going to be the two big issues for her. i say supporting nato and trying to get president trump on board with the importance of nato because now that the uk will not be part of the eu any longer that will be the primary vehicle for the security alliance. bill: are you suggesting there is a shift to mr. trump's approach to nato already? >> i think certainly, certain advisors around him are gunning for that. i think secretary mattis made that clear over the last couple of weeks. this is somebody who actually worked for nato, absolutely understands the importance of collective security and collective defense. from my perspective rex tillerson also highlighted that during his confirmation hearing. i think they will have the president's ear and they're trying to walk him back from some of the criticism. bill: we'll see how that goes, right? >> yeah. bill: what he said during the confirmmation hearings, i don't want any of these people to be
10:34 am
speaking for me. i want them to have, express their own opinions, then we'll have the debate together. i thought that was a, an important point that's been overlooked by a lot of people during the confirmmation hearings. >> i think you're right, absolutely. it is only fair, right, not to have folks represent who you have not had opportunity to work with you much yet. that is fair. but these are also the folks who will have president donald trump's ear during the first 100 days, and after in office. those people will be incredibly influential on his thinking so. bill: nigel farage represented the united kingdom independent party. he is working on behalf of us here at the fox news channel as a contributor. recently signed this past week. we talked to him earlier today. you mentioned "brexit," why i bring this up. he said "brexit," was great, but trump becoming president of the united states is "brexit" plus, plus, plus. bill: three times. >> so, i think that what he is alluding to is something quite
10:35 am
obvious which is that the same wave of populist sentiment of nationalist sentiment that pushed, pushed the english people to vote to leave "brexit," in a certain sense propelled folks here at home to support president trump. the sense that no longer are we doing well enough at home to shift our focus outward to other countries around the world whether they're allies or adversaries. the idea you have to have your own house of cards in line before you can really do much to help other people around the world. bill: let me hit on one more point here. james mattis we mentioned him and president trump is going to the cia headquarters today. it is significant too. mike pompeo has been mom nated and not been confirmed.
10:36 am
you are day two of our administration but without a intelligence director. intelligence community is the sentinels and guardians of our nation. how do you square that sentence with the president-elect trump, before he was sworn in, and the aggressive tone and nature with which he went at the intelligence community? >> well, i have to say i am, i am with secretary mattis on his statement. i believe that they are the guardians of our nation. the intelligence community and military working together account for most of the good things that we have to be thankful for in this country. i can attribute president trump's criticism of the intelligence community prior to taking office yesterday, i guess a favorable way, a positive way to look at it, would be to say, look, well, he has never had the opportunity to work with any of these folks before. he has not been inundated to exposure to the intelligence
10:37 am
community. all he knows of them to date what he feels in the media. he feels like he is under attack. i don't agree with that but that is his perspective. bill: another suggestion, however, that you believe he is going to change? >> uh-huh. bill: you think that? >> i think if he want to have a successful tenure as american president, he is going to have to rally the intelligence community behind him. there is no way to project power and project strength abroad, all these things he wants to do, if you don't have the backing of your intelligence community. there is just, i don't see a way to do it. i don't see a president with adversarial relationship with intelligence and succeeded. bill: we'll watch the words that come from the cia today after the visit and we'll see what happens with the democrats on senate too, and mike pompeo. >> the first day is a lot more -- forget 100 days, day one is shaping up to be really important. thanks, bill. bill: thanks for letting us in your town. shannon?
10:38 am
shannon: we're waiting on president trump to leave the white house and head over to cia headquarters in langley, virginia, after weeks of tension with the intelligence community amid allegations it has been politicized. we'll bring you the visit as soon as it happens. bill: is america a divided nation? if so, how can mr. trump bring america back together? we'll debate that as we watch the protests from yesterday and the rally across america today. >> we always felt we were going to do it. it's a movement like they have never seen anywhere at anytime, anywhere in the world. this was a movement. and now the work begins. now the work begins. there are no games, right? no games.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ shannon: president trump taking the reins of a deeply divided nation after winning the white house but losing the popular vote.
10:42 am
>> the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. [applause] bill: this as a new fox poll that came out prior to the swearing-in, a third of americans describe the national mood as we're all in this together, nearly twice as many feel like it is everyone for themselves. shannon: talk about it with a former -- and aide for senator marco rubio. pablo enriquez, former dnc official at the hispanic chamber of commerce. bill: good to see you, gentlemen. shannon: we like --
10:43 am
bill: alex, you remember des moines, iowa in iowa caucus? has it set in or what. >> that was really long time ago. thanks for bringing me back there. bill: wasn't a dig. it was a reality check. >> yeah. look it was a long time ago. it was a long election. we've come a long way. i don't think a year ago when i sat down with you anyone thought what happened yesterday was going to happen, which was donald trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. but look, he has a lot of work to do here. are we divided country? absolutely we're a divided country. he is polarizing person. you really like donald trump or you really dislike donald trump. bill: those who love him, really love him. you can see that yesterday. >> absolutely. why he won the primaries. why he won the election. it is why he is president of the united states right now. it that is his strength but he does have to reach out to a lot of people that don't like him. shannon: i saw in one of the accounts, talking to a lot of
10:44 am
supporters who are here. excited about the inauguration yesterday. one of the women was quoted as saying we're all on the titanic. we all need to be rooting for the captain. >> that is pretty ominous assessment i would say. first of all i would like to congratulate donald trump and transition team on the inauguration yesterday. getting through it, it was obviously something very new to them. many places it was poorly-attended but, you know, they got threw it. and he spoke in his speech to a vast swath of the american people who are i think are suffering need to be taken into consideration. as democrats we need to make sure we're reaching out to them. that said as someone never supported donald trump, i can see with the women's march on washington and other protests going around the country, this is only the beginning. this is the something the president and his team needs to take into consideration, if they are going to make america great again. bill: but for many of them they're not going to change. whether it is four years or eight years. they will be, if not in the street, they will --
10:45 am
shannon: don't say eight years. pablo can't take it. he is trying to get through four. bill: let me point out this, before we go down the path it is a doomsday. that same poll, put back on screen, how do you feel about the u.s. economy, 66% find they're optimistic about the economy that includes republicans democrats and independent. >> we have president obama to thank for that. we're coming off over 80 straight months from private sector job growth. we heard talking points from the white house. president obama inherit ad economic situation in collapse. president trump is inheriting a social collapse, a collapse in values i might say. he needs to make sure he is not shaping his agenda, he is not expecting the american people to shape themselves around his agenda. it is his job as president to shape his agenda around hopes and val always of the american people. shannon: well, something else in that poll that you just pointed out, bill, those are the numbers we're at today. a year ago those polls were evenly split, optimistic,
10:46 am
pessimistic, 49-49. that was seven years into the obama administration. this is a measurement now since the election of trump people sounding like they feel a lot more optimistic about the economy. >> macro economy is doing pretty well. stock market is up. unemployment is done. a lot of americans are struggling right now, especially in middle america. that is where trump overperformed. that is where he won the election. that is who he was speaking to in the inaugural address yesterday. he was not speaking to the entire country or the coasts doing pretty well. he is talking to middle america which has fallen behind. that is the challenge of his presidency, if he helps those americans, he will be successful president and serve eight years. bill: to both of you, republicans did not act this way in january of 2009. it was not the case. you didn't see protests in washington, d.c., protesters outnumbered by photographers i would add. that did not happen. you didn't see it for eight years.
10:47 am
now you have it on day one, pablo, and on day two. i think the question is what does it say about democrats, what does it say about liberals who refuse to accept reality? >> well i think the republican party played it a different way. they had several closed-door meetings where they decided that tactic, strategy they would have moving forward was a opposition on all fronts to anything obama had to say. short of shattered remnants of the democratic/progressive establishment after losing a traumatic election, you're going to have a lot more of a fragmented sort of birth of burst of people coming together for marchs like today. the march today by all accounts is bigger, in terms of how many people are here, is much larger than the inauguration yesterday. shannon: i don't know if i would say that. i think much larger, i don't know we'll get crowd counts. certainly very well attended today. we all experienced trying to come in, i don't think you can say much larger. >> traffic was terrible.
10:48 am
for somebody on the beltway -- shannon: yesterday and today. bill: in a larger sense to both of you, did barack obama, did hillary clinton, have a larger responsibility to speak to people who lost in november, and not cast this administration in a illegitimate light, via russia or whatever excuse you want to use? because in a lot of ways, that is what the folks are responding to today in washington, d.c., women came out here, and what these protesters are doing yesterday, alex. >> two things. you can always do more. that said i think obama administration tried as best they could to have a peaceful transfer, a smooth transfer. president trump said as much. he thanked them in his inaugural address yesterday. at the same time trump did continue to poke the opposition since his election, which i think now that he has won, time for poking the opposition is over. now is the time for him to be leader for all americans as he said yesterday. shannon: pablo, you give him a chance?
10:49 am
are you still wary that -- >> i think that it is important to remember what the president said when he met with donald trump in the white house, that when president, when president trump succeeds, america succeeds. i think it is important for the trump administration, immigrants, women, they feel their dignity and character was under attack during the campaign. only way to pivot away from it, look at numbers. one in five women have beened to planned parenthood. planned parenthood something that can be incredibly divisive as a brand when inserted into the political discussion, but at the same time it is incredibly popular with huth swath of women who women that depend on these services. in order for donald trump to succeed, i said he needs to shape his agenda to much wider birth of americans than just his supporters. bill: results will determine all of this, absolutely. >> absolutely yes, bill. bill: no question. thank you, pablo. shannon: good to see both of you. >> thanks, bill. bill: man, it's okay. >> i'm over it. i'm over it. shannon: pablo is not okay with the eight years.
10:50 am
will have to have counseling. bill: president trillion departing for cia headquarters. he will meet with intel officials. he does not have an acting cia director as of today. why is that? we'll explain as our coverage continues from our nation's capitol on day two. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients.
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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shannon: interesting day in washington. we have a new president. woke up behind us in the white house. there are cool things being in the white house. bill: such as, instagram? shannon: and bowling. bill: bowling. shannon: check it out. this is donald, jr., tweeted this. look at that. that was a pretty sweet --
10:54 am
bill: that is the eldest daughter. shannon: no. that is daughter-in-law. bill: yeah. shannon: their eldests daughter see the shoes she had on and set herself up for a nice spare. nice skills. bill: woman speaks from experience. spending a lot of time in the bowling alley. obama's move in early on, the their daughters were very young, swing set up on the north lawn, they donated it. shannon: teenagers now. bill: took the swing set out. shannon: have a veggie garden. bill: correct. donald trump is a grandfather. a lot of grandkids. maybe they bring the swing set back or hang out in the bowling alley. shannon: i hope they get a pet. first in the long time that didn't have a official white house pet. bill: obamas came in without bo, right? shannon: they had bo and sonny. bill: if you don't have a friend in washington get a dog, right. shannon: so true. ever been around to the offices on capitol hill, a lot of
10:55 am
members of congress know that to be true. they take their dogs to work up there. bill: beautiful shot. we're right across from lafayette where we were yesterday, shannon. we provides this outstanding view of 1600 pennsylvania avenue with the washington monument and jefferson further in the difference of the we were out there yesterday on the viewing stand. it was a remarkable time. i made the comment how indelible images are. i can recite the moments and images that i made on that day, shannon, carry with me forever. that goes back to january of 2001. we made a few more yesterday. shannon: now with i have phones and video and photographs it is so much easier to capture those things. memory fades a little bit -- bill: not from the picture. you from yesterday, what image did you capture that is seared on your brain? shannon: because our location was such a prime location right where the president and percent
10:56 am
lady drove you upending the parade from the capitol. secret service opened door for two them. the two got out and crowd went crazy that was a great moment. bill. it was 6:00 in the evening. >> in the evening. bill: when we were sitting there, it was 9:30, 9:40 in the morning our photographer said, they're there. you and i turned around we could see the driveway of the white house. shannon: right. bill: and the cars had arrived. that is when it struck me. the other thing seeing president obama's helicopter fly around the white house last time. shannon: always a moment. bill: back to bowling we go. shannon: but after that, as we reported president trump is on his way to the cia headquarters. he is set to meet with intel officials later this afternoon. as soon as that happens we'll bring it to you live. rodney and his new business.
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he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit shannon: we have brand new president. we enjoyed sharing time with you to cover the transition of
11:00 am
power. bill: back to new york on monday, right? shannon: i will see you there. bill: thanks for having us in your town by the way. shannon: you're welcome. bill: not bad for couple days. leland and elizabeth prann when coverage continues in washington. have a great saturday, everybody. ♪ >> brand new era at the white house. donald trump working this saturday. left the white house a little while ago. just arrived at cia headquarters for his first intelligence meeting there. >> while on capitol hill a backlog of mr. trump's cabinet picks await confirmation next week. obamacare takes a hit from one of the president at first executive orders. >> good saturday to you, nice to be with you, wow, what a 24 hours of news. leland vittert, very special inauguration weekend edition of "america's news headquarters


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