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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 23, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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american people, the issue, the proper attention that they deserve. part of it is, if we put them all out on one day, they get lost. and i think he made the promises and pledges to the american people because they are important to him. >> and you have the >> is he going to shake up the leadership? >> no decision has been made yet. >> one on obama care. has he finished his plan on obama care when -- >> i think -- >> on nasa, can -- nafta i know he's going to meet with the leaders of mexico -- >> on obamacare, he's going to talk to speaker ryan. when it comes to the -- i'm
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sorry. the other part was nafta. he discussed on the phone with both leaders his desire to reform. but obviously his goal was to have that discussion when they come in person. i think imentioned yesterday. the foreign minister of mexico is going to come and set the table and have those meetings ahead of the mexican president meeting here. >> now that he's officially in office, don't they -- >> again, this is his first working day. i think he's been busy and robust not just today but in the 2 1/2 other days we've had. you'll see a lot more come out. but you know, there's a lot of things that have to get done and a lot of things we're working on as a staff to get prepared. he will have a very robust week. thanks, guys. a good first one. >> one more, please.
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>> go ahead. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> my question, i have gone to a number of inauguration balls and indian-american balls. most of those people were supporting your actions. most important, the u.s.-india business consult he said -- my question is, where do we go with u.s.-india business relations? >> thank you for the question. i think that whether it's india or other countries throughout the globe today as i mentioned, the goal is to figure out countries and markets that we want to access to benefit the
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american workers help us grow manufacturing, the services industry. that's one area that we will work with the prime minister on. we have robust agenda. thank you. see you tomorrow. >> shepard: the first formal news conference of the presidency now complete. sean spicer at the helm in the brady briefing room inside the white house. a familiar scene. and lots to get through there. we will. but there's bigger news surrounding all of this and whether someone told the truth about crowd size. we'll begin with president trump who is backing up his words with action as he waits for the senate to confirm key members of his national security team. the senate at any moment is set to debate to confirm the nominee for the c.i.a. director, mike
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pompeo of kansas. president trump is wasting no time using his executive authority to begin work on some of his signature campaign promises. a short time ago, he signed an order formally withdrawing the united states from the trans pacific partnership deal. the president called it a great thing for the american worker. he placed a hiring freeze on some federal agencies. this comes after mr. trump after his first move as president signed an executive order targeting the affordable care law. it happened after hours of oath friday. the order allows the wave to waive parts of the law. john roberts is live at the white house. john, first of all, a lot to get through here. luckily we have plenty of time to do it. trans pacific partnership. there's d on this matter. give us both sides. >> shep, this is one of the
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central campaign promises that donald trump made during the election. he said he was going to get tpp. he used it against hillary clinton when said this was the gold standard of trade deals. he said to his audience, be careful because she may be against it now but once she becomes president, should she become president, she will likely vote for that trade deal. it drew an immediate response from one of the senior republicans on capitol hill. john mccain saying "potus withdrawing from tpp is a serious mistake for america's economy and strategic position in the asia pacific." i asked john spicer about that during the press briefing today. he said that donald trump, the president, insists that pulling out was the right thing to do. the way it was written, it would weaken the united states's position in the world and he will use the president, a different model for trade deals going forward. here's what spicer said. >> get symbolic here and america
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of around the world, a new era of trade policy. one that will put american workers first and one that assures the rest of the world that the way we negotiate agreements is that we get something out of these deals. the problem with multilateral agreements is that often it's the lowest common denominator for so many things. the u.s. already has low tariffs and other service industry benefits for countries. we have to make sure we're fighting for the american worker. >> president trump signed that executive order and a couple others after he spent more than an hour meeting with business leaders. some expressed concern about the border tax that he threatens when companies take their manufacturing outside of the borders of the united states and try to bring back in their goods without a tax. he promised as much as a 35% tax on some goods. also talking about this idea of a corporate tax and modifying
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his numbers slightly. his official target is 15%. he said this morning it could be as high as 20%, which would dovetail in with what the speaker of the house paul ryan has suggested should be the corporate tax in the house tax plan. donald trump saying that he wants to work together with the business industry to grow the economy and create more jobs. here's what he said this morning. >> we want people -- we want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. that doesn't mean we don't trade. we do trade. we want to make our products here. >> even though some of this business leadership expressed concern about this idea of a border tax, they believe president trump won't do anything to harm competitiveness in the united states and take steps to enhance it. >> now there's a hiring freeze in government positions. what do you know about that? >> it's a federal hiring freeze and freezes salaries except for
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national security and military positions. donald trump said on the campaign trail that it was his intention to shrink the size of the work force. he wants to freeze hiring and reduce the size of the work force through attrition. as people leave, they would not be replaced. we'll see how many people in the next months and perhaps year or so actually leave the federal works force by a virtual of a hiring freeze. shep? >> shepard: sean spicer mentioned the controversy over the number of people that watched the inauguration. the initial impression is he had seen pictures of the 2009 obama inauguration and the 2017 trump inauguration. he said there were more there in 2017 than in 09, which were false. now he said he was talking about the total number on television, online and all the rest. >> he was. he actually alluded to that saturday when he stepped out in the brady briefing room for the
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first time to meet the press and tourists. his boss talked about the numbers at the c.i.a. a couple hours earlier what spicer was using saturday is figures that he said he got from the metro, which is the subway system in washington d.c. saying the metro reported 420,000 riders in 2017 compared to 317,000 riders in 2013. he was comparing 2017 to 2013, not 2009. the numbers according to the post were much higher in 2013. it was 570,000 riders. in 2017 for donald trump's inauguration, 782,000 for president obama. as you said, shep, those area photographs taken exactly the same time january 2009 and january 2017 seem to indicate there was a much larger crowd nor president obama's inauguration than for trump's. but john spicer from the podium here a short time ago said even though the numbers appear to be
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wrong that he gave us saturday, he will endeavor to do his best to tell the truth when he comes out to the podium. >> we have to be honest with the american people. sometimes we can disagree with the facts. there's certain things that we may not fully understand when we come out but our intention is to never lie. our job is to make sure that sometimes -- you're in the same boat. there's times when you guys tweet something out or write a story and you publish a correction. that doesn't mean you were intentionally trying to deceive readers and the american people. >> one of the things that president trump was most upset about after taking office is the tweet sent out the night -- the night after the inauguration that suggested that he had removed from the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office, which he hadn't. it was still there. sean spicer saying that was an inflammatory tweet sent out. it was in error. wants to make sure that things like that don't happen again. a couple of pieces of business.
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potentially going to see later on this week, the president has talked about renegotiating nafta. he's going to meet with the president of mexico at some point and justin trudeau to renegotiate. there has to be a trigger sign to renegotiate that. we may get that later this week. there's talk on the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. huge points of controversy in recent years. stay tuned, shep. a lot still lying ahead this very first week of this presidency. >> shepard: i'll say. very busy day for senior white house correspondent, john roberts live. let's go to carol. i think i saw you in there. you were in the room, weren't you, carol? >> i was, yes. >> shepard: so first day after saturday or yesterday, your thoughts on day one and spicer's briefing room. >> i thought he set the tone early on almost immediately when
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he came out and kind of made a joke. he said he had spoken to his predecessor, josh earnest, who was voted the most liked press secretary by reporters. he said that he assured him he wouldn't lose that title any time soon based on what he had done over the weekend. so he was very conciliatory. he took questions for 1 hour and 15 minutes. he called on a number of reporters. he mixed it up. he didn't start in the traditional way that press secretaries have started for a long time by calling on the associated press and moving through the front couple rows and getting a few questions in the back. he moved all over the room. he didn't know some of the people he called on, which is different. he took a bunch of questions. he also tried to clarify some of what he said saturday about president trump's inauguration crowds. >> shepard: what is the mood
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around there, carol? >> it's a little chaotic among the press corps. everybody is running around trying to -- it was jam packed in there. the mood in the white house is they seem to be really excited to start getting things going. they have taken a number of different policy steps today and have a very specific plan for the rest of the week. so they seem kind of intent on drilling down on doing those things. it's a much different feeling than over the weekend, saturday and sunday. it may seem to be focused less on the fight that they were having over the president's crowds at his inauguration and a little bit more on what the work that they have to do is and some of the promises that he made. >> shepard: it felt to a great degree as they got down to substance today. whether you agree with donald trump's points or not, it's really immaterial. these are the things he said he would do. on day one, they're being done. on that point, i mean, i don't
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know how you argue with it. >> yeah, he -- you heard sean spicer say there will be a number of other things that the president does this week specifically on trade and what you're seeing is, you know, the president made some specific promises during the campaign to american workers. they're trying to show very early on that hess going to do what he can to make good on that. the one step he took is formally withdrawing the u.s. from the trans pacific partnership. it's symbolic. congress didn't ratify it anyway. he's going to focus on bilateral relations than multilateral trade agreement. >> shepard: thanks, carol and to job roberts as well. lawsuit makers will consider the nominations of president trump's choice to run the c.i.a. he's the kansas congressman mike
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pompeo. he's hearing is scheduled to get underway at any moment. before that, we'll take a look ahead on the fox news december on this monday afternoon. great to have you in.
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. >> shepard: a live look on capitol hill. lawmakers, senator schumer are set to debate the nomination for the c.i.a. director with a vote later this evening. senate democrats delaying mike
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pompeo's confirmation vote on friday of last week saying it was too important to be rushed through on inauguration day. lawmakers gave okay to john kelly and the head of the pentagon, general james mattis. that was last week. congress confirmed seven cabinet nominees for president obama on his first day in office. the democratic senator, ron widen of oregon leading the charge to postpone mike pompeo's nomination. he said our constituents expect congress to be a check and balance on the incoming administration, not a rubber stamp. some republicans are accusing democrats of endangering national security for delaying the vote. mike emanuel is on the hill with more. hello, mike. >> good afternoon. democrats wanted mike pompeo to lead the c.i.a., but he should have plenty of votes to get confirmed. it's not a question of if, but
12:19 pm
when. mike pompeo finished first in his class at westpoint, has served in congress including on the intelligence committee and republicans hope to get him confirmed on inauguration day last friday. oregon senator ron wyden raised his own concerns. so after some debate, it should happen tonight. the senate debate is taking place until some point this evening. gop senators thought they had a deal with democrats to get him confirmed along with the secretary defense and homeland security secretary friday. the bottom line is, democrats don't have the votes to stop him, but they do have the power to delay him, shep. >> shepard: some gop senators are outlying an alternative plan to obamacare. what can you tell us about that? >> it would in theory allow certain states to keep the affordable care act if that's what they choose to do. it would get rid of the individual mandates, the requirements that every person buy healthcare insurance. one of the republican senators behind the plan says it's a good
12:20 pm
start. >> we recognize that our bill is not perfect. it is still a work in progress, but if we do not start putting specific legislation on the table that can be debated, refined, amended and enacted, then we will fail the american people. >> it is a plan, not necessarily the replacement plan. we'll see. democrats are not impressed, including senate minority leader chuck schumer saying "ultimately this proposal is an empty facade that would create chaos, not care for millions of americans. republicans should drop their repeal plans and work with democrats to improve, not gut the affordable care act and healthcare system for all americans." expect more on this debate in the months ahead. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thanks. important news coming.
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>> shepard: there's breaking news on fox news channel. we just got word of a plane crash at an airport in tulsa. this is a twit pick. i meant to say tucson, arizona. we just got this picture in. that's about it so far. the word we've gotten from the airport authority there is that this is a fatal plane crash that we don't know a lot about it. except to say that this is a private plane, no details on who was on board, where it was coming from, where it was going. we don't know if it crashed on
12:25 pm
landing or take off. we know it's down. this picture gives us what little information that we have of it. we're waiting for our affiliate there in tucson to give us further information. we're expecting that shortly. long and short of it, a small plane is down in tucson. we believe this is affecting airport operations. we don't know the degree to which. you can see the smoke towering. this story is breaking right now. after weeks of holding out, senator marco rubio says he's voting to confirm secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. this is hours before whether to recommend tillerson for the job. it was marco rubio's decision here. had he gone the other way, the vote would have been very much in jeopardy for the trump administration. senator rubio criticized the executive during the confirmation hearings for refusing to call russian president vladimir putin a war criminal. in a written statement on
12:26 pm
facebook now, rubio says he still has reservations but it would be against our national interest to delay the confirmation. john mccain and lindsay graham said they would back tillerson even though they have concerns about his history with vladimir putin. rich edson has more. rubio is still critical of him. >> he is. and senator marco rubio criticizes rex tillerson on some of the answers he gave in his confirmation hearing and the ties with russia. he was ceo of exxon mobil. rubio says he has issues with some answers that he gave in regards to human rights. as rubio puts it, tillerson's comments on violations in china, the philippines and saudi arabia. rubio writes in facebook,
12:27 pm
"identifying certain actions as human rights violations is an integral part of the secretary of state's job." mr. tillerson said speaking out on human rights would hinder his ability to do his job as the nation's chief diplomat. rubio trying to hold tillerson in line with public policy when it comes to foreign policy, shep. >> shepard: do we know when the senate will vote to confirm tillerson? >> it seems like it's going to happen at this point. the republicans have enough votes and enough senators to get any of their nominees through. now that rubio and john mccain and lindsey graham are on board, it's a matter of time. this afternoon, the senate foreign relations committee will vote on tillerson's name nation. then it's on to the broader senate floor. democrats can't stop the nomination, but they can slow it down. so we're still waiting to see if senator chuck schumer will use the procedural maneuvers to slow down this nomination. if he decides not to, it could
12:28 pm
happen quickly. the other issue for the timing of this has to do with the republican schedule this week. later this week, republicans will be going to their retreat, policy retreat in philadelphia, pennsylvania. there won't be much happening or anything happening on the senate floor later in the week pushing this nomination vote all the way back to next week potentially. shep? >> shepard: rich, thanks. let's bring in lisa, the national politics reporter for the associated press. hey, lisa. >> hey. >> shepard: how big a surprise is this rubio move? many say it's a stunner. i don't know. >> it is a surprise. rubio was faced with a political choice here. he's still trying to find his way in this new trump administration. obviously in the campaign, he was a primary opponent of donald trump. he ran against him. he was critical of him. he's a politician that does harbor national ambitions. whether that is making another presidential run or primary
12:29 pm
donald trump, that's a decision that is obviously too early to make. he certainly is someone that wants to have -- who wants to have a national profile. so this was a moment for him. he could break with the administration or he could in the end go with them and clearly he decided that he didn't want to risk the ill will that would come had he voted against this nominee. >> shepard: you figure when mccain of arizona and graham of south carolina -- you could describe it as an endorsements. he would have been left on an idea of one. >> yeah, he would have been out there as the administration's opponent on this issue. you know there are some risks in that. clearly trump has a powerful voice. he's the bully pulpit of the president. in this presidency, it's more the twitter pulpit of the presidency. i think rubio didn't -- as you point couldn't, he didn't want to be out there on his own.
12:30 pm
>> shepard: lisa, thanks. we have breaking news. the president has been meeting with union leaders and american workers at the white house. the white house just released video of this. here's the president. >> thank you all for being here. this is a group that i know well. we just -- i just officially terminated the tpp. [applause] i just signed one document, a powerful document. we're going to have trade or are we going to have one-on-one. if somebody misbehaves we're going to send them a letter of termination. we'll work it out or we're gone. not a deal that we can't get out of them.
12:31 pm
we're going to have plenty of trade. tpp isn't the right way. we're going back to the countries one-on-one. going to have a lot of building going on, a lot of plant expansion and new plants. we met with the head of ford today, many great companies. johnson & johnson. very, very excited about what we're doing. you guys will be responsible for getting the plants built. nine months instead of 18 years. you know the process today when they put in for a plant it takes so long. by the way, we all know our great vice president, mike pence. you know some of the folks in the room. i know almost all of the folks in the room. it's a great honor to have you here. you've been very special to me. i have told you for -- the sheet metal workers. how have you been? >> very well. >> i've hired a few down the
12:32 pm
street. you goes do a great job. so we're going to put a lot of people back to work. we're going to use common sense. we're going to do it the way it's supposed to be done. we're going to stop the ridiculous trade deals that are taking everybody out of our country and taking companies out of our country. it's going to be reversed. you'll have a lot of companies come back to our country. companies that left that will come back to our country. they're going to hire a lot of people. it's inconceivable to me that this was allowed to happen in the first place. i'm not blaming president obama for this. i'm blaming many, many years, long beyond obama. believe me. this has been going on for decades, this is a trend that we're going to stop cold. we started today, which is my first official day for signing major things. i actually started from the hour
12:33 pm
i got here. but this is the day that we wanted to sign some of the legislation. so if you have any questions, let me know. we'll start right now. >> mr. president, are you going to renegotiate nafta? >> at the appropriate time. >> shepard: that's the press availability for the aftermath of the president's meeting with union leaders, union workers and other workers, factories and expansion of jobs in the united states. campaign promises. should we get more from the white house, we'll bring it for you. fox news reports that counter intelligence agencies are looking into trump's security advisor and russia. the "wall street journal" reported this investigation. parts involve the phone calls and texts between general mike
12:34 pm
flynn and the russian ambassador to the united states. those calls happened in december. as it so happens, on the same day that president obama announced sanctions against russia. the white house says they're under aware of any investigation into flynn. jennifer griffin with an update. hello, jen. >> hi, shep. a statement from a white house spokesman last night said they're not aware of any investigation into former general mike flynn and the russian contacts. sean spicer said he would not interfere with any investigation. >> i don't believe he's spoken to anybody about that and he's not made any indication that he would stop an investigation of any sort. >> senior law enforcements sources confirmed to fox news that flynn and the russian's communications with the government have been examined as part of a broad counter
12:35 pm
intelligence investigation that began five months ago. the "wall street journal" first reported the investigation, which is focusing on conversations between flynn and the russian ambassador in late december, including one conversation on december 29th, the same day that president obama announced sanctions and the expulsion of 35 diplomats. fox has learned the investigation involving the fbi, c.i.a., nsa and treasury made four requests to the fisa court to pursue the investigation into flynn and three other members of the russian contacted team. flynn may have violated the logan act which bars communications with foreign governments that have a dispute with the united states. sean spicer said he spoke with flynn and there were two phone
12:36 pm
calls between him and the russian ambassador. they had to do with christmas greetings and an upcoming peace conference in syria. i'm told they were trying to set up the first phone call between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. that phone call has not taken place as of yet. i must point out this would be a national security advisors job to talk to his foreign counter parts and discussion these issues. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, jen. today kellyanne conway tweeted on taxes, answers and repeated answers, the president under audit and will not release until that is completed regarding his tax returns. yesterday on abc news, the same kellyanne conway said we'll never see them. >> we litigated this all through the election.
12:37 pm
people didn't care. they voted for him. let me make this clear. most americans are very focused on what their tax returns will look like while president trump is in office, not what his look like. >> shepard: failing to release tax returns bust as longstanding tradition in politics. tax officials say an audit does not prevent anyone from releasing their tax returns. president trump is calling an ethics lawsuit totally without merit. a lawsuit was filed today saying every time president trump's businesses accept payments for foreign governments, the businesses violate the constitution. president trump said he gave his business to his sons. president trump seems to have re-election on his mind. the slogan part of it.
12:38 pm
"keep america great"! president trump said he knows his first term is going so well that he will keep the slogan. it's an updated version of "make america great again." trace gallagher with more. >> president trump said it began after mitt romney lost for obama. he said he considered the white house run at that time. he came up with a brand. he said we will make america great. but then he thought make america great. so trump says it hit hit "make america great again." he trademarked it and five days later he signed an application
12:39 pm
giving him exclusive rights to make "make america great again for promotion and fund-raising. for $325, donald trump had a new slogan. >> people in both parties slammed his logan at first. >> yeah, hillary clinton didn't like it. she said she believed more is right with america than wrong. her husband called the slogan a "racest dog whistle." republican operatives thought make america great again thought it sounded backwards. as the gop primary got in full swing, a full candidates liked it. >> it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. >> i have no doubt we can make america great again. >> my slogan, "make america
12:40 pm
great again." that's what we're going to do, make america great again. >> donald trump send out cease and desist letters for scott walker's campaigns. the slogan isn't that novel. in 1980, george bush and ronald reagan used "let's make america great again" until sometime mid last year. >> shepard: encouraging health update on george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. we'll tell you about that next. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. [ sighs sadly ] try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live whole. not part.
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>> shepard: an update on breaking news out of tucson, arizona. new video into fox news, this is the airport there, tucson international airport. shows the plane crash. officials confirm the crash was deadly. we don't know how many fatalities there. what we do know, more than one person died or if anybody else
12:44 pm
was hurt. the crash has not affected commercial flights there at the airport. this is the plane apparently on fire at tulsa international airport. the initial report from the airport is there was some sort of incident. then we got word there was a private plane down. early word, it's a twin engine of some sort, a private plane made by beechcraft. could anywhere between half dozen and a dozen seats on there. could be flown by a single person. we don't know details on fatalities or whether others were injured on the ground. under normal circumstances in a small airport like this, had there been ground injuries or ground fatalities, that's a sort of thing they would let us know quick. in this case, it appears to be confined to those on board the plane. we don't know whether this was on take off or landing. as we get more out of tucson, i believe i've been saying tulsa,
12:45 pm
we'll let you know. george h.w. bush and barbara bush are showing signs of improvement today. doctors have cleared the former president to leave intensive care. mr. bush is recovering from pneumonia. on friday, doctors removed a tube that helped him to breathe. doctors released mrs. bush. is this a new photo or a stock photo? this is not a new photo. it's a stock photo in case you forgot what bush 41 and barbara bush look like. the doctors say they're helping each other to recover. >> they're essentially therapy. >> they are. >> they help in our compliance. when one doesn't want to take a breathing treatment, the other says get on that. it helps our cause. >> shepard: can you hear it now? come on, george. the former president and first
12:46 pm
lady have been married for 72 years. that's the longest of any presidential couple in the history of the united states. casey stegall is in houston for us. our texas-based correspondent. what else did doctors say about the former president's progress, casey? >> shep, they told us the 41st president of the united states is not only sitting up in bed, he's engaged watching tv. they said he was quite excited about his lunch option today. his favorite, oyster stew. then he was going to be moved out of the intensive care unit. doctors said he's still coughing quite a bit. remember, recovering from pneumonia. they're trying to address that with breathing treatments and antibiotics. doctors say they will continue to monitor him as an inpatient here through at least friday. though he's out of icu. as far as former first lady barbara bush, she was cleared to leave houston methodist hospital
12:47 pm
yesterday but opted to stay another night to be closer to her husband, the sweet love story you talked about. she took advantage of leaving the hospital today. the staff said she planned to go home and take care of a few items and coming right back to be by her husband's side. then the president, an avid sports fan as we know, houston, you may have heard, they're hosting a little football game in two weeks, the super bowl. the stadium less than three miles from methodist hospital where i'm standing. mr. bush according to his staff would like to personally attend the game. when i asked his physician would that be feasible, here's the response we got. >> at the rate of improvement, although i think both will still be recovering from this, over the next week to two weeks, if -- and if any couple in their
12:48 pm
90s could rally to the extend that we feel comfortable medically, they could do that. we'll have to really -- it will be a bit of a moving target. >> now, we know of course the cowboys were out a couple weeks ago. the doctors declined to say which team the president and first lady would be supporting, if they're able to make it to the game here in houston, shep. >> shepard: thanks very much. it's been a rough weekend. a violent storm system bringing death and destruction to the southeastern united states. we're preparing an update from the extreme weather center and what northeasterners can expect if you list anywhere near new york city. you're getting a whale of an idea already.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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>> shepard: fox weather alert. a powerful storm system that left destruction across the southeast he has now killed 20 people. 15 deaths in south georgia alone. that number includes seven that died when an apparent tornado tore through a mobile home park in adele. officials in south mississippi report four deaths. one person died in florida. the storm destroyed homes, shut down roads and knocked down power lines and trees and caused flooding in some places. one official in albany georgia, described his shock. >> it's unfathomable out there what happened. you have a trailer park that looks like it's been disintegrated. you literally have smatterings of what used to be homes thrown into the woods. you have the smell of gas, destroyed homes, people crying,
12:53 pm
debris everywhere. >> shepard: weather experts say although tornado outbreaks this time of year are not rare, they're not unheard of. a man's piano no match for the storm. a woman walked through the living room of her home, which is clearly now completely exposed. a wall is gone. somehow the items on the shelves are not even disrupted. see that? a clock over there and a picture of a bird and stuff. so weird the way mother nature acts. north of there, albany, georgia a rescue worker carries a dog trapped in the mobile home. fire and rescue are still looking for trapped people. this is lauderdale, mississippi. large tree branches right through the roof of a church that ended up in a nursery. further south here, hattiesburg,
12:54 pm
mississippi where they're helping out with food. volunteers putting together boxed lunches and distributing the lunches for storm victims and rescue workers. a whale of a mess. now the weather is headed to the northeast. stocks new york city like wind tunnels this afternoon. what is happening in the south, adam? >> in the south, we're in cleanup mode. this is where the weekend tornados were. everything in the pink color, that is a tornado. so obviously incredibly active. if there's any good news right now, we're getting on the back side of that system, at least in the southeast. here's what we're looking at for satellite and radar. the moisture moving up. we're clearing up stretching back from georgia, alabama, mississippi, clearing skies. a lot of folks are getting into cleanup mode. they're going to do so. this system will continue to left to the northeast where it will be affecting a new round of folks. at least the southeast, shepard is looking okay now until the
12:55 pm
next couple days. >> shepard: anybody that had to walk to the subways or grab a bagle in new york city knows it's crazy. wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. >> yeah, that's what we're talking about. that will be picking up in the next couple hours. you can see this huge system climbing up the east coast from new york into eventually -- from d.c. running north in to the new york area. temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. this is a big part of it. right along the coast, windy, heavy rains, further inland, begin to see ice. further inland, more elevation. that's where we'll see snow. this system no longer causing tornadoes but a mess. heavy rain along the coast. in some cases, several inches that could cause ponding on roads. inland, that's where the snow is. the biggest story for coastal communities is all about those winds. yes, heavy rains, but we're looking at winds -- look at this. atlantic city, 54 miles an hour. new york city getting closer to
12:56 pm
40 miles an hour. these strong winds will be sticking with us through tonight, to the overnight hours and early tomorrow. that's why you're looking at the wind advisories. up to 60 miles an hour and bearing down on the northeast. >> thanks, adam. thank you, sir. a man went from here row to zero after his comments before congress and it happened on this day in history. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had: pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. >> shepa1941, the famed aviator charles lindburg testified in congress that the united states should not negotiate with nazi germany or should negotiate with nazi germany. he went as far as to denounce the british, the jewish and the roosevelt administration for getting involved in world war ii. the comments caused his popularity to plummet. lindburg helped the war effort.
1:00 pm
an american hero's star faded when he argued for the wrong side of history 76 years ago today. breaking news changes everything at fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: welcome. it's an unusual meeting at the white house. the president of the united states with union leaders that gave him a round of applause for putting a halt to the trans pacific partnership trade deal. the same cancellation or at least executive order cancellation that had john mccain worried. if this strikes you as upside-down world, welcome to the administration of donald j. trump. he's rattling establishment washington and people are taking note. by the way, not only of the new sheriff in town, but the new representative of the sheriff in town when it comes to the face for the press.


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