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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 26, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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american legends. >> told me about his grandfather selling the clothing company. we're bringing it back on shore. gatlin brothers, liberty legend clothes, go look it up. >> bill: thanks, everybody. good morning, we're learning new details on the plan to crack down on refugees coming in from the middle east. president trump taking on his promise to stop the influx of people from certain countries in the middle east. we're learning about this now. good morning, everybody. it has been a packed week so far. off we go running again. good morning, shannon. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum today. mr. trump expected to temporary stop issuing visas.
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our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who in many cases, or in some cases, are looking to do tremendous destruction. look at what's happened -- you'll be thrilled, i have a list. you're looking at people that come in, in many cases, in some cases with evil intentions. i don't want that. >> shannon: john roberts is live at the white house. what do we know about any potential executive action today? >> we do know the president will sign an executive order at 4:30 this afternoon i'm told by sources at the white house. an executive order launching an investigation into the alleged voter fraud the president was talking about earlier this week. big actions will come tomorrow at the same time theresa may is here. first of all it's a executive order on immigration from countries that are hot beds of terrorism. let's put them up on the screen. what will happen -- this could
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all change between now and tomorrow. little bits and pieces of it could. 30-day ban on visa entries from countries of seven countries. even if a person has a visa to come into the united states now, they will not be allowed to enter. in addition it would create a 120 day moratorium on admitting all refugees from those countries to the united states. indefinite ban on refugees from syria. in the long run reduce refugee admissions by 50%. currently 100,000,000 knocked down to 50,000 and implement a process of extreme vetting. you mentioned the safe zones. that would be part of the indefinite ban on refugees from syria. president trump wants to give them a safe home in syria instead of coming to the united states. another executive order that could be very controversial coming tomorrow is titled ending unconstitutional executive amnesty. what is executive amnesty you
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ask? president obama signed a couple of controversial bills when he was president one of them called deferred action for childhood arrivals, daca. that's a big one that people have been talking about for a long time now. that is the dreamers that president obama highlighted during his presidency. deferred action for childhood arrivals. we don't know what the executive order will say but he will address that tomorrow, shannon. >> shannon: and today what can we expect from the president? heading up to the gop retreat in philly. >> i think he is leaving at 20 after 10:00 this morning. the gop retreat in philadelphia is how to repeal and replace obamacare and simultaneously. what the new obamacare plan will look like. he will give a speech at noon today and expected to highlight immigration, trade, as well as his legislative agenda. he will talk about obamacare as
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well and talking about law enforcement and taking crime seriously in this country again as white house sources told me today and back at the white house for a meeting and signing that executive order likely to be launching investigation into alleged voter fraud. another big day here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and into pennsylvania as well today. >> shannon: keeping you very busy. john roberts at the white house, thank you. >> bill: we're trying to track all of it. scott brown is back home in new hampshire. senator, good morning to you. a lot to watch now. reflect on what john roberts is reporting. it will become official later today. what do you think is significant about that, sir? >> first of all you've had a situation for the past eight years that has been a certain comfort level between the media and the former administration where they would let a lot of these types of things slide and allow the president to move forward with his previous executive orders that basically circumvented congress. i think quite frankly circumvented the constitution in many instances.
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you have a situation now where the president is doing the -- the new president is doing exactly what he told the voters he would do. my gosh, isn't that refreshing? somebody is actually doing their job and doing what they said they would do. i think it's appropriate. you have people coming in from other countries in war-torn areas, some of them obviously need help and we're a very philanthropic country but others are here to kill us and change our way of life. get a process in place that includes vetting. gets all law enforcement agencies on board and figure it out. >> bill: immigration is a big issue. you can talk about the wall and refugees in the middle east. here is the mexican president who at the moment has plans to come to washington next week. there are rumors that that trip may not happen. so we'll wait to see whether or not that's the case. this is what he said about the wall and who pays for it. >> i am saddened and against
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the decision by the united states to continue with the construction of a wall that for years far from joining us, has divided us. mexico does not believe in walls. i have said time and time again mexico will not pay for any wall. >> bill: so president trump has said eventually mexico will. but this is a wall that could cost between $8 to 14 billion. forget about mexico for a moment. how do you get that through a republican-led congress? >> there are monies in the system that can be used and efficiencies can be used and we give mexico quite a bit of foreign aid. we can give them less. we charge fees for people coming over the border from mexico and increase those fees. there is a whole host of things. it doesn't need to be paid for by tomorrow. we can certainly lay out a proper financing plan to make sure that the taxpayers, if they in fact front the money, will ultimately get it back. i'm more concerned about the
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fact that mexico doesn't think that we deserve to secure our country. if i'm not mistaken, bill, they have a wall on their southern border. they don't talk about it. we have an opportunity to do what the president said he was going to do, which is secure the wall and general kelly, the best expert on that, because he was the head of south com, knows there are terrorists and criminal elements coming through the porous southern border not only bringing crime and other problems but bringing drugs which is rampant up here in new hampshire and vermont and throughout our country where our young people are dying. if we can stop one person it's worth it. >> bill: want to move to one more story. politico say dems launch strategy against trump. they were entitled to a -- they blew it. it's been worse i could have imagined the first few days. there is a resistance from the left that shows no quits.
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how does a president trump bridge this divide, or does he, senator? >> he bridges it by doing the things he said he was going to do. streamlining regulations, lowering corporate tax rates, dealing with the border and immigration problems. that way i think we'll have increased economic opportunities, as you are seeing in the stock market. that's reflective and a sign -- one sign. corporate profits need to move forward. the left, the only thing they have, bill, in the house and senate right now are are press conferences. thanks to harry reid he changed the rules. unfortunately they don't have much power to stop a lot of the cabinet, secretaries, nominees, judges, federal judges except the supreme court. you can have people protesting and complaining all you want but he is the president of everybody whether you like it or not. if you don't like it, well, people have said they want to leave, well, see you later, go. let them do his job. >> bill: he will meet with
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republican leaders today as well. thank you for your time. scott brown reacting to everything that is going on. thank you, sir. we'll talk again. >> shannon: president trump leaving d.c. for the first time as president heading to philadelphia where at noon eastern he will make remarks at the joint republican issues conference. vice president mike pence will speak this afternoon at the gop retreat also. tonight in a cable news exclusive the president sits down with sean hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. >> bill: you need a flow chart to follow all this. so far you have four executive orders signed by president trump and you have eight memorandums which are similar to executive orders one could argue. that's 12. this is just thursday. so stand by. we'll try to keep it all straight for you at home. my mind gets busy. what about yours? >> shannon: he made a lot of promises, people are looking for him to deliver and he is out of the chute running. >> bill: president trump saying
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he would be willing to bring back water boarding. >> when isis is doing things that people haven't done since medieval teams? we have to fight fire with fire. >> bill: does torture work? should we use it? we'll talk to the architect of the enhanced interrogation program used by the c.i.a. formerly. that's coming up in a moment. >> shannon: plus then candidate donald trump supporters were known for chants of lock her up. will the investigations into hillary clinton go away or continue? jason chaffetz joins us. >> bill: mayors from some towns vowing to defy president trump's order on illegal immigration. our panel debates. that's today in a moment. >> should places in this country that ignore the laws of
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>> shannon: british prime minister theresa may visiting the u.s. today. she will be at a gop retreat in philadelphia and tomorrow she will be the first foreign leader to meet with president trump at the white house. she looks forward to a no holds
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barred conversation. >> i am not afraid to speak frankly to a president of the united states. i am able to do that because we have that special relationship. a special relationship that he would never have with the united states. >> may also says the u.s. and britain can help lead the world again. i love watching parliament over there. i love the -- the crowd noise that you get there. >> bill: she will be at the white house tomorrow and will meet republican leaders in pennsylvania today. this meeting tomorrow will be very significant. there is a reason why president trump singled out the u.k. leader. that's tomorrow. more from last night right now. >> do you think america is done hearing about investigations into hillary clinton? >> i don't know. i hope so. from my standpoint we want to move on to the future. i hope so. i don't know what the status of
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that is. a lot of serious stuff. i certainly hope so. >> bill: president trump saying he hopes the investigations of his formal rival are over. we are live from the republican retreat in philadelphia. mr. chaffetz. thank you for coming back. is the probe over for hillary clinton? >> we never specifically were probing just hillary clinton but the mess she created at the state department. i would remind people the state department itself still has an open investigation. one of the things we need help from the trump administration is to get all the documents that we need in order to come to this conclusion. state department, the f.b.i., the department of justice, the veterans administration, the i.r.s. where we have investigations open. they've been slow walking it. if they think they'll get away with it by running out a clock
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and change in administration they have another think coming from the house of representatives. >> bill: from that answer the probe is not over, then, or probes as you describe them then. >> yeah, look. it's about justice not any one particular person. the house has a lot of equities in this that we want to see and that's what this committee has done since 1814. let up on the pedal. it didn't start because of a political election and it won't end because of one. >> bill: last week you put out a picture of instagram. you shaking hands with mrs. clinton and the caption read the following so please she is not the president, i thanked her for her service and the investigation continues. there is the answer, right? >> exactly. i give her huge credit for showing up at somewhere i'm sure it was very difficult to be. i did thank her for her service. i did wish her the best of luck. but that doesn't mean the
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investigation is over just because donald trump was sworn in as the president of the united states. that's not the way it works. >> bill: was that interaction as fast as it was described in that caption or was more said, congressman? >> no, no. it was all of eight or 10 seconds or so and she was very gracious. i give her great credit for that. but the investigation continues. there are still a lot of unanswered questions the quid pro quo, hiding of documents at the state department that showed up in the 302. the f.b.i. interviews. we don't have literally tens of thousands of documents that we still need and how is it that classified information got so a non-secure setting? we started this because the inspector general said there was a problem. that still has not been resolved. >> bill: let's move to today right now. what is on your mind? what do you want to hear from president trump today?
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what is today all about, sir? >> well, we have a chance here with unified government. we have to tackle big issues, tax reform, obamacare, the immigration issues, national security. we have theresa may, the prime minister, coming in one of our greatest allies, the british. we have a special relationship. so it is a lot for us to consume but we have to actually pass legislation to make a difference for the american taxpayers. they want a more efficient, effective government. that's what we need to deliver on and that's what we have to be unified getting done and over the finish line. >> bill: ryan said appeal obamacare perhaps in march and revamp of the tax code perhaps by the end of summer. does that sound right to you? >> it's an ambitious schedule. the speaker laid out a chart showing the timing. the house can move much swifter than the senate can. they have a lot of arcane rules that slow them down. they'll be dealing with a supreme court nominee and a host of other people that need
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senate confirmation. we have a very aggressive schedule. we need to be on the same page because we have to walk, chew gum and do other things at the same time. >> bill: thank you for your time. president trump is there today. later and theresa may there as well. we'll look for headlines from philly. >> shannon: the president is promising to step in if chicago cannot get a handle on crime. >> chicago is a great city, can be a great city. it can't be a great city if people are shot walking down the street for a loaf of bread. >> shannon: chicago mayor rahm emmanuel starting to the president's threats to send in the feds. we'll talk about it. >> bill: the world remembering a television icon. mary tyler moore's famous co-stars honoring her legendary career in their own words. the w" no, i picked the wrong insurance company. the w"
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>> young lady. [laughter] >> you feel like laughing, don't you? don't try to hold it back. go ahead, laugh out loud. >> bill: she is magic on the screen. everyone mourning the loss of mary tyler moore. she helped revolutionize television as a tv news producer, what a show the mary tyler moore show. it one 29 emmys. ed azner tweeted the following.
6:25 am
any heart goes out to you and your family. i love you and believe in your strength. moore also played along dick van dyke as his wife in a sitcom. she was no words, the best, we always said we changed each other's lives for the bert. indeed they did. mary tyler moore has left us at the age of 80. that show was on in the hemmer house every single week. >> shannon: yeah. there is nothing like that now on television. it was good stuff. we'll miss it and miss her. >> bill: wow, our best. >> we are going to fix the problem. you can't have thousands of people being shot in a city, in a country that i happen to be president of. i say you have to smarten up and you have to toughen up. you can't let that happen. that's a war zone. this is a warning.
6:26 am
i want them to straighten out the problem. it's a big problem. >> shannon: as deadly violence continues to plague chicago president trump putting mayor rahm emanuel on notice. fix the crime problem or expect federal intervention. here is the mayor's response. >> i would welcome, always have, welcome federal participation in working with local law enforcement to dealing with guns and gangs. >> shannon: chicago's former police superintendent and ceo at gfm strategies, good to see you today. we have this interesting juxtaposition there. the mayor says they need more money for policing and resources, others have said schools and fight poverty. at the same time he says we'll still be a sanctuary city and we want all that money, too. >> there are big problems here, obviously. i don't like being between the mayor and the president at this
6:27 am
point. but i think we don't need resources because we have federal resources. we have to 50 years lows in the murder rate in 2013 and 2014 using the resources we still have in chicago working with the f.b.i. and so on right down the line. what we need is sane policy. if i could ask one thing from the federal government right now i would suggest that somebody withdraws that doj report that was just issued. it is deeply flawed and scrutinize it and dissect it. what's going to happen is a consent decree signed off on by the city of chicago is going to further embolden criminals and handcuff the police which has been going on for a couple of years in this country. >> shannon: there was a finding by the justice department that the chicago police had engaged in all kinds of unconstitutional behavior and now there would be this consent decree which is essentially signing on to an agreement
6:28 am
everybody says we'll change things moving forward and there could be limits on how police officers work. and excuse me, we've got to hold you for a second there, we have breaking news coming in. >> bill: get back to philadelphia and join a press conference speaker paul ryan, and mitch mcconnell. >> the declaration was signed. we're here exciting talking about how we improve people's lives and get our country back on track. house and senate republicans are working on a plan and bold agenda to get moving and work with our new administration. we're very excited that we'll be hosting vice president pence, president trump and we have prime minister may coming in well. our members are excited. we have a big, bold agenda we're working on and what we're in philadelphia to discuss. i would like to turn it over to the majority leader. >> obviously one of the things that will be explored here is a
6:29 am
new relationship with the united kingdom. one of our earliest and oldest allies with the changes in their approach to trade, it opens up the opportunity for the president to discuss with the prime minister the possibility of a bilateral trade agreement with the british people. interesting new topic. in the senate as you know we're concentrating on getting the president's cabinet in place. we'll have a very busy week in that regard starting monday. we'll also be taking congressional review acts and proposals from the house and taking those up as well as we begin to change america and go in a different direction. >> questions. [inaudible question]
6:30 am
>> we are going to be hearing from the president today. we've been working with the administration on a daily basis to map out and plan to make good on campaign promises and to repeal and repair and replace our healthcare system. the clare out the regulatory underbrush to get economic growth going. we're on the same page as the administration and worked with them on the kind of timetable and the legislative agenda we have for 2017. we're on the same page, yes. [inaudible question] >> i think you know this by now, casey, it is an unconventional presidency and we'll see unconventional activities like tweets and it's something we'll have to get used to. >> let me add for myself i don't tend to be reacting to
6:31 am
daily comments. what the speaker has done and i concur with and the administration is on board with is to lay out a game plan through the august recess of with a we want to try to accomplish. and for myself i intend to stick to the plan and make as much progress as we can. [inaudible question] >> i don't have any advice to give to the president about that issue. we're moving ahead. as the speaker pointed out to our group yesterday, with what -- of roughly 12 to 15 billion dollars. we intend to address the wall
6:32 am
issue ourselves and the president can deal with his relations with other countries on that and other issues. [inaudible question] >> i think we'll be fine. [inaudible question] >> i actually would not describe that it that way. i don't share that opinion that he changes his opinion day-to-day. you'll see different emphasis but with respect to the core agenda that we have laid out for our members that we are planning on coordinating in the house and senate, we've done it in conjunction with the administration and ran on these issues all of 2016. so there is no surprise here. the president agrees with this agenda and laid out not just the issues that we'll be focusing on but the timeline. so that's consistent and has
6:33 am
not changed. [inaudible question] >> we're in a very good place on tax reform. it can get complicated when you get into the details of tax reform but once we go through how tax reform works and what it is going to take to get the kind of competitive tax system and tax rates, i think most people agree this is the right approach. we're going to work the legislative process through. [inaudible question] well, i think the directive ever cia has made it clear he will follow the law and i
6:34 am
believe all my members are comfortable with the state of the law on that issue now. >> and torture is not legal. and we agree with it not being legal. the lady in the glasses behind you, sir. [inaudible question] >> a little louder, please. [inaudible question] >> the last part of your question is not even a document from the trump administration. that's not policy from the trump administration. push that aside. we have a very, very special and unique relationship with great britain. we value this relationship. i think the fact that the prime minister is coming to meet with us today is testament to the fact that this is a very important relationship that we value and we believe it going forward we can do more things like trade and the rest to help increase our bonds and ties and help each of our two nations.
6:35 am
[inaudible question] >> would you address the agendas laid out and whether the senate can move at that speed. >> the two biggest issues we're moving forward with in the first half of the year are repeal and replacing obamacare and tax reform. both of those we accept having little or no democratic cooperation. we're working with the house to make sure these measures are reconcilable and the speaker understands the challenges of getting things through the senate. that has been true for 240 years. but we're aware of those challenges and we think we can move forward. in addition, we have all this other responsibility the house doesn't have. 1200 presidential appointments that are subject to senate
6:36 am
confirmation. so we're big in the personnel business on top of the other challenges of moving forward. that's why you can anticipate two reconciliation measures in the first six months. >> let me jump on that. we're in complete concert with one another and we in the house respect they have the different rule system and takes more time and that they have additional responsibilities than we have in the house as the majority leader just said approve not just cabinet secretaries. they've have judges coming through and lower level appointments, 1200 i think all together. so our agenda is designed to incorporate that as well and that is something we walked our members through so they can appreciate the differences between the house and the senate and the responsibilities. even with all of that, we have a very good agenda and timetable in store. yeah. [inaudible question]
6:37 am
>> so we don't want to set arbitrary deadlines on things. we want to get them done the right way. we want to move quickly but get things right. there are statutory deadlines we'll have to deal with. april 28th is an important statutory deadline. september 30th is an important deadline. those are the things that will clearly help guide us. the reason we've moved our agenda from a 100 to 200 day agenda. they have all of the cabinet and judges that's why we've moved our agenda basically to filling most of the calendar for 2017, a very bold and aggressive agenda because we feel we have an obligation to make good on the commitments we made in this campaign. we're trying to fix people's problems in this country.
6:38 am
healthcare is collapsing. we have to fix it. the economy is nowhere near its potential and why regulatory reform and tax reform are important for faster economic growth, a healthy economy, more jobs, higher wages. these are the things that people elected us to do and we want to follow up on those and it will take more than simply 100 days. the cost of the wall we anticipate a supplemental coming from the administration. we need to get the onb director in place. like any administration when they come in to give the supplemental to the conference and process it before the current fiscal year expires. [inaudible question]
6:39 am
>> only appropriations process. senate democrats last year with president obama in the white house believed it was to their advantage to not have an appropriations process. as you recall they prevented us from going to the defense bill for multiple occasions. i am hopeful with a different president they won't conclude it is to their advantage to prevent some semblance of a normal appropriations process. we do have a heavy, non-appropriations agendas the speaker has laid out. but we hope we can have some semblance of a regular order even with all of this and get some appropriation bills through the senate so that we'll have something closer to a regular order appropriations process. most members don't like being
6:40 am
completely irrelevant and when you hand the administration -- it was particularly absurd, of course, to hand the previous administration a blank check. we won't want to hand this one a blank check, either. you're right. it will be challenging. >> we budget a lot of times for appropriations. that's up for the treasury. we'll be in consultation with secretary and treasury when the penetration of the debt ceiling and we'll deal with it with the white house at that time. we don't do people shouting out. [inaudible question]
6:41 am
>> it is quite the opposite. chad. president obama used his pen and phone and executive orders to exceed his power in our perspective. everything that president obama did by executive order this new president can undo. we would like to see them undone and power restored to the people in the states, not the federal government. and that is what this new president is doing. he is restoring the proper balance and in our opinion he is undoing a lot of damage that was done by the last president who exceeded his power. [inaudible question] >> i think if you take a look at the history of the secure fence act the last
6:42 am
administration frustrated the deployment of the fence. this administration is doing the opposite of it. they are facilitating the deployment of a fence and we agree with this. we voted for this in 2006 including chuck schumer voted for the secure fence act. we'll deploy this fence and we'll anticipate a supplemental coming from the administration very shortly how to finish construction and funding and barriers in the way we'll deal with them. a lot of those barriers we think can be done by executive order through the administration just like the last administration frustrated the deployment of the fence or wall. anybody else? [inaudible question] >> as far as the offset we'll wait and see from the
6:43 am
administration what their supplemental looks like. i won't get ahead of a policy and bill that hasn't been written yet but the point is we are going to finance the secure fence act which is the construction of the physical barrier on the border. we have ambitious goals and ambitious time lines. our goal is to get these laws done in 2017. we aspire to get most of these big things done by the august recess when congress does most of its legislating. our goal is by the end of 2017 we have made good on so many of the promises that we made to the people and the policies that we ran on. again the reason we're doing this is because there are people hurting in this country. the reason we're doing this is because america is not anywhere near its potential. we want a faster economic growth, a healthier economy, more wages and we want american businesses to be able to compete. we are losing businesses left and right. they are moving overseas, they are being bought by foreign companies and inverting and becoming foreign companies. we have to fix this so we keep
6:44 am
american businesses in america and we also believe comprehensive tax reform can put american businesses in a better position to keep businesses here and make things in america and export them around the world. that creates a lot of good jobs. healthcare, you all know the law is collapsing. double digit premium increases, deductibles are so high, three times the rate or size of those in a large group market. this law is collapsing. five states only have one healthcare insurance company. one healthcare plan. one out of three counties in america only have one healthcare plan. that's not a choice, that's a monopoly. we believe on behalf of the american people struggling under this law that is collapsing, we have to act. time for one more. >> let me just add on obamacare. remember bill clinton said last year the craziest thing you've ever seen. 8 out of 10 americans wanted it either repealed entirely or
6:45 am
dramatically changed. if hillary clinton were president and chuck schumer were the majority leader we would be revisiting obamacare. the status quo is clearly unacceptable obviously if hillary clinton was president and chuck schumer was majority leader we would be moving toward a single payer system. that's not our vision of how it ought to be handled. status quo is completely unsustainable. [inaudible question]
6:46 am
>> you know us well and been covering budgets for a long time. we are fiscal conservatives. that means we believe government should not live beyond its means and we believe hard working taxpayers in this country deserve a break. that means washington takes less money from them and we also spend less here. that means we have to get our fiscal house in order to prevent a debt crisis in the future. there are two things we can do this year that we think will move us in a great direction on fiscal policy. get healthcare fixed, the driving force of our coming debt crisis are out of control healthcare programs that are collapsing. if we can help fix healthcare, bring more choice and more competition so we have better quality and lower costs and prices that will dramatically help improve our budget situation and if we can get people back to work. if we can get people who are on welfare who aren't working back into the workforce it's better for them. we need them in the economy.
6:47 am
we need these people working for the sake of them and our communities. and that means we have more people working, more people paying taxes, faster economic growth and more revenues. those two things right there are some of the best things we can do to improve our fiscal situation to wall off or prevent an oncoming debt crisis that we know is coming. we're fiscal conservatives. if we'll spend on things like infrastructure we'll find the fiscal space to pay for that in our spring budget. those are the things we're planning on ideas. these are what we've run on and laid out for our members a bold and aggressive agenda to make good on these things. if we get these things done we really believe we'll get this country back on the right track and turn things around for the people who sent us here to work for them. thanks. >> bill: that was chalked full of headlines. the core agenda and timeline according to the house speaker is consistent with president trump. senator mcconnell suggesting that congress will provide the money for the wall and other
6:48 am
details and information is to be worked out then. 8 to 14 billion is the price tag we heard last night. paul ryan saying by the august recess we expect to have an agenda passed and enacted. while that is happening we expect the mexican president to come to washington next week. that's the plan. president trump said this about 40 minutes ago. the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly-needed wall it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting, end quote. watch that story. there are a lot of details right there in that republican conference. >> shannon: more executive action coming from the present on issues that involved sanctuary city and the border can throw a wrench into that meeting next week as well. >> bill: john roberts is talking about more memorandum and executive orders forthcoming. we'll keep you on top of all
6:49 am
this stuff as it moves from the white house. >> shannon: that's our job and we'll do it. >> bill: we'll do our best. >> shannon: president trump opening the door for water boarding. does enhanced interrogation work? at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate...
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
6:52 am
>> when isis is doing things that nobody has heard of since medieval times would i feel strongly about water boarding? as far as i'm concerned we have to fight fire with fire. with that being said, i'm going with general mattis. i'm going with my secretary because i think pompeo is going to be phenomenal. >> bill: it was about enhanced interrogation and citing the atrocities of isis president
6:53 am
trump suggesting he is open to bringing back water boarding deferring to the people he put in charge. my next guess is dr. james mitchell. the architect of the enhanced interrogation program and the man who interrogated khalid sheikh mohammed. i know what your position is now and i know what it was then. what do you make of president trump's position now, sir? >> i think it's a good position. i think he should follow the advice of his people that he has in charge of that. what i would hope they would do on the other hand is take a look at what we currently have in place and see whether or not that meets the need for finding out new intelligence about forthcoming attacks or upcoming attacks. my objection but i'm not anyone
6:54 am
taken too seriously, with the army field man yell. it is like it was written by the terrorists for the terrorists. we tell them what techniques we are going to use. we tell them we're only interested in voluntary statements. we not only tell them how the techniques are used but how we expect them to work and advance notice they make in the program. so to me it seems like -- >> bill: after you carried out was it khalid sheikh mohammed and more or was it just ksm? >> me, about 14 of the highest and most senior people that. >> bill: after that happened you recommended not doing it any longer because you believe you had received the information about the potential for a second attack and you seemed convinced that that wasn't going to happen so you suggested shutting the program down. >> i didn't suggest shutting --
6:55 am
i'm sorry, i didn't suggest shutting the program down. i suggested they quit water boarding. that's what i quugd they do. >> bill: what aspect did you suggest continuing? >> i thought they should use some form of legal collusion. walling and sleep deprivation were what was most effective. if those things are illegal, they shouldn't be done. my position is no one who works for the government should be put in a position where they are expected to engage in illegal activities. but on the other hand, senator mccain has said that in a situation where there is an impending catastrophic attack what he expects that the interrogators would do is whatever is necessary even if it meant breaking the law. >> bill: i referred to the field manual. president trump has said he'll follow the advice of james
6:56 am
mattis. mattis said give me a couple cigarettes and a six pack of beer suggesting he would not be if favor of this. so what do you expect the policy to be under a president trump, doctor? >> i expect the policy to reflect reality. you have to ask yourself would general mattis give up information that would get americans killed for a michelob and pack of winstons? he wouldn't do that. they are going to have to ask themselves are we willing to stand around a great big smoking hole standing on the moral high ground or are we going to put in place illegal remedies to stop the upcoming attacks. >> bill: it's an important topic and we'll continue this. we're short on time today. dr. james mitchell. thank you for your time this morning. >> shannon: president trump is set to leave the white house shortly hitting the road for his first major trip since taking office. his first official flight on air force one as the president.
6:57 am
keep it here and we'll take you there live. id every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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>> shannon: president trump expected to leave the white house this hour heading out of d.c. for the first time since taking office. marine one waiting on the south lawn as it does for a quick flight to joint base andrews where president trump will board air force one for the very first time. it is a new ride. he has had a good ride up to this point. this is an even better ride. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. u.s. immigration and refugee policies front and center. president trump turning his protection to protecting america against the global scourge of terrorism. this from last night. >> obama and hillary clinton and kerry have allowed tens of thousands of people into our country. the f.b.i. is now investigating more people than ever before having to do with terror.
7:01 am
it's from the group of people that came in. look. our country has a lot of problems, believe me. i know what the problems are. even better than you do. they are deep problems. they are serious problems. we don't need more. >> bill: more on the president's refugee plans. jonah, good morning to you. first i want to begin with peter doocy live in philadelphia. republicans gather there and see the president in a couple of hours. what do we expect to hear? good morning there. >> we expect it to be pretty straight forward. president trump needs congress to write the laws to help him make campaign promises come true and he needs them to pay for it. >> i needs there support to repeal and replace obamacare more patient centric and more free market, allowing people to buy across state lines and talk about infrastructure, to talk about funding other projects.
7:02 am
he yesterday signed two major executive orders defunding sanctuary cities. >> we're told speaker paul ryan had a big presentation for members yesterday where he used charts he hadn't shown them before to demonstrate how he sees the next 200 days going. the priority is said to be replacing obamacare, then reforming the tax code. he hopes to have all that done by august recess. >> bill: president trump is there today. mike pence the vice president, theresa may, british prime minister. she will speak at the retreat today, white house tomorrow. >> remember before getting inaugurated now president trump said he hopes to hammer out a new trade deal with britain within a few weeks of taking office. so we're not sure if we'll get more specifics about that today but based on conversations we've had with members, that would be okay with them. they seem like they are just genuinely curious to hear from prime minister may. >> you have a new prime
7:03 am
minister, a new president, tying those bonds together and look, they're going through a transformation there, too, brexit was a big deal and in many ways you saw that in part in the united states. i look forward to hearing from her. i've never sat and listened to her presentation and what her view of the world is. >> something else very few members here have ever had before is the opportunity to work in a unified government so things they're talking about at this retreat carry a little bit more weight because they are a lot more likely to actually happen. >> bill: peter doocy setting things up in philly. the president expected to leave the white house flying down to philadelphia when he addresses republicans from the house and senate. his remarks on the schedule for 12 noon eastern time. we'll bring you live coverage when that starts. >> shannon: as we await the president's departure let's
7:04 am
bring. certain places will have immigration put on hold indefinitely until information is collected, countries are put on notice. critics now jonah are saying this is the muslim ban he planned and promised all along. your response. >> it is not the muslim ban. if you go back and look at how he phrased the original muslim ban, i personally thought it was outrageous and unworkable and ridiculous. but that is not this. this is entirely defensible. i might quibble about this aspect versus that aspect but this is what he ran on and revised and listened to advisor said a blanket muslim ban can't work and has constitutional problems. targeting certain countries that tend to export terrorists, that is entirely within the power of the president of the united states. that's what he said he would do for the last half of the campaign. not a muslim ban.
7:05 am
and the attempt by critics to say it's a muslim ban i think is a disservice both to the facts and to the actual policy. a lot of it is for 120 days while they get the vetting procedures in order and all the rest. the syrian part of it is more indefinitely and we'll see how that plays out over time. but presidents have the power and the obligation to vet the people who come into this country. >> shannon: the countries in question we're talking about are iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. they have been exporters of terror, no question about that. this president promised he would want to take a look at their policies getting them under control and also my understanding is that part of this will demand that foreign governments provide certain information to the u.s. about people who want to travel here and if they can't do that, they'll be banned from travel all together. that sounds reasonable to most people out there regardless of party. some of these things are things we've heard about from democratic administrations in the past and applauded in a
7:06 am
bipartisan way. why not so much under this president? >> i think that's right. i think that you look at that list of countries, the number of muslim countries or number of countries with large numbers of muslims in them is probably in the 70s, the 80s. and you have a list of five countries. it is not a muslim ban. that said i do have some sympathy for the human rights crowd that says if you're a refugee from a war-torn country where the state has failed or trying to kill you, it may be difficult to get information from the central government. and that's one of the reasons why they have vetting procedures in place for some of these refugees because they can't get that kind of information. that's a fair complaint but at the same time -- >> shannon: i want to make sure we emphasize some of what the order will include about who will not be able to get visas
7:07 am
here. anybody who would replace violent religious -- honor killings, violence against women and persecution on the bases of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation. i would think the left would be happy about all of that. >> that's as close as you can get to a no-brainer as i can think of in immigration policy. if someone -- if someone is stupid enough to say i'm calling for violence and i want to move to america, we really shouldn't let them in on darwinian grounds. beyond that, this seems like the kind of things you could build a consensus around. you may have noticed we're not in a big consensus moment in american politics. >> shannon: that's where executive action by the president. we saw it in many previous administrations matters. elections have consequences and what we're seeing now. jonah goldberg, great to see you. >> bill: past presidents tell us the power of the office sinks in when you receive the nuclear codes and a briefing how to use them.
7:08 am
in that interview with david on abc news president trump said that moment for him was no different. >> right after the oath of office they give you the nuclear codes. sobering moment? >> when they explained what it represents and the kind of destruction you are talking about, it is a very sobering moment, yes. it is very, very scary in a sense. >> does it keep you up at night? >> no, but it is confidence that i'll do the right thing and the right job but it is a very, very scary thing. >> bill: the en -- he will be shadowed by a military aid that case with the codes for the nuclear warheads. he describes what it is like to sleep and live in the white house. >> shannon: you have the free world on your shoulders now. it is good to hear somebody is sobered by that and takes it
7:09 am
seriously and knows what he has taken on. >> bill: we'll see him move across the south lawn in 10 minutes from now and cover it live. >> shannon: a busy day. don't miss hannity tonight for an hour-long interview with the president from the white house. this is a cable news exclusive. sean will talk to president trump about his first week in office, his first 100 days, the supreme court pick that's coming, the media and more. on hannity tonight 10:00 eastern on the fox news channel. >> bill: based on the briefing we heard last hour so many topics covered today. he heads to philadelphia and meets with republican leaders on policy and obamacare high on that agenda. mr. trump will speak in a couple of hours about what to do about that and more. we'll cover it. >> shannon: the wheels are in motion to build that wall. former arizona governor january brewer joins us to talk about her issues that her state faced and what she has been waiting fore years with regard to
7:10 am
immigration and border security. >> bill: backlash on the policies of immigration and refugees. it is not going to be an easy fight. what about overseas backlash? that's up next, too. >> are you at all concerned it will cause more anger among muslims around the world? >> there is plenty of anger right now. how can you have more?
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
>> bill: fox news alert. waiting on president trump leaving the white house en
7:14 am
route to a republican retreat that's underway in philadelphia. healthcare on the agenda. the president will talk about noon eastern time. he insists their plan, the republican plan, will be better than obamacare with no one left out. >> my plan is that i want to take care of everybody. i'm not going the leave the lower 20% that can't afford insurance. if i didn't do anything for two years they would be begging me to do something. obamacare is a disaster waiting to explode. if you sit back and let it explode it will be much easier. that's the thing to do, but the right thing to do is to get something done now. i want to make sure nobody is dying on the streets when i'm president. >> a lot to talk about there. marsha blackburn is at the retreat in philly. thank you for your time. about 30 minutes ago paul ryan and mitch mcconnell had a press conference. they said a lot. one of the things they said is
7:15 am
by the august recess expect to have the agenda passed and enacted. now, that's a lot. can you tick off the four or five things that are most significant by august? >> yes indeed. what you are going to see us do is begin work immediately on obamacare. and as the speaker has outlined, he is going to approach that in three buckets. what can be done through reconciliation, what the administration will address and the components we have to take legislative action on. we'll begin the process in the house and we'll send it to the senate. we're also working on tax reform and we will be working on our budget for 2018. so you're right, it is kind of, you know, get ready because here we go and it is full steam ahead. >> bill: do you have any sense you can't accomplish the agenda, the core principles over which you campaigned this
7:16 am
past year? >> i fully believe we're going to get this done. and bill, the thing is the senate has said okay, we don't work at the operational tempo of the house but guess what? we're going to be a little slower and be right there behind you as we pass things over to the senate, the committees are going to take it up. they also have the process of confirmation for supreme court justice and 1200 confirmations they have to do for the administration. we'll be cheering them on and encouraging them to put in those long days and nights and to get this agenda done. >> bill: paul ryan said repeal obamacare in march. tax reform sometime this summer. does that sound about right? >> that is about right. and you will see activity and progress on each component of
7:17 am
our agenda, including reducing the cost and the size of the federal government and working toward a more effective, efficient government. i have to tell you, i'm one of those that really agrees with the president in making certain that we freeze federal hiring and then that we cut spending across the board. he is now saying maybe 10%. i am one of those who have had 1, 2, 5% across the board spending cuts. the thing is regulatory reform is on the way. sending control and power back to the states. letting them make decisions on healthcare and on welfare reform. these are the appropriate things for us to be addressing. every committee is going to be working. >> bill: senator mcconnell said we won't give president trump a blank check. when it comes to the wall there is a figure between $8 and 14 billion. maybe less or maybe it's more.
7:18 am
is that okay with republicans in congress to spend that money? >> it is okay with us to make certain that we secure that southern border. when you look at the cost to society and to the american taxpayers with what is happening with the lack of border control and the inflow of labor trafficking, gangs, sex trafficking, weapons and whoever knows whatever else, it is important that we get a handle on that border and that we secure it. i think that giving that piece of mind to the american citizen and letting them know that their communities are safe. bill, as we have looked at different things, national security, jobs and economic security, retirement security, those are things that are at the top of the heap. and, of course, securing the southern border and dealing with terrorism. dealing with immigration issues. all of those are tough issues.
7:19 am
>> bill: i want to slide one more question in here. as you know president trump says mexico will pay for it and the mexican president, who is due in washington next week says forget about that idea. last hour president trump said if you aren't going to pay for it, call off the meeting. do you think the mexican president should come here next week or not given that? >> i think the mexican president should come. he should meet with the president. the administration, congressional leaders. we should discuss this issue. it cannot be good for the mexican people to have these people trafficking people coming through their country. we know that. >> bill: you endorse the meeting. >> i do. i think it's the right thing. >> bill: marsha blackburn, thank you. the republican from tennessee. thanks for your time. >> shannon: president trump
7:20 am
getting ready for his first trip as commander-in-chief heading to philadelphia expected to speak at a gop conference pushing his agenda forward. the plane that will be called air force one once he steps on board awaits his arrival. >> bill: the president is vowing to make the country safer. we'll talk about this next, >> all of those hurting out there, i repeat to you these words. we hear you, we see you, and you will never, ever be ignored again. it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2!
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>> bill: we're waiting for president trump. he will be on the move in a matter of moments here. air force one at andrews air force base will get his first
7:24 am
ride on board that plane heading to philadelphia for a retreat of republican lawmakers. healthcare is on the agenda. everything is on the agenda there based on what speaker ryan and senator mcconnell said 45 minutes ago. we're watching the movements and we'll bring it to you when it happens here in america's newsroom. >> shannon: growing backlash over president trump's stance on immigration. saying it could tear families apart. he said his plan will be good for americans. >> pundits talk about how enforcing immigration laws can separate illegal immigrant families. but the families they don't talk about are the families of americans. forever separated from the people they love. they don't talk about that ever. >> shannon: let's bring in maria espinoza, national director of the remembrance
7:25 am
project. they advocate for families just like the president was talking about who have loved ones killed by undocumented immigrants. good to have you with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. >> shannon: the president talked about that yesterday. he has specific goals. there are those, though, who want him to take more bold action right away. they wonder why he is not signing an executive order to undo some of what president obama did with respect to the dreamers, the young people here illegally and there is a growing chatter on the hill by some, including representative steve king who very much supported this president and wants to see more action, are you concerned that there hasn't been more immediate action on that front? do you think he will get there as quickly as you would like him to? >> i believe he will get there and i'm not concerned right now. right now president trump is fulfilling his promise to the people in providing safe communities and he is taking those steps toward that. he is also, as you saw yesterday, providing safe communities for families, angel
7:26 am
mothers and remembrance project families to secure the border and you saw he is going to put forth building the wall and removing sanctuary cities. so his promise to the people, which is the fundamental duties of a government and the angel families, we're not nervous about that. we know he will keep his promise. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of one of those angel moms laura wilkerson. she was on with martha last night in the first 100 days talking about this debate. >> you are legal or illegal. one way or another. no gray area. you've had plenty of time in this country to get in line and come in the front door. >> shannon: how do you think this president will be able to balance those who say you have to have compassion for people but it needs to be the american people and those here legally? i know you were the child of an immigrant who came here legally. went through the process. it is a lengthy and expensive process and not easy but there is a reason for it. >> there are always people who
7:27 am
prefer lawlessness and there is a system. it is a good system and to ignore our laws will only encourage more bad behavior. so we look at the families like dustin and spencer, these are families suffering. this is our priority. president trump has american families' best interests and our country in mind and at heart. >> shannon: how do you respond to those worried as i mentioned earlier, white house chief of staff reince priebus talking about the fact it's not the number one priority for the president to sign an order undoing what president obama had done with young people. we'll prioritize and work it out. it is not number one on the list right now. how do you respond to those concerns? >> i absolutely agree with president trump in his administration. turning off that spigot first. then we start implementing the current laws and removing
7:28 am
sanctuary cities that provide a safe haven for illegal aliens. removing criminal illegal aliens right away and enforcing immigration and employment laws. he is on the right track. >> shannon: there is the plain truth that a lot of these laws are already on the books not like he needs a whole lot of new things to do, enforcing what's there. he talked about that yesterday. thank you for your time, good to see you. >> thank you. >> bill: as we mentioned president trump about to leave the white house on board air force one and head to philadelphia and there he will meet with republican lawmakers gathered at a republican retreat. this is the news of the day. he is expected to urge his fellow republicans to make his agenda reality. and based on what we heard last hour, that's the timeline that apparently is on track based on republican leaders in congress. stay tuned for that coming up. >> shannon: upon of his main
7:29 am
priorities, deporting people here illegally who have criminal records. countries are being asked to take back their citizens or face the consequences.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> shannon: we're waiting the president's arrival at joint base andrews. once he boards that plane it will be called air force one. we're awaiting his departure from the white house which always an interesting bit of pomp and circumstance as he walks across the lawn. gets onto marine one. we'll bring you the tape of that and his arrival here as he prepares to take his first trip at president over to philadelphia. >> bill: details on how he is reflecting in the first six nights of sleeping at the white house. did an interview with "the new york times" and some interesting details in there. >> shannon: it has to be surreal. >> bill: a lot of history, too. here we go. >> are you concerned it will cause more anger among muslims around the world? >> anger? there is plenty of angry right
7:33 am
now. the world is as angry as it gets. the world is an angry place. >> bill: there is more action on immigration policy today. carl higbie , how are you doing? welcome back here. you've seen the order. what do you make of it? >> i think there is a multi-part of this order. nothing in this order, the new immigration order is anything that should surprise anyone considering the rhetoric on the campaign trail, which i agreed with. you have two parts. one he is enforcing the immigration here in america. the laws already on the books. the other one where he is blocking or suspending immigration from a few nations, five right now. is just to protect the united states of america from hot beds of terror. >> bill: how long would it be okay to keep that in place? what do you need?
7:34 am
do you need 90 days, 120, what do you think? >> in some circumstances he has given 30, 90, 120. his staff needs to find out what is going on. i don't advocate letting anyone in the understand and what their ideology is and why they're coming here. a lot of people are coming here because they're victims of terrorist sites and things like that. there is also a few people in there, maybe 10% or so is average estimates, that are here to do harm to western civilization. those are the people we need to keep out. if it's at the expense of the other 90%, i'm for it. >> bill: i wonder how it is discussed tomorrow with theresa may from the u.k. europe is dealing with a similar issue too, carl. >> shannon: what is happening now. both sides are flexing their muscles. we've seen what happened in europe and germany and sweden. rape statistics have gone up drastically since the mass
7:35 am
migration of refugees. there is a big issue with the people among these refugees, not all of them. among the refugees that are not creating safe areas within the countries letting them in. >> bill: talk about the cia black sites. it came up on abc and enhanced interrogation. you favor water boarding, correct? >> i would rather not have to. >> bill: you believe it works? >> it's way above my pay grade to make the decision. they are willing to chop off our heads, burn us, drown us and we're bound by rules of engagement that are basically you can barely pat them on the back and give them a cigarette and a beer and hope for the best. >> bill: what are the boundaries in your view when it comes to these offsite -- c.i.a. black sites in enhanced interrogation? how far is too far? >> it's a slippery sloped. we're a civil ao*idsed group of
7:36 am
people. we need to go as far as we need to go. there should be checks and balances. not one guy in a room by himself making the decision. i've been overseas and in iraq and seen intergation tactics that work less than civil and i've seen interrogation tactics where you sit down and give the guy a coca-cola and a steak and he will tell you anything you want. i think it goes both ways. >> bill: with mike pompeo and general mattis, what do you think the decision is on this with this administration? how does president trump get down on this when he said that he will rely on the advice of the people he has hired now? >> general mattis made clear he doesn't think water boarding works. general mattis is a very smart guy and donald trump a smart guy. he will listen to the advice of those in what we call in the arena, as your contributor wrote a book about. they make the decision based on the guys actually doing the job. if that's a decision that comes
7:37 am
down from general mattis and president trump i'm for it. >> bill: carl, thank you. carl higbie reacting to the news of the day. awaiting on the president. thank you, sir. 36 minutes past. >> shannon: president trump has made it clear he wants to get rid of undocumented immigrants with criminal records. the white house is putting 23 countries on notice that if they refuse to take back their citizens who are in the u.s. illegally and have committed crimes there will be trouble. they say those countries could lose access to visas among other things. william is live in l.a. with the story. 23 countries, how many people are we talking about here? >> over 60,000. there are three kinds of criminal aliens, shannon. those who are in jail, who are in sanctuary cities and those released because their home country won't take them back. not once in the last eight years did the state department
7:38 am
even threaten these countries saying you don't take your people back, your people can't come here. donald trump said yesterday he will play hardball. >> the day is over when they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. we'll get them out and we're going to get them out fast. our order also does the following. ends the policy of catch and release at the border. requires other countries to take back their criminals. they will take them back. >> top seven countries, china, cuba, haiti, brazil, pakistan, vietnam. over 100,000. 60,000 criminal aliens out free because their countries wouldn't take them back. it runs into the hundreds of millions. the last two presidents refuse to enforce the law. only once did the state department do so. shannon that was guyana in 2001 and they immediately took their
7:39 am
people back. donald trump on this diplomatic issue won't be diplomatic. back to you. >> shannon: it has been a long time. william, thank you. >> bill: the plane has been moved but we're still watching. right there air force one president trump getting ready to leave washington making a short flight up to philadelphia first time as president on board air force one. republican leaders are there waiting for him and we're waiting for that moment to happen. stay tuned on that. >> shannon: we'll bring it to you live. the president is moving ahead with one of his hallmark proposals. the wall along the southern border. former arizona governor jan brewer knows the border well and she will join us to weigh in on the president's plan next. >> we have to talk about the funding of that with mexico to pay for it and also implicit in that executive order is really giving additional tools and resources to our brave men and women in law enforcement and those who are trying to secure our border. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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>> shannon: we are awaiting president trump's departure from joint base air force andrews, he has to leave the white house first to get there. we're monitoring this. the first trip on air force run en route to a republican retreat in philadelphia and facing u.s. and mexico about building the wall along the border signed yesterday at the department of homeland security. >> a nation without borders is not a nation. beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders. [applause] the secretary of homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of a border wall. as i've said repeatedly to the country, we are going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the drug deals and gangs
7:44 am
and gang members and cartel leaders. >> shannon: mexico's president responding in a nationally televised address saying i regret and reject the decision of the u.s. to build the wall. i'm joined by jan brewer former republican governor of arizona. that a big issue there. no one knows that better than you. >> good morning, shannon. great to be with you. >> shannon: this is something president trump ran on. he made speech after speech after speech. people here in the u.s., people around the world, they knew this was coming and yet some negative reaction. are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised but i am so grateful and i think the majority of the people in the united states are very grateful that now today we have a president that is going to stand up for the rule of law and do their job. it's the federal government's responsibility to secure our borders and you know, i was whistling in the wind for so
7:45 am
long to finally have somebody in d.c. that is going to get it done. i'm actually -- it's almost unbelievable but i'm so encouraged. >> shannon: you know there has been a lot of back and forth over exactly how it will get paid for. there have been tweets, speeches, statements. i want to play a little bit of what president trump said about the cost of the wall. >> that wall will cost us nothing. there will be a payment. it will be in a form perhaps a complicated form. and you have to understand what i'm doing is good for the united states. it will also be good for mexico. >> shannon: now we know the mexican president is supposed to visit here next week and yet there is a question about whether he is going to come because the wall is going up and the president continues to say that eventually even if congress pays for it and funds it on the front end somehow he will get that money back from mexico. they say not going to happen. >> well, you know, there is a lot of different ways that this
7:46 am
can be attained. obviously we can do certainly visa application fees, we could use border user fees. there are many different ways. in fact, here in arizona in 2006 we did a report where 1.1 billion dollars were confiscated of illegal dollars that could be included in the helping to build for the wall and that's just arizona alone. if we took in california and texas and new mexico, we would have it paid in a minute. but i believe donald trump, i believe the president knows what he is saying and i know that he gets done what he says he is going to do. so we're totally encouraged. bottom line, i believe is that even if we had to appropriate the dollars some way in front, it would be well worth it with taking into consideration certainly what we have spent in arizona. i had a $9 billion budget and i was spending $2 billion of it
7:47 am
on illegal immigration, taking the services, education, the health, incarceration, dealing with the drop houses, the prostitution, the trafficking, the sex trafficking, the drug cartels. i mean, it just is impossible to keep up with it. we need our borders secured. we need the wall built, and thank god that president trump is going to do it and deliver what he promised in his campaign. >> shannon: while we have you i want to ask you about a piece that you've written that draws attention to something that's very critical. the education of young children whose families and parents are in the military. we all -- i come from a military family and i know when people have to get up and move and constantly be figuring out education options for their children it can be really difficult. >> it is absolutely difficult. as a parent that's why i got involved in politics. i was concerned about my children's education. i grew up on a base and know how important it is. we have the military families
7:48 am
where the majority of the kids are moving from school to school in regards to six to nine times between k and 12 grades. that's impossible. what we need to do is to assure them a good, good education with high quality academic standards and it needs to be across the board. so when they do move, they are not ahead of themselves or behind themselves. that the standards are there so that those children can be successful moving forward. it is so important that we care of our military. in fact, it's affecting our military families and decisions whether to stay in the military or not. it is all about education and being successful. >> shannon: we owe them a debt of gratitude we can never fully repay. great to see you today. >> bill: what's happening, jenna, good morning to you. >> big moment for the new trump administration as he heads to
7:49 am
philly on air force one. we'll watch that live and we'll talk about his busy week so far. new policy on immigration, healthcare, voting, communication, terror, jobs, the full list. all covered at the top of the hour. see you then. >> bill: police rounding up several reporters as violence breaks out during the inauguration. remember this? what you may not know crossing the line between a journalist and a protestor. we'll examine that issue try to figure out the facts on the inside next here.
7:50 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate...
7:51 am
we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
7:52 am
>> bill: did you know a handful of reporters were taken into custody during violent protests as president trump was sworn in last friday? some of those reporters also described as activists and my
7:53 am
next guest writes a piece that says the following. when i read as many as six journalists had been detained and charged with felonies in washington, d.c. on the day donald trump became president the first question i had, were they taking pictures or taking part? john moody, executive vice president and columnist wrote that and is with me now. what happened? >> well, as we all know there were some violent protests in washington during the inauguration and in the hours right after it as well. there were as many as 230 people arrested and among them i learned somewhat late were six journalists, accredited journalists, and they're charged with felony rioting, which is a crime. >> bill: does that suggest they took part? >> they have all denied they participated in this. the u.s. attorney's office told me they're looking at each case
7:54 am
and make a case-by-case determination about whether these card carrying journalists became riotors. >> bill: you can't riot while you're working and express your press pass to protect you. you've been covering this since the 1970s. that was your first press pass. >> i admit it. >> bill: do you think the standards have changed over time. >> drastically changed. i think the reporters that i broke in with and who taught me how to ply this trade would never have wanted their own opinions expressed while they were covering something. they were there to be observers, not participants. over the years, opinion journalism has become more and more prevalent and i think that when you get a situation like the one in washington last week where reporters are even being suspected of taking part in rioting, you've crossed the line. >> bill: i wonder what
7:55 am
technology does to that equation? can you quantify that? >> it makes it so much more simple. anybody with an iphone and access to a youtube account can call himself or herself a journalist and that's not necessarily the case. you can be someone who is streaming and was there and wanted to show the world what you saw. that does not make you a journalist. >> bill: excellent point. i caution viewers when you watch the protests to look at the images carefully and count the number of photographers compared to rioters because it will tell you a lot, john. >> it does indeed. this was one of those occasions there was a huge media presence at these protests. most of the journalists there did their job properly and everything else. but there are at least some, i saw a twitter feed by one accused of the crime where he is boasting here come the police. we'll get arrested. it is minutes away. well, that's really not the job of a reporter. >> bill: it's an interesting story to tell. thanks for sharing with us today.
7:56 am
check out john's column online fox and read mr. moody's comments today. thanks. shannon, what's next? >> shannon: we're waiting for president trump to head to philadelphia where he is set to speak to fellow republicans. the plane is awaiting his arrival. when he steps on it becomes air force one. we'll take you there live.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> president trump racing to enact policies, many via executive order. so far in his first days as president, mr. trump has signed four executive orders, you can contrast that to president obama's first week back in 2009, when he signed six executive orders by this point. also president trump has signed eight presidential memoranda which has less formal status, but the fact is the man has been busy. >> in the memorandum still count, right? >> they absolutely do count. >> we are trying to keep track
8:00 am
of all the stuff day by day, day four, as sean spicer said. so we will see air force one as it takes off for philadelphia, stay tuned, we will have the coverage for you. it will be a big day of news, standby, we will catch you tomorrow. >> jon: well, as you just saw, air force one is still on the ground at joint base andrews about to take out for philadelphia, where president trump will meet his fellow republicans at a retreat, where they are all hoping to hammer out a legislative agenda. the first 100 days of the trump administration, welcome to "happening now," on jon scott. >> jenna: hayek, everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> jon: i would like to sit in the left seat of air force one one time, that would be sweet. >> jenna: we could arrange something like that, i bet you could get you inside air force one. where would you


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