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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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like it to be a dialogue. many of you have strong opinionsabout the media . we are back next sunday, hope to see you then with the latest buzz. ms. black. [music] and alert and chaos with confusion that's continuing airports across the country. president trump executive order bars citizens from seven mostly muslim countries from entering the nation and that includes a first green card holders and legal permanent residents of the us. it's as well as cutting the number of all refugees in half. it was a ruling in the government for deporting passengers not allowed in. the order is only growing. welcome to america's news
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headquarter. >> i am marcel noble. more than 100 people are detained sparking protest and several us cities. the immigration mortar may be dialed back. kristen fisher is at the white house with more reaction from president trump and the administration.gary follows the impact on capitol hill. we first began with ryan who is live at jfk airport in new york city. it reaches 5000. there are a few dozen here today. let's get the numbers straight. thus far, seven people have been released. that's according to the pro bono lawyers. also, on top of that we know
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there are five ãseven detainees that are still at jfk airport. this video that we show you is an iraqi woman who was released just moments ago. she had been detained since 7:00 am. this video that we are seeing is a reuniting of a man and his fiancce. that man is ali. he has been a citizen for 18 years. his fiancce was held inside that airport detained here at jfk. listen to what he had to say after that reuniting. it's a 21-year-old beautiful woman. initially, they handcuffed her and i got a little better now. she has an eight in two days. she was crying for the last two days but as of today it gets a little bit better. >> these photos here show these
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lawyers had showed up and 100 lawyers here at jfk, terminal four.offering help in making sure families that are still wondering where their love ones are. some don't know whether there are detainees and they are talking to lawyers to make sure the documentation is putting the court and they can be released. they been here all day. governor andrew cuomo held a press conference and he says the lawyersand the detainees have the full support of the state. listen . >> they have legal rights. they have rights to due process and equal protection rights. those rights can be asserted in a court of law. those rights have to be protect it. that is what the port authority, my counsel office, will provide the legal assistance to make sure people are having their legal rights represented. >> what you are seeing right now is a protest that started
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at 2:00 today at battery park in downtown manhattan. again, it's been an issue here in the city were protest are massive. the mayor, bill de blasio, has been no stranger to the criticism to donald trump and he has said earlier that there is just confusion. no guide that's given by the government as to how to follow president trump's travel ban and that and to the confusion and chaos. eric? >> thanks so much. >> brian and eric ãoverseas, protesters in israel rally outside the us embassy in tel aviv. also voicing opposition to the president's travel ban saying the ancestors face civil similar rejection while fleeing the nazis. >> we are standing here as human beings and citizens of the united states. we are saying that we won't stand for policy that incite hate.
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trumps new policy is very similar. not even as bad as policies that he is an active for years. we are standing together to say no more and never again. >> there you heard the protesters targeting the refugee policies of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is facing backlash after treating his support yesterday for president trump's plan to build a wall along the mexico border. >> brian: the trump administration say it's a temporary travel ban rate last year obama administration list of countries of concern. that includes the same nations. syria,iraq , yemen, sudan and libya. they have carried out the attacks on our country and they are overwhelmingly of other nations. let's consider the first radical terrorist attack here in us soil. the assassination of the jewish rabbi was carried out by l studied. he was from egypt and it's a
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nation not on the list. it was by the blind ab direct. they bombed the world trade center in 1993. he was also from egypt. the 9/11 hijacker has cross from saudi arabia and that the nation not on the list. he attempted the car bombing in times square in 2010 and it was the work of the us citizen from pakistan. it's a nation not on the list. the new york subway bombing with a us citizen from afghanistan. a nation not on the list. the boston marathon bombings ã do you remember those brothers question mark us citizens born in kurz expand. two nations not on the list. the san bernardino shooting, syed farouk was born here and his wife was from pakistan. again, a nation not on the list. omar mateen was born in long island new york. the suspected manhattan bomber, the bombs on 23rd st. he is a
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us citizen who was born in afghanistan. a nation, not on the list. finally, he went on a stabbing spree in st. cloud minnesota at a mall last september. he was of some only dissent and he was born in kenya. the nation not on the list. resident obama in 2011 issued a temporary pause in the pressing of applications from iraq and similar terrorist concerns with two iraq he refugees charged with plotting attacks in kentucky and the band was eventually lifted. lawmakers on both sides of the aislerespond to the president's order , that includes chuck schumer. the senate majority labor leader says they should overturn the travel ban on refugees. claiming it makes the us less safe. garrett is joining us now from washington.
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>> senator schumer has been one of the most outspoken critics. immigrants earlier today should introduce legislation to get the order's unconstitutional. you don't need to be a legal scholar to know that we should not have religious test in america. my view is that the courts will throw it out. it will take a way to get up to the top. we already had three or four courts. not just here in new york but other places issuing a temporary restraining order. >> those have been issued by federal judges and new york and massachusetts preventing the us border agents from deporting 200 people according to the aclu. they had already arrived from the band countries and president trump issued his executive order. the white house see some pushback from his own party. in face the nation, senator john mccain criticized the
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action for being rolled out too quickly. it would hurt the us in the fight against islamic radical terrorism. >> is been a confusing process. i'm glad it's not a pause but for us to do it ãwe have to understand the ramifications of this kind of action. the effect will probably, in some areas, give isis more propaganda. >> the white house is not backing down. it stands fully behind the order. it's protecting and securing america. thank you, garrett.protesters have been heating up for second day outside the white house. the controversy surrounding the refugee band is not slowing trump down.he is scheduled to talk with the crown prince of the uae among other international calls.
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hey, eric. the white house hasn't said anything about the hundreds of protesters that were one block away. the crowd is starting to dissipate but fortwo hours , they were out there chanting things like refugees are welcome here. no hate no fear. it's almost impossible not to hear it if you are inside the white house. the last we heard from president trump about the immigration order was the street from this morning saying the country needs strong borders and extreme betting now. look at what's happening all over europe in the world. a horrible mess. president trump is not backing down. nor are three of his senior advisers who dispatch to defend the order. he will not apologize for putting this safety in this country first and foremost. >> this is a ban on travel from countries.
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>> reason we chose those countries is that those are the seven countries that the congress and the obama administration identified as being the seven countries that were most identifiable with dangerous terrorism taking place in their countries. >> the other thing happening at the white house our phone calls with more world leaders. the king of saudi arabia, the crown prince and the acting president of south korea. one more thing that gets a lot of attention is president trump adding the controversial strategist to the national security council principal committee which includes the secretary of state and the secretary of defense. bannon will have even more clout on national security matters going forward. eric? >> thanks so much. >> we are breaking news now. in the battle against terrorism ãa tragic reminder of the dangers.
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the sacrifices that the armed forces face. it's on the front lines overseas. the us service member has been killed and three others wounded in a raid against the al qaeda emigrants. the raid was the first counterterror operation approved by president trump since he took office. marks the first combat against hisadministration. powell is live in the bureau with more . >> for the last 15 years or so, the us has been targeting al qaeda in yemen. the group has suffered serious setbacks but as the war in yemen has raged, al qaeda has used the chaos there to regroup and expanding operations. according to the pentagon, this weekend the us military launched a raid on a senior al qaeda group facility. we don't know what it was and we do know it's in the southeastern part of the country. just south of the capital there. the military says at least one
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shoulder was so short soldier was killed.three others were injured. the helicopter crashed and another service member was injured as part of this ongoing operation. this was the first operation or combat death that has come under the watch of the new president, donald trump. we also understand the operation was planned well in advance but it was signed off and approved by the new commander in chief.he did have some input in the operation but it was not something that was just planned in the last few days. the pentagon says it's a well planned out operation and has been in the works for some time. >> thank you, connor. as the president and administration defend the travel order, several republicans are speaking out against the band. gop lawmakers criticizing the way it was implemented.a
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texas congressman says what the order means for immigrants. [music]
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>> eric: president trump's travel ban and others are
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speaking out. a longer ban on all refugees for now. the executive action sparks protest that we have been reporting on in several airports across the country. some republican lawmakers criticized the way the president implemented the order. the good news is only has to go with the pause but this projects process was not vetted. there is so many questions that did not filter down to the customs people. he supports the action. congressman ãgood to see you. what you think it's appropriate? >> let's make sure we separate fact from fiction.
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it's a temporary pause. it's not a band on muslims and it's not a religious test. the number one responsibility is to protect the nation. in order to do that, we need to look at the refugees that are coming in. last summer we were given a presentation by the whole refugee program. many of us came away with the uncertainty as to how well the refugees are vetted. secondly ãit mirrors a bipartisan bill that passed the house last year. it provides for a pause. it matches a temporary pause that president obama issued in 2011. lastly, we can't forget this ã the reason why we have this issue is because of the president's failed policy in the middle east. it has caused this.i think taking 120 day breath is a smart thing to do for the
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safety of our country and its citizens. it's important to note that if someone has a green card or theyare otherwise admitted , this pause is not impact them. the bad news is that the executive order was not well communicated and implemented. that's the cause of the confusion and alot of the false propaganda that's come out recently .>> it might not be false propaganda but the rule reports about problems with green cards. legal citizens who were barred in the airports. the critics of this ãwe saw the demonstrators ãthey would say that it's overly broadand illegal as a federal judge has already said that .what would you say to someone? he was one of the guys that was detained. a refugee went to the system for the past two years and use an interpreter and this guy ã you see him on the left ã congressman ãhe is a hero. he is the type of refugee that
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you thank you would want in the united states to help us and potentially sacrifice his life for the freedom and dignity of his people. how do you address him when dealing with the support of this? >> yesterday, 300 thousand people came to united states yesterday and just over 100 were detained. it was because of my last point that i made earlier. it's the's the implementation of this program ãi wish the administration would take a few extra minutes to make sure everyone was on the same page. this gentleman would not have been detained and should not be detained. >> the concern that it would inflame radicalization. isis and al qaeda. is there a concern about that customer. >> isis is out to kill americans anywhere in the world that they can. this is not going to do anything to make their case stronger and let's do the end.
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if you had not done this ã would it make isis less likely to kill americans? number it's a false narrative. >> in terms of the seven country ãthere's a lot of questions. you don't have saudi arabia. you it's terrorist attacks and our nation. you don't have egypt, for example for you don't have afghanistan and you don't have pakistan. it's a terrorist breeding ground. you think it should be expanded? these are seven countries like iran where there is an anti-american terrorism around the world. the second one is that you look at the other countries and they have no effective simple government. like james comey told us last year when he gave us a briefing ãhe said, look bcan't tell you what the background of the people is. they are coming in the united states because there is no centralized government records
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system. you don't know who they are and you don't know their background. that's the reason. it's not because they are muslim ãsaudi arabia is different becauseit has a centralized government . we have a refugee that wants to come and we can call that government and get them to know who they are. you can't when they come from syria or parts of iraq. >> finally, you mentioned it's temporary. hundred and 20 days for all refugees. whatwill happen ? what about three months or four months from now? i think what will happen is that youwill see the refugee program . the vetting program significantly enhance from what it was before. like i said earlier, many of us came away from both sides of the aisle and felt very uncomfortable with the vetting process that existed. we help we owe it to the
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citizens and the residence to make sure they stay safe. if it takes120 days to get the process right , i would say that's well worth the investment. we have a nation of immigrants and several of our folks are refugees.we are not stopping the program. just try to get it right. >> you say taking a breath. demonstrations unfolding across the country where travelers have been detained over the president's temporary travel ban. we approach life by simply enjoying it.>>
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: we are more on the top story. the fallout from president trump executive order banning entry into the country. the people from seven majority muslim nations.
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the protest continuing across the country. it's 16 state attorney general's now. it's the band while some republican lawmakers are supporting the president and others are blasting the order. the lawyers are saying some people still face imminent deportation despite the state issued by federal judge. 7000 people are packed into the terminal. walking you througha little bit here .you can see just how many people are protesting. the number could go up to hundred and 50.
1:30 pm
it's a lack of information. she hasn't been able to have much contact with them. they don't know where they are right now. take a listen to what she has to say. >> please, let them come. >> thank you so much. [crying] obviously an emotional situation. it was on the ground here trying to help the people who were detained. they have yet to confirm, they have refused to provide any
1:31 pm
up-to-date information. they refused to confirm whether it's specific individuals here. >> is a big frustration. they just don't know the facts. lax can normally be chaotic but nothing like this. so many people are trying to get through here. back to you. >> thank you. we are certainly making the same more disorganized. >> president trump is working to make sure there is heads of state as he begins the second week in office. the president's poll of saudi
1:32 pm
arabia and the united arab emirates and south korea. tomorrow, jordan will arrive in washington on the heels of president trump's travel ban. it's not clear if the king will meet with the president. the executive order restricts travel bands and it's from seven majority countries sparking protest. let's bring in jim ãthe internal security expert for the mit securities program. are you there? >> i am. always nice to talk to you. as you look at video here, live in new york, protest breaking out here and it's battery park in lower we look at these protests grow across the country ãwith that in mind, also getting a statement from the white house regarding saudi arabia and the call with president trump and reading that they are told that they
1:33 pm
agreed to support safe zones in syria and yemen. your take on that? >> the whole idea of safe zones came up last week. there was a legal executive order that would ask the pentagon to come up with a plan. let's be clear about what they are. you go into syria and you grab a piece of syrian territory and refugees moved to the territory and someone has to protect them there.there were lots of questions. does that mean americantroops will be on the ground ? going into take the territory. protecting them to be bombed by the syrian government and will we have additional forces to protect our own because if you are in the middle of a civil war and you are isis ãsuddenly have a sweet target in your
1:34 pm
ball is american on the ground. it's a lot easier to go after them then to come after the united states all these many miles away. lots of questions here. in any case, it won't happen right away. it's sort of a draft of an idea reading more from the white house statement. the president agreed for safe zones in syria as well as saving other deas to displace them in the ongoing conflict. i want to ask you, doctor walsh ãshould president trump concern himself with what leaders of saudi arabia and the uae think about his order? they are not on the travel ban but might there be unintended consequences or backlash from these countries.
1:35 pm
>> absolutely. you will always have your ears open. the world is a tough place. it's hard to get anything done. you have to work with partners. we shouldn't criticize them all the time. it's about partners in the middle east.when it comes to them, we have talked about this as it relates here in terms of the homeland protection. there are terrorists and extremists who do they murder the most ? we need the help of the citizens. either we win together or we lose separately.
1:36 pm
it's what it doesin our battle and our broader fight .>> understood. as we are talking and looking at my pictures here. battery park in lower manhattan. protesters are they are and protesting presidents trumps executive order. as you know, jordan will be coming to washington on a working visit. he will meetface-to-face with president trump but if it doesn't take place , is there anything to read into this? is it reading too much into it? you know that meeting was not on the itinerary.
1:37 pm
jordan is a part of the antiracist coalition. >> let's talk about jordan. if the meeting happens or if there is any change they will be a word that describes that called awkward. jordan ranks number one in all the countries in the world. number one for taking and refugees. they have more than a million. they have more than the syrian refugees and refugees from other conflicts in the us. they've taken more than a million we have taken in 10,000. i'm sure the king has been asking for help publicly in dealing with refugees in jordan and in the region itself ãi am sure he is pretty concerned with what's going on and also what impact he will have on his country. if the refugee isn't coming
1:38 pm
here they will come to jordan and the other countries. it will pose real problems. >> i have to leave it there. it's near battery park in new yorkcity . >> they are just north of city hall gathering at foley square. it's the courthouse that we have seen as many trials. it's including the rosenberg case in the 1950s. it's a very historic place. the judge that issued the state is based in brooklyn on the eastern district of new york. there on the left you see the federal courthouse and the marshal. the federal courthouse in downtown manhattan.pearl street in the new courthouse between the buildings there . today, it's sunday but clearly it will be headed to federal court across the country.
1:39 pm
meanwhile, there is concerned about how this will impact businesses in silicon valley. they expressed concern over the presidents travel restrictions. we take a look coming up on how this could affect is in us, the economy and the stock market tomorrow.
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if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. president trump hasissued a
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statement that says this . america is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue toshow compassion to those fleeing oppression. we will do so while protecting our own citizens and borders. policy is similar to what obama did in 2011. he banned visas for refugees from iraq . the seven countries that are named in the executive order of
1:44 pm
the same countries previously identified by the obama administration as sources of terror. president goes on to say to be clear, this is not a muslim man . the media is falsely reporting it. this is not about religion, it's about terror and keeping our country safe. the government will reissue visas as soon as it believes it's safe to do so.that could be good news for american corporations. they have been voicing concerns about the impact on this travel ban. what is it mean for business? wall street, jim joins us with the columnist. >> a lot of concern and silicon valley and the impact on the employees of the largest corporations of the country. >> that statement that you just read would have been really nice to have had a few days ago before this whole executive order took place. right now, the business community is concerned. there's industries that are really dependent on immigrant workers that could do unskilled work and skilled work that a
1:45 pm
lot of american workers haven't been able to fulfill. the national association of homebuilders reported and did a survey of their members in december and 82 percent of them said they will have a hard time finding workers to do construction jobs. because of that, with this kind of regulation, the harder it is tofind people that provide skill . 30 percent of contractors that build homes and they are all immigrant born. it's really important for that industry. the service industry is very reliant. as you mentioned, the technology. the ceo from microsoft, facebook, apple and google ã they combated against it because they fear it will they have the foreign workers coming back to the us.
1:46 pm
they are concerned about what the future will be. >> let me just give an example. you talked about the deficit ã look at the visa. 274,000 issued in 2013. 1220 and 282 syria's and mention google question mark here is what an email is from the wall street journal. the head of the google to the email saying we are upset about the impact of this order and any proposals that could impose restrictions on google and their families. that could create barriers to bringing great talent to the us. it's painful to see that personal costs of this executive order on our colleagues. that asks the question ãwhat is the impact on some of these major companies and what happens tomorrow on wall street in terms of the stock if they can't get the talent that they rely on or thetalent that they want to have ? >> there is one big impact.
1:47 pm
it's actually cost. making sure they can get the employees and they have unfilled jobs that need to be done and they can't find good spilled skilled people. they have to pay more for skilled people to find it anymore when they can ãif the companies are paying more, trust me ãyou and i and the us consumer will pay more. as far as the effects, right now it's not enough information to know if it will cause it. it's not what happened in the past. i am not a stock prognosticator but most companies, even technology companies will be keeping a very weary eye on what happens. will this make the adventures run from them? i don't think so.
1:48 pm
calling into question the ability and it creates uncertainty. if there is one thing that the business community does not like, the biggest thing that my clients complain about under the past eight years is the uncertainty of what the government will do. it's the one thing that president trump should try to avoid. >> now we have other issues. it's popping up over this weekend. finally, we talked about the cost and major corporations. it is temporary. in that statement that i read, the president indicates it could be lifted and obviously, if the refugees and others try to come here and they fulfill the security requirements. couldn't they have done all of this without making the complete stop?
1:49 pm
it's the chaos over the weekend. it's the biggest issue i'm talking about. most of my clients are concerned with ãnot what the government wants to do but the way they are going aboutdoing it . it's causing too much uncertainty. i think companies can swallow it right now because the hope is growth in the future but more actions like this create a lot of concern among my clients. >> it will see what happens on opening day. thank you so much. >> thank you, jean. the hollywood award season goes on with the screen actors guild award. who will take on the top prize. also, a reaction on the presidents travel ban. a live report from los angeles, coming up next.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. hollywood a listers honor their
1:53 pm
own tonight at the 23rd annual sag awards in los angeles. michael host the in the spotlight and the vp of marketing is there to break down the front runners and tell us what it means for more films
1:54 pm
that were snubbed from the awards. michael ãwhat is the talk on the executive order? >> greetings from the red carpet. the front lines where politics will collide. before we get to all of that let's see what will happen and what people could expect the screen actors guild prepares to hand out the highest honors. many of the act first said this is the ultimate prize.>> it's actors giving to other actors and no one knows better than another what it takes to do a great performance. it's also the largest voting body of any award show. we have over hundred and 21,000 and 546 voters this year. they are from all around the country. these are actors and broadcast artists who know what it takes. >> the categories are split between film and t.v.. orange is the new black artist says
1:55 pm
the award nominator should help the t.v. shows grow their audiences. >> i feel like nominations validate the show and open up to an audience who wasn't thinking that they would want to watch that.>> we will also see who our members think have given the best performances in t.v. and film because it's only about t.v. and film. 13 categories. >> most of the nominees in the film category vernon auster oscar nod. viola davis, denzel washington and casey affleck for manchester by the sea and ryan gosling for lala land. >> you can expect a lot of
1:56 pm
protest from everyone in the hall tonight. the executive order has not gone down too well. especially since the oscar nominee might not be able to attend the ceremony later in february. >> yes. we have been reading about that controversy. as you said ãpolitics and pop culture end up colliding. michael ãthank you very much for that great report. looking good as always. >> the woman in the gown is taking a selfie of her, not michael. >> she's not taking a shot of michael. i see where you're going with that. i hope you will join us then. 6:00 p.m. eastern. one hour.
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today's terrorists can kill innocent people. they don't pose a threat to the nation. we must not make the mistake o elevating them as if they do >> they are sneaky , dirty rats. sneaky, dirty is that for change?


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