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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 30, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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back here next sunday, hope to see you then with the latest buzz. aiver
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programs. i think we need to tighten things up, congress passed legislation to do so at the end of 2015. but second, we got to do it in a way that's consistent with values and consistent with national security.
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we are a beacon of hope and opportunity for the rest of the world. it's our self-image and important part of foreign policy. harris: in the last little while, not only have we heard from the president, but staccato, time after time hearing from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle and the department of homeland security will continue to enforce the president's executive orders in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the american people. also today, president trump spoke with several world leaders, the king of saudi arabia, the crown prince of united arab emirates. bryan llenas in the midst of one of the largest protests that's in jfk in new york city. let's begin with kristen fisher live at the white house. tell us about the statement in full. >> reporter: i spoke with a senior administration official, and they are describing this executive order as a massive success story in terms of
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implementation, and that, of course, very different from the criticism that we're hearing even from fellow republicans on capitol hill who are describing the chaos and confusion that we're seeing at airports as a sign that this executive order was poorly implemented. the senior administration official shooting that down tonight saying they believe this is a massive success story in terms of implementation. now a few other things. the white house is saying they were able to process this executive order while providing minimal disruption to travelers. out of the thousands that traveled through american airports every day, 109 were set aside for questioning. now two big questions in terms of kind of the categories of travelers affected by this executive order. you've got people who are green card holders and dual citizens. this senior administration official says all of the people who asked for green card waivers have received them. the only different now is they are going to be subject to a new level of screening under this executive order.
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the white house says, you know, that's what everybody has to do when they're going through security, more screening, but now these green card holders are going to go through additional layer of screening, and in terms of dual citizens traveling from one of the seven muslim majority countries listed in this executive order, the white house says that an additional security check will be put in place, but that they will be considered a priority for exemption. it will be moved right to the front of line. another big question since the executive order was rolled out is why were people not given advance notice to not travel outside of the country, in the fear they were not able to get in. a senior administration official says they couldn't do it for the word he was just use your own imagination as to why that wouldn't make sense, from an airport security standpoint, they couldn't give advanced notice. bottom line, the white house says they are processing the waivers responsibly, quickly and expeditiously but not quickly enough for the people
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waiting for family members to return home at airports all over the country. harris: yeah, you know, there are those people who are criticizing this because of the person experiences they're having, and i was talking about some of those lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle having their own reactions, how is the president responding to the growing criticism on capitol hill? >> he sent out a series of very fiery tweets against two very prominent republican senators who issued a joint statement earlier today denouncing this executive order. i'm talking about republican senators lindsey graham and senator john mccain. i want to read you part of their statement. it reads this executive order sends a signal intend or not, that america does not want muslims coming into our country. that is why we fear the executive order may do more to fuel terrorist recruitment. the order was not properly vetted. the senior administration
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official i spoke with disputing that. and a few hours ago, president trump tweeted out this -- so bottom line tonight after over 24 hours of massive protests across the country, including one right outside the white house, the president doubling down and defending this executive order, harris? harris: kristen, we'll move on with coverage, thank you very much. more on the criticism from capitol hill some of which coming within the president's own political party. senator bob corker released a statement which reads in part -- and the chair of the house homeland security committee mike mccaul released this statement --
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garrett tenney is in washington tonight. garrett, it seems like a growing number of republicans raising concerns over the president's order. before i go to you quickly, he's getting support tonight. house permanent select committee on intelligence chairman devin nunez, in the light of attempts by jihadi groups to infiltrate flows to the west along with europe's tragic experience coming with the problem the trump administration's executive order on refugees as they come on security and so on and so forth. so support and criticism tonight? >> you also heard from senator tom cotton who said the president is very much in the right here with his executive order, for securing borders and protecting our country. what's significant is that some of these lawmakers initially praised the president's decision and are having a change of heart. you mentioned chairman mike mccaul.
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friday after mr. trump signed the executive order, the texas congressman said it's a great day for america. this past hour, following two days of protests, he released the follow-up statement that said it's now clear adjustments are needed. that echoed what we heard from john mccain on cbs' "face the nation" that the ban could hurt us on the war on terror. >> it's been a very confusing process. i'm glad that it's a pause, but for us we have to understand the ramifications of this kind of action. i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda. >> reporter: democrats are continuing to rally against president trump as well. in a press conference with immigrant families, senate minority leader chuck schumer called it un-american. >> this is unconstitutional. you don't need to be a legal
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scholar to than we should not have religious tests in america. and my view is the courts will throw this out. it will just take aways to get up to the top. >> reporter: schumer is vowing to fight the executive order all the way using any means necessary, harris? harris: garrett, there are new efforts getting under way to overturn the president's order. how is that going to work, if at all? >> well, chuck schumer plans to introduce legislation aimed at overturning it and senator dianne feinstein is planning to introduce two bills tomorrow saying, quote, the first bill immediately rescinds the order, the second limits authority under immigration and national act. under our bill, the president would not be able to unilaterally ban groups of immigrants. the key here for the democrats is one to repeal this executive order, to rescind it, and make sure he can't make any more orders like this throughout his administration.
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harris: this is what the president said he would do, and it's interesting the other lawmakers who are critical, and some within his own party who jumped ship and taken different directions did not better see this coming. he has had rapid fire executive use of the pen. we will continue to cover it. garrett, thank you very much. with untold number of people detained at lax in los angeles, just an example of the things that happened today, airports have been the gathering point for many of the protesters. thousands gathering at the airports demanding that authorities release detained passengers. one family shared emotional reunion at new york's jfk where according to andrew cuomo six people are still in detention. bryan llenas is live at jfk in new york with the latest. bryan? >> reporter: the situation is much more subdued than last night when 5,000 protesters were here at jfk terminal four. today it's all about the numbers. we're underscoring the confusion happening at airports all around the country.
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new numbers obtained by fox news say that were 48 people detained at jfk. you are looking at a man reunited with iranian brother and father held for 36 hours in detention, both came to visit to see a granddaughter born four days ago. this is a 50-year-old iraqi woman detained for 36 hours reunited with her family. and this video shows ali, an american citizen of 18 years embracing his 21-year-old new fiancee, they're set to marry in march, listen. >> we're not terrorists, she's 21-year-old most beautiful woman you will probably meet. initially they were bad, they handcuffed her, it's getting better now. she was crying for two days, as
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of today it's a little better. >> reporter: thousands protesting downtown in manhattan at battery park including new york city mayor bill de blasio and new york senator kirsten gillibrand who said new yorkers should continue to keep marching and protesting against what she called a hateful and discriminatory policy, harris? harris: what about the legal battle over the travel ban. how is that shaping up? what have you learned? >> a federal judge in brooklyn put in a temporary block of president trump's ban, which essentially means those 100+ people held at airports were not to be deported. it didn't say anything about detention. at jfk, we have 100 pro bono volunteer lawyers who are parked inside of terminal 4 offering legal advice as well as looking out for family members looking for their detained loved ones, and so
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essentially what's going to happen now is the lawyers are going to be here for the remainder of the week or however long they have to be. they don't know -- this is a discretionary policy. border patrol is not necessarily communicating with the lawyers. people with green cards and visas who shouldn't be detained and they want to be sure they're not. harris? harris: we are watching and waiting for a very important announcement from the trump administration, who the president will nominate as the next u.s. supreme court justice? president trump promised this decision would be made public this week, maybe as early as monday or tuesday. and with all this going on after the immigration order, the aclu is making appeal to the people to fight the president's order on entry into the united states. the answer back, hard cold cash in the hands of the aclu. i'm harris faulkner.
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harris: the president still has quite a bit to do with regard to his cabinet. obviously, only a couple of the members out of the 15 have been confirmed. three members of top staff have been confirmed and sworn in but confirmation votes are expected to come this week on a slew of nominees, this as we await who will president will nominate to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. lauren blanchard has more now. >> reporter: hi, harris, while the potential list of nominees may be down to two names, if anything the administration has shown is that we can't be totally sure who president trump will choose until he announces thursday. here's who we're watching, judges neil president trump told fox he would want senator mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option and change the rules to allow for a simple majority vote in the senate if democrats try to stall his
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pick. >> we're going to treat this nominee fairly but we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for and believe that they're in the mainstream of thinking when it comes to american political thought. >> reporter: just over a week into president trump's administration, only three of his cabinet level members have been confirmed and sworn in. something the trump administration is blaming on democrats dragging their feet. >> we're urging the senate, urging the democrats to not be obstructionists do, what's best in the vision of this country. to confirm the people needed to run the government and moving forward together as a united nation to make this country better and stronger. >> reporter: busy day tuesday and wednesday, senate is expected to vote on five cabinet level members. they will move onto a full senate vote. that's what rex tillerson, the secretary of state nominee is waiting for. full senate vote is expected after he narrowly cleared the
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senate hearing last week. harris: after crushing election losses across the board, did you know that since 2009, 1,000 seats have been lost in state houses, congress and white house for democrats. apparently there are people who would like to lead the party. ten of them. we'll talk to one of them, a candidate running fofofofofo
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take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. . harris: let's talk about the democrats for a minute. ten people want the job of running the democratic party. that was not the case as you recall for a president to take on hillary clinton. so what is going on that is bringing on this thirst to be the top? interim dnc chair donna brazile at the reins since debbie
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wasserman schultz was forced to resign last summer. now a growing list of candidates vying to succeed jamille. among them jehmu greene hoping to lead the dnc, she's also a former adviser for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and a former contributor at fox news. that's how we know each other. last week, you had a brand-new ad via e-mail you are telling people who's running. knowing what's happening with the current woman in that position, maybe gave a debate question to the candidate before the debate last fall while she was working at cnn. the woman previous kept bernie down. bernie sanders down. so this is a tough position to walk into now. why do you want this job? >> look, i am embracing the joy of rebuilding the democratic party. i think the moment that we are facing right now in this country, we have a unique opportunity as democrats to
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innovate how we organize, how we communicate and connect with voters, and that's what i've been doing my entire political career is finding ways to use technology to connect with young people online and then move them into off-line action, and this opportunity is also about tapping into the energy and passion that we saw in the marches, historic marches a week ago and to make sure that the democratic party is a home for the resistance to donald trump's hurtful policies. harris: well, and you took part in the forum in houston, texas that had all ten of the candidates. we didn't see that hunger and thirst for people who wanted to lead the party. interesting they are stepping up to do. this among them politicians, many of them the head of the democratic party in their home states, for example. you say that's not what you need. because the messaging was not yolked to what people wanted to vote for in november. what happened? >> i think this moment requires an organizer and not a politician.
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i think if we keep doing the same thing expecting different results, that's the definition of insanity, and certainly there was a disconnect between the values of our party and the policies that really do help people provide health care, make sure that we are doing everything we can to decrease unemployment. to give opportunity and to -- unfortunately in this election, some communities chose to vote against their own interest, to put someone in office who is placing cabinet secretaries who are literally going to rip money out of their pockets. and make it much harder for their families to survive. we need to communicate better but we also need new leadership. harris: don't you think you need a little intraspection too? you didn't have hillary clinton who i know is a friend of yours, you didn't have that. you didn't tackle the issue that is unfolding that people voted on too, immigration.
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and however it may be turning out on this sunday, it was a huge issue for them and national security. how do you do better going forward? and you're the fund-raising arm of this party, you got to get the messaging, right? >> i certainly agree we didn't have an economic message. harris: through hillary clinton, what was it? >> the media chose to put the entire focus of this election and even the strategic decisions of the hillary campaign, all of the focus was on donald trump. i remember the day she released her mental health plan, a complex powerful plan to tackle mental health in this country, very little coverage of it. so we did not connect on the 100,000 words of policy positions that hillary clinton's campaign put forward versus the 9,000 that the trump campaign put forward and people are seeing the results, on immigration, absolutely we had a plan. we had daca, supporting the dream act kids and i have kids
1:27 am
of friends who are afraid that don't know what's going to happen to them. that disconnect is something the party can fix in this leadership decision. harris: two quick questions, you talk about the hundred thousand words on economic plan that your party had. you know, what america may have needed was a few words, not 100,000. and so for the candidate you went up against, only had four, make america great again. i realize not everybody can have a slogan like that. 100,000 are a lot. how do you talk to the supporters of bernie sanders who feel they were shut down and shut up by the former dnc chair and you're taking that job? >> i think certainly the actions of the trump administration are going to move us really close to unity because there's no one. i was at jfk last night. there were people who voted for donald trump who are protesting. people voted for bernie sanders and hillary clinton supporters.
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harris: so it was equal opportunity protests. >> and have given up on politics. these policies, these decisions are bringing americans together, and if the democratic party is not the home for this resistance, we will miss out on the opportunity. harris: interesting, anti-trump is a dicey road. you saw this for republicans who went anti-obama. party of no is how it got labeled. are you in danger of doing the same thing? >> it's hard to campaign and have negative rhetoric, it's another to have policies in place that are literally ripping families apart, and now that people see that, they understand whether they voted for donald trump and the ones who are saying i made a mistake or the ones who stayed away from the polling place on election day understanding they made a mistake. this is now the act of resistance, and that is the place, that's the role that the democratic party should hold, and we have to connect with millennials, innovate our technology, and we have to change the system within the
1:29 am
democratic party that is too complex and isn't at times as welcoming as it should be to new voices. harris: it will be interesting, i heard you talk about this before if the other nine candidates and the rest of your party, if you're looking at the situation and you don't like it, if you'll be able to line up and meet it with your own plan, an opportunity that perhaps for democrats may have been missed with obamacare for instance. i got to let you go but i hope you come back. >> thank you, harris. harris: thank you. the senate's top democrats not mincing words about president trump's travel ban. watch. >> so this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. harris: chuck schumer appearing to break down, we'll break down the political battle, the heart [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney. he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands.
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made from pure, 100% organic cotton. we made it our mission to perfect every detail. until finally, the softest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. harris: i'm harris faulkner this is "the fox report," protests have erupted in airports, protests against president trump's travel ban temporarily keeping citizens from 7 muslim
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countries from entering, saying it is designed to keep the nation free and safe, critics calling it un-american. >> of american it is really for sad, i feel as a citizen, i will still alien to them, and still profiled by religion, and by the way i look, it is very sad. we're all sad to see in 21st century, things like that came from the most powerful man on earth. harris: will carr is reports live from lax. reporter: this crowd has really swelled in the past couple of hours. they are occupying the and lower level of tom bradley international terminal here at
1:35 am
lax, they are chanting and dances and stopping cars in traffic, they made a loop around the airport, they tell us, they are not leaving until their message is heard on the national level. protestor converged inside, where a short time ago i took a picture of hundreds of people sits on the ground, obstructing passengers from being able to walk around freely, and try to get to their planes, this as a number of refugees are detained here at lax. the number is not known, we're told by attorneys here and others they believe it could be from 7 to 150 people, the thing you should take walker there is a real -- you should take away is there is a lack of information. mitrasaid her parents are detained they were flying in
1:36 am
from iran last night. >> i am worried about their health, they need to take medicine, they are diabetics, my father had two times heart surgery, and this is not good situation for them. reporter: very emotional for so many families here, these protests continue to play out, harris, there is also a big security question, police here at lax tell us, they are willing to let people continue to protest peaceful, they are keeping an eye on the protests as they continue. harris: what is being done at lax to find out the status of those detained? reporter: you have literally dozens of attorneys from the aclu who have come to lax, set up a makeshift office inside of the international terminal, they are trying to get as much information as possible. their biggest frustration is they can't getting any from
1:37 am
federal government, they do not know numbers or mom how many people. >> we spoke with an attorney from public council. >> there is a blackout on information, the world has a right to know how many people the united states government is detaining under this new executive order that a federal court has enjoined. reporter: those attorneys tell us they will be working around the clock until they get answers. harris: thank you, will, carr. similar scene at dallas-fort worth airport. after hours of questioning, and waiting all those who wereyy itt have been reunited with their families. protest or continue to fight against thetis temporary ban.
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>> terrorism can be from anywhere, it come from any city, there are elderly, children, men are crying, women are crying. put yourselves in our shoes. harris: airport officials, over 800 people protesting today. >> and an olympic champion could be caught up in the travel ban, distance runner mo feras may not be allowed to return to his home with his children and wife in oregon, a post on his facebook page reads in part --
1:39 am
harris: for more on this, i am joined by edmond siegfried, a friend of "the fox report," he has been here many times and a first tim timer richard fowler,o you, evane, a tough day for president in tere terms of the r hisheshed on friday. what is your reaction? >> i agree with many in the congress, we need too have this be a more deliberatelyshe issued order, at no point does it say muslims are specifically banned from u.s., it reduces the number of refugees we take in every year from syria, in 2016,
1:40 am
president obama took in 13,000, before that 300, year before that in 50s, right down to 13 in 2011. we need to get our facts straight on that, with this imgrowth order, president of u.s. is right to focus on border security but he should have been more deliberate about it. we have uninten unin-- armed th. the secretary of homeland security and secretary of state are empowered to waive the president's ban because of extendiating circumstances. harris: secretary of state, said that you know, just with regard to implementing this there are way to protect people who should rightfully be allowed in because they are citizens. or have a connection point here. your thoughts on the way this is
1:41 am
rolled out and played out in the streets today had. >> i have to tell you, this is a very dark day for america. if you read the executive order, i read it a couple of times. problem that i have, the vagueness of it. the trump administration said this chief o staff to president said over and over this is not a muslim ban but congressman jeffries, who is at jfk helping to get some folks out of detention, indicated that there are people in detention who have green cards, they are not allowed in. additionaly, there is arguments from white house, this not a muslim ban, but those 7 countries included in this banner majority muslim countries, if take statistics of everyone detained, 100% of them would be muslims.
1:42 am
if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, this is a duck. harris: evan. >> i would say those not on the list are not detained this is not a muslim ban, it does not say we're banning muslims, we're seeing a lot of democrats come out get up right set, and rightfully so. about a violation of due process, i would urge democrats to come out join us republicans when we talk about how trying to put citizens on list to deny them rights as well such as second amendment. harris: i want to get this in. senator feinstein to introduce bills and response. so this now is getting to congress, if the executive order did not go that route, react to it will. we need to get to the middle, there are a lot of people who wanted this president to do what he is doing right now, they
1:43 am
trusted it would be implemented in a way what he was telling them in november, they support keeping america safe. this is part of what makes our country great gai begin, in the, remember di democrats lost you e to have a plan. >> the trump voters are getting what they voted for, heavy vetting and a muslim ban, what is interesting about what evan said is right. harris: it is not a muslim ban. >> i would argue it is, saudi arabia is not on the ban list even though most of 9/11 attackers, including osama bin laden are from saudi arabia. it is selective countries this president picked out for whatever reason, we're unclear because the white house is providing no clarity. now these people, are being detained.
1:44 am
the one story on my way over, a 5-year-old iranian with a refugee visa held by our government for almost 24 hours as his mother sobbed and begged for him to be free. harris: we've been reporting some of those stories today, i find it interesting, president pointed out in his statement, that there are 40 other majority muslim countries that are not on the list, he actually used the same list that president obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from iraq. >> i would say, that this is falsehood you say this is a muslim ban. >> it is. >> explain to me. harris: i pointed out what president had in his own statement. >> it is a country, not banning muslim.
1:45 am
we're not telling the muslims from other stations they cannot come in, it is important to note that we have seen this implememememem
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harris: a terror raid in yemen has taken life of a u.s. navy seal, 3 others were wounded, targeting's group of al qaeda militants, this is first counterterrorism break approved by president trump since he took office, it marked first combat
1:49 am
deet tdeath to occur during his administration. reporter: when world focused on yemen, it has been a war between saudi arabia and - -- rebels the not all cad -- al-qaeda au.s. and special forces launched a raid, targets fighters in a row mote part of eastern yemen, one other u.s. service member was injured, when an american aircraft crashed nearby, raid marks first time a u.s. service member has died in combat under president trump. who has vowed to wage a more aggressive military campaign against militants, pentagon official sass they raid against al qaeda was planned well in
1:50 am
advance but approved by trump. harris: thank you very much. >> you know we have been seeing this, award shows seen as previews of oscars in particular this one tonight, could take a . . . we our noses are similarings that we have in common. and our cheeks. people say we sit the same way. (laughter) i decided to go on ancestry to get my dna tested so i could find out more about my heritage. and i also found that i had a sister that i didn't know about because i'm adopted.
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>> fox sr. vice president marketing is reporting life the red carpet. we checked in and noticed there's a little bit of politics going on the red carpet. >> a little bit of politics.
1:54 am
like death and taxes. one thing you can be sure of that they will go political. the golden globes took the red carpet and they rocketed with the actors cheering them on. if that's any indication of what will happen tonight buckle up, it will be a bumpy ride. >> i am who is really sweeping things right now. i know the awards are really the indication of how we will see things rollout at the oscars. what is the trend? >> well lala land has been the critical throughout this award season. it was the tonight. bust ensemble cast for a film. if he goes on to win best picture from the oscars will be the first time since 1996 when mel gibson one for braveheart.
1:55 am
right now is manchester by the sea which has four nominations. on the television side it's a battle between between netflix and hbo. between stranger fields, west wing, and game of thrones with three nominations a piece. >> what is your favorite moment on the right carpet? >> -- it's our hidden figures is nominated for best supporting actress. the movie is nominated for best ensemble cast. >> it's such a sweetheart. real quickly before i let you go , how do they keep how can a wrap some of these features i'm just curious. when they decide to go in one direction do they play music there? you know the insights too. >> the inside scoop is that
1:56 am
technically some of the performers when they go up except their prize they can go on and on. people are really intense about what's going on in politics right now. >> michael, you you isolate wonderful in your talks. thank you very
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heather: it is monday january 20th. setting record straight. team trump defending vetting order and priority to protect the american people. >> this is not a muslim ban.
1:59 am
>> this is nonsense. >> protecting the nation and our people is the number one priority of this president. heather: top democrats promising a fight as the bipartisan backlash grows. we are live in washington. [shouting] >> trump supporters attacked and knocked out code. we are live at jfk airport. tensions boiling over. >> it is un-american. >> we are united. >> we will get past the lies. >> everyone in airports that belong in my america. we love you and we welcome you. >> and hollywood stars take the stage at is sag awards and throw political punches. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ clayton: coldplay to wake you up. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm clayton morris. heather: thank you so much for starting your day and your week was. we begin with president trump, doubling down and defending ing saying that the top priority is protecting americans. the president also firing back at democrats and members of its own party by bipartisan backlash good morning, grif. >> good morning, heather and clayton. amid those


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