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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 31, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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heather: good morning to you, always wake up to have a better day than yesterday and this is a good way to begin it, you're watching fork fork first on this tuesday morning, i'm childers. clayton: good morningened and i'm clayton morris. heather: bold move sending a clear message to washington, get on board or you're out. jenkins with the dramatic rude awaking. >> this administration is very busy, incredible news overnight as you alluded to. the message is very clear, the boss is always right. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates.
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just past 9:00 p.m. last night, quote, potus has named dana as acting attorney general, sally yates has been relieved. senate minority leader chuck schumer took to the floor to denounce the move. >> if this continues, this country has big trouble. we cannot have a twitter presidency, a presidency that thinks oh, this sounds good, let's go -- maybe some of ore courage, her inside, her wisdom would rub off on the people in the white house. >> schumer blasted the firing as a monday night massacre, reference to the famous nixon watergate scandal but the white house defended the decision calling the refusal a betrayal of office. steven miller appearing on tucker carlson last night. >> tonight we found out that an obama appointee who was
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confirmed in 2015 was refuse to go enforce the president's immigration -- defend the president's immigration order and that's refuse to go constitution. >> dana will remain in office until jeff sessions is confirmed and the administration is becoming increaselying frustrated as president trump tweets with democrats playing politics with cabinet appointees. clayton: chris live for us, thanks, chris. mr. obama taking aim at the travel ban. the president disagrees with the notion of discriminating because of faith religious, team trump responded, kellyanne conway is welcome to say what he wants but
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not without consequences. >> what i think -- everybody should be reminded it was his list originally. and you say or do anything that could possibly mislead people into believing that something has impact and it clearly does not, it's a dangerous game. clayton: conway reiterating that it's temporary and meant to keep americans safe. what do you think about president obama taking a swipe at trump just days after leaving office? log on the facebook page for a live debate, use the #keeptalking. heather: newt gringrich acknowledging that the immigration order may inconvenience people but he says that's a small price to pay when lives are on the live. >> let be clear, the people in the orlando nightclub were inconvenienced and the people in san bernardino who were killed at the christmas party they were pretty inconvenienced. the people in berlin, they were
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pretty inconvenienced. i think we have to recognize that had we as a country we have the right to protect our own citizens and that that is precisely what this is aimed at. >> look at this. new poll showing that 57% of americans support a pause in visas for syria, sudan, iraq yemen, somalia and libya while 33% oppose. clayically in hours from now president trump will announce supreme court nominee. heather: liberals vowing to use the limited fire power to limit no matter who it is. clayton: good morning, matt. >> the replacement for scalia has been highly contested by both parties since scalia's passing last year but now president trump says he will announce his pick at 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> a person who is unbelievably
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highly respected. >> three finalists to replace scalia as we understand, judge from the tenth circuit u.s. court in denver, judge thomas from the third circuit in pennsylvania and judge william pryor from the 11th circuit court of appeals in georgia. senator of oregon says he plans to filibuster the president's decision because republicans refuse to consider judge merrick garland. presidentobama's choice. senator saying, quote, this is a stolen seat, this is the first time a senate majority has stolen a seat and we will use every letter in our power to stop this. i will definitely object to a simple majority. now senior counselor to the president, kellyanne conway defending decision not to
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consider president obama's choice. >> that was different. that was knowing that the president had only less than a year left on his term. that was not unprecedented. >> if democrats do launch a filibuster they must be prepared for majority of republicans using the so-called nuclear option. rewriting the rules to eliminate the use of filibuster in supreme court nominees. harry reid used it when democrats controlled the chamber. heather: when you say you're going to block it before who it is, you're basically blocking it just to block it. >> tit for tat for these parties. heather: thank you. accused of slaughtering six people in the middle of prayers now facing murder charges. >> this was a group of innocents targeted for practicing their faith. make no mistake, this was a
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terrorist attack. heather: french canadian college student turning himself to police following the shooting rampage at a quebec city mosque, he's described as a loaner with antiimmigrant views. clayton: cutting-inch dna testing solving murderer, slaughtered 41 years ago, revealing the new dna test as caren's killer. he was identified through familia dna, the method is only used in ten states. he was killed by cops in a shoot outback in '82. >> u.s. navy seal who gave his life now identified as chief petty officer ryan owen, the 36-year-old was killed as they stormed an al-qaeda headquarters in yemen on sunday killing 14 operatives. the prayers and condolences now
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being offered to loved one. owens was stationed in virginia beach and serving since 1998. clayton: hours from now security council holding meeting over iran's missile test. powerful body to tuck about the launch, defies sanctions against iran. this morning the iranian foreign minister is fighting back that tests are not part of the nuclear agreement. newly confirmed un embassador nikki haley expect today take part in that meeting today. heather: how about some good news? former president george h.w. bush resting at home this morning after more than two weeks in a houston hospital. the 92-year-old was being treated for pneumonia. clayton: thankful for everyone's prayers and the doctors world-class care. the next stop is super bowl 51. the nfl has invited him to do the opening coin toss this sunday in houston.
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no word yet if he will accept. heather: he will try to do that, for sure. and we have to talk about snow n. the forecast for a whole lot of people across the country. clayton: meteorologist adam is here. >> good morning, snow on the way, a couple of areas supporting with very cold temperatures, we are seeing it on the east coast. 27-degrees in new york. out west, el paso, down to 36-degrees, you are looking very cold air on the west and supporting snowfall a little bit later in the week. the snowfall in the eastern side of the country already falling. you're stretching from wisconsin tall way in the portions of pennsylvania and some of these areas we could be talking about snow really adding up here in the next couple of days. here is how this plays out. this is precipitation running to wednesday. take a look at pennsylvania, running up to inland new york all the way to maine, some of these areas easily getting up to
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6-inches, up to a foot of total snow really piling up specially along the lakes, those are areas where i am expect to go see a little bit more snow. it's not just here,i can take you out west and we are tracking another system. you see the snow move through the area on tuesday into wednesday and you run out west, getting into the mountain area, into the rockies, we are talking about a foot to up to 2 feet of snow out west but a couple of systems we are paying attention to, guys. clayton: good, i was starting to think that it was getting to be spring. >> not yet. clayton: time is ten minutes after the hour, distrito federalling president trump, the say who became safe haven for illegal immigrants. health health al sharpton, did you hear about this in what he said about jesus that made social media explore in anger. clayton: idaho family getting a shock of their lifetime when a
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(both) fashion adventure i'm tellin' ya, britain is the only place you really need go. expedia. everything you need to travel britain better. clayton: welcome back, cincinnati, the latest city defying president trump promising to protect illegal immigrants. he has been calling it a badge of honor. they stand with immigrants, mayor putting people here legally at risk for losing federal funds. president trump promise to go take away money from cities that challenge immigration crack-down. cincinnati joins at least 340 sanctuary cities and counties including new york, philadelphia, and los angeles. but one lawmaker wants to drop the gavel on sanctuary city, colorado state representative that would allow victims of crimes committed by illegals to sue the politicians refusing to deport them. the first latino lawmaker in his
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district williams says it's his mission to prevent horrific crimes like the 2005 murder of denver police officer who was ambushed and shot three times by and illegal immigrant, heather. heather: thank you, clayton. mainstream media loudly denouncing president trump's immigration order and falsely labeling it as a muslim ban. dr. amed is physician and author of the land of the indivisible woman who supports extreme vetting and saying she's not the only muslim who does. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, heather. heather: why do you support extreme vetting and you have personal experience in this? >> we have great confidence in u.s. immigration services, they vet intensely by five different immigration, i was hiv tested, gender verified, lots of background checks, there's no harm in enhancing that and i would like to see vetting of
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ideology when migrants or refugees are coming in and i don't know that we have a grip on that. heather: how would you do that? >> asking people about the background and foundation of radical islam, some of the most well-known groups, whether they had association, in lebanon, a small percentage, 2% of people in refugee camps in syria lebanon, turkey, jordan have sympathies with isis after being displayed by the homes, so we must look into that. there's no harm and also in the muslim world, dubai security chief has welcomed this move, saudi arabia's welcomes the move, the countries that we are eliminating from immigration for a temporary moment are also banned from migrating for the same reasons. syrian refugees, i think, should be given the first priority, they are in most distress and for that there's no harm in looking at more intense scrutiny
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in every way. we already do, their identities are known to authorities, international committee looks at vetting closely and helps other agencies. national refugee assistance program can also advise the trump administration, but it is a concern radical islam, islamism comes from destabilized, failed states, weak governments, this is where the ideology thrive and we must seek it. heather: the next question is vetting is just the start, what about assimilation in the here? >> here in the united states is tremendous surveys done by pews, muslim americans are more assimilated than anywhere else in the world. we are more likely to mary nonmuslim, we see as spiritual equals, we don't want law founded on a tenant from the quran to supercede or replace an american law. that's coming from believing
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muslims in america. so when you're in the current that's the energy of america where most of your friends are not muslim, where you're broadly accepted, assimilation is a natural development, some communities are an exception. i think we need to learn from minnesota, a hundred thousand somalis are settled and they have been serious concerns -- heather: one of the seven countries. >> that's true. we are saying, as i learned about that from somali parents of american-born children that became radicalized. the somalia community itself is asking for help of radicalization. heather: you're not the only muslim that believes that extreme vetting is not a bad idea. why do you think mainstream media we are hearing the opposite. we had a poll that showed this morning, 57% of people agree with the extreme vetting?
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>> i think the reasons are complex, first of all, it is not a muslim ban, it is a geopolitical ban, heather: 40 other countries. >> i think there was a real attempt, serious attempt to racialize all discussion around radical islam. that's dangerous. democratic party wants to portray itself as ms. immigration proponent, of course, america has built in immigration state. president trump is tightening up the border, there's no harm in that, but healthy, the politicization of making it a race issue is very dangerous and that's what we are seeing. heather: thank you so much for joining us this morning and certainly great to hear from you from your personal experiences. >> thanks for the opportunity. heather: clayton. clayton: thank you, guys, 19 minutes after the hour. anxiety and confusion, a university is offering counseling for college students who are upset over president trump's immigration order.
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justin bieber skipping grammy's, the message they are trying to because safety is never being satisfied. make.
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>> the american dream is back. we are going to create an environment for small business like we haven't in many, many decades. heather: president trump giving new hope to small businesses by reducing regulation. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here to explain what it all means, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: hey, good morning, heather, while small business
2:24 am
owners got a chance to meet with the president as he signed an order that that's would reduce regulations on business companies. >> this is small business and this is regulation, this would be the largest ever cut by far in terms of regulation. they will be controlled but it would be a normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily and that's what our country has been all about. cheryl: the order is the most significant regulatory reform since the ronald reagan presidency, for every regulation created, who will be removed? that's one of the campaign promises. he removed funding for the creation of the regulation. handing a regulatory budget of zero for 2017. the military and national security and foreign affairs division is exempt from this. they will oversee this new regulations and we should say that president trump has signed more than a dozen xi cuetive
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orders in first 11 days in office, guys, back to you. clayton: thanks, cheryl. now opening doors to transgender children. good morning, nick. thisis a big change for boy scouts of america, this new policy takes effect immediately, membership in cub scouts and boy scouts will be based on gender indicated on application. previously the organization relied on individual's birth certificate to determine eligibility toward single gender programs, in a statement of bsa, in part the boys of america is committed to identify program option that is will help us truly serve the whole family and this is an area that we will
2:26 am
continue to thoughtfully evaluate to bring the benefits of scouting to the greatest number of youth possible all while remaining true to core values outlined in the scout law. and mixed reactions from parents. >> transgender, that's fine. we welcome everybody, a happy family. >> it just would be confusing, it's already kind of a confusing society. it makes it more confusing for my children growing up in that type of environment. >> again, this new policy takes effect immediately. back to you guys. clayton: all right, nick, live for us in greensboro. heather: first the oscars and now the grammy's, stars boycotting the latest show. ♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: kanye west, justin
2:27 am
bieber all nominated for several awards this year, they don't plan on showing up. heather: why you ask in well they say reportedly the grammy aren't relevant or diverse enough. there you go. 26 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump criticized for refusing fe judgies but what the mainstream media will not tell you is president obama did the same thing just days before leaving office. >> a person who is unbelievably highly respected. clayton: president trump making it official. our next guessing what each of the top contenders bring to the table and to the gavel
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clayton: good morning, everyone. you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm clayton morris. heather: i'm heather childers, thank you so much for joining us. it's half past the top of the hour and we begin with breaking news overnight. president trump hires a new attorney general just hours after firing sally yates for refuse to go enforce immigration order. clayton: bold move sending clear message with washington, get on board or you're out. heather: good morning, griff. >> good morning, dramatic, indeed. and you're right that message is very clear. it's the boss is always right or you're fired. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates, an obama appointee holdover for questioning the president's order on immigration and
2:32 am
refusing to defend travel ban in court. he appointed dana of district of virginia as acting attorney general. the president taking to twitter frustrated with all of this, the president wrote, the democrats are delaying my cabinet picks for political reasons, they have nothing going to obstruct, now having an obama attorney general. the white house defended calling refusal a betrayal. sean spicer saying this. >> i think that any government official or doesn't understand the president's goal in this and what this actually was, i think, this has been blown away out of proportion and exaggerated. you talk about in a 24-hour period. 35,000 people flew in to our airports and the bureaucrats have a problem with it? they should get with the program or they can go.
2:33 am
>> democrats wasted no time responding, senate minority leader chuck schumer took to the floor to denounce the move. >> if this continues, this country has big trouble. we cannot have a twitter presidency, we cannot have a presidency that thinks, oh, this sounds good, let's go do -- sally yates was a profile in courage, maybe some of her courage, insight, wisdom would rub off in the people in the white house. >> schumer blasting the fire as monday night massacre reference to the nixon water-gate scandal now acting attorney general dana will remain in office until jeff sessions is sworn in and as we saw in the president's tweet, he has become frustrated with the democrats playing politics with these cabinet appointees, guys. clayton: live for us in washington, thanks, griff. heather: thanks. >> i'm filing a lawsuit today in
2:34 am
federal court against president trump, if sk -- successful this would have invaliding the unlawful action. heather: temporary ban, impact people traveling from seven countries sms we told you about this, they were identified actually by former president obama as having strong ties to terror. the order set off nationwide protests including one that drew 3,000 people to seattle airport, that was over the weekend. clayton: al sharpton sparking twitter storm, remember to thank god for his son jesus, a refugee who fled to egypt. one person responding, you are no reverend, you're a vieper and angel of the lord commanded joseph to flee egypt, repent, al. he paid his taxes, unlike you, different times, no comparisons, he also returned to his home.
2:35 am
heather: liberal mayors and media protesting. >> liberals are pitching a fit. a better option to let all refugees into the country and pray nobody gets blown up. mayor city bill de blasio says it's against liberty. these are the same guy who is try today shut down chick-fil-a and to leave town. but to be perfectly honest, folks, it's much more to eat pizza in syria than south side of chicago. next year hollywood should host
2:36 am
the sag awards in down town tehran, i heard they are rosie o'donnell fans. clayton: rosie and tehran. heather: thank you. six nominees are up for votes today including alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. the other five, rick perry for energy secretary, ryan zinke for interior secretary, tom price for hhs and steve mnuchin for secretary and betsy devos as secretary as well. all votes have been delayed by democrats. the senate will vote onine chaos transportation secretary and rex tillerson's confirmation vote to become secretary of state is expected to be tomorrow. clayton: billionaire said to be new rnc finance chair. real estate developer accepting the job after being asked directly by president trump, the man
2:37 am
behind the mirage wynn hotel, reportedly raised $90 million. heather: across the country. clayton: good morning, adam. >> hey, good morning, guys, snow in the forecast specially across the upper midwest now stretching into portion of new england, that's what we are tracking from wisconsin and all the way to pennsylvania. this is going to be a system that moves to new england later today so i'm expecting more widespread snow across the east coast. here it is how it plays out. you are looking for cleveland stretching up and areas where i wouldn't be surprised getting 6-inches or a foot. there would be some spots getting that type of snow. snow as far as south of new york city. a couple of flurries.
2:38 am
here is your future radar and how it times out for you. here we are seeing mass of snow continue to go drift closer towards the east getting along the east coast right up against the coastal waters this afternoon running into this evening, it'll be drying off for wednesday and thursday. here on the east coast. if i can take you out west, we have a system in the upper rockies as well as rain running into northern california getting you into thursday. more rain, more snow on the way. maybe more ski weather in the next couple of weeks, guys. clayton: thanks, adam. heather: thanks. keep their small pets inside and schools are canceling recess as the search for an escaped bobcat leaves dc zoo keepers in a panic. >> i would teach her the same way as a stray dog. you wouldn't approach her a stray dog. she's not a threat unless you become a threat to her.
2:39 am
heather: 25-pound animal named ali escaped from the national zoo yesterday morning. dc police have joined in the search. clayton: idaho family waking up to surprise, the animal falling into a hole through a 3-foot window well. she's hanging out in the man cave. heather: glad she's okay. a passenger plane stuck with a giant stash. stumbled upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in drugs. clayton: starbucks stirring up controversy, why people are boycotting the coffee chain. heather: free refills no longer on tap, the government crack-down on free coke per roll
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", liberals outraifnlged after 109 refugees were detained in airports in response to president trump's order. where was the rage when president obama went one step further. you didn't hear about it because the mainstream media was silent. move coming after president obama ended the wet-foot, dry-foot policy granting residency to cubans who made it to america. college students apparently so upset of a president trump's immigration crack-down that the school is offering mental support counseling. campus reform finding 31 schools speaking out against the ruling, perdue university is thinking that president trump might pull
2:44 am
the whole thing call it a bad idea and i hope he will promptly revoke and rethink think. clayton. clayton: president trump expected to announce supreme court pick tonight. eleventh circuit judge bill pryor and niel gorsuch or hardiman. let's talk about scalia, why would they want to replace someone like him? >> scalia believed the constitution should be stuck to the text and it shouldn't be interpreted like more liberal justices do like ginsburg does and can be evolved over time. he believed that it was a dead document, what the words meant and what it stood for. clayton: in the 1780's, we are done. this is what the constitution is . gorsuch, is he one of the
2:45 am
choices? >> conservative, like scalia was and definitely one of trump's pick. clayton: they have been vet bid the heritage foundation and others but trump didn't agree with the heritage foundation while campaigning. >> the list was over 21 people so they have come down to top three. apparently trump has spoken to them and has looked at their resumes and said that these were definite think best of the choices. clayton: the next most likely is thomas hardiman. >> he didn't go to ivy league school. he's on the court with trump's sister who is pushing for him. he's by far the most moderate pick, he would be somewhere where justice roberts is on the ideological scale and -- he used originalist, on immigration he's very, very liberal.
2:46 am
so we will see but he's definitely most moderate of the picks. clayton: the least likely in all of this of the three would be judge william pryor. >> yes, controversial of the picks. pro-life, but very controversial, other statements he's had around gay issues, lgbt, he would be the hardest to confirm in the senate specially with harry reid willing to fight trump tooth and nail. clayton: so no merrick garland. >> no merrick garland. clayton: republicans said no, we are not going to bring -- >> during election year, we should wait for the new president, new administration to pick. clayton: do you think you'll see a big fight from democrats trying to be interactable, tick for tack. >> hardiman was going to court of appeals, nobody who voted against him.
2:47 am
some people are saying that if you pick him, he's the most likely to get picked because he's more modernly. clayton: hardiman would be the first. what would you say? >> i would probably say hardiman as of right now but gorsuch has a good chance. apparently trump has pick and will be coming out at 8:00 p.m. tonight from the white house. clayton: we will see, great to see you. let's check with brian kilmeade to check out what's happening in "fox & friends". brian: congressman is going to be coming on our show, he's going to be talking what's happening with republicans sometimes going against president trump when it comes to this controversial regarding homeland security and sandra lee will be here, she's very good at cooking. we will talk to you about politics, laura engram, she has an opinion on the way the media
2:48 am
is handling donald trump and the arguments coming this direction. late last night, did you see tucker carlson, the firing of the acting attorney general, what went into that. he'll be joining us live and what happens today after donald trump reclaims the phrase you're fired last night. a wild three hours, don't miss a minute. i can't way to see what a -- ainsley and steve are wearing
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heather: welcome back, a fierce fight for starbucks as trump supporters threaten to boycott. clayton: cheryl casone with the coffee controversy. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, guys, yesterday we told you that show ward schultz the ceo of starbucks came against the issues of immigration, and, of course, executive order from
2:52 am
president trump that was written last friday sign intoed executive. the company is going to hire 10,000 refugees, a lot of customers are saying, no, thank you, tar bucks. one tweet says i was hoping it was a rumor, good-bye starbucks, my country comes first. #boycottstarbucks which is a trending twitter. i will get used to it on the dunkin' donuts. the controversy continuing for starbucks as it criticizes president trump. clayton: interesting. it'll be interesting to watch whether sales go up or down. we saw what happened with uber. heather: exactly. i'm completely hooked on the next thing, hooked on amazon prime, bad, bad. cheryl: it's so great, prime is so great. heather: too easy. i'm going to get myself in trouble with it.
2:53 am
cheryl: it's not bad, it's great. wal-mart is going to be trying to go after those amazon prime customers that love that today free shipping guaranty if you use amazon. they are going to start as of today 8:00 a.m., 2-day ship if you order something that's over $35, it's going to be on 2 million items. that's not quite as great as prime but at the same time it does get wal-mart customers, the loyals any way to get the chance on wal-mart as they would on amazon. whether he see if it gets any kind of hit. clayton: you can order like a 4-dollar cable and still free shipping. cheryl: i know. heather: some cities have same day delivery now. can you get dunkin donuts? cheryl: that's a good question. i told you in the fall that they announced they were going to start bottling coffee like starbucks does, now it's out and social media is kind of freaking
2:54 am
out about it. this is a thing, oh, god, # dunkindonuts. now going to be in grocery stores everywhere. a lot of people really like dunkin donuts. coca-cola are manufacturing this. you have people saying, today is a good day and awesome surprise. all kinds of stuff on social media for the dunkin lovers. heather: if you're boycotting starbucks, just head over to dunkin donuts. clayton: you may have a mental illness. the controversial statement from the world health organization sparking outraged. ♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: health officials suggesting the games carry, medical, social and even humanr. media expirts firing back at
2:55 am
gaming disorder saying it comes from low-quality research on the subject. yeah. heather: forget the fitbit, latest tech for staying healthy is the sickbit. new app that would be able to tell you when you're about the get the flu hours before your first sneeze they say. it would work with health trackers and smart watches, heart rate and body temperature to predict illness as much as 12 hours before the symptoms set in. clayton: my watch just told me i'm going to be sick tomorrow. i can't come in. heather: that might work. clayton: free refills no longer on tap. government now trying to crack down on free soda, really? heather: giving the gift of life, the nanny who now has a life-long life-saving bond with the little girl that she looks after. ,
2:56 am
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3:00 am
which weighed around 30 pounds. the flight was heading from colombia, of course to miami and was moved to oklahoma for a maintenance check. heather: the ugly, say goodbye to free sewe soda recalls. cut down on obesity. >> breaking overnight donald trump hires new attorney general just hours after firing sally gates united states for refusing to immigration order. >> betrayal of office and she is being replaced by somebody who will enforce the laws of the united states. >> what the president did undermines our values. i can hear you. can you hear us? the sound working? >> no. >> it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? can you hear now? no. that doesn't do anything. look at that moon. >> president trump set to announce supreme court nominee ahead of schedule. >> sources are telling fox


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