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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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think there is a reason why they are still looking for meat. gregg: the people of france have spoken on their election day the results are in, centralist macron who wants france to state in the eu, la pen advocated and now advanced to presidential runoff that will occur on may seventh with each one plan to go take france in very different directions. hello, everyone, this is a brand-new hour of america's headquarters i'm eric sean. >> security after paris attack. it marks the first time in recent memory that an election
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took place under a state of emergency. eric: live in paris with the very latest on somewhat surprising election in macron has never had an election ever. >> amazing on both sides, eric and arthel. french voters have spoken and vi have come up with a very strong and different kind of choice about who they want for their next president. remember, as they voted today they were choosing from 11 different candidates. they pick two outsiders. they are dissatisfied about the economy and situation here and rejected the candidates of the major parties. populist front candidate marine la pen to deal with the flagging economy. she called france to leave the inturnan union or at least negotiate with new terms, she wants to crack down on the
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borders and control on some of muslim population here in france as she will be facing off against centrist, moderast and while he's taking a strong line on terror, tone more inclusive. we heard from central right former prime minister and loser francois fillon and told us what to expect in the last two weeks. he blasted la pen party based on racism and violence and said he would be supporting independent macron and a taste of possibly more to come on the streets of paris in the city, left-wing protestors upset about the win of la pen clashing with police, remember, we have seen violence
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of a terror nature just a couple of days ago in paris with that attack on on police officers. again, the runoff in two week's time. pollsters have looked at this and they have said that, in fact, macron could with a good margin beat la pen with one-on-one faceoff but as we know, eric and arthel in this political season in the past several months never anything is sure. eric: that's for sure considering he's been outsider two weeks to go, it'll be fascinating, arthel. arthel: north korea keeping up the pressure with another provocation. the rogue regime is threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier to show off military might, caroline joins us now from washington with the very latest, caroline, hi. >> hi, do you arthel. revolutionary forces are combat ready to sink a nuclear power
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aircraft carrier with a single strike. president trump ordered to sail off the waters of the peninsula in response to north korea's threats. two japanese ships have joined for exercise in the pacific, two days after north korea marks 88th anniversary of its army. kim's last missile exploding after 4 seconds. today senator marco rubio said leader kim jong un is putting every dollar he can into developing a long-range missile that could hit the u.s. >> that is an unacceptable risk. that cannot happen. tend game and ideal one if numbers of the showdown would be that he walks away from a long-range missile program. if he continues to test them and continues to make progress in that direction, then we ve a big problem. >> ratcheting up tensions, he was detained at the airport
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before his flight out of the country. >> north korea for no reason is holding another american trying to have some sort of bargainingship and they show what a irrational player they are. >> today the state department said the protection of u.s. citizens is one of the department's highest priorities but the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in north korea and works through the swedish embassy. arthel. arthel: caroline, thank you so much. eric. eric: prepare to go mark a milestone, tenth day in office and this comes amid a jam-packed agenda promised in the next few days. the president says he's prepare to go announce major tax cut that is would come on wednesday even as house speaker paul ryan focused on a different priority, a spending bill to keep the government up and running before it hit it is shutdown deadline of next friday. the very latest on what's happening in capitol hill and washington, kristin fisher joins us. she's live at the white house.
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hi, kristin. >> well, there's really only two paths for president trump to score a big legislative win before 10 days are up. he can either get funding for the border wall including in the spending bill or he can convince house republicans to vote on revise plan to replace obamacare. the problem is democrats say funding for a border wall is a deal-breaker and house speaker paul ryan said he can't get the votes nor does he have the time to tackle healthcare reform by friday. speaker ryan said his top priority this week is avoiding a government shutdown so now negotiations hinge on president trump will insist suspending to include a 1 billion-dollar down payment on a border wall. when asked on friday if he would sign a bill without it, president trump said, i don't know yet. his budget director mick mulvaney said the same thing on fox news on sunday. >> i don't think everybody is trying to get to a shutdown. it's not a desire end, a tool
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that we want to have. wet our priorities funded and one of the biggest priorities during the campaign was border security. keeping americans safe and part of that was a border wall. >> so the administration's take is we won the election, therefore, we won the right to have priorities funded. even republicans on capitol hill are worry that had this spending bill showdown could actually turn into a government shutdown. here is senator marco rubio earlier today. >> the last thing we can afford is to send a message to the world that the united states government, by the way is only partially functioning. i mean, that would just have catastrophic impact in my view, certainly very destabilizing, i should say impact on global affairs and so we should keep in mind going into this week. >> so there's a lot going on this week, all through this week president trump said to unveil the details of his tax reform plan, that's to take place on wednesday and then next saturday he's going to be heading to a big rally in harrisburg,
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pennsylvania. eric. eric: in the next hour through the hour we will be looking at what could be proposed next week, arthel. arthel: another airlines facing a problem, allegedly hitting a mother with a stroller, a video after the incident shows the woman in tears before another passenger stands up and confronts the flight attendant. now the association of flight attendant is supporting the employee. hi, brian. >> the association of professional flight attendants now appears to be blaming everybody else except for the flight attendant, the airline as well as the passengers themselves in a new statement, all of this started when a passenger on board the american airlines flight from san francisco to dallas-fort worth showing a woman crying and
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according to social media post, the ight attendant took a scroller from the woman and missing a baby. the video does not show that part but a male passenger in defense of the woman and getting into a verbal at -- altercation. pinning the blame on the airlines, airlines have made it more challenging for flight attendants to offer the best passenger experiences because of overcrowded planes and shrinking seats but the union also urges the public to not jump to conclusions pointing the finger at passenger air rage stating, quote, one we don't know all the facts related to a passenger who became distraught while boarding the plane. second, it appears another passenger may have threatened a
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flight attendant with violence which is a violation of federal law and no small matter. air rage has become a serious issue on our flights so the union coming in defense of the flight attendant, obviously in the wake of united airlines fiasco, american air lines reacted quickly friday night in a statement saying they were deeply sorry for the incident and suspended the flight attendant while they gather more facts and upgraded the passenger's remaining international flight to first class. we will see. will this be another public relations nightmare past this weekend, we will see. arthel: hundreds of people coming out this weekend to remembering a tragic day. how they are honoring victims of oklahoma city bombing. eric: tax reform is coming this week, what top budget director is saying about when is his big announcement. we will take a look. arthel: congress facing a threat
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eric: time now for a quick check for the headlines, now returning after wild fire forced them to evacuate home near georgia border. firefighters are battling with planes and so far burned 700 acres. investigators are offering a 5,000-dollar reward for information about how that fire started. mourning the death of a student, the hool said that ethan was hit in the head. young man died at a nearby hospital. hundreds of motorcycle riders from across the country paying tribute to the victims of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing, this is call the ride to remember raising money for the the national memorial dedicated to those who were killed that day, as you recall, that domestic terrorist attack occurred on april 19th, 22 years ago. arthel: president trump renewing
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focus on core campaign promise, big announcement on tax reform this wednesday but some members of his administration saying it could still be a few months before we see concrete numbers on tax cut. >> our administration is most i will saying wait and see when it comes from tax reform. trump's budget man is dampening expectations. >> i think what you're going to see on wednesday is some specific governing principles, some guidance, also some indication on what the rates are going to be. i don't think you will see something and i don't think anybody expects us to roll out a bill language on wednesday. in fact, we don't want to do that. >> mick mulvaney on fox news sunday in the interview he also talked about the balance they're trying to find. >> either have a small tax cut that's permanent or a ranch tax cut that is short-term. >> president of conservative for tax reform, the key parts are
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already decided even if the administration is saying months. >> look at the agreement that you have between the trump campaign, the trump administration and the republicans in the house and senate, the big items, the big lines in the sand on tax reform are all agreed. >> tax reform was a big campaign promise of president trump, he said, we will see sug níficant -- significant cuts for a long time but big announcement will come on wednesday. >> the process has begun long ago t formally begins on wednesday, so -- >> a lot of what happens with tax reform depends on what happens with another big campaign promise this week, health care. there are a lot of taxes tied to obamacare and that's something most see as needing to be handled first. arthel. >> ellison barber, thanks,
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ellison. eric: ellison just reported after the two-week easter recess, you know they will hit the ground running. the president, of course, is hoping for legislative progress. he says, offer a tax reform plan on wednesday, one of the big budget proposals in that plan could involve funding but promise border wall. >> it goes without saying that the president has been pretty straightforward about his desire and the need for a border wall, so i would suspect he'll do the right thing for sure but i will suspect he will be insistent on the funding. >> to think that he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this outlandish proposal of a border wall, which we can't even pay for at this
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point and it's opposed by democrats and republicans all along the border, that would be the height of irresponsibility. he would not want that to define the first hundred days. eric: managing editor of real clear politics. good to see you. >> thank you. eric: we heard the president say in a sound bite earlier that the process has begun and the republicans are apparently trying to offer a switch of the democrats for obamacare subsidies for funding the border wall. what are the chances that there will be funding for that wall and we will see it this week? >> it's going to be a tough battle. democrats are against this. president trump tweeted this morning that he wants to go ahead and get the wall funded and they'll get it started and méxico will pay later and democrats are retweeting saying, not a chance, this isn't going to happen, it's a no deal, so we are already seeing a lot of resistance coming to this plan. eric: they offer the plan on wednesday as the beginning, but
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certainly as you say, they won't have something achieved four days later by saturday. >> you're exactly right. that's what we are going to be watching. how do they get both when both sides don't want this and the democrats know their votes are need today get the government funded, so it'll be interesting to see what president trump does this week, does he call lawmakers and does he invite them to the white house, does he have meetings with them. he did this with lawmakers during the obamacare repeal vote and it didn't work. eric: well, obviously he will start that process and he would like i will say that the process, you know, has really begun even if there isn't a specific legislative win. >> he will say that, of course, they have the conversations started, that they're looking into this, that the wall is going to be built, but it's hard to see how the government, all the money that this is going to take because not only are democrats against this, but conservatives are weary about
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spending a lot of money on the wall. eric: representatives on the border wall districts where the wall would be placed, some of them also expressed opposition to it too. >> you're exactly right. there's a lot of opposition there that he has to overcome and hopefully it won't be too insurmountable for him. we are getting mixed signals on the administration. they say they want the wall funded but they say they don't want to government to shutdown, again, it's a question of how do you do both of these things. eric: government shutting down will take precedence and one week or two-week extension before something is worked out. what are the chances, really, the government is not going to shut down next friday. >> i think the odds are low they'll be an actual shutdown. i think they'll do a one week or two-week extension. that will buy them more negotiation time and more republicans on board so they don't need quite as many democrats. they will go with the option of buying more time.
1:22 pm
eric: while they are buying more time, the president trump is saying massive in tax plans, they talk about the middle-class tax cuts, they talk about reforming tax rate, what type of proposals the president will have on wednesday? >> well, hopefully a little combination of both because democrats are going to want things that they want, republicans and conservatives all have their own priorities and they all work together to get this passed. that's not something they can do before 100 days. the clock is tic know how you can write legislation on tax reform and get members to read it and get it passed by friday. eric: a lot of the process is something that we have been seeing now over the last month or so, it's really the legislative process, the way they make the sausage, they used to say, we are watching this. we saw it with the first proposal to repeal obamacare, now we are seeing bit by bit the republicans had a conference
1:23 pm
call yesterday, for example, isn't that healthy that even if they have something done immediately, we are watching it in progress, we are seeing the various proposals go back and forth and while this is happening, us, the voters, americans, we can weigh in on this? >> yeah, that's great. it's engaged how americans are in this process. i'm really learning how the government works and interesting to see how that plays in the 2018 election. eric: speaking of the 2018 election, obviously you would think somebody will be achieved at some point, how do they get there? you have the freedom caucus on one hand, mark meadows said they may have an agreement on obamacare issue that has to do with states and subsidies. bit by bit, kind of seeing washington working even though nothing has been passed yet. >> right, hopefully they will get to something by next year. they did get a supreme court justice confirmed so that is a big deal and hopefully on the legislative end, obamacare
1:24 pm
repeal has been a huge ring cry among republicans and now that they're in power, they really have to get something done here or voters could be very upset with them. eric: all right, they have been working and we have different proposals. thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thanks for having me. arthel: visiting the only military air base in africa today. why the base is so strategically important in the fight against terror. plus, could resent terrorist attacks in france impact the french presidential election? we will discuss this and more das you shed should come from joy... ...not allergies. flonase allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. it's an allergy nasal spray that works beyond the nose. flonase.
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1:29 pm
when he made the comparison in rome yesterday. eric: thousands of people protesting nationalist party this weekend. members of the far-right group electing to top candidates for september's general election. members to have british royal family handing out medals to runners at london marathon day. eric: how about that? radical islamic terrorist has blanketed africa to not or cows boko haram in nigeria, that's why defense secretary mattis is in the continent today and visiting a key military base. mattis is working to reaffirm military alliance in middle east and africa to fight the islamic extremism as the trump administration flushes out counterterrorism strategy, the
1:30 pm
defense secretary djibouti right now. very latest on the defense secretary's trip. >> secretary of defense mattis undoubted came to djibouti on president trump's drive to crush terrorism. 4,000 u.s. personnel stationed in djouboti and immediately to the southeast on isis-linked al shabab and somalia. in somalia the rules of engagement against al shabaab have been changed from self-defense in the obama administration in what they call additional precision fires. the u.s. is also said to be concerned about the ongoing construction of a chinese naval base in djibouti miles from the
1:31 pm
u.s. compound, division head says having chinese and u.s. bases just miles apart is like two competing major football teams having their exercise grounds next to each other and that they'll definite i will keep an eye on each other. >> having china and the u.s. in djibouti is important because they are two major strategic pors and hing them bh in africa and chinese expanding in africa, they can keep one another in balance. that's why it's important for africa. >> also while mattis is talking about pumping up military operations in the war against terror in africa, the u.s. at the un is saying it will crank down america's peace-keeping missions for the un. eric: thank you so much.
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arthel. arthel: voters have chose macron and marine la pen. three days after a deadly terrorist attack in paris. a series of recent attacks in france clouding the campaign. president trump tweeting friday, quote, another terrorist attack in paris, the people of france will not take much more of this. we will have a big effect on france's presidential election. let's bring in james jeffrey. former u.s. embassador to iraq and turkey, former deputy national security adviser to president george w. bush and a distinguished fellow at the washington institute, embassador so nice to have you here. i will start with the tweet, embassador. president trump, i guess covertly some would say endorsed la pen, what does this mean for
1:33 pm
relationship with france if la pen wins presidency and what if emanuel macron wins, what's going to be the impact on u.s.-foreign policy? >> that's a really good question. la pen by any standard will not win. she got about 22% of the votes. macron got perhaps 23 but almost all roughly 50% plus of people who voted for other candidates will vote for macron and send her home. la pen will not be the president. there's no problem with macron and presidentrump, people understand that tweets are the tweets but u.s.-foreign policy is very pronato and it's very prochallenging russia in places like ukraine and macron will work very well with president trump on this but again, terrorism is a huge problem in france as well as around the world and france is our number
1:34 pm
one ally but also much targeted by terrorists as well. arthel: we were looking at live shots there on the screen of macron making its way through the crowd and they are doing victory lap, already being endorsed by francois fillon, conservative who did not make it. emmanuel macron or marine la pen when you talk about the may seventh runoff, who has a better chance and who is a better candidate for dc? >> for dc almost certainly macron and he will most certainly will win as i said. here is the important back story , 40% of voters voted for la pen are farther left than donald trump. that's up over one-third from 2012 the last time the two ran
1:35 pm
and got less than 30%. france is a country, an internial turmoil, it's unemployment rate three times out of germany. he's never been in parol rent and he's going to be in the same trouble that the current president hollande is. arthel: we were looking at the shots in paris there, macron is thanking supporters for getting him into this runoff here against marine la pen, the blue-collar nationalist, antieuropan, antiestablishment, you know, so listen, if marine say, gets in and she is president and if france were to exit the eu, hypothetical at this point, of course, does the eu collapse, embassador, and what does that mean for europe when you're looking at issues like the fight against
1:36 pm
terrorism, border control, organized immigration and individual, the economies of the individual nations of the 20eu nations? >> given the dissatisfaction it's the most important election of the republic 60 years ago. it's very unlikely that la pen would get in. the other thing france has a separate parliamentary system and it's to the left of center and she would have a very hard time making a lot of changes unless she holds new elections and one there which she probably wouldn't. she's far more popular than her party. i don't think that she is a threat for this presidential cycle is going to materialize, but the movement behind her, the problems of that country, they have to be solved the next time either she or somebody from the extreme left will probably become president. arthel: you made a good point. we can't -- this was a very
1:37 pm
close tie -- not a tie but run-up, getting them to the run-off. 23.7% for for emmanuel macron and as you were saying, embassador, you say that you don't think marine le pen can win, this guy is a new-comer and he still has a lot to prove. what they're going to be campaigning on, how they're going to be campaigning for the next point on will be very important and i want to know if you think a macron has what it's going to take in terms of campaign organization to get his message out there? >> he did a pretty good job and that's why he came in first, but ultimately most of the people who voted for number three and number four candidates in this election fillon and melenchon will either stay at home or vote for macron. you can never rule out marine la
1:38 pm
pen, she's a very able organizer and campaigner and her message appeals to a lot of french people who suffered from unemployment or unhappy about immigration and terror. arthel: this is true. speaking of marine la pen, if france exits from the eu and/or nato what kind of opening does this give vladimir putin in terms of expanding his political footprint and are the voters of france thinking about that? >> putin would be delighted at any and all of that. he's been working behind the scenes in the various elections and the various political parties throughout europe including in france to that end. he hasn't obviously had much of an impact and it's not going to happen, but nonetheless it shows the stress that these institutions are under right now thanks to bad policies, bad economies, particularly in europe over the past decade. arthel: i have to leave it there, thank you very much for your analysis, sir. >> thank you. arthel: sure, eric.
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1:44 pm
now democratic state officials are vow to go challenge the administration's plans to pull federal funding from all sanctuary jurisdictions unless they abide by federal law. anita joins us now on more on the brewing battle between sacramento and washington. >> tough words ignited at the border and now big bucks are on the line too. attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security secretary john kelly were at the border in san diego to announce plans to combat sanctuary cities, the justice department that sent letters to nine jurisdictions including the state of california stating they could be in violation of federal law for harboring illegals and sessions says they have to prove in writing they are complying with the law or lose federal grant money and just this morning he added this. >> i know one thing, we need that wall. it'll help us complete the promise that the president has made to the american people, that's what they want, the
1:45 pm
american people have a right to expect it and i believe congress will eventually deliver. >> those statements didn't go over well with california lawmakers who mostly backed sanctuary city policies. state senate leader kevin deleon went so far to call the trump administration racist, they were basing policies on white supremacy, meanwhile california's state attorney general javier becerra respond too jeff sessions in insinuation that cifornia was flouting federal law. >> we haveeen abiding by federal law for quite sometime beforeeff sessions bece the attorney general. we are going to continue to abide by the federal law and the u.s. constitution and we are hoping that the federal government will also abide by the u.s. constitution which gives my state the right to decide how to do public safety. >> either way, californians are hoping the state attorney general comes up with a satisfactory legal argument for jeff sessions because $20 million is on the line for crime-fighting that could be
1:46 pm
left unfunded all over the state. eric, back to you. eric: all right, and it could be multiple millions and even more across the country or even billions. >> exactly, even billions. arthel: fbi investigating of russian meddling into the 2016 election is heating up. why carter page, a former foreign policy adviser to then candidate trump is under the microscope and speaking out. that's coming up diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right. from the makers of lantus®, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction.
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>> i don't know if there was a fisa warrant, all i know is that i have never broken any law or done anything untoward in russia or relating to any russian person. eric: that's carter page defending himself saying there's nothing wrong in going to moscow and never had any ties to the kremlin and not involved in an effort by vladimir putin's government to try and sway the presidential race. fbi suspicion about russian interference in the election stem from a trip page took to russia giving a speech criticizing u.s. policy and now reiters has been reporting the think tank, the guy on the right will try to sprinkle propaganda
1:51 pm
in news articles and social media to report positivively on then trump and does julie miller believe that, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for research. judy, good to see you. >> nice to see you. eric: what is a think tank and what does it do and is it unusual for the bizarre organizations to try to influence people like you and me to get what they want into our reporting? >> absolutely, this is the russian institute for strategic affairs studies. until 2009 it was actually in arms of the scr, russian foreign intelligence service and became independence and meant it was headed by generals who worked
1:52 pm
and some indication that putin is trying to get think tank but reflect government policy, they tend not to direct -- they issue two papers, one of which said we've got to get behind trump because mr. trump is going to be more prorussian, that was in june and then they issued a second paper, i think, in october that said, hmm, i don't think president trump is going to be president trump, so let's stop the propaganda campaign but start to undermine the legitimacy of the american election. there's -- you know, there was no name on it. it wasn't directed to vladimir putin, we don't know who influenced whom. it does reflect what appears to be psident pin's attitude toward the american election and his effort to influence the ouome of the american election
1:53 pm
which as you know and we reported here is now under active investigation by the fbi and two congressional committees. eric: and there's no evidence so far of collusion or a link. >> not so far. eric: is this intellectually honest and coming up with the conclusion that if donald trump is president his policies would help russia more or is this more nefarious in your view? >> i think endorsing which is obvious which is given what a candidate trump was saying and the need of good relations with russia and admirable guy vladimir putin, there's no reason not to believe that mr. putin and think tanks that wanted either reflected his views or want to carry his favor wouldn't also endorse that position. eric: how do we know as reporters or viewers, how do you
1:54 pm
know it's not some type of propaganda operation from some government or you meet government officials, you've had dinner with them, you know they're trying to get their view across, how do you know if it's something that's not kosher? >> in terms of what carter page knew or should have known. those of us who work in countries like this, you and me, arthel understand that an authoritarian regime people are trying to change your mind, recruit you as a potential agent. carter page, if he was a russia expert should have known that. he was described by the man who singled him out for potential recruitment as an idiot who hasn't helped his reputation any but enjoying his 15 minutes of star here. he was a marginal figure both in russian-american business
1:55 pm
circles and in the trump campaign because he apparently never met mr. trump, he was on an advisory committee for about six minutes and then in december, the trump general counsel basically said, campaign general council said please stop identifying yourself as an adviser to mr. trump because you are not. eric: he never e-mailed or had any conversation with paul manafort. >> exactly. eric: let's play the clip and this all potentially started with his visit to russia. this is carter page defending himself on this issue. >> there is no basis. i'm a loyal american and i serve my country in the military. i was an eagle scout growing up, alter boy, i have done nothing wrong.
1:56 pm
maybe i got a couple speeding tickets along the way but i've never done anything illegal, i think some of the steps that the people in congress and elsewhere have been doing to damage the administration by spinning these lies out of control is really my biggest concern. any -- i'm, again, i'm a small fry in this whole pond, so i'm not -- i'm not too worried about myself. eric: do you think we will hear from him some more? >> i think we will because the case of collusion does not rest on carter page. eric: that does it for us for now, arthel. arthel: we hope to see you thent it kills weeds and greens grass, guaranteed. this is a scotts yard.
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