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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  June 5, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tuned to the station and fox news channel. that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday americans, supporting our friends a world away. americans, we stick. see you on outnumbered. this is jesse
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want to thank you for coming tonight. i love you some much. >> welcome to "watters world". as you just heard, which three jihadists who use the van to go down victims are now dead and three others connected with the attack on london bridge. three hours ago ariana grande a return to the stage after a suicide bombing killed 22 people at her contras concert in nearby manchester. it has raised $2.6 million of victims of the attack.
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how did we get here for the second time in as many weeks, tolerating terrorism. that is the subject of tonight's waters words. there have been 13 terror attacks killing 304 people. this is you alone in great britn there have been two terror attacks killing 29 people. european leaders still not working woken up to the real thought of islamic jihad. borders are wide open, civilians are not allowed to arm themselves and no anti- tear doctor and have been enacted. how much bloodshed are the europeans willing to tolerate? perhaps her bloodied history from world war i and world war ii creates a higher death threats old, but also you this, this amount of terror will never be tolerated in america, ever. look at what's happening in the united kingdom. 23000 suspects in that country currently being monitored. authorities believe 400 isis trained fighters have returned
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from iraq and syria and are festering throughout the country. in 2012, with left wing activist chipped away at the ability to monitor terror suspects, their movement and use of phones and computers. this was a grave mistake. another mistake was the election of the london mayor, a muslim who cares more about fighting with donald trump them fighting islamic terrorism. last may he tweeted this, trumps ignorant view of islam could make both of our countries less safe. it risks alienating mainstream muslims. london has proved him wrong. actually, you have been proven wrong. since you held office there has been two terror attacks in london. after the london bridge attack, he never mention the phrase radical islam but he did say this.
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>> london's will see an increased piece presents. no reason to be alarmed. >> no reason to be alarmed? of course people should be alarmed. he said it was because people should be alarmed that police. why would they be alarmed that police? what they're really alarmed about is islamic killers and their governments inability to stop them. the first mayor told them to carry on. theresa may was up for reelection said this. >> defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time, but it cannot be defeated through military intervention alone. it will only be defeated when we turn people's minds away from this violence. we must make them understand that our valuers are superior to anything offered by the
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preachers and supporters of ha hate. >> with all due respect to the prime minister, you're not going to convince jihad john to lay down his ak-47 because your british values are superior. it didn't help when she cut police on the street by 20000. here's what former member of the counterterrorism unit said works against jihadists. >> the only thing they are afraid of is fear and until pure becomes part of our doctrine, that's the essence and that's what the fabric of counterterror means and and until their put on the run. >> you're right. if i was in charge of counterterror operations in london, i would make it start raining search once. that is the first thing that i would be kicking down every do door, anything that caused abreaction on the back of my
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neck which caused my hair to raise, and i'm talking about warrants and judges and laws in this counterterror fight is as much as it is about tone. the laws have to read but the tone. >> sound smart, doesn't it. fortunately america has not reached that point yet. >> this problem is not unique for london, it's happened across much of europe and can i say, please americans, let this be a warning to you, your president wants to try to protect you and yet your judiciary are trying to stop him. >> trump wasted no time reacting treating this on the travel ban. we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us our rights. we needed travel plan as an extra level of safety. it's now on the way to the supreme court and could be decided as early the summer.
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"watters world" will keep you posted. in conclusion, we cannot just fight terrorism with hashtags, benefit concerts and lunches. it's time to get tough to make the terrorist guilty. joining me now with his reactions, former cia intelligence officer, lieutenant colonel tony shaver. so the mayor, he doesn't seem to get it. he said terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a major city. he is always getting into some sort of beef with president trump. what's going on with them. >> if it were world war ii, i'm sure he would've welcomed hitler into the city. this is a complete surrender. i'm glad you put in that framework. this is a war. he apparently doesn't recognize that he is jeopardizing the
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safety of his citizens. instead of doing his job he talks about donald trump abandoning his paris treaty. theresa may said they've tolerated extremism far too lo long. the the beheading of a soldier back in 2013 should about the start. i would dare say it's plan because you can't be this stupid as a mayor. >> hopefully it's not planned, it could be criminal negligence. 90% of british police officers don't carry firearms. >> that's insane only 4% of
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british citizens are packing heat. why do you think they're such soft targets question market because no citizen is there to stop them in their tracks. >> it's insane. i live in virginia and i have a concealed carry permit. i was along for the ride along for sheriff detail on friday. everyone was armed. these people are willing to arm, competent, and more importantly police who should be armed and denotes the fact that they further surrender to the terrorist. >> there also willing to let anybody come into that country. they have much looser immigration policy over the uk and other european countries. when trump says it's time for a travel pay on as an extra layer of security, everyone goes ballistic across the pond, but
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if something like this happened in america number three attacks in three months, americans would be going crazy looking for action. >> i said you have to be on the offensive. that's doing better screening and prevent those who are doing this from coming here. president trump has that idea. to your point, during the time of the irish army were attacking england they use very tight control of their borders. let me remind your audience that they severely when after the i ira. they made the irish terrace fear for their lives and we've not done that with the radical islamists. >> is nato the appropriate mechanism to use on the continent? is there a way to use nato more effectively a way to root out the problem. >> nato has a history of this but i served undercover in 1985 going after a number of german terrorist groups. nato has experience.
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secondly sharing intelligence and special operations. jesse, the minister may was polite when she talked about the networks. those networks exist in europe. that's where a lot of this is coming from a nato can go after those networks that can claw if they are allowed to do so. >> thank you very much. >> american muslim say they despise isis but are they doing enough? we will debate that next. later, exposing the mainstream media in ridiculous coverage of last night terror attack
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are americans involved enough in the fight against isis? joining me now is dean and president of the american islamic forum. where to start with you. we had our people look for examples of muslims in america protesting terrorism, and i've got to be honest, we didn't find a lot of examples. >> they are doing something better than protesting. they are turning in people who are extremists. the shooter in orlando was turned in by a fellow. [inaudible] >> that has a member fight yet. >> fbi sources have not verified yet. >> there are literally a list of a thousand americans serving in the nypd. most of them are police officers. there are 5000 muslim americans serving in our military probably defending all of our rights. we are out there. there are moms working with the fbi at night. >> i actually do think visually
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it would create a big momentum shift if other americans could see video of massive amount of american muslims out there on the street protesting isis. let me ask you this, there is a uk pole that came out of british muslims and it was very disturbing. it said this, two out of three muslims in britain would not give the government any information if they knew the details of a terror plot. what does that say to you? >> it says to me, it's almost as if dean is still on 9,122,001 and we are 16 years later. there has been an arab awakeni awakening. there are large global movements in the underbelly of terrorism when they strapped the belt on, the underbelly is this complicity, the homophobia, the anti-semitism, the 30% who said they would chop the hands of those who steal, the 30% who
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said they would stone and commit acts that are evil. what they are missing is they are in denial. we need a 12 step program. within terrorism self combusts out of nowhere and we are not dealing with the precursor so therefore americans are stupid. they sort of say wait a minute, you're doing the hashtags, e-mail condemnation, but you're doing nothing for your legacy for your children to fix the causes of radicalization. >> i want you to respond to that. it seems like the muslims in america are more upset over trumps travel ban then isis beheading people. >> just so it's clear because i know a lot of fellow americans don't hear muslims denounced terrorism. let me just tell you. isis is the enemy of islam.
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the reason they're doing it is different for each one. in afghanistan, 91 people killed by isis. those are muslims they were killed. twelve other people killed that there funeral. that doesn't get covered in the west. americans don't see that isis is slaughtering. i applaud president trump for making it clear to fellow americans. we despise them. we want to see them eliminated, destroyed and killed because it comes to our community. >> you are talking like a drunk at a bar who is saying were taking away to the keys to the drunk drivers. there really part of it. >> but let me finish what i'm saying. you also, by using afghanistan and our families in syria and others, over there they truly
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are threatened by the militants and they are the victims, but here, the reformers are the victims of nonviolence islam us. >> did you just call me a nonviolent islamist. >> update your script. the fact that you know nothing going on in the muslim community because you're rejected by our community. you are not around. [inaudible] >> most are working with law enforcement. [inaudible] >> don't insult him. listen, calling you a drunk guy was a euphemism. it was a figure of speech. let's not get too excited. >> i gotta run. thank you very much. >> moments ago vladimir putin broke his silence about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. later, mainstream media exposing its true colors yet again. we will show you what cnn is
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apologizing for today. ♪ ♪
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i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. >> russian president vladimir putin weighing in on the claims of moscow meddling in the 2016 election. russian president denied the claims telling nbc megyn kelly there is simply no need to even bother interfering in the first place. >> the united states, everywhere, all over the world, actively interfered with electoral campaigns with other country. you can put your finger anywhere on the map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that american officials are interfering and
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internal electoral processes. presidents come and go and the parties change but the main political direction does not change. that's why, in the grand scheme of things, we don't care who is the head of the united states. we know what is going to happen. joining me now is fox news chief correspondent ed henry. >> he is basically saying everybody interferes with elections except russia. >> some of it was ridiculous. the idea, he was saying look, jfk may have been killed by the u.s. intelligence community and so they could've hacked the election and made it look like the russians did it. give me a break. this is ridiculous. he said the cia could've been the one that hacked the sampling to russia. >> it's a great get from megyn kelly. everybody wants this interview but she couldn't break new ground. she looked into his eyes and could not see into his soul. he's impenetrable. >> that's because he's a former kgb agent and he lies
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brilliantly. >> at one point he said about michael flynn, and this is maybe the big thing, general flynn got paid a lot of money. he was at this dinner in moscow, he was seated next to vladimir putin, there's something there. the princess i barely spoke to him and then i found out after the dinner he was this big senior former official, might be a big deal with donald trump. give me a break. >> was the impression. >> do you really think the kremlin didn't brief him, mike flynn is a big guy. >> obviously briefed him. also megyn kelly asked about the secret back channels that jared kushner might've been setting up. here's how he responded. >> this is just amazing. they can created a sensation out of nothing. and out of the sensation they turned it into a weapon of war
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against the current president. you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring. >> america you have no life. do you have dirt on our president and he said this is another load of nonsense. have you lost your senses. he is like the master of body language. megyn kelly asked sims questions, he sighing, he's looking at his shoes, he's rolling his eyes, smirking. aren't your fingerprints on the american election and the hack, fingerprints, horn prints, what you talking about. it was great for making, she asked good questions and she was pressing him, but he's a kgb guy. >> if you are sitting across from him, how would you go after the guy? he's a tough nut to crack. >> you have to throttle him.
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>> i would use the impersonation. i would lead with the impersonation does this make any headway with the russian collusion thing? was there anything that came out of this that one side or the other side can say look at this, this proves this one way or another. >> no, i think that's the biggest point. months and months of investigation and there will be more, i don't want to say there's nothing there, there's obviously smoke, but is there fire? megyn kelly asked good questions, pressed the russian president and at the end of the interview there is virtually nothing new. >> for donald trump, that's good news. >> thank you very much. >> the left is hysterical that the president put america first in the climate deal, but where's that anger after last night's terror attack. coming abou up after the break,s
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that's a look at news. back to "watters world". one tweet read, we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. if we don't stop it will only get worse. notice, we are not having a gun debate right now. that's because they use knives and a truck. joining me now, author of government gone wild.
12:33 am
does europe need to stop tanning knives and bands. >> i thought it was a strange tweet because obviously donald trump will be against the gun-control argument but he actually made the opposite point and he intended to. forty-nine people died in orlando nightclub after omar matheny eagerly purchased two assault weapons, even though he had been on an fbi watchlist. were not talking about gun control. >> i think his point is every time there is an attack using a gun, liberals don't make it about islamic terrorism, they make it about the gun. if there's an islamic attack using any other weapon they don't talk about that. they don't even talk about islamic terror. >> this has nothing to do with guns. it has everything to do with
12:34 am
radical islamic terror. what happened in london was sad and horrific and tragic but it's becoming the norm. how many people have to die this before those on the left will acknowledge the root of the problem. seven dead in london. forty-nine dead in orlando. thirty dead in france, paris, i could go on and on. >> with the president saying we need to stop with the pc stuff, what you think he's referring too. >> i'm not really sure. >> how can you not been sure. political correctness is literally killing us. >> i am oh liberal person and i fully acknowledge this is a problem of islamic terror. >> you heard it here first. president trump announcing this week he is pulling the united states out of the paris climate accord. that is a deal with other countries to come back but america was putting much of the bill, losing jobs and getting
12:35 am
very little in return. if you listen to the liberal media it will lead to human extensions. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden, what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> i have such rage and sadness. we just watch a dangerous little man give a very scary speech. >> one of the most weak depictions of america role in the world. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worst asthma and the president who talked about putting america first has now put america last - this was full nationalist america first, damn the rest of the world's. >> it was almost like mad libs for conservative. >> and that's not all. celebrities are getting in on the outrage two. that muller tweeting, there has never, in u.s. history been such a destructive maniac in the white house. thank you to u.s. press and other numbskulls who put him
12:36 am
there. wow. i really don't know what to say about that. why do you think these celebrities are so upset about the potential for one person to die 100 years from now, but they're not actually upset when isis kills people in london. >> who says they're not upset. >> look at all these celebrities coming out of the woodwork. they've not said anything. >> i think this is misguided. if you watch every liberal news channel, they were all talking about the london terror attack. >> no thank you, i will not. >> what you think about all this chaos going on the left? it seems like they can't believe it actually happened. >> this has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with that being in the paris agreement would do
12:37 am
anything to save the environment but this is the anti- trump story of the week. under the agreement, rich countries like the united states agreed to give $100 billion to poor countries to help them transition to green energy. obama committed $3 billion. guess how much china committed? zero dollars and they are the biggest polluters in the world. this was an american last policy and americans are very glad trump pulled us out. >> julie, can i show you something? rob o'neil who shot bin laden said some governments tell us there is nothing they can do to stop terror but they can lower the temperature of the planet. do you see the irony. >> i don't know what governments are saying there's nothing they can do to stop terror. this is something everyone is concerned about. eople in europe thing we have to get used to this, this is part and parcel of living in a big city. >> i think that's a misinterpretation of what the mayor said in london.
12:38 am
>> i would never misinterpret anything he said. >> today he was saying people said not be alarmed. he said don't be alarmed when you see increased police presence. we are coming together to make the city safer. >> i want to play you chris, and a statement of john kerry who said this about president trump. >> when donald trump says to the world well, were going to negotiate a better deal, he's going to go out and find a better deal, that's like o.j. simpson saying he's gonna go find the real killer. everybody knows he isn't going to do that. >> so is he saying the president is the real killer? is that the analogy. >> apparently, everyone in america who actually works for a living and has a brain understands what's going on. this is an effort to try to take down trump and invite hysteria within the population to take down the present. again this paris agreement really did nothing to help the environment and this will help
12:39 am
businesses by taking us out of this. i think working people in this country are happy about this decision. >> in your working person so you should be very happy. >> i have to say i think this is a mistake. the way packs like this work is. pressure. it's the second greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions pullout, what is that going to do. >> were not going to base our politics on. pressure. we've gotta run. up next, some say
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>> i was katie perry with a new haircut performing at the ariana grande a concert earlier today. she also said this in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. >> just touch the next person. touch the person next to red make human contact. tell them i love you. look in their eyes, say i love you. i encourage you to choose love even when it's difficult.
12:44 am
let no one take that away from you. >> choose love, interesting strategy. that muller chimed in after radical islamic stabbed and mowed down innocent civilians, tweeting more sour and grief at the hands of madmen in london. men and religion are worthless. earth to bat, christians didn't slaughter people in london bridge. neither did jews or buddhists. and one of the san bernardino terrace was a woman. joining me now is joe concha. when these terror attacks happen and the celebrities come out of the woodwork and say things like fight terrorism with love for men and religion are bad, how do you process that? >> she was the wind beneath my wings. now she has disappointed me. like ariana grande, she didn't
12:45 am
write a check, she didn't start a # campaign, she went right back to manchester and did this great concert bread this was a great moment. >> i think she did the right thing. she raised $2.6 million and a lot of people showed up. that was great. also, as terror broke out on the streets of london, donald trump tweeted this. we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights and we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. that tweet set off the host of believer on cnn who had some choice words for the commander-in-chief. this piece of [bleep] is not and embarrassment to america, he is an embarrassment to humankind. cnn was forced to apologize again. the mainstream media tax on the president didn't and they are. over at 30 rock they sent out
12:46 am
this. after the president referred to the situation as a terror attack, president trump has used twitter to share news reports on london incidents. we aren't relaying the presidents retreat as the info is unconfirmed. don't you think the commander-in-chief with access to all of americans intelligence resources with no before an nbc producer in new york if an attack on our strongest ally was terrorism? why do that if you are nbc? >> they didn't bother to check sean spicer's speech that the president had been briefed on the incident by his national security team. it wasn't that he was going off the top of his head. he had the information. it didn't reflect well on them. i've got a statement from cnn. they say it's not a cnn employee but he does host a series on the network. we are pleased to apologize for his tweets. that kind of discourse is never appropriate.
12:47 am
so with apologies needs to come accountability. cnn needs to say this guy isn't going to be on air for a while. they stopped short of doing th that. >> wasn't kathy griffith also not a cnn employee but hosted a new year's eve special. >> once a year but they were forced to fire her. >> i don't know what's going on over there. i want to find out. also, something that really bothered me, i think thomas roberts over at msnbc was responding to something trump tweeted. he tweeted we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. if we don't get smart it will only get worse. here's what roberts said. >> the president doesn't want us to be political correct so let's not be pc. is he trying to provoke a
12:48 am
domestic terrorist attack with this twitter rant only to prove himself right? >> what kind of question is that? was that a hypothetical questi question? a rhetorical question. >> let's be clear. he is an anchor. it's your audience. that's what bret behr is. picture him asking a question like that which implies a sitting president would want to do harm what would want arm to come or death to come to his own citizens just to prove a point. that is the same thing as 911, the george w. bush administration was behind that attack, it's that kind of charge and an anchor has no business saying that. we haven't seen an apology yet but this is reckless stuff and this shows you where we are. you as a media guy should send over a note and say listen, what is your response. maybe you can get something out of them. i also want to show something i
12:49 am
found amusing, this was when everybody knew it was a terror attack. this was on cnn. stabbing rampage then attack. of van attack. we knew very early, i think that was at 930, everyone knew it was a terror attack. cnn called it of van attack. attack of the killer van. >> and nbc called it a security incident for a while where there were about a thousand witnesses saying of van just plowed down folks - it reminds me of workplace violence at fort hood. they just twist everything around so they don't have to say radical islamic terrorist atta attack. real news of the week update. this state department briefing. >> does the administration believe democracy is a barrier.
12:50 am
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real news update of the week, here we go. president trump defense secretary james mattis was on "face the nation" last sunday and said this. >> what keeps you awake at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. >> did you catch that? that's why we all love mad dog matus. joe biden creating a pack for 2020 feeling speculation he may run against donald trump in four years. what a matchup.
12:54 am
what an amazing amount of material joe biden would provide for "watters world". >> his mama lived in long island for ten years, god rest her soul, although your mom is still alive. it was her dad that passed. god bless her soul. as barack says, a three letter word, jobs. day obs. you cannot go to a 711 or dunkin' donuts unless you have an accent. >> folks, i can tell you, i've known eight presidents, three of them intimately. >> standup chuck, what am i talking about. i tell you, you're making ever built standup. chuck was in a wheelchair. >> you know would provide even more entertainment, jerry springer. top ohio democrats are urging him to run for ohio governor.
12:55 am
i can only imagine the attack ads. >> jerry, jerry. >> fielding questions from the press can be a tough job. here is stuart jones responding to a question about the difference between iran's record on democracy and our allies record on democracy, saudi arabia. >> does the administration believe democracy is a barrier against extremism? >> yes, he did answer the question, eventually. bill marr is sinking to a new low using the n-word in an
12:56 am
in >> we would love to have you work in the fields. >> work in the fields, senator, i'm a house bleeped. >> while everyone was covering kathy griffith, cnn was using time to bash the president. >> he complained his first trip overseas was going to be too long and he wasn't looking forward to it and he returned to the white house angry. he has gained weight according to you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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