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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> greg: that's it. >> jesse: never miss an episode of "the five" ." "hannity" up next. >> welcome to the special addition of hannity. mainstream media continues to attack the president. by calling president trump names and accusing him of blackmail. take a look. >> we had so many people saying are you okay? >> he backed up lies into tweets.
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>> he appears to have a fragile childlike ego that we seen over and over again. >> we had a call that said the "national enquirer" was going to run a negative story against you guys. and the president was friends with the guy who ran the "national enquirer" ." and if you call him up and apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and spike the story. >> kimberly: but it didn't end there. it became unhinged on his attacks against trump. >> is physically disgusting to look at. and that's what i find ironic. beyond the fact that he's obviously not well, he's a
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misogynist, vulgarity, he's not mentally okay. he's a pig and a bully, and he is doing disgusting things to this country. it absolutely does. he's a vulgar human being. he's disgusting in the way he behaves himself as the president. >> i'm from queens, i'll meet you in the schoolyard brother. >> kimberly: president trump respondent to all of that, watch morning joe in a longtime, fake news. he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no. and on "fox & friends" ," plannd the media for vicious attacks against the president. >> it's incredible to watch
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people play armchair psychologist. calling him names that you wouldn't want your children to call people on the playground. you would punch them for doing that. and then all of a sudden, feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself and hopefully change the conversation. the conversation right now is a one-way conversation of toxicit toxicity. a lot of people on tv do not criticize his policy, or action or beliefs. the criticize him. >> kimberly: joining us now, herman cain and geraldo rivera. have you ever seen this level of hatred coming from media directed at the president? >> know. these people are dipped in stupid because they're focusing
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more on insults then results. let's talk about legislation that was passed yesterday called "kate's law" to keep the bad people out. this independence day, we are going to see the lowest gasoline prices and years because of the policies of the trump administration. let's talk about the congressional revolutions this president signed that allows this economy to continue to grow and boom the way it is. let's talk about results. and that's why they are suffering from trump derangement syndrome. they are dipped in stupid. >> kimberly: what do you make of this geraldo? you know the president very wel well. what's going on here?
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they have been very aggressive to the president. they've called him every name under the book. questioning his and sanity and mental state. >> the clips you played establish beyond any doubt that there are hostile acts, hostile putrid acts generated by the mainstream media. most of whom hate this president because they all consider him an accidental president and think they are smarter than he is. i am so proud to call him my friend. one of the reasons i love this president is that he's a fighte fighter, he's funky and he will fight for what he believes in.
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running for president, it doesn't work so great when you are president and you're trying to run the country. turning the other cheek is a concept unfamiliar to him. she creates a conflict that hurts him. it exasperates the negative vibes in his direction. clearly this is a level of disrespect. and a secondary commentator can so demean the president, he was some low-level dishwasher employee, i think that's very telling that there's a level of disrespect that is malicious. >> kimberly: during the campaign, he's somebody that doesn't mince words. he's been very transparent with this tweets.
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what is thinking and feels, he felt very disrespected by them. they called him names. in some people said this took the eye off the ball. and took the fake news out of the media, what do you think about that? >> this may be one of the first times i agree with geraldo. in regards to your question, the people who support donald trump, and i know this firsthand from doing a daily radio show, they don't care about the insults and exchanges. they are looking at results. they don't like the fact that the liberal media tries to take the eye off the ball, change the focus by focusing on insults exchanges. they are looking at results. in the results are in impressiv
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impressive. >> here's where i disagree with you. too many of the presents problems are self-inflicted. when he tweeted that obama wiretapped trump tower. when he tweeted out that comey better hope there are no tapes. and winnie tweeted out a highly insulting message about a reporter the other day, he created problems i were unforced errors. but because he is that street fighter, hasn't learned the discipline and has to be less impetuous and you want him to succeed. the stock market is up 10% this year. unemployment at record lows.
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it's working for the united states. it's big business to do. he can be fighting these little fights with insignificant commentators. >> kimberly: maybe he's capable of doing both. >> he's created the problems through the liberal media. i agree with you. when he created a problem with these tweets, you are right. for the media, not the people who really care about the results he's trying to achieve for the american people. >> kimberly: so that's the thing, the people to support him or so behind him, working men and women that want something different. we want sony to drain the swamp.
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they like his free talk and transparency. i think they find it refreshing and trustworthy. >> i would rather know him as a accomplished businessman. i would like to see him turn nothing into something. i saw him take a garbage dump and make a terrific golf course. i've seen him achieve things. when you fight these insignificant problems brought on by insults, and gigantic statements from pruden or the chinese, you distract from your own agenda. >> kimberly: but now, you talked about his personality. he's a builder from queens. he still is.
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>> one point on that we agree on, these are distractions and that's what the media focuses o on. trying to create distractions. the people who support this president, they are not distracted because of this. these distractions feed the liberals, progressives, and the democrats who care more about their political agenda than they do about the people's agenda. as for the differences. >> kimberly: there's been some news that are unfavorable, the media wasn't focusing on health care, north korea, and he put a tweet out there to see what happens. and he put the media on a rabbit chase. >> every day on six weeks on
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"celebrity apprentice," you can ridicule my comparison. you saw him as a person. herman mentioned health care. i would like to take the energy and directed at these critics and think about calling a key democratic moderate and saying, let's get together and get a health care plan that makes sense for your side of the aisle in my side of the aisle. this get the great middle of both great parties. that's craft something that works. this she something historic. remember he made fun of some ladies plastic surgery. that is not historically significant.
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>> kimberly: are the democrats willing to come to the table? >> no, they are not. i agree with geraldo. the president ignores the insults, the results will rise to the top. if if you hit him he will have back. the good news is that the results are leading the insults and if we stay focused on that, we conservatives will be just fine. >> kimberly: thanks gentleman. coming up next on a special edition of "hannity." >> fake news, not all of it, but some of it is good. but some are real bad. >> kimberly: president trump
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>> kimberly: welcome to this special edition of "hannity" ." here he is at his rally in cedar rapids, iowa, . >> we will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporations that will say anything and do anything to get people to watch their screens or to get people to buy their failing papers. cnn, hey the cameras just went off. i can't imagine why.
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the fake news. it's fake news. not all of it, some of it good and some of the people are great actually, but some are real bad. >> kimberly: joining is now cory lewandowski and fox news contributor. i can't get enough of that. he's in his element and at these rallies. you got to live through all of this cory. with a huge victory and vindication with his battle against cnn getting called out. >> the president time and time again has called out the media for what they are. he's called them out for fake news, failing "new york times," false stories they put forth. and he's done is on twitter and
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successfully. the mainstream media has explod explode, and there is no collusion with russia. it does nothing with russia. now they all agree there's nothing to do with russia here. susan rice has to testify. the former attorney general has to testify. every single time the president has called something out on twitter, there has explode and people find out anything absolutely right. >> kimberly: they write these sensational headlines, numbness anonymous sources, can they even be trusted. he started this during the campaign by saying fake news.
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>> when you show clips from the rallies, he's such a crowd pleaser when goes after the media. none of those people trust the word that comes out of the mouth of the media. and trump is better than any politician i've ever seen, able to identify that and tap into i it. this went on throughout the campaign where donald trump would say something, he got pillard by the media. and it would turn out to be incorrect or essential issue that all the other republicans in the general election, and even had hillary clinton jumping onto the bandwagon. the media just killed him for mentioning, calling him a racist in all this crazy stuff.
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but he's always been right about these things. >> kimberly: cory being up close and personal to this whole experience, the media can be incredibly unfair to the president. they can be unfair to trump. and people criticize when he goes on twitter and defends himself. what your thoughts on this? >> the american people knew this before they liked him. when someone attacks him, he's going to fight back. you have a candidate in president trump, the white house correspondent association is very successful. hillary was hiding and taking naps for the better part of the day. she was falling asleep in the van. and takes two weeks to prepare
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for one debate. donald trump comes through time and time again. always accessible and then they try and criticize him. the most disgusting part is that the mainstream media, they say things privately to donald trump saying we love you, and want to be next to you. and then they go on television and criticize them. and what they do up close is disgusting. >> kimberly: i don't blame him for being frustrated with this. with joe, he was very gracious to him. and then they kind of turn on him once he became popular to go against president trump.
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and now this. i can understand his level of frustration about the situation. >> absolutely, it's so opportunistic. he laid out his tweets about joe and trying to slow around for the weekend. and basically the press and the rest of the media claimed none of this was true. it was completely true. they were hanging out. i do think that sometimes twitter wars that donald trump gets into does trample on a message. that's the way he rolls. he has these accomplishments. he's pursuing other accomplishments. i don't blame the guy.
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if i had his vicious wit and ability to tweet out things like that to destroy my enemies, i would do it too. >> kimberly: he's a slayer. if you go against him, beware. >> he's taken down his opponents on twitter many times. you can ask lying tad and crooked hillary. when you pose donald trump, his social media followers will show up. >> kimberly: always a pleasure. thank you. former national security advisor susan rice will testify against congress on the obama administration scandal. with more reactions. and later, liberal michael moore
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including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. >> kimberly: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity "hannity." the trump administration has been plagued by government leak leaks. pressing for answers on the obama administration's unmasking of trump associates. susan rice has agreed to testify before the house intelligence committee about her role in the unmasking scandal. joining us with reaction mother sara carter and gregg jarrett. what should the president do about these leaks?
7:31 pm
they are very disturbing. >> they should encourage the department of justice to investigate. susan rice has a lot to answer for. she is queen of the false narrative. she lied about benghazi, she says she doesn't know anything about incidental actions. i never asked for the unmasking of troubled officials. in no that appears to be a lie. there is potential crimes, trying to make use your office for political unmasking. she better get herself a good
7:32 pm
criminal defense attorney. >> i can tell you this, i've heard her recent report that she said gender and race had something to do with targeting her. we broke those stories of unmasking. it wasn't based on gender or race. it was based on fact. it showed the obama administration did so in 2015. what we saw was an increase of unmasking. until after the election all the way through december. over 300% increase. so this had nothing to do with race or gender. this has to do with documented fact in obama administration leaks so much that it allowed
7:33 pm
them to unmask. >> kimberly: this is unbelievable grotesque invasion of privacy. that increase is no coincidence given the timing of when this transpired. it's being investigated that while she was claiming she wants these names unmask for national security reasons, the documents appear to be for political reasons. trump transition plans, the people there going to meet, if the documents have nothing to do with national security, i don't know how she defends herself. >> kimberly: i think you're right. so what you think?
7:34 pm
>> i think it's going to be behind closed doors. most of those documents are no at the obama library. so the only people that are seeing them are the people in the house intelligence committee. what we know from people and lawmakers, some of those unmasking requests has nothing to do with russia or national security. she's going to have a lot of explaining to do. so whether the american public is those answers remains to be seen. >> kimberly: it seems like political hacking. >> her exclamations the are so absurd, it's like she's heard
7:35 pm
nothing. and then when you have the goods on her, she begins to backpedal. and now she has to change her tune. and a fourth crime, lying to congress. she has to tell the truth or she is even in more serious trouble. >> kimberly: you make such a great point, she lied about all of those other things like benghazi, as well. thank you so much. hollywood filmmaker michael moore calls for fellow liberals to rise up this fourth of july. and liberal college professors on campuses are attacking president trump. we will have guests to react to these stories. stay with us with this special
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>> kimberly: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity "hannity." hollywood has been no fan of president trump. michael moore calls on liberals all across the country to rise up this fourth of july. he tweeted, i call on everyone this fourth of july week nonviolently storming political
7:40 pm
offices of senators, town halls, rise up. this is your country, if one person is is being denied health care then we are all being denied. all hands on deck. joining us for reaction, former spokesman to the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and other guests. what better topic to discuss then michael moore. what do you make of these comments? >> michael moore is the face of the resistance movement. he called donald trump a racist. michael moore has argued that there reason america has this
7:41 pm
trouble is on rational fear of black men. fast forward 9/11, michael moore does a town hall at the u.k. colonists there said she almost walked out with her son how he ranted about they were afraid to be hijacked with box cutters. talk about somebody who perpetuates stereotypes. the same that said why america has so many guns. my point is the left is always playing the race card. always calling republicans racist. sure you have the leader of the movement making comments. >> kimberly: you're absolutely
7:42 pm
right. this bothers me. i'm still thinking about the congressman and what happened to him. he said nonviolently rise up and go after congressman and senators. and demand health care. what do you think about this rhetoric? >> i'm struck with how hollywood used to be the place where you can be anything. they would celebrate all sorts of types of people. they've been at the forefront of so much. unfortunately yesterday champions of diversity has become today's intolerance. what were seeing is that you have to think like them or be like them in order to be accepted. the bully aspect of hollywood need to be outed. one thing i'm encouraged by is that social media, is changing
7:43 pm
this. republicans and conservatives are organized. when an actor mocks us and asks us to go to his premiere movie, we can have a choice there. that is having a chilling effect. i'm seeing this less and less, and hopefully social media continues the pressure so we can stop in and this intolerance. >> kimberly: it's a great vehicle. i think it's a problem when hollywood liberal elite comes out against president trump and backfires because the general public is smarter than hollywood is giving them credit. they see it through this nonsense and hypocrisy. >> precisely. in special elections are 5-0. if everyone thought the way
7:44 pm
michael moore and johnny depp does, there be huge backlash. politics flows downstream and culture. if you have a polluted river that's hollywood, it's no mystery that the democrats are in shambles and is radioactive right now. their message is to be protesting yelling at senators. summed up in michael moore's tweet. it's to be agitators. the american people don't want that. and they continue to do so. >> kimberly: how about the horrific behavior from kathy griffin showing decapitated head of president trump. what you think about that? >> what so wild about it is donald trump is a populist. this is the first president coming into office that says
7:45 pm
same-sex marriage is okay. no republicans said something like that. and when asked the most important functions of government said health care, education and one would thought those would be for someone who embraced the republican thought thoughts. >> kimberly: such a great point. they have no understanding whatsoever of president trump and what is trying to do. or honestly evaluating his position and policy. >> i've waited a longtime to have a president that really focuses on the working class. in the democrats had a corner on
7:46 pm
working-class americans, union workers, minors, and suddenly now donald trump is taken the republican party. this is really causing the democrats to have a crisis. the media should focus on the crisis. when republicans didn't have any of the house or the senate or the white house during obama, there were stories about the death of the republican party. that actually helped us. that's not happening with democrats. >> isn't it refreshing that the republican president is the champion of the working class. the democrats are no longer the party of the working class. >> kimberly: that he pulled
7:47 pm
the working class men women right out from under them. coming up, liberal college campuses are exploding with anti-trump range. back with us with reaction. more on the special edition of "hannity"om ." stay with us. visit booking.yeah!
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>> kimberly: welcome back to the special addition of "hannity" the war on trump. the one group that has more contempt for trump then the media. we are talking about america's left wing college professors on campus. they've been on complete meltdown mode since election da day. they been calling for president trump's execution. earlier this month, a university professor argued that the congressional shooter was driven to go on a rampage by president trump. you can't even believe some of these stories. we've covered a lot on fox. it's really remarkable on what's going on across college campuses, the hysteria, the disinformation, the censorship,
7:52 pm
it's unbelievable. places of education where they are closing minds. >> absolutely. when you have people like condoleezza rice who was invited to speak at a commencement at rutgers, urging them to not invite her. she said i don't want to be a distraction. and a former muslim politician was invited to speak, take back the honorary degree and honored by her. people are actually irrational. is the trump derangement syndrome. it's one-third of the indoctrination. these kids are not being education.
7:53 pm
some colleges or universities, he can't find a conservative in the department. kids are getting a one-sided education and their parents are paying for it. it's an outrage. >> kimberly: it's concerning to think that this is what parents are paying for. and trying to get an education in this country and they are programmed and brainwashed. it's a groupthink situation at these college campuses. >> this is where we have to get the word out. college students need to understand that during this period of their lives, the four years that they're going through the process of being educated, that it's incumbent upon them to listen to different views. to go to classes that they don't necessarily like. and challenge themselves and
7:54 pm
look beyond what they think they know. unfortunately we have adults at the schools who are not encouraging young k people to expand their thought process. to be tolerant and reach out and attend class or lecture from a subject matter that they think they know nothing about. that's where the adults in the room, the professors and leadership need to understand that they are not educating individuals if they're trying to limit the education process to one partisanship. >> kimberly: unbelievable. what do we do about this? what do parents do? and think about and become a very good listeners and engage in critical thinking and analysis and not have one-sided
7:55 pm
views that's being pushed on her throat every day in lectures. >> colleges are plays for people think different but look the same. right after the election, professors watch list, we document these radical professors and we have dozens of examples of professors calling for the death of the president. so it needs to be documented and spread out. >> kimberly: thanks so much for being here tonight. coming up, more special addition of "hannity" ." it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free.
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at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. >> kimberly: welcome back to the special addition of "hannity" the left war on trump.
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you can catch me on "the five." follow me on twitter. i'll be back here on monday filling in for sean. have a great for the july weekend everybody. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." an illegal alien from el salvador getting a six-figure payout from taxpayers courtesy of the city of san francisco. like many places in california, san francisco is a sanctuary city who privileges to turn illegal immigrants over to the feds for deportation. pedro figaro is an illegal alien from el salvador saying police reported him when he visited a police station two years ago. he sued the city after that and this week officials agreed to pay him $190,000, for the indignity of having the law enforced against him in a country he


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