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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 3, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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part of his tradition said to bring fortune to local fishermen. "fox & friends" starts now. bi. he is beating up on a way cable plat forms that he has a right to respond to. >> let me ask you about the tone of the president's tweet. this is remarkable. we have incredible challenges across this nation and that's what you want to talk about. >> president trump heading into another big week as he tries to pass health reform. >> we are getting close. american people know obamacare is failing. >> i want repeal to work. what you do is separate it into two bills and do it concurrently. >> work with us democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle. always willing to meet you
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in the middle. >> one of the might not find us on a map. folks around here okay with that. ♪ we don't mind keeping to ourselves. ♪ got broke down backs and calloused hands ♪ from working this here promise land, but wouldn't trade with no one else. ♪ we're the outskirts ♪ we cross traffic jams ♪ with john deere tractors ♪ don't give a damn. abby: you may not believe this, that is the united states air force academy band performing one of their original songs outskirts. isn't that beautiful? to think it comes from members of our military.
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ed toeed todd: when i saw the air force band is here i thought we are going to have 50 people. drums. who are these guys? that's pretty cool. any service could do it, it would be the air force. they kind of think outside the box. they do things their own way. abby: hitting on navy? pete: no. clayton: don't adjust your sets also. steve, brian and ainsley off today for the holiday. it's july 3rd. abby: it's not the weekend. pete: it's the long weekend. we are having it with you right now, monday, tuesday. clayton: not a car going up and down the street right now. abby: i hand picked these flowers for you guys for the fourth of july, red, white, and blue. pete: manhattan garden. abby: really hard to come by. clayton: she has a stoop. pete: we have politics. republicans warming up to the idea of repealing and replacing obamacare.
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abby: president trump celebrating his first fourth of july at the white house. clayton: griff jenkins in washington, d.c. with the latest on this. >> good morning, clayton, abby and peta. the white house is optimistic they can get the bill across the finish line. say going they can't they should consider an option to immediately repeal it first and then work on replacement. this idea of splitting the bills is gaining attraction with conservatives like ransd paul. >> i think if you want conservative support, you split the bills. i think you can get almost every member of our cocks to votcaucusto vote for a clean re. include. so things that moderates want. >> mitch mcconnell has dismissed the option so far and the remain: three more expressing concern. the goal now is to pass something by the august recess but as you can see, guys, a lot of mileage that they are going to have to go to get there.
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>> absolutely. do we know what his fourth of july plans are yet. out on the truman balcony watching fireworks for the first time? >> he is going to be working the phones as he has all weekend long trying t try shorep votes. pete: mike shore legislative liaison. is he a straight shooter. if they are close then they are. he is not saying that for high enter hyperbole. abby: are they close to repealing it or putting out a new one? pete: i will ask him. clayton: not far part. not six but even more than that mainstream media has been asking for the president to start tweeting out some things that are positive, maybe talking about his record more and more and. pete: canada day. >> so the president gave the mainstream media exactly what it wanted last night
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about a fourth of july. here is what the president tweeted last night. america's men and women in uniform is the story of freedom overcoming oppression the strong protecting the weak. good defeating evil. u.s.a. pete: that's red, white, and blue, fourth of july. abby: i read that when i woke up this morning. he tweeted it seven hours ago. that is a great tweet. what coverage will it get? probably none. clayton: right now i will ask our control booth. are any other stations covering that? no. pete: we got a no. instead, we will cover it, we will talk about it, because the fourth of july is coming. send in your pictures like every day to #proud american or we are covering the nature of this holiday and what it means clean-up is what that tweet was. instead the anti-trump mainstream media. i don't call it that anymore. they are horrified by the tweet in the final hour of our show yesterday of him body slamming.
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abby: here is the video that he tweeted out right there. this is a real video back from when he was doing something with the wwe with. of course the person is he fighting with. cnn the media is in total outrage about this. take a look at this. >> incitement to violence. is he going to get somebody killed in the media. maybe that will stop him. >> it's insanity. it really is obviously, it's an attempt, that might be successful, to drum up violence against journalists which is something he has been doing right along. >> is this president trying to imperson nate hugo chavez orered withior erdogan. vladimir putin? this is the language respect people use when they are trying to undermine the press. clayton: in our defense, yesterday, we saw this tweet come out, it was hearted for us to tell what it was. it was stilted video. we couldn't tell what was going on here. as the day unfolded oh, that's what that was. cnn, super imposed doing the body sleam.
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hard for us to see was going on. incitement to the violence or the president poking fun and having funnel? we report. you decide. pete: thank you, anna divaro a republican to ho i have votedr hillary clinton. this is president trump being genuine, being authentic. finding a video he thought sent interesting message. i love how the sophisticated elite media loves to choose when they take something literally or met forkly. cathy griffin shakespeare nit park is art. this is literally president trump wants you to go outside because you are so dumb and watch a tweet or video and body slam a cnn reporter and that's a threat. clayton: the other side of it is this a good use of the president's time. is this a good use of the white house staff's time on sunday to put out graphic cnn footage on a video. abby: he had one of the secretaries on the sunday show yesterday can the president not do more than
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one thing at once? we actually have sound of that very point. let's play that. >> what i'm concentrated on is the job he has given me that is that we fulfill the mission of the departmen departf health and human services. >> i'm asking you as a father if your son tweeted about a woman like that, what would you say to him? >> chuck, this is really remarkable. you have incredible challenges across this nation. incredible challenges around the world. a challenge that i have been given is to address the healthcare issues. your program, a program with the incredible history of meet the press and that's what you want to talk about? >> i don't. >> let me suggest to you that the american people want to talk about the challenges. >> i'm asking you why the president of the united states. mr. secretary. with all due respect you are blaming me for what the president of the united states has spent his entire week focused on? >> no, listen to me. with all due respect. the american people are concerned about a healthcare system that is not providing
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choices. where premiums are going up. insurance companies vacating markets all across this land and that's what they want us to concentrates on and that's what they want us to fix. that's what i and the president are working are. an it amazes me. when you get short amount of time to talk with that secretary about healthcare and the things american people want to talk about and that's where you focus. we had griff jenkins saying the senate is close to getting a healthcare bill passed that's a big deal. that was not the focus of that interview yesterday. pete: it turns out in 40 seconds you can send -- y. i didn't send it out yet. a president can send a tweet out in one or two minutes. that doesn't mean that's what he is focusing on all day. one tweet. only thing is he focused on. how about the fact he is working with the phones, working with the staff. he can walk and chew gum at the same time. they select the facts they cover and cover it breathlessly because it reinforces their narrative.
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first he is siding with russia and he hates the mainstream media and cause inciting violence. abby: not covering the other tweet they posted last night about our military. are you surprised? because you gave the other side of this. clayton: a lot of folks this weekend saying people who advise the president and close to the president look, i don't know this is something he should be focused on spending his time doing. he could be spending more time talking about his message. getting information out there about kate's law and talking about healthcare. is this where you want the american's attention for. who is this for? is it for his base? his supporters aren't going anywhere. pete: it's for all of us who don't have 100 million twitter followers to critique the fact that cnn, who he dubs the fraud news network is jamming false stories down their. clayton: is to for cnn? who is it for? abby: lot of his base who feel like they never had a voice before.
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president trump speaking for them. here is what i would say, clayton, this is the brand he has had from day one. before even announcing he was running for president. he has not changed his brand. the fact that the media comes out in total shock and surprise this is happening, nothing has changed. he has showed before he can do this. not that i agree with every tweet that he puts out there. he can do also do a number of other things at the same time. pete: only take 40 seconds to send out: abby: we are charged up. jillian: now wondering what that tweet was going to send out. good morning. start with this news right now. the united states, japan and china vowing a united front against north korea's belligerent north korea threat. president trump having back-to-back phone calls with two world leaders. this all happened overnight. he can have phone calls, i know, it's crazy. key topic of conversation stepping up pressure against erratic dictator kim jong un.
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coming just days between the g-20 summit in germany later this week. five months before the investigation began accusations of collusion between frump and russia. liberal lawmakers still can't admit if there is evidence. top democrat of the house intelligence committee adam schiff making the accusation back in march. take a look. >> there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. jillian: daily caller recently asking schiff if he had evidence backing up those claims. the congressman refusing to respond. how about this story? blue blood runs through his veins. officer ryan done alan becoming the fourth person in his family sworn in to the new york police department. he follows his grandfather, father and uncle. you can see them there wearing the exact same shield number. it belonged to another officer for a few years. he gladly gave it up to the family could continue their tradition. you love seeing that. and props to the officer who
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gave up that shield because they wanted that tradition to continue. abby: i love stories like that. thanks, jillian. clayton: flames shooting from a plane's engine. everyone is running away from the plane. abby: media still melting down over the president's tweets about a cable news host. >> i wish that republican women in congress would call for a meeting with him and would explain to him what it does to hear those words being used about a woman. abby: republican woman who voted for hillary clinton. we will ask rachel cam pose campos-gruff who is fired up about that one. pete: uss carolina up ahead. i have been on that ship. ♪ they come to america ♪ home ♪ seems so far away. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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3:18 am
fine fiber. we cannot let it go. abby: that is anna navarro blasting out about president's comments last week. are conservative women outraged by. this let's ask rachel campos-duffy. good to have you with us so early this morning. >> good morning. abby: you are conservative woman. does she speak for you and am of your conservative friends. >> no. anna navarro is not a conservative. she has made a living off pretending like she is a republican and being a republican that shows like msnbc and abc and tell mind doe and cnn can count on to bash republicans. if she is a republican, she certainly is a very self-loathing republican. i think, be ay, what you have seen is that what the media has done is taken a page right out of solon ski rules for radicals their
3:19 am
tactic with donald trump is to attack, ridicule him and to destroy him. and i think what republican women voted for, many of the ones that anna claims she speaks for is, a fighter. they are tired of being bull idea for expressing their beliefs and they voted for someone who would use those tactics right back at them and expose their hypocrisy which, of course, the reaction to a face lift comment compared to the horrible things that have been said about donald trump and his family really does expose that hypocrisy. abby: i love having your voice on the show. it's a voice that is not represented anywhere else in the media today. how do women like yourself feel about president trump, how he is doing right now? how do you feel about his tweeting? can he do multiple things at once? how do you and your women friends talk about this? >> look, i think that we are very pleased. i live here in the midwest. there is a lot of good things happening. the economic optimism is high. you can't find a construction worker in the midwest right now because everyone is working and
3:20 am
housing is up and construction is up. manufacturing is up. job numbers are really good right now. sorksz that's what people are focused on. but i will say that we are kind of -- when they say be presidential, donald trump, what they mean is take our abuse the way nice republicans have in the past. i think republicans are tired of it. and that's why i think they are giving him a pass on some of the sort of embarrassing her b. her face lift. for once somebody is standing um for republicans. and we are sick of being called racist and deplorables for expressing what we believe. in i think donald trump is teaching people that, you know, these guys aren't as powerful as they think. he is punching back. is he using the same tactics they use against him and other republicans. and the media can't stand it. abby: we will leave it there. rachel cam pos campos duffy. thanks for joining us. >> you got it. abby: one group says we
3:21 am
don't need them. plus the mainstream media claiming that our freedom is under attack. our next guest says they are right. they have got wrong enemy. the manual who interrogated the master mind of 9/11 is here live next. you don't want to miss it. (baby crying)
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3:25 am
caller they oppose the police protections on both federal and state levels. the law makes attacking officers a hate crime. aclu claims police are already the most protected class and don't need to increase their legal protection. good luck with that one. clayton, down to you. clayton: keeping the catwalk warm. you look good up there. looks like the mainstream media found an enemy hell bent on taking away our freedoms. >> first, it's not just anti-cnn. it's anti-freedom of the press. it's anti-freedom of speech. it is a definitive statement by the president of the united states. it is an incitement. it is definitive, as i say in the way this president views a free press. clayton: taking away our free press. the next guest says the media is missing the message and they have the wrong enemy. dr. michelle developed the cia's enhanced intear congratulation program. he joins us to talk about freedom of the press.
3:26 am
niles to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me on. clayton: when you hear carl talk about the press is under siege right now from the president. what does that make you think? >> it makes me think he should look in the-mile-an-hour where. it is the case that our freedoms are under siege and being attacked, but i don't think the president is doing that i think the president is exercising his right to free speech. he is the president but he is also a citizen. in my view it's the mainstream media that's collaborating with those people who are attacking our press. they have created this false narrative that a duly elected, constitutionally elected president is either mentally deranged or collaborating with the russians in some activity or bullying everybody to get his way and somehow unstable and unfit to be the president. they're the ones that is trying to undermine things. clayton: we have headlines here that we pulled out that you mentioned that i think
3:27 am
kind of highlight some of the things you are talking about. new york daily news. here's a headline. the silly american fear of sharia law. anti-sharia allies denounce islam. here is another headline. some trump supporters want a holy war. what do you make of those headlines? are those the types of headlines you are talking about? >> it's a point i was going to get to. i think the mainstream media is cloaking in political correctness the efforts of lawyers and advocacy groups who oppose sharia law in the united states and to self-imposed islamic blasphemy laws. and those kinds of stories, those kind of headlines actually seem to make it seem like fighting against those things that would undermine our freedom, i don't want to live in a country where female gentle mutilation is considered a freedom of religion. freedom of religion doesn't mean you get to impose your
3:28 am
religion on me. i think that the mainstream media, have you got to remain what khalid sheikh mohammed said, the mastermind of 9/11 said in 2004, 2005, that the mainstream media was going to help his cause by the way that they presented the information to the american people. and, in my view, the majority of them are doing that exactly. clayton: one of the articles also is this president is hostile against the press. we see the press conferences where we have to turn the cameras away from the podium. yet, these same reporters have to grit through their teeth and admit they have been age to get more access from this white house than the previous administration. they don't want to admit that. >> of course they don't. they don't want to actually admit any kind of a story that doesn't fit their narrative. right? one of the things that they're doing that really, i think, directly attacks our freedom, especially our freedom of speech and our freedom of assembly is the way that they justify and
3:29 am
normalize and encourage these radical groups on campuses and universities. the groups that equate freedom of speech with hate speech. when you say something i don't like, that means it's hate speech and you need to be how the shouted down or bullied into being quiet. i think the mainstream media gives those people power. clayton: dr. james mitchell author of the book "enhanced interrogation" we appreciate you joining us on this fourth of july holiday. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on. clayton: he may be out of the white house former president obama isn't out of politics. his moves behind the scenes. we'll tell you what they're. coming up next. who calls former president bush bushy for short? we're not making this up. we will tell you whose nickname that is. anna kooiman is in north carolina for proud american series. hey, anna. >> good morning clayton and everyone at home. we are in the port city here on board the uss if you were carolina. finding out why folks are
3:30 am
proud to be an american. i got my buddies here from the coast guard. hey, guys. make sure to send the pictures using the #proud american. we will right back with the tour of the ship coming up ♪ whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer ♪ ♪ hold on ♪ to me as you go ♪ as we roll down ♪ some familiar road ♪ and although this way ♪ is stringing us along ♪ just know you're not alone ♪ i'm going to make this place your home. abby: we cannot get over how incredible this band is
3:34 am
that's that is the united states air force academy band performing home by phil phillips. >> clayton: the guy back there in the back is playing the box is that the official name of it by the way? pete: if they didn't have the uniforms on i wouldn't know they were the military. clayton: toby is playing playing the kahone. playing the box. i hope is he not putting me on right now. abby: have you been sending in proud american photos. keep them coming. this comes in from beth. she sends in a photo of her son will and his girlfriend. both of them serving in the marines right now. clayton: did say we have been loving every one of them. we had a bunch of cat photos. abby: i like the cat photos. clayton: catherine sent in this photo of her dog lexy all decked out. that one is for abby. pete: carol sends in this of her granddaughter ellie wearing red, white, and blue. very nice.
3:35 am
abby: keep them coming. what better way to salute than. pete: most decorated battle ship in world war ii. docked in north carolina just up the road from where our proud american correspondent anna kooiman will be celebrating independence day. clayton: anna just took a tour of the battle ship and joins us live from wilmington. i had a chance to do that a few years ago it is amazing to stand there. >> incredible, magnificent to see the view this morning good morning, clayton, pete, and abby. good morning everybody at home. our friends from the coast guard are with us this morning. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> a little history. it was missed back in 1941 in new york. nicknamed the show boat. it was the very first battle ship to enter the pacific following the bombing at pearl harbor. said to be a massive morale booster for sailors there called it the most beautiful ship they had ever seen. take a tour of the ship and show you why.
3:36 am
♪ >> hey, anna, how are you? >> i'm great, ken, how you? nice to meet you. >> welcome to the battle ship north carolina. >> this was the most powerful ship in the world for about a year or two years. >> all right, ken, this is a big old bullet. looks like you could do serious damage. what is the story here. >> what it is to designed to do it s. hit the ship, penetrate inside and explode 40 to 50 feet inside the ship. >> where is this projectile shot out of it. >> launched out of 16-inch, 450 caliber cannons. would you like to seat inside of the ship? >> i can't wait. i thought you would never ask. watch your head. this is not easy. >> couple features in here is you have a spotting scope for the turn officer. now, primary would be outside up on the structure. those guys family room way
3:37 am
fire the gun. they could fire two of those 2700 projectiles a minute out of each one of these barrels. [explosion] >> tell us about this king fisher, this aircraft. >> this was the standard plane for the u.s. navy during world war ii. the airplane, the way they launched it, there was a cat pa put rail. this is the turntable for it had a gunpowder charge. they would shoot the plane off it. >> lower decks, here we come. >> this is what we call the mess deck, which is where they fed the crew. >> and a chapel. can we have the chapel? >> sure. >> let's walk. in. >> you can see the pastors giving the sermon, giving the communion. and there are on the small pew. these sailors depended on these during times of war, huh? >> nice sleeping quarters in
3:38 am
here. i have got to get my rest for "fox & friends." >> you would be in here with 60 of your closest friends. pleasant, on trip ships they would space the bunches even closer. >> so at your nose? >> at your nose. >> this is one of the highlights of the tour. >> we call it the wishing well there is a bucket down there with a bell in it. it's designed to demonstrate how much ship is underneath you that you don't know about. >> hit the bell. >> did they go in. >> oh my gosh. >> that's amazing. >> uss battle ship north carolina was decommissioned back in 1947. to keep it from turning into the scrap yard. north carolina school children were able to use spare change, lunch money and get donations up to $330,000 which was able to now make this thing a
3:39 am
national historical landmark here along the capier river. make sure you put on your sunglasses. your proud american, red, white, and blue the next couple of days and send us your pictures of what makes you a proud american. use that #proud american. we will be in south port the next couple of days. do i look good? do you like these? abby: you look adorable. clayton: we will check back in with you. it would be cool to shave with a battle ship. pete: this raiser brought to you by the former uss north carolina. i would buy one of those in a heart beat. abby: where is this going? clayton: i don't know. abby: please take this away, jillian. jillian: good morning to you guys. good morning to you at home as well. a 28-year-old man facing charges in deadly road rage attack that killed 18-year-old girl. david turning himself in to police in pennsylvania. police say he shot and killed 18-year-old bianka after the two both tried
3:40 am
merging into the same lane at the same time. >> this is a story of a savage and senseless murder. bianka roberson, 18 years old, gunned down because somebody didn't want to give way. jillian: being held without bail on murder charges. a plane packed with people burst into flames moments after touching down. >> evacuate. [bleep] jillian: terrified passengers running off the united express jet as fire pours out of the engine. none of the 65 people on board the plane from aspen to denver are hurt. the cause of the fire unknown. the pilot had reported engine trouble shortly before landing. well, barack obama just can't let it go. the former president playing a role in rebuilding the democratic party. sources say he has been meeting with house and senate lawmakers behind the
3:41 am
scenes. he has also had multiple meetings and phone calls with dnc chair tom perez. democrats still searching for new leadership after a stunning 2016 election loss. george w. bush sharing some secrets to jay leno as he takes him for a spin around the texas ranch. the former president revealing his wife's secret pet name for him. listen. >> what about you, bushy? >> bushy? hang on. this is news. bushy? >> i wish you wouldn't repeat it. jillian: too late. president bush saying once you become president you are forbidden from driving on public roads. a rule that extends throughout the rest of your life. what do you think of that. >> bushy. abby: that's a word for jay leno in that video: clayton: putting her on the spot right now. abby: it's scraps.
3:42 am
pete: did i did not see that coming. abby: this show sun unpredictable. pete: abby scraps huntman. abby: his name is cure yus because he looks like curious george. clayton: might blow the commercial break. pete: coming up the proud american -- this proud american cleaned gravity off of president trump's star on the walk of fame. but now she is getting attacked for it? that trump supporter is going to join us live. clayton: all these democrats getting behind a new bill declaring president trump mentally unfit for office. should anyone take this bill seriously? one democrat is here to defend that move. that's next. we'll be back with scraps. ♪ before it's too late ♪ head games ♪ it's you and me baby ♪ head games ♪ play it anymore ♪ head games ♪ ♪
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♪ >> >> more than two dozen democrats getting behind a bill that declares president trump unfit for office. one of those debbie wasserman schultz chair woman. establish a panel to determine if he is fit to serve. should anyone take this seriously. here now is democratic strategist sasha burns. thanks for joining us this morning. you support this bill, correct? >> i support the president acting as if he is mentally fit. so, therefore, i support the bill trying to sort out whether he is and -- pete: do you feel like the president is not mentally fit? >> i think more likely he is terribly foolish and completely unstrategic. that's what i think. pete: okay. go ahead. >> he plays his hand. this whole talk about the tweets and whether they matter, it's below the
3:47 am
dignity of the office of presidency. we knew wheerp getting in that regard. why they matter is because he shows how easy he is to manipulate. he shows if you flatter me i like you. if you don't, i don't like you. that, if it's not mentally unfit, it's certainly not strategic. pete: is he not exposing how easy the media is to membership. how predictable their reaction is how breathless they respond. critique the fact cnn has been publishing stuff that isn't true? >> well, which they retracted. pete: not all of it. >> president trump says a lot of things that aren't true and he doesn't retract them. but that aside, understanding what you are saying, the media's numbers are soaring in terms of ratings, right? tweets bring great ratings. his numbers are plummeting. who is playing whom, right? pete: the "u.s.a. today" and suffolk poll shows that president trump's approval rating is 40% and media at 36%. the media's credibility is lower than it's ever been because they have been
3:48 am
exposed for offering up fake news that is biased against this president. >> but their ratings aren't. their ratings are soaring. it depends on what you are looking for. pete: love to use him for ratings. they love -- it's verified. in fact, you know, joe and mika, who he criticized with a tweet at morning joe they love to use him for ratings for months and months to play that up. the minute he returned and didn't pursuit policies they like they turn on him. isn't it the case that the media loves to play this double game? >> i would say if you take it in terms of trump, he loved them when they gave that to them. and now that they are scrutinizing him. there is a lot of beating up on him. evidence brings it on himself. if he didn't talk about having russia involved with firing comey, it wouldn't be an issue. if he didn't say that all that he does about russia and admiring putin, it wouldn't be an issue. he brings it on himself. pete: it's the democrats and the lap dog media that then takes it to the next level and says therefore it must
3:49 am
be collusion. therefore, it must be on destruction. absence any evidence at all. i want to get back to this bill. because you have 25 democrats who support this bill that believe is he mentally unfit. you support this bill. have you consulted with physicians, psychiatrists, who have given a legitimate consultation that this president is unfit? >> no, i would say that it goes back to the people that are around him, who are doing all this leaking, his closest advisors, they're the ones that i think. pete: we don't know closest advisors. could have been embedded inside the bureaucracy and others against this president. >> the one about his giving that classified information to the russians that was absolutely his staff at the highest level. who else knew about it in the ones who were in the room that say he asked everybody to leave. that's his staff. pete: chief of staff and central cysts out tstrategists . protect the agenda this man is pursuing. again, do you have any sense that the democratic caucus
3:50 am
in the house has determined whether or not is he unfit or are these armchair crackpot democrats clearly making a partisan statement. >> i would say they have talked to as many experts as trump did when he said olbermann was from kenya. how many experts did he get information from? i mean,. pete: if you are a private citizen talking about things, now he is the president of the united states and these are elected members of congress passing a bill, pushing a bill they know won't pass so they can make him look back. you would acknowledge that's the motive? >> they are creating a narrative. we are sitting here talking about it, right. go back to 80% of republicans don't like his tweets. he steps into everything. please don't throw me in the briar patch. you hand him something, and he has got to take it he fights back. he fights back. you know what? life isn't fair. the media is not fair. life isn't fair. pete: sasha burns. tough stance to defend you came on. we appreciate it. >> thanks. pete: president trump giving the media exactly what they
3:51 am
want a pro-american tweet for the fourth of july. will they even bother reporting it. mike huckabee is here to react at the top of the hour. more proud americans at the other side. this woman cleaned off star on the walk of fame and now she is being criticized. ted equ, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. ♪ when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, the left coast taking its anger out on president trump the only way they know how, by defacing his star on the hollywood walk of fame. abby: one young woman decided to do something about that by cleaning the gravity off of the president's star, but then the hate turned on to this little girl. >> joining us now is 20-year-old mac ken that greenwald. thank you for joining thus morning. set the scene. were you visiting.
3:55 am
what motivated to you say i'm going to clean this up. >> i'm just visiting here. my friends and i were walking down the hollywood boulevard as tourists, basically, and as we walked by and saw it, i just stopped and thought that i should clean it up. i was surprised that somebody hadn't done it before. but i guess this happens a lot. clayton: what was on the star? >> it was basically scribbled out with a sharpy and a few explicittives towards trump. clayton: clay you cleaned it off. you got down on your hands and knees. did you just happen to have cleaning solution with you at the time? >> actually i had a makeup wipe with me. i was wearing lipstick earlier that i had removed and i had it in my purse. abby: women, we come prepared. we do. had you mixed tweets but had a number of hate tweets. keep in your mind your president wants to see millions die with this proposed healthcare bill. also this one i'm not saying you shouldn't love your
3:56 am
country. i'm saying you shouldn't love trump. what did you make of that? i think you represent a lot of people out there that whenever they do anything or say anything that might be complimentary to president trump they get attacked for it? >> i think we should have more respect from both sides of the aisle. and i was blown away by how much disrespect that i got, how rude people were to me for a simple act of cleaning up our president who is the highest office in the land. he should be respected whether it's hollywood star or talking about him in public. pete: makenna, if you were walking in hollywood and saw a star. i don't know what your political background is. if you were walking up on a president obama star, would you pick up your sharpy and cross it out and start putting explicittives on it? what motivates someone to say i'm going to do that? >> i can't imagine doing that. that's not how i was raised. i was raised to respect things even if it were president obama and even if i didn't disagree with him, i still have respect for him
3:57 am
being president of the united states of america. abby: good for you for having the courage to do that and coming on the show this morning. have great holiday. great to see you. >> thank you, thanks for having me. clayton: coming up dakota myer and kellyanne conway when we come back. nd what i wan. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your summer vacation is very important. that's why has great offers up to 40% off now through july 4th. find great deals now at booking.yeah! you myour joints...thing for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. ♪ what's going to happen. >> this is president trump being genuine, being authentic, finding a video he thought sent an interesting message. let me ask you about the tone of the president's tweet. this is remarkable. incredible challenges across this nation and that's what you want to talk about. >> what the media has done is to attack, to ridicule him, and to destroy him. >> khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11 said that the mainstream media was going to help his cause by the way that they presented the information to the american people. and, in my view, the majority of them are doing that exactly. >> president trump heading in to another big week as he tried to pass health reform. >> we're getting close. the american people know
4:01 am
that obamacare is failing. >> i want to t. to work. you separate it into two bills and do it concurrently. >> work with us democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle. >> one of the great things about the fourth of july is pausing and remembering that america is mostly not about government. america is mostly about communities. ♪ ♪ in the back says u.s.a. ♪ won't buy nothing that he can't fix ♪ with wd-40 and craftsman wrench ♪ he ain't prejudice ♪ he's just made in america ♪ born in the heartland ♪ raised. abby: that is the united states air force academy band performing made in america by the one and only toby keith. they are just fabulous. we are band this morning. great stuff outside the box. you think band, marching band. that's what i thought and then these guys showed up.
4:02 am
clayton: all sorts of different instruments a box and shaker. pete: i feel like playing a fidget spinner back there. clayton: probably a shaker, right? pete: you are probably right. more cow bell. more shaker. abby: we are celebrating the fourth of july. and what makes you a proud american this weekend. you are sending in your photo and we are loving them. sends this photo of granddaughter proudly waiving american flag. pete: lauren sends in this pick of her family. recreating of the flag on iwo jima on world war ii. clayton: sending in photo of family dog sending in with stars and stripes. pete: beautiful dogs. clayton: someone cut their front lawn to look like the american flag. cut the lawn in nice stripes. abby: i wonder how long that took. pete: one mile from my house
4:03 am
big road it's usa mowed into the side of a hill. it's super cool. this is what middle america. i love my country and i will landscape around it. abby: i love that our own anna kooiman is live for us in wilmington, north carolina. anna, good morning. >> good morning to you, abby, pete, and clayton. good morning to everybody at home it is so nice to be back on "fox & friends." such an honor. thank you so much for having me. it can be tough to work on a holiday, it's always the best when it's a patriotic holiday, isn't it? "fox & friends" just does it the best. so we are down here in north carolina. we are in wilmington at the moment down the road south port where our festivities are getting in gear tomorrow. make sure you tune in all day long for that i want to interview our friends from the coast guard what makes them proud to be an american. what makes you a #proud american? >> ability to help others. i know here in north carolina we are part of a larger response for hurricane matthew and worked with others deployed to
4:04 am
haiti during the earthquake they h and just to be able to go and help people whenever they are in a bad situation. >> and really make a difference. thank you for your service. what about you carr. >> putting on the uniform and what i believe to be the most amazing and inspiring individuals of this country that i get to protect and serve for. >> thank you so much for your service. >> thank you. >> what a beautiful morning here on uss battleship north carolina. a whole lot of proud american coverage coming to you all morning long. abby: we love having you back, anna. pete: i have actually been on the deck of the uss carolina. we held a freedom defend concert. abby: that is cool peter. pete: super cool. abby: you know who else we love having on the show is fox news contributor mike huckabee. one of my favorites to watch performing in the band. no everyone knows that about you, governor. >> i miss getting to play more often. i still get to play some.
4:05 am
some of my best moments were laying your dad rreo speed wagon. abby: that was cool. steve: steve. pete: should you have for the summer concert series. >> i would be there. look, be ay's dad is truly a world class keyboard player. i'm not making that up. he played professionally for a while. is he really really good. not just some guy. abby: used to have hair my length and we look the same way. is he a statesman today. so right, governor. clayton: keep talking about this all morning. >> never had the earring and hair was to here. now i wish i could grow it like that again. pete: governor, we are really glad to have you here this morning. a lot of noise and news maids by president trump's tweeting. how is he focused only on tweeting. he is up this morning sending out a tweet saying this we will be speaking with germany and france this morning. and, you know, based on what you harper from the so-called mainstream media,
4:06 am
governor, how can he have time to actually speak to germany and france because it appears to them all he does is tweet, right? >> well, actually, donald trump is a man who gets very little sleep. he is an incredibly cable capabe guy who has the stamina three people half his age. i have never seen anything like it. what i found interesting is he can tweet out something that probably he is doing for his own amusement and entertainment and the press goes totally crazy. he sends out a very nice and positive patriotic fourth of july message and it's crickets from all the media. here is why. the media basically hates donald trump more than they love america. they are going to ignority pro-america comments he makes they will camp out and leaf the campsite. >> here is the pro-america tweet that you are talking about. he sent this out last night about fourth of july. america's men and women in
4:07 am
uniform story of freedom overcoming oppression. strong protecting the weak. good defending evil, u.s.a. tweeted that last night. this morning, no coverage from the other networks on that tweet. , they are all focused on him tweeting out the body slamming video -- body slamming cnn. what did you make of that? >> i find it interesting that, you know, if there is a play in the park about shaker spear and donald trump gets murdered on stage, that's okay. that's entertainment. but somehow pro-wrestling is real. i mean, where else but in the media would their minds go there? but, i just think they're looking for a way to be offended and they are going to find it no matter how irrational it is. it's just wearing thin. now, in their little bubble, this makes sense. but i'm going to tell you, i traveled all over the country. i was in chattanooga, tennessee, yesterday. one of the things i find is that the people of america,
4:08 am
they don't get angry so much at donald trump. but they are just disgusted and worn out from the media constantly just badgering this president. abby: they feel like finally someone is giving them a voice. no one has spoken to them for years and years and years. i want to get your take on this. former president obama has emerged on foreign soil in indonesia and is he warning americans, governor, about the dangers of showing too much patriotism on the fourth of july. let me read you this quote. seeing a rise in aggressive type of nationalism. seeing countries increased resentment about minority groups and bad treatment of people who don't look like us or practice the same faith as us. i don't believe the future favors strong men but favors those who promote tolerance. who are open to differences and learn from everyone. abby: certainly quite a dig. >> this is amazing. obama telling us that we shouldn't be too patriotic on the fourth of july is
4:09 am
like telling people in church they shouldn't think about god too much when they go there. this sun believable. but, frankly, this just reminds me of how far grateful i am that we have had a new president, a new chapter, where it's okay to love america. you know, i think that we went from the whole trump notion make america great again, maga and left the obama man trarks which was make america mediocre again or momma. pete: that statement is getting coverage here. probably not elsewhere. the criticism, critique of the president. i want to go back to the press. why do they get to determine selectively determine what is metaphorical and what is literal is it because they think american people are dumb? we are taking on the fraud news network. we are taking on cnn? >> well, the difference is that the american people generally understand when something is being done tongue in cheek.
4:10 am
said as entertainment or a joke. they get it they have a sense of humor. the press, when it comes to donald trump, they have no sense of humor. no perspective. they have nothing but anger, hate, and i hav vitriol for this president and anybody associated with him. it's really one of the most amazing signs and she's of hypocrisy in certainly my lifetime. >> everyone has a price. abby: it's interesting though, governor. we didn't see this outrage. pete: i didn't get it. clayton: pro-wrestling joke. ted, come on. abby: you know what, governor, we will let you go. clayton: what are you going to do when the president runs wild. pete: i know the people's elbow. i'm sure the governor does, too. he is like i'm out of it. clayton: he got it. abby: over to headlines. pete: did jillian get it. jillian: i like how you are i'm not getting this one. nowhere can i take this right now.
4:11 am
good morning to you at home. happy early fourth of july. president trump staying busy this fourth of july hollywood, havinholiday.key topn stepping up pressure against erratic north korea dictator kim jong un. calls coming just days between the g-20 summit in germany. the president arrives there thursday. starting today you can now get a drivers license without a gender in oregon. first state in the u.s. where can check male, female or x on the application. the x representing gender as not specified. so, what does make america great again sound like? just take a listen to a church choir. ♪ make america great again ♪ make america great again ♪ freedom ♪ all across the land abby: the choir from the first baptist church in dallas performing at the president's rally at the kennedy center over the
4:12 am
weekend. the president praising them during his speech saying their music, quote, honors our heroes, more than words will ever do. that's certainly beautiful when you hear something like that, guys. abby: that really was. i love that. jillian: background, the flag. beautiful. clayton: still on our pro-wrestling debate. abby: i still am. clayton: -million-dollar man. pete: clayton is a wrestling fan from the 80's and i'm from the 90's. rock. abby: pete, you have the piece. pete: the "new york times" releasing a special edition, publishing the constitution next to editorial pages while taking digs at the president and not fully mustangs the constitution. constitutional law professor joran than turley says the "new york times" has it all wrong. clayton: senator warren's opponent history. she wouldn't have it she
4:13 am
sent the d.n.a. kit back ♪ return to sender. ♪ address unknown ♪ no such number ♪ you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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♪ ♪
4:17 am
pete: welcome back. the failing "new york times" giving their version of a civics lesson publishing annotated copy of the constitution which i'm holding in my hands here along with a few added digs, of course, at the president. the paper claiming its readers, quote, will learn what the country's operating manual can tell us about the age of donald trump. joining us now with his reaction, constitutional law professor at george washington university, jonathan turley, professor, thank you very much for joining us. i presume you saw this inside their editorial section yesterday. what do you make of the "new york times'" attempt to sort of rewrite the meaning of the constitution? >> well, look, i'm always in favor of prohibiting excerpts of the constitution. i prefer it to wrestling videos. but, the question really is what is it suggesting about our current situation? there is a narrative that we are in a constitutional crisis. i've been very critical of this president with regard to his tweets, which i think are unpresidential.
4:18 am
and i don't think are very helpful to his administration. but, when you separate the rhetoric from what the president has actually done, he actually has complied with the law. you know, when immigration orders went against him, he complied. he appealed. when the sanctuary cities cases, rulings went against him. he complied. so his history is actually staying within the navigational beacons of the constitution. so, you do have to separate in terms of what is actually happening to what has been said. that doesn't execute what's been said. but, when you look at what the "new york times" has suggested in its editorial, it, i believe, gets way ahead of its skis in terms of where we are in this country. pete: such a great point, a difference between rhetoric and actual actions and how faithful he has been to the constitution. in the introduction to the reprinting of the constitution in the "new york times," gary wills writes this. it's on the front page of this section.
4:19 am
representative of the "new york times'" view. for most americans, the united states constitution remains a distant and archaic text, a relic to be reveered but rarely consulted. do you think that's truly how most americans feel about our constitution? >> i hope it's not. i'm a mad sownian scholar. he is the last president i really liked. these were jean yuses of geniusr time and still are. they spoke not just 18th century but the conditions we have today. while the united states constitution is not a particularly poetic document, it has one great thing to recommend. we are still here it served the all terrain vehicle of system. it's got us through a lot. people could do well by reading it. pete: as mark levin said poetic is the deck collar rafings the independence. this is the operating manual. democrats are claiming that the 25th amendment has an
4:20 am
opportunity to deem this president mentally unfit. what do you think about their constitutionality on that? >> well, there is no evidence that i can see that would justify a 25th amendment vote, either through committee of congress or through the cabinet. people, once again, are taking what the president is saying as a constitutional issue. that he is somehow incapable of being president. there is no evidence to support that. but people have to be very, very careful. you know, we should all take a hippocratic oath in terms of the constitution first and foremost not to do harm. it will cause harm if you start to lower the standard on the 25th amendment. i criticize the democrats under obama for being very short-sighted about what they were frittering away in terms of legislative authority. they should be very careful before they lay the foundation here for an easy way to remove a president. pete: prudent words. very much so. professor jonathan turley.
4:21 am
thanks for your expertise. i appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: we bet you won't see this story anywhere else this morning. the president is saving you cash. how? i bet you wonder. we will bring that to you next. ♪ termites.
4:22 am
4:23 am
we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got?
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okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> welcome back. no body slamming video from the president this morning to tweet about yet. we haven't seen it yet. he did tweet this just moments ago and tweeted about saudi arabia. spoke yesterday with the king of saudi arabia about peace in the middle east. interesting things are happening. pete: clayton, i have to ask, when did you have time for all these phone calls? he is tweeting all day long if you watch cnn and abc. clayton: going through old wwe videos. pete: he made that video. clayton: we want to get the
4:25 am
take of. abby: dakota meyer, so far it seems this morning, dakota, he has been focused on foreign policy. as the boys have been talking about, how is it that can he multitask. how is it that he can tweet and make phone calls and work on agenda? how is that possible? >> i mean, look, it goes back to what he talks about. fake news. they are making it up. i don't think anything that this president does will ever be right. i think that president trump could come out and cure cancer and the media would turn around and would beat him down over that i don't think that anything that he does is ever going to be right. i mean, they would rather see him fail than to help him to exceed and better our country. pete: absolutely. dakota as a medal of honor recipient you understand all things are military and veterans. one of the big accomplishments of this white house is the passage of the v.a. accountability and whistleblower protection act. you watch any other network, you are seeing this much coverage, a tiny bit of coverage about it. yet, under a clinton administration this would not have been a focus. how much does it mean to you
4:26 am
as a veteran, as we approach this fourth of july that this president is focused on vets issues and actually making some changes at the v.a.? >> i mean, absolutely it's huge. it's incredible what he is doing. something that needed to happen for a long time. the v.a. has been out there running with no accountability. i mean, look, in the backyard of senator mccain, he wouldn't even hold him accountable when people are dying down there. and it's like, you know, they have to get something like this passed and it's incredible. finally a time that the v.a. is going to be held accountable on what they are doing. some great vas out there. people inside that organization part of the bureaucracy and more worried about their job and how deep their job instead of taking care of veterans. clayton: new poll the other day you gov. patriotism. zeroed in on palestines specifically. found that 35% of palestines say they are not very -- 35% of
4:27 am
millennials weren't patriotic at all. i think we knew this. why the disconnect? lack of history? where does this come from. >> it shows you absolutely what the left is doing is working. this is why i think that it's time that our president, you know, is doing things that he is doing. is he standing up against them. the left has spent the last 10 years taking god and the pledge of allegiance out of our schools. why would you expect anything different? abby: what do you think the president done talk about patriotism and military. you are doing so many things for our military. what has he done differently in the time he has been in office? where would we be otherwise right now when it comes to our veterans? >> let's talk start off taking people -- talking about our military. he has put people in charge that know what they are doing. he has put people in charge, i mean, you put general mattis up there. and i'm telling you have a man who is not worried about where is he going to go or
4:28 am
next job is man worried about what's in the best interest of our service members. and i think that's one of the things he has done to help our military and give us a boost to confidence. morale has gone up with that man in charge. pete: it's a great point. you can't dismiss how significant real leadership is in the oval office. as well as atop the dod. dakota meyer, medal of honor recipient. have a great fourth of july with your family. we appreciate you being with us. >> you too. thanks so much. pete: coming up, bernie sanders' wife is under federal investigation. this morning he says it's not her fault. it's the production'. clayton: cooking up the most patriotic barbecue you have ever seen. abby: ever? that looks good, doesn't it? ♪ mmmm.
4:29 am
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♪ driving down the street today ♪ i saw a sign for lemonade ♪ they were the cutest kids i had ever seen in this front yard ♪ as they handed me my glass ♪ smiling and thinking to myself ♪ man what a per picture perfect postcard this would make of america ♪ it's a high school prom ♪ it's a ride in a chevrolet ♪ it's a man on a moon ♪ in june ♪ the kids selling lemonade ♪ one made under god ♪ it's america
4:33 am
♪ we don't always get it all right ♪ no place else i would rather build my life ♪ it's a high school prom ♪ it's a springsteen song ♪ a home parade ♪ it's a man on the moon ♪ the kids selling lemonade ♪ one nation under god ♪ it's america ♪ it's america ♪ [cheers] abby: the united states air force academy band. fabulous. >> thanks for having us. >> jeff valentine. don't put down your shaker. i wanted them to know what it was. >> it's a shaker. you nailed it. clayton: here it is. we were debating. >> official shaker. where do you get fourth of
4:34 am
july? >> we actually have to go home right after this we very a parade down there in monument. that explains why i have the shaker. normally we have a full set up. i play pedal steel guitar. i got demoted to salt laker because i couldn't play anything else. clayton: don't knock the shaker. >> we didn't bring the truck out with all the gear. we came out and did the accoustic thing which is awesome in a different way. abby: wild blue country is the name of the band. you are fabulous. tell us how you came together and where people can find your music. i want to download it and listen to it every day. >> speak of that, we have given some of these out. i couldn't quite get a whole lot of them here. an album we just recorded of all jamie. songer from he has written for luke bryan and atkins other people. all original songs by him. if anybody wants it, they can actually download it from cd type in air force academy band. take you to all the cds we have here and all free. pete: are people always
4:35 am
surprised? i was expecting a marching band and you showed up. >> it's common. air force academy has 60 members. we have nine different groups. we are one the nine different groups. we are also part of the marching band and different groups. too. those 60 people make up 9 different groups that go out and do stuff like this. abby: you are going to stick with us the rest of the show. clayton: we are going to talk to jillian. you can shake us up to jillian? abby: take it away, jillian. jillian: they are so good. are you enjoying this on this monday. a plane packed with people bursts into flames moments after touching down. take a look. >> evacuate. we landed and totally [bleep]. jillian: terrified passengers running off united express jet as flames pour out of the engine. none of the people on the plane from aspen to denver hurt. the cause of the fire unknown. the pilot recorded engine trouble shortly before landing. bernie sanders now
4:36 am
suggesting republicans are to blame for an fbi agencies into his wife. >> the middle of my presidential campaign the vice chairman of the vermont republican party, who happened to be donald trump's campaign manager raised this issue. and initiated this investigation. i think what you are looking at is something that republican national committee is very excited about. this is pathetic and that's the way politics is in america today. jillian: the fbi is reported ofly looking into the circumstances surrounding a loan jane sanders took out for land deal while serving as a president of a now defunct college in vermont. president trump another campaign shrink the government and saving tax dollars. americans could save as much as $22 million from the white house's leaner payroll over the next four years. the trump administration employing 100 fewer staff members than former president barack obama. return to sender.
4:37 am
elizabeth warren's indian born challenge challenger for senate making a dig by sending her d.n.a. ancestry test. shiva posting the images to prove it saying quote i'm deeply saddened elizabeth warren refused my thoughtful gift wrapped birthday gift. the 23 and knee d.n.a. test kit. most unfortunate. #fake indiana. a look at your headlines this morning. let's go back outside for a little more fun on the plaza, guys. pete: that is my favorite story of the morning. she should take the test. wife not? abby: my favorite segment. grilling out. tomorrow is the most popular grilling day of the year. this morning getting a head start on top barbecue expert. >> here on how red, white, and blue, chef and author of weber's greatest hits. jamie, did i get the name right. >> you got it good to see you, clayton.
4:38 am
abby: thank you for being here. >> so happy to be here. >> red steak, white fish, and blue berry cobbler. abby: i love it beautiful and tastes good. let's start with the red. pete: you are weber grill's master chef. how did you get that? >> i preheat grill properly. grilling on high for a steak. want to develop a crust. that's what tastes so good. high heat, you need to oil and season the steak, usually 15 to 30 minutes ahead is a good idea for developing that crust. clayton: leaving the meat out. take the chill off of it because the warmer it is, the faster it will actually reach the desired temperaturer. then did you go down on the hot grate and how you let the grill do its thing. immy imratly close the grill. as good as that looks. pete: can i slice some of that for you.
4:39 am
>> yes. keep it closed for at least three or four minutes. abby: let the juices. >> you want to develop that outside trust. trap the smokiness. and then you get it off when you like it. rare, medium rare, whatever. abby: how could you duke fish differently. >> similar idea. >> high heat as well. you want to make sure to cook the first time longer than the second. longer on the first side to release naturally. you know how people have that problem with sticking. let it go longer. 10 minute fillet, 7 on the first side. 3 on the second. if you want to use your grill as oven, you absolutely can. this is a blue berry cobbler from webber's greatest hits. this is one of the many desert recipes. this is a collection of 125 of the best weber recipes as the master griller, i have done thousands of recipes. we had people vote on top
4:40 am
125. this is the greatest of them all. how long do you cook that bad boy for. >> 25 minutes. indirect heat. fire on both sides, nothing in the middle. you cook like you bake in the middle. like you are baking in the middle of the often. you are outside and enjoying the spirit of the holiday and the friends and the family all around. pete: this tastes like it came from a mass ter griller. abby: preapproved then you are a master griller. >> thank you so much. happy fourth. president trump giving the media exactly what they want. this positive pro-american tweet for the fourth of july. will they even bother reporting it? kellyanne conway joins us live to react next hour. pete: meantime the media sounding the alarm about the president's upcoming meeting with vladimir putin. remember, when this happened, they celebrated it. >> after my election i will have more flexibility. clayton: amy holmes is here with more next. i love you, couch.
4:41 am
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♪ ♪ >> trump white house says there is no formal agenda for the putin meeting which is their way of saying they can't guarantee the president is prepared to rebuke the russian president or even raise the election interference. >> who knows what he is doing. he knows how to kind of play people. >> well, the two presidents formally converse or egg not guilty russian gate elephant in the room. >> many people worry that donald trump is going going to repeat that kind of history and send a message of weakness. clayton: russian gate, elephants in the room. media sounding the alarm for the upcoming meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. is this meeting any different from any other historical one from the obama administration? here is w. rasmussen reports
4:45 am
amy holmes. good to sthi morning. >> good morning. clayton: president's concern not going to bring there and bring up anything about the election. be friends and sip and have. have a bromance together. is this how that is going to play out? >> we don't know that here is something our viewers might not know. g-20 summit was only created in 1999 way media playing it you would have thought the signing of the magna carta. what the media is not telling is you that the president trump is going to poland first. and even before he goes there and even one of the main leaders of poland is saying that western europe is very jealous that president trump is going to eastern europe first. guess what he is going to talk about there. exporting american natural gas. why is that important? because making the pitch that he want to get eastern europe off, what, russian gas, russian oil, russian energy. so that whole montage that you just saw that was all about the drama of these two
4:46 am
world leaders when it comes to actual policy, donald trump is going to be advocating something that is not so much in russia's interest. clayton: here are some of the headlines when president obama had meetings with russian government. listen to this. cnn headline here. obama engage engages in baseball diplomacy in cuba. handshake at u.n., the guardian there. obama engages iranian foreign minister in historic handshake. and medvedev obama tells russian's medvedev more flexibility after the election. listen to this. these are all shady leaders, right? listen to president obama talking to him. >> my last election. after my election i have more flexibility. >> can i just lean over and at thatap your knee while we hae conversation about what the american people vote on before the election? not after. what was extraordinary about
4:47 am
that exchange is obama was saying i'm going to have a private he will i'm not tell the traps mitt this. vladimir putin himself. >> look at the verbs used in all those headlines. engagement. all very positive when it came to obama. when it comes to donald trump is what is the conflict going to be. you just see -- i would also say it's also coming from foreign press as well. >> will the president push him on the interference in the election? do you think this will come up? >> that i don't know. i mean, i can't look into the heart of either vladimir putin or president trump. i hope it's a topic that comes up. you remember, president obama he said i told putin to cut it out. i don't think it's about words. i think it's about action. clayton: amy holmes, great to see you this morning. happy fourth of july. >> happy 40 of july. clayton: from a small clothing line to begin in northern virginia. celebrating companies making everything here in america
4:48 am
this fourth of july. i that gin kit. the battle of gettysburg ended. and in 1930, congress created the u.s. veterans administration. and in 1999, jennifer lopez was topping the charts with her hit song if you had my love ♪ what do you, baby ♪ i need to know ♪
4:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
♪ abby: welcome back. as we gear up to celebrate our nation's birth tomorrow, what better way to do so than giving businesses
4:52 am
committed to making their products right here in america. joining us this morning are three of them. we are going to start with human and go down to you two. tell us about your business. >> leading fashion design house in the apparel manufacturing company based in los angeles. we manufacture, we design and manufacture a wide variety of products for different brands all based here in l.a. >> show us some of these. >> great. so one of our favorites is this beautiful dress made for ashley michaelson. she is a designer and has a beautiful dress line ash ash usually you outsource for clotsz because it's cheaper to do it in indiana. why iin -- in india. why stay here. >> companies close tort supply chain respond to the market faster. takes 6 to 8 months to make overseas. we can design manufacturing and bring it to market in three months. beautiful motorcycle kel jacket we made. the thing about this jacket
4:53 am
whole new modern take on the motorcycle jacket. the designer has a vision of being able to get off the bike and straight into a restaurant and not look out of place. inside the sleeves we built in pockets. what i put in the armor, the rubblier plates. so if the rider falls off the bike he is protected. >> you do you know what i love about it,being like a motorcycle rider you put ton and say this was made in america. >> exactly. abby: i have been eyeing it all morning. what do we have here? >> homemade gin kit. home founded when i was 27 years old. fast forward to today. made in america. business has just exploded over $5 million worth of gin kits have been sold globally both here and overseas. and it's a kit that alieus you to take an ordinary bottle of vodka and turn it into extraordinary bottle of gin. we have the kit here with two glass bottles, a strainer, a funnel, jun junip
4:54 am
berries. spices and fragrances including rose hips and rosemary that creates a rich gin and terrific in ginn and tonic. abby: drinking gin this is made right here in america. >> that's right. abby: why is that important to you. >> i'm a middle class guy. grew up in a regular family. being able to provide jobs for people is important to me. i have three kids. i know how hard it is to provide to for them to. think that our fulfillment centers that we work with licensed company worth in north carolina and virginia are employing anywhere from 25 to 40 people at any given time. abby: i love that we will have all this on our website. i want to buy that gin kit. thank you. go over to charlie now finally. what do we have here? >> our company certifies that company buy, hire and source american. so we know from a sense of polling that over 70% of americans support that
4:55 am
policy. so, bottom line bring it all together really differentiates businesses. it helps generate more revenue for them. and because we give 10% of all proceeds to veterans organizations like wounded warrior project. abby: good for you. encouraging so many people to buy american but also make american. >> absolutely. abby: thanks so much for being with us. next president trump giving the media exactly what they want. this positive pro-american tweet for the fourth of july. will they even bother reporting it? kellyanne conway is here to racket. i'm sure she has an opinion of her own. that's next. ♪
4:56 am
. . . .
4:57 am
. .ç
4:58 am
♪ >> this is president trump being
4:59 am
genuine, authentic, finding video he thought sent an interesting message. >> tone of the president's tweet. this is incredible challenges. >> president trump cure cancer and media would turn him down over that. >> the media hates donald trump more than they love america. they are looking a way to be offended. they will find it no matter how irrational it is. >> president tries to pass health reform. >> we're getting close. american people know obamacare is not working. >> repeal you separate into two bills. work concurrently. >> democrats willing to meet you in the middle. >> putting on the uniform every day. waking up for what i believe to be the most amazing inspiring individuals of this country i get to protect and serve for. ♪ ♪
5:00 am
♪ oh, those small communities ♪ educated in a small town, taught the fear of jesus in a small town, used to daydream had in that small town, another boring romantic that's me ♪ clayton: that is the united states air force academy band playing a little john mellencamp on 4th of july weekend. they sound amazing. abby: they say how can i follow the band, where can i find the music. we can pull them up to show people. they are just incredible. follow them right there. they're incredible. they have been all morning with us all long. pete: i talked to the lead singer about we came in. air force does a lot of things great. we joined at age of 35. he is in the air force. lead singer of an amazing band.
5:01 am
abby: can do two things at once? who knew. pete: they are excellent. clayton: who else can do two things at once, anna kooiman, live at uss wilmington, in wilmington, north carolina. good morning. >> good morning, abby, clayton, and pete. do you like my new sunglasses? abby: looking good. >> thank you, thank you. no you can't, i have to take them off. somebody catch them for me. i can't do two things at one time. we're on the uss battleship north carolina. decommissioned warship. it has 15 battle stars, most batstars from any ship from world war ii. they are woke early up, and putting a smile on our face. where are you from. >> doylestown, pennsylvania. we live in great country if you work hard enough, your dreams and goals can become reality.
5:02 am
>> that american dream, you work hard get ahead. how about you, petty officer. >> america is land of the free because of the brave. my family has 120 years of military service. proud of that. >> carrying all the tradition. they're proud of you. petty officer king? >> i'm from ohio. i'm proud to be an american i continue to serve the country many people have before me. >> there you go. name and town. name and town. >> richland's north carolina. right up the road. it is freedom. i get to go and come as i please. opportunity. the beauty of a awesome nation. just proud american. >> there we go. how about you petty officer roberts. >> petty officer michael roberts from zachary, louisiana. proud of our ability to help others in time of need. here in north carolina we assisted others in hurricane katrina, hurricane matthew here. we appreciate helping people in time of need. >> appreciate your service.
5:03 am
petty sister carr. >> i'm fromç thompson, maine. very small percentage of men and women. i'm alongside greatest people. i'm proud to be an american. >> thanks so much. coming up on "fox & friends," we'll talk to business owner in southport, what makes her proud to be an american. came up with a big logo for a big festival going on. we take over southport. continuing coverage rolls on in half an hour. rolls on tomorrow. pete, abby, clayton, back to you in the studio in new york. abby: thank you so much, anna, zoo you soon. clayton: we want to bring in kellyanne conway, counselor to president trump. happy to see you on 4th of july weekend. >> happy birthday, america. clayton: president tweeting this. they gave mainstream media. he wanted more substantive tweets. i didn't see any coverage of this tweet. america's men and women in uniform is the over coming oppression, strong protecting
5:04 am
the weak. good defeating evil. usa. that is what the president tweeted. the mainstream media coverage is about all the other tweets? >> no. the media moved on to russia to cover themselves. i doubt that will help their 14% approval rating. the american people see he they're trying to interfere with the president communicating directly through his very powerful social media network channel. but also, they noticed that they don't cover the substance of the issues. look, i know it is a heck of a lot easier to cover 140 characters here or there with the president may be saying about the media here or there then it is to the learn finer points of you how medicaid is funded in this country and how that would or would not change under the senate bill. how the child care tax credit might affect your family of the they don't cover these finer policy points. i talked to a few over the weekend who call me unilaterally, we would cover that, kellyanne, except the president did this, said that.
5:05 am
i think if you have a 24/7 cable news outlet or network or print reporter you can probably cover all of the above. everybody makes choices. we went back did analysis. roughly 163 tweets sent out by president trump in june. she quarters had to do with policy, bilateral meetings, legislation. tweets like you showed. stock market loves this man is president. isis is on the run. jobs being produced. you don't hear any of that. two networks gave zero coverage to passage of "kate's law." pete: exactly right. a lock of substance across, so-called mainstream media. president is up this morning tweeting about substance and action. these three tweets. we'll speak with germany and france this morning. second tweet, spoke yesterday with the king of saudi arabia about peace in the middle east. interesting things are
5:06 am
happening. third tweet we'll speak with italy this morning. two questions for you, kellyanne, how does he manage to tweet and do his job? if you listen to the media he can't possibly do that. second, what about those calls he is havings with allies? >> typical for trump to have calls with heads of state. he hosted two dozen, if not that bilateral meetings in the white house in first six months on the job. had amazing foreign trip, you i knew it was success, the media stopped covering foreign trip minute air force one touched down on american soil. he is about to have two foreign trips. these calls allow him to talk with world leaders. discuss national security, trade, anything particular to that region. most of that is private between the leaders, while some of it would be. there is readout of every single call. again, people make choices whether they want to connect
5:07 am
their viewers and readers with what the president has discussed and, look, the other thing is, we know the statistics they're worth repeating that in a five-week period, 353 minutes on the three networks was committed to russia, fbi, comey. not a minute to tax reform. clayton: they're back to russia. amy holmes about his trip to the area, g20. what will he talk about with vladmir putin? will it be a bromance? you know, is he going to press him on interference in our election. that is what they're focused on this morning. >> the thing struck me with exchange with amy certainly, but clips mainstream media wondering out loud if the president is going to talk about russian interference with the election, which members of the obama administration under oath said did not change a single oath and there is no collusion. so now we're on to the interference. why isn't anybody said will he
5:08 am
discuss the fact that russia, what russia said or did not say after assad gassed men, women and children in syria? where is the outrage about items like that happened a couple short months ago. you sawç how strong and resolue the immediate the president was taking action in syria. again they're talking about, they're talking about themselves again. why america doesn't trust many of them. not all of them. abby: we know they love talking about themselves, kellyanne. this might be biggest story of the day is health care. is obamacare. is what we're going to do about all of this. we're hearing more and more the gop is finally warming up to the repeal and replace of obamacare. many of them are hoping to push back this he res is in august. where do things stand now? you how hopeful are you and president this will get done? >> very hopeful the president has bill on his desk in the
5:09 am
summer. see why this is being done in the first place. this is something not getting enough coverage. we have to talk about 20 million people that opted out of obamacare. six 1/2 million forked money over to the irs rather than get on obamacare exchanges. 19 of 23 co-ops have failed. 83 insurers pulled out of the market. some insurers looked at senate bill, more confidence, less jittery seeing kinds of reforms put in place. this is health of millions of americans left out and lied to about keeping their doctor, keeping their plan. in terms of the procedure, it could either be repeal and replace at same time, or you could do what happened in the 2015 senate bill, every republican senator who was there except for one voted, they voted to immediately do away with the penalties and taxes under obamacare. they dealt with medicaid as well. people look where their senators are already on the record. one would presume they are going to vote for this principles
5:10 am
again why? because the only thing that's changed since their vote in 2015 to repeal obamacare and now is that you have a republican president willing to sign that into law. and you have the failures of obamacare. that much more crisp an obvious in front of you. abby: does the president think they should stay, do their job and go home once they have done that? >> the president will be working throughout august no matter where he is. put him down for wanting people to work hard at all times. he outworks all of us as hard as we try. we know this is commitment made to the american people. it really can't wait. it can't wait. abby: up and tweeting maybe sinned those members of the senate a tweet, senators do your job, that's what the american people want. and then you can go home, celebrate with your families. >> talking about freedom. the president hosts military families for a picnic at the
5:11 am
white house. came back from new jersey to d.c., saturday, to keep that commitment. to it will veterans at celebrate freedom rally, a nation is grateful to you. we're grateful nation for your sacrifices. men and women in uniform represent triumph good over evil, freedom over oppression. he reminded everyone that we are a nation that owes ourselves to god, not government. that worships god and not government. if president trump ran, if he picked three main reasons, you've got to put military hery veterans, first-responders on the list. he has been committed to them since his days as candidate. he made good on promises, whether veterans affairs reforms in the first six months. he has a message i want to feed everybody with. he talks about how we as a nation spent trillions of dollars elsewhere, helping infrastructure projects around the glob, helping sovereign nations protect their borders.
5:12 am
high time we do that in america. conveying that message. pete: don't hold your beth, kellyanne. abby: have4nruue=w8e new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps
5:13 am
prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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>> that you evened had senator dean heller from nevada who is
5:18 am
running for re-election in 2018. he said the large print, he said the big print giveth, the small print taketh away, and he's waiting for the small print to know what to even look for in this. >> sure. and that's always a concern. it's one of the reasons why i've advocated for the last six months pushing a simple repeal bill, something patterned after the 2015 repeal bill, the one we passed in december of 2015. if people knew what was in there, they could vote on that, we could pass that with a delayed implementation provision x then we could figure out what comes next later. in an iterative, ten by step process -- step by step process, one that could potentially involve democrats. >> the fear of that is that next section would never happen. if we do have the repeal process then, of course, there would be millions of people without health care, and we would sit and wait and wait and wait. are you concerned about that part of the process? >> sure. in the sense that people have
5:19 am
said we don't know whether it could pass. but, you know, the current bill that we've been working with hasn't fared so well either. look, i'm willing to try to make that one work. as it's written now, i'm a no because that bill does a whole lot for the insurance industry. that bill does a whole lot for the affluent. it brings about hundreds of billions of dollars of tax reductions for the affluent. that bill has some provisions for the poor, but it leaves out the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. it needs to do more to help america's middle class, those who elected donald trump president. i think we could get there. but so far it's been stalled out. and i think it'd be much quicker, a much more direct process to go back to doing that which every republican who's campaigning for federal office in the last seven years has promised to do. clayton: we talked about a millennial poll about how they're not feeling connected to the history of their country. your new book called "out of history: the forgotten founders," tell us about this.
5:20 am
do you think there's a disconnect between young people and understanding our nation's history on in this fourth of july? >> to a degree, yes. for the simple reason that we as a culture through our entertainment media, our news media and our education system have kind of changed the historical characters upon whom we've been willing to focus. there are some who have been negligent elected or written out of -- neglected or written out of history. for example, i tell the story of an iroquois indian chief. most americans have never heard of him. and yet he's the one who taught benjamin franklin about this principle of federalism, the idea that you can come up with a confederated government system in which there is a central authority that has supremacies, who has supreme power over the constituent parts of the confederacy, but each constituent part retains its own local authority. this was worked into the constitution by ben franklin and it's a principle we call federalism. but because we've focused
5:21 am
everything from health care to automanufacturing in the -- auto manufacturing in the federal government -- clayton: we news those connections to the past. senate -- senator lee, happy fourth of july. >> thank you. same to you. clayton: all right. more "fox & friends" when we come back. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back on this monday morning. five months after the investigation began into alleged collusion, excuse me, between president trump and russia, liberal lawmakers still can't anytime if there's evidence. top -- admit if there's evidence. adam schiff making this accusation back in march. >> there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. >> the daily caller recently asking schiff if he had evidence
5:25 am
backing up those claims, but the congressman refused to respond. and three states in shutdown mode. in new jersey, governor chris christie calling for a special legislative session this morning to see if they can decide on a budget. illinois and maine also going into a third day of government shutdowns. abby? abby: gillian, thank you so much. so former president obama swiping at president trump from across the world in indonesia in a speech there on climate change. here is what he said. he says we are seeing a rise in an aggressive kind of nationalism. we start seeing both in developed and developing countries an increased resentment about minority groups and the bad people who don't look like us or practice the same faith as us. i believe the future favors those who promote tolerance, who are open to differences and learn from everyone. but if we can't keep our partisanship to ourselves on our nation's birthday, can we at least keep it on our shores? here to debate, larry elder and democratic strategist michael moore. happy fourth of july weekend.
5:26 am
>> happy fourth. >> morning. abby: larry, what is this all about? >> it's about the fact that obama is very unhappy that hillary didn't win and that donald trump is step by step reversing his legacy. the fact is that obama and a bunch of his aides are mounting a furious attack against donald trump arguing that donald trump is insensitive, not welcoming, racist, sexst, all of that. and -- sexist, all of that. and it won't matter if donald trump is successful in getting the economy to grow over 3, if not 4% which is what he's promised. he will cruise to re-election the way ronald reagan did even though he had jimmy carter constantly harping at his presidency as well. so i would advise president trump to stick to the knitting, get the economy going and on re-election nobody will care what obama is saying. [laughter] he's no longer in power. abby: michael, it seems like the former president is pretty upset about the paris accord, about president trump pulling out of that. >> yeah, i think paris is
5:27 am
indicative of a larger problem with the trump presidency which is that he has for the first time in probably three three-quarters of a century is that america's no longer interested in leading the world. american exceptionalism used to be a key component of the republican party platform, and what donald trump has shown is that he's willing to throw away decades of orthodoxy around american global leadership -- [laughter] and paris is just sort of tip of the iceberg of his willingness to do so. abby: larry, go ahead. >> this is an administration, the obama administration, that prided itself on, quote, leading from behind. obama against all of his entire national security team, against his secretary of defense, cia director, joint chiefs pulled out every member, all the troops out of iraq are even though he was advised to leave them there, and that's one of the reasons we have the isis problem. so for somebody to say that america is back, that donald trump is no longer leading when
5:28 am
obama specifically said he wanted to lead from behind is absurd. >> the -- harry -- abby: quickly, michael. >> -- leading from behind is when the entire global community is behind an accord like the paris accord and you decide to let china take the driver's seed? that is the definition of leading from behind. abby: is is this the the right time and place? is this the time and place to be taking a jab at the current president? >> we're just going to have to accept that half this country is very upis set about the presidency of donald trump, and we're going to be like this for the next seven and a half years assuming donald trump gets reelected, and i predict that he will. just stick to the knitting, mr. president. nobody's going to give a rip about what barack obama is saying. abby: all right, thank you both, gentlemen, for being with us. >> you got it. >> all right, coming up, it may be a holiday weekend, but president trump is still working on what he's up to this morning. peter doocy is live with all of those details next.
5:29 am
and our own anna kooiman is live from wilmington, north carolina, what is coming up next? >> reporter: good morning to you, abby, good morning to everyone at home. we are unveiling the brand new 2017 fourth of july festival hoe go right after this break -- logo right after this break as our proud american coverage continues. don't go anywhere, you're watching "fox & friends". ♪ ♪ 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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♪ ♪ pete: well, repealing and replacing obamacare might not be a farfetched idea as republican lawmakers are warming up to potentially put it to a vote. abby: president trump preparing to celebrate his first fourth of july inside the white house, but right now he is in new jersey.
5:33 am
clayton: peter doocy joins us live with the latest in new jersey with a state that's shut down this morning. of. abby: hey, peter. [laughter] >> reporter: good morning. and the white house just responded to the dozen or so republican senators who are asking their leadership to cancel the august recess so that they have more time in their offices to drill down on repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the president will be work throughout august no matter where he is, and so put him down for wanting people to work hard at all times. i mean, he outworks all of us, as hard as we try. so we know that this is a commitment that's been made to the american people, it and really can't wait. >> reporter: there are still some holdouts in the republican party, but they are starting to say they would support a bill that just repeals obamacare so they could work on replacing it later, and this is something that they're talking about even though the majority leader, 34eu7 mcconnell, says he doesn't want to do it like that. >> i think if you want conservative support, you split
5:34 am
the bills. i think you can get almost every member of our caucus to vote for a clean repeal if there's a concurrent or simultaneous, separate bill that includes some of the things that moderates want. >> reporter: republicans still haven't really tried to get democrats onboard with their health care bill, but one democratic senator is saying that if the president calls, he'll listen. >> work with us democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle, who have always been willing to meet you in the middle. i'll work with him. >> reporter: president trump has been working the phone from his bed minister, new jersey, estate all weekend long, and he says he's going to have calls today with the leaders oaf germany, italy and france before flying back to washington today. clayton: just don't try to go to any of those new jersey public parks. abby: it's beautiful there, thank you, peter. gillian, other headlines -- >> reporter: i must have seen
5:35 am
20 of those parks closed signs, they are everywhere. good morning you guys. a 28-year-old man facing charges in a deadly road rage attack that killed an 18-year-old girl, david desper turning himself in, he shot and killed the 18-year-old after the two both tried merging into the seam lane at the same time. >> this is the story of a savage and senseless murder. bianca roberson, 18 years old, gunned down because somebody didn't want to give way. >> reporter: desper is being held without bail on murder charges. barack obama just can't let it go. former president playing a role in rebuilding the democratic party. sources say he's been meeting with house and senate lawmakers behind the scenes. he's also had multiple meetings and phone calls with dnc chair tom perez. democrats still searching for new leadership after a stunning
5:36 am
2016 election loss. liberals cried foul when vice president pence said he wouldn't dine alone with a woman who isn't his wife, but it turns out most americans actually agree with him. a morning consult poll finding 60 percent of women think it's inappropriate to grab a drink with a coworker of the opposite sex, 48% of men feel same way. so, pete and clayton, i cannot get a drink with you. okay, sand traps are the least of this golfer's worries, and we will have that video. a giant moose a chasing him around a course in sweden. the man says it all started when the beast began following him around. the guy decided to make a run for it, a decision he says he immediately regrets. but as you can see, the moose got a little tired, gave up, walked back into the woods. no one was hurt. but i've got to tell you guys, i'm a golfer, that would scare the daylights -- clayton: don't drop your only weapon. you know what? they teach you what to do if there's a bear charging you.
5:37 am
there's no plan for a moose. and they're dangerous. [laughter] abby: i thought they were faster than that. he couldn't even catch up to him. [laughter] >> reporter: just seeing if he was awake. [laughter] abby: thank you, gillian. clayton: when meeses charge you -- that's the plural of moose. abby: so what to you codo? pete: it sounds like fake news. clayton: no, it's not, kids. [laughter] abby: celebrating independence day -- pete: this one is shaping up tock the biggest yet. clayton: anna kooiman is at the uss north carolina with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. this is the fourth year that "fox & friends" has taken over a small town and, yeah, so we are just down the road from southport, north carolina, here in mill pington -- wilmington
5:38 am
onboard the uss north carolina. it's a decommissioned world war ii ship with the most battle stars of any ship in world war ii. we've got the coast guard behind us. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: they've been telling us this morning what makes them proud to be americans, and we want you to do the same thing. get on social media, use that hashtag, proud american, and we'll be sharing some of those photos. but i want to bring in some of my new friends. hey there, guys, how you doing? with can we take this? this is ricky and debbie evans. good morning. >> good morning. >> hello. nice to be here. >> reporter: we're to happy. now, you own an art gallery in the historical district of southport, and tell me what it means for you to be a part of this celebration year after year. you've been in southport for 20 years, ricky. >> we have and we're so proud to be americans and to have the freedoms we enjoy. but i think i'm most proud of our community and how they use those freedoms to the betterment
5:39 am
of others that are less fortunate. >> reporter: yeah. and you're initially from mississippi, but you've been here for 20 years or so yourself. how have you watched the festival grow and change over the years? >> oh, gosh. when we were there, it seems like it wasn't quite as big. i think we have over 50,000 people invade our normally quiet little community -- >> reporter: what's the typical population when it's not, you know, july 4th weekend? >> i'd say around 5,000 people probably. >> reporter: or nice economic shot in the arm too. >> it is. it's wonderful, and we love it, and we love it -- on the 5th of july also when -- [laughter] when it gets back to the quiet little town. but it's wonderful. >> reporter: you got it. it's patriotic red, white and blue bunting, it's a gorgeous little town. what are we unveiling this morning for our viewers? >> okay. this is the artwork that was chosen for this year's official festival t-shirt and posters. every year we get local artists to submit designs, and our festival committee chooses one
5:40 am
of those to be honored on t-shirts, and you can purchase these at our booth today and tomorrow over at the festival. >> reporter: very nice, very nice. and you've got some t-shirts for us too? got some swag. can i stick it on my head? >> you may. >> reporter: all right. let's model. ready? hey. [laughter] very nice. and what can we be expecting? we, of course, have the parade and naturalization ceremony, what's your favorite part of the parade and the festival as a whole? >> maybe the regatta. besides that the parade and the fireworks. >> reporter: yeah, you've got to see the fireworks. >> the music is fantastic, the kids' games. there's something for everybody. >> reporter: well, thank you so much. and where can folks find out more information about you online and maybe buy some of your artwork? because you're an artist as well. >> ricky evans >> reporter: very nice. well, happy to get that plug in for you. thank you so much for your service, everybody from coast guard. back to you in new york.
5:41 am
abby: all right, awesome. looking so good, anna p. clayton: all right. up next all of these democrats getting behind a new bill, these democrats right here, to declare president trump mentally unfit for office. and the so-called mainstream media, which is really just anti-trump media, is helping them push that theory. dr. nicole sapphire's full diagnosis next. abby: and these k-9s have a great cause, helping out our heroes who need it the most. you're going to meet some of these adorable pooches. that's ahead. ♪ ♪
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." more than two dozen democrats, these right here, backing a new bill to declare president trump mentally unfit for office. our next guest says this may be unethical and is at least very irresponsible. dr. nicole sapphire joins us to explain. i presume none of these 25 members have performed a psychiatric exam on our commander in chief. you would say, therefore, their ability to deem him fit or unfit is irresponsible. >> it is irresponsible. i find it interesting that you have non-health care professionals giving diagnoses for someone they haven't examined, and even if they are -- which i have seen commentary in the media of health care professionals throwing around medical diagnoses about our president -- you can't do that and you shouldn't do that. i mean, the goldwater rule, which we were -- pete: interesting, yeah. >> you'd think they would have learned their lesson. pete: so talk about that.
5:46 am
in 1964, something similar happened to barry goldwater. what happened? >> because they thought he had extreme political views. a group of psychiatrists got together -- exactly. extremism on both sides. i think people start throwing around mental illness diagnoses. but what happened was, essentially a magazine polled a group of psychiatrists who called him mentally unfit. he didn't get the presidency, but he was able to sue that magazine, and he won that lawsuit for libel. this rule is unethical. you cannot make commentary on living public figures that you have not examined. pete: in 1964 it was fact magazine, they wrote this piece, psychiatrists said he was unfit. he sued them afterwards and won a million dollars for damages. you've seen other networks or other places where they're starting to -- is it basically the same thing when you broadcast doctors or
5:47 am
psychiatrists trying to assess president trump? >> yeah. you know, facts are stubborn little things. personally and professionally, i'm not going to sit here and try and diagnose our president. that's not my role. i do wonder at one point our president of the nation, his family including his young child, they're attacked ever day for their intelligence, their character and their physical characteristics. at what point do we say maybe some of this is his defense mechanism and acting out or compartmentalization? in any other arena people would be criticized for bullying and slander. however, for some reason it's now becoming acceptable to be attacking our nation's leader. pete: and why do i feel like whatever was said about barry goldwater -- i haven't seen the article -- is probably tame to what's said about president trump right now. >> absolutely. what happened with kathy grin. can you imagine if we did that to one else, if someone was holding a dead head or bloody
5:48 am
head of someone, that is bullying to its extreme. pete: dr. nicole sapphire, thank you very much. today we got history. she's a well-rounded individual. >> that's right. pete: up next, these canines have a great cause in this independence day, helping our heroes who need it most. you're going to meet some of them out on our plaza next. ♪ ♪ when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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♪ ♪ pete: well, this is a fact, returning home from war can be traumatic for many of america's veterans. abby: but a florida-based nonprofit is working to make
5:52 am
life easier for our nation's heroes by pairing them with shelter dogs trained just for them. pete: joining us now, sherry duval, that keating joseph and marine corps veteran jan long and his service dog, c4, which is the coolest name i've ever heard. you started the nonprofit, tell us about it. >> we started the k-9s for warriors to take care of our disabled veterans. since 9/11 we've had over 500,000 disabled veterans, many of which are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. , and tragically, we're losing over 20 a day -- pete: your son is someone -- >> my son was in iraq on two tours as a specialist bomb dog handler, and he came home with post-traumatic stress. so we started the organization to help him and help others. and today we've graduated over 330 veterans, west virginia had an amazing success -- we've had
5:53 am
an amazing success rate. we're the largest service dog provider in the united states, and c4 was named after chris' son -- abby: tell us about charlie, because this is so close to your heart. >> well, charlie was a character. he loved animal, he loved children, so, you know, the worst thing when you lose a son is you don't mow what they were going to do for the rest of their life. so i felt i could name these dogs after charlie and charlie always wanted to have his warriors back. and he has his buddies back by making sure the warriors are taken care of as well as kids who missed out on them having fun with him. abby: what can dogs do that no one else can do to help our heroes? >> she can just sense what i'm feeling. so she's, she's really good at anticipating my anxiety or any other issues i might have, noticing a trigger that i might have and calming me before it's an issue. and just making friends. abby: she came up to me and she smiled. she actually smiled at me.
5:54 am
it was the cutest thing. >> she's a very happy dog. pete: what does it mean -- you lost your son. what does it mean, do you see this as a continuation of service? >> charlie's still on this planet, he's still living, he's living through a warrior who has made a best friend, and it's so wonderful to watch him be in the world and be healthy and happy and it's just, there's two other dogs coming named charlie and named chuck heavy -- [laughter] it's wonderful to see it carry on. abby: how can people help out if they want to be part of this? what can they do in. >> we have some wonderful corporate sponsors, bayer health care, merit dog foods and pga tour, they can go to our web site which i believe is on your screen, www.k9s for so everything to to our warriors is free. there's no charge. pete: that's wonderful. abby: and there's a book, big-hearted charlie runs the mile, chris a that, so we'll
5:55 am
have that on our web site as well. >> and it will help out the navy seal foundation and k-9s for warriors. pete: thank you all for your service. everything, it really matters. abby: more fox and friends just moments away. ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it, with great summer deals up to 40% off. visit booking.yeah!
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♪ >> we have such a great crowd. good morning everyone. >> even asking you all morning long, sinister proud american photos. you have. >> here is about star-spangled granddaughter, kayden. >> his father and son, right
5:59 am
there. both in in the military. >> olivia has sent in a picture of her patriotic pet, her pig, metal line. >> that my might be at the top. it has been such a great show. we have been talking earlier about these canines, to help our military, and i did not realize at this beautiful dog, she was in the pound. she was going to be put down. now she is paid to help people. >> they are all rescue dogs. >> we put the information on our website, of course for you to help out. there is no better way to help our military, you know. >> there are things that happen inside the bureaucracy, but when you can have a personal connection with an organization, federal veteran, or canine, it changes the equation. >> have a wonderful for the july. >> is going to rain on
6:00 am
fourth of july? >> it's going to rain somewhere on fourth of july. don't blame me for that. i am the messenger. folks, it will be nice here. [cheers and applause] >> we will be back here tomorro tomorrow. ♪ >> president trump is working the phones this morning, as he punches his agenda forward. he is calling senators who bid on the fence about health care as well as world leaders ahead of the g20 summit that will occur later this week. morning, i am here for four bill hemmer. >> we try. and i am heather and for shannon bream. nice to be with you. >> president trump is here speaking with japan, china, saudi arabia. all of this ahead of a highly anticipated face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin ahead of the g20 summit. meanwhile, the present keeping pressure over


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