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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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work began on a project that changed the u.s. forever, 87 years ago. today. >> news break out, breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. have great weekend. >> president president a trumpet and a russian president vladimir putin meeting face to face for the first time, russian meddling, all aggress, we have the very latest on this. breaking out for a second day at the g20. what exactly are they trying to prove? welcome, everyone, i am in for neil cavuto. we have fox coverage with john roberts on the meeting, and tracking protesters, let's begin with john. high, john. >> hey, good afternoon, typically at these summits, a
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bilateral meeting will last up to a half hour, so in terms of the schedule, the meeting this afternoon between trump and putin was absolutely epic. we met for two hours and 15 minutes, they did have a lot to discuss, the first topic was a russian meddling in the u.s. election, rex tillerson, he addressed president putin directly, he again denied any involvement, he said that this is a hindrance to our relationship, we have to get a way passes, putin as the president if there was any evidence of this, he said that he was going to look to the intelligence agency provide that, but the most important thing to the present was that this appears to be an issue between the two countries, they are never going to agree, so they have to agree to disagree, but they have to move forward because the relationship between the u.s. and russia is too important. they did find common ground together with jordan, the
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united states, and russia, they will implement a de-escalation zone in southwestern syria, that is a cease-fire to allow cooler heads to prevail, while the united states works two defeats isis, a political solution. there was no agreement on the issue of north korea, and that is mostly because of the approach, which they want them to do, they want kim jong un to freeze his program, where they say that the u.s. position is not just to freeze it, but to rule it back substantially. and rex tillerson saying that we don't have many chances to get this done. >> we have not given up hope. the approach that we are using, and i felt dumb i call it to the campaign, this is a campaign to lead us to a peaceful revolutio revolution, we don't have very
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many good options now. >> if this fails, not very good options left, that meeting and one so long that at one point his staff said that the first lady melania tried to say okay, the meeting is over, come on, mr. president, but she was unsuccessful and that according to rex tillerson, because the meeting continued for an hour after she left. >> trish: okay, let's treat that is a good sign then, john roberts, a number of key issues discussed during the presidency to our meeting, afterwards, secretary of state, rex tillerson, raising the possibility of talks with north korea. take a look. >> we are asking north korea to be prepared to come to the table, with an understanding that peace talks are going to be about how do we help you chart a course to cease and rollback your nuclear program, that is what we want to talk about, we are not interested in talking about how do we have you stop where you are today.
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>> trish: with me right now, ate it to margaret thatcher, is this a good step? did we have a good first meeting with vladimir putin? >> i think this is a very positive meeting, where he sends the right message. i understand that's on several occasions, president trump pressed the russian leader's about to russian interference in the u.s. election, that was the right message to send, and it was made categorically clear that it was completely unacceptable, this russian interference in the u.s. election, i think he has got the message loud and clear. >> trish: that is one of the first things that they talked about. >> it is very important to reiterate to the russians then that their attempt to interfere will simply not succeed, and i think that the reinsurance so
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that he will cease and desist these types of activities. >> trish: the big elephant in the room here is this north korea situation, and it sounds like we are on a very different page from the readouts that we got from rex tillerson then where the chinese end of the russians are on, so how does that start to shift? how does that change? because we are dealing with what is considered a very real threat right now. >> yeah, a huge threat posed by north korea, and up until now, of course, the russians have been playing a rather disruptive role in regards to north korea, with china undercutting the united states and the efforts to get tougher sanctions against north korea, it is important that the russians really understand the stakes that are involved here, and i think that the gravity of the situation
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sort of conveyed by president trump to mr. putin in regard of the sheer magnitude of the north korean threat has them saying a less disruptive role in the coming months, following these talks. >> trish: are you encouraged by the cease-fire in syria that is about to transpire? they have been working on this for a while. >> will, it is certainly encouraging to hear of a cease-fire southwest of syria, but one thing to bear in mind of course, the russians have been very bad about abiding by cease-fires, they haven't really done much to abide by them in eastern ukraine, about 10,000 troops on the ground, fighting alongside russian separatists, so i think that the russians -- we have to see what they actually do, because there were counts, their goal of course is to keep bashar-al assad in powe
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power, so i do have quite a bit of doubt in regard to the russians actually falling through and delivering on this. >> trish: thank you very much. heading into today's meeting, top democrats demanding that he confront vladimir putin about the meddling, which is what he did. secretary of state rex tillerson is saying that the president opened the meeting by raising the issue right then and there. watch. >> had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject, the president pressed presidents putin on more than one occasion about russian involvement, present putin denied such involvement, as i think he has in the past. >> trish: is not going to be enough to satisfy democrats? joining me on the phone, the former governor of new mexico, good to have you here, bill. how are you feeling about this? do you feel like some progress has been made and maybe we won't have to worry as much in the
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future about the russians battling with us? >> still i am worried, i am glad that you mentioned it, that i have seen that the president may have gone through the motions, i wanted to see a little more, like if you continue this, there is going to be sanctions, there's going to be a price, but at least he raised it. the positive side i see is that's me being the cease-fire in syria leads to another statement that the secretary of state makes, political transition on assad and syria, i don't know how serious that is, i worry that in the past, the russians did not abide by the cease-fires, they mess with our military operation, but nonetheless, a little bit of progress, but on the election meddling, i wish there had been a little more. yeah, maybe the present invention does, but you know, nobody was in that room. >> trish: what were they
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looking for? do you think that flood we are putin might apologize and say yes, sorry, we did metal? >> no, i don't think he needed to apologize, but i think you should say that we did do that, there is massive evidence from our own intelligence that he meddled. and if he said all right, i'm not going to do it again, it was a mistake, i would have liked that, but he didn't do it. >> trish: but that would be asking a lot of him, because he basically has to fall on his sword there and admits that russia indeed it did to that, when he has consistently said throughout i didn't, russia didn't have anything to do that, and our intelligence community has obviously proven otherwise, but that gets a little tricky. let me ask you, governor, in terms of the north korea situation, because that is as i said one of the biggest threats out there right now, do you feel like we can get any cooperation, or are we here and russia and china are there, effectively?
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it can we bring them into the fold enough to have some influence over what north korea is doing? >> will, let me take russia. they have more influence, they have an economic relationship. they spend with china in the u.n., vetoing a lot of sanctions on north korea, that i believe are appropriate. i think russian can play a mediating role with china, and possibly was north korea. not a major role, but a significant one. now, on china, they are doing nothing. they are weak, they don't want to put real pressure on north korea, which is going to put the united states in a bind. >> trish: i hear you. >> push for diplomacy, or i don't think what is realistic is a preemptive military strike, that would be a catastrophe. but at the same time, we have to
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do something. north korea has violated the -- they can send you with the threats against us. >> trish: we have to do a lot more i suspect in the ways of sanctions, before i let you go, i have to ask you about the mayor here in new york city. he is taking some flack in getting a lot of flak for joining the protest. one day after one of his police officers was assassinated, we are shown the viewer of "the new york times" which says all right, he went over there to germany to go protest, don't come back, it says, governor, what is your reaction to this? is he the future of the democratic party? >> well, look, we've got to find a new face in the democratic party. we've got a lot of very serious candidates, but we need a new face.
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>> trish: so what do you think of that? >> no, that's okay. he's the mayor. he wants to join the international reaction to our rejecting the climate change issue. >> trish: governor, we did have a police officer right here in new york city who -- >> i know. >> trish: we have a lot of problems, there's a lot of work to be done at home, for him to then get on a plane and go jet setting off to hamburg, you can understand how that doesn't sit well with some people. >> he was going for a one day, he will attend the funeral, he will deal with these other problems, i like the mayor, you know, there's nothing wrong with governors and mayors getting into a little foreign policy, and that is what he is doing. that's okay. i think what we need to focus on is the present and putin and the
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chinese. >> trish: i hear you, but you know, bill de blasio, a little tone-deaf on that one, in terms of how new yorkers are feeling right now. governor, always good to see you. or speak to you. thank you. i appreciate it. excellence, all right, i want to get to the latest about the protest, let us go over there. >> big police presence all across the city, we are just a short distance away from where the discussions were conducted today at the g20, we are getting new reports tonight of a new disturbance in one area, that we have been through, fires burning, and clashes between protesters and police. we were right in the middle of it earlier today, take a look at, what we saw, what we heard. >> just blocks away from where the g20 leaders are meeting, there is fighting in the street. over there, the front edge of
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the militant protesters, doing battle with police, and the water cannon is fired, over to the left, on the crowd, they are angry at the officials. and they fire back in their own way, with bottles and rocks, all around us right now, as we watch. it is late afternoon here, the meetings today are just wrapping up, but the anchor continues. more riots, the latest word that we are getting, nearly 200 police officers in the last 48 hours have been injured in this fighting. big, big story here along with of course the diplomatic story at the g20. >> trish: thank you very much. president trump stirring it up overseas about former campaign manager and his email circle, but it all started here. >> when you got hacked, why
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wasn't the dnc server over, why wasn't it given to law enforcement in the intelligence agency? did you not wants them to investigate this? >> look at, they were turned over to the agency. they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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>> trish: president trump going on the attack, tweeting everyone here is talking about why he refused to give the dnc servers to the fbi, and of the. disgraceful. i love this one, watch it. >> when you got hacked, why wasn't the dnc server passed over? why wasn't given to law enforcement and the intelligence agencies? did you not want intelligence agencies to investigate this? >> look, they were with respect
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to that i wasn't involved with it, i was the chair of hitler's campaign, that was a matter for the dnc, i don't know the circumstance of whether they were asked for them or whether they said yes or no. >> trish: all of this coming as former attorney general l lynch is out there denying claims that she showed the fbi that it wouldn't go too far. let's get some reaction. good to have you here, pursuing this narrative of collusion between donald trump and the russians, but what about the potential for collusion between the obama administration, i.e. loretta lynch and company and the hillary clinton campaign? >> will james comey had concerns about it, and he confronted a lynch, according to his testimony, about something else, we don't know exactly what it was, but she was so serious at it comey for bringing it up,
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that she threw him out of her office, so there is a lot more to be found there, we are still waiting for the documents on those meetings, we will get them hopefully by august 1st, there is more coming out on this, and i hope that she testifies in public about it, certainly this justice department's doesn't seem to want to look into anything related to the clinton obama accusations that we are talking about, they are just focused obsessively based on what, i am sure, on this fanciful idea of russian collusion. >> trish: what do you think is there? they have talked about what they think is there, in terms of the collusion with the russians, what do you think might be there in terms of loretta lynch and how the obama administration is trying to influence the election? >> well, the proof is in the pudding, they were working at hand and glove, at least
1:21 pm
rhetorically as to what to say about the clinton email investigation, loretta lynch told comey to dishonestly betrayed as a matter rather than an investigation, which echoes the clinton campaign themes, and it is interesting that you have comey or all of the obama folks talking about investigating russian collusion, that it is some of the trumpet people who talk to russia. >> trish: can i jump in? i want to know about john and what you think. >> the standard is if you are talking to the russians and doing business with the russians, you need to be investigating, and he fits the bill. he was serving on the board with officials, they took 35000000 out of $110 million from the russian centered organization or the state organization. so by all standards, he ought to be subject to the investigation, if that is the standard they are using there.
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1:26 pm
raising the minimum wage? does it help, or does that hurt any kind may? >> it hurts, one minimum wage increases, the cost goes up as well. we are finding that technology is able to replace some basic functions that employees used to be able to provide, for example, going to a restaurant, an atm machine at a banquet, the technology is more reliable, they show up on time, and they don't call in sick. san francisco, san diego, and seattle, where it shows that a reason minimum wage it drastically hurts the businesses that are there. in san diego, the dollar 50 increase resulted in 4,000 jobs lost in the food and beverage industry, here in san diego. >> trish: why can local governments not trust workers in the overall marketplace and business owners to get it right? i mean why not let the market
1:27 pm
dynamics begin? >> we are seeing here in missouri is that over 30,000 people got a raise, and when we are talking about the minimum wage, sure it is about economics, but it is also about value, and currently, if you are working full-time and making the minimum wage status quo, you are only making $14,000 a year, which is well below the federal poverty line, and in missouri, the people of missouri voted to raise the minimum wage income and now, a party that typically champions local governments is trying to undo the will of the people, and i think just because a couple small business owners are hurting doesn't mean that we should jeopardize what the public asks for, and helping workers make more money. >> trish: the business owners are the one who employed the people, right? so if you don't have any businesses, if they can't actually make the money, then you are actually hurting the local economy, to back to a little economics 101, then you
1:28 pm
also have them sing look at seattle, they raise their minimum wage, this new study says that because of this minimum wage hike it, workers are working fewer hours, 9% or less, and they are making $125 less a month on average, because small businesses have to play their employees more, they cut their hours. >> trish: economists will say this research is not definitive, but it is credible, sticking to an mit economist, data shows that if you raise the minimum wage in small increments, it does raise people out of poverty. but if you raise it too much, like democrats want to do. >> trish: people are not making enough money, wages went up, but they are not going up enough or fast enough, i would argue, but i don't know how you go in and say we are going to legislate this, we are going to make sure that wages grow, you need to have once again, economic forces kick in, otherwise, we are no better than
1:29 pm
france, right? >> they can mandate what they wages are, but they can't mandate how many people a company hires, president trump, when he came out with his job plan, huge need for skilled workforce, which is kind of an indication of our education system, i think his plan gives a lot of opportunity for people to get into skilled professions and to be people who are really championing the minimum wage are in their agreements putting in collective bargaining agreements, which exempts men from having to pay their own employees minimum wage. >> trish: it all goes full-circle. so good to see you, sarah, ashley, and selby. critics are slamming president trump of course again for promoting western values. can you imagine that? during his speech, somehow you can't promote these? former speechwriter to president nixon, ben stein, is here, and he is next.
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>> g20 protesters forcing melania trump to stay at her hotel. how did that happen? we will be back in just a second. whoooo.
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>> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak, and we will not survive. >> trish: president of trumpet promoting western values during his speech in warsaw, poland, some in the media are slamming the president, saying that he is catering to the far right in these remarks, former speechwriter for president nixon, been signed, is here, and i want to ask you, ben, what do you think? are they overreacting here? the media, that is. >> it wouldn't matter what he said, they could say black and white, he would criticize him for saying day's night, he made a brilliant speech, this is a speech that will go down with the great speeches of winston churchill, he is saying that we stand up for the rights of the individual, nobody can question that, no say in person
1:35 pm
can say we want a system that doesn't stand up for the rights of the individual, they are calling him a racist, and open nationalist, they would criticize him no matter what he did, he could join black lives matter, and they would criticize him, he can do anything. >> trish: so for sure, they don't like them, they will take any opportunity they can to criticize them, however, when you talk about things like family values and the will to survive for western values, you can anticipates that they a lot of people right now on the left are going to jump all over that's because for some reason, it is not okay by them to say these things. >> you know it? people jumped all over roosevelt when he said we have nothing to fear but fear itself speech, they jumped all over winston church feel, people jump all over you, winston churchill said something great, if you have people who hate you, it shows
1:36 pm
that you are making a difference in the world, donald trump is standing up, he is not saying we don't respect african-americans, he is not saying we don't respect asian americans, he is not saying that we don't respect all people of gender choices, he is saying that we respect the rights of the individual, that is so unequivocally correct and brilliant, it astounds me that people can criticize labs, it just shows that the media -- bob dylan, the greatest poet of my era, said that there are a lot of people with knives and forks, and they don't have anything on their plates, but they've got to cut something, so they cut donald trump. >> trish: do we need it right now to protect who we are? our values, our society, in light of all of the craziness right now in the world, ben? >> we have got to be united as never before, on december 8th 1941, we face a life or death
1:37 pm
threats with north korea, we will soon face a life or death threats with ironic iran, people are tearing us apart, the fact that people are criticizing him and trying to tear us apart over that is a chilling sign, it terrifies me. >> trish: upside down world sometimes, he is saying that people are reacting to in such a negative way, but some of them kind of seem sort of obvious, there is nothing wrong with protecting our values that frankly, ben, have made us the most prosperous nation, the safest nation, in the world. >> it doesn't really question of prosperity, it is a question of the dignity of the individual, denmark is a very prosperous company demott country, germany. >> trish: we don't want to be them. >> we want to respect the rights of the individual person, and god blesses grades country, and
1:38 pm
i ask god to have pity on those who don't know to respect human life. >> trish: you are making me feel very patriotic year, and it is already past the fourth of july, but there is a lot of greatness here that needs to be held up here. ben stein, thank you sir. >> god bless you. >> trish: all right, facing a financial crisis, everyone, illinois lawmakers passed the first state budget in two years, overriding the governor's veto. and guess what they did? of course, they hiked taxes. millions of you are online right now, searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results.
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>> trish: billions of dollars in unpaid bills and the threat of a junk credit rating, what do you know, they managed to pass a state budget for the first time in two years, overwriting the governor's veto. instead of cutting spending, the republicans joined democrats in voting to increase the individual income tax by 32%. and the corporate income tax rates by 33%, just tax them more, right? democratic strategist and republican strategist, good to have you both here, is this a solution? you just ask people more? >> well, this isn't illinois first time doing this, and i will tell you, back in 2011, i was an advisor to the illinois state treasury, i worked it to do this, then in 2011, they hiked to the taxes again, by 66%, income tax rates increased by 66%, leading them
1:43 pm
to be voted out, and it was something dramatic, also in the united states history, something that they wanted. now we have a republican governor in, and because this governor, which is a courier republican governor, he said look, i am not going to raise anyone's taxes, we have to first and foremost figure out exactly what we can do to create a business friendly environment on claimant, we need a freeze on the property tax, we need to take care of this unfounded liability of $130 billion, there are a number of things that we need to do, but there is only one person, one man's who is preventing all that from happening, and that is the democratic speaker of the house, who was also the head of the democratic party. >> trish: there is just no political will, so once you start spending the money, it is for her to stop, i grew up in a small state, new hampshire, and it didn't matter if you are a
1:44 pm
republican or democrat, no one wanted to see taxes going up, they managed to get by just fine because the thinking is what the government has come of the government spends, and you just can't stop it, and the danger now is we are spiraling out of control, illinois is one example, there are plenty of others. >> we should actually celebrate the fact that democrats and republicans illinois were able to come together in a bipartisan manner, stop a government shutdown, if the illinois legislature had actually shut down, middle and lower -- >> trish: they didn't cut spending. that is what they needed to do that. >> so by raising bowls, every one the bulge. >> trish: why not? those are the ones who create the jobs, how is anyone going to be employed? i think this is a great example, right? you think about
1:45 pm
general electric, big company, headquartered in fairfield connecticut, they moved to massachusetts because connecticut raise the taxes. i don't think that's the solution. >> we do have to make sure that people can afford to go to school, put food on the table, so it -- >> how are you going to do any of those things? when companies are moving out because illinois continues to raise taxes, and at the beginning of the segment, i made a point, illinois has raised taxes 60% in 2011, i lobbied against it on behalf of the state treasury of illinois, so if we are going to continue to hiked taxes without creating any reforms whatsoever, this is going to lead to more people being poor, and i tell you what, democrats have literally created an environment where they are building their power off the backs of poor people, and they are going to continue to do so. there is only one result, the only ramification i can see is that there is one man who needs to go, and that is michael jay madigan, he must leave because
1:46 pm
otherwise we are going to keep on seeing that. >> trish: the thinking is that it's the democrats are essentially keeping these people in a poor situation, so that they can continue to get votes, that is the concern right now, michael. >> i mean that is a great republican talking points. when corporations do a better job of paying their employees and putting them in a position where they can go out and spend their money, then everyone works better. >> trish: now, just keep hiking that minimum wage, as we are just talking about, and missouri, didn't work out so well. >> they want their talking points back. >> trish: is so good to see you, i wish we had more time, so thank you very much, good to see you both. trying to strike a deal to repeal and replace obamacare, but some are already waving the white flag before getting back to d.c. from the holiday weekend, we are going to talk about it. h neulasta onpro?
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>> from day one, i said we are going to repeal and replace obamacare, and that is what we are going to do. >> we must honor our promise and repeal obamacare. >> we will continue to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. eco-we are 100% committed as a team to repeal and replace obamacare. >> trish: maybe not. congress is heading back to washington next week with no deal to repeal and replace obamacare. despite all that rhetoric, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, casting new doubts, saying if republicans fall short on health care, they will have to pass a limited bill to fix parts of obamacare, joining me right now, the author of
1:51 pm
"beating obamacare," betsy. what is your reaction? >> i find his way to flag statements terrible. the fact is, at the least, the congress can repeal obamacare, effective for a specific date in the future, like the first of 2018, that will give them a year, it will also allow this congress to move on to tax reform, which is urgently needed to jumpstart the economy. the president has done his part, he has already launched a deregulation revolution, but he needs congress to work with him to lower tax rates and really provide economic -- >> trish: why has mitch mcconnell given up, then? >> i can't imagine because if he cannot get his party to support a simple repeal bill effective a.d. in the future, he should no longer be senate majority leader. to the american people voted a republican house, a republican
1:52 pm
senator, a republican president, they made it clear they want to repeal obamacare. it's >> trish: so republican voters are pretty mad. they send donald trump to the white house for a reason, they sent all the lawmakers to washington for a reason, and this was a big one. >> and he has made it very clear that he supports what is called clean repeal, let's repeal it now, and say as of august 1st for example, there will be no more individual mandates, no more job killing, end. of >> trish: and worry about fixing it later? >> yes, making way for tax reform in the meantime because the nation, the markets are depending on it, we see these economic markets with expectations, but soon, that will turn to disappointment. >> trish: there is the hope in the sense that you have a pro-business environment now in washington, that there will be
1:53 pm
some action as far as tax cuts go, at least on the corporate side this year, but this is getting in the way. mitch mcconnell with a slip of the tongue, or is he really just saying okay, i can't do this, i need the help of the democrats. >> let's make it clear, what that bipartisan deal would mean, it would mean throwing hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars toward a cropping up this unaffordable system, rather than the moving toward a for your system, where consumers have choice. >> trish: you talk about choice, ted cruz at supposing something up that would try to incorporate that market principle into health care. do you like it? >> the best one i've heard, it would allow every insurance company to go off of a range of plans, provided they also offer at least one obamacare compliance plan, it would give healthy people options to buy
1:54 pm
more affordable plans, to cover less, it would also guarantee that people with pre-existing conditions have a choice of very elaborate plans and the subsidies needed to afford them. >> trish: all right, that is a big endorsement from you, betsy. >> he really knows his topics, ted cruz. >> trish: all right, g20 processor is blocking melania trump from attending her event. that is next.
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
-- g-20 protesters outside where she staying in germany. from hamburg. >> because of these protest here throughout hamburg. this was designed for the
1:58 pm
spouses here. the white house spokesperson telling me what this boils down to, basically, was police could not provide clearance to leave the residence from which she was . afterward, the first lady took to twitter to highlight the security situation here in hamburg. she wrote, now we know the first lady was able to make it out because rex tillerson said during the meeting between president trump and vladimir putin, she entered that meeting to try to break it up. tonight, the first lady was with the president at a concert and at a dinner among all the other world leaders here in hamburg. earlier this morning, trish, a halt to her schedule. >> does it seem like the protesters are dying down or are they going to gear up for another round of? >> as i hear the police sirens
1:59 pm
go right past us here, they go in waves, trish, in and out, in and out. it's been for two straight days. look at the streets, the protesters are there. may be a few minutes later, they are gone. this is a sprawling city that they are making their way through hours on end. >> my goodness. part of this, blake, there is a lot of attention on this particular event because you have vladimir putin and donald trump meeting for the first time. so the protesters, they always go to the g8, g20 events. this year, maybe they are hoping for more camera time. >> you've got not only president trump, not only president putin, the chinese president here, the turkish president as well. this is a big event. >> thanks so much, blake. because it's such a big event, you can expect us to be live here tomorrow morning at the g28, everyone, where president trump will be meeting face-to-face with the u.k.
2:00 pm
prime minister theresa may. we have special live coverage. "the cost of freedom," 10:00 p.m. to noon eastern, and please join me on fox business, "the intelligence report," every day on 2:00 p.m. "the specialists" is next. >> eboni: hello, i'm eboni williams along with eric bolling and kat timpf. we are "the specialists" ." well, the global steaks don't get much higher than this. president trump meeting russian president vladimir putin for the first time in today's summit in hamburg, germany. they had a face-to-face it down that lasted more than two hours covering a big plate of global crises and issues. president trump addressed the biggest elephant in the room, the russian meddling of the election. rex tillerson debriefs reporters before


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