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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 12, 2017 3:00am-4:21am PDT

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heather: smuggler leaving her behind when they saw agents. rob: painters painting over road kill three different times in oklahoma. crews claim they didn't see the animals. they since repainted poor dead squirrel. heather: how does that happen? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things a little bit differently. for me it was opposition research. really, it went nowhere and it was apparent that wasn't what the meeting was about. >> they want to create media hysteria on this. as reality i'm looking at as a lawyer what statute of law has been. >> we are beyond obstruction of justice. perjury and treason. >> i think i'm watching people lose their mind. this is what it looks like. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has made momentous decision summer vacation is cancelled. >> this obstructionism.
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don't have enough time to address all of these issues. >> heart breaking eulogy from the children of an assassinated new york city police officer. this, as hundreds of officers turning their backs on the new york city mayor. >> struck him out. american league wins again. ♪ ♪ ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home. steve: we have got the best picture window in new york city live from studio f it's "fox & friends." it's a busy day on this wednesday midweek. ainsley: steve, we are not going home because we have a big show. ashante got that exclusive last night with don jr. brian: which is why we are a
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little low heat. ainsley: low heat? brian: an expression that america embraces a little sluggish. ainsley: never heard of it. brian: we watched from 10:00 to 10:45. steve: the reason ashante sat down with don jr. yesterday it became clear that a newspaper probably the "new york times" although we have heard more than one, had copies, hard copies of the exchange between don jr. and a friend of his who was a public relations guy for a rock star. ainsley: acquaintance not necessarily a friend. steve: what became clear after the firestorm hit yesterday, most of the details, if given the chance to do over, i don't think don jr. would set up a meeting with -- between the russian lawyer, not an agent, and the publicist again. ainsley: if you were sleeping, like we should have been, and
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you missed the interview, here is a clip of it. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little bit differently. my take away, when all of this was going on, is that someone has information on our opponent, you know, things are going a millions miles an hour. you know what it's like to be on a campaign. i have been reading about scandals people have been underreporting for a long time. maybe it had something to do with those things. >> did you tell your father anything about this. >> it was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't have remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame. brian: email exchange was put out by donald trump jr., drip, drip, drip. evidently the president on air force 1 got word on this. they put together a communication for saturday's "new york times" story. then it moved on sunday. and then on monday it became clear they were going to publish something and they said let me just get it out. yesterday they just said let's just get this out ahead of time.
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so they publish all of it. i mean, this rob goldstone guy did everything that a democrat has accused the trumps organization of doing, colluding with the government. the russian government wants to help donald trump. basically what rob goldstone wrote. also wrote something so far proven to be erroneous that this is a russian attorney. she is not russian attorney. steve: she is russian and she is an attorney. not a government agent. brian: not link to the kremlin at all. ainsley: he did say this was before all the russian mania. they were talking about a contested convention. they had just won indiana. in hindsight he wouldn't have done it. is it illegal? say sekulow, donald trump's attorney, says no. listen. >> look at it from a legal perspective there is no illegality in the meeting. now, the fact is nothing transpired. so, what do we have here? and i think donald trump jr. said it correctly, there is a media frenzy on russia right
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now. this has been going on for several months. when you look to see what actually takes place, a meeting takes place, nothing happens as a result of this 15 or 20-minute meeting. and at the end of the day there is no illegality. so, people could be, you know, they want to create a media hysteria on, this but the reality, i'm trying to look at it as a lawyer and say okay, what statute of law has been violated? brian: he is the legal expert. the question i gave to him yesterday stands today. you have to go to everybody who was involved. corey lunged will be on here later. what was any of your interaction? i don't care what you thought then, what is any of your interaction with any russian official, formal or informal and get it out ahead of time. if this was gotten out when this probe started, became apparent in october, became real after the president won, he said yeah, i had a meeting with a russian woman who wanted to talk about this adoption issue, and i just want to tell you what happened. that's it. ainsley: would have been smart to do that. brian: would have been a one-day story.
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steve: we have heard in the last couple of months because it's been about russia, russia, russia. according to the obama administration the earliest anybody was talking about collusion walls in august. this was a couple of months before that keep in mind, what was don jr. trying to do ultimately during the campaign season? you get a lot of phone calls, i have some dirt on your opponent, it happens every single day. what was he trying to do? help his father. where was the campaign lawyer? i don't know. i don't know if they had been briefed. nonetheless it has continued the russia, russia, russia, drip, drip, drip. tim kaine says this is really bad and now he has invoked the t word. >> we are now beyond obstruction of justice due to what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason. ainsley: i think he regretted it. he walked it back. he said the reporter asked me about treason. and then he went on to say nothing is proven yet.
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because treason is when somebody tries to overthrow the government. that's considered treason. definition of treason is trying to betray your country. do you think that happened here? steve: it wasn't treason. and the democrats are trying to say it was collusion. how many times have we heard it was collusion. was it collusion? we have heard from the experts. on the left say yes. others say no it wasn't. was it bad judgment? absolutely. but rush limbaugh put it this way regarding the frenzy we have seen. >> i actually think i'm watching people lose their minds. this is what it looks like. if you have had the occasion, sad occasion in your life to witness a friend or family member lose their mind, this is what it is. this is a collective. this is a joint effort to lose a collective mind. and it is breath taking and
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stunning to watch. no, none of it frightens me. none of this scares me. especially this. brian: interesting. just about female prosecutor originally in moscow. she evidently claims to have won 300 cases. she is very nationalistic like many claim they are. came here to address this adoption issue through the the act shelved all adoptions from russia which would hurt a lot of families, to prove she is authentically on that issue. the next day she was at the news seem seeing a documentary that that was organized about this very issue. and then you see her in the back of a congressional hearing with ambassador mcfall, the former ambassador. ainsley: this goes. brian: let me finish. giving his testimony. in the back she is right there. because they were addressing russian issues as it relates to america.
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so she was looking at russian issues, but it shows the purity of her message as we know it right now. ainsley: i just am glad that he spoke out. glad that his side of the story is told. i remember in journalism school our pr professor said if a celebrity is being attacked, that celebrity needs to come out and give his or her side of the story. if not, one side is told and then it looks worse for the trump family. so i'm glad he spoke. number two, number two, this just goes to show how far they have matured as the campaign has gone on. he says hindsight is 2020 i wish i hadn't done it we were knewerenew to this. a publicist to a pop star. steve: five people in the white house knew about this. this white house leaks too much. he has who do something about it doesn't look like anybody is in charge regarding running the show. they need to address that let's talk about the number one issue on capitol hill. hey, the senators are not going to go on vacation when they thought. they are not going to leave
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town the end of july. they are going to leave the third week of august. and why is that? because they hate to go home without something -- some accomplishment and so they are hoping that they can get healthcare done in the next week or two. and, if they can't, they have some other things they will try to pass, so at least they can go home and say look, we raised the debt limit or did some proposition thing. ainsley: good for him. a lot of pressure on mitch mcconnell. brian: how about this? they are looking at two different healthcare plans both sent over to the cbo. could be voting next week as early as that i see optimistic words coming out of senator corker as well as senator ted cruz. pessimistic words from susan collins and senator rand paul and senator grassley who will be on with us later. there is a sense that they are working forward. a lot of conservatives are not going leap. they are talking about keeping some of those taxes in place. others talking about senator ted cruz offering another plan that will be a more affordable plan.
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ainsley: have about two more weeks to hopefully come together? steve: they will try to do something. they will keep big taxes. the republicans have been running for years g.e.d. get rid of the taxes. leave them in so mitch mcconnell has more money to buy votes. i heard from a senator yesterday mitch mcconnell is going to do his best in the next couple of days to pull a rabbit out of a hat, right now he does not have the votes. brian: he does not have rand paul and susan collins. can he get everybody else? ainsley: a light of pressure on him to get this passed and run it through. jillian has headlines. jillian: good week. how are you doing? let's get you caught up on what you need to know right now. new details about the crew tragic military plane crash in mississippi that killed everyone on board. six marines and one sailor were part of an elite special unit ops unit based in camp lejeune in noirk. north carolina. the refueling plane crashed
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into a field. the cause is still unknown. another paying tribute. david weeks stopping to play taps on the highway to honor the fallen soldiers. his father served in world war ii. just hours ago the department of justice responding to hawaii's challenge to president trump's reinstated travel ban. the doj saying the decision should once again be left up to the supreme court after the state asked the federal judge to change the scope of the ban. the supreme court expected to hear arguments on the case this fall. the ban currently restricts people from six middle eastern countries from coming to the united states. another fbi document dump shedding light on the now closed hillary clinton private email investigation. some of the 42 pages marked as grand jury material indicating how potentially serious the probe got before being shut down for good just days before the 2016 election.
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they also reveal her attorneys agreed to turn over several of her 13 unsecured devices but they had no sim cards or memory chips. this is coming as fbi director nominee christopher ray prepares to take the hot seat at his confirmation hearing later today. and the american league takes on the all-star game bragging rights extra inning. robberson solo home run. that gave the american league 2-1 win in miami. he took home mvp honors. american league fifth all-star league in a row. since the rule change it doesn't mean anything. brian: gets home advantage in the world series not this year. just pride. out there taking pictures. nice to see them having fun. steve: thank you. all we hear from the mainstream media, russia, russia, russia. >> the russia investigation the president calls fake has
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just become a very real problem for his son. >> how do you say smoking gun in russian? >> steve: good question, chris. do american people really care about russian, russian, rust? brand new details straight ahead. ainsley: hillary clinton taking to social media with a brand new message. we will tell you why straight ahead.
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because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. >> the russia investigation, the president calls fake, has just become a very real problem for his son.
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>> how do you say smoking gun in russian? >> it's a startling development, donald trump jr. was told the russian government was trying to help his father's campaign. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. steve: whatever that is. russia, russia, russia. the mainstream media's obsession continues. but do americans really care about that. maslansky and partners president and pollster lee carter polled the people and she has the answer. the pulse of the people, right? >> that's right. steve: what action from the trump administration do you want to hear about? 57% of those you polled said they want to hear about jobs and growth and that's what we're hearing from the administration as well. hey, you guys are taking the american's people's eyes off the prize. >> this is why donald trump won the presidency. that's what he was focused on. what i thought was most interesting about this is that republicans, independents, and democrats equally agreed on this one. there was no division. steve: okay. so what do you want to hear
3:19 am
least about? this -- let this be a lesson to all the other tv programmers. russia. 55% would like to hear less about russia. >> this was by far the number one thing that people said i want to hear less about. what they want to hear more about is what is going to impact their pocketbook, what may or may not have happened in russia. steve: ultimately, which issue is most important to you on the big wall? 51% say reforming taxes. >> people want to hear about tax reform. people say he should have started with tax reform. maybe they should have taken message from the american people. steve: when the administration says in the pressing room sarah huckabee sanders talking about. you need to focus what's on the people. the people are not so interested in russia and they really are interested in jobs, the economy, and that stuff. >> and that stuff. that's really important. in addition to doing the
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survey i had last night. i had conversations with the american people. they said enough of russia. let's talk about jobs. they's talk about growth. let's talk about healthcare and taxes and thank god mitch mcconnell made that decision not to go to recess. let's get these things done. steve: okay. so yesterday, donald trump jr. released the transcript of the email chain between him and that pr person who represented the russian pop star. the question is is there collusion? you talked to the people and 47 people say no they don't feel there was collusion. 21% say i don't know. 24%, a quarter of the country says yes. >> that's a pretty interesting statistic. three out of four statistic. no there is nothing to see there or i'm not sure. that also means one in four people out there do believe there was something. and they believe it strongly. but, again, i think that donald trump jr. getting out there ahead of it, being fully transparent and getting out
3:21 am
there and talking the numbers are going to shrink. steve: looks like he was trying to help his dad win an election. >> most people say i can't blame him for that isn't that what opposition research saul about? and wouldn't you do the same thing? steve: donald trump has a break? we will see it on the other side of the break. you know what's awesome?
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ainsley: the parents of terminally i will charlie gard have been fighting for his life. >> november. now in july. he is our flesh and blood. we feel it should be our right as parents to to decide to give him a chance at life. steve: they have just hours to file today convince a british judge to keep their son alive and allow them to seek treatment for him in the united states. joining us right now family, friend and spokesperson joins us from london. good afternoon to you over there. have they pulled together some evidence yet to show this judge why they should be allowed to keep their child alive? >>alive? alise, are you there? >> i am. >> have the parents brought together the evidence to show the judge why charlie gard should be allowed to remain on life support? >> the parents are desperately, chris and connie,
3:26 am
are desperately working on pulling together evidence for the court. they have been given really 48 hours to do so for second hearing. they are currently in chambers with slifort slirsts and lawyer. friends in the united states to pull together all the medical evidence and pulling together both letters from doctors and scientists who specialize in this condition from around the world. ainsley: i know there are doctors oat new york presbyterian hospital. some in its lid there is a chance that they could put this child as part of a medical trial and there is a possibility that this child could be better in the long run. is that the evidence that they have and what do you know about the individuals that have been successful so far with this treatment? >> yes. well, there is only 17 children in the world who suffer from this condition might throw conned drill
3:27 am
syndrome. it's a rare, rare condition. obviously, our understanding only one real set of specialists in the united states. but they are getting evidence showing that there could be an up to 10% success rate. but one of the key things is the child is not currently suffering and all the parents are asking for is simply for their son to be given a chance. the treatment is very straightforward. it's actually an additive into the child's feed. and they will know within period of, i understand, within a period of two to eight weeks whether or not there is likely to be some success or signs of success. so all they are asking for is simply for their baby son, charlie, to be given a chance. and may i say the parents and the whole family are so appreciative of all the support they received from around the world but especially the support from america from the white house, from the president, from the vice president, from all who have been signing the petition
3:28 am
and people have even contributed from around the world to fund to have him treated. and i would like to just add that the parents are asking of nothing from -- any financial contribution from any hospital, not from the national health service. not from contributions from the u.s. hospital. they have privately raised the money. all they are asking is to be allowed to take their son to the united states of america for this treatment. steve: absolutely. >> it's ground breaking treatment. steve: you had mentioned the additive. apparently an additive that's also found in corn flakes so how controversial could it be? this really speaks to the state of medicine in great britain. if charlie gard's parents had been rich, they would have been able to take him to a private hospital and this would not be a problem. >> absolutely. my absolute had belief.
3:29 am
your nursing has been great actually you don't specialize in this very rare condition. we would like to go and try this other thont elsewhere in the u.k. london, elsewhere abroad, then this wouldn't raise an issue. effectively what baby charlie is being held effectively as a captive. his parents, who are -- could not be more perfect parents and who are his legal guardians and have been beyond criticism, no courts in the u.k. or even at the european court of human rights has criticized his parents because baby charlie could not ask for better parents than he has. but, yet, they are not allowed to take him home. they are told they can't tame him home to die or take him to america. they have had an air ambulance standing by for weeks. and for free. so literally is he being held
3:30 am
captive by effectively by the british state and the british national health system. ainsley: as a parent when you look at that child and you look at the pictures of the child, if your child has a 10% chance of life, how could a judge ever say pull the plug and don't let this child. get that chance. >> absolutely. i was in court all day on monthly. and underi couldn't understand. i got one of my boys with me in the studio. it's school holiday. only way i could come on television by bringing him, i could not refuse a chance. all they are asking for, quite simply, is a chance. steve: sure. one of the reasons so many are speaking about this in the united states is because donald trump has offered any support i could and the american people could offer as well as the pope. >> i'm sorry, could you just say that again, please? steve: donald trump's support of the charlie gard case has been helpful to your cause, hasn't it?
3:31 am
>> he has been so helpful. that initial tweet. i, myself, i like to think even i had a little something. i wrote five weeks ago to the white house. as an appeal. but i think everyone, you know, appealing to the white house. and it was amazing when donald trump came out and tweeted about it. and had spoken about it. it was amazing when your vice president mike pence has spoken about it. and it's amazing all the signatures that have been received. may i just make an appeal for everyone in the united states to sign his petition if they go. there are several petitions out there but the main one we are attempting to get a million signatures. at the moment we have 440,000 signatures. if we could have a million or million plus signatures by tomorrow morning and go to sis ten first petition up there. we would like a million signatures before the court commences tomorrow. steve: we will have it an our website. ainsley: we will link it on to
3:32 am
our website. >> fantastic. ainsley: praying for the family that the judge makes the right decision. please keep us posted. god bless you all. >> thank you. steve: go to and we wilfoxandfriends.comand we wo that website if you would like to sign the petition. ♪ more kinds of crab than ever, new dishes, and all your favorites. only while crabfest lasts. red lobster. now this is seafood. then you belong at bass pro shops for freedom days. with clearance savings of 33 to 50% on select men's and ladies' sandals. and save 30% on select towables, wakeboards and skis.
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3:36 am
speaker he was delivering that eulogy and that's what you saw. you saw hundreds of cops turning their backs on the mayor. they are upset with him as you heard the patrolman's benevolent association pat lynch saying they felt like the mayor would rather be in germany protesting our president and country and they say he should have been with the family instead of germany. steve: he missed the vigil. brian: he knows about it and doesn't seem to care about it doesn't affect his poll numbers. in germany and cops beat up and seriously hurt over 100 of them. still went and spoke as resister and anti-trumper in another country which is just inexcusable. the family destroyed with the loss of the mom and respectful of what she achieved in her career. here is the daughter speaking out about the mom she knew. >> i can find solace in the fact that on the night of july 4th, when i los last saw hr
3:37 am
before she left to go to work, she came into my doorway and she said i love you. i'm going to work now. and she came and she gave me a hug. she gave me a really big. i said i love you mom. i pinched her cheeks because her cheeks were so cute. and then she went back into the doorway and she looked at me and i looked at her and i said can i just have one more hug? ainsley: well, raising a daughter, i hate to hear that. steve: all three of her children did speak. the cover of the "new york post" today please, this is what her sister mercedes said. please if you see a sister in blue, hug them and say thank you. ainsley: your biggest fear as a parent is leaving your kids behind. you know one day that will happen but you hope they are
3:38 am
grown. you look at two twins she had. little ones especially, it's tragic. and it could have been prevented -- i guess it could have been prevented. they are talking about putting the bullet proof glass in the cars now. steve: the family, the guy who killed her. he had been hearing voices. we tried to put him back on antipsychotic drugs. nothing happened. brian: jillian has other breaking news around the country. jillian: what a brave girl she is. that's for sure. search intensifying for four pennsylvania men who vanished within a week of each other. the personal of interest held on a gun charge has now been released. however cosmo denorthward's pate been questioned before a grand jury. want to ask about their son's actions shortly before the min men disappeared. scouring 40 acres of farm land owned by the parents hoping to find the missing men.
3:39 am
the only democrats won a special election during the trump administration has finally shown up for work. gomez is officially a california congressman. more than a month after his victory. he was sworn in last night after house members accused of him of delaying his move to washington to help california pass a law on lowering emissions. gomtion claims he spent the last few weeks dealing with family matters. border patrol agents quickly turn into heroes. take a look at this. they rescued a mexican woman found dangling from the border wall. turns out the woman trying to cross into the u.s. was actually abandoned by smugglers who ran away when they saw the agents approaching the arizona border. thankfully she ♪ hurt. but she is being questioned by the border patrol. hillary clinton out of woods and nasty woman shirts for planned parenthood. advertising the t-shirts on twitter. support samantha bee and planned parenthood and buy a nasty woman t-shirt.
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shirt being sold by tbs who hosts the political comedy show. i looked there and they are 25 bucks. there have you it. go downstairs right now to janice dean to see what the weather is going to be like. >> good morning, janice. >> janice: hot and humid along the east coast. good beach day if you want me to write you a note and take the day off work. steve: yes. janice: you can't now, steve. heat index over 100 degrees a lot of places mid-atlantic up towards the northeast. heat advisories are in effect and potential for it to feel higher than 100 degrees. make sure you take care of the pets and kids and check on the elderly. it does feel like summertime. also in the forecast we have showers and thunderstorms for the great lakes, through the you were midwest and the mid-atlantic. the threat for severe storms, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes in the areas you see on the screen from the green to the yellow. that's where you want to be on alert if there is a watch or warning in your neighborhood. quick look at forecast throughout the country. west coast not a lot of relief in sight in terms of moisture.
3:41 am
they need rainfall because we have been dealing with wildfire danger across the gulf coast, scattered showers and thunderstorms again. the potential for strong to severe storms you were midwest and great lakes and then it's going to feel hot and sticky. summertime is here for much of the country. so, again, steve, if you would like me to write you a note, if you want to leave right now, i will write you a note. steve: there is an app. for that now. japan january there is an app. for writing a note to your boss? steve: i have already reported for duty. they know i'm here. all right, j.d. ainsley: only two more alarm clocks this week. steve: that's all. ainsley: simmer down. he lost the election. now he suggests donald trump jr. might have committed treason. >> we're now beyond obstruction of justice due to what's being investigated. this is moving in to perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason. ainsley: is that fair? we debate it next. brian: he is the nfl head coach known as the quarterback whisperer behind the likes of
3:42 am
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3:46 am
think that's treason. >> that's not what tim kaine said. what he said is that the investigation is maybe moving into that direction, which i think is a reflection of the seriousness of what we know so far. we know that the white house has lied. they said that there was no communication between the russians and its campaign. that's actually not true. whether it's just with donald trump jr. but there is also six other officials from the trump administration who had communications with the russians and, in fact, lied about it. and then the second piece is they said that they were not coordinating with the russians. we know from this email that's not true either. in fact, there was an intent to collude if not actual collusion there are a bunch of questions that remain unanswered that i think will get to the question of whether this was treasonous or full blown collusion. one of those questions is what was the nature of the information that was passed along? was there information that was passed along? if there was, walls it the illegally obtained stolen emails that the russians had been trying to hack for about a year.
3:47 am
those are the questions. ainsley: charlie, we watched the exclusive interview with ashante lasseanhannity last nig. i wish i hadn't spoken. we hadn't been involved in elections. is it treason, charlie. >> clearly, going back and looking at some of the things that they -- that don jr. did at the time of those emails. it's like the keystone cops of campaigning. they clearly didn't know what they were doing. it was sort of idiotic. tim kaine, the idea that tim kaine is still in the bills of politics after having gotten beaten by donald trump in the first place, a guy has never run for public office before, and a guy -- i mean, if tim kaine had gone into the real estate market and beaten donald trump at real estate, donald trump would not be in office anymore. he would not be in real estate anymore. but, yet, in politics you just stick around. the reason that tim kaine can't go on to do something else is because is he also a terrible lawyer.
3:48 am
has he even read the constitution? this is nowhere near treason. he has no idea what he is talking about. it's not -- i would argue there is no obstruction of justice here. you have obviously some things that were kind of, stupid, but, certainly no irregular. this is the kind of things that happens all the time in politics. you mean the clintons have never dug up dirt on a political opponent? of course, they do it all the time. this is what has defined politics for the past 20 years. this is why people hate politics in the country. why they turn to donald trump and why donald trump beat tim kaine. ainsley: a lot of republicans agree with you they think tim kaine looks bitter here. look at one of donald trump's latest tweets. remember when you hear the words sources say from the fake media. oftentimes those sources are made up and do not exist. zach, what's your response?
3:49 am
>> my response is these are not from sources that say. these are from emails that donald trump jr. himself has released and himself has admitted that he sought out information from the russian government. not just the russians, the russian government that's how it's presented to him. what it shows is that the white house and donald trump jr. has been lying this entire time saying there was no communication with the russians and they weren't trying to seek out information from the russians. those are lies and those are not from random sources. those are from email that donald trump jr. himself has released. ainsley: charlie? >> one thing i do think is kind of interesting. obviously, donald trump jr. released these emails but they were first leaked by somebody else. and we had the supposedly independent investigation going on right now in to all of this. and it really raises some serious questions about the independence of that investigation that all of this stuff keeps leaking out and what is the motive of these people that are doing this leaking?
3:50 am
it raises serious questions, i think. ainsley: one question i want a yes or no answer because we are running out of time did. this meeting sway the election? >> this meeting alone, no. ains charlie? >> no ma'am. ainsley: thank you for being with us. we appreciate did. what does former campaign manage corey lewandowski think about all of this? is he here at the top of the hour. top nfl coach of the year behind quarterbacks andrew luckd manning. what is his advice for winning? snowflakes aren't going to like it. here he is here to join us next ♪nders, ♪ that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise)
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♪ 60 minutes, baby. the one thing about us, all right, we're going to play to win. we ain't playing for ties. all right? because we trust each other. things don't always go our way, but this group is finding ways to win. and that's a beautiful thing. brian: bruce aarons two time coach of the year. guys how do you pronounce his name peyton manning, ben roethlisberger. andrew luck. carson palmer. what advice does the head coach have for winning on the field for you and your family? joining us the author of this brand new book, it is awesome, once you pick it up, i warn you can't but the it down. the quarterback whisperer, how to build an elite nfl quarterback and also a lot of family stories because, coach, i always thought that being an nfl coach is like serving in the military. because the family sacrifices because of your time. have you got to keep moving without any say to get the next best opportunity. that certainly was your story, right?
3:55 am
>> we moved 17 times. and some because you want to get a better job but other times because they ask you to leave and, you know, in college it's always right around christmas. i had to go and tell my daughter two and three christmases it's time to leave again. brian: that's what i like most about the book. it's not just about great quarterbacks. it's about your family. telling high school kid you have to change schools and knowing the first day they have brand new school. big tough football coach worried about daughter in high school. >> i had to move my daughter in ninth grade, tenth grade and length grade and i moved 12th grade. they stayed behind. brian: you played quarterback and seemed to love the position. >> ever since i started playing football i was a quarterback. i played one game as center and the rest of the time i was a quarterback. i loved calling plays and designing plays. it's just something that i think is inherent. brian: you need such intellect to play this position, especially now. you talk about peyton manning. you knew about him in high school. tried to get him into mississippi state.
3:56 am
archie laughed at you. >> for sure. brian: you noticed he is such a student. you are one of the people if you pick him over ryan. it's a tough choice. made the right choice obviously. one thing when it came to getting dressed he needed help. >> his first apartment mom and ashley would come and hang poll polar rode pictures this goes with this pants so he could get dressed. brian: ben roethlisberger, his athletic ability was incredible. >> i was a receiver coach when ben started of course he went 15-1 and of course won the super bowl. and we had taken our time to become really good friends. he is like a son. we play golf all the time. and, yeah, i love him to death. brian: finally your advice to young athletes out there to parents watching right now. have your kids play multiple sports. >> do not let them specialize. everybody wants to specialize so early anymore. you don't develop your entire
3:57 am
muscle core, go play multiple sports and you may think you want to play one and you will fall in love -- i really loved baseball but i was a much better football player. brian: heck of a coach. good luck this year with arizona. go out and pick up his book it's fantastic. corey lewandowski when we come back. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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4:00 am
>> in retrospect i probably would have done things a little bit differently. >> did you tell your father anything about this? >> there was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. >> the president of the united states has just tweeted my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent, and innocent. this is the greatest witch-hunt in political history. >> and i had a lot of conversations with the american people and they had said the same thing, enough of russia. what they want to hear more about is what is going to impact their pocketbook not what may or may not have happened. >> mitch mcconnell announcing that the august recess will wait in order for republicans to pass their agenda. >> a matter breaking eulogy from the children of an assassinated new york city police officer.
4:01 am
>> what you didn't see was the reaction from many police officers. >> hundreds of cops turning their backs on the mayor. they are upset with him. >> take a look at this, the mexican woman found dangling from the border wall. it turns out the woman trying to cross into the u.s. was actually abandoned by smugglers when he they ran away when they saw agents approaching the federal border. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good, good, good to be alive right about now brian: it's good to be alive every day. of course, that's one of a lot of people's standards for a good day. am i alive? am i breathing? therefore if you checked that box and watching our show, life has got to be good.
4:02 am
ainsley: that's right. when your feet hit the floor you should be happy. steve: thank you very much for joining us hour two of "fox & friends" for this really busy wednesday. it's busy because once again we are talking about return, russia, russia. that's no surprise. this time, of course, it's regarding donald trump jr. apparently about a year ago, year and a month ago he got an email from somebody saying i can fix you up with a meeting with a russian lawyer who has got dirt on hillary clinton. well, he said great, sounds great. i would love that especially at the end of the summer. what happened next? well, she apparently came, in didn't really have any dirt. none the less, it has hit the fan because now those email chains have been revealed by the "new york times." but, before they were able to do it, donald trump jr. himself released them. ainsley: that's right. he spoke last night in an exclusive interview with sean hannity. listen. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little bit differently. my take away, when all of this was going on is that someone has information on our opponent. you know, things are going a million miles an hour. you know what it's like to be
4:03 am
on a campaign. i have been reading about scandals that people had probably been under reporting for a long time. maybe it had something to do with one of those things. >> did you tell your father anything about this. >> it was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. i mean, i wouldn't have even remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was weasd 20 minutes, which was a shame. brine brian found out by someone maybe inside the trump team, trump administration and somehow got in touch with the "new york times." steve: the white house? brian: yeah, the white house. which is unbelievable. if he released it earlier it would have been one or two day story, likely. when the "new york times" gets it and wants to lengthen it he jumped when he heard the "new york times" was going to publish them anyway. find yourself on the defensive and a lot of narratives for the trump administration enemies end up getting a lot of fuel. steve: sure. what was interesting in ethics change between sean hannity and don jr. was he said did your father know anything about it? he said there wasn't anything to it.
4:04 am
corey lewandowski was actually the campaign manager at the time he joins us from washington, d.c. corey, let's go back to june 3rd of last year. you are the campaign manager. did you hear about this meeting? >> look, steve, it's great to be with you guys and the short answer is i knew nothing about the meeting. and the reason i knew nothing about the meeting because there was nothing to the meeting. and i was still the campaign manager at the time. i can tell you this. if this is a meeting that has any information that would have been relevant to the campaign or could have potentially impacted the outcome of the election, i would have been made aware of it president trump would have been made aware of it neither one of us know anything about the meeting because it was a nothing meeting. that's why. brian: do you wish that don jr. didn't take the meeting? >> look. i think what don jr. has said and he speaks for himself is he probably would have done things differently had he known what he knows today back then. the difference is look, when people are giving you information, this happens every day in a campaign, and every day when you have a president in office. people come to you with ideas.
4:05 am
i can save the taxpayers a billion dollars. i have this idea for a trillion dollars. i have information on your opponent. it is a courtesy meeting to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes to listen to what people have to say. when you find out that it's not relevant you walk away and say thank you for your time and you move on. ainsley: corey, we have heard from a lot of people on both sides say these opposition research meetings happen with democrats and with republicans. we did hear don jr. last night say he regrets it you even say it was probably not the wisest choice. there was nothing to this meeting. the question we need to ask though this, did this sway the election? was there collusion? did this have anything to do with president trump winning? >> look, the only thing that had anything with donald trump winning was donald trump's message making make great again. it had nothing to do with this meeting. is he putting steel workers back to work and coal miners back to, would. he is fixing our economy and growing our economic base. that's what people wanted. people voted for donald trump not because of some silly meeting that no one ever heard
4:06 am
of. they voted for donald trump because they wanted fundamental and wholesale change brought to washington, d.c. to make it a better country. that's why. this meeting had nothing to do with the outcome of the election. not one republican or democrat says it had anything to do with the outcome of the election. people voted for donald trump in ohio and wisconsin and michigan all those places because he made a promise and pledge to make america great again. that's why they voted for donald trump. steve: corey, it all comes back to don jr. was trying to get some research on hillary clinton. in this case it sounded like the source was from russia, a russian lawyer. she didn't have anything. there is no collusion because she didn't give you anything. but, when you are in the throes of a campaign, every day, both sides are looking for dirt on each other, aren't they? >> well, of course. look, it is standard operating procedure that when you are in the middle of a campaign, you are looking for an edge, an opportunity to get one up on your opponent. look, no one is talking about the fact that you go back -- the reason don jr. released his emails because is he
4:07 am
completely transparent. if this was hillary clinton she would have deleted some emails and used bleach bit on email system to say i don't know what you are talking about and use a fake hand wave to say i bleached i don't know what you are saying. here's the difference. nothing happened here. but you are always looking for that edge. what we know is the clintons gave a significant portion of our uranium to russia under their administration when she was the secretary of state. no one is talking about that. what we know is any collusion or any coordination, it's between hillary clinton and the russians for what she did. brian: corey, let me ask you this, somebody who didn't join the administration, you knew the russia probe has been happening sings the fall, gets heated in the winter. for whatever reason we know it's there on both sides. two intelligence committees and robert muriel taken over for comey. do you think the president needs to sit everybody down that used to or does work with him and say you have to let everything out. because i can't get my agenda forward if everyone keeps getting these -- the "new york times" gets ahold of emails
4:08 am
rightly or wrongly, i can't get out of the russia malaise until this is done. do you think that meeting has to happen? >> look, i think what this is a giant distraction from the mainstream media about a story about nothing. that is prohibiting the president from getting his agenda done. is he going to get tax reform done. is he going to get repeal and replace done. he is going to get the wall done. he is going to get fracture done. brian: it's a story. >> it's a story because the mainstream media wants to make it a story. think if donald trump jr. didn't release the full content of his emails, right? now they would say he is hiding something. he is not hiding anything. brian: he beat the "new york times" by a couple of hours that's why he released them. >> you also have to remember. this the meeting came to light because jared kushner filled out his form that said he participated in it because jared kushner is an employee working in the administration. donald trump jr. never had an obligation as a private citizen both during the campaign and to this day to release any information about meetings he has taken.
4:09 am
jared kushner released this because that's what the requirement was. he did it openly. he did it transparently. he did it back in january. now they are just picking up on this fact. steve: sounds like jared kushner was in this meeting for six or seven minutes. i saw one report where paul manafort was in this meeting but working on his phone. ainsley: don jr. said that last night. steve: only four or five people in the white house knew this story. saw the paper trail, and, yet, somehow, it got out. wound up in the hands of the "new york times." this white house has got a leakage problem. >> well, steve, it does and it has for a long time. and you also have to remember there are a number of people in the deep state and i point to a guy like jim comey who received information when he was the fbi director, leaked it, admitted to leaking it under oath in front of congress through a emissary, a college professor, who knew that he would give it to the media. steve: absolutely. corey, it sounds like these leaks are coming from people
4:10 am
who are on the president's team. ainsley: are you saying the white house needs plumber? >> i said this 100 times, i have said it 1,000 times. it's worth repeating today. anybody, i mean anybody who is not on the president's agenda who works in this administration should absolutely be removed immediately. if you are not here to serve this president, who is serving our country, because he was the one who was elected, it is nobody's agenda but the president's. steve: corey, do you know hot leaker is? do you know hot leaker is. >> ? i don't know hot leaker is. i will tell you, this if it were up to me and somebody was speaking to the media and leaking information which could potentially be detrimental of getting his agenda done i would fire him on the spotted and donald trump will do the same thing. brian: do you feel an obligation to go back to that period of time since you were in charge and cleaning that up period and going back to those people involved in the campaign and say what else is out there because the president, how definitely support in every way you can is being hurt by this? >> look, i think -- look,
4:11 am
everybody has said from the top of the administration to the bottom, they're going to cooperate in any investigation, which may or may not take place. but what we also know is when you listen to the intelligence committee members, the republicans and the democrats, they have said very candidly, very openly, there is no evidence of collusion. you have to remember this: in june of 2016, nobody, including the cia, was aware of any meddling from russia whatsoever. the cia didn't notify the obama administration until august of 2015 that russia may be trying to potentially influence the outcome of the election. if the cia didn't know and the obama administration didn't do anything to stop them, how is it we think some meeting with a person who is of russian dissent took place in june made any difference whatsoever? it didn't happen. nothing took place. there was nothing that came out of this meeting. ainsley: all right, corey, i know the folks at home are concerned about russia. they are also concerned, according to polls about taxes, healthcare, immigration as well.
4:12 am
and the president just tweeted five minutes ago about immigration. he says isis is on the run and will soon be wiped out of syria and iraq. illegal border crossings are way down, 75% and ms-13 gangs are being removed. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are this is the fulfillment of the campaign promises that he made during the campaign because he wasn't a politician, because he was a business executive. is he fulfilling those promises. if you go to the average person in america and you have to remember, these people are concerned about their day-to-day living. are they concerned about ms-13? you bet they are. are they concerned about illegals coming across the border and killing american citizens? you bet they are. congress has finally passed kate's law which you know is very important that the president supported. we have to make sure it's the president's job and obligation to keep u.s. citizens safe from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. that is what he is doing. he is doing it to the best of his ability, which makes america safer. that's what the american people are focused on. look, the economy is going
4:13 am
great because he is unleashing the bureaucracy. he is stopping these federal regulations. he is cutting regulations. es helping the coal miners, steel workers. producing goods in the u.s. that's what he is doing. fair trade for a change. that's what this president has done when he is over seas and that's what he is going to continue to do. brian: corey, you think there is a loyalty problem in the white house, perhaps. on something like, this does this give you the urge to go in there and serve the president directly? >> you know, brian, i have to tell you i love doing what i'm doing. i will always help the president if he calls me, asks me to do it, of course, i would help in any way, shame, or form that i can. i like to be on the outside. i can a surrogate. i can do and say things that i'm not saddled with the government rules and regulations. i know that sounds crazy, but i don't have to go inside to help the president. if he wants my help, i'm here. i will go on television. i will talk to the media if that's what he needs. i will tell you this. it's time to get on the same page as the president. he was elected to fix our
4:14 am
country, and that's what he's doing. brian: corey lewandowski, thank you so much. >> s thank you. steve: one of the things he is elected to do is fix healthcare. tom cotton, the senator, is coming up next. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit cold turkey. i tried to quit with the patch; that didn't work. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. for me, chantix worked. it reduced my urge to smoke. compared to the nicotine patch, chantix helped significantly more people quit smoking.
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♪ ♪
4:18 am
brian: senate lawmakers will be going on summer vacation, not until their work is done though. extra two weeks of work. >> we are getting zero cooperation. as a result of all this obstructionism, don't have enough time to address all of these issues. therefore, we will be in session the first two weeks of august. brian: probably a vote on healthcare next week. lehr to react one of the lawmakers who doesn't mind working 24 hours a day. he did it for the military. i imagine in his ivy league college career senator tom cotton, welcome back. >> hi, brian. good to be on with you. we will stay until the cows come home if we have to. brian: nature, behind closed doors yesterday i understand you are continuing to shape the bill. being sent out to the cbo. more money for opioid, the epidemic to address that get people into rehab and some treatment. and allow customers to use health savings accounts to pay for their premiums. anything else you can tell us? >> those are the two steps that mcconnell had previously
4:19 am
announced. we are working to craft the bill and get estimate back from the congressional budget office. moving forward and have a vote next week. pass legislation to make americans healthcare better and more affordable. brian: do you sense that anybody has gone from a maybe to a yes or no to a maybe. >> hopefully we are all moving in the right direction which is voting yes on legislation that's going to give relief to the american people from obamacare been a disaster. caused premiums to skyrocket and given less choice to americans. see where everybody is when the chips are down next week. brian: senator grass solid pessimistic. senator core kerr. >> i find myself cautiously pessimistic. brian: okay, fine. let's move on and talk about something have you always been pessimistic on. that's the iranian deal. you say there are constant violations and it's time for them to have consequences. what are you talking about? we have been focused on isis, syria and afghanistan. what should would he be seeing with iran? >> well, brian, iran is the
4:20 am
answer to most questions in the middle east to include some of the threats that we face in syria and iraq related to isis and other radicalism. iran is the world's worst states sponsor of terrorism. in my opinion, they aren't fly complying with the deal. keeping more advanced centrifuges and water. essential to bomb production. and they are still testing ballistic missiles and other steps. more fundamentally, brian, the law that president passed hold iran accountable requires the secretary of state and the president to certify this deal is in the vital national security interests of the united states. i simply wouldn't certify that if i was the secretary of state. this is not in the vital national security interests. it undermines those interests. that certification is coming to you on monday, i suggested to the president and the secretary of state that it may not make it. brian: by the way, senator, we're almost out of time. guess who also chuck schumer. he didn't talk about it he voted against the bill. a lot realize how poisonous this bill is.
4:21 am
they didn't want to broadcast it because it was a different president. >> thanks, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead stuart varney and mo brooks who might be the next senator from that state and bob don't miss a minute. office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business. my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. next up, five. that's how many king cobras almost made it on to a plane. snakes on a plane.


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