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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 12, 2017 4:24am-5:59am PDT

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today through at three of the nation's busiest airports, jfk, laguardia and ewr, newark. they waked off the job over lack of a new contract. workers at philadelphia international airport are expected to strike today. next up, five. that's how many king cobras almost made it on to a plane. snakes on a plane. u.s. customs and border officers at jfk airport seizing the live snakes during a mail expectation. the package was described as a plastic tray but an x-ray revealed very many news cobe brass and three geckos inside. not worried about the geckos, just the cobras. finally one, australian man checking a single can of beer in his plug damage on his flight. the crew happily tagged it and sent the beer through the check. the passenger happily picking it up later in bag claim and admitted he did it just for the laugh. and those are your news by the numbers. ainsley?
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ainsley: thank you, steve. senate republicans announcing $45 billion will be added to the g.o.p. healthcare bill to help fight our nation's opioid addiction. not everybody is happy about it, including the mainstream media. surprise. take a look at these headlines. the "l.a. times," "the huffington post" and "l.a. times" blasting the move. 45 billion to fight opioid abuse that's much too little experts say. huffington post senate bill would cut millions of people from healthcare and escalate opioid crisis and "l.a. times." >> former marine and jag attorney turned drug addict, and bank robber. we have had you on the show before. for people at home that aren't familiar with your story and haven't read your book, how did you go from fighting for our country, being in the military, to robbing banks? >> it's a shocker to try to explain it to people. but i hurt my back in the marine corps. i started taking prescription pain medicine when i left the marines and started with the justice department. and then the prescription pain
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medicine pretty much took over my life. you know, i should have asked for help. i should have availed myself of more help and i didn't. i just continued on with my career and essentially became addicted to oxycontin which is essentially heroin in a pill. and went off the deep end. when somebody goes to treatment they start with 30 days. they get a good basis, a good foundation. you have to stay with that person and keep their eye on the ball and help them and coach them along. ainsley: thank you for correcting me big difference. $45 billion. >> still not enough. really it's a disservice. ainsley: it's a start, right? >> it's a start. there is other things in place. a billion dollars overall. you know, in program. we're going to continue to fund it. continue to fund t but we need new analytics. we knowed to anything out what works. ainsley: i know opioid is a problem. a friend prescribed medicine for breaking her arm. she told her doctor i'm scared to take this. i heard so much about the
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opioid epidemic. i'm your doctor i know the media is running with it i'm not going to let that happen to you did. your doctor fail you? >> yes. in a sense he did. we are going back aways and now there is a lot more awareness. he basically wrote me a script for whatever i wanted. doctors need to be able to treat pain. they have to do it responsibly and carefully. i remember debating dr. keith ablow on this show. agency approved oxycontin for children as young as 12 to take them home. we don't need more pills in medicine cabinets at home. statistically we know that's where kids are getting them. ainsley: one thing to need them a year later. when you just break your arm and need the medicine, that's a different issue. andrew mckenna thank you so much. shear madness from federal prosecutor to federal prisoner. if you want more information, find his book on amazon. andrew mckenna. thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: skipped town after nypd's assassination of police officer in germany. when bill de blasio showed up
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to her funeral, hundreds of police officers turned their backs on him. look at that rumors swirling about a shakeup at the federal reserve. who is the president's pick to replace janet yellen? stuart varney said it would be good news for investors. he joins us live next. ♪ my generation ♪ talking about my generation ♪ ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ i want to be a billionaire ♪ so freakin' bad ♪ buy all of the things i never had steve: that's why people watch fox business to become a billionaire here in the big town. stuart varney host varney and company over on fox business which starts in about 90 minutes and he joins us live. >> good morning, everyone. brian: stuart, first off, there is going to be a change at the fed, perhaps. could it be gary cohn a valuable job for president
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trump. >> that is the. gary cohn will replace janet yellen. that is pure speculation. gary cohn is a democrat. yet, set architect of and the -- he is writing a lot of the president's growth agenda. that's an interesting convince combination, isn't it, politically democrat, but you are supporting a republican president who wants to grow the economy. ainsley: why does the president like him so much. >> because he supports a growth agenda and investors like this. this speculation was announced a couple of hours ago. immediate little bump up in the stock market. steve: really? >> that indicates investors like the idea of gary cohn as one of the most important and powerful person in the world at the fed. ainsley: he was ceo of goldman. >> he was. if he became fed chair, one ever the most powerful people in the world bar none. very big deal. steve: look at that when he was candidate donald trump,
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what did he say about janet yellen and the fed. was he before or agains -- for . >> he was against her. janet yellen had financed president obama's weak economic policies. financed his ability to spend a great deal of government money. that's what they didn't like about janet yellen. steve: those policies are no longer. >> no. they have turned around on those policies only just in time because they had to. essentially, the federal reserve had pumped money out there. steve: printing cash. >> they just $3 trillion of bond, interest rates way, way down, fueled a big wall street rally. that can't go on forever. and they signaled that that is about to change. brian: big question from my wife yesterday is i can't find spike ball. should i order it today because amazon has got there and i'm glad spike ball makes no sense to me. steve: what is spike ball? ainsley: your wife likes spike ball. brian: evidently the kids do.
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i don't speak to the kids i have my own life lead. ladder ball. greatest game. everybody can play it wonderful on the beach. kids can play. adults can play. steve: was it available yesterday with amazon prime day where everybody gets stuff shipped free? >> let's get to the hand. amazon prime sale is now over. end a few days ago. amazon is the king of pretail bar none. likely they broke a record with 30 hour sale. maybe they got rid of a $30 worth of product right up there. 79 million prime users all had access to 40% discounts on a variety of things. do you know what the best seller was? the echo speaker. ainsley: i bought it when it was full price. >> little one sold for 40 bucks yesterday. brian: i feel bad i haven't talked to it for like three weeks. steve: that's okay it is not talking to you either. brian: when i talked to it answered so quick i felt sorry i have been ignoring you.
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>> get this speaker and speak into it and give me a box of diapers. and diapers arrive out next day. what's the biggest seller on the prime day sale the amazon little echo speaker. ainsley: they have programmed theirs to say play fake news. and then mainstream media plays. play real news and fox news plays. steve: very nice. brian: does it bother you that it's eviscerating retail? >> no. it's changing retail. it's a dynamic force. brian: i can't find a strip mall that's open. does that bother you? >> you will see ghost malls in part because of amazon. ainsley: so convenient. >> look at the price structure. steve: mom and pop stores across america that have to close. >> they say that about wal-mart. amazon is taking on wal-mart. knocking them down and charge charging ahead. steve: wal-mart bottom jet the online retailer hoping they could rival amazon but they are not even close now years later. >> that's true.
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here's a little wrinkle. the owner of "the washington post jeff bezos, founder of amazon. jeff base zos is now worth $84 billion. "the washington post is the principle trump hating vehicle in the media today. so here have you got the owner of the -- founder of amazon running a principle trump hating media outlet worth $84 billion. what do you think president trump is going to do with jet base zos ibaybezos. brian: helping out. >> advisory council of top executives on there and has and at the white house. brian bine we gave you a lot to work with for your show. this way you don't have to run a repeat 9 to noon today. >> that's very genius today. what's your name? brian: spike ball. >> ladder ball. ainsley: maybe can you talk about credit scores because they are up. >> i can do that averaging 700. steve: right behind you, jillian is joining us, she has
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got the headlines. brian: and she has good credit. jillian: 84 billion is being greedy. i would be happy with a billion. >> this is america. nothing wrong with $84 billion. jillian: coming at me already. i can feel it good morning to you guys. let's start with this. guy goodness. hundreds of nypd officers turn their backs to new york city mayor bill de blasio as he got up to speak at a fallen officers' funeral. this after de blasio intentionally skipped out on familia's vigil to join protesters in germany at the g-20 summit last week. the mother of three was laid to rest yesterday after being assassinated while sitting in a police vehicle. following her death, she walls promoted to detective. a criminal illegal immigrant deported seven times accused of killing a father of three in this fiery crash. this video is unbelievable. nebraska police say garcia mexican citizen drank 12 beers
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before driving his van 100 miles per hour and crashing into a guardrail. it rolled over and burst into flames. killing a passenger. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and deportation. update to the massive strike by airport workers around the country. a planned strike in philadelphia has now been called off. that happened in the early hours this morning. this as several hundred workers at three of the nation's busiest airports also suspending their strike overnight as labor leaders head back to the negotiating table. workers at new york's jfk, laguardia, and new jersey's newark airports walked out on the job last night after months of failing to reach a deal. in just hours, little charlie gard could get a second chance at life. the parents of the terminally ill infant have until today to prove their 11-month-old son could be kept alive with experimental treatment here in the u.s. a family friend and spokesperson of charlie gard's parents joined "fox & friends" earlier saying all charlie needs is a chance. >> baby charlie is being held
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effectively as a captive. all the parents are asking for is simply for their son to be given a chance. jillian: the u.k.'s high court will then rule tomorrow whether or not to pull charlie off life support. the official house photo is being delayed until majority whip steve secrecy returns to work. bipartisan leaders delaying the photo op. for the 115th congress. the louisiana republican nearly lost his life last month when anner radiculopathy gunman opened fire at g.o.p. congressional baseball practice. due to his injuries, it could be months before he returns. a look at your headlines on this wednesday morning as i send it back to you guys. steve: one of our next guests was actually at that ballgame. it was one of president trump's biggest campaign promises. >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. okay? don't worry. [chanting] build that wall. steve: now the wall is at the center of the budget battle.
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ainsley: alabama congressman con no brooks says build that wall. he joins us live next. >> could walk out of president not only a free man but rich man. bob massi covered the trial from inside the courtroom. he lives where this guy is being held. bob massi on oj getting squeezed right out of prison ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad bad bad bad ♪ snowed bad to the bone ♪ with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. i'm karen, i'm a teacher.olfer.
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i love how usaa gives me the and the security just like the marines did. a ♪ brian: we're back with headlines right now. the clock is ticking for republicans to get their agenda before congress before going on recess. one of the biggest sticking points is funding the controversial border wall. a new bill in the house sets aside $1.6 billion to at least begin construction on the southern border wall. and in just a few hours, attorney general jeff sessions will head to las vegas to discuss sanctuary cities with
4:44 am
local and state officials. the visit comes as nine jurisdictions are at risk of losing millions of dollars in federal funding for not cooperating with the federal law and federal law enforcement. there is a difference. steve? steve: thank you, brian. it is one of president trump's most memorable campaign promises. remember this? >> the wall is going to be built 100 percent. [chanting] build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. steve: and now as brian just told you that big beautiful border wall is at the center of a budget fight with two house republicans saying fund the wall or they will shut down the government. joining us right now is one of those lawmakers alabama congressman mo brooks. move, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: what are you suggesting you are going to do unless you get the cash to build the wall? >> it's become quite clear that in the senate we have ceded authority to the democrats to control our agenda. that's not what the american
4:45 am
people have sent to us washington, d.c. to do. what i am advocating at this point in time and i'm not sure if you're aware but i'm candidate for the united states senate in alabama to replace jeff sessions and what is precipitated all of this is an advertisement that i put out yesterday that you all probably have your hands on that if i get in the united states senate i'm going to use the filibuster to make sure we have the money to build the wall as contrasted to the democrats using the filibuster threat right now to prevent funding for the border security wall. so that's where i am. now, on the house side, we have been doing our job. i think we are going to pass funding for about $1.6 billion for a border security wall. that's what president trump wants. however, when it goes to the senate, if past history is any guide, it's going to get stripped out. we saw something similar to that happen in april where the senate refused to support president trump's border security wall, in effect denying the voters, the tens of millions of voters in the united states who want that security on our southern border. steve: well, you know, the problem, congressman, is you want the wall, donald trump wants the wall.
4:46 am
you got a bunch of republicans in congress who say we really don't need the wall. >> well, that's predominantly on the senate side apparently. on the house side, we have enough republicans saying we are going to build the wall, that it will get built. the problem is when it goes to the senate and they have archaic rule, filibuster rule that empowers the minority of democrats to thwart the will of the majority of the republicans in the senate to thwart the will of the majority republican house to thwart the will of the president of the united states and to thwart the will of the tens of millions of voters who sent us to washington, d.c. to correct some of the damage done by the left wing policies of the last decade or. so and so that's what we need to focus on is pressure on the senate to use their majority to change the rules so that majority will prevails and then we will have the funding for the border security wall that was probably the number one agenda item and now president trump's campaign. steve: sure. now, of course the u.s. senate going to stay in session two
4:47 am
extra weeks to try to do something with healthcare and a myriad of other things. congressman, you know, the republicans could get the actual repeal and replacement. they could repeal the current affordable care act if they use the nuclear option. i know you are a fan of using -- all we need is 51 votes. we don't need 60 as has been the case and has been tradition in the esteemed club of the senate. nonetheless, get stuff done go with the nuclear option you say. >> well, the american people are frustrate of thed. because this republican house senate and white house are not getting their job done as have you just pointed out. let's narrow the focus to the united states senate. that's where the republicans have ceded to the democrats the authority to. chuck schumer, the authority to stop us from getting the job done. and for the life of me, i don't understand why 52 republicans, the majority, would give the minority the power to stop the majority. that makes no sentence, particularly at this time in american history. where so much is at stake.
4:48 am
i hope with what you are bringing to light here today. that the american people will rise up, put pressure on the republicans in the united states senate to quit messing around, to get rid of the rules that prevent our majority will from prevailing so that we can have border security. we can have an infrastructure plan. we can have tax reform. go down the list. steve: okay you a. heard u.s. senate you heard mo brooks stop messing around. thank you. >> thank you very much. steve. steve: good luck in your run for the senate. senator kaine suggests donald trump jr. may have committed treason. o.j. simpson could walk out of prison next week not only a free man but a rich man in the future. bob massi covered the trial from the inside of the courtroom. he joins us live to next. ♪ i need dollars ♪ dollars is what i need
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for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. brian: o.j. simpson could soon be a free man. is he eligible for parole as early as next week following his 2008 conviction which included charges of robbery and kidnapping. in his words he was taking his own stuff back. ainsley: joining us now is fox news legal analyst and host of the property man bob massi who covered the trial inside the courtroom. good morning to you, bob. >> yes. good morning, ainsley. ainsley: do you think he could get out on parole? what are the chances? >> i talked to criminal defense lawyers up in northern nevada that say that any other defendant you would probably think on the second parole hearing. remember he had his first parole hearing back in 2013 and it was denied that he would get out. but with o.j. said it's not --
4:53 am
they don't know because you still have that white elephant in the room about what happened in 1995 which should not be part of it, but you just don't know when it comes to o.j. steve: he is in jail not for murder but explain why he is in jail today. >> correct. well, there was some memorabilia in las vegas, steve, and he basically got some guys, they were over at the palm having a good time. which is about maybe 10 minutes from palace station. got in the car, went down and went in and got his own stuff. instead of picking up the phone and calling the cops and say, look, there are some people at the palace station that have some of my memorabilia could i meet you there because i would like to get it back. he used self-help. some of these guys brought guns. he said he never knew there were any guns. now he is in jail for really something so avoidable by simply calling the police. brian: so, let me ask you this, bob. i'm watching the series of specials about him. a whole generation is getting to know him. i think now things are going in his favor on the public
4:54 am
forum compared to where he was, which was rock bottom it on the most vilified person in the country in 1995. >> you know, brian, i think that because we live in a forgiving country, and because that we see bad people get out of jail all the time, that there is a -- i don't know if sympathy is the right word, brian. but i think it's more like we get it. he has paid a price as it relates to this crime. was it really overcharged? did the jury get caught up in what happened in 1995? did the judge get caught up? i would agree with you there is sort of a swing here. honestly, i don't think anybody cares. you know? in the long run i don't think anybody cares. ainsley: if he gets released is he owed a pension from the nfl. will he walk away with millions? >> absolutely. i mean, yeah, with the pension he gets his 401(k). that's why they haven't been able to collect on that judgment from years ago, ainsley, when they got that 30-million-dollar judgment over in california.
4:55 am
it's a protected asset. so, yeah. by the way, that's one of the considerations they look to to parole. the financial stability, where he is going to live. community support. brian: reality show. >> yes. his money will be protected. steve: bob massi who knows the case well joining us from vegas, baby. thank you, sir. ainsley: i bet brian is right. brian: he will get his reality show. steve: we all hear from mainstream media russia, russia, russia. do the people of america really care about it? we have new surprising poll numbers coming up straight ahead. live from studio f. ♪
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introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ >> for me, this was opposition research, but really, it went nowhere, and that wasn't apparent what the meeting was about. >> if this was a meeting that was relevant to the campaign, i would have been made aware of it, president trump would have been made aware of it, neither one of us know anything about the meeting because it was a nothing meeting.
4:59 am
>> we're now beyond obstruction of justice. this is moving into perjury and false statements and maybe even treason. >> this is nowhere near treason. he has no idea what he's at a you. >> mitch mcconnell made a momentous decision. the summer vacation is officially canceled. >> moving forward. hopefully we'll have a vote next week and pass legislation that will make america's health care a little bit better and a little bit more affordable. >> hundreds of nypd officers turn their blacks to new york city mayor bill de blasio as he got up to speak. >> 80 people forming a human chain off the panama city florida to save a family trapped in a dangerous rip current. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:00 am
>> there's lots of dance this morning. and you had to work and this morning to send them off dash i guess you're not going to school. >> dance first thing in the morning? >> yes. because that means we're down for the weekend, baby. only two more alarm clocks. i love my job. >> i'm just trying to think of that line in the song that says i've never met a dance floor that was kind to me. i thought that was typical to my life. i don't blame myself. i blame the dance floor. ainsley: are you one of the periphery? do you watch? steve: let me put it this way. i've been at the dance floor at somebody's wedding. the song was ymca. ainsley: everybody knows how to do that. steve: everybody knows you do ymca; right? ryan just did the y. brian: yeah, because i thought i was just responsible for y. ainsley: show us what you
5:01 am
did? why did you do that? brian: i'm not sure. steve: you know, that's a good question. why did you do that saying that to don jr. donald trump jr. got an e-mail from a friend of a friend involved in ms. universe over at russia, and apparently it was involving a russian lawyer who had dirt on hillary, came from the russian government, and then you respond, hey, it sounds great. if it's -- if that works out, it would be terrific. why would you go ahead and set up the meeting? why would you do that? >> and why was paul manafort in that meeting? but cory lewandowski was actually campaign manager at the time, and he had joined us earlier to talk about that. but yesterday for the first time, all of us had trouble getting in gear traps this morning or looked a little tired because we all watched shanahanity show last night. steve: i didn't watch. brian: i did. exclusive with donald trump jr. at which time he had his chance to respond with him
5:02 am
interacting with goldstone who was setting up a meeting with the russian lawyer. ainsley: who better to explain why? donald trump jr. himself. here's what he said on sean hannity last night. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little bit differently. my take away is that someone has information on our opponent, you know? things are going a million miles an hour. you know what it's like to be on a campaign. i was reading on scandal that were underreporting for a long time. so maybe it had to do something about this. >> did you tell your father anything to do about this? >> it was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't even remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame. >> i want to hear from robert goldstone and find out what he was thinking. >> well, we heard from the president. he tweeted this morning. ainsley: he said my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent, and
5:03 am
insistent. steve: two years ago, this family not involved in politics. absolutely not. and we had cory lewandowski, brian, as you mentioned a moment ago, he was on with us an hour ago. when you are in the throws of the big campaign, you are trying to dig up dirt on your opponent. every campaign does it. what about this one? he was actually the campaign manager at the time of the meeting. he had this to say about the revelations. >> if this was a meeting that has any information that would have been relevant to the campaign or could have potentially impacted the outcome of the election, i would have been made aware of it. president trump would have been made aware of it. neither one of us know anything about the meeting because it was a nothing meeting. that's why. this happens every day in a campaign and every day when you have a president in office. it is a courtesy meeting to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes to what i knew people have to say. and when you find out it's not relevant, you walk away and say thank you for your time, and you move. >> okay. sean did a great time last night going through
5:04 am
it. that's when you got out of the way. here's the story, here's the questions. he also play all the detractors that have been going after donald trump jr. the other thing to keep in mind too is the one question sean asks is there any more? and he said "no." that's the key. if you go through the former campaign and the current administration and say men, women, what else do you have? let's get all of this out now because i have a country to run, and i have health care to pass. in fact, yesterday behind closed doors, i think the spotlight being elsewhere is actually helping the health care debate because behind closed doors, they introduced some new facets that are supposed to bring some moderates in and conservatives to the table, including ted cruz provision that was sent out to c bo. ainsley: a lot of pressure on mitch mcconnell now to get this health care bill done, pass it in the senate and ship it over to the house. he knows that, he's under a lot of pressure being leader of the house -- brian: senate. ainsley: excuse me, senate. so he decided to cut the
5:05 am
august recess in half. so if you had a vacation, sorry. you have to cancel it. you, senators, are going to stay in congress and work. steve: exactly. they hope to have some sort of vote on this thing next week. they will reveal it to the public tomorrow, mitch and company will. but here's the thing. according to the papers this morning, the new version that they price out with the cbo does keep those big taxes. you know, that 3.8% tax on net investment knock. that stays and so did the .9 payroll tax. and what they're doing is they're going to use that money that they would save, and it's a total of $230 billion over ten years. essentially, you know how the senate works. to buy more votes. so what mitch mcconnell is doing is saying, look, there's more money to do this, more money to do that. the whole idea was to get rid of the regulations, to get rid of the taxes, to get rid of as much of obamacare as possible. and, yes, here are one of the basic tenants. this gigantic tax on peach.
5:06 am
ainsley: so one's a payroll tax. we all pay that; right? the other tax was that? steve: if you are an investor and through your 401(k)s and whatnot, almost everybody is, there's a 3% tax over net income for families over $250,000. brian: the way democrats spin it is he's going to give a tax break for the rich. no. president obama nailed the people who make over 225 5,000 with the tax and republicans would return it to the way it does. however, through tax reform released in september by steve mnuchin, he could handle that. you know, he could compensate for that intax reform if that stays for now. steve: here's the problem. all of those house republicans who voted to pass, you know, what now is a completely new version in the u.s. senate, you know, they don't want taxes to go forward. they're going to be furious. if there are still taxes left in this thing, they're going
5:07 am
to go why did we vote for that? and then when they conference and try to do it over and see how many heads in the u.s. house of representatives are for that, that's not what they -- ainsley: new york city mayor bill de blasio is back from germany. he delivered the eulogy over the loudspeaker in front of hundreds of cops yesterday at the funeral of officer maya. listen. >> well, the demonstrations for this single mother who cared for her three children. brian: that was the commissioner. very emotional yesterday. steve: talking about how upset the police officers were the night of the vigil flew to hamburg, germany to protest donald trump. so yesterday when the mayor was in front of thousands of people who were assembled in northern manhattan, what did the cops do? many of them, hundreds of them turned their backs on mayor
5:08 am
de blasio. ainsley: here's a picture of it. steve: what does that say to the chief executive officer of the town? ainsley: yeah, we had pat on yesterday saying did they feel like the mayor would rather be in germany than here in new york remembering this police officer? and they're saying he should have been here and been with the family. brian: he has led chaos in this city compared to where it was. he does not care about the cops, and he doesn't care about their votes. for some reason, he believes he's impervious, and he's getting another four years. meanwhile, the police commissioner was emotional, does care about the people who work for him, and you're going to hear from him and the victim's daughters right now. >> the demonstrations for this single mom who cared for her elderly mom and her own three children. >> i can find solace on the in it fact that on the night of july 4th, when i saw her
5:09 am
before she left to go to work, she came into my doorway, and she said i love you. i'm going to work now. and she came, and she gave me a hug. she gave me a really big, tight hug, and i said, oh, i love you, mom. and i pinched her cheeks because her cheeks are so cute. and then she went back to the doorway, and she looked at me, and i looked at her, and i said can i just have one more hug? steve: all of her children spoke yesterday. and giving the eulogy for your hero mom has to be one of the hardest things scenario that was her oldest daughter, and she has two twins. she's a single mother and now she's not here to see them get married one day, get their first job. just really tragic.
5:10 am
steve: it is indeed. brian: all right. 11 minutes after the hour. more breaking news, jillian has been working on that. >> my eyes are filling up right now. it's hard. but what a strong, strong girl. good morning to you. a person of interest arrested event in connection to the explosion at the air force recruiting center. witnesses say late monday night, at the building which had been exploded. it's unclear what the motivate was. but investigators are not ruling out domestic terrorism. thankfully, no one was hurt. well, it's day four in the search that's intensifying this morning for four young pennsylvania men who vanish within one week of each other. a person of interest was being held on a separate gun charge has now been released. however, 20-year-old cosmo's parents had been subpoenaed to appear before a county grand jury. investigators reportedly want to question them about their son's actions shortly after the men disappeared. authorities had been scouring 90 acres of farmland owned by parents hoping to find the
5:11 am
missing men. and this is what a true american patriot looks like. take a look here. a soldier standing outside his car saluting the funeral in the rain. the soldier's identity and who he's saluting is still unknown. the photo has now gone viral. steve: that's something. thank you very much, jillian. you know, the mainstream media's obsession with russia continues. but it turns out americans, those polls don't care. we've got the proof coming up. ainsley: and hillary clinton has a new job. selling t-shirts. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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5:15 am
>> the russia investigation president trump calls fake has just become a very real problem for his son. >> how do you say smoking gun in russian? >> donald trump jr. was told the russian government was trying to help his father's campaign.
5:16 am
>> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. ainsley: the mainstream media's obsession with russia continues. but do americans, do you the people even care about that? pollster lee carter says "no," and she has the polls to prove it. joining us now is president and partners lee carter. hey, lee. >> hey, good morning. ainsley: great to see you. so you gave -- you were polling the people and asked them what they really cared about; right? >> uh-huh. ainsley: so we're asking what action do you want to hear mostly from the trump administration? >> and 57% said jobs and economic growth. now, this is what trump's message has been. this is where he wants to focus his attention right now. but what i found most interesting about this number is that it was equal. 57% between republicans and independents and democrats. number one agreed by far. ainsley: not russia. >> what did they care least about? >> was the trump administration's tie with
5:17 am
russia. ainsley: democrats do, too? >> democrats were a little bit -- just a little bit different than republicans on this one, but still overall, people are saying what's there, i'm not sure this is the thing that's most important to them. ainsley: so which issue is most important to them? >> what they say right now they want to see is tax reform. now, i think this is also something that's somewhat surprising because we're starting -- the republicans are starting with health care. a lot of people said let's get taxes done. people want to know what's impacting their pocketbook, and that's 50.8% agreed on that. ainsley: and that was republicans and democrats too? >> that's right. ainsley: what about issue is at least important to them? >> what's least important to them is actually collusion with russia, uss relations. ainsley: i am surprised by that. i thought democrats would care more about that. but that was their least important issue? >> that's right. ainsley: what about the trump russia involvement. was there collusion? did you ask them?
5:18 am
>> i did and 47% just about said, no, they didn't believe that. and then on the other hand, i don't know about 29% and 24% said "yes." now, that's concerning. that's one in the four of the people think that something happen and another one of the four think i'm not sure. so not exactly a persuasion, but not as dire as you would think if you're watching the mainstream media where you would think that everybody believes. it's just a matter of time for this to come out. but that's just simply not the case. ainsley: okay. and then you also asked how much was there -- how much media coverage was there when it comes to the mainstream media of collusion? what did they say? >> they said -- about 23% said there's not enough. 28% said just enough, and almost half of the folks said there's too much. so i think overall people are getting a little bit tired of this narrative and what they want to hear is if there's something real. there's something tangible because people don't know exactly what to believe. so if you're going to be a journalist, if you're going to be an investigative journalist, come out when there's something tang that i believe we can talk about.
5:19 am
not just more investigations, more possibilities. ainsley: okay. thank you, lee. >> thank you so much. ainsley: coming up, animal rights activists packed with families, armed with bloody cow costumes, and butcher knives. yeah. enjoy this morning. and thinking about everything about the huntsman family? well, think again. abby's grandfather is a four time cancer survivor, and he has made a mission to find a cure. come on in to see how he's changing lives. trients from foo. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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5:22 am
brian: welcome back. some quick headlines now. chelsea clinton may be in legal trouble. the former first daughter is being sued over claims she
5:23 am
ripped off ideas for her best-selling children's book. she persisted -- that's the name of the book, a new york author says several quotes in the children's 2013 children's book were taken by clinton and now wants at least $150,000 in damages. and hillary clinton is pedaling nasty woman church, the planned parenthood supports this. samantha b and buy a nasty woman t-shirt. the shirts are being sold by tbs, a network that hosts political comedy show. that fits her perfectly. all right. 24 minutes after the hour. did you know that one and two men and one and three women will receive cancer diagnosis in their lifetime? ainsley: the odds are terrifying. but special hospital and research facility is giving patients new hope. steve: and it was founded by the grandfather of our own abby huntsman, cohost of fox and friends weekend, and she joins us live here on the curvy couch.
5:24 am
>> yeah. it was about 22 years ago that my grandpa started this hospital. he said if i ever make it in life, i'm going to give everything back to find a cur cure. his mother died of cancer, and he has had it five different times. i went to salt lake city and met up with my grandpa and saw all of the incredible things that he's doing. take a look at this. >> all of us have been touched in some way or another by cancer. >> we dedicate this facility to the healing of this frightening disease. >> thanks to this magnificent facility, we will double our research. >> i hope i inherited my dad's heart. he turns 80 today with a heart that just keeps giving. ♪ happy birthday to you you. ♪
5:25 am
>> we will be able to pin this disease once and for all. and in this spirit and this cause and as a birthday gift from me to you, our family and the hunt man cancer foundation here by donates another $120 million to this cause. thank you very much. >> happy birthday. happy birthday. when did you first decide that you wanted to give everything you had to cancer? >> i decided when my mother died in my arms in 1968. i thought if i ever could succeed in any way, i would like to do something for her and cancer, and i had it four times. after the second time, i said i'm going to -- this is the end of this stuff. it has got to come to an end. and so in 1993, we began this facility. these are the heroes of our life, these cancer patients. they don't complain. they're taking chemotherapy or surgery or radiation and -- >> i think someone wants to say hello to you.
5:26 am
>> i was diagnosed with incurable multipl multiple myeloma, and i just completed a blood transplant. >> thank you. >> this is the largest chemotherapy center in america. holds 108 and fully staffed. i want them all to have a beautiful view. >> look at this. you're so right. i've never been in here before. >> you're doing okay? >> yes. doing good. thank you. thank you for taking care of these wonderful people for us. >> what type of cancer do you have? >> melanoma. i've had eight tumors removed. >> eight tumors? you look great to me. >> you don't need to come up here. >> thank you. >> in some way, the lord has placed us here by blessing you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> i'm abby.
5:27 am
>> arhow long have you had the disease? >> i found out last year. last january. >> how are you progressing? >> pretty good. i am just so honored to meet you. >> i'm honored to meet you. >> i want a hug. thank you for all you do. i really appreciate it. >> sweet of you to let us see. tell us about your situation. >> i'm a stage four melanoma patient, and i've had melanoma for eight and a half years. >> where is your melanoma located? >> i started with a mole on my forehead, and now it's in my brain, lungs, liver, spleen, bones, and my neck. so it's a fight. >> when i walked in, the first thing i saw was your smile. i mean, you could tell a happy person. >> yeah. i try every day. you just have to figure the best out of the worst. >> what a great attitude. >> great advice.
5:28 am
>> so nice to meet you. >> honor to meet you. my dad wants to say thank you as well. >> our love to you. >> thank you so much for this wonderful facility. >> when i found out that the research could genetically target -- >> isn't that something? >> the chemotherapy to the tumor itself, i was just amazed that type of research. i know we're very lucky to be able to be in here right now. >> love you all very much. >> and it started with you. brian: that's a reality show i would love to see. i mean, would you just kind of walk through, he gave us a slice of that. >> it really puts life in perspective. i have to say a lot of those people, they know they're not going to make it, but they have these huge smiles on their faces, and they have hope to live one more day. steve: sure. >> it's incredible, these people, it really inspires you to be grateful for everything. ainsley: a lot of that because of your grandfather. he took god's blessings because i know he's very
5:29 am
successful, and he's blessing other people. started a whole cancer. and when you hear his story, five time survivor, that's incredible. because it gives people hope that have cancer for a second or third time. >> and it shows what individuals can do to make a difference. not the government, what individuals can do. so we are going to do a whole piece on fox and friends weekend on saturday about the research because they're doing incredible things working with elephants who don't get cancer, by the way, to find ways to help cure certain types of cancer. ainsley: and that's his goal, to cure cancer. >> that's his goal. steve: and just to show you what a legend he is in salt lake city. did you guys notice who was singing happy birthday to grandpa? that was the mormon an tabernacle choir. >> if you have ever heard the mormon an tabernacle choir live, it is beautiful. ainsley: and he developed the egg cartons, the thing the whopper comes in. the big mac for mcdonald's. >> thank you to my grandpa out there and everybody living
5:30 am
strong. ainsley: thank you, abby. no wonder you're so sweet. he rubbed off on you. that's great. coming up next on the run down. while the media continues its russian obsession, the senate turns its focus on the real issues like health care. so will a deal get done? senator chuck grassley is on deck. steve: and did kid rock the singer just officially kick off a run for senate? we're going to tell you what we know think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. >> my take away when all of this was going on is that someone has information on our opponent, you know? things are going a million miles an hour, you know what it's like to be on a campaign. we just won indiana, but we're talking about a contested convention. things are going a million
5:34 am
miles an hour again and, hey, wait a minute. i heard about all of these things, but maybe this is something. i should hear him out. brian: last night that was donald trump jr. on sean hannity, now i want to get a perspective from a very powerful republican in washington. to find out other elements. senator grassley, you're not a lawyer. you're on the judiciary committee. but there are elements to this whole scenario that you want to bring out. what are they? >> well, i think that the lady lawyer that was there at that meeting, i've written to secretary tillerson and secretary kelly, the ladder of homeland security to find out what she was doing in the country when presumably either a visa or parole expired, she wouldn't have been in the country at that particular time. we do get information on that. and we do get to the bottom of this gold stone person in london to see what he knew, and i think it's very
5:35 am
important if we can get some information from him as well. steve: sure. absolutely. senator, just a real estate re: cap the russian lawyer was denied a visa to come into the united states. but suddenly, magically, almost, she got permission to come into the country to have that meeting. what are you suggesting? what do you think might have happened? keep in mind at that time, barack obama was still president of the united states, and he had his people at the department of homeland security and whatnot. >> yeah. well, that's what i hope to find out because it was in the previous administration. if there had been enforcements of the immigration law, she wouldn't have been in the country. and the other thing is if she was a representing a foreign government, and i don't know that for sure, but she wasn't registered under the federal agency's registration act as well, so that's another thing that we're having a hearing on within a few days on the
5:36 am
enforcement on that as well. so this issue may come up there as well. steve: there were the so she might not have been allowed in the country at the time. do you think that this could have been a setup? >> there's no way i know that, and i shouldn't comment on things you don't know. but we do have a responsibility to congressional oversight to the bottom of it. i've been involved in -- even before this came up, getting information on people who ought to be registered and and in the previous administration, this law hasn't been enforced the way it should be enforced. brian: she does have a connection to dnc the trump dossier. we now know ambassador mcfall happened to be on radio with me yesterday. they had video of him addressing a committee hearing about russian american relations the next day. you could see her in that committee meeting diagonally
5:37 am
behind the obama russian ambassador at that meeting. and to verify the fact that when she legitimately brought up with donald trump jr. was actually the topic she cared about. she was at a museum documentary and about how he wasn't really a good guy and they don't deserve to have these sanctions. so there's a lot going on here besides a arbitrary meeting in trump tower. >> there's a lot to discuss that we were investigating in regard to gps, how they were involved and the steel and how that's been involved and a lot of this russian influence and whether or not we -- they were involved in, you know, what do you call? a research against trump. one time research against
5:38 am
trump himself in the case of other republicans. steve: glad to hear it's on your radar screen and that you're looking into that. got to ask you about the fact that you're going to stick around in washington, d.c. you're not going to be able to get back to iowa until halfway through august. it looks like the new plan that mitch mcconnell is going to reveal to the country tomorrow and being priced out by the cbo, it keeps those big obamacare taxes in it to try to get some moderates support. do you support this particular plan if it still has those big taxes in it? >> let me tell you what i support because i'm not going to say i support a specific bill until i actually see it, and we're not going to see it until thursday, and i thought we were looking at 142-page bill three weeks ago that should be through the united states senate now. but this is what i'm looking for.
5:39 am
i'm looking for anything that will pick up the pieces from obamacare, the broken promises of obamacare, and the fact that 72,000 iowaians can't get insurance today, and those sort of things or people that have high deductibles and high copays and high premiums, and so their insurance isn't any worth to them. isn't any value to them. that's what i want to vote for something that will correct those things. >> senator, the president has picked christopher ray to take over the fbi. today is the confirmation hearing. what can we expect? >> ainsley, it's really surprising to me that you have a nominee like that to an important agency, and i haven't heard from republicans or democrats or from you folks in the media anything negative about him. i think he comes well-qualified based on the fact that he's a u.s. attorney for a long time. an assistant attorney general for the criminal division for a short period of time, and
5:40 am
had good legal practice in the private sector. i think he comes well prepared. i'm going to be interested in making sure that an fbi director isn't going to be -- accept any political pressure from anybody. the fbi director has to be fbi director for the people of this country, and not as holder said, for the attorney general of being a wing man for the president of the united states. steve: so it sounds like you think he's going to sale through. >> that's the way it looks to me right now, yes. brian: all right. that was once the major story in this country. steve: we've got a lot of other stories. brian: senator, thanks so much. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. have a great day. brian: all right. 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. next on our run down, rumors swirling about a shakeup of the federal reserve. who is the president's pick to replace janet yellen? and will it be good news for your wallet? even if it's a wonder wallet. charlie gasparino is coming up
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> good wednesday morning to you. back with some headlines thousand anyhow. chicken and cows armed with blood with butcher knives. vegan protesters stormed chick-fil-a terrifying kids. >> go. go. go. >> this all happening during cow appreciation day in tampa. parents, as you can imagine were outraged when protesters wearing chicken and horse masks lay on the floor. a woman dressed as a butcher precedenting to stab them with a bloody knife. the protesters eventually left after the manager called 9-1-1. police not investigating that incident. you saw him at the white house sarah palin earlier this year. so did that inspire kid rock to get into politics?
5:45 am
♪ because i want to be a cowboy, baby. >> well, we can't tell you that much about his political future, but what we can tell you kid rock for senate website is up and running. you can buy his t-shirts right there. even a baseball cap and a lawn sign. so there you have it. steve: kid rock for senate. brian: in florida? steve: no, in michigan. i wonder how debbie feels about that. ainsley: listen, people love him there. i think he's going to do well. steve: and you know his song, he's got that song all summer long, which is what the senate's doing. they're staying in session all summer long. so that's the latest. kid rock for senate, a website. a new report claiming president trump could replace janet yellen, the chairman with his at national economic counselor former goldman sachs gary cohn. ainsley: well, this as the world's leading investment bankers and media moguls are descending on sun valley,
5:46 am
idaho for the annual conference. that's where fox business network senior correspondent charlie gasparino is live next. and i understand there are a lot of bigwigs there at the conference, charlie. this is a big deal. >> i'm here. i'm here. ainsley: that's right. it starts with you. >> that's all that matters. brian: did you think this is a good move? >> nice to see you again. brian: same to you. charlie, you think this is a good move? >> go ahead. you think gary cohn's a good move or me coming out here? brian: both. >> me coming out here is a horrible move. i rather be at the all-star game. gary cohn be the federal chair reserve, let's unpack a little bit. the former goldman sachs guy in the middle of the financial crisis, that's going to be brought up in any confirmation hearing. he's not the classical economist. janet yellen, ph.d. in economics, bernanke, ph.d. in economist. i don't think there's a guy who hasn't been classically-trained economist
5:47 am
in the federal reserve since the carter administration, and we know what happened back then. and here's the bottom line for republicans. he's not a republican. this was a barack obama supporting democrat for many years. i am, this is going to be one hell of a controversial pick if this is where donald trump goes. i mean, he can make it very easy on himself, pick a guy named kevin warsh who, again, has been a republican, he's got some academic background and economist. i don't know if he has a ph.d. but gary cohn has got lightning rod all over him. and i tell you, don't dismiss the goldman sachs part. remember, draining the swamp is what president trump said during the campaign, this guy -- listen, he's a smart guy. i actually like the guy, but he was part of that, you know, alleged swamp, let's say, and he was in knee-deep in goldman sachs activities during the financial crisis. so i just laid it out to you. not an easy pick. steve: absolutely. and so her term ends next year. we'll see if the president nominates him.
5:48 am
meanwhile, what exactly happens at sun valley? ainsley said there are a bunch of bigwigs out there. who are they and what do they do? >> well, our boss is out here, rupert maydock, the last time i was here, i was thrown out because i had an argument with a security guard. so just full disclosure there. and the security here is very, very tight. there is just about every major media mogul here. this is a place where deals get done. and i tell you, there's a lot of deals in this telecom media business right now. we know we have at&t, time warner. you know, that's very controversial because president trump came out against it because guess what? time warner is -- cnn is owned by time warner. he thinks it's too much concentration of media power with at&t, given its distribution. that's going to be talked a lot about here. disney. a lot of people talk about disney being in play, you know, because they have so much content and someone's going to buy them like a verizon. these are the types of stores that i'm going to try to break, and i'm going to give it to you guys.
5:49 am
brian: i think you're going to get tossed. ainsley: thank you, charlie. coming up next on the run down, it's considered one of the president's best speeches yet. but the left called that poland speech divisive. so what is wrong with championing western leadership? steve: good question. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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5:52 am
being. >> good morning, everybody, i'm bill. who will be the next james comey? we will meet the man who was picked by the president to lead the fbi. this amid questions of russia, leaked memos, classified material that has dominated washington for months. congress will stay at work, so what will it accomplish? you'll find directly from the vice president's office. hope you can gibbous in six minutes when shannon and i
5:53 am
talk to you in america's newsroom. top of the hour. >> the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will -- steve: many on the political left calling that speech from president trump in poland last week divisive. but our next guest says it was one of the president's best and shouldn't be forgotten. brian: here to talk about the criticism and more is editor and chief of daily and host of the show. ben shapiro. ben, were you surprised? because i was surprised by those people saying parts of that speech was a dog whistle for white supremacy. >> well, obviously, the left despises president trump. it's easy to say these are racist, sexist, bigoted, white supremacist phrases, considering presidents have been using them literally for generations.
5:54 am
still embracing linda is some moral apex of their movement. steve: you know, the president said the west will never, ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph. that is so hopeful, i just don't get the criticism. >> well, again, the criticism is our civilization, as opposed to other civilizations, and he's putting in opposition to one another, and doesn't he understand that we must let 1,000 flowers bloom? they're still living in john lennon imagine territory. but qualities purposefully misread the president's words there in the darkest possible light. it's almost impossible to think of it that way. but when you think the worst of the president on everything, not just decent routine criticisms but on the worst of all possible interpretations is what you come up with. brian: if you see brexit and donald trump's election, you see that totally separate from the european union. and that was on dismay last weekend, wasn't it? >> well, i mean, i think obviously a lot of the people who oppose trump oppose brexit. but i think more than anything
5:55 am
else when they say things that's coated language with regard to fighting terrorism but not really fighting terrorism, fighting muslims. they're looking for an excuse to label president trump divisive, even where the evidence doesn't exist. i mean, president trump may be divisive on a number of issues but saying things like the west in poland, which is currently fighting russians, it also kills a west narrative. president trump talks about how he's going to poland. brian: thanks. i want someone that makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah! binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business.
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5:59 am
life in washington, we are here with "america's newsroom" ." >> shannon: hours


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