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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 14, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> it was thrilling, i loved it. >> all right everybody, have a fabulous weekend. we are back here on monday at noon eastern, as always "happening now" now. >> leland: a fox news alert, we are awaiting new details on what is a gruesome mass murder in the passel vania. >> julie: the district attorney about to give an update on the case after the suspect in custody makes a shocking confession. we are covering all the news, happening now. >> it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> julie: the president heading home as new questions are raised about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. plus, the iran nuclear agreement two years later. president trump once vowed to rip it up, now the administration may be at odds over what to do about it.
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and another twist in the discovery of a mass grave in pennsylvania. what police are now learning about the bodies buried there. it's all happening now. >> leland: this friday we begin with president trump heading home, heading to new jersey and he faces a growing firestorm in washington over russia. this is a second hour of "happening now" ." >> julie: good afternoon to you, the president returning from his third overseas trip as commander in chief to face a jampacked agenda in the nation's capital, including the battle to repeal and replace obamacare. the big question now, how much can the white house get done amid the controversy over russia? >> leland: a white house correspondent standing by for the president's arrival near his golf club in new jersey. hi, kevin.
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>> good to be with you all, you are right. a long flight back from paris, the president will be making his way to familiar territory and a chance to take part in a familiar pastime as he makes his way over with the first to his golf club for the u.s. women's open. of the out on twitter as you pointed out talking about what promises to be a very exciting weekend, talking about the u.s. open. a lot of excitement in the garden state about that. before leaving the president wrapped up his visit to france which included bilateral discussions with the french president, celebrating the relationship between our two oh countries. france is our oldest ally. when he does return to washington, obviously the russia story will continue to swirl but clearly after the weekend in the garden state is back to work on his agenda including pushing
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g.o.p. lawmakers to keep their promise to voters and repeal and replace the affordable care act obamacare. the president trying to keep up the pressure on twitter, tweeting this -- a very different way of communicating out of this white house, i've covered three different administrations and this is certainly the most unique, to put it mildly. as you mentioned, you had the big golf tournament, still a little bit of controversy i think it is fair to say, some people say this is getting too political, let the golfers golf and leave the politics aside, the president is certainly hoping to do that. we will bring you all the coverage rate here but for now, back to you. >> leland: a little more on health care debate in a few minutes. as the russian investigation continues, legal bills for the president and his family and
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staff skyrocket, now republican party officials reportedly discussing who pays for all that advice and counsel. it comes as some conservative commentators expressed concerns about the revelations concerning donald trump, jr.. >> i don't think it's legal, i don't think anyone is claiming it's legal, it totally undermines a six-month story that there was not any collusio collusion. this was amateurish collusion, keystone cops collusion but it does not change the fact that it was attempted collusion. >> leland: joining us now, simon rosenberg. gentlemen, i appreciate you both at being a here. a "yes" or "no" quickly, you guys have been in a lot of campaigns, the president says most people in campaigns would
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have taken that meeting, would either have you? >> no. >> i'll take it first, the answer is no. there is no meeting way that mg should have been taken. >> leland: simon, i am i guessing you agree with that theory as well. >> i agree with the incoming fbi director, no one should've taken that meeting. there are two things we know today, russia intervened in the election in order to elect donald trump, that is a fact. the second thing we know is that there are too many worrisome contacts between donald trump, his staff and his family with a shadowy russian figures, that's why we need this investigation to go forward in the next two months. if i were advising the president, what i would tell him now is what he should do is a press conference, a no-holds-barred press conference, put it all out there.
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if he is innocent and wants to make his case, let him make his case to the american people. stop hiding and not speaking to the public. this is a serious matter, he has to address it fully to the public. >> leland: what seems to be the issue here, we heard donald trump, jr., complaining that it is just drip drip drip but every time they put out a statement, it turns out there is always a little more to it than what they initially promised. >> the president should say nothing, it is under serious investigation by the house and senate and special counsel. that's all the more reason for the president to let it run its course. for the second question, it is true and right now we have omissions, statements that need to be corrected from official documents of the employment of people working in government and the second thing is inconsistencies with the stories, the stories keep changing. and poor judgment, having
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meetings they never should have had. this is not fake news. this is troublesome matters that have been swirling around the president and the unfortunate part is, it is taking him away from his message of making america great again and passing critical legislation which needs to be done to keep promises. >> julie: simon, quickly before we get to you, you brought up an important point, you say it isn't done, it is settled that the russians meddled in the investigation. take a look at the debate on "the five" about russian involvement. >> they never should have been allowed in this country to begin with if they were attached to the kremlin. it's on the state department and the obama administration, obama never took russia seriously and that is why this woman somehow ended up in the country.
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she ended up coming in -- she was let into the country and somehow got into trump tower and talk to the presidential candidates son. that's not normal. >> leland: big picture, we will put this specific about the lawyer aside. this happened under the obama administration's watch. does the obama administration have some responsibility for this russian meddling that you say is settled backs to happen? >> there are two different issues. did the obama administration do enough to deter the russian involvement in the election? probably not. you've seen other people who worked on this and say that. that doesn't mean that excuses what may have been illegal behavior by the trump campaign. these are separate things. i don't think you can exonerate the trump people, it would be
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like saying a criminal committed a crime, the police should have been more aggressive about stopping him from committing it, that doesn't exonerate the criminal from committing the crime in the first place. what the campaign appears to have done was wrong. the obama administration should have done more, it is true. >> leland: are democrats making a mistake by using the treason word? >> absolutely. there is no basis, i have heard democrats say it and also scholars at say it in legal community. there is no basis by which that word should be used, it is inflammatory and plain wrong. >> leland: we will stay on the story and have you guys back to talk about it, appreciate it. >> julie: republican senators trying to move forward with the revised health care bill as they wait for the all-important cbo score on that bill from the
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congressional budget office. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. >> there is intense pressure to get this done after telling voters for seven years they would get rid of obamacare, president trump applying pressure of his own on twitter, saying after all these years of suffering through obamacare, republican senators will, through as they have promised. senators are taking a closer look at the bill to see if they will support it. >> what the american people want right now is we are all doing our due diligence. we are reviewing the document, the new bill and working hard to get to yes, that is for sure. >> two of their own are no even on the majority leader bringing up the bill on the floor. if one more republican defects, the bill will be stuck again. some of the republicans to watc watch, nevada's dean heller and
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ohio's rob portman. they have expressed concerns about medicaid funding in this bill. democrats are picking apart the legislation including the provision from texas senator ted cruz which will allow people to buy very limited coverage, cheaper plans of that what they want. a top democrat blasted that peace which is popular with conservatives. >> they caved to the most extreme members of their caucus and included the provision that will put the insurance companies back in charge of junk plans that don't cover what people actually need. >> this health care bill is on the edge right now, one more republican defection and it is back to the drawing board. >> julie: thank you very much. still ahead, president trump laying down his differences with french president macron, but were the leaders able to make headway on some key issues? plus, two years ago, the iran nuclear war was signed -- the
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nuclear deal, rather, was assigned. we will look at its effect and how the white house plans to change it. we await a news conference on the case by the district attorney. >> the commonwealth will not be seeking it, giving all the relevant information he possibly could y phone? [team member] yeah, just open the wells fargo mobile app and request a one-time access code. [customer] that's way better. all set. thanks. they have snickerdoodles! [team member whispers] i love snickerdoodles. [customer] thanks!
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♪ >> leland: as we speak, president trump flying home from his trip to france, downplaying his differences with president macron there. praising the newly elected french leader and saying relations are as solid as the values we share. >> our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture, destiny and liberty.
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as long as we have pride in who we are, where we've come from, how we got here and what we have achieved. as free and democratic nations, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. you did get a sense that these men felt like there was a lot they could agree on even though they disagree on something like the paris climate agreement. >> absolutely. their personalities are quite similar, when you look at their political backgrounds, these are both people who were elected as political outsiders, they ran against political a stab establishments of their respective countries. business experience, never run for office. there is a lot in common.
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second, they do see themselves as realists on foreign policy. you've mentioned they had disagreements on the climates, on the values of institutions in general but they have both said their priority would be fighting terrorism. this is the 100th anniversary of the american intervention in the first world war, both presidents see american troops, it's an important symbol of cooperation between the two countries, but also it is the one year anniversary of the nice terror attack. it is important to stress the strong relation and cooperation that the two countries share, against isis and the middle eas middle east. >> leland: we saw president trump questioned about a
10:18 am
by a french journalist about some of the things he has said about france, and it was uncomfortable. the prime minister said he is no longer worried about those things. has he made a real change as to how france deals with terror and extremism? >> i think in general, france has been a strong country in europe and a leader in the fight against terrorism. the first trip of mr. macron took outside of europe was to maui, you have 3,000 french to troops stationed there, supporting logistically and he has repeated that he wants to continue. >> leland: this is interesting to hear, this is president trump answering and sort of challenging president macron, take a listen. >> you're going to have a very peaceful and beautiful paris. i am coming back. you better do a good job,
10:19 am
please, otherwise you are going to make me look very bad. >> leland: you listen to that sound bite, that is very different than when president trump stands next to merkel who was president obama's partner in europe, is this a pivot? >> i think france will make up much more natural partner than germany. merkel ran on decreasing defense, they want to work together in the middle east and africa to fight terrorism. i think their personalities work together. when you have a president who wants to support america first, in this respect, france or poland make a very natural partners. >> leland: very different than what we see from president obama, his body language. appreciate your insight as always, thank you.
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>> julie: the iran nuclear deal was signed two years ago, president trump is now set to recertify it after criticizing it on the campaign trail. plus, a new senate bill fails to hit the sweet spot for some g.o.p. lawmakers. what will it take to reach a deal? house speaker ryan urging his colleagues to keep working on a compromise. >> the senate is going to give us a health care bill, we are going to stay and finish the health care bill. show me winter in july.
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10:24 am
opposed to any obamacare replacement so far. >> the revised draft improves on the previous version and a number of ways. >> the bottom line is this. of the core of this bill is just as rotten as it was before. >> leland: first to you, is this really all that much different, senate version two-point oh versus senate version one point oh, are they essentially the same or are we getting somewhere? >> they are not all the same but i don't know that that essentially means we are getting anywhere. the margin mitch mcconnell has to work within the senate is
10:25 am
very small, he can only lose a small fraction of his conference before it all falls apart. they sent a bill across to the other side of the capital, but it is unclear to me if it will get enough of the votes to even be called up for debate in the chamber. >> leland: they can only lose two votes and already you have collins and rand paul saying i don't think so. this is the tweet from president trump. after all of these years of suffering through obamacare, republican senators must come through as they have promised. what do you make of this, the president pushing off his campaign promise onto the republicans in the senate? >> it keeps pointing to the same problem. as rand paul has pointed out, he
10:26 am
said this is not what we promise. we promised to repeal it, the moderates don't want to do that, they want -- they don't like the medicaid cuts and some of the other things. part of the problem, it is already last two votes, they are down to one more person, one more senator says no and this won't even come up to a vote and that is been a problem from the first house bill. it's been a problem, the problem is always going to be the senate and whether they can hold of that majority they have, they've had trouble making -- we do agree that just sort of nipping and tucking is not necessarily going to move anything here. i'm not sure there is enough in here to vote for it. i really do think you've got an a problem with rand paul and others who are against it, there is a whole group on the
10:27 am
sidelines who just don't seem to be embracing this new version. >> leland: it brings up an important point. if this was something new, it takes a little while to write it, things take time. republicans have been campaigning on this since 2010, it's what they won the house back on in 2010. why is this taking so long? >> you are right, this is something republicans have been promising to their voters for an awfully long time. there was some reporting that some republicans were surprised they actually wound up with the white house, sort of thinking this was a promise they made but may never have an opportunity to make good on it. the problem is that for republicans, they have long made an argument. we can't repeal obamacare unless you give us the house and then the white house. now it's that they can't repeal obamacare unless they get a full filibuster proof majority in the senate and that is a tough argument to keep going back to your voters.
10:28 am
on the other hand, the argument the democrats are going to have is vote for us and we will have more gridlock, less will get done. neither party has a particularly appealing message. the aca is still not a very popular bill but the replacement laws are also unpopular. there's a lot of stuff that congress is doing that voters are not particularly enthusiastic about. >> leland: that may be the understatement of the day if not the week. appreciate you guys both being here, have an awesome weekend. >> julie: some former democratic aides now gloating over the controversy surrounding donald trump, jr., but are they taking it too far with online taunts? plus, the president promised to scrap the iran nuclear deal on the campaign trail but it may not happen anytime soon. some lawmakers are pushing for a tougher stance. >> my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran.
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10:33 am
it is marking its second year. >> the trump administration has until monday and all indications are that it will for the second time, certify that iran is in compliance with the iran nuclear agreement. congress mandates it every 90 days, the administration determine whether iran is living up to its side of the agreement. in april, the trump administration first signed that iran was living up to its end of the deal but also signified that it was initiating a wider policy review. >> the review on the iran policy is still going, that is still underway. i know people have a lot of interest in that. we have said, the administration has said that at least until that review has been completed, we will adhere to the deal, that has not changed. we will ensure that iran is held
10:34 am
strictly accountable to its requirements. >> republican senators say there is no reason to wait for the end of that review. former obama administration officials who negotiated this agreement say they believe it remains the gold standard of compliance under this deal. meanwhile, the state department is not quite saying when it will finish this review of policy on how it is going to move forward with its posture towards iran. >> leland: more on this
10:35 am
throughout the weekend. thank you. >> julie: the associated press is now reporting that a russian lobbyist confirmed he was at the june 2016 meeting with donald trump, jr.. and now former democratic aides are using controversy over this meeting to taunt to the first family online. a former obama aide tweeting -- a former clinton aide tweeting tweeting -- and there are more. howard, i want to get to those tweets in just a moment but we must address, the mystery man we have been hearing about, this person who is at the russia meeting, apparently the trump team had met with him.
10:36 am
he is a russian accused of international hacking, who he is, former soviet counterintelligence officer, a u.s. citizen. what say you about him attending this meeting? >> the fact that he was accused in this lawsuit a few years ago of hacking into a company's computer system has got to be a head snapping detail for anybody who thinks there might be any conduction to russian hacking in the u.s. election campaign. in terms of the white house damage control, they have managed to turn what might have been a one or two day story into a nine-day story, may be a nine week story. donald trump, jr., in a slowly acknowledging to "the new york times" and putting the emails out about the meetings he had never said anything about a former soviet counterintelligence agent also being in that meeting, so to
10:37 am
wait until a news organization broker gives the impression that they are not getting out in front of the story, that they are still hiding details when what he should have done is put it all out there, and try to move on. >> julie: it's hard to move out on this. this is something that when we talked about the drip, we keep hearing that being said over and over, this is another drip. the trump administration tried to get out ahead of "the new york times" by preventing further drips by going ahead and releasing the emails. at this point, all we knew is that donald trump, jr., paul manafort and derek kushner were at the meeting in addition to rob goldstone who set it up. this man being in attendance, why did we hear that he was in fact in this meeting, we are talking about someone who has not been known to hide his connections to russian intelligence. >> it is explicable to me. you have to figure it is going to come out anyway, why not get
10:38 am
ahead of it and give your explanation? donald trump, jr., had a long interview with sean hannity who asked him a couple of times if there was anything else, is anything else going to come out on this, that would've been the time. it would have been a story but we wouldn't be treating it as breaking news today. >> julie: i've got to get to the treats really quick. they are all tweeting and jabbing at the president, sort of on his own forum because the president likes to do the same. should they be worried about greater things such as regaining the house and of the senate future midterm elections or the massive loss they suffered in 2016 and get their party back intact? these former aides have every right to do with this. that i have dealt with them over the years, they are pretty serious and cautious guys and now there is sort of a taunting and trashing, particularly in
10:39 am
light of this controversy quality to this tweets, bringing in people like o.j. simpson. it seems to me that it is almost therapeutic for them, they are preaching to the liberal choir, it doesn't feel like they are trying to persuade everybody. maybe it is their opportunity to vent since their party doesn't control anything in washington right now. >> julie: thank you very much, great to see you, never a dull moment. >> leland: late breaking developments in a gruesome mass murder, up next, our legal panel on that case, the next step for the prosecution, the defense and what is still happening we all want restful sleep.
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10:43 am
forming this morning north of tampa. we will zoom out. officials say it started out the size of a small swimming pool but is now at least 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep. get this, property records show another sinkhole was stabilized at that same site in 2012 before the home was sold three years later and somebody bought it and the house sunk again. there are no injuries but a number of the surrounding houses are being evacuated in case it gets bigger. >> julie: prosecutors charging a 20-year-old pennsylvania man with four counts of murder after he confessed to authorities. another man also being charged in three of the killings, those four young man disappeared last week and human remains were found buried on a farm owned by the family of the suspect. he listed his parents who admitted to the heinous crime. the attorney explains the deal he made with prosecutors in return for the confession.
10:44 am
>> he confessed to his participation in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession, he was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> julie: joining me now, michael starr hopkins, a criminal defense attorney. thank you very much, we are working on trying to get a former federal prosecutor. can you hear me? >> thank you for having me. we are going to try to work on friday. let me talk to you about cosmo dinardo, he probably thought there was no way anybody was going to discover the bodies buried in 12 and a half feet deep ground in such a rural area. first of all, talk about the area in which these bodies were discovered and how hard it really was for investigators to
10:45 am
pinpoint the location of where they were buried. >> reports indicate that the reason the police were able to actually locate the area in which the bodies were found was because one of the cell phones actually pinged one of the cell phone towers, which is fortunate for law enforcement because this area was secluded, it is farmland that was owned by the parents of cosmo dinardo and it would have been externally difficult for law enforcement without his help to be able to find the bodies in such a quick period of time. >> julie: the gruesome crime isn't brutal. that part in and of itself is so incredibly disturbing. it also means that there is probably a lot more evidence for investigators to uncover, such as bullet casings. >> what law enforcement is doing now after they found the first body, they are searching this 12 and a half foot grave that he
10:46 am
used to hide the body. what law enforcement is going to do is look for more physical evidence, evidence of further crimes and see if maybe this was something larger than just killing these four individuals but something more sinister. >> julie: fred, welcome, thank you. >> sorry to be late. >> something went wrong but that is what happens on live tv. are you worried or surprised at all about the fact that the parents did not seem to notice anything suspicious like a car that belonged to one of the suspects parked on the farm and are you surprised they are cooperating with police? >> i'll actually get one step further, i was quite distressed last week when he was originally arrested, he was arrested on gun charges and his bail was set at $1 million, 10%. his parents posted $10,000
10:47 am
$100,000. knowing full well that he was under investigation for these boys. it is a deeply troubling about whatever role they played. i always wonder if parents took steps to enable and protect, i'm sure they did not see this coming but what role as we look into this guy's past, what role did people play? >> julie: you talk about being the father of four boys, i imagine being the parent of these boys are being the mother of these boys, i would want the death penalty, i would not want to ever took my son or daughter away for me to live another day. pennsylvania is not a state that typically carries out executions so i am a bit confused as to why and whether it was the right decision to make a deal with this guy to spare his life by guaranteeing he will get the death penalty when in all actuality, it probably never would have happened anyway.
10:48 am
>> i would just say this, reports indicate he suffered from schizophrenia, i would say on behalf of the prosecutor, i can see in incidents where the prosecutor would offer this kind of deal, rather than risk not getting a conviction because of mental illness, the death penalty getting thrown out, this secures the fact that this individual will not ever see the light of day. >> julie: given what he just stated about his mental illness, wondering if the defense will try to argue that he could potentially be mentally unfit for trial? >> absolutely no chance of that whatsoever, he knows the difference between right and wrong by the fact that he buried the bodies in a 50-foot hole. this crime took place about 20 miles north of where i am sitting right now. sometimes when you are a prosecutor, you have to make decisions like this. as the father of four boys, i
10:49 am
would want to do it myself. sometimes you have to put your passion aside and do what is best for the family so they can find these bodies, and put this whole thing behind us and obviously catch another person who we may not have ever caught in the first place. you don't like making deals with the devil but sometimes you have to. >> julie: it is pretty sick, a deal with the devil is an understatement. >> julie: he was killed while on duty trying to protect all of us, and immigration officers six years ago and now his family is hoping they will finally get justice. an update on why justice may be coming when we come back. >> we understand there is a written directive for agents do not go down this road because it is dangerous. r's disease.
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>> julie: president trump is about to set down on american soil. we will bring it to you live within the hour. will he step into the fray to help the gop's chances on getting health care reform? we are watching for a news conference on the murder of four young men who vanished and pennsylvania, it is the story we have been all over. one suspect is now confessed. authorities now say they have arrested a second person. in the stage is set for a showdown on sanctuary cities, how the attorney general plans to crack down on hundreds of jurisdictions that are defying the white house. it's coming up on "america's news headquarters" at the top of the hour. ♪ >> leland: a trial beginning this week in a case of two drug cartel members accused of murdering an immigration agent. they were on assignment in mexico in 20111 cartel members
10:54 am
attacked them, killing one. >> knew details for the first time on american television about the 2011 ambush that killed jaime zapata. >> and an suv passed us on the left side. a silhouette of a long gone, a rifle in the backseat. they were successful in pushing us to the shoulder, the right side shoulder of the highway and they did what we call our rolling roadblock. as soon as we stopped, approximately 8-10 armed men surrounded the suburban in a u-shaped form.
10:55 am
one of the assailants came directly over to his door and opened the door, swung the door wide open and i saw him with a handgun in his hand, two shooters, two weapons on my passenger side window. the window had rolled down, the armored window had been rolled down two inches. i saw him get on his torso, very chaotic. initially i -- you can't hear anything because of the gunshot. >> had you been hit? >> i noticed at the time that i was hit, i was attending to jaime. i was applying pressure to his leg. i was shaking him, i remember slapping him at times to keep him awake. he told me he was going to die. >> after his medical rehab,
10:56 am
avila said he felt uncomfortable at work. he found a security warning that prohibited travel on a highway, his supervisors knew but ordered to the mission go ahead. >> is this a smoking gun? >> to me it is. it is very clear that you were not allowed to travel on that because of the high level of violence occurring at that time between cartel members and the government of mexico. >> government documents that show some weapons that were recovered at the scene came from dallas, texas. the whistleblower who went public over the operation reviewed avila's case and said the evidence does point to a connection. >> leland: we haven't heard the end of this. thank you.
10:57 am
>> julie: you don't see this every day, hundreds of eels dumped on an organ highway, we are going to tell you what caused the slimy mess next.
10:58 am
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>> a truck overturned dumping eels on the ground. america's news head quarter starts now. have a good weekend. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. we're awaiting president trump's arrival from his third trip overseas as commander in chief. he's expected to touch down in new jersey. you see the video of him leaving as new details surfaced in the investigation into his oldest son's meeting with russian officials last year. pressure is on republican senators to move forward with their revied healthcare bill. first they have to vote to debate it. after seven years of talking about it, who wouldn't want to do that? mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. there's always a sticking point.


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