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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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starting with a fox news alert, a terrible story. one person dead and several others fighting for their lives at this hour. >> family fun turning into a scene of carnage on opening day at the ohio state fair in columbus, the swinging and spinning ride known as the fireball, you can see it breaking apart. it sends riders plummeting 30 feet to the ground the video is too disturbing to show. in 18-year-old man killed at the scene, 7 others injured, three in critical condition. ohio john kasich emotional. >> it is a tough situation when you go somewhere to celebrate and have a great time with friends and family, it is about the best things in life.
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heather: it passed all inspections prior to the malfunction but a similar ride has been shut down. live report from the scene still ahead. rob: a skinny repeal gaining steam in the senate. republicans now fighting for a new plan that everyone can agree on after 6 republicans have flipped their votes. the very latest on this never-ending fight. >> reporter: seems never-ending, republicans coming up short failed to pass a straight repeal plan put forth by rand paul that would essentially repeal immediately and give lawmakers a two your window to replace it but 7 senators voted against it in a 55-45 vote. lamar alexander, dean heller, john mccain, lisa murkowski, rob portman and susan collins of
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maine but which mcconnell got the goal of getting something to the president's desk. >> ultimately we want to get legislation to end the obamacare status quo. through congress and to the president's desk for his signature. >> reporter: mike hence acknowledging the difficulty of the task at hand talking to tucker last night. >> obamacare is dead. this system is collapsing around us. there is the old saying that it is hard to turn a big ship at sea. it is harder to turn a sinking ship. >> it appears now their best shot is turning to the so-called skinny repeal. this is a watered-down version that gets rid of the individual mandate and some obamacare taxes but chuck schumer said this doesn't attract democrats at all. >> we don't know if skinny repeal is going to be the final bill. democrats are not going to
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continue to try to amend the house plan that is already dead. we don't know what bill to direct our amendment to. clearly the senate bill, repeal and replace has failed. >> we are told the senate as 20 hours of debate left, there will be numerous amendments this afternoon or tomorrow, we should see that and i should mention there's a group of republicans and democrats urging senators to work across the aisle. >> down to the wire. we will be here when that happens and that brings us to something else. rob: it is time to hold the senate accountable for their own health care fight. >> he wants to get repeal and replace done with obamacare and he will deliver. if holding senators accountable
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for 7 years voted to replace or appeal obamacare, now they are not voting for it anymore. those elected officials serving in congress who voted for these things in the past have to be held for accountable and we have to get this done immediately. >> a surprise announcement by tweet, reversing the obama administration's policy and banning transgender people from the military. >> clicks on both sides of the aisle slamming the decision. how the white house is responding. >> reporter: donald trump sending out a series of tweets barring jan's -- transgender americans from serving in the military in any capacity, writings the military can, quote, not be burdened with tremendous medical costs and disruption transgender is in the military would entail. the white house is standing by the president saying the decision comes after a complication with national security team and the pentagon.
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>> it is something the white house and department of defense have to work together to determine and it is a difficult decision, not a simple one. it is the best one for the military. >> the move reverses a rule put in place by ash carter last year that allowed transgender americans to openly serve. the announcement drying criticism from top democratic leaders, nancy pelosi tweeting proud to stand with my colleagues and members of the lgbt community against the president's attack on trans-servicemembers. caitlin jenner who voted for donald trump tweeting there are 15,000 patriotic transgender americans and the us military fighting for all of us. what happened to your promise to fight for them? referring to the campaign vowed to fight for the lgbt community.
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a rasmussen survey finds 23% of us voters think allowing openly transgender people to serve is good for the military, reportedly 2500 to 7000 transgender people in the us military today. their fates are unclear. >> what happens to transgender people that are serving right now. as critics pounce on donald trump's announcement politico's michael crowley says the announcement came at the perfect time politically. >> donald trump, vintage donald trump making policy with tweets, catching people off guard, the kind of thing even if secretary matus would have been on board with, not how he would've liked to do it, something that is probably a winning hand for trump on the politics even if the rollout is chaotic and seat-of-the-pants. >> was this effective way of changing the subject, we are not
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talking about jeff sessions or the russia investigation? >> generally speaking the white house is looking to go back to issues that motivated his base in the 2016 election, culture war is a great issue, jeff sessions and obamacare, not great issues right now and maybe he doesn't feel strongly about this but won the day and that is what he wanted. >> a fox news alert, north korea could fire another ballistic missile test at any minute. the rogue nation expected to celebrate the day of victory holiday with a launch similar to one earlier this month capable of hitting the us. american officials now warning we have to stop kim jung un. >> we have to illuminate north korea. it is our argument to make the doable. >> if they went through with the launch it would be the rogue nation's 11th test this year.
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>> a warning to americans traveling to mexico, beware of tainted alcohol. state department advising tourists to drink in moderation and seek medical attention if they begin to feel sick or bazaar. the new advisory comes after several reports of alcohol-related horse stories involving vacationers blacking out. a young woman even dying at a mexican resort. and as donald trump continues to publicly air his frustrations with jeff sessions mike pence praising the president's candor in an exclusive interview with tucker carlson. >> the washington ways to talk behind people's backs but that is not donald trump. one of the great things about this president is you always know where you stand and what the american people like about this president, he speaks candidly, speaks openly, has expressed his disappointment.
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>> also telling tucker carlson despite that the president recognizes good work the justice department is doing like taking on the notorious gang ms 13 and confronting sanctuary cities. >> charlie guard has just hours left to live, the terminally ill baby will be moved to hospice tomorrow where he will be taken off life support. charlie's parents asking the high court to allow their baby boy to die at home but they were turned down. the 11-month-old baby's case parking worldwide attention including from donald trump and pope francis. after weeks of surgery battling life-threatening gunshot injuries, house majority leader steve scalise is out of the hospital, the louisiana lawmaker is recovering at a rehabilitation facility, he was shot in a targeted attack at gop congressional baseball practice, that happened last month, police shot and killed the one man. he is in good spirits and looking forward to getting back
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to work. >> southwest airlines seizing on an opportunity from space, posting on social media flights that will give passengers the ultimate view of the coming solar eclipse. >> from portland to oregon to atlanta, georgia, where the moon will block the sun creating complete darkness on august 21st. rob: the line is from the northwest to the southeast, you want to be anywhere on that line. >> reporter: 14 states in the path of totality. we are excited about this. i will be visiting greenville for the total eclipse happening august 21st. i actually remember last time we had that in 1979 when i was a youngster. everyone was saying you can't look at the totality because you could get blinded. we are going to be covering this
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on "fox and friends" and i'm very excited. let's take a look at your current temperatures, 66 new york, 70 in cincinnati, 74 in chicago. watching the storm system across the plains states, potential for flooding, potential for flash flood watches and warnings coming into the monsoon season, future radar if you look across the mid-atlantic and the northeast this will cross into the mid-atlantic friday and saturday, not the greatest of all days but keep track of that if you're traveling. the heat advisories in effect for the southern plains where the heat indices will make it feel well above 100 °. are you excited about the total solar eclipse? >> we used to make that little block of xbox things and put a mirror underneath, you don't want to buy sunglasses that are not authenticated. >> total eclipse of the heart.
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>> going to be popular. kid rock making an announcement whether he is heading to washington. ♪ 11 >> a lot of people waiting, he will be scheduling a press conference in the next 6 weeks to announce if he is entering the race in michigan thing, quote, if i decide to throw my hat in the ring for u.s. senate it is game on. rob: he will start registering voters at his concert. heather: plugging leaks. anthony scaramucci not an official member of the trump team and he is ready to drop the hammer. rob: political correctness over public safety, violent attacks on public transportation in the
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san francisco area caught on camera but you will never see the tapes that show the attacker. city officials who blue the lid off of the scandal joins us live coming up next. heather: gator wrestling to this officer's list of duties, the police body camera video you definitely need to see. ♪ you can have anything you want ♪ but not from me ♪ hey, you bought gas-x®! unlike antacids, gas-x ® relieves pressure and bloating fast. huh, crisis averted. ♪ backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
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bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines,
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so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. heather: rob: putting political correctness over public safety, california transit system under fire for refusing to release surveillance video of brutal attacks on its trains was one official telling fox news it is to prevent racial stereotyping. the woman who uncovered this cover-up, bay area rapid transit director deborah allen.
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it is 2:00 in the morning in san francisco, thank you for coming in this morning. i want to talk about this. a very interesting story, this is a massive transportation system, one of the biggest in the country and it had a big rise in crime, up 41% in rape, robbery and assault on this train system. they have cameras everywhere like in most big cities, why are they not releasing tapes that would show the assailant in these crimes? >> a number of reasons were given. initially they did not release the tape citing the assailants were minors. when they were pressed on that to release the video and show perhaps blurred faces of the miners it then became, well, it leaked out that one of them was
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a 19-year-old, not a minor. then the story went to perhaps to release the video would affect the investigation that is ongoing. right around that time a few weeks back i received an internal memo from a top staff member who indicated that there was a racial component to this decision to not release not only the videos but the memos started with a discussion of not releasing the crime data. rob: let me read what bart actually released. they say the tapes of the crime, releasing them would unfairly affect and characterize writers of color leading to sweeping generalizations and media reports and a high level of
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racially insensitive commentary, saying a number of these suspects are minorities and don't want to release it because they don't want to create a racial environment on these trains. if you are a young woman riding on a part train and was raped, do you really care what color the person that raped you was? in a jail cell -- it doesn't matter what color they are. right? >> yes. that was the question i asked of the person who wrote the memo in a reply. i don't understand what the color of one's skin has to do with releasing crime data and i received back further explanation that the april 22nd event happens, bart received a lost of stereotyping and feared the public would racially have racial bias against bart for releasing this data.
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rob: another example of cases where you see organizations willing to protect offenders more than victims and it outrages a lot of people. thank you for coming on so early in the morning. >> i will be pressing for the video to be released. rob: i hope you do. thank you. heather: 20 minutes after the top of the, he warned us it would happen. long before he won the white house. >> we are going to win so much you may get tired of winning. heather: donald trump is coming through in a big way, the major jobs announcement and what it can meet for your family. the controversial rolling stone cover that has liberals wishing justin trudeau was their commander in chief. to the ballroom, you never guess what we are hearing about sean
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heather: pack your patience, tsa tightening up airport security and it is guaranteed to cause longer lines. rob: the items you need to remove from your bags. >> reporter: they have been testing this, we told you this would happen. the tsa announced any carried out electronic devices larger than your cell phone, your ipad, kindle, will have to be pulled out of your bag and placed at separate bins at airport security checkpoints salutes the training process for laptops. is the new rules are implement it at airports across the country you can expect longer
2:25 am
lines. rob: you are heading to an airport soon. >> don't worry about it. rob: it is incredible. >> more jobs heading to wisconsin, 14,000 more. donald trump unveiled $10 billion investment in wisconsin by fox con, the taiwanese manufacturer that provides electronics to apple and other tech companies. >> to produce a complete system, we are going to change it. >> a great day for american workers and manufacturing and for everyone who believes in the concept and label made in the usa. rob: they are pledging to create a new plant creating 13,000 new jobs that should be completed by
2:26 am
2020. rob: if you need a job amazon, walmart could be good places to look. >> it doesn't stop there. amazon plans to hire 50,000 workers as part of the job. called amazon job day on august 2nd. job candidates will be invited to ten fulfillment centers for an interview. walmart government and business leaders in washington to discuss a plan for growth in domestic manufacturing that would create an estimated 1.5 million new jobs in the us. rob: making things in america. heather: 26 minutes after the hour, democrats finally have the solution they have been looking for. it revolves around them. >> everything they have been looking for in the russia investigation and failed to find is staring them in the face.
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heather: new calls for debbie wasserman schultz to testify on the hill. rob: a crash in beverly hills, justin bieber saying sorry. it has been a weird week for him. we will talk about this. ♪ sorry ♪ by and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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♪ ♪ make you feel like a boss ♪ with your eyes open ♪ she got the whole thing ♪ heather: good morning to you, a blue sky in new york city coming you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: 30 minutes after the hour,
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skinny repeal gaining steam in the senate. republicans fighting for a new plan that everyone can agree on. heather: seven republicans flipped their votes on repealing obamacare. the latest on the fight, good morning. >> reporter: getting skinny is the next plan as republicans came short again failing to pass the straight repeal plan which would give a two your window to replace but seven gop senators voting against it. senator susan collins, john mccain, rob portman, lamar alexander, lisa murkowski and dean heller, but mitch mcconnell remaining committed to the goal of getting something to the president's desk. >> ultimately we want legislation to end the failed obamacare status quo through congress and the president's desk for his signature. >> reporter: mike pence weighing in on tucker about the
2:32 am
difficulty of the main goal. >> i think the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own health care choices and right now it is amazing to think in the center of obamacare is a requirement that every american by health insurance whether they wanted or needed or not. >> reporter: that is the centerpiece of the best shot republicans have of passing anything, the skinny repeal gets rid of the individual mandate and most of the obamacare taxes but getting to 50 vote seems elusive. democrats remain entirely opposed, elizabeth warren vowing to resist. >> democrats will be here fighting for as long as it takes to beat back the shameful health care bill. we hear the american people, we hear you, we are on your side
2:33 am
and we will never give up. >> reporter: the senate has ten hours of debate left. some time this afternoon or tomorrow. democrat or republican governors sending a letter to which mcconnell, he and john mccain advice to reach across the aisle to get something done. heather: we will see if they can do that. rob: another story we have been talking about is debbie wasserman schultz, former head of the dnc, pakistani family, pakistani man, it staff are working on the computers had access to all the information on the computers within the dnc and the number of politicians there arrested in an airport for apparently trying to see the country. the relatively minor charge he was stopped for so something
2:34 am
else was going on and was on the payroll for debbie wasserman schultz until he was arrested friday. rob: they found smashed hard drives and smashed computers, basic question what is going on here, a lot of money wrapped up in this. let's hear a sound bite from the rnc chair calling for debbie wasserman schultz to testify before congress on this it staff are. what is going on here? >> we are not hearing across the country, debbie wasserman schultz had a staff member who destroyed hard drives and tried to flee the country. we have to get to the bottom of this and debbie wasserman schultz has obstructed at every level and something that affects potentially our national security. now we know there is bank fraud and we need to know why the dnc never turned their hard drives over to the fbi to review their hacking. maria: debbie wasserman schultz threatened to call capital police and get them involved and
2:35 am
it was a military family that went in and rented this it staff are's previous home, discovered the smashed hard drive. >> it is coming together and a bit complicated. here is mark stein, and arthur, careers what he had to say. >> everything they hoped to find in the russia investigation is going on under their noses in this story. a powerful political figure attempting to interfere with a federal investigation as debbie wasserman schultz did when she threatened the head of capital police. we have actual criminal elements, this guy was arrested trying to flee the country, interference from foreign politicians, everything they have been looking for in the russian investigation and failed to find is staring them in the face. heather: his attorney is denying
2:36 am
charges and has ties to the clinton family, the attorney does in terms of their campaign. rob: more fun with politics and more to come on this story. the new white house communications director anthony scaramucci vowing to take a hard line against the leaks pouring from the west wing. >> we will let people go if we have to. one of the big problems is senior people ask junior people a leak for them. rob: some leaks came from obama administration political holdovers, people still working in the current administration, vowing to crack down on those who want to hurt donald trump's agenda. heather: house republicans focusing on james coming back according to the washington post, the judiciary committee passed an amendment relating to
2:37 am
his communication with the obama administration, interested in handling the email investigation and the alleged a leaked memos with meetings with the president. two democratic pennsylvania mayors epicenter of a pay for play probe indicted, the mayor of allentown and former mayor of reading with bribery and fraud charges saying both abuse their citizens trust. >> they put a for sale sign in front of city hall in redding and allentown to sell their offices to the highest bidder. heather: 11 people tied to those cases have pleaded guilty. rob: immigration and customs enforcement cleaning up the streets of new york arresting 114 immigrant criminals in 11 days, 97 out of 114 have serious
2:38 am
criminal conviction like sex crimes and drug crimes, this before donald trump's arrival in long island to discuss taking down the ms 13 gained which includes illegal immigrants. 15 members of that gang were arrested for murder. heather: might be too late to say sorry for justin bieber. rob: running over paparazzi with his truck outside a church. heather: this was breaking news this morning, he was trying to leave an event in beverly hills when the accident happens, he stayed on scene offering to help and pray for the man we are told will be okay. >> no tickets were handed out. he canceled several tour dates citing unforeseen circumstances. heather: it happened outside a
2:39 am
church and the kardashians were also there. rob: hopefully not having a britney spears moment. 38 after the hour, terrible story, the ohio state fair, disastrous malfunction killing one person, injuring several others and we are live at the scene. heather: urgent warnings about a nuclear north korea and their plan to strike our shores within a year. >> my name is dylan harden >> my cake was the shape of your house. >> carly shimkus with donald trump's new best friend, can't wait to hear it. heather: acute story. after a dvt blood clot... i sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis.
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the toothpaste that helps new parodontax. prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first, rolling stone magazine wants to know why can't canadian prime minister
2:43 am
justin trudeau be our president? rob: because he is canadian. carly shimkus with this cover. >> reporter: rolling stone magazine getting a ton of reaction for its latest cover. the magazine features a picture of canadian prime minister justin trudeau with an exclusive headline, why can't he be our president? the article details the policy differences between the two with trudeau saying though they disagree on a lot of stuff, they do have a constructive working relationship. social media is up in arms over this which was probably rolling stone's master plan, tony said we had him for the last eight years, they can move to canada if they desire his leadership. still talking about moving to canada. pollen twitter rights not only is he wrong for the us but there is that pesky documents called the u.s. constitution in the way
2:44 am
and scooter says cover band, not politics, your political opinions are just noise. rolling stone appears to have a rosy relationship with trudeau. his approval rating is 50%. a little cooler up north. rolling stone not a fan of donald trump but he has at least one. this is such a great story. there was a touching moment in the white house press briefing in stark contrast to what we are used to, white house presbytery sarah huckabee sanders kicked things off with an adorable fan letter from a little boy with an interesting nickname. >> my name is dylan but everybody calls me pickle. i like you so much that i had a birthday about you. my cake was the shape of your hat. i hope you are watching because the president wanted me to tell
2:45 am
you hello. >> his name is dylan so dill pickle. hannah pointed that out. i didn't get it either. daniel's mom and dad say we need more of these make you smile moments, how can we not all route for the same team when seen through a kid's eyes. this is sweet, hope the president will send him something. j tv on social media says this is an awesome idea. i was saying on facebook white house page last week they should do this, hope they do more. read a letter every now and then. have a little levity about press briefing. >> they should bring the kids to the white house. >> we want to know who he is. speaking of levity, this story, let's see how you guys do, right after former white house press secretary sean spicer announced
2:46 am
his resignation, can't wait to see sean spicer waltz on dancing with the stars, that possibly could happen. there is a report that dancing with the stars is actually courting sean spicer. they want him to be on the show. what happened? i can't imagine him. come on, do it so people actually do want to see him do this. we got to get janice dean out here. rob: if they show him the money he will probably do it. >> i am free on weekends. i can dance. rob: let's go to brian kill need with "fox and friends". >> we will dedicate all three hours to sean spicer, how will he do on dancing with the stars? we have time to roll commercial. we have these topics, stand by gino, we will talk to kellyanne conway about the president's
2:47 am
agenda, kennedy on the economy and mark stein on the attorney general sessions situation. we want to save you a lot of money so you can spend it on other people. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends". hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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no. alright, see you down there.
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heather: a deadly accident at an ohio theme park. rob: a terrible story. >> reporter: the ride which malfunctioned so horribly at the ohio state fair was inspected at several stages and signed off as safe. last night something went horribly wrong on the fireball, a ride which sent passengers
2:51 am
earning and swinging 40 feet into the air. cell phone video of the exact moment the ride broke apart mid-swing, it crashes into something. we don't want to show the entire thing but watching it was helpful to trauma doctors, one man killed, 7 other people hurt, two critically. it was the first day of the state fair in ohio, one of the largest in the country, bystanders cannot believe what they were witnessing. >> it just flew apart. had her legs just like her whole leg -- and hit the ground. rob: the governor has ordered a full investigation come all of the rides shut down. the governor will be here and so will those inspectors going over each and every one of these
2:52 am
rides before it is back open. we are going to another fox news alert with new warnings that north korea could strike us shores with a nuclear missile with a year as iran looks to conduct their own lunch. national security expert rebecca heinrich, thank you for joining us. what was your initial response when you heard this information? >> north korea and iran, they have a long history in the past of working together on their missile programs, they might be working together again. both of these nations are rogue nations determined to have the capability to threaten and coerce the united states with a nuclear long-range ballistic missile. the iran deal, only the nuclear program, the iranians can take a lot of money they had because of the iran deal of the previous administration and use it for
2:53 am
their ballistic missile program. i can't stress enough how badly this deal has hurt american security. the american government has got to figure out what to do because we cannot allow either of these countries to have the ability to coerce the united states. heather: how to do we get to this point? is one political party to blame over the other? >> both political parties deserve a lot of the blame because neither one did something to stop the programs. on all of this there was bipartisan work that put pressure and sanctions on iran over the years but it was the obama administration that released those sanctions because of the iran deal and we are suffering the consequences. we have got to get the ballistic missile defense system in place and invest in the ones that protect the united states homeland because the obama administration cut the missile defense budget especially the piece that protect the united states homeland and half. we have got to reinvest in that and get sanctions back on and come up with credible deterrent
2:54 am
mechanisms the countries know the united states won't allow them to have these programs come to fruition. heather: what would those credible resources be? we have seen sanctions not working. >> there are more sanctions on iran piece because of the iran deal, we have to start ramping them up again. on the north korean piece we have to put pressure on china. china has to understand they cannot be the enabler of north korea so more sanctions on china but you have to have wargames with our allies to show these countries the united states is willing to build a coalition and threatened them with force if we need to. heather: we are running out of time. i want to touch briefly if we have time on the announcement yesterday the president made in terms of transgenders and how you see that working into what is going on in the world today. >> i agree with donald trump's decision to reverse the last-ditch effort of the obama
2:55 am
administration to reverse pentagon policy. we are a compassionate nation but compassion does not mean we throw reality to the wind. individuals who have transgender identity, do not identify with their biological reality have an increased mental problems of anxiety, 40% commit suicide at some point in their life, these are real considerations the pentagon has to consider. all personal positions have to be weighed against the primary mission of the military and that is to protect the american people and fight and personal decisions don't help with that end we shouldn't do them so now it is just a matter of pentagon figuring out how to implement the policy. rob: it is 5:55. and alligator gone wild, add gator wrestling to this officer's list of duties. police body cam video. ♪
2:56 am
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rob: time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. first the good. a baby boom in chicago happens to be nine months after the cubs won the world series. heather: the bad. a cop wrangling an alligator with his bare hands. caught on camera at a home in boynton bottom of, florida. rob: your roomba could be
3:00 am
spying on you. the company making robot vacuums reportedly thinking about selling the data to google. if you have a baby they might sell that information as well. heather: i had one of those. i couldn't get it to work. rob: you probably don't want it. heather: "fox & friends" starts now. >> it has been a busy week in washington i. in the senate republicans are making one last effort to pass a genuine appeal to obamacare. >> the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own healthcare choices again. >> unfortunately the president's efforts to make this country greater than ever before is under siege from a wave of leaks. >> some people think we are naive and when i said i'm going to get rid of the leaks. i know i'm in assess pool called washington. >> jeff sessions some of what he has been asking for. fox news is learning he will reportedly launch an investigation into those


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