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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter, remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice." president trump shakes up the white house putting a general in charge to crack the whip and plug the leaks. >> it's time to make sure everybody working in the administration is on the president's agenda. judge jeanine: it's the right move at the right time and it's tonight's opening statement. we are going for a little walk and finds how protected we are from those who want to cross our border. i saddle up along the arizona-mexico bored and take you on an exclusive ride. you will see firsthand how easy
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it is for an illegal to walk right in. for those people who think the border is protected by a fence. it's not. saddle up. "justice" starts now. welcome to justice. thanks for being with us tonight. first up my opening statement. as president trump stops the treasonous bleeding and leaking in the white house. a california democrat has flipped her lid. take a look at this from california representative barbara leave. quote, by putting general john kelly in charge president trump is militarizing the white house and putting our executive branch in the hands of an extremist. will so one please tell me why it is ever since donald trump became president you democrats
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have lost your minds and are in a constant state of psychotic rage? militarizing the white house? are you crazy? you are the ones who openly contemplated blowing up the white house. you leftists are the ones contemplating destroying property and burn down buildings to prevent us from exercising our first amendment free speech rights. now elected congresswoman lee from berkeley had the unmitigated gal to trash the highest ranking military officer to lose a child in the post 9/11 war on terror, who is the resippent of the legion of met it and countless others during this more than 40 years in the ma frein corps where he rose to the ranges of a four-star general.
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miss lee, i'll bet you didn't snow general kelly's storied career in the military was so respected, he was even appointed by your former leftive iran-loving leader barack obama as the head of the u.s. southern commands. general kelly has done such extraordinary work in the short time at homeland security that there is a decrease of 70% of illegals crossing our borders. who is this congresswoman barbara lee? a patriotic american, a civil servant work on our behalf? guess again. she was the upon member of congress to vote no on the use of military force against terrorists after the september 11 attacks in 2001. the final vote 420-1. she was the one.
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her reasoning, quote, it was a blank check to the president to attack anyone involved in the september 11 event anywhere in any country without regard to our nation's long-term foreign policy. she adds, i could not you are port such a grant of war-making authority to the president. i believe it would put more innocent lives at risk. so barbara, what are we supposed to do? bury our loved ones and turn the other cheek and wait for them to hit us again? and barbara, your legislative efforts from just as popular on the defense authorization act. you once actually put up a member of the communist party to name a post office after. in a world where the naming of a post office is so easy it never fails, your recommendation was the on time the naming of a post
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office was defeated in congress. i know you are from california and represent the berkeley area, but i'm worried all that pot smoke in the air scrambled your brain. you are kinds of crazy puts all americans at rise knowledge. as we face the nuclear power, north korea, iran and others who want to destroy this great nation. there is no better person, no better leader. no one more knowledgeable to help the president run the rest wing of the white house than general john kelly. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter hashtag judge jeanine. joining me is congressman darrell issa. good evening. do you know this woman? >> i do, judge. i was one of those people who got to vote no on that postal
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naming some years ago. you can't make these things up, you really can't, judge. judge jeanine: is she from the berkeley area? >> she is, and she reflects the values of that region, ear at least one portion of it. the term extreme is bantered around. i think she would know about the extreme on the left. what she doesn't know is general kelly is one of those unusual people that can rise above partisan politics so superbly that both the left and the right except for the far extremes respect him, support him, consider him a superb choice. he was not controversial in his successes as a 2, 3, and 4-star general. he has not been controversial in execute and enforcing the law's
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written during this time as homeland security secretary. when he comes to organize the white house to make it work for the president and for the administration's success, he won't be controversial except by those who want to see the administration fail. judge jeanine: to put the white house on track, that suggests reince priebus was the wrong person for the job? >> well, you know, one of the challenges is, if you want to put somebody in charge of a dozen cabinet officers and have nose he goes and successful people were governors, senators, very, very successful people, top people in business and tell them you get to the president through me. i'll take care of your problems and in most of cases i will save the president time so that he can do what he needs to do. reince was unable to do that. he was unable to intercept those people and solve their problems
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without using up -- the president was working triple time. with this man those cabinet officers respect the fact they will go to the general first. he will probably take care of 99% of the problems and that will make this administration more effective which is the reason why this position has belonged to strong, successful respected people like james barrack and others. judge jeanine: let's talk about anthony scaramucci and the dust-up. i assume you know anthony as do i. he's a good friend. he's just like secretary kelly. he's a blue collar kid from a working family. he grew up in the rough and tumble tough world. he's a harvard graduate, but not through the front door was daddy's name was on it. he earned everything over the years and he plays tough. in many ways he's like the man from queens, president trump.
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he tells it like it is. he doesn't pull punches. he believes he was done wrong by reince an said so to somebody who might was off the record and took advantage of it. he did not walk away from his comment. he said i said it. big you know what deal. jean require was typical scaramucci. i know him, up love the guy. he's a straight shooter. he's who the president needs. but, you know, there were some people who said if you are going to be in charge of common cases you have got to know if you are on or off the record. if this reporter didn't respect that, then that's a problem. but i have got to tell you something. there is one thing. this reporter in the article said unlike other trump advisors he never heard scaramucci say a bad word about the president.
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that was depressing to me. that meant not on are his advisors saying bad things about him. there needs to be a total sweep and i suspect more is coming. >> anthony loves the president. he sees a person who is so much like him in his drive and passion to help the american people. and he's truly 100%. he's 100% committed to the president being successful. a lot of people in the white house so far have not fit that mold. they have had their own agenda. it's the reason secretary kelly and anthony scaramucci, their job is to clean up those leakers who cared more about their own agenda. judge jeanine: does scaramucci go through kelly? >> no he will have the direct ear of the president. it's two different jobs. those 2 secretaries have policy
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and scaramucci communicates. judge jeanine: joining me now with more reaction to the latest staff shakeup at the white house, former deputy campaign manager and fox news contributor, day jid bossie. could you have predict candidate what happened this week in the west wing? >> i any the writing was -- i think the written was on the wall as many of us saw that there would be a change. did i see general kelly getting the job in not necessarily. judge jeanine: my chief assistant was a 2-tar general taught me about chain of command and nobody went around that chain of command. with general kel why it position of homeland security secretary is open and there is talk of
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jeff sessions filling that position. do you think that's a good idea? >> i think attorney general sessions would make a spectacular secretary of homeland security. he's extremely passionate about those issues at the top end of those job requirements. something general kelly has done an incredible job at. and many other issues that the secretary of homeland security needs to do. i think the attorney general is one person. i think tom bossert, the homeland security advisor to the president in the white house is a very talented guy is also somebody i think should be considered. there is a host of others that could take that job. i think the president is going to add a quality person to his team. judge jeanine: you move jeff
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sessions out and bring somebody in who is attorney general who overoversees -- oversees mueller. >> it could solve a bunch of problems all at once. judge jeanine: let's talk about scaramucci. the dust-up. you worked with anthony as well? >> i just heard you and the congressman talking. add me to the friend list of anthony scaramucci. we were in a fox hole together during the campaign and during the transition. there was no more fierce defender of the president than anthony scaramucci in those days in september and october. the toughest days. i'm glad anthony is there. i think that anthony learned a tough lesson in his first few days, and he's the first to tell you -- speak honestly and forthcoming to a report and have it cop outlining that is a tough
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thing. that's going to benefit him and it will benefit the president in the future. judge jeanine: when you trust someone and you say it's off the record. you can never ever assume it's off the record. we have all been burned. once we have been burned, we never do it again. >> it definitely leaves a mark. judge jeanine: as we go forward with what's happening in the white house, the president has lost the fight so far for healthcare. are republicans sabotaging their own party and the president? >> i don't know if they are sabotaging. nors cal rinse, murkowski and john mccain certainly did this week. i think they need to be held to account. if they are not held to account, when it comes to tax reform and
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big idea the president want to get through congress, there will be nors who decide to take their own road. we need to have the repeal and replace bill brought back and discussed in the senate and i think they are going to do that very shortly. judge jeanine: i was reading freedom works, the club for groart and for america are calling out lisa murkowski, rob portman and shelly pepito. they voted for it when they knew there wasn't a shot of it passion. american people should understand, irrespective of where you stand on the issue. when you have republicans saying one thing out of one side of their mouth and when they can get something passed say
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something else, then it's time to take them out. >> it is. these people run campaigns on it and then they do the exact opposite when they get here to washington. it's very frustrating. it's the reason donald trump is president of the united states. the american people are tired of politic as usual and they are tired of the swamp. they sent donald trump here to drain that swamp. he's trying hard and the american people need to understand that these people, the insaidous nature of -- the insaidous nature of washington is stopping him they work their finger to the bone every day to try to get their agenda through. judge jeanine: tough talk from the president on long island. new york congressman lee zeldon was with the president and he
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gives us an account of what's going on on the front lines against the brutal ms-13 gang. i'll take you along some vulnerable part of the u.s. border with mexico both during the day and in the dead of night. see how easy it is for some illegals to literally stroll into this country. if they police and patrol the area, they can see shadows and individual coming along the border irrespective of how black it is. about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you [grandma] you misplaced your you have wells fargo, right? [grandson] yeah. [grandma] open up the app. [grandson] okay. [grandma] and turn off your card.
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judge jeanine: president trump with an emotional speech friday vowing to hunt down every member of ms-13 and other vicious gangs that murder innocents in our country. joining me new york congressman lee zeldin. good evening. you live in the area on long island where the president was and where as i understand it, 17 innocents have been killed by
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ms-13 gang members in the last year? >> yes. we had a surge lately. we had four killed, a high-profile incident that took place a few months ago. in ms-13 you are not allowed out. there was someone who tried to get out. they killed that person as well as three other people. they used machetes. it's a slow, painful death. we have been waiting for the calvary to show up. the president made it worse. the president showed up yesterday with all the resources to help us protect our community. it's great. judge jeanine: when there was this migration from central america through mexico, they were gang members with the tags saying you can't keep me out here. i spoke to border patrol members about that.
6:23 pm
it's frightening but you have to say how is it they got from the southern border to long island. is the president flying them up there? who's paying for them? >> the obama administration was encouraging more unaccompanied minors to come over the border. you hand over your child to a coyote and you are required to smuggle illegal drugs across our border. they come across our border. they are sent to families. judge jeanine: based on what. >> they are supposed to have mandatory court appearance, they never show up. >> these kids are completely set up for failure. they go into the school, they are recruit as early as 5th, 6th and 7th grade.
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there is no way for these kids to succeed. judge jeanine: it's so sad that americans, i have had parents of victims of these ms-13 gang members. nobody deserves anything like that. they don't deserve to be here. if somebody is a member of ms-13, at least we have general kelly moving to the white house and sessions saying deport them. but what we need now, the president made it clear in the speech. we need more money for i.c.e. agents, we need more money for the border wall, we need more money for immigration judges. you are a congressperson, are you ready to give them the fund they need to get these people out and prevent them from coming back? >> absolutely 100%. everything you just mentioned. it's giving this president every resource necessary to indict these people, deport them, punish them, and send a strong
6:25 pm
message to central american parents not to send their kids up here it's not just murder it's gang rape, drug trafficking, human trafficking. list goes on. we see a total about-face from the obama administration creating more of a problem for my constituents and my community. this president is doing everything within his power, all resources to protect my community whether it's brentwood in central islip. we want to take our community back. judge jeanine: the president from queens. quongman lee zildin. thank you for what you do. your exclusive look at the
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marianne: i'm marianne rafferty. the u.s. responds to an iranian report of unprofessional conduct. the navy is denying some of the claims saying iran armed boats were approaching navy ships at a high rate of speed. navy tried to establish communication but received no response so they send the out flares. an injunction on abortion restrictions. they were approved earlier this
6:31 pm
year. but abortion rights supporters fought the restrictions saying it's nearly impossible for a woman to have an abortion. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: another big week for the trump administration and a lot to talk about. david avella. i'll give you 10 seconds each. general kelly. go ahead, chris. >> i think it's a good move. i'll give credit where credit is due. they need someone to bring order to the white house. the only question is will the president give him the respect he needs in that job? if he does, it will be a good move. judge jeanine: kelly knows what
6:32 pm
he's getting into. >> he has gone the results. the fact is americans like the direction the trump administration is going. a 2.9% economic growth. president obama averaged 1.4. it's fueled by the fact that consumers are spending money. consumers spend money when they are in a good mood. >> be careful about taking credit for the economy this soon into the administration. the obama administration has been at 1.5 they would have been saying, oh, my gosh, we are parting the ocean and we are the reason for this. >> it's great that the economy is doing well. nobody even knew that this week because of all the turmoil in the white house.
6:33 pm
>> americans night because they are out spending money. they know exactly where the economy is. judge jeanine: the left-wing media is the one focused on this so-called dye chaos. house judiciary republicans are calling on the attorney general for a special counsel to investigate the obama administration. loretta lynch's role in meeting with clinton and the tarmac. comey agreeing to mislead the american people with the matter and not investigation, and that beacon' honesty, hillary clinton. what do you think, david? >> this is a pretty -- a justice department that did more to elect democrats than the democratic national committee and cover up for their actions should be looked at. the reality is the justice department should stay focused
6:34 pm
on what jeff sessions has them focused on which is securing the bored and take care of the most of violent criminals out there and giving more tool to the law enforcement start and local. >> if they want to investigate, they have the house judiciary committee. they don't want to have to sit there with a strong progressive woman who will make them look like the little boys they are. they should do their own investigation from the house. judge jeanine: you are not getting it, chris. they are look for someone who has access to a grand jury. we heard about collusion, russia, russia. no facts, no evidence, no nothing. now you have got problems with the fbi director saying that the head of the justice department is trying to get him to say something that's not true, and you have hillary clinton taking money from everyone. >> judge, she words smith one
6:35 pm
word for him. if you want a special prosecutor and spend millions of dollars have eight. she is a private citizen and you know better than anyone a prosecutor can prosecute. judge jeanine: republicans need to put on their big boy pants and start punishing the democrats for the crimes they committed. >> they don't have big boy pants, that's their problem. >> another scandal that's developing is debbie wasserman-schultz and what her i.t. department dain and what as given in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars they had shifted to a foreign bank account. >> judge, this is the congressional equivalent of i
6:36 pm
know you are, but what am i. you know better than that. judge jeanine: what does that mean? >> i don't know what it means. >> you are investigating us? we are going to guest investigate you. judge jeanine: you go where the evidence takes you. what happened with that last administration? eric holder lied in front of congress, was held in contempt. then loretta lynch as far as i'm concerned meeting with the husband of a target of an active criminal investigation. every attorney general knows you don't do that. then the corroborating evidence of what she wanted. these people are criminals. >> so should sessions be held in contempt? he lied to congress during his confirmation hearing. judge jeanine: he recused himself when most of think he didn't have to because he has integrity. >> he lied more.
6:37 pm
judge jeanine: david, last word. i have got 3 seconds. >> the obama administration justice department did more to cover up and elect democrats than any administration that ever happened. is there a reason for investigation? certainly. judge jeanine: the sheriffs, the border patrol and a lot of drugs. i'm take you to the border and i'll give you a first-hand look at what's found on a regular basis.
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judge jeanine: this week i traveled to the u.s. arizona-mexico border so you could see how easy it is for illegal immigrants to enter our country. you will see the border through night vision on horseback as you have never seen it before. but first i saddled up during daytime with special friend. me and ma til today are on the border in arizona. we are going for a little walk to find out how protected we are from those who want to cross our border. ma til today, so me your teeth. i didn't bring my gloves. as you can see we are coming to
6:43 pm
the end of the 20-foot fence and going further there is virtually no fence. there is virtually no fence. so for those people who think the border is protected by a fence virtual or otherwise. it's not. people can simply walk across the border from mexico into the united states. you are the sheriff of cochise county. what is the impact of this fence? >> the fence is a deterrent. it's a symbol to tell people to not come across here. 33 years working in this county and seeing the lack of will to secure the border. we have a president who put the will in place. 80-90 percent of the drugs 24578 that come into our country come across this border. we have 90 people a day dying of
6:44 pm
opioid overdoses. problems with solved in community, not washington, d.c. don't forget us. talk to the people who live it day in and day out. this president respects and understands that. judge jeanine: what do you want to say to president trump? >> keep up the good work. he has a realistic opinion of what's happening on the southern border. in six months, for 30 years none of the other presidents even wanted to talk about it. we sponsored three guys to become citizens. they learn english, learn the constitution, they become citizens. judge jeanine: this fence is 15 feet high. as you can see it end literally as we continue to walk along the
6:45 pm
u.s.-mexico bored, what you have is a literal pass andway. >> we -- passageway. >> we live on the bored. judge jeanine: what was the scariest situation you encountered. >> 10-15 years ago someone was in our house. and my daughter was confronted by a runner. suspected drug runner. judge jeanine: you can see this border fence has been lifted to accommodate the monsoon? is that what's going on? as you sit in your house do you see people coming across your ranch who are illegal? >> i have had people walk in my utility room. i had them try and break in as they watched my husband drive down the road. judge jeanine: you are the
6:46 pm
patrol agent in charge of this area on the border. what do you want america to know? >> we are not giving up. we are working together and we are here to improve the quality of life for our community as we cure this border. judge jeanine: what would you say to president trump. >> we do need the wall in places. >> we persevere. we have been trying for 25 years to get somebody to listen. they need to make sure there are enough agents along the international boundary to protect the citizens north of here. judge jeanine: ways your message for president trump. >> i don't try to tell somebody in manhattan how to maintain the empire state building and i don't think someone should tell me how to maintain my personal property. judge jeanine: next i visit the border in the dead of night for
6:47 pm
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice" and part two of my trip to the arizona international border. a first-hand look at half a
6:51 pm
million dollars worth of drugs seized in one stop. today an active stop? more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana seized. >> our agents encountered 24 backpackers and it resulted in the seizure of over 1,000 pounds. judge jeanine: is that unusual? >> no. not unusual. it's definitely a monthly occurrence. 1,100 pounds of marijuana, when they are transporting hair win the's a kilogram it's easier to conceal. judge jeanine: is it harder for drugs coming across the border? >> we have seen an increase in heroin. these are the bundles. judge jeanine: the marijuana is the same size and the same configuration and you realize
6:52 pm
there has to be a huge organization behind the growing and packaging and transporting of it. >> absolutely, a criminal network. judge jeanine: this is heavy. they carry 48 pounds on their back crossing the desert. a van just pulled in with a whole group of immigrants they just picked up at the border. they will be taken inside for processing and taken through the immigration processing system. we are in command and control at nogales. what you see are all the cameras along the border and some of them identifying with that red binging frame. activity that needs to be looked at. we have one camera taking the place of 20 border patrol agents. the technology is so advanced we can't even talk about it.
6:53 pm
you can see it's dark, we are on a dusty road. we are going right to the board tore see what activity is going on. >> this area is common to have illegal airiens jump the fence. we are coming into a shift change so this when it becomes active. judge jeanine: they know when you guys change shift. >> yes. we are about a mile north of the border. so this would be an area you drive through. now with the fences, this is a good road compared to what we used to be driving from. judge jeanine: we are a mile from command and control. you can see it's pitch black. we are 100 mile s from the border itself. how do these people know where they are going? mauve do they -- it's pitch black, there is nothing.
6:54 pm
>> they are paying guides to bring them to the united states and they follow the guides. judge jeanine: is night preferred? >> absolutely. at the end of the day if they are hiding under a tree or running down a trail, it's difficult for an agent to deal with. we have to look under every bush and every tree out there. we don't know if someone is hiding out there. judge jeanine: our seeing is me 100 yards from the border through the night vision border patrol has. as they police and patrol area they can see shadows and see individuals coming along the border, irrespective how black it is, how dark it is. the fact there are no markings and no roads. here we are literally on the border of mexico and the united states. this is part of the fence that has been opened for the what?
6:55 pm
>> for the monsoon season. we have seasonal monsoon rains. a significant amount of water drains through that. if we don't open this up the debris will push down the fence. judge jeanine: if i want to come to the united states, i will wait for monsoon season and i'm crawling through. >> we have a lot of the agents watching the border. judge jeanine: i'm look at a drainage? what is this? >> this is the water draining from mexico into the united states. it's draining underneath the city of nogales. they would tunnel from legitimate sewer drains into this tunnel where they can come out in this area. judge jeanine: they will do that to come into this country? >> absolutely, and to smuggle narcotics into this country.
6:56 pm
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♪ it's happening, it's happening! in the modern world, you can control just about anything with an app. your son is turning on all the lights again! you can do the same with your car insurance with the esurance mobile app. esurance. click or call. judge jeanine: remember to send me on facebook and follow me on twitter or instagram. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. greg gutfeld is next. see you next week.
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>> i learned a new word in polish. i learned it in place at least. when i try to say it i had trouble. i like audio help please. [speaking in native tongue] >> can i hear it over time? five who knew? [cheering] i leave a country for the week and nothing


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