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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 31, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that is a girl stuck upside down between a pole and a wall. this one happened in scotland. video of a friend lighting up the internet. not clear if she was hurt or if she was sober. heather: what in the world? don't try that hammer stunt at home. we repeat. do not. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> i think general kelly is going to restore order to the staff. his title is chief of staff, not chief of the president. >> he is going to have to reduce the drama, reduce both the sniping within and reduce the leaks. >> russia striking back against the threat of new u.s. sanctions on moscow. >> president vladimir putin now ordering the u.s. ambassador in moscow to cut its staff by an astounding 755 diplomats. >> president trump has been all over republicans on twitter, urging them to do whatever it takes to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president will not accept those and said it's time to quote move on. >> this system has failed. that's what the president is saying. that's why he is demanding that congress act.
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>> the horrific scene in los angeles to show you as a van plows into a group of people eating outside a restaurant. at least 9 people are injured. >> let me say this, terrible thing but somebody has got to do it. i am a master legislator. i have never not been impose dollars within my caucus. ♪ ♪ ♪ another brand new day ♪ either way ♪ it's a beautiful morning ♪ steve: is my microphone turned on? [laughter] i love that song. you know what? so does cathy warner out in square, pennsylvania. she emailed us, ainsley. ainsley: she said my husband and i have been married 54 years. his favorite song is it's a beautiful morning.
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he tells me you don't really read these emails. i say he's wrong. is he? steve: you're wrong. ainsley: please show me he's wrong. pete: well down, cathy. ainsley: i wonder what's happening in their house right now, oh my gosh. steve: nobody listens to me. we do read all the emails. pete: we read a lot of them. sometimes they are very amusing. steve: we get thousands of them so we can't respond to each and every one of them. nonetheless, we do read one. for instance the other day we got one on from pete hegseth saying brian is out on monday can i be there. >> pete: pete please, please. ainsley: how was your weekend? pete: gave a speech on saturday. folks fired up. ainsley: military? pete: plucks, the republican party. steve: by the way, not only do we read the email we read the twitter as well. we are trying to get to a million people following us. if you don't follow us right
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now please do "fox & friends." meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about a chapter at the white house today general john kelly who had been at the department of homeland security is going to take over as president trump's chief of staff. and interestingly enough, on saturday night, he and steve mnuchin and wilbur ross of the cabinet all joined the president over at blt david burk's steak house at trump hotel in washington. i understand they all had steaks. i have heard from my sources that when people go to the trump hotel they ask for the steak because they hear the president has the steak so they order it well done. my sources tell me that apparently the president likes it medium and the waiters think it's funny because everybody thinks it's well done no, it's medium. ainsley: note to self next time in washington, d.c. general kelly new chief of staff. taking over for reince priebus, the president just nominated him or put him in that position. is he going to be sworn in this morning at 9:30. it you want to know more about
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his resume pete is going to tell you. pete: retired four star general marine. four tours in iraq including one during the surge. coming from the department of homeland security. he was at southern command. that's why they put him in homeland security to begin with he understands the borders. he was involved in d.c. legislative marine corps for the house and senate. worked for secretaries of states gates and panetta. more nuanced than people think. guys been in the field, is he used to coming in to call it chaos, call it disruptive, call it a new situation. get the facts, take control, and focus on the things that truly matter. he is the chief of staff inside this white house. as corey lewandowski said he is not the chief of the president. he is the chief of staff. is he not going to try to change him. i think he can bring a lot of great things. ainsley: highly disciplined military background. highly respected from both sides of the aisle. if you want to get rid of the leakers put a general in as chief of staff because people
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are going to be scared of him. he is tough. pete: absolutely. steve: why is reince priebus gone? there are many who say, look, he was part of the problem. part of the culture. a part of the white house where they were blabbing to the press all the time. the other thing is many in the white house, and in washington in general realize, wait a minute, he is gone because the obamacare repeal and replacement in the senate failed. it was that deal. hey, reince, i will give you half a year but have you got to give me that it did not work. or, is it dead? if the president of the united states has anything to say about it, it is not dead. and apparently lindsey graham and dean heller along with one other senator. ainsley: that was the president on friday? steve: i have got it here on wonder. >> cassidy met with the president i think on friday talked about this lindsey graham plan. ainsley: he has a new plan by the way. steve: coming back to washington today the senators
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are for two more weeks they are going to try to get that done. pete: president is leading the charge on this. is he going to move on? what's he going to do? no he tweeted over the weekend this. don't give up republican senators. the world is watching. repeal and replace and go to 51 votes. the nuclear option. get cross state lines. unless g.o.p. senators are total quitters repeal and replace is not g.e.d. demand a vote on this. ainsley: when i heard about this over the weekend and read his tweets. i was thinking wow he really wants to push this forward. he ran on this. he has got to get it done. maybe he will decide to move on and focus on tax reform. this repeal and replace taken up so much time. now, mitch mcconnell, the leader who says you have to stay for another two weeks, don't go on vacations. after it didn't pass last week, he said, he said let's just move on. steve: time to move on. ainsley: kellyanne conway was talking about that. listen to what she said about mitch mcconnell. >> the president will not
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accept those who said it's quote time to move on. he wants to help the millions of americans who have suffered with no coverage. they were lied to by the last president. they couldn't keep their doctor, they couldn't keep their plan. we met with the obamacare victims at the house several times now. they are real people. they are suffering. when he talks about the 51 votes. the president is making the case that so many of the components of real healthcare reform, chris, requires 60 votes. pete: i was in the field talking to republicans and conservatives. they want this to happen. he understands the sense that if you are going to preach it for seven years you make it happen. they love this idea that the white house is floating right now, make congress feel the pain. special carve out the management. special privilege to members of congress shockingly not affected by obamacare. they can make a slight tweak and everyone's premiums in congress goes up like other americans. ainsley: some of the insurance companies are, too. the president is saying i want you to feel the pain.
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i might take these away from you if you don't get something done. steve: suddenly they are going maybe we should do something about that. what do you think about that email us at nancy pelosi, if you saw her on one of the shunned shows yesterday. she is currently the leader. we have heard for over a year, probably time for her to go. peter peter leader of the losers of the last election cycles. steve: democrats in the house. by listening to what she said yesterday, it sounds like she is starting to hear footsteps. listen to this. >> let me say this self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody has got to do it. >> i agree with you. >> i am a master legislator, i know the budget to the nnnth degree. i know the motivation of people. i respect the congress. i feel very confident about the support i have in my caucus. i have never not been opposed in my caucus.
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>> what are the chances the democrats win back the house in 2018 and if so will you run for speaker. >> that's so unimportant. what is important is that we have the lively debate on a better deal, better pay, better jobs, and a better future. steve: i don't believe that last answer where she says it's not important if we win in 2018. she wants to be speaker again. and when she says i'm a master legislator, a negotiator, what she is really saying is i'm a master at raising money for everybody in my caucus. if you want the money, the nancy pelosi dollars, you better stay in line. pete: i'm a master legislator. it's like i'm master author. i'm a master broadcaster. ainsley: i hate to toot my own horn but i'm going to anyway. that last comment talking about unity and work together but yet the democrats aren't participating at all in helping with obamacare and changing a failing policy. pete: you said it great, she is hearing footsteps. realizes you can't keep losing and keep your job and
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resisting isn't going to work in perpetuity. ains ainsley you said reince priebus might have lost her job because sh she couldn't pass obamacare. steve: leader of the house democrats, they have lost so many seats. people are going she is great at raising money just not good at winning races. pete: so many losses they can't block anything in the house. ainsley: send us your emails because we do read them. steve: we do. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: you were standing like a lebanon chron becoming master. let's start with this. afghan security forces battling isis gunmen trying to overtake the iraqi embassy in kabul. brand new video just in showing smoke rising from a car bomb that blew open the embassy gates allowing gunmen to break. in the fire fight reportedly still going on at this hour.
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all embassy staff were evacuated but it's not clear if anyone has been hurt. to another fox news alert right now, a massive manhunt throughout the night after 12 inmates break out of prison. just one of them still on the loose. weave will get to that story in a second. police though still looking for brady kilpatrick after he escaped overnight in alabama. he is in jail for drug possession. two of the other recaptured inmates in were in jail for murder. telling people to stay in their homes as they try to track down the remaining prisoner. not clear how the dozen inmates were able to get out. senator john mccain continuing fight from brain cancer today. statement from office say he will undergo startinged radiation and chemotherapy in arizona. we are also now learning the senator received a phone call from former vice president joe biden ahead of his stunning healthcare vote last week. biden reportedly asking him to go against the repeal. today a vietnam veteran will
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become the first to receive the medal of honor from president trump. former army medic jim mclou ghan. he was deep in the war zone. rocket powered grenade. ran through enemy fire to save those men. he joined "fox & friends" a few weeks ago. >> that's the biggest reward that i have. i would never demean the medal of honor, but having said those 10 lives, that's the biggest reward i have. my wife hates it when i say, this but i'm not a hero. any veteran will tell you that the heroes are no longer with us. >> typically a medal of honor is given within the five years of the act of heroism. thanks to new legislation he is eligible. that's a look at your headlines on this monday mornings. we will keep you both posted. steve: what a story. ainsley: is he a hero. pete: there needs be a review especially of the current. there is no current living medal of honor recipient.
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none. you this man's story is incredible. hope to see more like it. steve: they had to change the law to allow him to get this. ainsley: that's interesting. i wonder if the president knows that. now he does if he is watching. pete: it's a critical one. guys of our generation think about it all the time. steve: former it staff was arrested trying to run away from pakistan. right now debbie wasserman shultz could be the one in the hot seat. is it time for her to testify? we're going to talk to fellow florida congressman ron desantis next. pete: michael moore just went off on president trump calling him a loser. so the internet stepped in and reminded him hot real loser is. wait until you hear the details on this. steve: i got a feeling i know ♪ tak take a slow ride ♪ take it easy ♪ slow ride ♪ take it easy
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let's talk to florida congressman, is he a republican and house oversight and government committee member ron desantis joins us from jacksonville. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay. when it started to hit the fan back in february, all the members of congress fired this guy and his family except debbie wasserman shultz who kept him on the payroll. >> i know steve. i think this is really curious why he was kept on the payroll. it wasn't just him that was busted in february. he had family members. a couple friends. all these guys although they weren't qualified. they made over $4 million from democratic members of the house of representatives since 2009. i think it's questionable what they were doing during that time. we would have to investigate that. of course, they had access to intelligence any and house foreign affairs committee members personal email and it accounts. there is some very sensitive information there on there.
3:19 am
this could be a significant security breach. steve: this guy was frantically leg dating real estate holdings on the day of his arrest. it would be nice to hear what happened to him. it would be nice for her to come out and sit down in the chair in front of congress so that she could do some explaining as many others have in the last couple of months. >> that's right. because there is going to obviously be financial crimes here that will be prosecuted criminally. i think that's just window dressing. what was he doing with this money? he has connections to hezbollah linked character in iraq. is he sending money to pakistan. i think there is going to be more than just the financial crimes on its face. but, in the house of representatives, we have to investigate how our systems may have been compromised that will require putting people in the chair. steve: sure. speaking of the house of congress that you work at, the house of representatives, you guys get special subsidy to purchase obamacare. do you think that president trump is right in suggesting
3:20 am
that maybe it's time to end that subsidy for you guys and your staff? >> well, i decline the subsidy. it's not right and i don't take it because i don't think it's lawful. i think the president would be absolutely within his right to cancel the obama rule that conferred this subsidy on congress. other americans who were in these exchanges are not getting employer subsidies. it's illegal. yet, somehow congress gets a work around. i applaud the president for raising this issue. i think if he moves swiftly on it i think you would see a lot of these members and senators would want to work to repeal obamacare very quickly. steve: if he moves swiftly. it sounds like you think obamacare repeal and replacement bill is not dead. >> no. i don't think it can be, steve. you can't promise things for seven years, walk away from the table and then maintain these illicit subsidies while you are doing that? give me a break. steve: thank you very much for joining us on this monday. >> any time. steve: all right.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ainsley: welcome back. we have a fox news alert. blasting vladimir putin after expelling 755 diplomats from russia. calling it regrettable and uncalled for act. the move in retaliation against new sanctions approved by u.s. congress. and another fox news alert. the u.s. could impose new sanctions as early as today on venezuela as chaos rocks the streets of the country's capital city.
3:25 am
at least 10 people are dead in those clashes with government forces after venezuela's election officials said more than 8 million people voted to grant president nicholas virtually unlimited power. that count is being highly disputed. steve: meanwhile, a brand new special takes in-depth look at unexpected face of addiction following recovered heroin addict who has made it his life's mission to help others get clean. >> i overdosed on heroin, hit two cars and almost killed four people. i'm the guy get them in to treatment. it's one addict helping another addict. todd: that's dope man and premiers tonight on a&e. here to share their incredible project is actor and producer jason you remember him from the wonder years and
3:26 am
recovering addict. tim, if you would, just tell us a little bit more about your story. >> i was the guy that struggled with addiction my entire life. i had learning disabilities, add and alcohol and drugs were what i found and in and out of recovery and i picked up heroin at 32 years old and took me down a road hell and destruction. prison twice. my last stent i overdosed while driving, hit two cars, almost killed four people. was given a seven year prison sentence. in the midst of fighting that, my oldest son and i, i was not a father to nic. i was a friend. i let him drink and smoke weed in the house. we ultimately started doing heroin together. i helped kill my own son. when i got out of prison and started turning my life around in august of 201213 my son died from overdose. steve: three years ago. >> three years ago tomorrow. nicholas died for from overdose on 21 month sobriety date.
3:27 am
nic instilled what i do today. here is where we are. it's i carry nic with his ashes he divides me every day. ainsley: you are wearing the cross where his ashes are. did god help you get through. this 100 percent. 100 percent. when i was sentenced to prison i had a $500 a day heroin addict. i can remember vomiting and defecating my cell for two weeks. that's when i looked up and said god, higher power, please take away this obsession and compulsion to use. i swear i will turn my will and life over to you. i was able to get into a correctional center which ran the drug treatment program. i plugged into recovery. my cell mate was a former gang chief all we did 18 hours a day was study the big book of alcoholics anonymous. the bible, read hundreds of books. wrote the business plan for men of recovery foundation in prison. you know, this is what i do today. but, unfortunately, you know, i have attended 110 funerals since my son nicholas died. steve: unbelievable.
3:28 am
>> i have guided and directed over 3,000 people into treatment. most people just don't know how to put their hand up and ask for help. steve: jason, after the wonder years and we all loved you on that show. you started doing reality shows. this is the ultimate reality of where we are as a country right now. there are so many hooked like this guy was on heroin, opioids, on all sorts of stuff. >> i think it takes somebody like tim who is a force of nature to help these people and guide them into recovery and the second that i met him we spent a couple hours together. i knew that he was the real deal and puts in the work, whether cameras are rolling or not. couldn't be happier, more proud of him. our partner a&e network is the right place to be for this show which premiers tonight after intervention. pete: we have a short clip of the show we will pay right now.
3:29 am
>> stay sober a year, got my word, i will give you a job. you have my word i will give you a job. >> you are giving me help? >> whatever you want, dude, i'm always there for you. >> it's just scary. >> it's the first time in a long time i felt like i have a goal. >> do you know what's on the other end? all those dreams, happiness, serenity, all that good stuff. it's there. relax. it's all good. >> thanks a lot. >> don't worry about it, bro. >> thank you, nic. >> just gave another kid a shot at life. >> not many people in prison, unfortunately, if you took a cancer patient and put him in prison for two years and release them. do you think they are cured of cancer, no. take someone with a substance abuse issue and incarcerate them. they get out in 30 days. chances are they are going to be using. youngest heroin addict is 12 years old. oldest is 78.
3:30 am
steve: 12 years old. >> every race, greed, social status. doesn't matter how are. i have worked with billionaire families. ainsley: have you talked to any of the parents. >> absolutely. >> they are very involved. ainsley: so grateful. >> the disease of addiction doesn't just affect me. it effects everyone. the mom, dad, grand pa. and friends. it's a horrific way to live. but the hardest thing for someone to do is put their hand up and say i need some help. steve: for so long, jason, a lot of families haven't talked about it. i love the fact that you talk about billionaire families right on down. used to be such shame associated with this. now every family is impacted if not somebody in your family, somebody who is very close to you has got a problem. >> yeah. and you're right. and over 120 something people a day. >> 144. >> 144 are dying. when he told me a statistic that one in 5 kids in high
3:31 am
school will become addicted in out of those five one of them most likely will die from heroin overdose? i have twins in high school. obviously i can relate to that. and god forbid that happens to my children, their friends. so, it became what i had to do to get involved with him. steve: we will be watching the new show this fall. ainsley: i can't believe have you kids in high school. >> i can't either. ainsley: don't say that. steve: new show is called dope man. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. pete: a fox news alert. president trump vowing to take all necessary measures to protect our of a lies from north korea. general jack keane is here to react next. ainsley: move over beyonce, it is time for all the bowling ladies ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ all the boggle ladies ♪ put your hands up ♪ we had enough
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♪ pete: welcome back to a fox news alert. president trump trying to work out a solution with the japanese overnight as north korea's nuclear threat grows. the two speaking on the phone president trump speaking with abe. further action must be taken. ainsley: this comes after nikki haley says she is done talking about north korea. telling china it needs to step up sanctions against the rogue nation saying, quote, china must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step. the time for talk is over. steve: meanwhile new video showing pro-cautions the united states is taking carrying out the successful antimissile defense test in alaska over the weekend. we also flew some b 1 b bombers over the korean peninsula in the last 24 hours or. so right now let's bring in
3:36 am
retired four star general former vice chief of act for the u.s. army and analyst general jack keane. good morning to you, general. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: what do you think about the president of the united states talking with prime minister abe about all necessary measures will be taken to protect south korea and japan? >> well, much of that is certainly reassuring our allies that we have got their back and moving forward together. and clearly, we know now, because it's been, you know, leaked to us, the american people, that north korea is accelerating their development program in terms of having nuclear icbms possibly sometime next year which certainly is intimidating to say the least. what's really going on with kim, the president of north korea, he is not the irrational person pundits make him out to be. he has calculated that his father and grandfather were wrong and that having a nuclear weapon was sufficient deterrent from the united states ever conducting regime
3:37 am
change by pointing that nuclear weapon at south korea. he has had that nuclear weapon for some time. he believes that the only way to guarantee that the united states will never ever conduct regime change is to hold the american people at risk. and that is why he is developing icbms, nuclear tipped, to reach the united states. his calculation is simply this. once i have that weapon, the united states will acquiesce just like they ach acquiesced wh nuclear weapons in the past. just like they acquiesced when the chinese developed icms himself. ainsley: he tested one july 4th and just tested one this weekend. it's very scary for all of us americans especially when you learn they can reach america. we have done sanctions, we have done shows of force. what are we going to do next. next week it might not be a test. it might be reality. >> it's not going to be next week. he doesn't have that capability. but he is going to continue to test for sure. i don't think we are going to start shooting down his tests
3:38 am
because he has also declared quite successfully that if you conduct a military act against me, that's all out war against south korea. we truly are in a cuff crucible here. the calculation is he making is that he is counting on the behavior of the united states based on previous administrations both democrat and republican. he has a different president in the white house. i'm not convinced that he truly understands what's in front of him with this president. this president is really going to stand up to him. and they are going to do the right thing here, ainsley. they are going all out on sanctions. now, sanctions haven't worked in the past but no one has ever applied them the way this administration is going to do it. they have got to accelerate them to be sure given the timetable in front of us. it's all-in approach with as many nations shutting this country down as possible. and we have to deal with china. as mentioned in the introduction. and we have to get tough with
3:39 am
china over this. pete: certainly is going to be a showdown. new president but also new chief of staff in the white house this morning. general kelly will hold his first meeting this morning in the white house. you know this, general, you have seen him on the battlefield. have you seen him here at home. what kind of different approach is he going to take and how significant is it in light of these international threats that someone like john kelly is where is he. >> the chief of staff, at the end of the day, he has got to be a strong leader. that's what he is truly bringing to the table, years of experience here. it's not so much controlling what people talk about, who goes in and out of the white house, i mean, that's up to the president. he will always have one-on-one access based on who he wants to talk to on a regular basis. they need to keep kelly informed. this is about taking the president's agenda, coordinating it and driving it not just inside the white house, but with all the other cabinet officials and with the congress of the united states. this takes leadership. and that is what he is going to bring to the table in space.
3:40 am
they have taken the number one cabinet officer in this government, and put him in as chief of staff. he has gone from a principle cabinet officer with his own chief of staff and staff below him and made him staff guy. let me tell you, that is a major transition he is going to go through. is he doing it because is he loyal to the president. he cares about the president's agenda and he wants to support him. that's why is he stepping up and taking this role on. steve: you would have thought that reince priebus who was the head of the rnc for many, many years, he could have gotten stuff done in congress because you got them all elected to their offices, but he was not affected. >> the congress is the congress, all right? i don't know all that much about it. but i just watch it like other americans do. and get disappointed by it on a regular basis. certainly, kelly will be responsible for taking the president's agenda to the congress and helping to shape that to be sure. and i believe that he has made
3:41 am
an excellent choice here in general kelly. and i think we'll all get to see that as the weeks unfold in front of us. ainsley: corey lewandowski i was watching him on one of the sunday shows this weekend. whoever is going to be chief of staff needs to remember what i have said all along you have to let president trump be president trump. do you agree with that? >> 100 percent. well, there is no way you can stop that from happening. but you can provided a vice and counsel to the president. i think the president does take advice and counsel, at least from some of the people that i know that talk to him. and he is very receptive to it. but, still, at the end of the day, we have the most different president that we have had since world war ii. and nothing is going to change that. what's most important is not the president's personality. what's most important is the president's agenda. and that is what kelly is going to drive, his agenda. steve: sure. because, general, ultimately, the people of the united states elected him president of the united states because he would run the white house like a business.
3:42 am
and the swamp, where you are sitting right now, they just don't like that. >> well, i don't think the white house is a business. i mean, he has skills, leadership skills as a result of running a business, but the united states government is far from a business. it's the most complicated infrastructure in the country by far. and we have the most important agenda in the country by far. the security and protection of the american people. and we're a global leader. and it's the most complicated thing that anybody could ever try to get their hands around and every president has understood that. since world war ii when we became a global leader. this president certainly understands that you can see what he is doing on the world stage. and he has committed to it. that's a good thing. he needs help. and he is going to get a lot of help from general kelly. i'm confident we're going to see some progress. pete: i hear usc the vice chief of staff from the army so you know a little bit about what you speak. general jack keane.
3:43 am
ainsley: just a little bit? a lot. >> thanks a lot, pete. you have a good day, too. ainsley: thank you for your service. ainsley: this illegal immigrant was deported 20 20 times. now he has committed sexual assault in a sanctuary city. how could this happen? steve: if you were born smart, have you nothing to be proud of. we'll explain that coming up. ♪ ♪ i said, hey, you ♪ get off of my cloud ♪ hey, you ♪ get off of my cloud who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. c'mon, gary! your vacation is very important.
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steve: all right. time for some quick headlines right now. he has been described as one of ms-13's most dangerous members. this morning he is behind bars. douglas alexander herrera hernandez who also goes by the
3:47 am
name terror has been captured in virginia in connection with two muresdz in the state of texas. police say he is an illegal from el salvador. the arrest comes just one day after president trump made an impassioned speech in new york vowing to destroy ms-13. and filmmaker michael moore tries to troll president trump online about the failed obamacare repeal and replacement bill but it doesn't end well for him. moore tweeting, quote. hey, loser, you lost on november 8th and you lost on friday. you hold fake power that was not given to you by the majority of americans. loser. but the internet was quick to respond. one twitter user saying trump broke michael moore's brain. is he so broken that he thinks hillary is president right now. all right. that's some the news. now here is pete. pete: yes, he's wrong. president trump vowing to crack down on sanctuary cities across america. >> that includes cracking down on sanctuary cities that defy federal law. they are releasing them so
3:48 am
many deaths where they release somebody back into the community and they know it's going to end that way. pete: we know he is on to something. those comments come as we learn that another illegal immigrant, this one, who has deported 20 times. 20 times, now accused of breaking into a many would's home and sexually assaulting her at knife point. he had been set free last year in portland, oregon. why? well, because of its sanctuary city status. here to react is oregon g.o.p. chairman bill courier. bill, when folks, listens of ours hear that someone has been deported 20 times, now back in that city of portland, committing crimes against innocent americans, yet, the city defends themselves, why in the world is this still happening? >> well, good morning, pete, from oregon. you know, it's really -- our hearts go out to the latest victim of sanctuary policy here in portland.
3:49 am
this lady was assaulted in her own home, he broke. in he beat other, brutally and raped her before going on to try to do it again later and was caught. but he was caught back in december and released at that time. even though there were crimes because he was given preferential treatment. essential in oregon our governor and mayor wheeler have created a protected class for illegal aliens that commit serious crimes. pete: ice had logged immigration detainer against martinez the illegal criminal in december. but was never notified. and this is what the county has to say about ice detainers and why they don't recognize them then said this in a statement the sheriff's office does not hold people on n. county jail on ice detainiers or conduct any immigration enforcement action. that the is desks, effectively of a sanctuary city. you are saying the laws apply to legal immigrants or to citizens but not to illegals so they are set free to commit more crimes.
3:50 am
>> yep. they are now a protected class in oregon. that is being honored. that pressure protected class is being promoted by governor kay brown and in this case portland mayor ted wheeler. it's based on oregon statute 181 a.a 20 that basically says that state and now local resources, law enforcement resources cannot be used to apprehend or detect someone whose only violation is their illegal presence in the country. they are actually misapplying this law because when someone has committed a crime then they are supposed to cooperate with ice. even if they hadn't credited a crime it's a violation of federal law for them not to cooperate on ice detainers because they are harboring a criminal. pete: of course. kidnapping, robbery, this guy is a bad hombre and needs to be sent home. bill courier, thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet.
3:51 am
pete: all right. still ahead. do you think you know it all? one university has a message for you, if you were born smart, have you nothing to be proud of. wait until you hear this story. ♪ ♪ ♪ booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go. and while i'm gone i can even check on my baby with this doggie cam. oh jack, you're such a good boy. no, jack, what are you doing?
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3:54 am
ainsley: have you heard about the newest privilege? the university of iowa's newspaper introducing us to cognitive privilege. daily jua iowan writer dan williams says the accident of being born smart is a great benefit that you did absolutely nothing to earn. have you nothing to be proud of for being smart. here to react is university of iowa sophomore and campus reform correspondent marina. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. did you go to the school.
3:55 am
you read this article. do you agree or disagree? >> i completely disagree. i have worked hard for my success and i will not have someone writer take it away by saying i was born with it. ainsley: is there a danger in naming all of the different privileges? we hear of white privilege and now cognitive privilege. is there a danger in that? >> oh, absolutely. i'm always told as a hispanic woman, i was born to hispanic single mother that i'm underprivileged. i think it's not true at all. i think it's a cover up to undermine my ability while someone trying to say that they are helping me as a hispanic woman. i don't believe i need any help from anyone that's not myself. ainsley: each smart people. even those with cognitive privileges they still have to work hard to get a job. they still have to go out there in the real world and get a job. just because you are smart doesn't mean you are going to get handouts your entire life, right? >> exactly. hard work is something that should be rewarded.
3:56 am
it's not fair to say that you are born successful. you definitely have earned it. >> what exactly is cognitive privilege for waking up this morning and watching you that didn't read the article. >> the idea that intelligence is something we are born with and have no control over it whatsoever. hard work is not in the equation for success. ainsley: have you talked to the people who wrote this article and if you haven't, what message do you have for that individual now. >> i have not. i would just like to let that writer know, you know, with campus reform we see a lot of these white privilege, male privilege and now cognitive privilege. talking about privilege is going to lead to a generation that believes that they are victims and that they are completely helpless. that is not true. we need to be teaching students that they are capable of doing whatever they can to achieve success and that's not given to them by their color or by the way that they were
3:57 am
been. ainsley: your mother should be proud of you. she did a great job. >> thank you so much. ask. ainsley: thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: john kelly set to be sworn in as chief of staff. what is first on his list to do? do getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional
3:58 am
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♪ >> a new chapter at the white house today general john kelly is going to take over as president trump's chief of staff. ainsley: he's going to be sworn in this morning at 9:30. >> this is about taking the president's agenda, coordinating it and driving it. ainsley: the state department blasting russian president vladimir putin after expelling 755 u.s. diplomats from russia. >> if obamacare is hurting people, and it is, then why shouldn't it hurt insurance companies and more importantly, perhaps, for this discussion members of congress? >> i applaud the president for raising this issue. i think if he moves swiftly on it, they would want to work repeal obamacare very quickly. >> massive manhunt throughout the night after 12 inmates break out of prison. two of them are still on the
4:01 am
loose in alabama. >> let me say this a demotion is a terrible thing somebody has got to do it. i have never not been imposed within my caucus. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to put on ♪ my my my my my ♪ boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you steve: from kansas city, i always liked kc and the sunshine band and apparently so does one of our viewers right now out in tv land. pete: we got email from mercedes in philadelphia. she said hi, pete, not pete first, steve, ainsley and pete. you asked good songs to play, the best song ever to get people up on their feet is kc
4:02 am
and the sunshine band. i want to see you guys get up and dance while it is played. steve: going to be a cold day in new york city when we start dancing in new york city. pete: i will do it. ainsley: janice dean is our dancer. she is a lot better than we are. thank you for watching and sending an email. didn't they shake my booty. i play that for my daughter. i will have to start playing that one. it's a good one. thanks for the idea, mercedes. steve: the reason we start it off. we started first hour song request from somebody who said you never read email anyway but the spouse loves the song. we asked for your songs and asked for you to follow us on twitter. trying to hit a million. bring in the director of legislative affairs marc short. marc, is there a song you would like to start this segment with? >> you know, i'm not much on the k.c. and sunshine band.
4:03 am
i will let you guys lead the music choices. ainsley: let's start about the chief of staff. general kelly is to be sworn in at 9: 30. why do you think the president chose him. >> we are excited. couldn't be more excited to work with general kelly. an american patriot. no family has sacrificed more than he has. we are really excited for a new day here in the white house and get started. pete: marc, you have the title of director of legislative affairs for the president. which means your job is to strong arm the folks on capitol hill to get things done which is a tall task. president has said in light of what happened on friday that he wants to go back to obamacare, keep the senate in recess and make something happen with 51 vote. give us the prognosis where we are on that. >> keep in kind obamacare has crushed the american people. americans are hurting because of it premiums are promised to go down $2,500 father plan. the number of insurers in the
4:04 am
market couple years ago 280 down to 140. cut in half. american people hurt by it we can't let it go. a promise republicans made helped them reclaim the house of representatives in 2010. helped republicans win the senate in 2014. it's a consistent promise we have made to the voter we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. we are one vote short at this point. we are not going to give up on our effort to make sure that this promise is delivered upon. steve: you need help from mitch mcconnell. i know that's your job but he said it's time to move on. lindsey graham has apparently a proposal. and he and two other senators came and talked to the president. what is the status of that? >> well, lindsey graham and senator cassidy from louisiana have an idea that had not yet been scored. part of the process that it would have been scored during what we would have called a conference reported, which is an idea to bring us back to that plan coming out of conference. so we will go ahead and get that plan scored and see if it is something we can talk
4:05 am
about. very excited about the notion of block granting resource was back to the united states and is giving them. something republicans have championed in the past. an idea we are continuing to explore right now. it could be an option for us. ainsley: president had a message to conditioning. he tweeted and said if the new healthcare bill is not approved quickly bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for congress will end soon. essentially saying i'm going to yank your subsidies. you don't have to pay what a lot of people do when it comes to obamacare. i will make you start paying if you don't get this thing repealed and replaced. office of management budget director mick mulvaney was on one of the sunday shows and he had this message for congress. listen. >> i talked to the president at length with that exact issue yesterday. and i think his attitude is. this his attitude is pretty simple. keep in mind. he does have this way of channeling a large number of the american public. what is he saying is look, if obamacare is hurting people, and it is.
4:06 am
then why shouldn't it hurt insurance companies and more importantly for this discussion members of congress? ainsley: what's your reaction to that? >> there is two separate issues. let me dissect them. i think american people will be outraged to learn the history. ahip. american health insurance plan spent over $100 million loan lobbying congress for that billing. why? forced all individual mandate and employer mandate to buy insurance. while lots of people have been crushed by obamacare. the insurance industry has blossomed. they have done extremely well with it. so, in this process, there is also something called cost sharing reductions. csr payments that were never appropriated. the obama administration started to pay them at a cost of $135 billion to tax parsd over the next 10 years. the court here in deck, not
4:07 am
usual will a friend of republicans secretary of defense this the is not legal payment. on appeal at the moment. if little is going to be worked upon that begins to unset those payments. we can finally repeal and replace obamacare. if that's not going to happen, why should the american taxpayers continue to bail out insurance industry? pete: sure. marc, the other side, members of congress, there is a sense that they get a second set of rules than we do. easy way to make sure they play by the same obamacare rules. >> that's exactly right, pete. so what happened later then, when obamacare passed, senator grassry put in an amendment that said if we are going to force this on american people then congress should live under the same law of the land. but in 2013, when obamacare was being implemented, opm and the obama administration put out a special rolling that said that members of congress and staffs don't have to live by this law. we will give them special subsidy to pay for their healthcare. you are forcing us to live with this but you are getting
4:08 am
exemption. something repeal and replace but if it's not going to get to repeal and replace right now it's something we should look at and i think there is a discussion going on about it. pete: how likely is that marc. if i'm a viewer out there. i watch members of congress play by their own rules and this president has the power to say not anymore. don't play these games and put the burden on us. how likely is it that that rule could get changed. >> that's executive branch decision so it is not one that needs congressional authority. perhaps congress would look to overturn executive action in that realm. but, you're right. in many cases, what helped propel donald trump into the presidency is america's outrage about coming living under a different set of rules. president came to help quan the swamp and this is perfect atmosphere. steve: one minute you explained that slush fund that the insurance company loves better than anybody i have ever heard do that thank you very much for that.
4:09 am
you are not here to talk about that today per se. you are here to talk about this is tax reform week. even though initially it was first we have got to do healthcare and then we have got to do taxes. right now because the senate has not cooperated you are moving full steam ahead on tax reform, right? >> we don't want to do it either or. we want to do more. american people takes reform. we need relieve. principlest are simpler and more mayor. that's something all americans are asking for. we need to provide middle class tax relief. that's the wave key with provide what people need the most. ' too many companies have left america because the corporate tax ritz are too high here. be want to keep john jobs. we need to lower that rate so we can make sure jobs are protected in america. fair and simple. middle class tax relief. keep jobs in america.
4:10 am
those are the basic tenets of our tax reform. steve: marc, you mentioned middle class tax relief. we have heard some trial balloons floated that maybe america's most successful people might actually end up paying more. one story out last week said some of the higher earners might pay as high as 44%. >> i don't think that's on the table right now to be honest with you, steve. we don't believe raising taxes is the way to encourage growth. we believe lowering taxes particularly among job creators is the best way to get the economy going. one thing to keep in mind one of the ways to reduce deductions. many people inth high income are not able to take advantage of. we will pay for it by eliminate disughtses and simpler and fair. pete: marc short senate taking less of an august recess. i imagine you are not taking all off either. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, guys. ainsley: let's hand it over to
4:11 am
jillian who has headlines for us. let's get you caught up on what you need to know before you leave the house. starting with a fox news alert. a bombing attack claimed by isis just ending in capital city. brand new video just in to the fox news room. capturing gunshots from intense fire fight following an explosion. [gunfire] apes. jillian: smoke rising from the car bomb that blue over the gates of the iraqi embassy. >> gunmen and began a shootout. all embassy staff were evacuated. there were casualties but not clear at this point just how many. to another fox news alert now. a massive manhunt after 12 inmates break out of prison. no just one of them on the loose. police still searching for brady kirkpatrick. he is in jail for drug possession.
4:12 am
two others were in jail for murder. not clear how they got out. another american citizen shot caicos. he was shot in his you were body and they got away with his laptop. 57-year-old was flown to florida for treatment where is he in stable condition. police are still looking for the suspects. and this comes just one month after an alabama man was shot during an armed robbery on that same island. that's a look at your headlines on this monday as i send it back to you guys. ainsley: very scary. steve: thank you, jillian. >> absolutely. >> steve: 7:12 in new york city. we have a fox news alert. president trump vowing to take all measures to stop north korea. the access he has four options going forward. dr. michael allen coming up next. it took hackers less than two hours to break into voting machines. wait until you hear what they did once they got in to the voting machines
4:13 am
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4:17 am
north korea. vowing to take action with japan by his side. kim jong un fires off another ballistic missile this one capable of reaching the united states. what are america's options weighing forward? here is the author of dear reader autobiography of kim jong il. i love the title unauthorized. he didn't authorize that? so what are our options moving forward? >> there are like four or five options and all horrific in different ways. first of all we have diplomacy. try to string the clinton years. raise the glass to kim jong il and nothing happened as a consequence. they make promises and then lie. not a regime that keeps their word because they are basically a bunch of gangsters and escalation the path we are on. like a game of chicken two cars going at each other as fast as they can to see who will blink first. north korea if they blink they are done. huge incentive not to blink. then the idea of nuclear proliferation.
4:18 am
this might be a clever move. china has a huge sense of leverage over north korea. china doesn't want japan and south korea to have nukes. if we introduce nukes to south korea or japan or threaten this, this might force china to actually put pressure on north korea. then we have the idea of sanctions. during the 1990s when you have sanctions north korean regime chose to let the population starve. he says having too many people makes socialism difficult. if the u.n. brings in food it will make the government superfluous. last very bad choice is military action. seoul is directly south of the border. and no one wants to see the imagery of missiles hitting sky crarps what that would look like and that what that would mean. ainsley: what would you do if you were president. >> i would advocate. reason president obama kicked the bucket. everyone expert on this subject my colleagues and myself know there are no good options.
4:19 am
when these leaders go down like qaddafi and saddam hussein, they are personally killed. that's a huge reason for kim jong un to do anything can he to stay in power. ainsley: how significant is it that he pick up the phone and call japan's prime minister and say we have got your back. >> extremely significant. very important for kim jong un to realize all these different groups, different nations are rallying against you and that you are surrounded and china, russia a little bit. china is the last holdout. it's interesting that president trump tweeted out that china could end this very easily. president trump has access to information that you and i don't. if he is making this claim, this is based on something that he knows. so that would have to be the last holdout. again, china doesn't want 25 million north koreans crossing the border and setting up camp when they don't speak chinese and no skills to offer. ainsley: author of dear reared the unauthorized biography of kim jong il. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: democrats ready to fix healthcare.
4:20 am
what are their ideas and will they work? dr. ezekiel emanuel. move over beyonce and make way for all the bowling ladies ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ put your hand up ♪ we had enough ♪ we're doing our bowling thing ♪ we want to keep thin ♪ and this is it ♪ ♪ usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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4:24 am
in afghanistan. officials say the additional commanders played key roles in the terror group of isis. next up, 178. that's how many central americans were found in an abandoned trailer by mexican officials. the major illegal smuggling operation thwarted in vera cruise 400 miles from the u.s. border. finally in news by the numbers. 90 as in 90 minutes. that's how come it took hackers to break into voting machines at hackin hacking confe in vegas. made them play the 80's's hit never going to give you up. that's funny. that's your news by the number. steve: the goal of the conference inare expose weaknesses in u.s. voting systems. pete: president trump warning congress is willing to let obamacare implode but democrats say they are ready to fix it.
4:25 am
>> i came ou what came out of ts our unity that healthcare is a right for all. not a privilege. medicaid is important to every family in america, whether they know it yet or not. now we have to improve and update the affordable care act. we want to do so in a bipartisan way that can only happen with your continued involvement remember, she is a master legislator. what are her ideas to fix obamacare. here to debate it our fox news medical a team dr. marc siegel and fox news contributor and obamacare architect dr. ezekiel emanuel. thank you both, doctors for joining us. i will start with you, dr. siegel, what are the ideas that master legislators nancy pelosi is going to bring to the table to fix obamacare. >> i hope what she is going to do is talk about ways there have can be agreement on medicaid. 9.5% of the federal budget.
4:26 am
it used to be 2.5% 30 years ago. the democrats are brought up the fact keep people covered but how about we reform it. i also want to bring up a point that maybe dr. emanuel can comment on the federally qualified health centers which have been expanded under obamacare that were originally a bipartisan effort that create a safety necessary for 27 million people in the united states. often in rural areas. pete, they should be maintained. we don't have docks? rural areas. i want malpractice reform. i want to acknowledge how much time we spend in computers. it's healthcare that's in the solution making sure they get the care need not only that this very insurance coverage. pete: we have to improve and update the affordable care act which is an admission that it has failed. what are they going to bring to the table. >> excuse me, improving does
4:27 am
not mean it's failed. if you have a plan that's been in place for seven years, you discover that there are some inintended consequences. you discover things weren't working the way you expected them. that is not mean it's a failure. that is total nonsense. >> some could described it that way. >> congressional budget office and standard and pours does not have a dog in this fight. exchanges rear to stay and relatively stable. pete: are they relatively stable when insurers are fleeing them and premiums are crocket skyrocketing. >> the reason they are fleeing them is because of the republican party. why do insurance premiums go up? uncertainty. you heard the presidency say he is going to go did he talked about enforcing the mandate. uncertainty about insurance. all raise the premiums. 20% increase in premiums uncertainty all created by the republicans.
4:28 am
what do the democrats have in mind? look, we have, i think, bipartisan agreement on two big areas. one are drug prices that they are too high and we need to bring them down. the president is passion spat about that. the american public is talking about the need for affordable recommendation that beans we have to get rid of unnecessary care. get rid of inefficient. >> you can't have affordability with this much. >> those are things that we both. >> let dr. siegel respond. >> go ahead. >> you can't have this level of affordability with this much cost. i agree with drug prices. dr. gottlieb talked about bringing in generics and competition. we need more competition in the insurance place. one size fits all too expensive. in terms of the mandate you are talking about it didn't work. they took the tax penalty. they don't want this huge one size fits all insurance. they want catastrophic option.
4:29 am
they want different joyces of kind of insurance they should buy. and you don't have a mandate that doctors take this insurance. and you don't have a mandate that insurance provided it. so they flee the marketplace and the patient is trapped in a system that doesn't work for them. pete: isn't that the point dr. ezekiel emanuel you can talk about providing insurance but developmentally different ways of delivering that. >> catastrophic. >> republicans have no way of delivering that the only way they of have delivering that is not giving you cheaper insurance but actually throwing away services like mental health services and substance abuse services in the middle of opioid. >> that's a republican approach. let me just finish people are forums were come poised two things. wait to reduce the cost of health services like drugs. uncertainty risk premium insurers put in.
4:30 am
>> do you want to bring people yums down one of the efficient ways is to provide marco rubio and the republicans. stabilizing the government. >> millions of more dollars to stabilize the market is not working. >> no, mark. that is not. pete: you blamed marco rubio for the failure of obamacare. >> it's not a failure. it's actually working very well. 22 million people got coverage and healthcare costs have been stablcosts havestabilized. that's working well. you don't want to admit it's working well. pete: doctors, the debate will continue for sure. we report. you guys represent report and the folks out there will decide. we appreciate it we move on now to a fox news alert. chilling details in a foiled terror plot to blow up an airplane. the would be terrorist wanted to use poison gas. how the u.s. is responding this morning. well, shifting to a slightly different topic.
4:31 am
we're having a pool party. the story of how he became a swimmer is incredible. collin jones is up next. ♪ we can glow brighter ♪ than the sun ♪ now i know ♪ i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet... ...backsweat and gordo's everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪
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4:35 am
ainsley: glad to have you here. start with headlines. fox news alert. jillian: a number of stories we are following at this hour. dhs monitoring a investigation into foiled terror plot as details emerge. islamist extremist planned to kill people on board an airplane with poison gas and then set off a homemade bomb as a kitchen. more intense screening of luggage. also breaking this morning, the state department blasting russia's president from expel 755 transcript diplomats from russia. calling it uncalled for act. this is a move because of new sanctions by congress. the president is expected to sign the bill into law this week. one of the republican lawmakers who helped kill the senate healthcare repeal bill now reveling in the spotlight.
4:36 am
maine senator susan collins one of three republicans to vote against the skinny repeal returned to washington to a crowd giving her a round of applause at the airport. a photo that you see of the movement going viral and collins loving every second of. >> it it was just amazing. i have never had that happen in the that's right i have been privileged serve in the senate. it was very encouraging and affirming. jillian: senators murkowski and mccain are credited with killing the so-called skinny repeal last week. this may be the best video you will see all day. beyonce facing her match. facing the demolition of beloved bowling club three australian women decided they needed help from the internet. so here is what they did ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ all the bowling ladies ♪ put your hands up ♪ we had enough
4:37 am
♪ we're doing our bowling thing ♪ we want to keep thin ♪ and this is it ♪ ains. jillian: the lacy have started a. replace with 25-million-dollar indoor stadium. these 7500 signature. >> they only need 1400 more. video was put on facebook page on saturday. as of right now i just checked it was more than 815,000 views. ainsley and pete. go back outside to you. ainsley: so cute. thank you so much. our next guest story is pretty a amazing. 5 years old he nearly drowned at a water park with his family because he didn't know how to swim. pete: he went on to become a special swimmer now he is advocate for water safety.
4:38 am
ainsley: here to share important advice for parents collin jones. two silver and two gold. >> yes. i'm training for 2020. hopefully get some more on there. ainsley: grew up in the bronx. raised in new jersey. i know your father passed away when you were a teenager but your mom was there to see you get the gold medal? >> she cried the entire time. pete: as moms do. >> absolutely. pete: you took interesting path to become a swimmer yourself. >> yes. i did. i was a scared chilled. i'ed to get on all the aiewfsment rides. i had not had formal lessons yet. so many times did you go down and see these stories and kids are going under water and they are fooling around and messing around. i was fully supervised with my parents and lifeguards and i was still able to go under water. they had to resuscitate me. i was under 30 seconds. my dad grabbed me the lifeguard grabbed me.
4:39 am
pete: almost drowned. >> almost drowned and 20 years later ironically i got a gold medal. ainsley: what singe a good age to teach our chidz to swim. >> i have been teaching over 15 years. i teach mommy and me classes. we will go on the bus. kids are naturally drawn to the water. i mean, i taught newborns. i have taught 10-year-olds and i have taught 60-year-olds. i think it's something that is a life skill that we are trying to get all the kids in the water and trying to get aconsults in the water, too. ainsley: i don't mean to hog all the questions. is it better because i have. i have some people hire people train them how to swim in a week. intense keep throwing them in the water or is the slow learning better. >> i prefer the slow learning. obviously being someone who almost drowned myself and had to go through many teachers to get comfortable.
4:40 am
with the speedo u.s.a. gear we have here it's all about comfort and confidence. once you find that teacher that you feel comfortable and confident with stay with it. pete: what is the basic stuff. going out to the pool people get lazy and complacent. what should would he be looking for. >> we are not built for the water. it's important to be safe around the water. big advocate for swim lessons. really having apparel and gear that makes you feel comfortable. that's why team u.s.a. i just married into a very big family. i have a lot of nieces and nephews. i wouldn't put them in anything less. ainsley: so cool. your story is so awesome. >> thank you. pete: do you sleep in it? >> no. ainsley: have to. absolutely. >> thank you for everything. >> you too. >> the pool not cool.
4:41 am
>> thank you so much. pete: kelvin jones, thank you so much. we appreciate it. ainsley: remember the little girl who stole the show at cpac. >> without trump i wouldn't be here. i wouldn't be at cpac. i would just be at home. ainsley: she then went on to meet the president. and now millie march is here in our green room. what is next for her. pete: very cool. growing calls for disdras graced dnc chair woman debbie wasserman shultz to testify over it scandal. her democratic challenger just took it one step further. tim can a nod dough says she could have broken the law and joins us live next. ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm going to get you ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm going to getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way, maybe next weekin ♪ i'm going to meet
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♪ steve: there are growing calls this morning for former dnc chair debbie wasserman shultz to testify before congress and now there are even new questions surrounding this video. >> under my understanding, the capital police were not able to confiscate members equipment when the member is not under investigation. >> if that is, in fact, the case, and with the permission through the investigation, we'll return the equipment. but until that's accomplished, i can't return the equipment. >> i think you are violating the rules when you conduct your business that way. there will be consequences. steve: there will be consequences. whoa, what's that mean. democratic challenger for her former house seat taking it a step further saying that video could be a demonstration of obstruction of justice. tim canova is wasserman schultz 2018 primary opponent and he joins us now. >> good morning, steve.
4:46 am
steve: we should point out you are a law professor. so you know the law. why do you think that could be a demonstration of obstruction of justice. >> it's a warning. said it subcommittee of propositions was she holding ap. was she holding over the police chief she is involved in the appropriations process. the wholtd thing is disappointing. you would hope that a congresswoman would want to cooperate with the police and not get in the way and demand equipment back. steve: it's a crazy situation and people are familiar now. her it guy was busted. he was trying to flee the country to pakistan. stopped at dulles -- i think he has already been charged with bang fraud. as soon as it hit the fan that this guy except debbie wasserman shultz. >> she waited until the day he was actually arrested and he had already destroyed a couple of hard drives.
4:47 am
so it seems like he was at least trying to hide evidence. at the very least it shows a lot of poor judgment. i know the voters in my district they have been speaking with me. folks are going to tim and that's blowing up. people are tired of this. one constant drama and scandal after another with her. she very divisive member of the party. the party wants it unify. the issues haven't gone away. a lot of people are worried about paying their wills and healthcare and associate and meanwhile their congresswoman is another scandal. >> this is a big inner on another district. we had jim desantos on earlier. he made this observation about what is going on. >> i think this is really curious as to why this individual would have been on the payroll and it wasn't just him that was busted in february. he had family members. there were a couple friends. all these guys. although they weren't really qualified on its face they
4:48 am
made over $4 million from democratic members of the house of representatives since 2009. and, of course, they had access to intelligence committee and house foreign affair committee members. personal i mail and i team. could be a. steve: what secret were on those emails. >> mr. awan had access to dozens of congressional offices the it for those offices. steve: and members who are on very high ranking committees. >> the allegations are that he was moving this information off sight, was debbie wasserman shultz aware of it or not? when the story first broke i felt that she could have been a victim of all of this. as it unfolded she waited a long time to fire this gentleman. she seems a little bit less like a victim and people are asking a lot of questions. steve: okay he would like to represent debbie wasserman
4:49 am
shultz district going forward. if she is watching right now, she is invited on this program to respond. >> thanks for having me. >> president trump is prirlt piing the white house. mike huckabee has something to say about that coming up in a 10 minutes. remember the little girl who stole the show sat cpac. >> without trump, i wouldn't be here. i mean, i wouldn't be at cpac. i would just be at home. steve: well, she went on to meet the president right there. and now millie march is here in our green room with her father and ainsley. what's her future home? find out next. ♪ i. >> god i was an american child ♪ an american child ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪ pete: welcome back. while most elementary and middle school kids probably don't pay much attention to politics our next guest is in the middle of politics. you may remember her from cpac earlier this year. >> so one day i was at home watching the tv. this is before the election sort of began. and then there was this guy. he talked about all the issues we were facing. all the problems. okay. that's normal. every politician does that then something extraordinary happened. he said how to fix them. if mr. trump wasn't in -- if he wasn't in the election this cycle, would have you been involved in politics like you are? >> i don't really know. i mean, i have always been involved in politics but just not really that much, you know. just a little bit. but i mean, without trump, i wouldn't be here.
4:54 am
i mean, i wouldn't be at cpac. i would just be at home. steve: that's right. watching nickelodeon. after that millie march went on to watch president trump and vice president pence as well. ainsley: joining us now is millie march and her dad frank. good morning. you are so cute. millie, what did all of your friends say at school you? were such a hit at cpac. then your candidate one. you went to school and what happened? >> i asked him whose our president? whose our president? they said trump. whoswho's our president? i said that for a week. pete: you liked trump. some people did, some didn't. you ran for class president. >> school president. pete: did you win? >> yes. pete: they didn't dislike you all that much. >> they didn't dislike me not at all. not at all. steve: we have a portion of your speech. listen to, this folks. >> i want to be president because i love this school
4:55 am
because i want to make it better for you. here is what i want to make better. steve: apparently they bought it frank, i hope you realize there is a 35-year-old woman alive in your 12-year-old daughter. she speaks like a grown up. >> thank you. >> thank you. we're proud of her. pete: where does this come from? >> well, we were involved in politics my wife and i. in fact, i met my wife at a political event and the rest is history. so mill solid a tribute to that. we don't tell her what to think. we expose her to the subject material. she is the one that read the books. she is the one that watches the news shows, the speeches. she could be home playing computer games or watching sponge bob on nickelodeon. ainsley: did you know, frank, she was extra special from the day she was born? we all love our children but obviously she is clearly so smart. >> i believe all children are special and millie is super special. this morning on fox have you had a child that stuck a hammer in her mouth. had you another one that got stuck between a wall and light pole.
4:56 am
unfortunately a 12-year-old heroin addict. so we need to do the best we can for our children and millie is an example of that. steve: millie, what is it about donald trump you like so much? >> he is doing an amazing job as president. he is even trying to repeal obamacare right now. he is doing the best job as a president can you ever do. he has done more good in the past six months than obama has in the past 8 years. ainsley: you have to show the audience your outfit. have you donald trump socks on. >> um-huh. steve: golden shoes. pete: and the nails, right? >> and the nails. ainsley: show them your backpack. would you turn around? okay. very good. >> don't forget about the hat. >> gillespie for governor in the commonwealth. >> he is a winner. he will win. he almost beat mark warner in the senate election. pete: how many even know who mark warner is.
4:57 am
ainsley: i'm impressed. going to be the first female president. >> i have no idea. if the country needs me. i will run. i don't care about being the first female president. steve: millie march, remember that name. mike huckabee and stuart varney coming up next. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines.
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5:02 am
steve: later toot -- and that's right. 90 minutes from now, general john kelly is going to be taking over as president trump's chief of staff. he has been referred to as the antipriebus, what's he going to bring when kelly's in command later today? >> i think it's a little unfair for people to be so down on reince priebus. he had a tough job, priebus did. i want to say he exited with an extraordinary level of
5:03 am
class and dignity, and that's to his credit. most white house had a tough time when they get there, especially. if the president is not a person who has been in government as donald trump hasn't been, and i don't think it's that big of deal that they're still getting their sea legs. but i do believe this. that general kelly is going to bring an extraordinary amount of focus and discipline and a management style that the white house needs great pick for the president, and it will cause the liberal media to have to go find something else to go complain about. ed: and, governor, what's the first task for general kelly? >> i think he has to set up a firewall. first of all, internally. he has to have some controls and management on who gets in to see the president and what comes out of those meetings, monitoring them closely, and making sure that everybody is on the same page. second thing he has to do is have a firewall externally. stop the leaks. make sure that people that work in that building
5:04 am
understand that it is not their job to go out and talk about things because it's hurtful to happen, and it's hurtful to the country. and they simply have not been hired for that purpose. also, to make sure that there's a focus on the message and that the trains run on time. the good chief of staff always delivers the bad news and let's the president deliver the good news. and that's something that this chief of staff will, i'm sure, feel comfortable in doing having this four stars sitting up on his shoulder. ainsley: yeah, chief of staff certainly have to be loyal to the president. he was homeland security, three tours to iraq, he had that military discipline and that order, and he was highly respected. but that didn't stop barbara lee, democrat in california congresswoman tweeting this. by putting general john kelly in charge, he's militarizing the white house and putting our executive into the hands
5:05 am
of extremists. >> what i'm talking about as ten-year homeland security secretary and very extreme policies of promoting family dislocation, deportation of innocent men and women and children breaking up families, promoting a muslim ban, promoting a wall between the united states and meticulous. those are extreme policies. and so this is very troublesome to me to have this kind of power now centralized in the white house because these are very serious matters, and these are extreme policies. ainsley: governor huckabee, what's your response? >> well, with respect to the not so gentlelady from california, let me make a couple of observations. the first thing is that as homeland security director general kelly was involved in actually enforcing the law that she and other members of congress put in place. but when she talks about the militarization because john kelly happened to be a distinguished military veteran, let me just remind people what that means. the fact that he has had that
5:06 am
military experience -- and, again, four stars on his shoulder. here's what it means. he's a patriot. he's disciplined. he's focused. he has put service and duty above himself and has made great sacrifices for this country, even putting his own life in harms way. he understands what mission means. he understands what it means to organize people and to be responsible for the lives of men and women and to know that if he doesn't lead well, somebody actually dies. something that congresswoman lee would not understand. to somehow blame those incredible qualities of the military, i think is disrespectful to every single person in uniform. personally, i'm grateful for john kelly's service to this nation and all that he brings to this job or any other. >> yeah, absolutely. well said, governor. another thing that's being talked about around washington is obamacare. and whether or not it's back on the table.
5:07 am
one of the things that the president has sent out from this weekend is where he talked about the bailouts given to insurance companies as well as bailouts given to members of congress. so as the senate reconsiders its repeal and replace of obamacare, are these some things that you think the president should do right now? should he remove the bailouts from insurance companies or potentially think about this. there's a double standard for members of congress. they get the bailouts, their insurance is different from the obamacare that the american people get. >> and that's because of a rule that was made by the office of personnel management opm a few years ago. it's not in the law, so it could be revoked by the president. actually, it would have to be revoked by the opm who was a holdover from the obama administration. but the reason is one of the reasons the subsidies from the insurance companies exist because without them, no insurance carrier is going to insure anyone over obamacare because of two reasons. one is the preexisting conditions that no longer a part of a coverage. and secondly, there's no lifetime limit, which means
5:08 am
that an insurance carrier has no idea what they're on the hook for when they insure somebody. and if we don't understand that fully, what we're going to move toward is a single pair system and the single pair will be the government. i know it's popular for preexisting conditions and no lifetime limits. but if the government doesn't subsidize it, the entire insurance system for health insurance under private care is going to be disintegrated. no way it can survive. steve: well, and we'll see what does happen because the president of the united states over the weekend made it very clear that doing something about obamacare not off his plate yet. meanwhile, senator jeff blake, the republican senator from the great state of arizona, he has been very critical of the republican party and of this president. he was on face the nation yesterday, and he said this. >> i think similarly today, the party has lost its way.
5:09 am
we've given into nativism and protectionism, and i think that if we're going to be a governing party in the future and a majority party, we've got to go back to traditional conservatism. limited government, respect for free trade. those are the principles that made us who we are. steve: and, governor, he went on to say that republican leaders were complicity if they did not call out president trump or his behavior. he said quote we cannot respond to everything but there are times that you have to stand up and say i'm sorry. this is wrong. so there he is, essentially, taking a shot, a verbal shot at the i president of the united states. . >> well, look, he's been a never trumper from the beginning, so highs views are not that cloaked. but here's my question to him. if the republican party is only going to be concerned about making sure that economic prosperity exists for the people at the top, then that's a republican party that
5:10 am
a lot of us don't want anything to do with. if the republican party doesn't have a sense of making sure that workers throughout the work spectrum, including those in the middle and at the bottom are getting a decent wage, then that's not a republican party most of us can support. this elitism on the part of the party, that's been rejected by many of us republicans. and i'm a republican, but i don't want any part of this idea that we're going to become globalists and that we're going to forget that ultimately our duty is to the united states of america and its tax-paying citizens. >> well, governor, to senator blake, that makes you a nativist. >> that's fine. call me whatever he wants -- and he's a globalist, and we'll make that decision. but i think the voters of america made that decision that we would rather be america first than global first because that whole globalist idea is making a handful of people filthy rich and a whole bunch of americans filthy poor. >> that's right.
5:11 am
one man nativist, one man patriot. who knows. steve: thank you very much. my pleasure. ainsley: let's head hand it over to jillian. >> president trump solutions with japanese prime minister in response to the growing north korean threat. speaking on the phones hours ago, prime minister saying president trump vows to protect the american people, jab, and south korea from any attack. this comes after u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley says she's done talking about north korea, telling china needs to step up sanctions against the rogue nation saying quote china must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step. time for talk is over. new video showing the caution the u.s. is taking carrying out successful antimissile defense test in alaska over the weekend. u.s. bombers also flying with south korean and japanese jets over the korean peninsula as a
5:12 am
show of force. to another fox news alert and a story we continue to follow this morning, a massive han hunt throughout the night as 12 inmates break out from prison now just one of them is still on the loose. police are still searching for brady, you can see him there, as he escapes overnight from alabama. he's in jail from drug possession. two of the other recaptured inmates were in jail for attempted murder. now, it's not clear at this point how the dozen inmates were able to get out. two tourist nightmares causing chaos for vacationers. first, repairs could take up to two weeks to fix the power outage along the banks of north carolina. forcing thousands of people off the island. and how about this? black, inky, smelly water in the niagara river? officials say it was part of a routine change in the treatment process and the water did not include any oil. officials say the water is now
5:13 am
back to its normal blue. and inmates are striving to cleaning the officers cars who arrested them. nearly 40 inmates in houston lending a hand after spending several years behind bars. >> i knew it wasn't their fault. they had a job to do and a family like i had. so they put their lives on the line each and every day for it. >> the officers say it is a blessing to see the former inmates positive transformation. those are your headlines on this monday. you guys like that positivity? ainsley: yeah. favorite story of the day. love that. >> the bowling lady. steve: meanwhile, nancy pelosi gives herself a pat on the back. >> a promotion is a terrible thing, but somebody has to do it. i am a master legislature. steve: that's great. so what about her future as the leader of democrats?
5:14 am
that's a whole 'nother story. >> as venezuela's president claims virtually unlimited power. as stuart varney says it's only going to get worse. he's on deck and walking in. steve: good morning. >> but first, from dennis taking care of business overdrive. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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5:18 am
ainsley: so much chaos down in very well surveil, at least ten people killed as government protesters are clashing after socialist president nicholas maduro claims virtually unlimited power. steve: that's right. socialism before your eyes. here to react, host of "varney & company" on fbn. break it down for us. stuart: tragic story. this is an absolutely tragic story. and frankly, i have to say it only gets worse from here. as you report it, ten people died yesterday. they were holding a vote on whether or not president maduro can go forward with essentially creating a socialist dictatorship. he claims he won the vote. he's therefore going to impose this dictatorship and say as
5:19 am
you said earlier, he's the elected dictator. that's what's going to happen. president trump says we're going to take strong and swift economic action. that's what he's threatening. if he cuts off their oil exports to us, they, the venezuelans, have a serious problem. even worse than they've got now because that's the only source of dollars. and they desperately need dollars. steve: but, stuart, doesn't the way that the world spot market works is if we don't buy it, someone else does. stuart: yes, but they have heavy crude, and we're equipped to buy it, not a lot of others aren't. if they cut it to us, our american producers just make up the slack. we have frackers. ainsley: i was there as a child. it was so amazing to see -- steve: venezuela? ainsley: yeah.
5:20 am
my best friend was an only child, we went to puerto rico for a while and just for the day to tour. it was beautiful. but now look at the streets. you can't go there anymore. how do we get from there to here? stuart: well, what's the endgame? if things are descending into further and further chaos, ten people died earlier today, what is the endgame? you have to start using the expression regime change at some point. who does it? where that regime change comes from, and who takes madouri's place. those are unanswered questions. the things are coming to a head, and it's right on our doorstep. >> what's the biggest attribute that led them to such a quit dissent? stuart: i was watching other network's coverage of this. and they're all saying, oh, it's the decline of the price of oil from $100 to $40. nonsense. this is about socialism and the decline and the chaos that socialism brings. it's over. regime change soon. >> you would understand it. stuart varney, thank you very much. we tune in for sure. all right. coming up, you do
5:21 am
not want to miss this. a man just met his biological father. an 87-year-old air force vet for the first time in 60 years. you're seeing it right there. this story touched me so much. that father and son join me live. next. ainsley: another good story i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
5:22 am
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5:25 am
and children and are being housed about 400 miles away from the u.s. mexico border. pete. pete: well, we love hearing from our viewers on fox and friends. joe field spent his entire life looking for his bailiff father. and three weeks ago, there was a break in the case and joe reached out to me on facebook telling me in part it is a story i have a son who went 60 years not knowing who my father was. by michigan birth certificate said father unknown. this son had long posted on facebook how he longs to know his father, particularly since he has children of his own. well, thanks to a dna kit, this son, me, was able to trace who my father was. so this past weekend, joe met his father. an 87-year-old air force veteran for the first time. we sent a camera crew to capture that moment.
5:26 am
>> joe. wow. one can only imagine the emotion of that moment. joining me now joe and his bailiff father. joe, thank you very much for being with us this morning. joe field, you reached to us knowing you identified the man to be your biological father. you were uncertain of the kind of response you would get. walk us through that process a little bit. >> yeah. well, having that dna kit arrive, i got the results by e-mail, and i jumped into it right away and took maybe about four hours, and i was able to trace who my
5:27 am
dad was through a link through the a ancestory site saying i was related to this person named mark garlock. i didn't know who he was. but i found out afterwards that he was the son of my new-found sister in afghanistan. he's in afghanistan purple heart, by the way. anyway, with this, i was able to trace. a day i family tree, and it was very limited. but at the very top of mark garlock's family tree, there was a joe adams senior. and it so happens my birth certificate name is joe adams plural. so when i saw that, i knew i had a break in who my father was. and i coupled that with the fact that my mother had always told me that my father was in the air force, and he was a firemen.
5:28 am
so when i had that information, i had to search who joe adams senior son was, was presumably joe adams jr. and i did research and found out who his wife was, she had died in 2004. pete: and you took to facebook, found him on facebook, learned more information, and you reached out to him. >> yeah. i did facebook. i sent him an instant message -- i messaged him through messenger, no response. i waited about five days, and then i sent him a friend request, waited a day on that, didn't hear anything. and then i called him. and i have to tell you, i was a little -- that was nerve-racking. i just called him, and i said joe? he said yes. i said you don't know me, but you might know somebody that i know. and i said this is going to take you back a few years. so then i just explained how him and my mom met way back when i was born. and when i was done after about three or four minutes,
5:29 am
he was a little quiet but matter of fact. and he said it is true. and at that moment, it changed everything. pete: joe adams senior, what was that moment like for you to hear from your son for the first time? >> well, i was surprised that the call and the beginning, i thought it could be a scam. but after he spoke a few -- for a moment, and he -- i realized that it was not a scam, he mentioned his mother's name, and that hit me like a brick wall, you know? i knew then it wasn't a scam. that it was legitimate. he was legitimate. and it brought back the memories, you know? pete: of course. joe field, you then -- this is such a family story because
5:30 am
you then reached out to him on facebook. the next day, you wouldn't know what happened. what happened on facebook the next two days? >> i tell you. that was the most remarkable thing i think i've experienced in my lifetime because when we ended that call, i spoke to my dad for 40 minutes. and at the end, i said i'll respect your privacy. i don't know what your family dynamics are. but if you want to just keep it confidential, at least i know who you are. i said i did send you a friend request, if you want to accept it, you can know more about me. that was about 6:00 in the evening. and then the next morning at 10:00, my dad accepted my friend request and i about jumped out of my seat. and then the next couple of hours, something i never anticipated happen was that his kids, all seven of them started sending me friend requests, and i started hitting them "yes," "yes," "yes," and then it was populating my entire facebook page and then pretty soon all of my facebook friends and my new family were interacting.
5:31 am
and here's the thing that impresses me about this family. they were saying welcome to the family, brother. and there's plenty of love to go around in this family. pete: joe fields and joe adams, i can't believe i have to stop this but it's television, and i have hard stops. thank you so much for sharing it with us this morning. it's amazing. >> you're welcome. thank you, pete. pete: coming up, nancy pelosi gives herself a pat on the back. >> it's a terrible thing but someone has to do it. i am a master legislature. pete: so what's her future as leader of the democrats? and republicans are calling for another investigation into the 2016 election. but this time, it's for hillary clinton. mark pen was the chief strategist for clinton's 2008 campaign. he joins us to react just ahead hi.
5:32 am
5:33 am
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steve: how did she do that? ainsley: that song is protein, steve. this is your song in the morning. she's stuck. something you don't see every day. steve: that is a girl stuck upside down between a pole and a wall in the country of scotland. ainsley: why isn't the guy helping her? pete: it's not clear if she was hurt or if she was soc. steve: the soundman says she was stuck up. pete: how does one get in that position? steve: this is what instagram has done to the world. pete: yes. steve: everybody's out for a crazy picture; right? pete: and the friend's really helping.
5:36 am
steve: all right. meanwhile, from crazy pictures to crazy sound bytes. here is nancy pelosi. one of the sunday chat shows yesterday talking -- we said earlier -- it sounds like she's feeling the heat. we've heard people would like her to retire. she ain't going nowhere. >> let me just say this. separate motion is a terrible thing, but someone has to do it. >> exactly. i agree with you on that. >> and i think the situation we are in, i am a master legislator, i know the budget to the inth degree, i know the motion of people, i respect the people who are in congress. i feel very confident about the support i have in my caucus. i have never not been opposed within my caucus. >> what are the chances democrats win back the house in 2018 and if so, will you run for speaker? >> that's so unimportant. what is important is that we have the lively debate on a better deal. better pay, better jobs, and a better future.
5:37 am
steve: she just said on tv she does not want to be speaker again. that's not important. i think that is not accurate. i think she gets up every morning thinking it's not much longer. i'll be speaking again. pete: you can be a master chef or master sergeant but when you gave the world obamacare. ainsley: she wants deal, she wants unity. she talks about wanting to work together. but if you look at the votes, there's not been one democrat that has stepped up to the plate and said i want to vote for repealing and replacing. this is not working. so, you know, people can say this is a good thing about the democratic party. they're unified. they're together. the republicans are not. brian: you said earlier she's a great fundraiser. she may be but is there a point in that democratic caucus that you think it's just time for a new leader? lirks the thing about the house of representatives every two years, you run for reelection, so you need money all the time. but to your point about obamacare, we are stuck with it and even though dr. emmanuel was on the
5:38 am
program live from london and said it's not broken. it is broken for the people who have it. the president of the united states did this tweet just a little while ago. we're putting it up. if obamacare is hurting people, and it is, why shouldn't this hurt the insurance companies? and why should congress not be paying what public pays? see, there's this slush fund where people who are members of congress and their staff get a sweetheart deal where they don't pay as much as normal people would. and the insurance companies have a great, big subsidy that according to a court that it's absolutely an illegal payment. pete: sweetheart deal for members of congress? shocking. the point is the president could pull the plug on that. say no more sweetheart deal for you. you get treated like every other american. ainsley: to represent constituents from their state. and if the constituents have to pay it, shouldn't they have to pay it too? pete: you would think. something to think about. steve: 22 minutes until the top of the hour and jillian
5:39 am
has headlines. >> that's right. fox news alert right now. ds closely monitoring an investigation into a foiled terror plot in australia as terrifying new details emerge. local newspapers reporting the islamist terrorists plan to kill people onboard an airplane with poison gas. then set off a homemade bomb disguised as a kitchen meat mixer. more intense screening of luggage. he's been described as one of ms13's most dangerous members and this morning, he's behind bars. douglas alexander herrera hernandez who also goes by the name terror has been captured in virginia in connection with two murders in texas. police say he's an illegal immigrant from el salvador. the arrest saturday comes just one day after president trump made a passion speech in new york vowing to destroy the gang. filmmaker michael moore tries to troll president trump online about the failed obamacare repeal.
5:40 am
but it doesn't end too well for him. moore tweeting quote, hey, loser, you lost on november 8, and you lost on friday. you hold fake power that was not given to you by the majority of americans, loser. but the internet was quick to respond. one twitter user saying white house. republican. house republican. senate republican. special elections. all republican. come get back. who is the loser? that's just one of many responses. and how about this. this brave and curious 2-year-old trekked through wet concrete in search of her mom and dad. and as you can imagine, she is going viral. tennessee toddler thought her parents might be in their newly resurfaced basement, but they were actually looking at their concrete work from an outside window. her mother says this picture is a memory that will always make them laugh. you guys think about that. i see pete sitting there laughing at it. pete: it makes them laugh now. but maybe in the moment, they're going --
5:41 am
steve: please tell me the concrete guy came back and fixed it. >> they were debating whether or not to keep a couple footprints. pete: i would love one or two. ainsley: listen, life's too short. that is really funny. they're going to talk about it at her wedding one day, and she's wearing the elsa pajamas. really cute. pete: perfect. thanks, jillian. incredible video coming in from colorado. emergency crews rescuing a man and his dog in a flash flood. wow. ainsley: and this dramatic scene playing out southwest of colorado springs. everyone, though, is safe this morning, so that's good news. steve: it is but flash flood storms continue and a tropical storm brewing off the coast of florida. could it be heading for the sunshine state? >> hey, there, guys. and you're absolutely right. this happening just through the overnight hours, tropical storm emily just a tropical depression through the overnight hours. now this morning as of 8:00 a.m., it's a tropical storm. there it is spinning off the coast of tampa, just south of
5:42 am
tampa. that is going to be running across the sunshine state making it, unfortunately, not such a sunshine state here the next couple of days as we're talking about very heavy rain, especially along the western coast of florida. that's where the heaviest rain's going to be. it's not going to be running up the east coast, at least not making landfall, but we're talking about a foot of total precipitation. but things are great here in new york city, guys. are you loving this weather? [cheers] the weather out here is fantastic, and i know you guys will be out here soon. pete: we will? steve: yes, we will. meanwhile, new calls into the investigation of of the 2016 election. this time the focus on hillary clinton. mark pen was the chief strategist for her. he's going to join us coming up next. ainsley: and ever wanted to go bowling in your pool? well, now we can. we've got the best tools for your pool party on our plaza mom,
5:43 am
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love grooming the next generation. ask your doctor about lyrica. steve: republicans in congress are calling for another investigation into the 2016 election. it's not about russia, though. it's the obama administration. >> the government was trying to interfere with the election. it was the united states government trying to make sure that hillary clinton was the next president. if we're a nation of laws, and we've got a special counsel now for the whole russia event, let's go ahead and get to the bottom of it. ainsley: the house judiciary committee wants a special probe into hillary clinton former fbi director james comey and former attorney general loretta lynch. our next guest was the chief sphinx hillary clinton's campaign in 2018. he's also the chairman of harris poll, harvard harris
5:47 am
poll and the managing partner of the stagwell group mark penn. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. what were your thoughts -- we have this first investigation that robert mueller is investigating the russia investigation into president trump. we have some saying if they're going to do that, then we need to investigate hillary clinton and the uranium one deal, loretta lynch meeting on the tarmac with president clinton. do you think it's fair like these republicans think if they're investigating one, they should investigate the other? >> well, the publics of two minds on these investigations now. on the one hand, they think they're probably hurting the country. on the other hand if you're going to investigate one side, they say investigate it all. in the polls, we had 75% that said have an independent counsel. we had a majority say investigate the tarmac meeting in this poll. we have 66% who is go for the uranium one deal. i think the american public says if you're going to investigate things, investigate everything. but wait a minute. maybe you're going too far
5:48 am
with investigations. steve: that's interesting. and before that did come out, you did give us a preview on this program. let's put up the first two polls that you're referring to. do investigations into the president and russia help or hurt the country? two-thirds say it hurts. and then the hillary clinton investigation in the uranium one deal two-thirds say, yes, do an investigation of that. but you know how politics works, mark. right now, we're in such a hyperpolitical situation, it just seems like one party is out to kill the other party and even though you look at this, and it looks like the country is hurting the nation, they keep at it. >> well, that's right. and the public consistently says give me issues. in fact, why isn't the administration doing infrastructure and taxes when the public consistently says that's the number one thing that would help the image of the investigation and perhaps democrats are willing to come forward and do some negotiating on infrastructure, which they really want.
5:49 am
ainsley: it makes you realize how dirty politics can be and how much power washington has. because the rest of the country wants to focus on issues like you said. have you ever seen it in your history of polling. have you ever seen it this divisive or this much power in washington? or am i naïve, and i'm just recognizing it because of my job? >> well, of course, i started working for president clinton after the '94 congressional elections and through the impeachment proceedings initiated by newt gingrich. and that was just and rough and tumble. but at the same time an agreement was made for balanced budget, for welfare reform. i think the public really wants to see some action here, and they think things should be investigated. but it's not really the way they think things should operate, which is why they're so negative on the government while they're unprecedentedly positive on the government. i've never seen that before. steve: sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. about ten minutes before the top of the hour.
5:50 am
next up, want to make a big splash at your pool party, if you're lucky enough to have a pool? well, we've got the toys to make that happen. ainsley: but first, let's see what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> new boss starts today, what you need to know about secretary kelly and president trump's relationship. we'll fill you in all of that today. and republicans are under taxes and kevin brady leads the charge. he's here live today to talk about that plan. north korea's getting bolder. where that red, hot issue stands after another missile test this weekend. and buffeting the leakers, what jeff sessions is doing about all of that this week. big monday morning. shannon and i will see you top of the hour ten minutes away on america's newsroom americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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ainsley: we're in the middle of summer and what better way to cool off in the pool than like this one. thank you for all of these pool toys and the pool itself. pete: here to show us the latest games. jackie is the leader of -- >> yeah. we've done so much fun stuff here today. we're going to start with the mermaid tail. who doesn't want to be a mermaid this summer? so this is fantastic. it is made with all of these beautiful styles and designs. ainsley: that is so cute. >> spandex material. steve: this is kind of like michael phelps swam against the shark. >> it's very comfortable to wear. it's water resistant, and you need a monofin if you want to swim in it. it gives that mermaid motion. and if you don't want to be a mermaid, you can be a shark. you put this on just like a backpack, and then you can scare all of the kids out of the water.
5:55 am
now let's talk about water balloon fight. watch out. you don't even need a hose anymore. you just pump it up with water, you shake them off. steve: oh, that is so great. >> and then you can go crazy. pete: that's awesome. this is the drench. this thing holds 60 ounces of water. you can shoot it 50 feet, so you can shoot all of your friends. steve: let's move the cameras out of the way. we would probably be shooting at that. that would be a bad idea. >> you guys want to get with the kids? they are getting -- it is warm, it is bubbly. the kids are getting a massage, they're staying
5:56 am
warm. pete: kids would never leave this. >> they won't leave this. and also, we have the water wheel. this is a party wheel. steve: the pool right over here. >> there's one in the pool. they're rolling it back and forth. they can see where they're going. and you can roll right across the lawn or the pool with that. we also have this turtle ride on from best way. this is great to get the kids moving. steve: and the best way for the pool and all the stuff. >> got great handles so kids can hold on tight when they're going across the pool. steve: thank you, jackie. out in, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against
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>> bill: is everybody here okay getting wet >> bill: let me get out of the way. pete, come on. look out.
6:00 am
>> thank you for the pools and the wet anchors. thank you very much. >> bill: good morning, everybody on a monday. critical week begins in the white house today with president trump confronting two major foreign policy challenges. this as he gets the brand-new chief of staff, new leadership inside the west wing. hope you had a great weekend. brand-new week begins now. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." >> shannon: rallies our allies in response to new provocations from north korea. russia kicking out people in response to new sanctions passed by congress. vice president mike pence saying the u.s. will not back down from its commitment to peace. >>


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