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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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tropical storm harvey for a good part of the week. we removed our assets for the immediate areas they could survive initial damages. we been repurposed seen in other areas. we have resources from the entire coast guard, california, maine and eastern seaboard to the gulf states that are here to support the states and fema. have eight helicopters flying with another eight flying that are rescuing citizens from the immediate region we've been down in corpus christi. were pushing boats on the water from all parts of the questio c. our partners have resources here. were in the fight to support the state of texas with full efforts of the entire coast guard. a few messages is the maritime guy. this is a very, very dangerous storm. with catastrophic consequence. folks need to not underestimate that.
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it will be a sustained challenge for the coming days. many time folks wrongly presumed that when does the worst event. we are in for a real significant water event in the coming days. he'd the word of your emergency managers, to the citizens out there with their boats, were gonna need that capability. the coast guard numbers are overwhelmed right now. were trying to attenuate the ask. men and women are flying helicopters around very serious rain bands. the boats are on the water dealing with challenges. patience is important, but united states coast guard is all in on this. i'll stand by for questions. >> thank you. once again, were in a situation where we have priorities.
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our top priority is to protect human life. from the state of texas side where working with local officials to do everything we can to protect our fellow texans. secondly, were involved in the rebuilding process. that process has begun. as the storms begin to depart, we will be aggressive in the rebuilding process. one of the most important aspects with the fema administrator today was to help people understand the rebuilding process is going to be a long process but something we will be able to get done. we will get it done because we have a very effective federal partner working with the state of texas which will serve as strong partner for our local communities. i'll be happy to take question.
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>> there are some conflicting reports in the beginning about event evacuation. will this be katrina part two? >> as part of the evacuation, now is not the time to second-guess the decisions made, everybody work together to ensure that we are going to first save lives and second, help people across the state. because of the effort we are put together i think and believe will be very successful at both. >> were getting word that they're running out of boats and high water vehicles. and they need assistance getting the resources there, can you comment on that? >> whether it be a vehicle, boat, or air, we provided to houston every asset they've asked for. in fact, we already had in the air something like 20
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helicopters involved in rescue missions, we have boats, think 60 votes over there and countless high water vehicles. everything they have asked for has been provided and we stand ready to provide even more. on top of that we have both dps as well as national guard in full operation mode. [inaudible question] >> not at all. [inaudible question] >> i do not. there have been reported fatalities but i'm not in a position to confirm they are related to the storms. >> anymore? we don't have that information.
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>> our numbers? the challenges there happening so fast right now around the rain bands it's hard to keep track of the number were doing. if you are to report it would take them away from giving the rescues. we'll report that data at the end. >> how does this disaster compared to previous ones? >> as you know, with it being a category four hurricane is the strongest storm texas has had since 1961. when you consider the larger population know the what we had back then, this is a large disaster. then you consider the fact of the size of it ranging from corpus christi to houston and parts north of houston and you have the wind, rain, flooding component.
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the sibile very large disaster. one thing i'm very proud of is the fact the federal government has so quickly responded to provide all of the aid the state of texas needed that helps us respond more robustly. going back, the federal government has conveyed to the city of houston that they asked for assets that the federal government is providing them also. >> i have called the mayor several times. i have his cell number, i left messages for him. repeatedly to let him know that whatever he needs the state of texas will provide.
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>> we want you to be safe. we want you to know that we are working with harris county and the city of houston to ensure we are going to provide you with the resources you need to first, save your life, and the second, rebuild your lives. >> a couple of days ago you talked about how people were evacuated and then there is a thing from local official saying it's not necessary. has there been a breakdown in communication about the state and local about how they should react? >> i've spoken with a county judge on a daily basis. first to offer any help the state of texas can provide. we move beyond whether or not there should be an evacuation or
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not. we just need to respond to the emergencies and necessities the people of houston have. it's not just the people around houston, it's in this large triangle region. >> how many did we say we had in here? there's probably upwards of eight plus. >> and those are old deployed for rescues et cetera? >> you said earlier -- >> thank you for asking that. dave, can always count on you. as of this moment, i have made a state disaster declaration for 50 counties and a federal
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disaster declaration for 19 counties. the federal disaster declaration has already been granted by the president. i do anticipate adding more counties to that list. >> thank you . >> texas governor gregg abbott is wrapping up a news conference in austin's saying to his citizens in need of rescue that the calvary is coming. send the have completed so many rescues they cannot keep count. we have heard stories from houston and beyond, the 911 centers have been overwhelmed with request to meet those request the governor say 3000 national guard troops have been called up. countless numbers of state
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troopers among others, the game wardens out there boats to rescue the folks in the path of hurricane harvey, we interrupt this fox news sunday for this press conference. fox news sunday will run 11:00 p.m. eastern p.m. as the governor given important updates including 16 coast guard helicopters in the air, for rescues all across southeast texas. they're also bringing in resources and the top priority is to save lives, not this time to second-guess evacuation orders or lack thereof. the conversation will be had over the coming months as were watching a very dangerous situation unfold this hour in houston and beyond. our nation's fourth largest city has been inundated with
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catastrophic flooding. more than 1000 water rescues overnight. more people continue to be rescued from their homes and cars as the waters rise, forcing people to their roofs and into the streets. before it's done some could see 50 inches of rain. this video from overnight. these rain bands continue in their sand the water will only rise more. not only are the people in need of rescue now gets harder to get to them, but more people will be in need of rescue. america's news headquarters 3:0. it is to 11 there. i'm leland. >> harvey is blamed right now for at least two deaths. the video coming out is shocking. even the images cannot show the true scope and toll of devastation. the coast guard, international guard of first responders are mobilizing at this hour. >> my wife wanted to go and i said she couldn't go the current will take up and she started crying so i just went.
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it was bothering everybody. so i just jumped in and went to the vet to help them. i would want somebody to help me if i was in that situation. >> elizbeth: carolinas live in houston with a very light latest. hello. >> hello. if you are in houston right now and thinking about getting out of your neighborhood and officials are begging you not. they said stay home. this is i 69. one of the main thoroughfares through the city. this is were 610 split saw. normally people are flying through here and they're running into a lake. were not seen anybody pass this area. they get down there and stop. check out the parking my. these are folks who come over the hill. cars, trucks, buses, people trying to get out and they can't. if you walk with me this way, were seen people make mistakes
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and do you turn single backwards along the interstate. here's another mistake, people are going through the standing water this is where the 610 split north and south, two thirds are getting through but one third are getting stalled. people are jumping out of their cars trying to push the vehicle out of the way causing more problems. one guy lost his bumper, shoved it to the side and kept going. >> leland: thank you so much. stay safe. >> leland: rose turning into rivers forcing people to travel by boat if they have boats. calls out to anybody with a flat bottom boat to come help. the rains are becoming a concern for waterways and area dams. the army corps of engineers, are they overwhelmed? is there anything they can do to help as residents continue to deal with more rain and rising
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just managing your symptoms? ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> president trump and his team monitoring the unfolding disaster. back long as with this piece of advice for people within the flood zone. >> citizens should listen to their local officials. fina does not order evacuation down to citizens. it's very important citizens listen to their local officials. only call 911 if you are in an emergency entire situation do not call if you are seeking information. that's very important. only shelter in place if it's a safe place to be. if not, need to contact local
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officials. >> as we heard from government abbott, 911 phone call lines are jampacked. joining me now is george bush. thank you for joining us. i want to get your reaction from mr. long. it sounds like law-enforcement and first responders are doing the best they can at this hour. they're being pushed to the limits. >> that's correct. administrator long is on point. the complexity of managing and triaging all the requests for support in the fourth most populated area of the country is challenging. we are asking residents in urban areas to only use 911 and emergency lines for life-threatening situations. the first responders are doing a good job stepping up to the task we have a long set of days ahead of us.
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not only from a public sector perspective, but volunteers are stepping forth in on both themselves and rescuing our texas resident. >> talk about the next 24 hours, morgan be seeing a lot of rain. what does that entail for you? what responsibilities we take on a what will your office be doing? >> the weather doesn't help us. we just deployed naval assets from brownville and southern portion of our coast. we manage 357 miles of the coast. those assets are on arrival to the most critically effective areas and also help with stillwater rescues in the greater houston area which we anticipate this in the coming days. the first responders artwork to make sure were protecting life. >> there's so much focus on houston now. and we don't have a lot of time, but you mentioned other really hard hit areas. although houston is the headline there are others in need right
12:20 pm
now, especially across the better half of the state. >> that's right. when you look at the totality of how many people are subject to a flood advisory, your talk about 8 million people, the greater population the ministates in our country. sub asked area. our states geography flows down to the coast. there's a lot of water heading down to southeast texas. >> thank you for joining us. you're not thoughts and prayers. >> leland: from the land commissioner it's a dire situation in houston in a dire situation and much of southeast texas. you have severe flooding and so far we know of two deaths. there's also extensive damage throughout the texas coastline. more rain on the way. will tell you why rising waters and a false sense of security are far greater threat now that the winds have died down.
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> elizbeth: harvey hittingtexa. the weinstein down. but the storm sitting over the region dropping torrential rains. bringing catastrophic floods. homeland security advisor is discussing the danger of face the nation. >> let's not lose our focus on how bad this is. some news outlets are reporting this is being downgraded and less of an event in just a storm now. that's a mistake. we'll see continued rank, upwards of 30 inches. i don't understand 30 inches of rain. i've been around dozens of disasters, i've never seen 30 inches of rain. were going to pay attention,
12:25 pm
wash the flooding on for. >> someone who may agree, doctor marshall shepherd is a director of a science program and former president of the meteorological society. i assume you would agree with that statement. >> i would agree and what's even scarier's were probably talking more than 30 inches. were talking about 4 feet, perhaps more. i just read about 9 trillion gallons of water have already fallen on the area. that would fill the great salt lake twice. >> elizbeth: the narrative to say the storm is weakening would be dangerous. i want to put up a graphic for viewers that shows the concentration of precipitation. it's not going away anytime soon. we could be seeing rain up until wednesday for these folks. >> and perhaps beyond. as meteorologists we've known this for about a week or so.
12:26 pm
we warned about the notion that harvey was going to stall out in the limp flooding was going to be the story. i think it could be the most disastrous flood event in u.s. history. as we started seeing coverage of a category four hurricane, i was concerned the focus was going to shift, rightfully so cassette the tragic event, but we were always worried about 4 feet of rain falling in this region. in unfortunate, that's plain o out. >> elizbeth: when you talk about the dangers of this part of the country, geography was, you're concerned about the inland flooding because installing out. the water is going to try to flow south toward the goal. once the ground is saturated and these rivers are at capacity, what happens with this water and what is it do for the infrastructure? >> flooding is not always a
12:27 pm
function of what falls from the sky. it's also the impervious surfaces, how we are effectively removing water from an engineering standpoint. were seen saturated soil in the region, rivers are responding in the basic water cycle, so this water has nowhere to go. it's still raining. it's going to rain. we could be talking about rain in this region through wednesday, perhaps through next week. it doesn't have a chance. the natural water cycle doesn't have a chance to recover. i've been worried about the sensor early in the week and this is barry now. were offering the thoughts and prayers. >> elizbeth: where do we go from here? effort critics say there should've been a federal response for barrier system in place because houston said so low. could that it been prevented?
12:28 pm
the numbers we're seen no one can match. >> this is an unprecedented event. that region gets flooding, and i've seen people say were used to this, but no, you haven't seen this. it's not unprecedented event. certainly discussion about evacuations. more people dying flooding from being in their cars. it's not as simple as we think to talk about people should get out. so listen to the officials, we are to see more flood events going forward in the future as we see changes in the environmental climate. we need to think about planning for the future. >> elizbeth: thank you for joining us. >> leland: the water continues to rise in the rescues continue as tropical storm harvey drops more marine.
12:29 pm
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>> elizbeth: affects news alert catastrophic flooding. urgent rescues are underway as rain continues to fall on the water continues to rise. responders and volunteers are helping stranded people. casey's live in texas were full rescue operation is underway. what can you tell us. >> we have stuff to show you, this is become an impromptu staging area. first of all, were standing on interstate 45 northbound. a major u.s. interstate running all the way through the state of texas north and south. it connects houston, dallas, 20 miles up that way is houston. this is texas city. you see all the boats coming in, there has been an urgent call from management officials for
12:34 pm
people from the public if you have a boat get out and help because it's an active search and rescue operation. cap texans help in texas, other americans in launching these boats. then there going into the flooded neighborhoods and bringing people in here by the droves. and then i want to show you something powerful. not enough vehicles to carry all the people outta here to safety. so look over here, dump trucks. they're bringing people loaded in the back of dump trucks with their family pets, with their children, they had very little time, almost all the people we talked to in the surrounding communities tell us it started coming into their house in the middle of the night while they were sleeping. very little warning. i talked to a man who is in his boxer shorts with a raincoat on. his wife woke him up and said water was rushing in.
12:35 pm
they had to grab what they could and their loading people on school buses. we've seen it minimum for five school buses, including three or four giant charter buses. a giant airboat like you see in the everglades in louisiana. these airboats are at work. that is holding a group of people that have just been taken to safety. is that a dog on her lap? imagine for one second were sleeping in your woken up and water is rushing into your home and you have seconds to grab what you can get out. these people are lucky because they're a live. frankly, the death toll numbers, we can begin to estimate what they're going to be as the rain is expected to continue falling
12:36 pm
over the next days. we are just in the midst of something hard to put into perspective to people watching at home. to stand on an interstate, a major one that carries people to and from galveston all the way up through the state of texas through houston. these people are carrying trash bags, just what they can, but they had little time to grab and go. it is heartbreaking. >> you make a good point, this is repeating itself in so many places up and down that interstate and throughout the city of houston through galveston where you were before. you may or may not have all the answers, where they going?
12:37 pm
>> their shelters are all over. we know some people are going to shelters, some may have family a lens up further into texas that they will link up with. again, what you see -- there you go. he's taken off and his gonna go back down to another neighborhood, presumably dickinson. back in that direction, earlier they put on social media they were getting over 500 phone calls from people who are frantically stuck inside their homes and needed to get out. there's also a nursing home in dickinson and we saw pictures of people sitting in rocking chairs with water up to their shoulders. were happy to report that the good people in the volunteers were able to get those people out. it is impacting young and old.
12:38 pm
just every walk of life. it is just difficult to get your mind around when you are standing in this. you're seeing this and watching loads of people arrive in dump trucks, and then carried off to shelters or wherever they can go just to get to safety. >> it's the worst in times bringing out the best in people. kc, from the governor we've heard that the calvary is on the way. he said you have all these resources, dozens of helicopters and national guard troops, is issue poor planning or that it's just so overwhelming that even a texas size response requires not only the government but the citizens as well? >> it's nothing really that anybody did wrong. simply mother nature. that's an example of how
12:39 pm
frightening mother nature can be. we heard you talking to the governor before commercial break. we've been saying for days, we've been talking about not just the impact of hurricane making landfall itself, we sounded like broken records we told people this was going to be a catastrophic flooding event in the national weather service and the national hurricane service and scientist who make a living forecasting stuff like this, they don't use those words lately. we see the reports all the time and they don't use words like catastrophic and life-threatening, lightly. so this of course is not something we ever expected to see, then again, we had warning therapy heavy rain.
12:40 pm
i've heard people making parallels to katrina, that was a mix of things that went wrong and levees broken storm surge, it was a perfect storm, this is rain. were not near the coast. we are inland. this is just from rain falling at rates of five or 6 inches per hour. when you hear the forecast and see more rain is projected for the remainder of today and monday, tuesday, and wednesday could still be raining. where's a good ago? >> according to meteorologist it's going to get worse before it gets better. incredible reporting by you. it's worth pointing out that is
12:41 pm
tired and difficult it is on reporters, there's a huge infrastructure that would travel with. the producers, photographers, truck operators who are working behind the scenes hard if not harder than we are with their lives on the line as well. we thank you and your crew for your work. worth noting the words of the national weather service. this event is unprecedented. all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experience. casey talked about a nursing home a picture of people in that nursing home with water up to their shoulders. brian has tracked on the photograph. sometimes a photograph is worth more than what we can put words to. we will leave that on the screen for you to take a look at. you have tracked down the mother of the woman who owned that nursing home. we have an update on how this
12:42 pm
happened in the rescue mission that was nothing short of heroic to save these helpless women. when we come back.
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these kids are keeping the ball inside the lines. inside the lines. >> leland: a fox news alert. some of the video that is coming into us is incredible via social media. flooding, people have seen rising water in the house. then we had the picture we saw earlier of women in nursing home as the water rose. that was from the area that casey steege was reporting from. you can hear the emotion in his voice is watching these rescues unfold, not only were he is but literally all across texas. the governor of texas saying he did not want to watch rescuers for how many people they were rescuing, because it would
12:46 pm
merely slow them down. specifically that picture of the women in the nursing home that made it to social media caught everyone's attention. casey was there as they were rescued. brian spent the day tracking down who these women were and how they were rescued. that picture is searing. that's what people are going through in texas. brian is in new york with their story. >> this photo is heart wrenching. there are no words. people see their mothers and grandmothers in that photo. it was taken around 8:00 a.m. local time inside the levine abella nursing home in texas. that's where casey was reporting from. it shows 15 elderly residents sitting in waist deep water inside the assisted living facility. this was texted by the owner of the nursing home to her daughter who lives in tampa, florida. she implored her daughter to get help because the water was
12:47 pm
rising and then her cell phone went dead. her daughter and husband in tampa tweeted the photo and called emergency services to get help. the photo went viral and some thought it was fake from hurricane katrina. the national guard responded sending a helicopter and rescuing all 15 residents. eleven have been hospitalized. i spoke with kimberly who tweeted the photo just moments ago. >> we immediately thought we could inhere back and we're having trouble getting in touch with anybody who would answer phone call to rescue. we decided to tweeted because we thought at least then we could get someone's attention. it's frightening. imagine your mom a few states away with these residents. and the poor residents, it's heartbreaking to see them. my mom can take care of herself but the residents cannot. >> everyone is safe from what we understand. this is keisha's home in houston. this is a north breezewood.
12:48 pm
she posted the video and instagram. she was so afraid that she took to social media for help. she said the waters rising in its waist deep in her neighborhood. she sitting in a car in front of an empty firehouse. this is what she posted on instagram. >> can somebody please reach out to as many people as you can. this is starting to become very emotional. you have a house full of water, you can't get out. everybody starting to panic and we just want help. >> it's her and her three children. this comes via facebook. fish have made it into people's home. that's a fish right there. you can see the guy catching it inside the family room. this video shows that 610 east freeway. it looks like a river. the entire highways underwater.
12:49 pm
we have instagram video of a parking garage completely flooded at herman park in houston. cars are underwater. those taken earlier this morning and the situation getting worse. they're urging people not to use social media accounts for rescue reports. they should call 911 if it's life-threatening. otherwise if you need help in rescued call 311 in that area. >> leland: by life-threatening they mean it's actually life-threatening. one official said water up to your waist is not life-threatening. if it gets up to shoulders then call. that's the level of prioritization they're having. folks are heading out in their own boats. trying to help people. >> elizbeth: coming up after the break, coverage of the devastation in houston area
12:50 pm
continues, stay with us.
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12:53 pm
>> leland: it's about 3:00 p.m. in texas. i have a few more hours before nightfall. there has been a lawless some areas especially where casey steege was standing where rescues were coming up. you can see the water and folks with airboats coming out to help. there has been a call from all over texas to bring out whatever resources you have. if you have a boat, come. we're talking earlier about casey and about his crew. the photographers and producers worth giving a shout out to them. maggie, jeremy, and guy, and their life truck, this is what
12:54 pm
he wrote me after we talked about their work as well. he says, as you are talking about photographers and producers i was looking down at them standing knee-deep in water holding the cable. that's how were able to bring you these pictures. there's many folks behind the scenes around texas doing that work. we thank them all. more folks are answering the call with airboats. oftentimes in the storms the people who are rescuing folks, their homes are flooded as well. >> elizbeth: we heard from the governor and he said if you have the ability to help, come hell. while he did speak with casey and he brought that photograph of the 15 nursing home folks living there that were rescued, shows you how dire the need is for help. we saw gentleman with an airboat rescuing people from the neighborhood and dixon which is 30 miles south of houston. were not even talking about some
12:55 pm
parts most heavily hit. we see people get into school buses and dump trucks to make it to safety. we hear from the salvation army and red cross setting up shelters wherever they can. providing hundreds of thousands of meals. it's all hands on deck. everyone helping everyone. racine rescues and people get to safety has everyone is helping and people are coming with airboats. this is in dickinson where casey is, one of the many helicopter searching people. we heard the governor say don't get on your attic, get on your proof. if you're waving sheeter flake, these folks walking out with what they can carry. remember it's 3:00 p.m. at texas. the torrential downpour that caused the flooding came overnight. these people have been in their homes for 12 hours either waiting to be rescued are
12:56 pm
waiting for someone with about to come along. this is of the worst. the worst is yet to come. for all the talk about the storm being downgraded, the wind speeds have been downgraded and the effects in danger of it have not been downgraded. the water continues to rise and it gets more difficult to rescue the people that were in the situation the more people the to be rescued. how are gas supplies down there? each one of these needs gas. how are power supplies to get generators to cell towers in the light? >> there's also one that are hundred 40 miles per hour. we haven't talked about the catastrophic damage in those areas. were not giving credit to the
12:57 pm
wind as well but this is not over. >> leland: the priority right now is to save lives. what is putting lives and dangers the floodwaters. what happened with the wind happen. our coverage continues right after this. my back to texas in a couple of minutes. to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. ..
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eric: a fox news alert on what the national weather service is calling an unprecedented natural disaster. its ultimate impact unknown, beyond anything experienced. so says that agency. tropical storm harvey, as we have been reporting, continues to batter houston and the surrounding areas, overwhelming rescuers as forecasters warning the city could end up being buried under a record 50 inches of rain. in some spots now more than 10 feet of water deep. thank you for staying with us, this is "america's news headquarterses," i'm eric shawn. arthel: and i'm arthel nfl. emergency -- arthel neville.


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