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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 2, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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when he started running when the shooting started happening it went chaotic. there is no other way of putting it. kelly: adam housley please stand by. this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright in new york. police responding to at least one active shooter near the mandalay bay casino. the entire situation causing complete chaos along the strip. people screaming, fleeing the scene. two reported dead, 24 injured. it started at a concert at the route 21 vegas strip.
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he went on after fellow country artist jake owen. he tweeted gunshots, vegas, pray to god. love you guys, love you, pearl. adam housley is on the scene. what can you tell us? reporter: behind me is the mandalay bay hotel. we are on the other side of where the party and the concert was taking place. you can see the setup. it was inside there. jason
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enforcement come from all directions. here come to some police right now. these guys are on tactical gear all over. going down side streets. at this point it's still an active crime scene. they don't know what they are dealing with. they don't know how many shooters .
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reporter: we talked to one of our interns. reporter: you have got blood on you. >> that's not me, brother, that's not mine. i was here just like every other fellow american here. what guess on here isn't american. that's not what we are about. this is not okay.
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other people run, that's okay, that's on them. i'm here for everybody else. reporter: how many people did you help? >> seven. reporter: how many people did you see down? >> at least 20. >> every other person i saw down has an article of my clothing. none of this is mine. look, man, i'm an american. i'm proud of where i'm fro from. i carry aweapon. obviously you can't carry in here. not me, man. reporter: where were you when the shots happened. jason aldean took off. >> it did sounds like fireworks.
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i have been around guns my whole life. i didn't hear a single after percussion. it sounded like fireworks. i got tagged in my hand with glass or something. i told my friends, get out. reporter: have they got most of everybody out. >> everybody on that side of the line has passed on, brother. reporter: appreciate you helping helping. >> the police confirmed one suspect is down. reporter: one suspect is down. we don't know if there is more than one. but one suspect is down. you heard from the witness. anybody past those vehicles he says is not alive. if they are a victim, they are not alive. >> that is so disheartening to
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hear. adam well have alive news presser coming up soon. we are going to take a break and go to that right now. >> i see a lot of people coming down wanting to help. please steer clear of the area. we have all the resources from the police department as well as our agencies. we have reports of people coming down trying to help. we got that. so we are good right now. but we have numerous victims. i don't have a number for you on that. please keep their families and them in your thoughts as we work our way through this problem. once i have more information to come back, we'll come back and give you that information at this time. we have one suspect down and we want people to steer clear of the area.
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kelly: we are listening to the news conference. the police officer is stating we have numerous victims. we heard adam report about that as well. let's listen again to what that officer is saying. las vegas police are saying one suspect is down after shooting at the country music festival. causing complete chaos along the strip. many people thought it was fire crockers. then they noticed it kept continuing. people began screaming, fleeing the scene. country singer jason aldean that been performing.
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jake owen tweeted gunshots, vegas. love you guys, love pearl. we have adam housley standing by at the las vegas strip. what can you tell us in terms of what's going on on the scene. >> you guys just walked out from where the shooting took place. what did you see, what did you hear? >> i just walked out, my uncle [bleep] grabbed me and we are just going home. reporter: glad you are okay. you have guys who hood been enjoying themselves. we are across the street and marino. police officers have asked us to stay in this area. this is a freezer, blood on the side. somebody who is injured or
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helping people, a freezer. this street was packed an hour and a half ago. we are across the street. they talked about staying out of the area in that press conference. the area is the southern part of the strip. the airport is directly behind my camera. to my right, mandalay bay, the furthest south hotel on the strip. that's where they believe the shooter came to the 20th floor. we'll have more information for you shortly. kelly: adam housley reporting for us from the strip. we'll pause to let our fox stations join us. and we'll continue to keep you updated in terms of what's happening. as you have been watching adam housley, many people fleeing
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that scene or some of them fleeing that scene. other ran towards people to help them recover. we'll pause for one home to let our forks stations join us -- our fox stations join us now. this is fox news coverage of a multiple shooting on the vegas strip. all eyes are on what's unfolding in las vegas. earlier in the night there was a concert going on, the harvest festival. three days of fun, three days of family fun. country music playing in the air. eric church, and jason aldean. then something twisted happened, something sinister. they heard gunshot fire. they thought it was just fire crockers. it turned out to be shootings.
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people are dead, people are wounded. adam housley is on the strip. people who are there are ordered to stay in place. adam, what can you tell us. reporter: jason aldean was performing the final song at that concert at 10:30. that's when witnesses and law enforcement believe it may have come from the 20th floor of the mandalay bay hotel. that's when jason aldean began to run. people are in various states of clarity because of the fact of what they have seen and also it was the end of a concert festival. what did you see. >> nothing, we cleared it all. reporter: what was it like when
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you were in there. >> a couple people shot for sure. >> there is blood in the street. >> he just said he carried 50 people out. you can see blood on the street. that's a cooler, you would formally see that inside somebody's business or home. there is blood on that. the airport is to my right. there is the strip. you can see hotel row. there is the mandalay bay. that's where they believe the gunfire came from. police are telling us right now that at least one suspect is down. they won't say if there are any more. this is reno street, and this is giles street. we are about a half block off the strip and a full block north of mandalay.
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this is law enforcement block off right here. >> i heard rounds flying behind me. reporter: you were on stage, jason aldean was performing. >> it sounded like fire crackers. then it went off again after that. then everybody was running off the stage. we heard shouts coming from the southwest corn of the stage from mandalay bay. we are getting random reports, random shooters all over the place. but a lot of us have been saying this is a long time coming. here we are have a sanctuary city. we have a lot of people with a lot of crazy ideas. >> this isn't political, this is
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fact. reporter: fact. reporter: you were okay. >> tino four or five down that i had to call emts to get them out of here to get them aid or something. shots just kept ringing out here and there. it's a mess. there are a lot of people injured. a lot of people have been shot. two or three that i know of that have been shot. three or four got injured trying to run out of there. it's horrible. this is disgusting. it makes me sick. reporter: mike. kelly, i'm going to keep walking with our crew down giles. that's where the main triage area was. the police asked us to stand back a bit. in the middle of the street you will see rubber gloves, gauze
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and remnants of what was a triage. you are seeing ambulances down there. two different witnesses walked out of that area told me there are a number of bodies on sidewalks and those bodies are people that did not make it. officially at this tour two people dead and 24 shot. there are reports one other shooter may have made it to another hotel nearby. we are hearing there may have been other hotels with shooters. we cannot confirm that. the information changes by the minute. very fluid. so we know what we know. 24 injured, two dead, shooter down, still more bodies down over there. we saw with my own eyes countless ambulances leave the scene from 10:40 on.
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kevin. were you in the concert? >> i was. reporter: what did you see? >> i didn't see anything. i just heard what sounded like gunfire. and people on stage started scrambling and everybody ran from that point. reporter: where did you go? i stayed local in the concert venue and hid behind like a little table. and until everybody cleared. then i left and went out and started -- there were a couple bodies there, and started loading them into the back of a truck. reporter: were they dead? >> i don't know. one of them looked like she was probably dead. reporter: you saw at least three people hat had been shot. >> and two more on the sidewalk that were separate from those.
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john: we heard the sirens. obviously didn't hear the gunfire. >> it's kind of a blur. you don't think it's going to happen. but it's the state of affairs these days. reporter: you are probably the 20th person who has come out who tried to help people. that shows how americans responds to stuff like this in a time of crisis. >> well, you know, you do what you can. we are all together. red, white, blue, whatever, you try and help each other. i pray that they made it out and whoever did this is knew -- whor did this is neutralized. reporter: you can see further down giles street, between this location, the main triage area
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and as you can see law enforcement set up a blockade. the other side of those flashing lights. here comes another truck. just on the other side of those vehicles is where the concert venue was. it was set up across the street from mandalay. three-day venue. people come from all over, st. louis, canada. it was the end of the concert. roughly 10:15 jason aldean was singing the final song. that's when the first gunfire was heard. i listened to some of the video, it sounds like what you would hear on a 4th of july celebration. pop, pop, pop pop. it sounds like jason aldean thought the same thing but at some point he ran. and that caused the crowd to scatter. people have been yard being
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trampled. people have been injured and killed who have been shot. there is one shooter down according to law enforcement. when we arrived here more than an hour ago, i don't see police running around in tactical gear. i see them as if they stand down. but they are not wearing their helmets. they have taken off that. they put down the large rifles. you see them milling about more which leads me to believe they believe they have got it under control. but i know there are all sorts of reports, they are checking all the hotels nearby. a quick run from mandalay to too luxor. you see the who hes when you fly in and fly out. this is where all this is going on at this hour. there was a report that somebody
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may have made it to the tropicana. but i don't see the response to warrant that as a possibility. one our interns was at the concert with her family. when they heard the gunfire they ran from the concert and jumped in a vehicle and high-tailed it into a hotel in a basement closet and found cover and wanted to stay out, away and stay safe. this is a very changing situation. kelly: you have seen people with blood on their bodies, not their
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own, but from the fray, trying to help other fellow americans. telling you they were proud to be able to help, but sad with the circumstances. the security officer, the former marine said it successes that you would impact this peaceful event, a country music festival in the heart of las vegas. families milling about, causing no harm to anyone. and some shooter goes out and opens fire to create this kind of impact. reporter: that's what we have seen on these events. it's almost always at an event of a gathering where people are enjoying life, whether it be san bernardino at a christmas party or a church in south carolina. we don't know who the shooter is, male, female, color, where they are from. all we know is there were
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thousands of people peacefully listening to music and at the end of a three-day concert they are dead or maimed. i am toiled there are people on -- i am told there are people on the other side of those ambulances there are bodies. how many? god i hope there is none. i hope the reports are wrong. but you have people telling us two, three, four, five. do those count in the two we have already been told? i don't know. two dead, 24 injured. we heard reports police may have been shot. this is fluid. this type of situation, we have seen it before. you know, we can a all pray it
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doesn't happen again. the one light of any of this is we met a lot of people who risk their own lives to help their fellow americans. taking off their shirts and wrapping them around wound. men and women walking out with blood on their own bodies. not their own blood. it's a bunch of crap. it's not supposed to happen. our number one priority is families who are injured, i believe they obviously have a much clearer view right now at least in this area. we have people coming in and out of this situation. so that right there, that's the strip. maybe one block from the strip.
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to the left there is luxor and mandalay bay. the whole area is blocked off. >> as you know, someone is in handcuffs. kelly: we are going to pause for a reset. but we just want to let you know the work that you are doing right there and getting that information from so many people who care about their fellow americans
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this is a fox news alert. we are focusing on the situation in las vegas. police responding to reports of at least one active shooter here the mandalay bay casino. one suspect is down after a shooting at the country music festival. the harvest festival. two people are dead and 24 howard. 12 are in critical condition.
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a garage of gunfire heard earlier. the shooting started at the route 29 vagus strip. country singer jason aldean had been performing on the stage. and hundreds of police are now on the scene. the entire strip all clubs and businesses closed down right now. one country singer right after that stating that gunshots, vegas pray to god, love you guys, love you pearl. we go to adam housley, he has been on the scene the past hour bringing us updates from various people. adam, where are you now? >> we are on the corner of giles street and reno avenue. a half block east of the mandalay hotel and a block
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north. basically 23 you fly into las vegas, we are the furthest part of the strip. we are seeing more ambulances down here in the distance. coming from all over the area. you can see the ambulance coming in right now. we have seen a number of ambulances leave. i lost count. you hope they are bringing out people that are still alive at this point. to my right as he comes in we'll show you where this all took place. he's coming by me right now. he's going over to the strip. he's going to the other side of the crime scene. basically mandalay bay hotel, the concert venue is in between. between giles street and the
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las vegas strip, that's where the concert visibility you is. maybe 100 yard from where i'm standing. around 10:15. sometime around then jason aldean was singing the final song of a country western music festival. i'm talking to
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we found. >> get down. get down. [rapid gunfire] [shouting and crying] reporter: that was the chaos happening inside. that is a high-powered rifle that was clearly -- the ambulance leaving from our area. clearly laying into it. not letting up at all. if you heard
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>> jason aldean was playing and we were in you are booth, and we thoitd was fireworks. and it just didn't stop. i said debbie, that's not fireworks. people started running and we asked what was going on. they said it was a shooter there then we realized it sounded like machine guns. it sounded like more than one machine gun. it didn't stop for 30 minutes. reporter: what did you guys do? >> we were hiding in a beer truck, a budweiser truck for 30 minutes. it was mass chaos.
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you couldn't tell the difference between people that knew what was going on and people that were adding more confusion. we didn't know what to do. we just stayed there for about a half-hour. reporter: did see anybody injured? >> we saw people getting thrown inside a pickup truck that were hurd and suvs that were hurt. but i don't know any more than that. we are asked to leave. we are watching the news to find out how to leave the area. reporter: the strip this way is closed. >> our car is over there. reporter: if you go over to hooters hotel, you can probably get out that way. sorry to meet you in these circumstances. can i ask anybody else a question who might have been
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inside. the police this hour, the police are saying the one shooter is down and they don't believe there are anymore. we first arrived there were reports there were shooters in other hotels. all that from what we are being told by police is not true. one short and the shooter is down. >> i was a vendor for route 91. apparently it just occurred right behind our booth. it was very loud. we thought it was fireworks which we thought was weird because we didn't see anything in the sky. it went on for quite a while and the screaming started and the running. we grabbed the money out of our cash drawer and took off. we headed -- beer trucks were behind us and it seemed like a
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secure area to be around. so we were there for a while. and they told us to leave and people were running and screaming. people were just hysterical in was no direction. we didn't know where to go, where to run. they said go to the tropicana. i came out of the restroom and people are screaming and running down 9 hall again. somebody said the guy is on the roof. reporter: situations like that, a lot of information gets passed around. it causes people to hear things they may not fully hear. >> there are all these rumors and people are drunk. the concert. reporter: what did you see inside when you got out of there? >> we saw a lot of injuries. people helping other people. they were careying people out that looked pretty bloody.
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the ambulances hadn't arrived yet so they were putting people into vehicles. we saw some people getting into a car with an i.v. going. a guy came up to us and he was covered in blood and he said he just dragged somebody out. reporter: i'm glad you are okay. helmets came off. long guns went down. urgency began to dial into a different field here. dial into more of a recovery.
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making sure if anybody was hidden inside that venue. it's a concert. one of those concerts you have all seen or been to. almost a fair where you have food and drinks and beer. and things to purchase, t-shirts, that kind of thing. that's what was on. they have to go through that entire area. i have to believe they have done that. that's been cleared. you can see ambulances are still respond pretty quickly. it leads you to believe there are more people they are firing. but there are more places people can run. people can hide. just to make sure there aren't victims. people that went to hide someplace. i told you one of our interns was hiding in the basement of a hotel. it's been cleared. she was hiding in the basement of the hooters hotel with her
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family. they didn't want to come outside even though we know it was a safe location. they still didn't want to come out. kelly: i got a message from a friends of mine who lives in las vegas. he had just been asking dinner at the mandalay bay casino. they left a friend there who had 0 shelter in place. that friend, someone who handles a lot of popular groups who actually hid in the mandalay bay along with other people who had to shelter in place. the people we heard from tonight, and those trier to you getting there on the scene. all of them basically stating they were trying to keep other people calm. to keep them from stampeding and trampling each other. to help them through this terrible, horrible night.
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we have seen a lot of people -- getting back to the point we are saying, still responding and reacting to help others in need. we don't know the full outcome of how many people may have been lost in this horrible situation. >> we don't. the numbers are going to change. 24 injured, two dead. the shooter is dead. they don't believe any other shooters were on scene. we saw the same thing in san bernardino. they believe there are multiple locations and you have seen those attacks overseas. i have covered them where you have one shooting happen in one area and as you resnronds another one happens in another area. what did happen here is a multi casual shooting with multiple people dead. every single person walking out. this was a country concert.
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the end of a three-day festival. everybody had had a lot to drink and that comes into play when you are talking about witnesses and those injured. looking over there right now as i'm talking to you. this is the area you are seeing. this is the area, the triage area, we are within 10 yards, 15 yards of where the concert venue started. this is the triage area. there is a crime scene and they asked to us back up. we were told there were bodies on the street and the sidewalk. so we stood back and have been talking to people walking out of this area all right. as they walk out they have as you have seen. one of our witnesses coming back. you can see the hook and ladder trucks leaving. they bring that in case they
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have to get a vantage from a higher level. clearly at this point -- let's walk over this way. we'll get a clearer shot. showing you the lay of the lands in terms of what unfolded. reporter: there is the triage. those white specs are rubber gloves. they were used to treat people on the street. they will put up tarps if they can. if they can't they will use the street. it's a flat hard surface. to the right you will see lights. it's hard to see at night, you can see the trees that are lined with lights around the tree. that's the venue. that's where the shooting at least the victims were hit and trampled.
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in the distance you will see the mandalay bay hotel. that's what we have been told. that's one of the reports that's out there. that's where people say they believe the shots were coming from. that's the largest hotel on the southern part of the strip. when you fly into las vegas, that's the one you see at the end of the runway. as you move north, you have ex caliber, new york new york, mgm, tropicana. hooters, all shut down at this hour. people have been told to stay in place in their hotel rooms. i don't know what's going on inside the actual casinos. we are not inside there. i don't know if they are still open. i have to believe the casinos close to this area immediately adjacent probably have been cleared.
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there are a lot of connections that go between the hotels. they have to go through these hotels, and many of them are connected from walkways from above and below. we'll get an undate from the police. i noticed the helicopters have gone away as well. the concert itself is a city black in size across the street from mandalay. not far from that iconic sign that says welcome to las vegas.
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kelly: we are going to a news conference soon. >> reporter: we showed this earlier. there is blood on the sidewalks over here. that's blood from people that were injured or blood from people that were taken away or people helping people injured. this is one of the most of disturbing things we walked upon. in the middle of the street, people would be milling about. this is a freezer. and that's blood from victims. we don't know what happened, why it's out here. it looks like they may have put a body on top of it. and it has wheels.
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maybe they put somebody on top of it and wheeled it out. we know people were being thrown in the back of trucks and suvs. there is somebody inside that ambulance. somebody being treated in the back of that ambulance. there are ambulances moving in all directions with people inside. we have seen a lang of response coming in. we are a good hour and a half we saw police coming in from all directions. we do not see that now. we see them leaving like that. that person was sitting inside and his eyes were open so we are hoping he's okay. he was sitting up inside on the gurney. if they have had too much we try to be cordial and let them go on. it's a tough situation. sir, were you inside? can i ask you a question. okay, all right.
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glad you are all right. so, kelly, you can see, people are stunned here now. you go through different phases. kelly: it's shock and being stunned and day by this. they will have this in their minds and hearts for days if not weeks and months to come, they will remember this night as a night that started off peacefully at the end after three-day concert. and for some inexplicable reason, we don't know the motives of the person who opened fire on these innocent people. we don't have any motive at this point. but the bottom line is the people who walk away from this and the people who went back to help, they will remember this, and they will try to find some way to make sure this doesn't happen again. but we reported on stories like
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this again and again and again and we keep asking ourselves when will it stop? it doesn't seem to be stopping. people are for whatever ax they have to grind, they are take out violently. we are seeing events like this marred by violence and deadly violence. reporter: i covered these events, san bernardino, around the word. israel. the middle east. and it's -- here come some more people coming out. i want to go to that video. can we go back to that video? i will set up viewers. my first phone call came at 10:30 from one our desk folks in las vegas saying adam our intern
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is siding in a basement. i pulled my own on and there were already videos of the gunfire, and there are a lot of them online. take a listen. stay here, guys. stay with us. let's see what's coming out here. this is some of the first responders. emts coming out. these are the men and women that saved -- helped save lives. kelly: it appears some of them are still wearing their gloves. reporter: some are still wearing their gloves. we met folks that had no medical experience that -- one guy was former military, another was former police, basically took off their shirt and wrapped the
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wound. another guy took off his shirt and put them over their faces, they looked like they had died. we saw some emt folks walk out. let's his top what it was like inside. [get down! get down! [rapid gunfire] [crying and screaming] reporter: as you can tell, just utter chaos. we are told the say story from he person.
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you are going to have people saying there is a shooter at the tropicana which is not true. but one story is consistent. that jason aldean was at the end of his concert. the last song, we believe. he said it sounds like firecrackers, pow pow pow pow pow. did the shooter plan on doing that? maybe. we don't know. it would make sense if he did or she did. at that point jason aldean ran. and people on sang ran. took cover. people in the crowd then ran. took cover if they could. people got trampled, people got shot. people dove into cars. people hid in basements and beer trucks. body were thrown into the back of flatbed trucks. into suvs. people were taking off their
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clothes trying to help those injured. or trampled. i would say we got here an hour -- i would say within 10 minute of the shooting, our hotel is off the strip. i can see mandalay from my hotel. you could see the helicopter, and it was as if -- i mean he police officer and i'm sure it was from he direction, it was a mass siren. you could hear it he where all heading in this direction, heading southbound. i saw an ambulance head away from the scene coming up paradise, heading away from the shooting scene going toward the whose. then when we got here on-site we
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saw police in tactical gear running around telling to us stay back and stay down which we did. we met one guy who grabbed his employees and pulled them inside and locked the door. the first guy i met was brown, the former marine from new york. came to vegas to visit his mom and decided to take a job for three days as a security guard at a country concert to make some extra cash, and he was helping carry bodies to cars. kelly: he's the one who said to you it may not sound all fit and proper, by the wasn't a fit and proper situation. he said this successes that someone would come in and disrupt the peace of this kind of concert. kelly: he's right in his language that this would take place. we have other people telling you
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we have to stand together and help each other in situations like this, and stand together as americans as well. reporter: kelly, this is the las vegas strip. on a monday morning, almost 1:00 a.m. this is the las vegas strip. you don't see the las vegas strip like this ever. you are looking down the street, new york new york, egg-caliber. the monorail is not moving. law enforcement in he direction. the interest second is blocked, off -- the intersection is blocked. the on shooting is down. i suspect they will be talking about that. kelly: adam is talking to his producer at the scene.
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but what you are seeing is a place that looks like this is not las vegas the way we typically see it. go ahead, adam. reporter: you can see where it says to my right. they had carnival rights in this area as well. this is the northernmost point of the concert festival. carnival rights that swing people around. we are 10 yard from where this was. people were running in all directions as well. you can see that's where it was located. where we were a block to our east is where the triage, where we were standing the last hour and a half. not very wide, not very big. there is a strip down this way. it was obviously staying out of
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the way of law enforcement. there is mandalay bay. if you can see that. this is one of the entry point. we are not sure, we cannot confirm the shooting came from mandalay. that's what people were telling us. we had a number of police officers tell us that. they will have a strong position shooting downward. route 91 harvest festival. this is where people walked in tonight with the idea. you can smell the beer in the air. people were here to have a good time and see some of their fast it acts. unfortunately a few hours later some of them did not make it out. and it's very eerie here right now. it's very eerie. kelly: you and i have been to las vegas many times.
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i have friend out there, you have friend out there. to see it this quite and so stark in term of what we are accustomed to seeing, and to think all this has been done because of a lone -- we don't know, but we know one gunman has been put down. we don't know if he's deceased or still in care. but your reporting has been good for us bringing us live updates. one surtdr with it necessary said his -- one witness said his sister you a someone get shot in the head on the ground.
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zach went on to say that he was trying to keep the people near him calm. and he ended his conversation saying in types like this we need to care for each other and we need to know that god is there for us even in the most of horrible situations. i'm kelly wright. we take you now to fox and friend.
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[rapid fire gunshots] reporter: a country music festival right near the mandalay bay in las vegas erupts into gunfire. a gunman unleashed a what running of bullets on that


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